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1Selection of bare aquarium tanks for sale :We have quite a few tanks to sell, we no longer keep fish so these are surplus, all were watertight when last used but have been sat around ...11/06/24
2Aquarium shower filter/ over head filtration. :Aquarium shower/trickle filter that sits above tank. Comes with media/ pump/ filter tray. Will require a pipes to connect. £25 ONO Collec ...01/06/24
3Eheim 2260 External filter/ spares :I have a second eheim 2260 filter which fully works and has majority of pipes. I am listing as spares as i bought this as back up filter but ...01/06/24
4Eheim 2260 External filter :I have a used Eheim 2260 external filter with all pipework and valves for sale. Comes with all pipes needed which cost £100 on top of filte ...01/06/24
5Osmotics RO System :New , never used 3 stage RO system. All paperwork, £7519/05/24
6Wanted mini marble female :Looking for a mature min marble female If you have anything drop me a message Cheers daz 0778979100714/05/24
7Ngt datnoid 8-9 inch :Ngt datnoid for sale £270 feeding on sinking hikari and muscles. Had him since 4 inch reason for sale is my bass and arowana have taken a d ...23/04/24
8F1 Pelvicachromis Taeniatus Moliwe :I have some juvenile F1 Pelvicachromis Taeniatue Moliwe for sale. They are around 3 - 4cm and beginning to colour up. Price is £5 each ...18/04/24
9F1 Pelvicachromis Taeniatus Moliwe :I have some juvenile F1 Pelvicachromis Taeniatue Moliwe for sale. They are around 3 - 4cm and beginning to colour up. Price is £5 each ...16/04/24
10Marine fish for sale :22 odd assorted marine fish for sale plus large amount of marine rock ect 1 large tang 13 assorted damsels 2 jewel puffers 2 golden cromis ...05/04/24
11Various Marine Fish for sale + 5ft x 2ft x 2ft Marine Aquarium :Pending house move has finally twisted my arm to sell up marine setup. Various fish available: Dusky Wrasse, Cleaner Wrasse, Sailfin Tang, ...15/05/24
158ft x2ft x2ft fish tank :Good used condition unable to assist with removal. Will need 3 strong people to lift it07/02/24
16Sturgeon for sale :Unfortunately we are having to sell our sturgeon, he is getting to the point of being too big for our pond so we want to sell now before he ...30/01/24
17Eheim filters needing love :2260, Brought as working, never tried, needs hoses £25 Eheim prof 3, needs new filter seal £25 Message 07789 87453119/05/24
18Books :Konings Malawi Cichlids 4th edition £15 Konings Tanganyika CIchlid original , worn £5 Konings TC In their natural habitat £10 Konings ...19/05/24
19Books :Thomas Weidner Eartheaters ENdlish version £50 Konings Cichlids from CA £10 Numerous Amazonas magazine £2 each Cichlid news magazines ...29/12/23
20Large Male Angels :I have 3 large male silver angels for sale. They are 6"+ total height from top of dorsal to bottom of anal fin. £10 each buyer collect ...12/01/24
21TMC reef rock :I have 11 pieces03/01/24
22Angel Fish :Home bred Angel Fish , 40 + available , healthy and feeding well. £1-50p each. 45mm to 55mm size. Collection only from Worcester WR24XX. Pl ...15/12/23
23Marco rock foundation pieces £5kg :Can post29/11/23
24Reef octo vario s 4 :4000lph £100 Can post at cost29/11/23
25Marco rock 18kg unopened box £100 :Collection bromsgrove Unused bought too much13/11/23
26Group of Neolamprologus brichardi for sale :I have a group of 4 or 5 Neolamprologus brichardi adults for sale. Decided to change over from Tanganyika set up to something else. Free to ...06/10/23
27Wild adult breeding pair Ancistrus Rio Tocatins :I have a wild adult breeding pair of Rio Tocatins Ancistrus that I'm looking to sell now. They have bred for me several times but having had ...29/09/23
28Extra large Chinese algae eater - Free to collect :I have a 7"+ chinese algae eater that I want to move on. Lovely fish, just doesn't fit in with any of my setups. Great with big cichlid ...29/09/23
