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1Pygocentrus Caribe Piranha 7” :Pygocentrus Caribe - absolutely stunning in colour ! 7 inch of pure muscle this fish is an absolute beast in the best of forms .. nice and ...03/07/22
2Lemon peel angel :Approximately 5" Lovely bright yellow with blue rings. Been through full quarantine and feeds on all food. Please bring a transpor ...03/07/22
3Large Koi golfish :I have a large Koi coloured Goldfish for sale, the fish is a fantail, unsure of the sex, but is in wonderful condition but is soon to be too ...01/07/22
4Black Diamond / Henlei Stingray Hybrid 20” :I have 3 Mature Female Stingrays for sale BD / Henlei Hybrid 20” disc Beautiful belly Marking. Bred before (not with me) 6 pups. ...29/06/22
5Shutting down tanks loads of wild and f1 mbuna to go :Good afternoon guys. Closing tanks down so few quality fish availible. All fish came from Rick ward. Wild:- Fuelloborni ndumbi x 3 male ...28/06/22
6Male Hystrix Stingray For Sale (Approximately 6.5” - 7.5”) :I am selling my male hystrix stingray which I have had for approximately 5years. He is healthy and in excellent condition. His current d ...28/06/22
7Male Firemouth cichlid :Male cracking colour Only selling as I'm changing wot I keep. £1027/06/22
8Macaw cichlids :Trio of macaw cichlids Really good colour's have been showing to breed in past. £30 for the Trio27/06/22
9Regal,foxface, clown,wrasse,lemon peel :Green face wrasse £40 Adorned wrasse £40 Hippo tang £40 Classic clown £5 Foxface £40 Lemon peel £40 Please message for video ...26/06/22
10Amphilophus Flaveolus - Maidstone, Kent :I have a large breeding pair approximately male 9 inches, female 7 inches. Possible but bigger as can’t actually measure them Also have ...25/06/22
11Frontosa moba :Frontosa moba Adult WC 6in to 10in three females one male £200 pick up only maybe more available if needed Or 6 for £300 they are also ...25/06/22
12Central American Cichlids - Cichlasoma Beani Laguna El Camalote - Breeding Pairs :Cichlasoma Beani Laguna El Camalote I have a Breeding pair for SALE PROVEN Breeding pair is a Male 10 inch+ and Female 8 inch. These b ...23/06/22
13FREE Koi Rescue / Rehoming / Pond Clearance - Kent / SE London / Essex... :Are you closing down a Koi pond you acquired with a house move? Perhaps it's just getting too much to look after and you'd rather get your g ...21/06/22
14FREE - South East Koi Rescue / Rehome :All Koi welcome regardless of age, will also take sturgeon, sterlets, mirror carp, common carp and goldfish so long as I have quarantine spa ...21/06/22
15Koi, Sturgeon & Carp Wanted :Pond closures and quality pond fish rehomed, everything considered; please send photos, details and location. Unlike many others, I do not c ...21/06/22
16Yellow diamond rhombeus 3” piranha :Yellow diamond rhombeus piranha - Fresh import 3” Collection from dartford kent. Eating well V.aggressive and stunning little chap. ...19/06/22
17Wanted Fx6 Filter :Hi guys, Does anyone have a fluval fx6 filter for sale? would like it to come ready to plug in, pipe work and etc. Cash waiting. Mike ...09/06/22
18Eheim filters :2 eheim filters for sale 2 pro 3 1200 xl £ 150 Or £250 for both , please note both Have no bio media Both brilliant08/06/22
19Hypancistrus :I have a breeding group of L333 Hypancistrus for sale.To be honest I don't know exactly how many are in tankk as I don't often empty it. I w ...08/06/22
20Pygocentrus Piraya piranha £175 :piraya 6-8 cm beauties ! Rare fish in the uk. The true king of the piranha species - Ready Now £175 a piece Collection from Dartford ke ...03/06/22
21Cherry shrimp :Red cherry shrimp 15 for £10 bargain21/05/22
22Long fin blue eyed lemon plecos :Juvenile long fin blue eyed lemon pleco juveniles £8 each 20 plus available21/05/22
