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1.Maidenhead Aquatics @ Ashtead - Tropical List 24/07/24 - UPDATED 24/07/24 Yes
A warm tropical welcome from Maidenhead Aquatics at Ashtead, Surrey, just off of Junction 9 the M25. We guarantee to blow you away with our extensive collection of rare and unusual tropical fish, some of which you will never have seen before! Here is our current extensive Freshwater Tropical stock l... ...
2.Double tail and veil tail koi bettas available 14/07/24 Yes
5 month old bettas available now. Still colouring up but should marble out to koi. Males in photos but lots of females available as well. £10 for males, £5 females. Collection Spalding, South Lincs
3.Betta / Siamese fighting fish 13/07/24 Yes
Male betta free to a good home. White body with red and blue fins Collection from SS3 9LT.
4.Betta Fish 14/06/24 Yes
Male and Female Betta fish in Plymouth UK. Collection Only. Various Colours and Sizes. £3 each.
5.SVAS Night Auction ~ 14.06.24 12/06/24 Yes
Details attached for our next Night Auction. If you need to book a lot, please contact SVASShowSec@gmail.com Here is a list of the fish that will hopefully be brought to the auction on Friday. Please be aware fish and lots can be withdrawn at any time. Lot 1 Tiger barbs Albino Barbs Bal... ...
6.Betta fighting fish 30/05/24 No
Hi short finned koi fighter’s males and females 4 months old £12 males £6 females don’t seem to be able to download photos.
7.F1 betta imbellis breeding pairs 15/05/24 Yes
3 pairs available and can be sent via next day Royal Mail or courier if needed. £15 per pair
8.UK Bred Betta Splendens Double Tail Dragon 16/04/24 No
Gorgeous home bred double tail bettas. Males and females available.
9.blue steel/silver mahachai wild betta 16/02/24 Yes
male mahachai, lives with peaceful fish and shrimps. not quite full grown yet. needs specialist care eg tannins, lots of plants, and a well fitted lid. doesn't need water as soft as other wild bettas. eats dry food happily, but these do best on frozen/live food as they will eat too much dry food ... ...
10.Various tanks x 8, gravel, ocean rock & alphagrog. 31/01/24 Yes
Open to offers on any of the following or job lot, WhatsApp me on 07477722266 if interested in anything, my location is DE757NR between derby/notts . 10mm braceless tank on stand, tank measures 1000x400x500d & the stand is 730mm. Stand is nice condition, the tanks a bit scratched & has t... ...
11.UK bred plakat bettas South Wales 21/10/23 No
Hi I have for sale loads of plaket bettas, All bred by myself. For videos/pics please message me. Cheers matt 07811161212 South Wales.
12.NETS auction 05/10/23 No
Nets charity auction this Sunday 8october in teams social club bensham this is a list of potential fish Apologies for the lateness of this Please read this first.. I have asked the 30+ sellers for a list of the potential fish there looking at bringing THIS Sunday 8th of October This list show... ...
13.Looking for Breeding Pairs 12/09/23 No
Looking for; Male & Female Black Samarai Betta Fish Male & Female Electric Blue Acara Male & Female Koi Angelfish Group of Apistogramma Agassizii Get in touch if any for sale
14.Tropical and Marine fish rehoming 04/08/23 Yes
Multiple tanks and sizes available for unwanted fish... turtles considered on an individual basis. Whether you're moving house, changing your set up or simply outgrown the hobby. No matter the size, *big or small we will have the tank space to rehome or hold temporarily until a trusted forever h... ...
15.NETS auction 25 June 21/06/23 No
!check out the list of fish provisionally booked for this Sundays auction Plecos and catfish L-015 pleco Super red pleco Synodontis eupterus Brochis splendens Cory napoensis Cory panda white Cory sodalis Cory Trilineatus Cory elegans Cory barbatus Green lazer cory Red lazer cory ... ...
16.Betta, guppy endlers, lemon tetra, emperor tetras 01/06/23 No
I've got various fish for sale: 10 or more guppy endler hybrid (blonde-orange). 10 or more emperor tetras, beautiful adults, already breeding and showing amazing colours. 2 lemon tetras free to a good home. Juvenile bettas, happy to sell them singularly or as group. Great price for the job lot,... ...
