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1Rare Congo Puffer Fish. Tetraodon Schoutedeni :Rare congo Puffer fish In stock 8-10 cm in size Feeding well on bloodworm. Please pm or call for further details www.planetarowa ...24/11/20
2Asian Arowana Planet Arowana. UPDATED :Hi All ******* Please join my facebook group PLANET OF THE AROWANA to get the latest video uploads of all new fish in stock and arriving! ...24/11/20
3Rare Aba Aba Knife Fish in stock :Aba Aba available in good sizes from 12"to 17" You do not see these widely available , feeding well on prawn and available for delivery. ...24/11/20
4Giant gourami :11-12 inch white giant gourami 」4020/11/20
5Adult malawis splitting breeding groups and breakdown labs :As above we have decided to breakdown our set up and move on, We have a breeding group of yellow labs 6 of them, Still have some of their ...20/11/20
6Juwel 450 rock backgrounds, gravel etc :3 decent plastic plants with resin bases. 」10 30kg of decent finish aquarium gravel 」10 juwel 450 rock backgrounds 」20 2 12000lph wavemak ...19/11/20
75X Midas cichlids :5X Midas cichlids 」20 each of 」90 for all 5 Mainly orange pick up only18/11/20
8Red terror (festae) :Got some festae for sale -3-5 inches males and females in Eastbourne east Sussex Collection only pictures on request 0789403274616/11/20
9GOLIATH AFRICAN TIGER FISH & FORSKAHLII :Hi all Shipments are starting to commence now new Planet Arowana Shop is near completion. I will be offering over 25 species from Cong ...16/11/20
10PLANET AROWANA GROUP CHAT & STOCKLIST VIDEOS ETC :Hi all New Planet Arowana Shop has been undergoing development through the pandemic we have grown from a 1200 square ft premises with 25 ...16/11/20
112 wavemakers :2 12000lph wavemakers, both work perfectly, neither come with brackets to attach to tank, hence ideal for sump circulation unless you can fi ...15/11/20
12Premium Golden Head Crossback To Clear :Premium Golden Head Crossback Size 12" Golden Head 60%+ Has slight drop eye in one eye & slight black mark on gold head through jum ...14/11/20
13Juwel 400 light units :I have 2 juwel 400 t5 twin light units, one has 2 tropical tubes, the other doesnt. both will come with 4ft light reflectors 」100 ono. ea ...12/11/20
15Breeding pair guianacara geayi :For sale breeding pair guianacara geayi. Have bred numerous times. 」30 pair. Collection only from Crawley.11/11/20
16Few fish for sale :I have a rusty pleco at 7" for 」40 A black ghost knife fish at 5" for 」10 4 syno catfish at 4" for 」3511/11/20
17Bubble Tip :Looking for a medium/large BT Will collect and pay cash Please contact Thanks10/11/20
18Butterfly Banner Fish :A good four inch plus fish. Awesome looking fish and incredible colour and personality, just wanting to move on for something different ...27/10/20
19frontosa for sale :Hello I have an established group of eight frontosa for sale . Dominant male is 4-5 inches nice peacefully group 」120. Home bred from my m ...27/10/20
20Aqua One AR850 Full Tropical set up with fish 」175 :In full working order, Easy to maintain and keep clean 165 litres complete with fish 2 x angel 1 silver shark 1 black and red shark 1 ...26/10/20
21Red Sea 170 Cabinet :Hi i am looking for a white 170 cabinet? Any one have one ? Pay cash and collect26/10/20
22African Mbuna cichlids for sale :I have for sale some beautiful Daktori cichlids around 2.5 inches...」2 each Cynotilapia Zebroides around 1.5-2 inches..」2 All eating and ...23/10/20
23Large mature pure BD :Proven breeder of many litters. With a heavy heart I need to let this guy go as he won稚 leave my females alone I致e owned this boy since ...21/10/20
24for sale :100 ltr tank 24"wide,16"deep,17.5"high. complete with filters,pump,heater,led strip light also air pump very good condition ...16/10/20
25Dosing Pump :Anyone got a dosing pump to sell? Looking for one as my one has broken Can collect and pay cash Also looking for CUC crew and shrimps13/10/20
26Trade 5X Blue Green Chromis, Blue damsel for any cheap frag :Hi it seems I may have over populated my small nano being my first tank and so need to thin the herd, so to speak. I am open to trade them ...08/10/20