297 fFT TANK AND HOOD AND STAND FOR SALE :I have a superb 7 ft glass tank on a hand made metal stand within a fitted cabinet. comes with two Fluval FX6 filters, and lights, and a to ...10/08/23
30Koi rehousing. Worcestershire :Looking to rehome around about 30 koi due to no longer being able to care for them properly. Some of these Koi are around 50cm long. One is ...24/03/23
31Dwarf cockatoo cichlid :Does anybody have a any dwarf cockatoo cichlids for sale .ideally looking for a female ?Birmingham Worcestershire area03/02/23
32Fluval Sea EVO 52L Marine Aquarium Tank Kit :Fluval Sea EVO 52L Marine Aquarium Tank Kit. As good as new £280 ONO Dimensions-56 x 38.5 x 29 cm Complete Fluval sea evo 52l ...04/10/22
33Fluval Sea EVO 52L Marine Aquarium Tank Kit :Fluval Sea EVO 52L Marine Aquarium Tank Kit. As good as new £280 ONO Dimensions-56 x 38.5 x 29 cm Complete Fluval sea evo 52l ...04/10/22
34Stingrays :One P13 x Bd and one Bd x Pearl, approx around 5-6” disk feeding well on hikari carnivore pellets and starting to take frozen. £120 each. ...22/08/22
3512x3x2 fish tank sold :12x3x2 fish tank 12mm glass all round 32mm tripple base Has two wiers one in each corner couple of glass sliders broken cheap to replace f ...10/08/22
36Crystal Red Shrimp High Grade :For sale Grade S and above Crystal Red Shrimp 5 for £15.00 10 for £27.00 Collection and Delivery available on 24 hours service (£ ...21/02/23
37Wanted - Wallaceochromis humilis male :Hi, I'm after a male Wallaceochromis humilis if anyone has one. I have a lonely wild female in need of a mate. If you have a pair or a gr ...17/09/23
38Albino/het stingrays :Albino HET Bd x pearl Stingray Pups Uk bred albino het bd x pearl pups male&female ready to go will breed albino pups mum and dad ...12/03/22
39Bd stingrays sold sold sold :Black diamond stingrays for sale 12” disk Austrian bd female 12”breed by Richard hardwick Austrian bd female 12”breed by Jim ...04/03/22
4018” super hybrid stingray sold-sold-sold :18” super hybrid female absolute stunning ray feeding on all frozen foods origionally breed by Jamie Barrett Won’t let me upload pics ...24/01/22
41Bdxpearl stingray sold sold sold :14” bdxpearl stingray female proven breeder Feeding on pellets and frozen foods stunning ray Won’t let me upload pics WhatsApp for a ...04/03/22
42Adult Koi Angels :Part of a group I bought to get some pairs out of. These are now surplus to requirements. These are collection only as I don’t post my fis ...13/01/22
4318-19” 3 bar datnoid sold :18-19” 3bar datnoid not often seen at this size stunning fish currently housed with stingrays,dats,peacock bass and gars feeding on all fr ...03/01/22
446x3x18” rack system sold sold sold :6x3x18” tank rack system This is a unfinished project consists of 2x6x3x18” brand new tanks both have centre wire comes with glass sli ...04/03/22
45Severum :1 Large red spot severum 1 Large rockteil severum £40 for both26/11/21
46Breeding pair convicts :I have 2 breeding pairs of convicts I want to sell .make me a off per pair . From Bromsgrove Worcestershire have to deliver close by. They a ...14/11/21
47Tropical fish for sale selling as a group :3 silver dollars 10” Red Devil (mostly white in colour with orange on him) 3 jack Dempsey 7” 5” 4” 6 Severum (green,rockteil,re ...08/11/21
48Loads of fish for sale :All types of severum short body Texas green terror 3 jack Dempsey’s 7 parrots Hartwegi veija Black belt veija Red terror Red ...30/09/21
49Ten pond fish - free to good home :Ten pond fish - free to good home. Not sure what breed they are as they came with the house we have just moved into. You would need to colle ...10/09/21
50Rams :Hi I'm looking for any type of ram cichlids .like German blue or Bolivian or gold . Ideally local to Worcester Birmingham area06/09/21
