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1rare fish(cichlids, catfish) : lots of rare and unusual fish now available, due to a sudden success in breeding. medium angels -2.00 FEW green severums-2.00 FEW L bristlenose -5.50 L182 ancistrus? -1 ... full details11/11/06Yes
2v. rare south american fish, now for sale : we now have rare south and central american fish for sale. for more details call 07950 374176 or email acc_aquatics@hotmail.co.uk or visit our website at www.freewebs.com/acc_ ... full details11/09/06Yes
3very cheap golden rudd!!!! : any size golden rudd you want!!! from 1" up to 10" prices between 1 and 4 all proceeds go to world challenge funds, i need 2000 by next year, as i am going to costa ... full details11/08/06No
4new summer special offers : special offers available now on chrysichthys brachynema spiny eels(xl) hemidopsis gracilis cory schwartzi and cory julli convicts synodontis sp. goldfish we also have all o ... full details09/08/06Yes
5convicts-1.00,serpae 1.10, x-ray 1.00, unusual and rare tropical fish : we now have an updated stocklist available on our website. new fish include geophagus steindachneri, L059a, L182, imparfinis minutus, chrysichthys brachynema, tiger shovelnose now ... full details15/07/06Yes
6vast amount of tropical fish cheap in bucks(can deliver to uk) : we are able to get hold of a huge amount of fish, because we order off several stocklists. these are mainly south and central american fish, but we can also get hold of other fish ... full details22/06/06Yes
7south american fish : we are a specialists in south american tropicals, as well as some other oddballs from other areas,and we are based in bucks, although we offer delivery. we are able to get hold o ... full details16/06/06Yes
8ARE YOU AFTER ANY SPECIES OF TROPICAL FISH? CHANCES ARE, WE CAN GET THEM! : hi we can now get hold of almost any species of tropical freshwater fish, as well as some coldwater, and marine fish(however we do not have the facilities to hold marines so the b ... full details10/06/06Yes
9are you after any type of fish?? we can get it!!!!! : HI we are a small business, being run from my fish house. and our goal is to provide cheap, excellent quality fish at very competetive prices. because we are not a shop, we do n ... full details07/06/06Yes
10all tropical fish(rare, unusual, community) : we now have convicts for 0.50 neon tetras for 0.75 x ray tetra for 1.00 serpae tetra for 1.10 these are all in our tanks in our fish house at the ... full details05/06/06Yes
11convicts for 0.50, neons for 1.10, cory. julii, schwartzi, punctatus, sterbai : hi there we now have some new fish on offer: convict cichlid-0.50, offers for 5 and 10 fish crenicichla sp.- offers around 25 assorted angel fish-3.50 tiger shovelnose-25. ... full details31/05/06Yes
12guppies for 50p : we now have guppies available for 0.50. they are not yet showing any colour, and are not sexable at that age, they are about 1month old we also have bristlenoses in ,with prices ... full details28/05/06Yes
13tropical fish : we are not able to list our ads on thr tropical fish section, so for more information on our great offers, including bristlenose for 1.50, then please go to the retailers and sevi ... full details28/05/06Yes
14almost every species of tropical freshwater fish now obtainable : we are now able to get hold of almost every species of tropical freshwater fish from south and central america. we can also get hold of vast amounts of species from other areas WE ... full details28/05/06Yes
15we can now get hold of almost every species of tropical freshwater fish and we deliver : we are now able to get hold of almost every species of tropical sfreshwater fish from south and central america, as well as a vast amount of fish from other areas. we breed south a ... full details27/05/06Yes
16rare or unusual fish : on tuesday next week we will be going to our supplier, so if there are any fish that you are after, maybe fish that are either rare, or unusual or hard to get hold of, or just very ... full details26/05/06No
17rare or unusual fish : we are now able to get hold of all sorts of fish, and they would come in on tuesday, so if you are after any rare or unusual fish, then please email me before tuesday, and i will s ... full details24/05/06Yes
18ctenolucius hujeta hujeta,apistogramma panduro, pseudopimelodus sp. , thorichthys ellioti : we will be going on a trip to one of our suppliers on tuesday the 30th of may, so if there are any rare or unusual, or expensive fish that you would like, then please email us or g ... full details23/05/06Yes
19ctenolucius hujeta hujeta (hujeta pike characin) and other rare/unusual fish : we now have 2 hujeta pike characin for sale, being fed on earthworms, and dead fish. very active 40 for 2 also have bronze and pappered corys pseudopimelodus sp. south americ ... full details21/05/06Yes
20breeding pair of angels, as well as other south and central american catfish and cichlids : large breeding pair of angels, have bred in the past, and raised the spawn successfully for 20. also got some other fish: guppies-0.40 cardinal(fully grown)-1.00 bristlenose ... full details18/05/06Yes
21delivery now available : delivery is now available on all our fish, although there is a minimum order of 10.00 for more details on our current stock, or some information on some of the rarer south and ce ... full details17/05/06Yes
22wild fully grown cardinals for 1.00 : for sale are wild adult cardinals. lovely colours, 1.00 for 1 4.50 for 5 8.50 for 10 15.00 for 20 35.00 for 50 also got guppy fry for 0.40 lots of other rare or unusu ... full details11/05/06Yes
23guppies for 0.30 : we can now offer guppies for 0.30, these can be used as live food or as show fish in a community. we also have rare or unusual south and central american catfish and cichlids, an ... full details10/05/06Yes
24guppies for 0.30 : we now have guppies for sale for 0.30, as well as some rare or unusual central and south american catfish and cichlids for more information call 07950 374176 or email alex_ca ... full details10/05/06Yes
2575p for bristlenose catfish : yes thats right 75 pence for our small bristlenosed catfish. We also have alot of other stock available specialising in south and central american cichlids and catfish. We can also ... full details04/05/06No
26wanted importer : i am looking for an importer of south and central american fish (mainly cichlids, catfish and tetras). I have just set up a business and am looking for a wholesaler (preferably str ... full details02/05/06No
27rare or unusual tropical fish : for more info on acc aquatics, follow the link below. we stock rare on unusual catfish and cichlids from central and south america. we can also import in fish from the wild, altho ... full details29/04/06Yes
28wanted - any spare or unwanted fish boxes : i am looking for as many spare or unwanted fish boxes for transportation. Any size will do and as many as possible. Let me know if you have any and how much you would like for them ... full details27/04/06No
29rare catfish and cichlids from south and central america : i am now in the position to be able to offer catfish(mainly Lnumbers) that can be imported from the wild we also have some other fish, such as cardinal tetras for 0.75 and yel ... full details27/04/06Yes


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