18.betta fish wanted 14/04/23 No
males or females wanted please send details
19.Halfmoon Male Betta for Sale in Essex 21/03/23 Yes
Young Male Bettas born 27/11/22. Happy and healthy fish. Eating very well. All sorts of dry and live food. Collection Westcliff-on-Sea. Fish are my daughter's hobby, so they are bred at home with love :) More than happy to whatsapp more pictures. They are changing every day.
20.Halfmoon Male Betta for Sale in Essex 21/03/23 Yes
Young Male Bettas born 27/11/22. Happy and healthy fish. Eating very well. All sorts of dry and live food. Collection Westcliff-on-Sea. Fish are my daughter's hobby, so they are bred at home with love :) More than happy to whatsapp more pictures. They are changing every day.
21.Halfmoon Male Betta for Sale in Essex 21/03/23 Yes
Young Male Bettas born 27/11/22. Happy and healthy fish. Eating very well. All sorts of dry and live food. Collection Westcliff-on-Sea. Fish are my daughter's hobby, so they are bred at home with love :) More than happy to whatsapp more pictures. They are changing every day.
22.Halfmoon Male Betta for Sale in Essex 06/03/23 Yes
Young Male Bettas born 27/11/22. Happy and healthy fish. Eating very well. All sorts of dry and live food. Collection Westcliff-on-Sea. Fish are my daughter's hobby, so they are bred at home with love :) More than happy to whatsapp more pictures. They are changing every day. Price £10
23.Halfmoon Male Betta for Sale in Essex 06/03/23 Yes
Young Male Betta born 27/11/22. Happy and healthy fish. Eating very well. All sorts of dry and live food. Collection Westcliff-on-Sea. Fish are my daughter's hobby, so they are bred at home with love :) More than happy to whatsapp more pictures. They are changing every day.
24.Betta 2000 external filter 04/11/22 No
Fully working. Just needs a new UV light. Comes with media and been running on my tank for a few months now. Looking for £60.
25.Siamese fighter tank or betta tank 01/11/22 Yes
Large thick glass jar. ideal siamese fighter tank, or betta tank. this is how i kept my fighter fish but no longer keep them so selling please contact 07432416879 pick up from peterlee or leeds £10
26.Male and female half moon betta pair 24/10/22 Yes
Multi colour male half moon Koi female unfortunately torn fins due to being nipped by other fish mates £20 for them both or swap for cichlid or live plants
27.Betta ocellata 29/04/22 Yes
Betta ocellata juveniles 2 inches in length £3.50 each Collection only
28.Manchester M45 October 2020 Update - Huge Tanks BONANAZA - Over 200 pre-owned ORNAMENTS + Bogwood, Air pumps, Plants etc plus loads of other stuff. From £2 upwards. Viewings welcome Manchester M45 26/03/22 Yes
************************************************** BIG PRICE REDUCTIONS ************************************************** Great chance to get your presents Over 200 pre-owned ORNAMENTS Air pumps, Plants, Bogood etc plus loads of other accessories. From £2 upwards. Viewings welcome Manchester ... ...
29.Wild Betta Mahachai Male 23/03/22 No
Young Adult male Betta Blue Mahachai - £10 Collection from Redhill / Surrey.
30.Tropical Equipment and BSP Angel fish 18/03/22 No
240L Aquarium,120L aquarium (bottom needs replacing), Aqua one Betta trio, FX4 filter, few heathers, Stand for the 240L, UV sterilizer... + Female BSP Angel Fish 550£ For all of it!
31.Juwel vision 260 bowfront full setup 14/09/21 Yes
Fish tank / stand / lid and lights. Fluval 407 external filter Betta 2000 external filter 200 W and 300 W heaters 100-150 kilo Malawi / ocean rock 50 kilo black sand/gravel 25ish Malawi 7 synodontis 3 Bn plecs Can split but fish would need to sell before other items. 350 for the lot. ... ...
32.A great setup for a Betta fish 21/07/21 Yes
The setup incudes a 60L tank, with a stand and thermometer. Included is: Alder cones Indian almond leaves Floating log Sinking log Heater Gravel vacuum 6 silk plants 2 leaf hammocks Sponge filter with air pump Quarantine tank with mini heater API test kit Prime water declorinator Alg... ...