51£350 Juwel Rio 180 Aquarium with Cabinet - White. With external filter plus gra ... :Beautiful aquarium with original filter removed and upgraded with external filter aquamanta efx400. Heater included plus gravel, artificial ...05/09/21
52(L numbers) (pleco’s) loads of different plecs available :Loads available give me a text on 07944255882 based in worcester03/09/21
53Full Set Up 120Litres including Fish :I am reluctantly selling my 120litre aquarium with all inhabitants.. *Tank & Cabinet *Hood & Light *Filter *2 heaters *1 Bris ...20/09/21
54BM curve 9 skimmer :as per title,this is the big curve skimmer,pulls some serious crud,a bargsin £100 collected.10/08/21
55complete marine setup. :I am selling my 350ltr marine tank complete with all equipment, phosphate reactor, nitrate reactor, uv filter and all pumps and test kits et ...13/02/22
56Cichlids for sale :12” midas (white with orange) 9” Green terror 10” blood parrot04/08/21
57Fresh Water Shrimp :Closing down my shrimp tanks due to impending house move. Have around 200+ caradina shrimp for sale CRS Tiger Shrimp Taiwan Bee Pin ...12/07/21
58Live rock 4£ per kg :Matured live rock covered in nice purple algae from pest and plag free tank still in aquarium. Grab a bargain!!! Redditch 075913717 ...15/06/21
59Juwel rio 450 :juwel rio 450, fluval 406 filter, aps 2000ef filter, 2 x heaters, inkbird thermostat, eheim air 400 air pump, dual head wave maker, large bo ...16/05/21
602 oscar fish for sale :2 oscar fish about 9-10 inches for sale, £70 for the pair11/05/21
612 ft SILVER AROWANA :£30 collection worcester.18/04/21
62Swaps :4 Red Devil 1x10”+3x6” 1 flowerhorn 9” 2 common plecs 9”+12” 2 jags 5”+7” 3 irredecent shark 1x8”+2x 12” 1 upside d ...06/04/21
63wanted male oscar :looking for male Oscar in Redditch area, any one have got it please get in touch. thanks02/04/21
64Evolution Aqua eaReefPro 1500s :Evolution Aqua eaReefPro 1500s. Condition is "Used". This aquarium was purchased from Charterhouse Aquatics in June 2018 and cost £1500. Th ...23/02/21
65Pink Tail Chalceus :7 Pink tail Chalceus needing new home. They range in size from 10cm to 15cm Can sell as a group or individual. Large tank needed for t ...07/02/21
66Malaysian Trumpet Snail 2£ for 10 :Also known as burrowing snails, live bearing snails, MTS and trumpet snails; these snails are infamous in aquaria for their popularity and h ...13/01/21
67Caulerpa Prolifera- Marine Macro Algae 50p per blade :Non invasive, fast growing macro algae. Excellent nutrient removal, helps reduce nitrate and phosphate. Also great place for pods to thrive. ...01/02/21
686x White Widow Tetras :I have for sale/trade 6x white widow tetras each at approx 1 1/2" due to starting from scratch on a new scape. All fish are in great c ...12/12/20
69xingu peacock bass for sale :closing down tank bass about 12inch/11inch will throw in my pleck and Senegal senegal bichir14/08/20
70Red and green sevrem :red sevrem green sevrem for sale07/06/20
71Bristlenose Plecos :I have approximately 40 - 50 juvenile bristlenose plecos ready to go. Eating and growing well. Between 2-3 cms. Feeding on hikari wafers, cu ...25/02/20
72Mixture of loachs :Clown loachs and others for sale10/02/20
734 silver dollars :Great shoaling fish always moving around10/02/20
74Red and green severum :Both have paired together will not leave each others side. Full of character10/02/20
75Cactus pleco :Bob is for sale amazing cactus and full of character about year and half old.29/01/20
76Boyu 600litre tropical tank and fish :600 litre boyu tank in good condition. 2 fx6 filters Fluval led light 2 fluval heaters True parrot fish Cactus pleco 3 ...29/01/20
77 WANTED :EVOLUTION AQUA,AQUASCAPER 600 or possibly 900 wanted. Must be in very good condition. Cabinet to be included in either white,grey or concre ...18/01/20
78 WANTED Juwel Trigon 190 WHITE :Juwel Trigon LED 190 in White wanted. Must be in good condition, with all relevant parts and preferably original receipts. NO FISH required ...13/01/20
