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1.Assassin snails 14/04/21 Yes
Lots of assassin snails £1 each or 15 for £10 Collection Birtley
2.Various tropical fish 08/04/21 No
Half black guppies £5 a pair heterandria formosa £5 a pair Super red bristle nose 2 inch £10 each Brown bristlenose 2 inch £3 each Line bred endlers £3 a pair Assassin snails £1 each (15 for £10) Mixed grade cherry shrimp £1 each (15 for £10 ) Breeding group of 14 cory schultzi.... ...
3.Various tropical fish for sale 03/04/21 No
Super red bristle nose 2 inch £20 each Brown bristlenose 2 inch £3 each Line bred endlers £3 a pair Assassin snails £1 each Mixed grade cherry shrimp £1 each (15 for £10 ) Breeding group of 14 cory schultzi. £70 Bag of guppy grass £5 a bag Collection birtley
4.Assassin snails £1 each 26/08/20 No
These guys are great at wiping out pest snail populations by hunting them. £1 each. Collection from Derby. Will consider posting for extra cost. Thanks
5.I have some fish for sale SOUTHEND ESSEX 30/06/20 Yes
Sultan plecos 1 inch £30 King tiger plecos 2 inch L333 £30 Super red bristlenose 4-5cm £7.50 or 3 for £20 Assassin snails £1.50 each or 4 for £5 Zebra plecos l46 4cm £90 L600 pleco 2 inches £80 Text only 07512210106
6.Assassin snails 50p each. Collection only 25/06/20 No
I have 7 assassin snails. I'm breaking down my tank prior to a move. Collection from potters bar only
7.Nano tank complete setup (shrimp) 12/05/20 Yes
Fluval spec in white comes with light, built in filter and a heater. It has breeding group of flame red shrimp hard to guess the amount as there are lots from babies to berried females and 6 neon green rasbora and a few assassin snails. Comes with all plants. Open to offers would consider swapping ... ...
8.Aquarium and Equipment 26/11/18 Yes
This tank has only been running for 2 months so everything is brand new. Includes- Aquarium equipment - gravel cleaner, interpet PF1 filter/plain filter foam x1, Eheim jager heater 75W, glass thermometer, fish net, Plant tweezers/scissors, API test kit, Hagen Nutrafin test(KH/GH),Carbon ... ...
9.Corydoras, Snails, Shrimps, Tetras, Aquarium and much much more 26/11/18 Yes
This tank has only been running for 2 months so everything is brand new. Includes- Livestock- Cardinal tetras x6, Corydoras- Albino, Bronze, Sterbia, Napoensis. Amano shrimp x2. Assassin snails x2 All very healthy. Aquarium equipment - gravel cleaner, interpet PF1 filter/plain filter foam ... ...
10.Assassin Snails - 75p Each 26/08/18 No
Assassin Snails - 75p each. Will sell 20 for £12.
11.Community Fish 16/07/18 Yes
COMMUNITY FISH DN6 area Collection only 07713 154 980 Angels, Koi, Platinum and marble £4 Gourami, Dwarf Red and Opaline £3 Swordtails, Santa and Koi, £2 (SOLD) Mollies, Sailfin £2 Mollies, Balloon £1.50 Platies £1 Guppies £1 males 80p females (SOLD) Neons 70p (SOLD) Serpae tetra 90p... ...
12.Assassin Snails and Shrimp 13/07/18 Yes
Assassin Snails 75p, Shrimp 10 for 75p. Albino Bristlenose Plecs £1.50/Bristlenose £2 each, Green Corys £1, Fancy algae eaters £3. Sharks £2 each. Please call 07713 154 980 Collection from DN6
13.Assassin Snails 19/06/18 Yes
10 for £10.00 while stocks last - breaking down an aquarium and didn't realise how many were in there! Collection preferred - may have the ability to deliver if local for a small charge, please call us on 01883 743445 if you have any questions or would like to check delivery charge for your area... ...
14.Fully Revised Stock List - The Aquatic Store Bristol 09-05-2018 09/05/18 Yes
Tetras: Super Ringo Owando Tetra (Very Rare) Red Congo Tetra (Alestopetersius Brichardi) RARE Black Neon Tetra Yellow Neon Tetra Marble Hatchet Fish Giant Silver Hatchet Fish Cardinal Tetra (Super Condition) Red Phantom Tetra Black Phantom Tetra Red Eyed Tetra Flame Tetra Super Oran... ...
