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1Enantiopus Melanogenys Kilesa & Xenotilapia flavipinnis : Enantiopus Melanogenys Kilesa 1 male 2 female 6-8cm £40 Xenotilapia flavipinnis Red Royal Kekesa 2 6cm £20 + 2 tubes flake £30 or all for £70 pick up Hartlepool videos ... full details15/06/19No
25ft solid light oak tank + : 60”x18”x24” solid light oak lid & surround and unit Sump 36”x12”x15”. Full off Alfagrog 2 titanium heaters run off a STC- 1000 temperature controller thermostat Aq ... full details28/05/19Yes
3SOLD AIR PUMP : FOR SALE HIBLOW HP 200 £120 IF GONE BY XMAS pick up Hartlepool full details16/12/18Yes
4WANTED : looking for Enantiopus melanogenys Kilesa, Paracyprichromis nigrip. blue neon, Xenotilapia flavipinnis full details22/11/18No
5WILD TROPHEUS FOR SALE : TROPHEUS KASANGA red rainbow I HAVE A BREEDING GROUP 19 WILD KESANGA ( RED RAINBOW ) RATIO IS 5M 14FM £400 if interested message me or ... full details14/11/18No
6TANKS FOR SALE : Tanks Fore Sale ALL SOLD  4ft L x 18”W x24" H 10mm Glass 340 Liters 75 gallons It comes with Heater & STC-1000 Temperature Controller thermostat which will ... full details12/11/18No
75ft TANKS FOR SALE : FISH TANKS FOR SALE SOLD 2 5ftx18"x18" tanks £70 each OR WITH 2 heater with stc-1000 thermostat 2 internal filter 2 sponge filters ... full details25/09/18No
9Tropheus Chikonde : I have F1 Chikonde fry off my Wild group £7.50 each or 20 for £130 4-5cm pick up Hartlepool. Message me if interested or phone 07506713953...videos available on request... full details12/09/18No
10F1 Tropheus Malasa ( yellow rainbow ) : I have F1 Malasa fry off my Wild group £7.50 each or 20 for £130 4-5.5cm pick up Hartlepool message me if interested or phone 07506713953 The photos are of the Adults...videos av ... full details12/09/18Yes
11Sera Flora & Tropical Spirulina Super Forte 36% Flake For Sale : 200g Bags PICK UP HARTLEPOOL Sera Flora £7.50 Tropical Spirulina Super Forte 36% £11.50 Sera Flora 140g & Super Forte 60g mix £9 DELIVERED Sera Flora £10 Tropical ... full details22/02/18No
12TROPHEUS MPULUNGU : I have 6 F1 Mpulungu 3-4cm from my Wild group £40 pick up Hartlepool... full details21/01/18No
13TROPHEUS : 12 F1 Golden Kazumbe 7cm - 9cm for sale brought up together from fry in a 48”x 18”x 18 £140 pick up Hartlepool message me or phone 07506713953.delivery might be possible in ja ... full details09/01/18No
14Cyprichromis : For Sale F2 Cyprichromis Leptosoma Mpulungu 19 fry 3.5cm £1.50 each 4.5cm £2 each or will do a deal on groups .pick up Hartlepool Tel. 07506713953 whats app or email me for vi ... full details23/12/17No
15Tanganyikans - Enantiopus melanogenys kilesa : FOR SALE 4 lamprologus ocellatus gold 2 adults 2 juvenile with 8 shells £10 A breeding group of F1 Cyprichromis leptosoma Mpulungu 2 males 2 females all females holding £35 ... full details07/10/17No
16FOR SALE I have a pair of Wild Peppermint Bristlenose : FOR SALE I have a pair of Wild Peppermint Bristlenose 6cm & 9cm £30 pick up Hartlepool email me for photos or i can send them on whatsapp... full details27/06/17No
17for sale OCEANRUNNER OR2500 £30 : OCEANRUNNER OR2500 nearly new only used it in a sump for a couple of months pick up only hartlepool tel.07506713953... full details25/05/17No
18PUMP FOR SALE : Jebao FTP Eco energy saving low wattage filter pump 10000 L/ph As new only used for water changes £30.PICK UP ONLY HARTLEPOOL tel.07506713953... full details25/05/17No
19TROPHEUS : I AM LOOKING FOR TROPHEUS NKONDE TROPHEUS MUSANGA OR TROPHEUS MALASA WILD OR F1 or anything similar please message me or call 07506713953 thanks Dave... full details31/03/17No
20FOR SALE xenotilapia bathyphilus kekese £5 : I HAVE 21 XENO'S LEFT AND CAN TAKE THEM AS FAR DOWN AS WOODALL SERVICES SHEFFIELD FOR 10.30AM ON SATURDAY FOR £100 From F1 7 - 8cm £5 each pick up only HARTLEPOOL. full details25/11/16Yes
21Fish Tank NEED GONE A.S.A.P MAKE ME AN OFFER SOLD : 36"x18"x30" with weir & pipe work and sump 10mm glass there is a stand it just needs finishing at the sides.. full details24/11/16Yes
224ft Tanks SOLD : I have 4 48"x15"x18" bare tanks for sale £40 each or £50 with two K1 sponge filters or £180 for all 4 with filters or swap for 2 60x18x18 I ALSO HAVE A 45 1/2"X 14" X 18" ... full details29/10/16Yes
23TANKS : I am looking for (2) 5ft x 18in x18in tanks let me know what you have please or will swap for (3) 48in X 15in X 18in ... full details27/10/16No