79WORCESTERSHIRE POND CLEANING AND MAINTANCE SERVICE :BOOK YOUR SPRING CLEAN NOW 07734005251 With over 40 year experience in the aquatic trade. Dirty pond,Leaks,Upgrade pump and Uv systems.Alge ...15/03/21
803 large golden severum cichlids. :I have 3 female golden severum cichlids for sale. £50 for all 3. Theh are 5-6 inches each, strong and healthy. Please text or whattsapp me.05/01/20
81Juwel Trigon 190 WANTED :*WANTED* Juwel Trigon 190 LED aquarium & Cabinet in WHITE. Must be in very good condition, possibly still with paper work. Fish NOT re ...22/11/19
82Pleco - Zebra Hypancistrus L0463 £180 :Rare pleco,L0463, 5 available.10/11/19
83Freshwater Mantilla stingray £300 :Freshwater mantilla Stingray for sale Female , approx 2.5 years old Approx 9 inch disc , 16 inch long Feeds on prawns , talapia and larg ...18/12/19
84Wanted Berghia Nudibranch :as above after 3 or 6 Berghia Nudibranch if anyone has any cheers jon18/10/19
85Kent Marine Bio Reef 94 Litre Fish Tank - Full set-up :Kent Marine Bio Reef 94 Litre Tank - Full set-up. Comes with a black stand (brand new and still boxed). The tank is two and a half yea ...10/10/19
86Garden Pondfish :Unspecified number of garden pondfish in 10' x 10' pond. Free to collect.04/09/19
87Red Quartz Coffee Table Aquarium :I have for sale a large custom made red quartz coffee table aquarium. Unfortunately, the bottom glass panel is cracked so will need repairi ...18/08/19
88John cordery please phone me regarding the ventralis :John cordery I’ve tried phoning you but the number is not recognised? I’m interested in your ventralis Ring or message me on 0780547 ...13/07/19
89Blue-eyed Lemon Bristlenose. :Parents can be seen. Located in Malvern, Worcestershire. £2.50 each of 5 for £10 Cheers Steve Birch (07831 846997)17/05/19
902 large clown loach :2 large clown loach 4.5-5.5 inches Bargain £30 the pair Collection from Malvern WR14 Message wes 07805477218 Thanks14/05/19
91Tanganyika neolamprologus prochilus :Rare neolamprologus prochilus 3.5 inches Very healthy fish Bargain £20 Collection from Malvern WR14 Message wes 07805477218 Thanks14/05/19
92Koi Carp and Pond Equipment For Sale :2 Koi Carp approx 12-14 inches £50 for the pair. 1 Hozelock Bioforce 9000 Filter plus new spare UV lamp - £50 ono 1 Oase Pondovac Classi ...17/04/19
93Lemon Blue-eyed Bristlenose £2 each or 3 for £5 Parents can be seen :Beautiful Lemon Blue-eyed BNs. Parents can be seen. From fine stock. Malvern area in Worcestershire WR1414/04/19
94Marine tank, skimmer, heaters, power head, return pump :complete 135 ltr marine tank setup,Fulval M90,Tunze 9004 skimmer, TMC V2 power head, 1200 lph return pump, main heater,back up heater,custom ...04/02/19
95Wanted marine aquarium :Looking for a marine aquarium full set up or tank with stand, sump, return pump and light in Worcestershire . Prefer 3-4ft tank or atleast ...27/01/19
96Fish tank full set up :Hi. I have a Juwel 180 aquarium for sale together with a cabinet. Includes Eheim heater, Eheim internal filter 2012, TetraTec EX800 external ...13/01/19
97Eheim 2260 1500xl external filter 2400lph £150 o.n.o :Eheim 2260 external filter with biohome ultimate media 2400lph flow rate and its suitable for aquariums up to 1500 litres its an amazing bit ...21/07/18
98RO/DI unit. :4 stage RO/DI unit from Osmotics.co.uk.Comes with the back pressure shut off,float valve and the 3 in line digital Tds meter.The wrench and ...06/07/18
99Blue & Pink Pearl Ramshorn snail :hi I have beautiful snails for sale. Blue and pink Ramshorn. They love to eat algae from the glass of the aquarium and plants. 5x Pink Pea ...26/05/18
100100 litre aquarium mini reef / tropical tank £60 :100 plus litre aquarium with built in filter and protein skimmer. also comes with a heater lid and lights. silver in colour with the stand. ...17/05/18
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