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1Juwel Vision 180 Bow Fronted Aquarium & Cabinet :Condition is fairly good, aside from some scratches on the glass. Watertight, working light and many extras available should they be require ...17/06/24
2Convict Fry 1cm :Lots of Convict Fry, currently 1 cm but growing fast. £1 each. Colleciton from Plymouth UK.14/06/24
3Betta Fish :Male and Female Betta fish in Plymouth UK. Collection Only. Various Colours and Sizes. £3 each.14/06/24
4Platinum parrots £5 each :£5 each lovely quality Been complemented on quality many times of these 1-3cm always breeding and always available Please drop ...27/05/24
5Lemon blue eyes short fin £3 each :£3 each 2cm- approx 1” in sizes Buy 5 will put 1 in free Always breeding always available amazing tank cleaners and grow to appro ...27/05/24
6Polar blue parrots £2.50 each :1cm-3cm always available as always breeding £2.50 each collection from Ivybridge Platinums are £5 each 1cm-3cm Drop me a messa ...27/05/24
7FOR SALE OR SWAP :20 Assorted Medium-sized Rainbow Fish, size between 1- 3ins. £200 or sensible offers OR a Swap for Dwarf Cichlids reason for sale fancie ...24/04/24
8Filament barbs for sale, some large adults but mainly juvenille NORTH DEVON coll ... :Up to 12 Dawkinsia filamentosa available for collection only EX18 7NJ north/mid Devon . Healthy active fish, variety of ages available fro ...12/04/24
9Tropical community fish + Amano Shrimp + tank + equipment :100L planted tank, tank heater, Tetratec ex1200 cannister filter, air pump, 7x Harlequin Rasbora, 1x Rainbow fish, several Amano Shrimp, Sev ...11/04/24
10fx6 filter :XF FILTER 12 MOTHS OLD ALL NEW FILTER PADS AND FOAMS TO GO WITH IT £130 Torquay Devon 0776921329308/03/24
11Kessil AP700 Light unit :Kessil AP700 Lighting £350 Torquay 07769213293 Sell separately for £1000 for all08/03/24
12Aqua Oak 310ltr set up :Aqua Oak 310ltr Dimensions as shown in pictures Comes complete with: Fluval Fx6 recently had new motor Fluval Aquasky Led Lighti ...18/02/24
13Aqua Oak Large Cube :Aqua Oak 155ltr Cube Comes with: Fluval 207 external filter Fluval Aquasky Led Lighting Heater £175 for tank and equipment C ...18/02/24
14Looking For Mdoka :I'm very keen to acquire 4-5 Aulonocara Aquilonium within an hour's drive of EX13 area. Does anyone know of any around? Would settle for ...16/02/24
15Complete marine tank set up :£1500 Full marine tank set up in excellent condition, 340L 600deep x 1200 wide x 1500 high inc unit. Livestock: Regal Tang Majes ...07/02/24
16Bristlnose plecs :Young bristlenose aprox 1- 1 1/2 inches free in plymouth06/02/24
17L046 zebra pleco and others :Adult male L046 zebra pleco. 2.5" Adult male L066 king tiger pleco. 6" Adult female bristle nose pleco. 5" Around 8 adult ...29/01/24
18Bdx King hen and a arowana :Bdx King hen xbd male sting Ray 24 inch from tip to tail 17 t0 18inch arowana with both certificate as seen I. Pictures28/01/24
19Wanted Livebearers & Bristlenoses guppies, mollies, platies, sword tails :Hi I'm after some Livebearers for my kids, they love any kind but guppies are their favourite and also after some Bristlenoses. Within a ...07/01/24
20Fluval Roma 200 full set up :Complete aquarium set up including cabinet. Lighting filter heater & accessories 200 litres Dimensions in pics. Email only as phone ...28/10/23
21Cichlid set up :Exmouth devon lots off large cichlids and south Americans and monster plec sale as job lot or separate..... stary night,Venus, parrot fish r ...08/10/23
22Cichlid set up :For sale full cichlid set up 5ft fx6 filter led units lights 25 fish all over 5 inch stunning Need gorn 400 takes contact me and I'll send p ...08/10/23
236x4x2 tank no stand £250 :I have a 6x4x2 fish tank no stand double base £250 Collection only plymouth pl66fu Txt me on 0752682193015/09/23