15.Assassin snails £15 for 10 19/04/18 No
Groups of Assassin snails for sale. Perfect for removing pest species.
16.Marine tank all equipment and livestock included 14/04/18 Yes
beautiful Clear Seal 260 litre reef aquarium with sump. 5 months old all receipts can be provided. Genuine reason for sale. Includes hydra HD 26 light, with 18 month guarantee, C 3.5 magnum protein skimmer, aquarium solutions salinity refractometer, jecod Eco propellor pump, 2 betta submersible heat... ...
17.Marine Livestock in Reef tank and all equipment included fully stocked. 11/04/18 Yes
Live rocks, corals, mushroom, anemone and 6 others. Eight fish - 2 snowflake clowns, sand sifting goby, Royal gramma, dwarf flame Angel, 3 anthiadinae, 1 cleaner shrimp, I fire shrimp, 3 hermit crabs and 2 assassin snails. Beautiful Clear Seal 260 litre reef aquarium with sump. 5 months old all rec... ...
18.Tropical Fish up for Adoption 12/03/18 Yes
Hi All, With a new addition to our family, with a heavy heart i decided to close down my aquarium after 10+ years in the hobby. Much of the fish have been with me for a long time so the least i hope is to find an aquarist who is passionate, caring and willing to give these fish a second chance... ...
19.Assassin snails 18/09/17 No
Swap for shrimp or free :0) Consett, DH8 Tony Superblod@gmail.com
20.Robin Hood Aquarists (Nottingham) Autumn Auction Sunday 17th September 2017 17/09/17 Yes
The Robin Hood Aquarists Society will be holding an auction of fish, plants and equipment on Sunday 17th September 2017 at the Highbank Community Centre, Farnborough Road, Clifton, Nottingham, NG11 9DG. Doors open 10.30am and Auction starts 11am. Refreshments will be available throughout the ... ...
21.Good selection of Freshwater Shrimp available @ The Aquatic Store Bristol 03/09/17 Yes
We pride ourselves on proving some of the highest quality tank bred freshwater shrimp available. Most are bred locally with Neocaridina being line bred by some of the top breeders across europe. Current stocks include: Shrimp/ Snail: Red Ramshorn snails nice nerite snails NEW Assassin sn... ...
Updated Stock list 15/09/2017 Corydoras/CW Numbers: CW028 Corydoras Super Schwartzi STUNNING XXL STORE FIRST Limited Corydoras Gold Lasers F1 XL NEW super condition C12 Corydoras Punctatus NICE CW009 Green lazer Corydoras SUPER CONDITION XL STORE FIRST Limited CW051 Corydoras sp VERY NICE... ...
23.Tropical kit for sale or possible swap 16/11/16 Yes
TROPICAL TANK CONTENTS FOR SALE: This has come from a 4ft 200L tank so you need a big tank for it to go in, especially the fish! I would rather not sell it all separate as it will take to much faffing about. Happy to bag up, deliver and aquascape into a fresh tank for the right price. Or Co... ...
24.Aquamanta Tank & Stand 22/10/16 Yes
Tank and stand complete with heater, pump/filter and lights. Tank is 98 cm wide x 39 cm deep x 50 cm high including the lid. Stand is 98 cm wide x 39 cm deep x 73 cm high with 2 cupboards. One cupboard has a shelf and the pump sits in the other cupboard. Plastic plants, resin stone effect modern scu... ...
25.Assassin Snails 21/09/16 Yes
1 pound each or 10 Assassin Snails for 8 pounds collection from Harlow CM20 3PS please bring some bag for transport snails any quastion please message me on 07877918512
Wanted Adult Assassin snails I am after around 6 please if you aren't local must be willing to post please contact me via email to let me know prices thank you
27.Job lot Fully Equipped 30L Planted Dennerle Nano Cube Aquarium inc fish & accessories £350 30/01/16 No
Job lot!!! Fully Equipped 30L Planted Dennerle Nano Cube Aquarium with fish and extra tank & accessories £350 As much as this pains me to do and say, Im selling my beloved Aquarium. Ive owed it for several years now and it’s gone through many phases, designs & layouts as Aquascaping was one... ...