23Black calvus Zaire :13 black calvus zaire juveniles from a wild breeding group £10 each parents also available one female three males21/05/22
24Eheim 2250 external filter :Eheim 2250 external filter Comes with some pipework and also the quick release connectors which cost a fortune. One part of the pump h ...16/05/22
25Three large veiled goldfish :Three large beautiful fancy goldfish looking for a new home. Not selling just want them to go to a good home. Please feel free to email ...16/05/22
267 X angel fish :2x koi 5x platinum 50 collection only15/05/22
27Juwel Trigon 350 (beech) corner tank setup for sale :juwel trigon 350. Beach effect juwel trigon 350 litres corner tank (there are some scratches to the glass but what 2nd tanks doesn’t) ...05/05/22
28FISH TANK SETUP,MAINTENANCE AND TROUBLESHOOTING COMPETITIVE RATES :Hi Im Del and I have over 20 years experience of keeping all manner of fish inc marines If you have a tank you need setting up or maintaini ...01/05/22
30Aulonocara, superb colours, from young to adult size :Private breeder in Kent with years of experience breeding these beautiful jewels of Lake Malawi. Affordable prices from £4 for juveniles w ...21/04/22
31Young Aulonocara For Sale :Mixed Aulonocara group, 100s available. 10 fish for £40. Selling 1 male for every 3 females. Average size 2 inch. Broadstairs breeder of ...21/04/22
32FEMALE stingrays for sale :Around 10 inch collection from hextable Watsapp for pictures 07798928021 dan10/04/22
33Selection of Malawi hap cichlids for sale :Few rare Malawi cichlids for sale 12x Fossorochromis rostratus 10-14cm £10 each 5x Exochochromis anagenys 14cm £40 each 3x Buc ...10/04/22
34Looking for Unwanted Koi :Looking for some pond fish (preferbly koi) to go my pond as I lost a few last year . Anyone looking to rehome near SE London - Bromley/Orp ...09/04/22
35Cherry shrimp :Cherry shrimp 15 for £10 collection canterbury08/04/22
36Blue eyed long fin juveniles pleco :Juvenile blue eyed long fin £8 each twenty or so available Collection Canterbury08/04/22
3711inch :Male Cuban lovely fish pictures available £5008/04/22
38Cichlids for sale :6 lyonsi form 4 to 6 inch £25 each Female 3 inch chancho £1008/04/22
39Red cherry shrimp :Red cherry shrimp.more than 200 available,size 1-1.5 cm.20for £10.Collection from Strood/Kent.For more info WhatsApp or text .08/04/22
40Longfin super red bristlenose plecos :Longfin super red ancistrus.Mom and dad with babies in the pics.They around 2 inches.For more info watsapp or Message.Collection from Str ...08/04/22
41Malawi cichlid haps and peacocks :Few rare fish I have bred and ready for new homes Buccochromis rhoadaise 2/3cm £5 each Buccochromis rhoadaise 1cm £2 each Buc ...07/04/22
42Pond Fish :Looking for some pond fish to go in a large natural pond at a new house i just moved into. Anyone looking to rehome or move some fish on to ...06/04/22
43Malaysian Trumpet Snail :Mixed size of Malaysian trumpet snails 20 for £529/03/22
44Assassin Snail :Large and small Assassin snails for sale 10 for £829/03/22
45Cherry Shrimp :Beautiful red cherry neocaridina shrimp for sale 15 for £10 super healthy shrimp29/03/22
46WANTED FLY RIVER TURTLE :After a Fly River preferably juvenile. Many thanks27/03/22
47Marine stock :Loads of live Rock . Corals .and couple clown fish selling due to work comitmnets and just dont get to enjoy it now ... 300 for all stock ...27/03/22
48PANDA UARU :2 x panda uaru available, collection Folkestone kent. 2-2.5 inches £50 each or £80 pair26/03/22
49Male jack Dempsey wanted above 5 inches uk :Hello I’m looking for a male jack Dempsey to breed with my female I’m in uk Maidstone if anyone has one close let me know text me or Wha ...19/03/22
50Everything must go big fish Grab a bargain. :2 x big argentea 2 x big chocolate cichlids 2 x vieja and 2 x kingkong parrots.16/03/22
51Everything must go clearance :6x2x2 600ltr tank and all the fish, argentea and veija and chocolate cichlids, dollars, filament barbs, kingkong parrots and all accessories ...13/03/22
52fishroom clearance :hi im looking at moving on some of my fish i.e 2x firemouths £10 2x XL blood parrots £30 3x large blood parrots £25 each 1x XL king ...12/03/22
53Julidochromis :6 in total 2 golden ones and to dark brown , £2011/03/22
54Plecos :1 wild caught golden nugget 4 inch plus £40 juvenile blue eyed long fin lemon plecos £8 each more than 10 available11/03/22
55bare tanks (side drilled) x 2 - free :1.4m x 45cm x 45cm, each measures. 10mm thick glasses, some needs a good clean though (used to keep discus, see pic here: https://www.aqu ...11/03/22
56Drilled discus breeding cubes (18inch) - Free :As title says, 10mm glass, very solid. 2 of them, free. Collection from Orpington.11/03/22
57Everything must go :6x2x2 600ltr tank cabinet and hood fx6 lights and airstones and fish.09/03/22
58Free community fish :I can no longer keep my tank I have set up. There are approximately 8 Cory's 2 bristle nose plecos 1 upside down catfish 15 red spot t ...08/03/22
59Nexus 210 for sale :Nexus 210 filter comes with lid. All working fine. Comes with lid. Rochester, Kent. £45008/03/22
60Rainbow Shiners - Notropis Chrosomus :I have some young Rainbow Shiners available. These are last years late spawn so only small around 20mm in length as they have been outside ...07/03/22
61Aquaoak 180cm aquarium and cabinet :180cm x 50cm x 160cm doors and dawers aquarium Painted white. opti white front glass panel, hence scratches are visible when drained and dr ...04/03/22
6212 x gourami :4x golden and 2 x blue opaline, 6 x pearl gourami all around 3inches FREE TO COLLECTOR MESSAGE ON 07951 07096926/02/22
63Uninterrupted power supplies x 3 :I have 3 x 8 plug ups’s, ideal for when you need to keep a tank running during a power cut. They normally go for £270 each but I’m look ...24/02/22
64Big fish for sale or swap in kent :Big kingkong parrot pair, 10in gold bocourti, 12in+ leopard sailfin pleco, and possibly a 4in polleni.15/02/22
65Breeding chanchos for sale :Large ish pair for sale 50.00 kent13/02/22
66Jaguar cichlid :Lovely XL Jaguar Cichlid Beautiful markings Approx 12 to 14 inches in size Chunky fish that's eating well Fairly peaceful for a jaguar ...09/02/22
67Aqua oak 200l 110cm Wine Rack Aquarium & Cabinet :£400 - collection from Dartford Used aqua oak. Very good condition, some very small scratches at the bottom of tank where I caught some ...02/02/22
68Looking for south American cichlids :I have a newly established tank and looking for south American fish. Also looking for nugget plec Thanks 0794970298429/01/22
69AFRICAN CICHLIDS :Any yellow labs or acei yellow tail for sale near to ramsgate please 0795509773415/01/22
70L236 Rb basic and superwhite :L236rb 3.5cm+ £30 each 4 for £100 10 for £200 L236 superwhite 3.5cm+ £100 each In kent. No posting10/01/22
71Blue flowerhorn :Around 3 Inchs, free to good home10/01/22
72Mdoka White Lip :Big Mdoka White Lip. £3008/01/22
73Fossorochromis rostratus :Around 7 Inch. £30 Beautiful Fish08/01/22
74Fusco Hap- Nimbochromis Fuscotaeniatus :Around 8 inch. Lovely fish. £3008/01/22
75Reef octo 110s skimmer 2 weeks old :Reef octo 110s. Sat in my sump for 2 weeks while tank cycling. Changed skimmer to match my reactor so this isnt needed. Comes with original ...05/01/22
76Nimbochromis venustus/Giraffe Cichlid :I have for Sale 5 x Nimbochromis venustus males over grown. between 6 -7 inch.need at least 5ft Tank.£25 Each.26/12/21
776" Cuban Cichlid :Cuban Cichlid for sale, always lived in a community tank. Pictures available on request21/12/21