24Complete pond set up for medium pond £200 :Complete pond set up comprising of approx. 30 goldfish of various sizes including koi carp and 1 sturgeon. Largest fish approx 30cm. Also 1 ...02/09/23
25Closing down fish tank :Closing down tank 6 x geophagus argyrostictus 1 crenacichla marmorata 5 silver dollars 1 Red Devil All from 3 to 10 inches long 250 f ...28/08/23
266x4x2 tank £600 :Last attempt to sell I have a 6x4x2 15mm glass double base NO STAND come with all equipment and 4 filters 2x aps2000 and fx4 & fx5 3 ...21/06/23
27Channa Limbata :Proven pair available formed from original four fish. 8 inch and 5 inch fish both with good bodies. Open to sensible offers for the pair wit ...22/06/23
28Tank plus fish :Nd aquatics 5ft x 2.5ft x 3ft aquarium with fx6 filter plus all ponds ef1000 filter. Plus Asian arowana red banja 17inches plus a giant gour ...10/06/23
294 Large Clown Loach Kohaku Parrot fish :4 Large Clown Loach 4" 5.5" 5.5" 6" £160 Kohaku Parrot fish £100 each both female Collection torquay.19/02/23
30Red cap orandas :I'm looking to buy one or more quality oranda's. Preferably chocolate and/or red caps. Must be at least 2" body length and have a well ...09/02/23
31Sailfin plec :Large sailfin plec For sale about 12 inches In immaculate condition we'll looked after Selling due to large tank needed Would be idea ...03/02/23
32Tropical Fish JD polar blues :Large Jack dempsey stunning colours £20 Albino jack £15 Polar blue parrots £5 each Blue acara £1021/01/23
33Corydoras duplicareus X8 :C. duplicareus X8, all fish are a good size and healthy. https://www.seriouslyfish.com/species/corydoras-duplicareus/ £40 for all 8 f ...14/01/23
348 x Mikrogeophagus altispinosus (Bolivian ram) :A breading colony of Mikrogeophagus altispinosus (x8) all very health young adults. https://www.seriouslyfish.com/species/mikrogeophagus- ...14/01/23
35Peckoltia sp. (L076) orange seam plec :4" very healthy showing good colouration https://www.planetcatfish.com/common/image.php?image_id=3150 £3514/01/23
36Wanted - Juwel Trigon 350 Beech. :Looking for a good condition example.04/12/22
37Angel Fish and Siamese Algae Eater :Hi, We have just moved into a house which has a built in fish tank. After doing some research I have found the two bigger fish in there, ...30/11/22
38Stingray :Breeding trio of bd hybrids for sale breed regularly and had lots of pups for me £1500 ring me on 07946253087 both females should be gravid29/12/22
39Preds for sale need moving asap will take offers on all fish also have a rack sy ... :Florida gar 14inch Silver arrowana 14inch 4xDatnoids 8inch 2x peacock bass 8inch+ 2xjack Dempsey Open to sensible offers Message m ...20/12/22
40Nanochromis parilus BREEDING PAIR for sale :For sale is my breeding pair of Nanochromis parilus. These fish are very prolific and I have raised hundreds of fry from them. Would like ...04/11/22
41Phenocogrammus aurantiacus XL for sale :For sale is my group of 11 phenocogrammus aurantiacus. These fish are pretty much fully grown and are showing outstanding colours. Would ...04/11/22
42Red line torpedo barbs X 7 (Denison barb) :7 x Good size (4" +) healthy Puntius denisonii, £6027/10/22
43Pred fish for sale need gone ASAP :Florida gar 2 peacock bass Silver arrowana 4 datnoids 2 jack Dempsey 5 silver dollars 4 discuss Malawis29/10/22
44Lots Of Equipment :Hi we have a Evergrow 5012v2 for sale in boxed condition with remote and hangers etc. £250 reduced to £200 a Arcadia twin 250w halide pen ...20/11/22
45Peacock bass :2 peacock bass available04/10/22
46Fx6 150 :Fx6 for sale will all attachments Fully cycled as still on aquarium04/10/22
47Florida gar datnoids :Please contact me on WhatsApp 07885977404 for pictures and more information02/10/22
48Tropheus fire cracker breeding group 3 adult males 3 females :Change of plans forces sale 3 males 3 females £17008/10/22