28.New stock list 11/12/15 Yes
stocklist. Delivery available Washington aquatics Asst. Male Betta £3 Super Red Cherry Shrimp £1.20 10 for £10 Bolivian rams £4 (very nice) Otto catfish £2.50 5 for £10 platinum angels £7.99 (stunning) harlequin lancer catfish 8” £44.99 copperband fron... ...
29.Stock list 31/10/15 Yes
stocklist Community Moscow blue guppy £5 pair Mixed guppy £1.50 10 for £12 Zebra danio xl £1 10 for £8 Black neon tetra large £1 10 for £8 Brochis splendens £5 Spotted headstanders £3 Harlequin rasbora £1 10 for £8 Rainbow platys £2 Rainbow hi fin platys xxl £2.50 Am... ...
30.Assassin snails [Clea helena] £2 each/6 for £10 North London 19/05/15 No
*Collection only* Control your snail population with these little critters. Highly effective at consuming a large variety of snail species including ramshorn, trumpets and tadpole snails.
31.Baby and Adult Acute Tadpole Snails (Physa Acuta) For Sale 05/03/15 No
Acute Tadpole Snails for sale as babies and adults. These snails are extremely easy to care for, are very peaceful beings and can be housed in any kind of freshwater tank and will feed on leftover food, algae wafers and greens. Require very little input from the aquarist to thrive well. Alternativ... ...
32.160 ltr full tank set up + fish 02/03/15 Yes
Fish tank - including stand, fish, tank decorations, 2 x filters, heater, air pump, siphon tube - everything you see in the second photo except the little tank at the bottom of the cabinet. I bought it in April last year, so it is not even a year old yet although I've had the fish for about 2 ye... ...
33.juwel vison 260litre full tropical set up 26/01/15 No
for sale in my complete tropical set up with loads of accessories. juwel vision bowfront tank and stand black, 260 litres, internal and external filters, normal double tube plus extra blue night light. lots of wood and a couple of rocks. fish in tank are.. 1X 12 inch black ghost knife 2x 8 ... ...
34.Assassin Snails 15/01/15 No
For sale Assassin Snails all sizes. £1.00 each. They will solve your aquatic snail problem in no time at all.
35.Assassin snails 14/01/15 No
Assassin snails from my healthy planted tank. 1 snail = £1. Easy postage: £1 per order. Max 3 snails per packet. Message me for any info.
36.Emsworth Aquatics Availability List 09/12/14 Yes
AVAILABLITY LIST LIVEBEARERS Assorted Mollies £2.60ea Balloon Mollies £2.85ea Assorted Male Guppies £2.25ea or 4 for £8.76 Female Guppies £1.80ea or 6 for £10.20 Male Endlers £2.25ea or 4 for £8.80 Assorted Platys £2.50ea Assorted Swordtails £3.00ea CICHLIDS Gold Severum £6... ...
37.Assassin snails for sale 24/04/14 No
Assassin snails, 8 for £5 Peterlee area 07770913584 Pick up only
38.Juwel Lido 120 tank and cabinet complete planted set-up with fish £130 03/02/14 Yes
jewel Lido 120 less than 3 years old with community fish, plants, and various equipment for £130. Everything you need to enjoy a home aquarium. Fish- Key hole cichlid 8 corydoras 6 glowlight danios 9 cardinal tetras Many assassin snails 3 Otos Bulldog Plec Plants- amazon swords, Val... ...
39.assassin snails 01/11/13 No
i have lots of assassin snails i will sell @ 10 for �5 picked up only i think they are about half grown
40.Assassin snails FREE 25/10/13 No
I have lots of Assasin snails that i need rehoming due to me shutting down my tanks! All are different sizes, mostly adults but a fare few babies also. Come and take as many or as little as you want!! I have bags so no need to bring any.
41.Tadpole/Bladder snails live food 15/08/13 Yes
Bladder snails for sale, tank bred. Perfect live food for Clown loach, Botias, Puffers and Assassin snails. Only 99 pence for 20, postage is 1.50 1st class anywhere in the UK (p&p covers up to 40 snails). Paypal preferred. will despatch mon, tue and wed to ensure no weekend delays. Please email ... ...
