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1CLOWN LOACH WANTED :Clown Loach 4" upwards. Good colour & full barred for lifetime home other with my other clowns. Let me know what you have & your price pleas ...24/05/20
2L236 pleco :RB line grade A for sale very good quality and nice sizes just want to trim this group down £200 each NO OFFERS! It's a group of 11 woul ...24/05/20
3peacock bass 13inch azul :Azul peacock bass in very good health 13 inch nice size eating pellets £90 pls check my other add i have two bass for will do a bette ...22/05/20
4peacock bass 13inch orino :peacock bass 13 orino in very good health eating pellets etc £90 pls check my other add i have two bass for will do a better deal if bot ...22/05/20
5Moina Starter Culture £3 (£6.80 posted) Coalville :Moina Starter Culture £3 (£6.80 posted) You will receive a minimum of 50 live Moinas. Daphnia magna also available at the same price. ...21/05/20
6Daphnia magna starter culture £3 (£6.80 posted) Coalville :Dapnia magna Starter Culture £3 (£6.80 posted) Moina also available (check out my other add). Discount price of £5 applies if you were ...21/05/20
7Water Lettuce – Pistia stratiotes (20 plantlets) for £3 (£.6.80 posted) Coalvill ... :Water Lettuce – Pistia stratiotes (20 plantlets) for £3 (£.6.80 posted) 40 for £5 (£8.80 posted) Typically grown in ponds as a floating ...21/05/20
8Jaguar Catfish WANTED please ? :Hi ~ Has anybody in the Midlands area got a Jaguar Catfish for sale ??? Would like ONE ~ or maybe more than ONE ! LIOSOMADORAS ONCINUS ...16/05/20
9Leiarius pictus ~ WANTED Please :I am looking for a Leiarius pictus (Sailfin) Catfish ~ up to 15 inches ~ but prefer smaller (I really want to see it grow on a bit)! Hap ...16/05/20
10Green terror cichlids and angel fish for sale :Green terror breeding pair is £25 each is £10 There is a confirmed breeding pair and 2 females All of the green terrors are £50 but I can ...14/05/20
11Nandopsis Tetracanthus x 5 cuban cichlids :Five Tetracanthus. 4” . £50 Buyer to collect from Sileby12/05/20
1210 Blue Ramshorn Snails for £3 (£6.80 posted) Coalville 20/£5 (£8.80 posted) :10 Blue Ramshorn snails for £3 (£.6.80 posted) 20 for £5 (£8.80 posted) Blue Ramshorn Snail – Planorbis corneus Totally safe to keep ...07/05/20
13Snowball Shrimp £2 each or 6 for £10 Coalville :Snowball Shrimp £2 each or 6 for £10 (no further discounts) Snowball Shrimp – Neocaridina zhangijajiensis Neocaridina zhangiajiensis ...07/05/20
14Reverse trio of Cofertai Guppies, Poecilia reticulata - £4 Coalville :Reverse trio (2M + 1F) of Cofertai Guppies, Poecilia reticulata - £4 Fish visible on photos/video are the fish you are purchasing. Di ...07/05/20
15Hartwegi ~ Male ~ Central American Cichlid Wanted ~ Please :Has anybody in the Midlands area have a MALE Hartwegi Central American Cichlid (over 8 inch) !!! Within 70 miles of Loughborough preferre ...07/05/20
16SOLD NOW Dwarf Merry Widow – Phallichthys tico - Breeding Reverse Trio £10 Coalv ... :Dwarf Merry Widow – Phallichthys tico Breeding Reverse Trio £10 Difficulty: Very Easy Behaviour: Peaceful Breeding: Livebearer (brood ...06/05/20
17SOLD Pair of juvenile Moscow Snow White Guppies £4 (3 pairs available) Coalville :Pair of juvenile Moscow Snow White Guppies, Poecilia reticulata - £4 3 pairs available - £10 if collecting all 3 pairs On the photograp ...02/05/20
18SOLD Pair of pure Black Molly, Poecilia sphenops - £4, Coalville :Pair of pure Black Molly, Poecilia sphenops - £4 These are kept in pure water with no salt addition! They are very good algae eaters an ...02/05/20
19Albino pearl stingray pair £950 SOLD :Albino pearl stingray pair Around 10 inches Had them 6 months Feeding on all frozen foods Want to sell as a pair only 950 is for the p ...28/04/20
20AquaOak Aquarium ~ WANTED ~ Aqua Oak Tank :Hi ~ I'm looking to buy a decent sized Aquarium (AquaOak) ~ 4ft or 5ft. Prefer it with a Wine Rack in the base but cupboards/drawers will b ...23/04/20
21SOLD Reverse trio for £5 – Goldbelly Topminnow Girardinus falcatus - Coalville :Goldbelly Topminnow – Girardinus falcatus Difficulty: Very Easy Breeding: Livebearer (10-40 young at a time, gestation period around of ...21/04/20