49Datnoids, discuss, south American cichlids, :Hello I have Florida gar 15inch 2x peacock bass 7inch 4x dats 8inch+ 2x JD large Parrot cichlid African cichlids 5x tiger silver d ...28/09/22
50FREE Pearl Gouramis (Trichopodus Leerii) :I have around 25 Tank Bred Pearl Gourami's available in any quantity free for collection only. All in Good condition but far too many for m ...22/09/22
514x 4ft tanks in a rack :Hello I'm selling my rack and all the equipment with it I also have some fish that I'd let yo with the rack if wanted18/10/22
52Wanted Gold nugget :Gold nugget L number plec wanted.18/09/22
53Sea Max C-250 :Hello everyone I hope you are all well. Due to disability and lack of space I can no longer keep my tank which comes with loads of live roc ...09/09/22
54Red Sea 350 :I have a Red Sea reefer 350 up for grabs as upgraded it comes with the following Red Sea mesh lid sump with refugium build in All pip ...05/09/22
55Marine fish for sale :Hi I have te following fish for sale as going over to corals Whimple fish around d 6" £60 Puffer fish around 8"£100 Hawaiian ...05/09/22
56Fish Tank/Aquarium Fluval Edge 23L :Fish Tank/Aquarium Fluval Edge 23L + Replacement mesh lid insert £50 Cash on collection only No offers replacement mesh was 30 quid alon ...31/08/22
57Urgent Rehoming :Having been let down at the last minute after selling a tank, I need to rehome the following: 1 Synodonntis 1 Plec 2 Kribs (pair) 10 ...30/08/22
58Bass for sale or swap :I have 2 bass for sale or swap for royal pleco or other types of preds around 8inches26/08/22
59Looking for a large L no. Pleco :Looking for a royal pleco or something that's a be of a show pleco Many thanks Byron21/08/22
60Kohaku Koi Swordtail Grade B :Lovely small Kohaku Koi Swordtails, Approximately 1"-1.5" in size. Captive bred in our fully licensed fish house. All priced at ...01/09/22
61Kohaku Koi Swordtail Grade A :Lovely small Kohaku Koi Swordtails, Approximately 1"-1.5" in size. Captive bred in our fully licensed fish house. All priced at ...01/09/22
63Angles/ discuss :Hello I have 8 lovely discuss available for sale or trade they are conditioned to tap water not RO Contact me on whatapp Many thanks By ...06/08/22
64Dats, Florida gar , silver arrowana :Hello I have 4 dats available for sale Many thanks Byron WhatsApp me on 0788597740408/11/22
65Leucitic Axolotl 7-10cm :Lovely Leucitic Axolotls, 7-10cm. All eating frozen Bloodworm. Captive bred in our fully licensed fish house. All of our Axolotls have never ...23/09/22
66Closing down tank - Exeter, Devon :Hi, I am closing down my 5'tank. I can sell some or all of the fish separately. Stock - 6 Torpedo Barbs £30 2 adult male Green Sever ...01/08/22
675 ft aquarium complete setup :5 ft maidenhead aquatics oak series aquarium with about 30 Malawi,s and tang,s X2 fluval 306 external filters,air pump,x2 heaters,led light ...31/07/22
68Free to a good home - Devon :2 x Angels, 2 x guppies, 2 x catfish, 2 x dwarf plecos, 3 x platy, 2 x dwarf gourami, 3 x 5 bar barbs, 5 black neons. All in excellent cond ...01/07/22
69L046 & L260 F1 3-4cm for sale Hypancistrus Zebra Queen Arabesque :I have for sale some F1 Hypancistrus: L046 3-4cm £80 each L260 3-4cm £20 each Collection preferred, but can post at buyers own ri ...14/06/22
70Breeding pair stenka discus plus jowel aquarium corner tank :Will sell fish and tank separately if needed. Breeding pair stenka discus plus Jowel aquarium corner tank 2 external filters almost new heat ...26/06/22
71aquarium racks :John Allen aquarium racks 5 4 foot wide systems with 8 2 foot tanks on them these are rare now adays and I have a 2 6ft wide systems with 6 ...22/06/22
725 tiger dollars :Hello i have 4 tiger dollars 1 with with some damage and 1 normal silver dollar 5 in total Looking for swaps open to offers05/08/22