42.For Sale: Assassin Snails 13/07/13 No
I have 2 possibly 3 Assassin Snails left for sale before I shut down the breeding tank. Brilliant for clearing pest snails from a planted tank, very slow breeders so no issue of them taking over your tank...! £2.00 each collection only from Aylesbury area. *Please Note: photo is for refere... ...
43.Assassin Snails (pest snail control) for sale (7 snails for only £5.00) Bradford. 01/07/13 Yes
Hello there! I have a number of Assassin Snails from my breeding group looking for a new home where they can munch happily upon all those pesky pest snails that drive you mad! For only £5 you will get 7 adorable snails that will ruthlessly hunt down and assassinate pond snails in no time at all. Ea... ...
44.5 Assassin Snails £6.00 inc P&P 12/03/13 Yes
5 assassin snails, brilliant for ridding of pest snails 5 snails for £6.00 inc p&p
45.Full Tropical setup plus 16 Jewel Cichlids, Ruby Shark and Assassin snails 12/03/13 Yes
Please see my listing here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Freshwater-Tropical-Aquarium-Fishtank-and-Jewel-Cichlid-Ruby-Shark-Fish-in-Tank-/130865534130?pt=UK_Pet_Supplies_Fish&hash=item1e783194b2
46.Fish, snail, shrimps to sale 26/02/13 Yes
I have to sale some of my fish: endler/guppy about 2-3 cm long - pound swordtail (young about 2 cm ) - 75p each red cherry shrimps - 1 pound each Assassin Snails (about 1.5 cm )- 75 p each views welcom, pick up only from Harlow and please bring your own bag. If you have some question text me... ...
47.Calico Bristlenose babies, Assassin Snails, Cherry Shrimp, Clayton heights, Bradford 30/12/12 Yes
I have a number of Calico Bristlenose for sale approx 1 inch in length. They are £3 each. 4 for £10 or 10 for £20. I also have Cherry Shrimp available 50p each and Assassin snails £1 each or 7 for £5. I also have a few baby Platys available 50p or £1 each depending on size. Collection only fro... ...
48.Juwel Rio 125 - Planted Tropical Tank Complete Set Up with Livestock 01/11/12 Yes
Up for sale is my Juwel Rio 125 planted tropical set up with livestock. The aquarium has been running for approximately 2 years with upmost care however I have decided to close down this tank due to our new arrival at home. The factory attached box filter has been replaced with 2 internal cani... ...
49.Assassin Snails for sale 30/10/12 No
Small (tiny) Assassin snails for sale in leeds, they're overrunning my tank!! 50p each, collection only from cardigan road area.
50.Assassin Snails 27/10/12 No
Hi I have a large number of assassin snails going to a good home, these normally sell for around £5 each I have approx 60 is of them different sizes all to go for £30 (that is 60 snails for the price of 6) Huntingdon area
51.Assassin Snails 23/08/12 Yes
hello i have assassin snails for sale i will take £1.25 each or 20 for £20 these snails are very good to have in aquariums as it helps eat algae of the glass and also gets rid of pest snails that attack live plants. Assassin snails also dont eat live plants and will just eat left over food... ...
52.Aquarium Full Complete Fish Tank Setup fish as well 21/08/12 Yes
Interpet Fishbox 48Ltr Fish box/Tank and accessories Tropical set up as; black gravel ,Filter.heater ,ornaments, bog woods-has live plants on aswell, other live plants. many Tropical fishes (approx amount); cherry barb- 3 glow light (danios)-5 gourams-1 endless guppies-7 (some are pregant) ne... ...
53.Assassin Snails - £1 each, collection only 28/07/12 No
My assassin snails have been breeding like crazy so I could do with moving a few on! I have no idea how many we have - probably at least 40 of varying sizes.. obviously the small ones need to get bigger first! These will need to be collected from BD20 - Keighley, West Yorkshire.
54.Adult Assassin Snails For Sale @ .99p.ea. 25/06/12 Yes
Assassin snails for 99p.ea. (minimum of 3)plus £1.50.p&p.These are not baby snails. These will be posted in a crush proof container,and sent by Royal Mail first class delivery.(other quantities on request. Text 07583423037 if more info' required.
