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1Juwell Rio 125 Tank, pump, heater and filters :Juwell Rio 125 Tank, pump, heater and filters. No base unit. Needs a clean (just dried up algae). Yours for a 50 donation to a Prosta ...17/01/21
2Red Sea Reffer Skimmer RSK-300 6months old 130 ono :FoamView window for ease of foam regulation Graduated cup for ease of monitoring waste production Integrated neck cleaner Drainage port w ...15/01/21
396 x 30 steel stand for sale 500 :8 foot x 30 inch steel aquarium stand. This used to house an 8 foot long 3 foot height 30 inch depth marine aquarium. Small touching up r ...01/01/21
4EHEIM INCPIRIA 400l reef tank for sale :Hi everyone REDUCED PRICE!!!!!!!!!! Im selling my marine fish tank which I owned for the last 2 years . I bought it brand new and slowl ...01/01/21
53.5 -4 inches discus for sale 19 each :Young discus fish for sale, home bred from quality parents(San Merah x Snakeskin) each, marlboro reds . Eating pellets, mussels and beefhear ...01/01/21
6Nano Reef Contents :Hi, I have the following livestock up for sale:- Duncan, Monti, Leather Toadstool, Green Mushroom, Red Mushroom, Kenya Tree, Finger Le ...30/12/20
7Nano Reef Contents :Hi, I have the following livestock up for sale:- Duncan, Monti, Leather Toadstool, Green Mushroom, Red Mushroom, Kenya Tree, Finger Le ...30/12/20
8Heros notatus :7/8" male Heros Notutas for sale. Very calm nature.20/12/20
95 various Discus :5 fish various colour and size 100.00 for all Closed down tank Collection Surrey/ London border Sm420/12/20
10Black storm pair clownfish :Pair of Black storm clownfish bought from Maidenhead aquatics for 250.00 6 months ago but I do not have the time they deserve to invest in ...20/12/20
1196 x 30 steel stand 500 :8 foot x 30 inch steel aquarium stand. This used to house an 8 foot long 3 foot height 30 inch depth marine aquarium. Small touching up r ...18/12/20
12MALAWI CICHLID FOR SALE :(All adults) 6x Yellow Labidochromis 2x Powder Blue Cichlid 3x Red Zebra Cichlid Size: 3-4 inches 10 each Breeding Groups or 100 fo ...18/12/20
13beautiful malawi eyebiter :Malawi Eyebiter Dimidiochromis compressiceps for sale. beautiful fish. Collection from Knaphill, Woking. Selling as she is incompatible with ...15/12/20
14Rena 5x2x2 marine tank :For sale is my Rena tank its in good condition and there are no scratches on the glass was last used in august, comes with a sump tank 1 ...14/12/20
15Vecton uv15 :For sale is a vecton uv15 steriliser good condition perfect working order was last used in august 30 Ono Any questions please call14/12/20
16Aquabee up5000 :Aquabee up5000 good condition perfect working order. These pumps are very powerful and reliable. Has this in my marine tank which I took dow ...14/12/20
17AROWANA :Beautiful Arowana/stingrays Approx 19 inches long Healthy Breeders papers & microchipped Outgrowing its tank Needs a HUGE tank Also 2 ...14/12/20
18Breeding pair of cuban cichlids :This pair of nandopsis tetracanthus (catch location bayamo Cuba f2) have to be seen to be appreciated, the male is about 9-10 inches long, f ...11/12/20
19Lots of tanks for sale :I'm selling off a good few of my tanks with another baby on the way. Can sell on their own or as full tropical set ups. Contact me on my new ...11/12/20
203x Adult XL Denison Torpedo Barb tropical/Freshwater Fish :I got these but my parrot fish keep attacking them, due to thinking the spot on the tail is food. So sadly not able to keep them and the pre ...09/12/20
21POND FISH KOI CARP AND OTHER NATIVE FISH AVAILABLE FOR DELIVERY :DC FRESHWATER FISH CHECK OUT OUR NEW WEBSITE!!! www.dcfreshwaterfish.co.uk DC fresh water fish was founded in 2009 by David Champio ...04/12/20
22GIANT SNAKEHEAD 18INCHES :As titled 18 inch Giant Snakehead which has sadly outgrown my set up so must go to bigger home. 100. Please call 07872926344 for de ...04/12/20
23Giant gourami :Large giant gourami 14 inches long. Hand feeds, lovely fish with lots of character Collection Reigate Surrey 2003/12/20