73Juwel Bow Fronted Aquarium Plus Cabinet and Fish :Juwel Bow Fronted Tank with Cupboards Measures (mm) 1200w x 640h x 400d Total Height 1340 Capacity 260 Litres, LED Lights Eheim External Fil ...10/06/22
74Juli :Closing down tank and this guy left. Free to good home.24/05/22
75Flying Fox :Flying Fox tropical fish has outgrown our fish tank. Approx 8cm in length. Free to a good home. Near Exeter. Devon22/05/22
76New Breeding Tank Fish Tanks 36 x 15 x 15 inches divided. X2 :X2 Brand new breeding tanks, 36” x 15” x 15” divided at 24”/12” with x4 40mm holes drilled in divider glass for plastic grates. B ...14/06/22
77African cichlids juveniles :I have a mix of African cichlids I'm looking on moving on will swapp all of them for South American preds or do a good deal on the lot pleas ...18/09/22
78Freshwater stingray :Looking for a breeder motoro stingray female 07538330412 money waiting28/04/22
79Freshwater stingray :Looking for a breeder motoro stingray female 07538330412 money waiting27/04/22
80Tiger Shovel Nose, Leopard Bush fish, banded pike and more :Tiger shovel nose 10" - Leopard bush fish 6" - Albino Female bristlenose 5"-6" Male bristlenose 6" - Together ...12/04/22
81Tiger Shovel Nose, Leopard Bush fish, banded pike and more :Tiger shovel nose 10" - Leopard bush fish 6" - Albino Female bristlenose 5"-6" Male bristlenose 6" - Together ...10/04/22
822x Jack Dempsey and parrot fish :Hello I have 2xjack Dempsey 1 ish about 6 inch the other is 8-9 inchs I also have a large parrot cichlid Open to offer no silly offe ...18/09/22
83Wanted, Gold Ancistrus female :Need to pair up my lonely male. Anyone out there?11/03/22
84Electric blue jack dempseys x6 :£15 each and about 5-6cm. Postage available, £15.04/03/22
85Freshwater stingray :Pure marble breeder female from duketown stingrays Text me for pictures 0753833041211/02/22
86Freshwater stingrays :Black diamond x Pearl breeder female 20”+ Text me for pics and videos 0753833041211/02/22
87Freshwater stingrays :Pure black diamond breeding pair female 20”+ male 16”+ Won’t let me upload pictures text me for pics 0753833041229/01/22
88Lemon ancistrus short fin :Needing to thin out some fish and have the following short fin lemon ancistrus for sale Sexed pairs £15 Males £5 each 1” young not ...23/01/22
89Lemon ancistrus short fin :Needing to thin out some fish and have the following short fin lemon ancistrus for sale Sexed pairs £15 Males £5 each 1” young not ...22/01/22
90Reefspace 900 :Hi, I Have A Clearseal Reefspace 900 for sale, complete setup just needs someone to give it some TLC. Full running system with all th ...29/12/21
91Fresh water stingrays :Looking for mature rays money waiting message me 0753833041228/11/21
92Bleeding Heart Tetras :Looking to rehome my 12 bleeding heart tetras, all feeding well and decent size. Will possibly swap for Lemon or Red Bristlenoses or wil ...22/11/21
93Xl giant gourami gray :£50 based Newton abbout healthy fish 0794302291415/11/21
94Sterbia Corys :Tank bred Sterbia Corys for sale. All sizes available from £3. Possible swops. Fred. Torquay 07974743566.31/10/21
95Freshwater stingray :Male hystrix 6+ years old £35009/10/21
96Freshwater stingrays :pure black diamond male just over a year old £22509/10/21
97RED TAIL SHARK FOR REHOMING :I have a red tail shark for rehoming. Have had it for 2 years but due to down sizing my tank due to moving home, it needs a new home. Based ...04/10/21
98Baby tropical fish :Hi all for sale we have Baby guppies, various sizes and colours £1.50 each. Baby platies, oranges, yellows, hi fins & mickey mouse £ ...01/10/21
99Plec common 10 inch £10 :Plec common collection only07/09/21
100Severum Rokeil blue large fish 9 inch £25 :Stunning fish 4ft or bigger tank required collection only07/09/21
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