27Adult mbuna malawis for sale :As above we are now thinning our stock out as its a little over stocked. Not sure of their name, they are blue with orange fins, possibly ho ...07/10/20
28Malawi/Chindongo/ Pseudotropheus Saulosi :I have young Saulosi for sale in sizes listed below: 0.5cm - fry/babies 3- 6 weeks old - price 1」 each Approx 1-2cm - 3-4 months old - pr ...06/10/20
29Malawi /Saulosi Cichlid fry for sale :HI, I have the young/baby saulosi for sale, fishes are 3 weeks old and eating well. The adult fish look fantastic in either a species only ...06/10/20
30Corydoras Venezuelanus (Orange cory) :3cm+ c.venezualanus. 5 for 」30 (or 」7 individually) Collection East Brighton, BN204/10/20
31Mbuna for sale :35ish large Mbuna, loads of breeding pairs/groups. Group get on really well with little aggression. 」175 Also have loads of fry/jeuves fr ...03/10/20
32Minnows :I am looking for about 20 minnows to be delivered or local collection near Crawley. These will go in an outside pond but I find most prices ...18/09/20
33L75 pleco :para pleco 5 inches. Very active fish very healthy 」75 Please call 07850558778 Seaford17/09/20
34corydoras wotroi :6 large wotroi 」75 Seaford Please call 0785055877817/09/20
355 large Geophagus abalios :I have 5 very healthy adults They spawn on a regular basis17/09/20
36Around 30 young Malawi for sale :Hi have around 40 ish young Malawi for sale we've had them around 2-3 months and have chosen to go in a different direction. I'm not sure ...17/09/20
372 malawi cichlids :If sold today 」5 for both or 」10 after today.14/09/20
38Pure Black diamond pups :These stunning BDs are still available starting to look really good now message me for more pics Reluctantly selling 2 Male pure Uk b ...09/09/20
39Freshwater stingray :I am after a stingray at a reasonable price, pups are fine please contact me on 07492654045 all species are welcome Will travel for the ri ...06/09/20
40Coral tanks for frags etc :Hi i have 3 of these for sale they were used in an aquatic shop to display corals they are drilled with 2 holes flow and return Made out o ...05/09/20
41Alxolotl setup with 2 Alxoltls :For sale are my two Alxoltls with a complete setup including tank, light automatic feeder, filter, sand, cave, miss food and water dechlorin ...26/08/20
422-4 inch koi mixed varieties :2-4 inch Koi 」5 each sanke kohake goshiki chagoi shiro utsuri hi utsuri viewing and collection only no reserving first come ...25/08/20
43Endler guppies :Pure strain endler guppies Need to thin out. Male and female available Donation to charity is all I知 asking25/08/20
44Green star polyps (GSP) :Green star polyps Having a thin out as growing insanely. Glows great under blues. Donation to charity Is all I知 asking. Large or small p ...25/08/20
45Large koi for sale :Have between 10 to 15 large koi for sale in roughly 20ft by 20ft pond and 4.5 ft deep. selling on behalf of owner, some of them are a good 1 ...23/08/20
46Various coral frags SPS/ Soft ( West Sussex ) :Purple Stylo 」10-」28 Green digi 」20 Green plate with blue polyps 」5-」15 Purple pocillopora with green tips 」10 Ultra green star polyp fr ...23/08/20
47Red Sea reefer 300xl brand new. :Brand new 300xl Cabnet sump ect. Selling as change of Circumstances. 」70020/08/20
48Red bay snook :12-13 inch red bay snook a real beast of a fish. Selling due to not getting on with tank mates. This is a real specimen of a fish and I知 ...15/08/20
49Selling tank plus beautiful fish :Hello, reluctantly I have to sell my tank and beautiful selection of Malawi Peacocks due to size. They have grown up in my tank and colour ...12/08/20
50Japanese Koi Pond Fish - Various FORSALE :Various selecton of colours and sizes most 12-24 inches. Happy to live in an outdoor pond all year round without heater. 1st come, 1st ...11/08/20
51Cheto :Does any one is sussex or Surrey area have some spare cheto I could collect.? Happy to pay Thanks and hoe you can help09/08/20
52Breeding pair of Jaguars :Very large male and female Jags Laid twice before with very heavy 400l tank and stand - won t separate Need fish and tank sold as ...05/08/20