22large phantom plecs x5 £45 each :got 5 nice large phantom plecs £45 each le3 area collection only21/04/20
23WANTED. Emerald crab and blue leg hermit :Hi. I'm after emerald crabs and blue leg hermits. I prefer the bigger specimens. Don't want the small ones.12/04/20
24WANTED MADAGASCAN CICHLIDS :Hi there, as the titles states, I'm after madagascan cichlids of the genus Paretroplus or Ptychochromis, if you have any for sale please l ...20/03/20
25L114 Pleco Pseudacanthicus.cf. Leopard Cactus WILD CAUGHT. :Superp specimen about 9inch + Very territorial to same species I believe it to be a male.18/03/20
26SOLD 6x weather loaches / dojo loaches, over 10 inches. £60 for all 6. :Hi, I need to find a new home for my wheather loaches, there is 6 of them, 4 albino and 2 brown ones. Perfect health. They are very active a ...17/03/20
27Pair of Motoro stingray :Male and female pair of Ray's, female approx. 13-14" male 11-12" fully rolled. Both eat mussels, shrimp and whitebait. Both wild caugh ...15/03/20
28Juwel Internal Filter :Internal Juwel filter box with powerhead and media baskets(new media required only). From a Rio 240l, been used for 1 year now replaced with ...10/03/20
29Mesoheros Gephyrum x 2 wild caught :Selling wild caught pair of Gephyrum. Not vented but think of a pair. Catch location, told was Rio choco. But later told this is not a l ...07/03/20
30Corner Aquarium :Corner aquarium for sale, excellent condition has been used for marines for last 6 years,Comes with cabinet, which has been sanded down and ...07/03/20
31Aquarium :For sale is my corner aquarium, with sump and pipe work, excellent condition ,comes with cabinet which has been sanded down and protected . ...07/03/20
32Proven breeder stingray Male 12 inch :Perfect condition ray 650£ What’s app 0744818323505/03/20
33D-D Professional 39w UV Unit :As title states, D-D Professional 39w UV Unit, comes with barb fittings, will need new bulb. £60 ono24/02/20
34Various Wild Caught Tropheus for sale :Hello I have various Wild caught Tropheus for sale: Polli Red Rainbow Bula Point All together there's 13 Looking for £200 Feel ...16/02/20
35RAPHAEL CATFISH x2 and PLEC :2x Raphael catfish 7" and plec 8" need new home . Collection only. Sadly need to re - home my boys £40 for all 3 or £20 eac ...15/02/20
36UARU Wanted ~ Please :I am looking for a Male Uaru over 6 inches; Can anybody help ? Midlands area preferred !! I have a suitable Poly Box !14/02/20
37Aquarium coral rock £25 ,ono. :White coral rock for sale. 13kg. Used only a few months but now no longer needed. Some slight discolouration under rock but has been cleaned ...14/02/20
38Male mini marble motoro stingray for sale :year old male mini marble motoro stingray for sale, almost fully rolled, about 10inch disk size and won't grow much larger than that. PM ...31/01/20
39Firemouth cichlids :Firemouth cichlids for sale nice fish. is not compatible with my other fish19/01/20
406 inch regal tang Leicestershire :6 inch regal blue tang eating well nice and healthy £7511/01/20
41Purple tang :4-5 large purple tang for sale due to change in fish £100 no offers06/01/20
42Gold Severum- Leicester pick up :I have a Gold Severum which has outgrown the tank- collection only from Syston Leicester must bring own equipment to transport etc £10 - ia ...03/01/20
43(Would like to purchase) Aquatic Life 115 Protein Skimmer :Hi all, looking out for the Aquatic Life 115 Protein Skimmer. If you’re looking to sell one on please contact me... 0798564132108/12/19
44Angel fish (free) :Two large koi type angel fish (white, black and orange) both i think are female. Free, to a very good home please. collection only29/11/19
45Anomalochromis thomasi Butterfly cichlids x5 :Lovely little group of dwarf cichlids . All 5 for £2020/11/19
46Hexagonal column tank :Here I have a 6ftx18" hexagonal column tank 200ltr comes with light heater and spair bulb .hard to find made for 360 veiw only needs g ...17/11/19
47Discus :Hi I have 6 discus for sale 2 proven breeding pairs 2 large adults They are kept in ro water mixed I'm in Leicester 5 mins from j21 £ ...15/11/19
48Rare livebearers :Ilyodon whitei £10 a pair Ilyodon fucidens xantusi £10 a pair Xiphophorus Helleri yucatan £15 a pair Xiphophorus clemencia £30 group o ...29/10/19
49Fish tank :Fish tank 24x15x15 with heater,filter,condensation cover and either gravel or coral sand. £15. Collection only. Tel 07977 42155320/10/19
50Lophiosilurus Alexandria (Pac man catfish) :17 inches long, well fed on lance fish. In excellent condition. £200.11/10/19
51Paraneetroplus Argenteus :9 inch male in excellent condition. £4011/10/19
52Yellow Labs :Great coloration on these amazing fish. they are Malawi fish and need to be kept with the same type. The electric yellow cichlid is a pop ...23/09/19
53 WANTED XL Aulonocara Peacocks in Leicester :Hi looking to add stock to my pea/hap tank. Looking for only XL as stock already 10+ CM females particularly wanted but males also. All c ...01/09/19
543 large Angelfish £10 each :3 large angelfish for sale. 1 male wild type, 1 female marble (high black with some orange), 1 female koi? (black and white, no colour). The ...18/08/19
55Oscars wanted. :Hi I have a 3rd nice size tank with only 3 fish in it, 2 oscar's and a good sized angle fish they get on brilliant. Just asking if anyone ...02/08/19
56South American Cichlids :Deals on groups F2 Geophagus sp tapajos juvies £5 F1 aequidens pulcher £5 W/c Santonoperca lilith 6 inches £20 W/c urau amphiacanthoid ...28/07/19
572X 14inch Fire eels for sale :Selling my fire eels as they are too big and greedy for my discus tank. Looking to get community fish to go in the tank with them but I can’ ...27/07/19
58Leicester: Approx 20 Large Koi Carp and Pump/Filter Equipment :Desford, Leicester - I recently purchased a house and inherited some very large koi carp in an outdoor pond which I'm looking to sell - alon ...22/07/19
59ALR1 collection from Leicester :Algea Light Reactor in great condition all led lights working. £100 collected.21/07/19
60Juwel Rio 400 Full Set up with large silver arowana & more :Pick up from Melton Mowbray Le13. Juwel Rio 400 black 5ft. With Fluval FX6 High Performance Canister Filter (6 months old), Wave maker. H ...19/07/19
61silver arowana 18-20” :Large silver arowana. 18-20” No eye drop. Pick up only from Melton Mowbray Le13 £8019/07/19
62Koi For sale Leicester :Koi For sale Leicester https://www.kirbykoi.co.uk/06/07/19
63Red rainbow fish :Six male red rainbow fish approximately 4inches in length. Bought as juveniles at £8 each owned for six months. Becoming too large and activ ...03/07/19
64WANTED pond fish/ koi carp :I have a large pond that needs filling, the pond has been up and running for over a year now and because of the amount fish cost I dont have ...02/07/19
65WANTED koi carp :hello, I have a large pond that would love to home any unwanted koi carp. anything considered and will be collected in person. these fish wi ...02/07/19
66WANTED POND FISH koi carp, gold fish, orfs, tench, everything :I have a large pond that needs filling, the pond has been up and running for over a year now and because of the amount fish cost I dont have ...02/07/19
67Marbled sailfin mollies :Young marbled sailfin mollies, about 3cm, not sexed, need to make space in tank £1 each01/07/19
68Marine Fish for sale :Radiant Wrasse £30 2 x Juvenile Purcula Clown Fish £7.50 each 2 x Purcula Clowns (pair) 2 to 2.5 inches £30 2 x red fire fish £14 each C ...24/06/19
69Shop Display tanks 8ft ideal for breeders fish house :Shop Display tanks 8ft ideal for breeders fish house 8ftx1x1 pick up Leicester £50 each Ono23/06/19
70clown knife fish :Large clown knife fish. 14-16” Pick up from Melton Mowbray Le13 £3520/06/19
71Pump :Lotus Mermaid 350 fountain & waterfall pump. Still in the box, never been used. £60 ONO Please call 0792731981319/06/19
72koi carp wanted & any unwanted pond equipment :I have a large pond that needs filling, the pond has been up and running for over a year now and because of the amount fish cost I dont have ...19/06/19
73koi fish wanted :hello, I have a large pond that would love to home any unwanted koi carp. anything considered and will be collected in person. these fish wi ...19/06/19
74Complete Tropical Aquarium inc fish for sale :Tropical fish complete set up. Healthy tank and fish. Overall size of cabinet and tank is 136cm tall x 80cm wide x 42cm front to back. Tank ...17/06/19
75Pump :Hozelock cyprio 4500 pressurised pond filter bioforce uvc. Still in box never used £130.00 ONO. Please call 0792731981309/06/19
76Adinoacara stalsbergi (true green terror) for sale :Ive got 4 Adinoacara stalsbergi for sale, currently between 2-3 inch eating pretty much anything. These don't come about for sale often ...03/06/19
77Breeding trio Ancistrus super reds. :Breeding trio super red's£55 Babies £6 each30/05/19
78Aquarium items available :Aquarium equipment heaters air pumps thermometer air lines and other things I’ve closed down my tank so that’s the reason for selling everyt ...22/05/19
79Aquarium Fish Tank Tropical Coldwater for sale :Aquarium Fish Tank Tropical Coldwater + Cabinet Lighting Heater 100cm 150L Black22/05/19
80Talbots damsels free :Pair of Talbot's damsels free to a good home. Not agreeing with my new fish so must go unfortunately. 07480124012 Melton mowbray16/05/19
81Complete Setup only :Lido 120 converted, 25ltr sump, bubble-magus qq skimmer,1000ltr return pump, sanrise smart control light, reactor, wavemakers, pair of commo ...14/05/19
82Kenya Tree. (Marine Coral.) :Kenya Tree soft coral on peice of live rock 2 inch wide. 2 inch tall. (Approx.) Buyer collects. Bring a container. £1012/05/19
83bubble tip anemone (coral, marine) :bubble tip anemone. 2 inch across. Green, purple, orange. Buyer collects. Bring your own container. £10. North Leicestershire.12/05/19
84LARGE bright Green Montiporia coral. :LARGE bright Green plating Montiporia coral. 12 inch across. Selling due to size. Some Purple patching due to new lights And low p ...12/05/19
85Chichlid x1o :Chichlids for sale..1x dolphin,2x yellow labs ,2x zebra ,1x orange chichlid 1x strawberry plus 3 others.sorry not sure the names. All health ...08/05/19
86Brand new Aqua one fish tank aquarium. No stand or light unit. 135L OPEN TO OFFE ... :Aquaone aquavogue aquarium 135 litre. New, never used. The tank does not come with a stand nor does it have a lid. I am selling as I bought ...02/05/19
87For sale :2 X Haplo Catfish for sale both are approx 5 Inches. Feeding well on pellets and algae wafers. Also 1 X Siamese flying fox algae eater, eat ...26/04/19
88Silver shark fish :I have a silver shark for sale 4 inch Collection from le5 £524/04/19
89Pictus catfish :I have a pictus catfish for sale 3/4 inch Collection from le5 £524/04/19
90Newa Newave pump 2.7 :Newa Newave NWA 2.7 Circulation Pump Newave Circulation Pumps are a highly reliable pump for creating natural water movement in marine and f ...24/04/19
91Wave maker pump newave high flow :NEWAVE HIGH FLOW CIRCULATION PUMP CIRCULATION PUMP NWA 4000 Item Available From Aquacadabra: NWA400 4300L/h 6W Product Information ...12/04/19
92Marbled sailfin mollies :Young marbled sailfin mollies for sale. Young, about 3cm, not sexed, need to make space in tank. £1 each07/04/19
932xBlack Bar Pacu :2xBlack Bar Pacu.Good healthy fish approximately 1 year old.These are the smaller type of pacu but still grow quite large.At the minute they ...03/04/19
94Crytoheros cutteri Cichlid :1 x Male Cutteri 4” £5 each Collection from le1223/03/19
95Uv for sale :All pond solution 55 watt uv steralzer for sale brand new boxed £3022/03/19
96Filter for sale :Eheim canister classic ilter have receipt , like new ,boxed £4022/03/19
97Aqua reef 300 complete setup :Aqua reef 300 marine fish tank full setup Aqua reef 300 tank with sump, pipe work and aqua one return pump - £225 TMC v2 ilumenair 60 ...17/03/19
98Aqua one aquanano 40 :Brand new and unused aquanano 40 tank, still in the box. The pump and led light, both original aqua one parts are about 6 months old. As ...15/03/19
99Fish tanks and rack :3 x 3ft x 10inch x 10inch, plus 2 x 18inch x 10inch x 10inch, so that's 5 tanks in all. These are ideal for livebearers, plecos or raising ...06/03/19
100F1 Adinoacara stalsbergi for sale :I've got 6 adinoacara stalsbergi (true green terrors) for sale currently around 2inch but growing fast. eating anything you put in the ...04/03/19
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