24Giant gourami :Large giant gourami 14 inches long. Hand feeds, lovely fish with lots of character Collection Reigate Surrey 2001/12/20
25Custom 7.5ft aquarium (2 years old) :For sale is my custom made 88x18x21 inch tank, black glass sliding lids,can do just the tank on it's own or as a full tropical set up. Call ...27/11/20
26Big rock with an anemone on :Moving house and selling Big rock with an anemone 25 live rock, sump light 25 H2 ocean top up 30 H2 ocean salt 6kg 20 Aquarium c ...26/11/20
27Large gouramis :I have recently acquired a pair of gold gouramis and a pair of opaline gouramis. I have had to separate the opaline male from the rest due t ...19/11/20
28Nannacara anomala :I have recently acquired a female Nannacara anomala and would like to hear from those who own a male. I am open to offers for my female or t ...19/11/20
29MALE KRIBENSIS WANTED :I have recently acquired two large female kribensis and would like to add a male. He will need to be of a reasonable size not only to impres ...19/11/20
30Asian Arowana :Want an Asian Arowana - prefer a semi adult. Red or Gold crossback with an actual crossback! :) (no Banjar reds, RTG or greens!).. Cash a ...17/11/20
31Tigrinus Catfish :Looking for a semi adult Tigrinus catfish. Must have similar stripes on both sides. Please let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks.17/11/20
32Cichlids :My mum wants more of a community tank so we have decided to sell the cichlids. 10 each or will do deals on multiples.16/11/20
33Nyos Quantum 120 Protein Skimmer :I have this Nyos Quantum 120 Protein Skimmer for Sale! Bought it last year and fixed it this year and ran for about 2 months. Have now upgra ...09/11/20
34Stars & Stripes Puffer 6 :Hey Im having to sell my beautiful Stars and Stripes puffer which Ive had for 2 years or so. Hes between 5 and 6 long 40 and Coll ...08/11/20
352 X White Cloud Mountain Minnows,1X Peppered Corydoras Catfish :FREE TO GOOD HOME Shutting down tank so new home required ASAP.04/11/20
36Mature Koi for sale :The following need a new home: 1 Kin Ki Utsuri lovely, striking koi of a golden reflective yellow metallic configuration. Approx 24 long . ...29/10/20
37Plecos :hi have around 4-5 Brown Brittlenose type Plecos available - willing to trade some for platy/molly or similar fish. Sizes around 2-4" Mo ...27/10/20
38Cheap Fluval M60 with fish :I've got a fluval M60 full set up with original light, skimmer, wave maker and stand. The glass has some small scratches. The sale includes ...20/10/20
39Mpimbwe Frontosa Male :Really good fish lovely blue to the head. I'm thinning out my group as I have too many males. approx size 4 to 5 inch 25 Collection f ...11/10/20
40Pair of Congo Tetras and a Red Rainbowfish :Recently was given a bag full of mainly tetras from a friend of a friend who had sold his tank but not the fish within. Two Congo tetras ...03/10/20
41pond clearance/thinning out :i have a lot of A grade japanese koi from 3-4" upwards,starting at only 10,plus hundreds of goldfish,from 1,please ring 07946685936 if int ...02/10/20
42lots of pond fish inc koi :i have for sale, hundreds of small and huge goldfish from 1,lots of high quality koi all different Sizes from 3-4 upwards,if you live loc ...02/10/20
43Refractometer :Portable refractometer. Good condition. Buyer collects. 529/09/20
44Real reef rock :Assortment of real reef rocks available. 4 Boxes available. Can sell individual pieces or whole box. Whole Boxes 200 each Please messag ...29/09/20
45lemonpeel Angel :Long term captive Lemonpeel available. 60 Collection only24/09/20
46Aquamedic fish trap :Aquamedic fish trap. Not in the greatest condition, hence price, but it's not too bad and it definitely works.21/09/20
47Aquarium Pest trap :Aquarium pest trap to help catch all those pests that may have been introduced with live rock or corals 321/09/20
48Guppy Hybrids :I have three tanks of Endler X Guppy Hybrids. Two tanks of large females and one tank of males. Will make great dither fish for an indoor po ...21/09/20
49Black Metal Lace Guppy Trio :Black Metal Lace Guppies. 9.00 per trio - Male/ Female / Female Collection available from Redhill /Surrey or can be shipped for an ad ...20/09/20