33.FEMALE BETTA 05/07/21 No
Single tail female betta £3 each will do seal on multiple buys please send me a email or text and I will send photos over thank you
34.Betta pallifina pair 29/05/21 No
Wild pair £75
35.Fish Tank 6ft (whole set up) FX6 Filter Set, Juwel LED, Black Diamond Stingrays - £1500 ONO 25/05/21 Yes
6ft fish tank for sale with entire set up. Includes: Fish tank 6ft & Cabinet - x1 Fluval FX6 Canister Filter - x1 BETTA 2000 Canister Filter - x2 1200 Juwel HeliaLux LED lights - x2 Juwel Helialux day & night controller - x1 Pontec PondoAir Set 900 (air pump) - x1 Betta 1800 Inte... ...
36.New Web site Totally Betta for Betta/fish related Products 25/01/21 Yes
Totally Betta is a new web site that caters specially for Betta from beginner to Breeder we cater for all. Most of our products are our own Brands but we also stock products from well known sources also at great prices. Products including Auto top Up £8.99 Fluidized Bed internal filters £1... ...
37.Betta fish wanted 19/12/20 No
looking for the following WIld type betta fish. betta coccina ( male) betta gladiator (male) Betta dennisyongi (male) Betta rubra (pair) Betta hendra betta albimarginata betta channoides let me know what you have or if you see these in local shops....
38.Wanted Wild Type Bettas 22/11/20 No
Looking for Betta ie rubra, dennisyongi, api api albimarginata, gladiator, rubra,channoides etc etc let me know what you have available and I can sort collection or courier
39.Betta hendra 09/11/20 No
Betta Hendra Males and females £30 a pair feeding on frozen, Repashy and live grindle worms.
40.FREE Used BETTA rack 02/09/20 Yes
Used Betta rack, updating fish house, and this has to go and be collected for FREE!!! It was used for many years to rear Betta, it includes pump, LED lighting, all tanks, sump filter media. The heater has burnt out and cracked. It is "as is" I don't want anything for it, so grab a bargain. It ... ...
41.Free/cheap tank desperately needed for rescued tropical fish 25/08/20 No
Hi I’ve recently rescued 3 mollies, 6 corys, 8 neon tetras, and 2 plecs from someone who really, REALLY didn’t care about them. They were in a 2.5 gallon Betta tank, which was filthy. I’ve got them in a 30 litre tank now, but obviously it’s still horribly overstocked. I would like t... ...
42.Equipment, heater, filter, pump, light LED, 27/06/20 Yes
Hi I'm closing all of my tanks down and have the following available: 1) interpret 100w heater: £10 (low use with suction cups) 2) Oase biocompact 50 filter: £10 (suitable for small tank eg Betta tank all parts) 3) Boyu 50w aquarium heater: £10 (new and unused condition) 4) aquarium easyf... ...
43.Aqua one touch led 6w 30/05/20 No
As title says, I changed the light on my aqua one betta duo so I have this light for sale. £33.99 new so I'm asking £15
44.5x Neon Tetras for re-homing. 19/05/20 No
Hello, I bought 6x Neon Tetras to live with my Betta back in October. One of them died shortly afterwards of swim-bladder disease, so there are now 5 Neon Tetras. Unfortunately it didn't work out, as they would sometimes nip at my Betta's tail, and I felt it was not really fair on him, as I have... ...
45.WANT - Tank Smaller than 100L 12/04/20 No
I want to start a betta breeding project so want any small aquariums that anyone can offer that they no longer want free or can buy - feel free to text. Will be able to collect
46.Platinum crown tail betta. 13/03/20 Yes
Looking to rehome my male betta due to downsizing my tanks. He's a great eater and will happily accept pellets (currently on bug bites) and blood worm. He has tons of character and will follow you about begginng for food. £5 ono I have his tank, heater and filter available too for an extra £20... ...
47.Live Food ~ Banana Worms & Walter Worms & Micro Worms 30/12/19 Yes
Available through ebay under seller tantyfang or via website, just ask for an invoice. This means less cost to you as there are no eBay fees. I have available Walter Worms & Banana Worms. These are just as easy to culture as Micro Worm, but half the size and more prolific. Ideal for small fry... ...
48.Big fish tank and fish 12/11/19 Yes
Big/ monster fish aquarium measures 6ft-3ft-2ft comes with a fluval fx4 and Betta choice collection canister filter with a built in uv steriliser it's got a 4ft.9 led muti colour strip light with two heaters and a small internal filter and pump and a twin outlet air pump and airline with a air blank... ...
