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1Pig nosed turtle :Large custom made bar fish tank for sale used for one year only. It comes with a pig nosed turtle and two parrot fish. Fish tank measurement ...23/02/20
2Marine equipment :Two aquaray tiles and two hydro wave makers with controller. 75 the lot.22/02/20
3Live rock :Over 100 kilos of live rock for sale including some beautifull Tongan branches. Currently kept wet but may need re- seeding hence 200 for ...22/02/20
4Anubias on Wood and Rocks :Decommissioning a shelldwelling cichlid tank: 1 x Large Anubias barteri on driftwood. Wood roughly 30cm tall, 20cm wide, 20cm long. Anubi ...22/02/20
5JBL Crystalprofi e700 filter :Lovely filter. Its been out of use for a while, so will need new media, or what is there really cleaning carefully. 100 or so new. 40 ...22/02/20
6Koi for sale :We have 10 Koi fish. 7 large koi(24 ins plus) and 3 slightly smaller.Had all since they were tiddlers, 3 home bred. All are healthy and feed ...16/02/20
7Guppy Grass Good sized portion 5 delivered :I have guppy grass for sale a good sized portion for 5 delivered or 2 portions for 8 delivered Collection from Reading Berkshire16/02/20
8Limia Vittata Rare Livebearer :Limi Vittata pairs for sale 8 Collection from Reading Berkshire or next day delivery available for 12.5016/02/20
9Full Platinum Albino Guppies :I have for sale full platinum albino guppies. These are line bred & never been mixed with other guppies Selling at 8 a pair Collection ...16/02/20
10200l tropical community tank :Solid oak cabinet. Mint condition 200l community tropical tank Very well established tank and stunning Natural planting well establish ...12/02/20
11Various fish :7 filament bards 3inch.......45 2 bards.......10 4 yo yo loach 4inch.......40 1 green severum 6inches....10 2 rocket gars 6inches.... ...12/02/20
12Assorted Goldfish Oranda Location Reading :I currently have some Oranda for sale. They are 10 months old and a good size see a picture attched. A choice of fish from 20 availabl ...10/02/20
13Rainbow Hornet Zoas :Different sized colonies on frag plugs. Good way to start a bigger colony. Have plugs with 25-60 heads 2.50 a head Collection from M ...07/02/20
14LA Laker Zoas :Colonies on frag plugs ranging from 15-25 heads 4 a head Collection from Maidenhead or 7.50 postage07/02/20
15Alveopora frags :I have a few Alveopora Frags available. WYSIWYG picture shown is of Blue Green Alveopora. Very well healed, established and growing well ...05/02/20
16Gold arowana (24k xb certificate) 18 inch+ :Hello, for sale is a gold arowana (24k crossback). Have had him since he was juvenile, been in a community tank since juvenile (with clown ...04/02/20
17Tiger Oscar 10 :Tiger Oscar for sale, approx 6-8 inches, please contact for further details. Reason for sale - giving up the hobby. COLLECTION ONLY28/01/20
18Berghia nudibranch 12 or 3 for 30 - they will eat your aiptasia and only your ... :Hi, I have a few of these crawling around. They devour aiptasia. Local pick-up is much preferred, but I could deliver within reas ...23/01/20
19Full Set up Red Sea e170 with Sump/AI hydra26HD 600 Bracknell :Good Condition Used Red Sea e170 with Sump Upgrade (2years old) AI Hydra 26 HD LED Light Red Sea RSK 300 Skimmer (8months with box) Jac ...13/01/20
20Tropical Fish x8 25 :20 4x Silver Dollars 5 Red Tailed black shark 10 3x Gouramis Golden, Blue and Opaline All 8 fish 2513/01/20
21Common bristlenose pleco male :One and half year old male bristlenose pleco, he is a good size around 10-12cm SL. I only want 5 for him. He isn't fussy as expected, is be ...13/01/20
22Snakehead :...............SNAKEHEAD............. Channa Asiatica x 3 for sale...8-10inches I currently have 8 and am looking to thin out my stock ...12/01/20
23Live rock :I have approx 20kg of good fuji live rock some pieces have Kenya trees and pulsing xenia need gone asap 5 per kg Maidenhead 0748039537711/01/20
24Marine assecories :Fluval mini protein skimmer month old and a jebao ow10 wavemaker also month old contact me on 07908403370 asking 50 the pair01/01/20
25Natural slate :Selling approx 35 kilos of welsh natural slate please contact me open to offers01/01/20
26Silver Arowana fish :Silver Arowana fish for sale ,about 7-8 in length Open to Offers Collection only from Rg177dd01/01/20
27Malawi Synodontis x3 feather fins :3 HUGE Upside down catfish, massive characters and always active, 15 10inch 15 9inch 15 8inch Or 40 all three..24/12/19
28Red Tailed Black Shark 8 :Biggest bully in my tank, and hours of endless amusement, Hes around 13cms they only grow to 15cm so nearly fully grown.24/12/19
29Red FlagTail x2 80 Very Rare :Both fish are healthy 6 and 7 inches long. 50 for the 7inch 40 for the 6inch 80 for both Very peaceful and perfect for a pred ...24/12/19
30Corals :Lots of frags Message me if you intrested with any 0783727787421/12/19
31Golden, Blue and Opliane Gourami 15 :Theyre all nearing full size20/12/19
324 large Silver Dollars 30 :10 each, 30 for all 4 Very peaceful, Im changing to all Malawi is the only reason for sale.20/12/19
33Red Pike 13-14inches :Very healthy lovely Red Pike 13-14inches....sad to sell him but hes taken a dislike to my snakehead...100ono..... collection from Basingst ...14/12/19
34Hosting a pair of wild clown fish :A 3 ins regel tang 50 and a pair of hosting wild clown fish 90 and a 4 ins dog face puffer please ring Ben on 07825 415879 many thanks12/12/19
35Hoplo Catfish 5 :Very peaceful and loves to chill on the sand, or a plant and will have mad little swim arounds.10/12/19
36Juvinile king angel fish :Small healthy juvinile king angel shop sold it to me as a queen but after doing a bit of research it turns out it a king angel Eats everyt ...10/12/19
37Guppy Fishes for Sale :We have got numerous Guppy fishes for sale. They are baby fishes at the moment like three and half months old however they are mix of males ...18/11/19
38Selling TEXAS RED chiclids :2 years old and about 3-5 cms. Collect from ASCOT18/11/19
39Fluval fx6 :Two units, not used much as we're used for a temporary indoor setup. I also have the gravel filter, pipes and all original media. These are ...17/11/19
406 discus fish :About 1 1/2 years old. Lovely fish. No longer have time for them Don't mind splitting. More photos on request 50 each16/11/19
4112 adult breeding Burundi Frontosa :Between 5-9. Mixture of males and females. Moving abroad forces sale. 30015/11/19
42Reef rock / Marine Rock / live rock 40kg+ Reading, Berkshire :I got way to much rock for my tank so unneeded it's been out of water for a few days so but kept damp but I doubt the bacteria is any good n ...23/10/19
43L046 Zebra Pleco WANTED :Wanted Any size zebra Plecos close to Reading Berkshire upto 50 miles21/10/19
44550 Ono, 16 Inch Stable 3-BAR Indonesian Tiger fish (Datnoid) :Hi there, For sale is a 16 inch Indo Tigerfish (microlepis datnioides); He is a 3BAR and is fully stable. He's currently feeding on M ...19/10/19
45Corydoras gold laser (CW010) 6 :I have about 20 gold lasers big enough to sell at around 2.5cm. They are kept in Maidenhead tap water. Local pick-up is much preferred, b ...16/09/19
46Corydoras schultzi black, Black corydoras 4 :I have about 20 black corys big enough to sell at around 3cm and up. They are kept in Maidenhead tap water. Local pick-up is much preferr ...16/09/19
47Oak aquarium and equipment for sale :Maximum dimensions height 1500mm x width 1200mm x depth 600mm. Had from new think it is 375 litres top tank and 200 litres filtration tank i ...10/09/19
48Soft corals :Soft coral frags Fluorescent green capnella 15 each Gorgorians x 2 different 10 Finger corals 10 each Cabbage coral 5 each Leather ...09/09/19
49Green laser corydoras CW009 10 :I have about 20 green lasers big enough to sell at around 2.5cm. They are kept in Maidenhead tap water. Local pick-up is much preferred, ...03/09/19
50Julidochromis Transcriptus :2 - 2 1/2" - 3" x 15 total Nice colours, eating well flake, live & frozen 5.00 each collection only 07519194894 rg14 5nt ...27/08/19
51Trigon 190 with internal filter, helialux(day/night controller) and fluval 306. :2 year old tank, with all standard equipment. Extra equipment includes: Helialux Led and day/night controller, fluval 306, 18 medium size mb ...02/08/19
52Albino red eyes arowana 9\ :Albino red eyes arowana eating pellets/shrimp/tilapia.Unique rare fish with no drop eye.Local pick up or would ship overnight.The fish is ab ...31/07/19
53EA Reefpro 1200s 2 years old and perfectly matured corals :CALL 07795303221 to schedule viewing. email [email protected] for multiple photos Incredible set up that's mature using Triton Core 7, I only d ...19/07/19
54Livestock with matured corals in EA Reefpro 1200s :Various SPS (Acropora, Anacropora, Hydnopora, Seritopora, Various montiporas Digita rock Zoanthid colonies Large grassy star polip De ...13/07/19
55Rabbit snails, Tylomelania spp. :At least 5 individuals and possibly one juvenile, mixed species. Id like around 15 for all of the adults and the juvenile. Their healthy ...01/07/19
56Leopard Pleco Sailfin Pleco, Clown Pleco, Leopard Plecostomus :Selling my Leopard Pleco, approx 25-30cm long, healthy happy fish sensible offers please Collection From Reading, Berkshire.01/07/19
57Finger leather corals 6-20 :I have a few finger leather corals for sale. They all grew in my tank. Prices depend on size. I am in Maidenhead and local pick-up is pr ...27/06/19
58Pulsing Xenia frags 5 :I have a few pulsing Xenia frags for sale in Maidenhead. They look better in real life then in the photos. Local pick-up is preferred, bu ...27/06/19
59Green Star Polyp frags (GSP) 5-20 :I have a few Green Star Polyp frags for sale in Maidenhead. They vary in size from fairly small to pretty big. Local pick-up is preferre ...27/06/19
602 cat fish :2 gorgeous cat fish 3-4 inches. Can separate.17/06/19
61Large placostamus :gorgeous large Placostamus, 8-9 inches17/06/19
62Mature Fire mouths :2 Beautiful mature Fire mouths.17/06/19
63Marine Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue :Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue lights perfect condition complete with gooseneck Collection only Please text me if you interested 07837277874 ...14/06/19
64Large Oscar fish 7-8 inches :Beautiful chocolate and orange Oscar called Ozzy for sale. Needs rehoming due to personal reasons, needs tank mates of similar size.05/06/19
65Live Rock & Nano marine tank :live rock and sand in Nano marine tank Complete with wave maker, heater in perfect condition Happy to send photos on WhatsApp 07837277874 ...30/05/19
66Nano marine tank :Nano marine tank Complete with wave maker, live rock and sand, heater in perfect condition Happy to send photos on WhatsApp 07837277874 C ...30/05/19
67Guppies :Lots of baby guppies- 25p each or 5 for a 1.00. Adolescents 1.00each18/05/19
68Live rock, green Zoah coral with red bubble tip anemone attached, blue legged he ... :Live rock 25kg - 70 Large Green Zoah coral with small red bubble tip anemone attached - 50 4 x blue legged hermit crabs, 1 turbo snail a ...07/05/19
69Aquagarden 4750 pond pump :Brand new pump, never been used, bought about 9 months ago. These are around 120 in Maidenhead aquatics and I am asking 70 Pick up fro ...06/05/19
72Marine Aquarium 4ft :4 foot, 450 litre marine aquarium, sump and stand. Dimensions (cm) Overall with stand: 150h x 49d x 128w Main tank: 56h x 45d x 12 ...24/03/19
73Live rock :Large amount of live rock in 5ft tank , well established with lots of life unfortunately has a lot of unwanted algae on it but can be remove ...11/03/19
74Quick sale marine fish :Yellow tang for sale medium size 30 pounds False gramma 20 2 blue chromis smallish 10 for both Or 50 for all of them Reading a ...10/03/19
75Ecotech MP40W QD :Used Ecotech MP40-W for sale. Good condition and working well. I no longer need it as I'm steadily closing down my aquarium. Price ...10/03/19
76Neptune Apex Classic :I have a boxed Neptune apex classic for sale. Unused apart from getting it out of the box to check it over as it has been kept as a spare f ...10/03/19