24Tropheus Ulwile & Tropheus Ikola SOLD : I have 2 groups of Tropheus for sale 19 Tropheus brichardi ulwile - F1 £120 14 tropheus moorii ikola - F2 £80 will take £160 fore both groups, can ... full details23/10/16No
25IKOLA : Tropheus Ikola group of 14 4-5cm £90 pick up Hartlepool the fish have been feed on Tetra Phyll and Sera Flora mix 100g bag FREE £80 IF GONE THIS WEEK.. full details22/10/16No
26Tropheus Brichardi Ulwile for sale : 19 F1 Tropheus Brichardi Ulwile 6.5 to 8cm £140 pick up Hartlepool the fish have been feed on Tetra Phyll and Sera Flora mix 200g bag FREE £120 IF GONE THIS WEEK.. full details10/10/16No
27Tropheus : Tropheus Rutunga SOLD 18/19 F1 6cm - 8cm £80 pick up Hartlepool phone or text me on 07506713953... photos with e-mail or whats app.. full details29/08/16No
28Tropheus Mpulungu SOLD : FOR SALE 14 LSB Tropheus Mpulungu 5-6.5cm £150. pick up only..ts26 good healthy fish, been brought up on sera flora vegetable with spirulina... full details16/06/16No
29SOLD Tropheus Ikola 16 F1 For Sale MAKE ME AN OFFER NEED GONE BEFORE SUNDAY : breeding group of 16 F1 Ikola 4.5"-5" £200 ONO pick up only..I might be open to a swap let me know what you got full details04/04/16No
30Tropheus Ikola : £140 ono. 14 Tropheus Ikola F1 5-7cm pick up only. hartlepool, good healthy fish, been brought up on sera flora vegetable with spirulina found fry in the tank today full details24/02/16No
31Tropheus Bemba Orange : Group of 20 F1 4.5 - 6.5cm pick up only hartlepool £170 good healthy fish, been brought up on sera flora vegetable with spirulina SOLD full details24/02/16No
32TANGANYIKANS FOR SALE : Breeding group of 10 + 1 young Paracyprichromis Nigripinnis Blue Neon 7 - 9cm male / female ! At a guess at least 4 males £120 pick up only ts26 full details06/11/15No
33TANGANYIKANS FOR SALE : SOLD 7 f1 Xenotilapia Bathyphilus Kekese 8 - 10cm possibly 3 males 2 females holding the rest unsure £100 pick up only ts26 SOLD full details14/10/15No
34TANGANYIKANS FOR SALE : FOR SALE 9 Cyprichromis Leptosoma Jumbo Sibwesa 6 - 8cm possibly 3/4 males, 2 females holding £80 pick up only ts26 8ll full details14/10/15No
35Xenotilapia for sale : FOR SALE 4 Xenotilapia Flavipinnis Cape Nangu 5-8cm £40 pick up only hartlepool ts26 pm me if interested full details11/09/15No
36Altolamprologus Compressiceps Sumbu : group of 4 Altolamprologus Compressiceps Sumbu Shell with shells (7), 2@3cm 2@5cm £30 pick up Hartlepool TS26. possibly 2 pair purchase them all at 2-3cm full details08/09/15No
37Paracyprichromis Nigripinnis Blue Neon : Young breeding group of 10 Paracyprichromis Nigripinnis Blue Neon 6-9cm £150 pick up only, Hartlepool TS26 full details08/09/15No
38TANGANYIKANS FOR SALE : FOR SALE Ectodus Descampsii group of 9 £45 Cyprichromis Microlepidotus Kasai group of 7 £40 pick up only ts26 8ll Tel. 07506713953 full details06/08/15No
39£170 if gone this week FISH TANK FOR SALE : FOR SALE FISH TANK WITH SUMP AND PIPE WORK 10MM GLASS WITH GLASS COVERS £200 ono TANK 36"L X 18"W X 30"H 318 litre SUMP 30"L X 12"W X 15"H 88 litre LED LIGHTS 300W HEATER ... full details06/08/15Yes
40fish tanks : I AM LOOKING FOR 2 TANKS 60in X 18in X 18in (just tanks ) phone 07972306254 cash waiting . full details10/05/15No
41Tanganyikan Cichlids for sale : SOLD £80 ONO IF GONE THIS WEEK Triglachromis Otostigma ( WILD ) Trio 9cm Julidochromis Ornatus Yellow 5 4-5cm Chalinochromis sp. Ndobhoi 4 4-7cm Neolamprologus Caudopuncta ... full details03/04/15Yes
42CORAL SAND FOR SALE : 28KG CORAL SAND 1-2mm £15 pick up only hartlepool TS26 8LL full details28/03/15No
43F1 TROPHEUS ILANGI : F1 Ilangi juveniles about 30 4-7cm pick up only Hartlepool £270 full details10/03/15Yes
44TROPHEUS FOR SALE : f1 ilangi juveniles about 30 4-7cm pick up only Hartlepool £270 full details06/03/15No
45FOR SALE Tropheus : for sale 17+1 young F1 Tropheus Brichardi Bulombora 6-7cm £170 pick up only Hartlepool TS26 full details04/02/15No
46Tropheus Lufubu FOR SALE : FORE SALE F1 Tropheus Lufubu , Group of 17 8cm+ £250 Pick up only from Hartlepool TS26 8LL Originally from DENMARK full details29/01/15No
47FOR SALE Tropheus Lufubu : FORE SALE F1 Tropheus Lufubu , Group of 17 8cm+ £250 Pick up only from Hartlepool TS26 8LL Originally from DENMARK full details29/01/15No


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