49.Betta guide 11/10/19 No
Do You Know Why People Like Bettas So Much? 1. Their amazing good looks. Everyone's amazed by the rich colors of my bettas and their dramatic fins. They're stunning little creatures. In my large collection of bettas I've got everything you can imagine. There's Rusty, who's red with shiny green... ...
50.Bettas, corys, endlers, tetras 23/08/19 Yes
I have for sale - blue Male betta - pink and blue female betta - 4 neon tetra - 2 peppered corydoras - 2 sterbai corydoras - 15 endler from baby to full grown They all live in my 240 litre aquarium and get along great, there is no fighting, no one has a specific territory they all come and... ...
51.Fluval roma 200 fish tank and stand 13/08/19 Yes
Fluval roma 200 litre tank. All decorations included. Heater, air pump and external filter included. The filter is an Betta 1620. Big fish included along with turtle. These fish are a blood parrot, bichir, snake head and a pictus catfish. The turtle is a false Mississippi map turtle, all under... ...
52.fish tank for sale 30/07/19 No
fish tank for sale,about 4 months old,house move forces sale,tank measures 4ftx20"inch deepx15" wide,comes with cabinet,light,betta 2000lt external filter.£350 ono
53.Betta breeding fish tank 26/07/19 Yes
3ft length,1.95ft height and 1FT deep. you are going to need to let your bettas settle for a month,so you will need to account for this when choosung them.ideally,you dont want them to be over 12 months old when its time to breed. £90
54.Various tropical fish, full tank set ups, 45l right up to 400l 15/07/19 Yes
I have for sale due to moving area: 20l tank with light, filter, no heater, no lid (no livestock) (£10) 45l tank with light, filter, heater (no livestock) (£25) 45l tank with light, filter, heater, blue male betta, 5 endler tetra (male) 5 salt and pepper corys (£45) 180l tank with stand,... ...
55.Fluval Roma 240 full set up+fish 12/07/19 Yes
Fluval Roma 240 with cabinet. All pond solutions 1400ef external filter with all pipe work minus spraybar, full of media including lava rock. Betta 150w heater only used around 2 month I still have the box. A thermometer with suction cup. Both original lights work fine, there is marks on th... ...
56.Betta Lifespace 1200 4x2x2 Tank, Black Cabinet,Sump,Pumps etc Birmingham 16/05/19 Yes
For sale is my Betta Lifespace 1200 4x2x2 Tank, Black Cabinet, Sump, Return Pump, Protein Skimmer, 2x Power Heads and various other bits of equipment. The tank has stood unused for a 18 months £250 ono. Acocks Green Collection. Any questions feel free to ask
HI ALL New stocks available and ready to go :) Wood Catfish 5-6 Fire eel 65cm+ AAA Betta Splendens Albino Senagulus Birchir Short Body Birchir Endlicheri ... ...
58.Betta Male 07/11/18 No
Special Chens Betta bred. Not available widely in the UK. Rare crowntail Male. Dark turquoise with metallic gold colourings. With food. Due to my ill health, I am closing tanks down. Tank is also for sale. £8.00 for the fish. Pic on request.
59.Various equipment 05/11/18 No
Aqua one g series protein skimmer £30 Aqua medic ocean light Metal halide 1x150 watt and 2 x 24 watt t5 lighting has hanging kit £50 90cm betta blue led light £40 Marine tank sumped around 300 litres needs repainted but fine originally from wharf aquatic £50 Turbofloater 3000 skimmer £30 ... ...
60.6x Amazon Frogbit (Limnobium laevigatum) Floating Aquarium Plant 10/10/18 Yes
Amazon frogbit (Limnobium laevigatum) floating aquarium/fish tank plants, easy to care for and fast growing, great cover for shrimp, fry, Betta’s and shy fish setups, these plants will also help to remove harmful nitrates thus improving water quality. X6 plants £6 including p&p (plus the package ... ...
61.Aqua one duo tank 08/10/18 No
I have for sale a aqua one duo tank good for betta or shrimps £45ono Collecsion ashbourne txt me if intrested I can send you photos over it's full set up with fish
62.Betta free to loving home 07/10/18 Yes
My gorgeous betta boy is available for adoption. Currently tail biting and needs some TLC! Friendly, very pretty Must collect from Oxfordshire, Wantage region
63.Aqua One Betta Trio 05/10/18 Yes
For sale betta trio. Comes with light,heater,filter, lid (has a crack in can be seen on photos does not effect use) £55 OVNO collection only Scunthorpe.
64.Marine fish, Corals, