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I am a hobbyist living in Bridgwater Somerset, and have been into the fishkeeping hobby for many years. I like to have a change every year or so in the fish I keep, so have tried and enjoyed keeping lots of fish types.

I got into keeping fancy goldfish, the real show quality ones. Got a lot of joy from keeping them in a 6x2x2 indoors. Before that I was keeping Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlids, great fun. And prior to them I kept marines in the 6x2x2.

I got itchy feet and at the start of 2009 set up a 250 Red Sea Max aquarium (brilliant) for marines - fish and inverts. So these are great fun to keep, especially the inverts with so many fascinating types. Some failures and successes. The wife loves them, so hey - keep the missus happy and many things fall nicely into place.

After a house move, with more room, this allowed me to have a made to measure 9ft aquarium, 2ft wide and high. One side has a weir to hold the filtration gear. Filtration is only a 3ft trickle tower with alfagrog rock.

As of October 2013 I am running it as a marine tank. A few hardy corals. Lots of great mini maxis. Shrimps and hermit crabs. 2 blue lined nudibranch slugs to keep the flatworms at bay. Fish include; flasher wrasse, yellow tang, powder blue, sailfin tang (big fat pig), 2 blue regals, 2 scarlet hawks, 2 common clowns, 2 yellow goatfish, clown tang, 2 pyjama cardinals, dottyback, emporor angel in juvi colours, and thats about it.

UPDATE: As of January 2014, it was time to move on from marines, so I reverted to a group of my favourite fish; Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlids. So I got some stunning frontosa, plus an assortment of others from these 2 lakes. I do have a passion for Aulonocara peacocks, and that is where I am currently. I am trying to establish an improved line of firefish dragonbloods. I have some STUNNING albino group that I am conditioning, to hopefully get them breeding. It would be great to introduce these to UK hobbyists.

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Telephone: 01278 325570

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