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  Very large mature marine system for sale

Description: I have for sale a very large and extremly mature marine system.
The main tank is 72x31x38, or 1830x790x970 and holds aprox 1200 ltr, the glass is 15mm thick the tank has a double thickness base.
the sump is 65x24x24 or 1660x610x610 `10mm glass and holds aprox 300 ltr.
The main tank has various scratches on it,never bothered me though. The sump is virtually scratch free and would make a good size display with baffles removed. The sump has a controlled flow dsb stuffed full of cheato, probably enough to fill 3 carrier bags, and houses the skimmer and return pump and two of the heaters plus 2 algea turf scrubbers.
The stock, fish first:

Clown tang 7"
Sailfin tang 7"
Foxface 7"
Magnificent fox face 3"
Yellow-eyed tang 2.5"
Breeding pair of Mandarins
4 Bhangi-Cardinals (breeding)
2 Black and white clowns (pair)
Maroon clown
Engineer goby 10"
3 Yellow Damsels
3 Blue Chromis
2 Blue Damsels
Cleaner Wrasse
Bi-Colour Angel
2 Banded Serpent stars
Large yellow brittle star
Sea cucumber
1 normal sea urchin
1 large black long spined urchin,
5 hermit crabs
1 atlantic anemone (maroon clown hosting)
1 green bubble tip anemone (pair of black clowns hosting).
The corals:
7 long polyped toadstools (3 on one rock)
1 large leather
1 large kenyan tree
1 large finger
1 very large cabbage
4/5 diferent types and colours of mushrooms, some over 7cms wide, greens, browns, blues, furry, too many to count.
lots of zoanthids and various types of polyps, eye lash, button etc growing over the rocks.
lots of red sea xenia.
green star polyps.

lps corals:
large duncans, 20+ heads
1 large hammer 10+ heads
1 large euyphillia 12+ heads
large bubble coral

1 large 1 medium orange plating montipora
1 unknown piece about 35mm across plating coral, grey with orange mouths.

the live rock, approx 80/90 kilos may be more, virtually every bit has something growing on it, mussies, zoanthids, button polyps etc. also liverock in sump, even selling it cheap at 5.00 a kilo there's 450.00 worth.

the lighting:
arcadia series 3, 2x 250 watt fc2 14k halides with 2x 30watt t8 acitinic, bulbs 2 months old, with hanging kit.
2x 250 watt lowbay light units, single ended screw in bulbs, again bulbs 2 months old. note the ballasts in these fittings have been changed to the correct ones,ie mh/ hps, not mh/ mercury vapour, with hanging chains.
1 four foot twin 54 watt t5 actinic unit, bulbs 2 months old.
2 older style arcadia pendants 150 watt double ended metal halide, will need new bulbs.

the other equipment.
4 x 300 watt thermostats
1x v2 1500 ltr skimmer with pump
4x 6000 ltr per hour circulation pumps,
1x 12000 ltr per hour circulation pump.
1x laguna 11000 ltr per hour sump return pump
ro man 100 gallon a day three stage ro unit, membrane and filters just changed last week.
sump comes with lighting for growing cheato
various other pumps /powerheads test kits etc.
I have probably forgoton to mention a lot of other stuff that will go with the tank as well.

This set up is extremley stable and mature, i have never had any problems with any diseases, never lost a fish, no medication has ever been used in this tank water. Parameters are perfect.
i do a 150 ltr water change every three months!
i just check calcium , magnesium and hardness every week a adjust to suit. nitrates and phosphates are at zero and have been for as long as i can remember.

Now for the good bit ,the price. i would like the whole lot to go as one , i do not want to sell seperatly at the moment, but may consider doing so if i have no offers on the complete system. as i have said the main tank does have scratches on it, they could be filled and polished out, if you have some where to put the livestock while doing so. the tank on its own would cost in excess of 1000 to buy one this size.
i would like 1300 for the whole lot, or 1000 without the main tank. removal and transportation of the tank and livestock would be up to the buyer to arrange, i will happily help out this end as much as i can.
Viewing is highly recommended as i can't really describe the tank and its contents by just listing them in this add.
Feel free to call me with any questions or to arrange to view.
Sorry for the poor pictures these were taken quite some time ago will up date pictures soon.
link to more pictures

Contact Information
Advertiser: andy
Telephone: 01189470886
Town: caversham
County: Berkshire

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