55.Fishbowl aquarium and fish 10/06/12 No
Fish box aquarium containing guppies .a neon two cat fish assassin snails just £9.99 Gloucester area
56.Assassin Snails, Five (Tropical Fish) 06/05/12 Yes
Assassin Snails. Cardiff Bay Cardiff. Home bred, healthy and very active. Only selling due to a larger number than I require. Great for killing unwanted pest snails that can be brought into the tank on plants. Attractive spiral shells, a must have for any tropical fish keeper. £5.00 per ... ...
57.Assassin snails for sale 27/04/12 No
I have a number of assassin snails for sale. They are great for taking care of a pest snail problem and look really pretty with their bank and yellow strips. They'll eat any snail up to twice their size but they won't at each other or harm your fish/plants. After taking care of my Malaysian trum... ...
58.Fish & full set-up for sale - West London - £200 06/03/12 Yes
For Sale - Collection only from Shepherds Bush, London 1x Fluval 125litre tank with cover, lights & stand with storage 1x Fluval U3 filter 1x Heater 5x bog wood/roots Black Gravel 1x Java Fern 10x Anubias - including rare mini & giant variety 1x ghost catfish 2x zebra danio 2x leopard ... ...
59.assassin snails for sale cheap with cheap postage if required (ebay link) 22/02/12 No
please check the link below these usually sell very fast http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=280831412255&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT
60.Assassin snails for sale 17/02/12 No
I have available up to 25 assassin snails for sale. £1.00 each. First come first serve. Collection only from Halifax, West Yorkshire.
61.assassin snails - pick your own 09/12/11 No
Up to 50 healthy assassin snails for sale, bred in 22C water ph about 7.2. They feed on regular pest snails, leftover wafers and generally keep tank clean. Size varies from about 0.65 to 1.5cm, around £1 each for 5+, falling to 50p for 50+ (they retail around £3 each in Maidenhead aquatics) ... ...
62.Free Guppies & Platys - Assassin Snails (£2 each) 04/12/11 No
We have the following to go free to a good home. The aquarium needs to be a cycled well established environment, guppies dont do well in new set-ups! 2 x adult male guppies 2 x juvenile male guppies 1 x juvenile female guppy 6/7 young guppies (too small to sex) 3 x juvenile blue platy We ... ...
Got a fair few Assassin snails for sale £1.00 each Can do a deal for large amounts. First come first served.
64.assassin snails £1 10/09/11 Yes
I have some assassin snails for sale. These are the snails that kill pest snails. Postage is available at £3.80 With a professional heat pack.
65.Lots OF tropical fish for sale, some rare fish 28/08/11 No
Hello everyone unfortunately due to recent circumstances I am having to sell a lot of my fish just now which I am regrettably doing. So I have listed here the fish I have for sale just now and need to try sell these as soon as possible. I will post fish if required which will be royal mail and will... ...
66.Lots OF tropical fish for sale, some rare fish 15/08/11 No
Hello everyone unfortunately due to recent circumstances I am having to sell a lot of my fish just now which I am regrettably doing. So I have listed here the fish I have for sale just now and need to try sell these as soon as possible. I will post fish if required which will be royal mail and will... ...
67.Assassin Snails 31/07/11 No
I have adult and juvenile assassin snails available - these are the snails which will hunt down and eat pest snails in your aquarium. Just £1 each adult, 75p each juvenile.
68.Homebred Assassin Snails (Clea helena) Buy 3 Get 2 Free 18/07/11 Yes
For sale is my homebred Assassin Snail (Antentome helena) pups. Assassin Snails are well known snail eaters and a lot of aquarist including me introduce them to tanks that are heavily infested with pest snails (e.g. Pond Snails, Ramshorns and Malaysian Trumpet Snails). They are scavengers in gener... ...
69.Assassin Snail, Killer, Bumble Bee,Clea Hele 13/02/11 Yes
Assassin Snail - Killer Snail - Bumble Bee - Clea Helena. The Assassin Snail has a conical shell with shades of yellow and black stripes that resemble a bumblebee hence the name Bumblebee snail. The Assassin Snail removes unwanted snails without the use of chemicals is an ironic solution to the p... ...