77Topical fish and cichlids :Im looking for tropical fish and cichlids to put in my two tanks as looking a bit empty at the moment, free would be nice but can pay if no ...22/02/19
78Torch,hammer, frogspawn, clams :Looking for a torch, hammer, frogspawn and clams13/02/19
79Large aquarium and indoor pond for sale :Large aquarium and indoor pond for sale grab a bargain on eBay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1000-litres-4by4-tank-with-500-litre-5ft-sump-15 ...12/02/19
80Thousand litre 4by4 reef tank with 5ftsump and others :Thousand litres 4ftby4ft reef tank for sale. Selling my 4by4 reef tank. I used this tank as a grow up tank for Bd sting ray pups. The tank ...11/02/19
81Fish and tank for sale :Jewel Aquarium 250 L. 1 Oscar 3 upside down catfish 1 small plec 2 screaming catfish.09/02/19
82200ltr tank with stand etc :I am selling my 200ltr tank with stand, Also aquamanta EFX200 filter pump, and protein skimmer. Stand needs a little work doing to it, but ...06/02/19
83Marine nano tank :Aqua one 35 nano tank and stand. Complete tank and stand still in box never used. stand is Walnut with black door. cost 249 will sell for ...22/01/19
84Red Devil x Midas :Hi selling Red Devil cross with Midas 2-3cm in size and very healthy. 2 each or 10 for 1017/12/18
85T bar Cichlid CRYPTOHEROS SAJICA - breeding pair :I live near Slough. I am not interested in posting fish, so only requirements are (you bring your own bags/ bucket as necessary) that you co ...14/12/18
86Marine fish for sale between Reading & Newbury :Hi there, my fish have outgrown the tank a little and would like to focus more on corals. For sale are: - magnificint Foxface (now sold) ...17/11/18
87Four large tinfoil barbs for sale 3 each :Must go ASAP as fish tank is leaking15/11/18
88Convict cichlids for sale all sizes. 2 each :In slough Berkshire 0777584778915/11/18
894 Tank in a Beach unit with Breeding pairs of Saulosi :Tank 4x18x16 over all height 4 approx 20+ fish, many breeding pairs of Saulosi, also other Malawi cichlids. Fluval 406 filter, Coral San ...26/10/18
90Piranha Wild Caught Caribe 4-6inch :Wild Caribe approx 4-6inch I have 3. Feeding well and regularly, nice colour. 70 for all 3.25/10/18
91Complete Malawi set up. Mainly Haps and Peacocks :Complete Malawi set up. Tank is 4x15x18 on a light beech stand made by Rena. Oase external filter only 6 months old and a second EFX200 ...29/09/18
92CLOWN LOACHES :We are unfortunately having to close down our system and have to re-home the following: Clown Loaches: 1 - 6 x 2.25" 35, 2 - 5" 25 eac ...29/09/18
93Aquarium Rena Aqualife 220 litre with Stand and Accessories :Rena Aqualife Aquarium for sale. Size 100 x 40 x 60 approx 220 litres. Standard Rectangular tank with lamps and cover. Manufacturers stan ...07/09/18
94Large Tropical Fish Tank Fully Stocked - Good price for quick sale :Large (66' x 30' x 24') Tropical Fish Tank, fully stocked with 50 beautiful healthy fish. Tank comes with solid red wood stand, CO2 sys ...02/09/18
95Aquaroche :Aquaroche lots of pieces Please message me if you interested as I can't add photos don't know why 07837277874 30026/08/18
96Bubble magus Nac skimmer in perfect condition :Bubble magus Nac 6 skimmer in perfect condition Please message me if you interested for photos as I can't add photos don't know 07837277 ...26/08/18
97Juwel 4ft bow fronted with sump led lights salinity meter live sand :Juwel 4ft bow fronted with sump led lights salinity meter live sand in very good condition Please message me if you interested as can't ad ...26/08/18
98Aqua garden 4750 pump :Brand new never been used still in the box These are 120 now Looking for 80 Collection from Bracknell, Berks. Can post at buyers ...21/08/18
99Bubble magus Nac 6 :Bubble magus Nac 6Skimmer in perfect condition Please message me if you interested as can't add photos 0783727787413/08/18
100Stunning aquarium :Absolutely stunning aquarium complete with stand and lid with lights heater full bucket of live sand heater and filter salinity meter wave m ...13/08/18
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