50Siamese Fighter Betta Splendens Female :Wild Type Betta Splendens females. Non hybridised line bred from wild caught Betta Splendens. 5.00 each. Collection available f ...20/09/20
51L066 King Tiger :I have a King Tiger Pleco L066 60 Collection only Please message for more info and pictures15/09/20
52Green Phantom L200 :I have a small Green Phantom L200 30 Collection only Please message for more info and pictures15/09/20
53Blue Phantom L128 :I have a small Blue Phantom L138 Available 30 Please message for more info Collection only15/09/20
54Fluval Roma 240 (like new) :Fluval Roma 240 (240 litres). Excellent basically new condition! RRP 580. Just over a year old. Stand included. 650. Upgraded Fl ...13/09/20
55WANTED LARGE RED SPOTTED SEVERUM :Im after a large red spotted severum with a thick body and good colours. Not asking for a freebie Ill pay good money. Get in touch!! In ...04/09/20
56Bicolour Foxface :Bicolour Foxface Large 80 Collection only This is a venomous species Please message for more info01/09/20
57Maroon Clown Fish :I have some Clownfish available. 1x Pair of Large Maroon Clowns 150 1x Single large Maroon Clown 80 Will need proof of separate aquariu ...01/09/20
58Paddelfin Goby :Cool little fish 20 Collection only Please message for more info01/09/20
59Aiptasia Eating Filefish :Small Aiptasia Eating Filefish 20 Collection only please message for more info and pictures01/09/20
60Spiny Box Puffer Fish :Nice sized Puffer with great attitude 60 Collection only Please message for more info01/09/20
61Harlequin Tusk :Nice sized fish with bright colours. Eats brine shrimp and frozen fish. 110 Collection only01/09/20
62Plant Substrate Oliver Knott 10L Black :I have 3 10L bags of Oliver Knott Plant substrate. 15 a bag or 30 for all three. Collection only01/09/20
63Frogfish :Frogfish medium size. Has been in captivity for around a year. 140 Collection only01/09/20
64Orange Spot Goby :Orange Spot Goby 30 Collection only01/09/20
65Asfur Angelfish :Medium sized Asfur available, good colour and shape. 130 Collection only Please message for pictures and info01/09/20
66Blue Ring Angelfish Annularis :Large Blue Ring Angelfish P.annularis 350 Has a temporary nipped tail due to a small puffer however will recover quickly Collection onl ...01/09/20
67Assortment of Tangs :I have a large assortment of Tangs Ranging in size and species. 5x Yellow Tangs 110 Each or all 5 for 500 1x Large Yellow Tail Purple T ...01/09/20
68Cherub Angelfish :Little Cherub Angelfish. Good fish, healthy and eats well. 30 Collection only Please message for more info01/09/20
69Stars and stripes Puffer :Stars and Stripes Puffer Eats well very active 45 Collection Only01/09/20
70Dogface Puffer :Dogface Puffer available Long term captive 40 Collection only01/09/20
71Aqua One Mini Reef Marine Aquarium 120L with corals, anemone and fish. :Shutting down my reef tank as I am moving and I have the following : Well over 1000 will sell complete aquarium, accessories, food, live ...01/09/20
72FLUVAL EDGE 50L Planted Tank with Dwarf Puffers and Otto Catfish :50L Tropical Tank with everything included as shown in pic. Good homes only! 2 x female Dwarf Puffers 1 x male ( have bred once but eggs ...01/09/20
73MIXED KOI CARP FOR SALE :Mixed koi carp for sale. Sizes between 8 - 10" total of 8 koi carp for sale. 70 for all 8 koi.30/08/20
74Frontosa Burundi young :I have 13 fish for sale Range in size from 2.5 to 4cm 140 Collection from Epsom Graham23/08/20
75Wanted. Large fish tank :Hello has anyone got a large fish tank at least 200 litre please. Free or cheap. In or near Guildford or can deliver. Thank you09/08/20
76Fluval Roma 125 Aquarium - full set up - 150 :Fluval Roma 125 Aquarium, hood and cabinet. 125 litres, approx 80cm x 35cm x 120cm All pond solutions External filter with media and fitti ...09/08/20
77Ornate bichir :Ornate bichir for sale, 50, approx 9 months old, 12 inches, amazing prehistoric fish, Specialist tropical fish requires large aquarium and ...07/08/20