789" Male Jaguar Cichlid :Proven breeder , not too aggressive. Pictures available on request21/12/21
796/7" Red Devil :Red Devil, not too aggressive at the moment. Pictures available on request21/12/21
80Full setup 6x2x2 600ltr tank cabinet and hood lights and fx6 and 25 fish :Full setup tank and fish £550 ono08/12/21
818/9 inch Green Terror / Gold Saum :Spectacular Green Terror/ Gold Saum. Very bright colouration. Around 18 months old. Based in North Kent. Pictures available on request06/12/21
82For sale :Convict cichlids Tbar cichlids Bristtle nose plecos Juveniles £2 each Collection only28/11/21
83£250 Large 6.5ftx2.5ftx2.5ft 1400ltr fishtank for sale cheap along with all equ ... :AYLESHAM, KENT, CT3 3HF Up for sale is my 1400ltr fishtank. Along with it will be 3canister filters, 1 heater 1 air pump 2 T5 dual light ba ...25/11/21
84LARGE MARINE TANK WITH SUMP :Having to sell large almost 6ft marine tank. Built in dark grey cabinet. Sump with refugium. I can send images and further info if requested ...23/11/21
85DEAD ROCK :Lots of rock available as I’ve taken down my tank set up . Loads of great pieces with hides etc. Message if interested . Also other equ ...23/11/21
86Malawi hap and peacock cichlids :malawi cichlid for sale Buccochromis rhoadaise 5/6cm £10 Malawi trout 10cm plus £25 Nimbochromis Fusco 7/8cm £10 Nimbochro ...22/11/21
87DEAD ROCK :Lots of rock available as I’ve taken down my tank set up . Loads of great pieces with hides etc. Message if interested . Also other equ ...22/11/21
88Large male Paratilapia polleni £40 :Large male paratilapia polleni. Between 18 months to 2 years old and around 9 or so inches in length. Stunning fish. Only selling as get ...14/11/21
89kenkalli :lepidiolamprologus kendalli 5.5in £30 I can send photos on watsapp or can be seen on ebay 0793204016213/11/21
90PLECO FOR SALE london,kent :Plecs 1x calico bristlenose male 15cm £20 1x calico bristlenose male 8cm £15 1x L182 starlight Pleco male 7cm £20 2x L037 hon ...04/11/21
912 female green terrors (andinoacara rivulatus, gold saums) for free :2 females. Both confirmed with eggs, both free to collect from Sidcup. 1x 4 inches Inc tail 1x 5-6 Inc tail Can't be kept together a ...31/10/21
92Plecos wanted :Looking for a pleco or two, not fussy about variety, but must be say 4 inches or bigger and I have some fairly large cichlids who’ll eat a ...23/10/21
933 Altum Angelfish in 5ft. tank :Beautiful naturally set up tank 5ft.x 2ft.high x 18in. wide.All high grade equipment less than six months old. Clearview glass with no marks ...20/10/21
94FRESHWATER CLARIUS CATFISH CLARIUS BATRACHUS APPROX 12 Inches :FRESHWATER CLARIUS CATFISH CLARIUS BATRACHUS APPROX 12 Inches Very lively, eats well, very entertaining. Collection from Warden Bay, Me12 ...17/10/21
95Large Flagtail :Hi i am selling a 9"-10" flagtail its a gorgeous fish but its sucking the slime coat of my rays so has to go, collection sidcup ke ...11/10/21
96Evolution Aqua Pro 900 Marine Tank For Sale :3 Months old. Immaculate condition with No scratches, Adjustable baffles in the sump all pipework intact. Collection only Rainham, Kent. £ ...27/09/21
97Practical fishkeeping magazines :Complete collection of "Practical Fishkeeping magazine" from first issue to December 2020. For collection only, south Kent. Offer ...19/09/21
98Fish for sale :Based in Swanley jnc 3 off M25. Several fish for sale. See photos for prices.18/09/21
9921 x 4ft Fish Tanks For Sale - Aquatic Shop Breeder Tropical Tank :AQUATIC SHOP CLOSURE This Listing is for a Job Lot Of 21 4ft x 15in x 15in Fish Tanks - Split Into 3 (as per the picture showing 1 s ...12/09/21
100Free Goldfish :Our pond is healthy but we have too many fish and need to get some re-homed. Maidstone area, collection only.08/09/21
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