70.For Sale: Fluval Roma 125, Filter, Heater, Live Plants, Fish & Shrimp 20/01/11 No
Sadly for sale due to upcoming back operation: Fully mature cycled Fluval Roma 125, in excellent condition - no scratches, warps or leaks. Tank has been running for over 2 years now and all equipment was purchased new. Comes with 1 year old Eheim 2213 external filter (and mature media if we ca... ...
71.Large fish tank /stand/ 11 inches purple diamond rhom £440 14/09/10 No
selling my 300 litre rio 300 fish tank with stand and 11" purple diamond rhom + all my equipment/Fluval FX5 external filter prob one of the best you can buy cost me £199. loads of ornaments/coral sand/ water treatments/ water testing kits / food / powerful twin engine wave maker for strong water c... ...
72.Free Freshwater Fish 25/08/10 No
9 neon tetra, 3 rummmy nose tetra 2 lampeye kilifish 1 cherry shrimp 10 mosquito raspbora 2 ottocinclus catfish 5 or so assassin snails buyer to collect, ideally all of them, then you can offload what you dont want yourself. 07877 152 853 ger.lewis@gmail.com Thanks Ger
73.Assassin Snails 16/08/10 No
Assassin Snails for sale 6 for £5 they wont harm your plants but they will eat pest snails. Call any time after 6pm monday - friday or any time at weekends.
74.Wanted: Corydoras and Shrimp 01/08/10 No
Hi, I'm looking for any of the following: Corydoras pygmaeous, Sterbai and Agassizii Cherry shrimp Must be reasonably priced... Or can swap for Assassin Snails. Can collect locally but if you could deliver that would be ace also as I don't drive. Cheers
75.Assassin Snails For Sale 27/02/10 No
I have approximately 70 baby assassin snails for sale £1.50 each Collection only from Milton Keynes.
76.assassin snails 28/01/10 Yes
7 assassin snails for sale £15 inclusive of 1st class posting,
77.Assassin Snails Anentome helena 10/10/09 Yes
After clearing my tanks of hundreds of pond snails my Assassins have bred! For sale by collection from Chippenham, £1 each.
78.Assassin Snails from only £1.24 each, Crystal red shrimp from only £6.99 each and more 03/06/09 Yes
Snail Shop has been running since 2002 and has a wide range of invertebrates for the freshwater aquarium for sale. We send all our order via Special APC Couriers - ensuring a safe and swift delivery of your livestock. All orders are covered by our live arrival guarantee! CURRENT OFFERS: ~... ...
79.Assassin snails, Tiger, Ruby & Bee Nerite, Sulawesi Elephant snails, Ramshorn & more! 07/04/09 Yes
Snail Shop has a wide variety of high quality freshwater snails and other invertebrates for the tropical aquarium. All at highly competitive prices. Delivery by Next Day Courier only £4.99! All orders processed within 48 hours. Superb aftersales advice from Degree Qualified Staff.
80.Sulawesi Elephant, Bee, Tiger, Ruby Snails, Ramshorn & Assassin Snails for sale! 07/04/09 Yes
Snail Shop has a wide variety of high quality freshwater snails and other invertebrates for the tropical aquarium. All at highly competitive prices. Delivery by Next Day Courier only £4.99! All orders processed within 48 hours. Superb aftersales advice from Degree Qualified Staff.
Snail Shop Special Offers: Assassin Snails 5 for only £9.99! Moss Balls 5 for only £9.99! Ruby Nerites 5 for only £10.99! RARE Bee Nerites 5 for only £13.99! S+ Grade Crystal Black Shrimp 5 for £64.95! Sulawesi Elephant Snails 5 for £14.99! RARE Golden Eye Blue Shrimp only £9.99
82.Black CRS Shrimp (S Grade) Blue Tigers (Golden eye!) Shrimp and more! 05/02/09 No
We have a selection of tank bred shrimp - orginating from high quality Japanese bloodlines. S Grade Black crystal shrimp £14.99. RARE blue tiger shrimp £12.99 and RARE golden eye blonde tiger shrimp from £9.99. Also Amano algae shrimp! Assassin snails.
83.Assassin snails for sale Back in stock 17/10/08 Yes
Assassin Snails (Antentome helena) for sale. £3.49 each Back in stock and listed on ebay on 17/10/08. Strictly limited numbers. For details please email me through aquarist classifieds or click on the link below to buy now.
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