53Various LARGE cichlids and tanks :I have the following for sale Large male tiger oscar 12 inches Large Pantano 12 - 13 inches female 6 inch albino oscar 6 inch red osca ...05/08/20
54Peacock bas :Peacock bass 15-17 inches need gone trade for a large bichir or another type of pred or 」10002/08/20
55Please HELP - Can you identify this Piranha??? :Can anyone identify what kind of piranha is this? I am quite sure this is not a red belly piranha (pygocentrus naterreri). Thanks!!29/07/20
56Predatory fish :Looking to rehome 2x Paroon sharks from between 9-12 inches 」40 Also looking to rehome 15inch female mono peacock bass 」70 Need gone ...27/07/20
57Lets of cichlids for sale some stunning venustus :Lots of first cichlids for sale need to shut down 2 of my grow our tanks so really good prices26/07/20
58Malawi young Wanted Sussex/Surrey area :As above have just started a new malawi tank up and we're looking for some young Malawis haps peacocks and similar Many thanks24/07/20
59Toadstool Leather coral frags :Leather coral frags @ 」15 each I have for sale two amazing soft coral - pickup only from Brighton. about 3' in size22/07/20
60Snakehead :Looking for any large snakehead any species please contact me on 07492654045 so we can discuss information21/07/20
61Peacock bass :Large Mono peacock bass 15-17 inches 」100 or open to swaps for other big preds or ray pup. Obviously for pup I値l put cash in too. Text me ...21/07/20
62Arowana In Stock :Hi All Arowana now in stock some cracking Aro's on this shipment. List as follows Banjar Red High Back Red Tail Golden Crossba ...21/07/20
63Large peacock bass 07492654045 please text :Large mono peacock Bass 16-17inches 」120 open to swaps for any other preds text me on 0749265404516/07/20
643 Telescopic eye fancy goldfish :I have 2 telescopic eye fancy goldfish for sale. Black moor white butterfly telescope eye I知 asking 」40 for both12/07/20
65Koi carp for sale :Selling my prized collection of koi carp, some amazing specimen japanese koi for sale. Reluctant sale. Contact Andy on 07973 559356 or e ...09/07/20
66Frontosa for sale :Hello I have About 25 frontosa fry for sale 3cm up to 6 cm 」50 for all.08/07/20
67Visit The Fish Barn at www.thefishbarn.co.uk :Visit www.thefishbarn.co.uk to find out more about us at The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Licensed to buy and sell fish: Alan Ball License n ...06/07/20
68Wild Caught South American Fish, Plecos, Corydoras etc :The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Licensed to buy and sell fish: Alan Ball License number:LI/13/0656/PETS NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE AVAI ...06/07/20
69Various Tropical Fish for sale :The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Licensed to buy and sell fish: Alan Ball License number:LI/13/0656/PETS Nationwide Delivery Available 」1 ...06/07/20
70Black rhom :Black rhom red eyed piranha approx 7 long very aggressive chases hand at front of tank and that I知 looking for 」100 txt or ring 0774012477 ...05/07/20
71Mbu puffers Mbu puffers Mbu puffers Mbu puffers :Hi all Planet Arowana team congo have had a catch of Mbu Puffers now preparing for export along with Goliath African Tiger Fish Vitt ...05/07/20
72The Fish Barn Discus :Licensed to buy and sell fish: Alan Ball License number:LI/13/0656/PETS NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE 」18.00 Guaranteed Next Da ...22/06/20
73Rift Lake Cichlids :The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Licensed to buy and sell fish: Alan Ball License number:LI/13/0656/PETS Nationwide Delivery Available 」1 ...22/06/20
74Fluval Edge 46L Tank + Supplies :I have a Fluval Edge 46 liter tank for sale. It will come with a filter, heater, bubbler and some additional supplies. I currently have ...22/06/20
756 Neon Tetras (FREE) (Northamptonshire) :Due to a lack of time, I am giving away 6 Neon Tetras. I also have a 49L tank for sale (see other advert) Collection from Long Buckby, ...22/06/20
76Clean up Crew :Hi looking to add clean up crew to my reef Will pay cash and collect Looking for any Shrimps including Pistol Crabs any type Starfish ...17/06/20
77Fish tank breeding rack :」450.00 or open to offers Selling a 6ft x 6ft x 1ft fish breeding rack which holds 3x 6xft x 1ft x 1ft tanks divided Into 4 which gives y ...17/06/20