78Eheim 2078 external filter :For sale Very good condition eheim 2078 For tanks 300 to 700 litres Output 400 litres/hour Easy start and flow control. Comes with in ...07/08/20
79EA Aquascaper 900 in gloss white and accessories :EA Aquascaper 900 in gloss white excellent condition with no scratches at all. Retails for 650. Sale price 350 Twinstar 900s light reta ...28/07/20
80Wanted Malawi Cichlids :Hello has anyone got any Malawi Cichlids. Free or cheap please. Thank you23/07/20
81Dovii Juveniles :For sale - These are F1 juveniles from my wild caught pair. Will do them at 5 each or will do a deal for multiple. Messages John: ‭07 ...15/07/20
82Wild caught Male Rio mag Umbee :For sale is my f0 Male umbee, around 13, currently kept in a 7x2x2 with other fish. Will take 80 , wont go no lower. call or text 07956 6 ...15/07/20
83Mayaheros Beani Laguna el camalote :Selling off some of my juveniles spawned from my largest pair. Over an inch + easily fully coloured up. 10 for 100messsage me my number is ...15/07/20
84Red Sea Reefer 425XL w/ sump + original ATO great condition :Leaving the hobby due to work commitments so with regret selling my Red Sea Reefer 425XL V3, bought last year Tank is used, but in good ...15/07/20
85Frostbite Clownfish, pair :Frostbite Clownfish PAIR. Name: Frostbite Clownfish Scientific Name: Amphiprion ocellaris Maximum Size: 4 inches; Temperament: Peaceful Care ...08/07/20
86Black snowflake clownfish :Name: Black Snowflake Clownfish Scientific Name: Amphiprion ocellaris Maximum Size: 4 inches; Temperament: Peaceful Care Level: Easy Feeding ...08/07/20
87Black Ice Clownfish, pair :Black Ice Clownfish PAIR. Name: Black Ice Clownfish Scientific Name: Amphiprion ocellaris Maximum Size: 4 ″ Temperament: Peaceful ...08/07/20
88Lightning maroon clownfish :Name:Lightning maroon clown. Scientific Name: Premnas biaculeatus Maximum Size: 6 inches Temperament: semi aggressive Care Level: Easy Feed ...08/07/20
89Black Misbar clownfish, pair :Black Misbar Clownfish PAIR. Name: Misbar Clownfish Scientific Name: Amphiprion ocellaris Maximum Size: 4; Temperament: Peaceful Care Level: ...08/07/20
90Black storm clownfish, pair :Black Storm Clownfish PAIR. Name: Black Storm Clownfish Scientific Name: Amphiprion ocellaris Maximum Size: 4 ″ Temperament: Peace ...08/07/20
91Pump, Filter systems from decommissioned Koi pond :Recently closed my Koi pond, which was 6.1m x 1.5m x 0.5m (LxWxD). Water was pumped up to filter systems, which sitting 1m above the pond. T ...06/07/20
92Rare American cichlids for sale :Selling off some of my cichlids, this is the list of what is for sale:- (1) 2 female cuban cichlids f2 bayamo Cuba 4-5inches 30 each (2)amp ...02/07/20
93Koi, Goldfish and Bioforce Filter for Sale :I have the following for sale, young kids and a lack of time has meant its time to let them go to a good home: 1) 5 x Koi, biggest is mul ...19/06/20
94FREE tank and equipment :Recently closed down my marine tank and am offering the tank an equipment free to the person who can collect it all the soonest. 3 feet x 12 ...11/06/20
9520x Young Yellow Labs sale 2 each or swap :I am selling or swapping my own raised juveniles yellow labs. I have 20 in one tank and more in another. Very happy and healthy, size 1,5 to ...11/06/20
96Jaguar Catfish x 6, EBJD, :Liosomadoras oncinus 5-6 25 each EBJD 7 3010/06/20
97Wanted - Female platinum guppies - Surrey :I have 3 male platinum guppies so am looking for 9-10 female platinum guppies to breed them with.07/06/20
98Gravel 5kg :Hi iam selling two different coloured aquarium gravel. In the 5kg bucket for 5 each. just needs little rinse like any other. pls feel free ...06/06/20
99Pond for sale ... 30+ mixed carps, goldfish :Hi, I've inherited a pond with more then 20+ carps, some of them over 20yrs old and 10+ small carps in the nursery pond. I'm not into fish, ...30/05/20
100Fish :Got hundreds of goldfish starting at 1 each upwards. If interested call me on 07946685936 and come pick the ones that take your fancy, Im ...25/05/20
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