784 x 2 x 1.5 fish tank with 3d background :Hi selling my tank as upgraded to new 660 litre one, cabinet has been replaced with this one and has been strengthened for added safety, 3 d ...09/06/20
79Juwel lido120 in light wood (SOLD) :Juwel lido120 in light wood with SBX cabinet and interpet tri spec V1 led light, also includes heater,pump and Bluetooth light controller. ...01/06/20
8015 Koi for sale including pump, filter and control box :We have moved into a property where koi fish have been kept. There are approximately 15 of them 30-45cm each. Large fish, very pretty. W ...26/05/20
81Free Fish wanted for good home :I have a private 5 acre lake for any fish you no longer require or are getting to big for your pond. Will collect from Mid Sussex area. Ca ...20/05/20
82Free Fish Wanted , Mid Sussex Area :We currently have a 5 acre lake that need fish, so if you would like your fish to go to a fantastic new home, give us a call. We can collect ...20/05/20
83Interpet tri spec led V2, oase filtosmart 100 thermo, eheim 350 skim :Led light unit 52-60cm.3 months old, like new condition.」85 Oase filtosmart 100 thermo. Will need new intake hard pipe and new hoses(unle ...18/05/20
8472x24x18 ND Aquatics tanks and stand 」700 :ND aquatics 6ft Fish tank. 72x24x18 573 litres 2 years old Includes Fluval Fx6 filter LED lights Heater Crushed coral substr ...16/05/20
85Marine dry rock :I have for sell around 15kg marine dry rocks. Very nice shape. Free standing. Price 」50.14/05/20
87Two black Ghost Knife Fish for sale :We have two black ghost knife fish who have outgrown our tank. One is approx. 22cm and one is 20cm (roughly) Healthy and active 」50 ...06/05/20
88Young Fly River Turtle Wanted :Paying good money for fly river turtles of a small size, If you have any please make contact ! 07544 467760 www.planetarowana.com29/04/20
89Baby crossback Arowana blue base 6-7 :Juvenile crossback Arowana blue base & purple available. Size 6-7 Pure F2 from wild , grade A & B available. Fully chipped with fu ...29/04/20
9012 X (Dwarf Cichlid) 1 X Pseudotropheus (Female Malawi) 1 X Sunrise Platy & Food :12 Dwarf Cichlids (Apistogramma regani males and females I believe) 1 Female Malawi Cichlid 1 Sunburst Platy Two bags of different ...28/04/20
91Coral Frags - various Montis plus Kenya trees - Crawley :Monti Stellata 」5/」10 Monti Digitata Green 」10 Monti Plate Green 」5 Kenya Tree 」5/」10 Collection only. Crawley22/04/20
92STOCK CLEARANCE MAKING SPACE FOR NEW SHIPMENTS :Pleased to announce new shipments due shortly & new Planet Arowana Showroom which will be opening once Covid 19 under control. available ...21/04/20
93More Fish required for Big Pond :We have moved into a house with a large clay pit pond 100 feet long by 75 feet wide and would like to stock with some fish. If you have any ...18/04/20
94ASIAN RED TAIL CAT FISH 14INCH :I have one asian redtail for sale. I am open to offers. He is 14inches (just over) beautiful markings including a white streak up to his low ...14/04/20
95Pond hoover :Hi I live in the Crawley area I was wondering if any one out there wants to hire me a pond hoover for a couple of hours Need to clean my ...13/04/20
96RO water :Hi looking for some RO in the Crawley area Any one willing to sell me some water at a reasonable price Looking as supplier is now shut Al ...23/03/20
97Stingray :I have around 7 large peacock bass giant gourami Midas cichlids and large Snakheads and various other large predators I知 looking for a swap ...21/03/20
98Wanted Alage Blenny :Hi any one wanting to get rid of a Algae blenny Willing to pay cash and travel Also any type of algae eating fish or invert Please ca ...18/03/20
99Breeding pair of electric blue acara :Hi I have love breeding pair of electric blue acara. They regularly have fry and are very confident 」50 pick up from barns green nr billi ...15/03/20
100Lights filters ocean rock :I have for sale 2x Aquael led sunny plant lights size 1135-1265mm only used for a few months 」35.00 each or 」 60.00 for pair. Also 2 exf aqu ...14/03/20
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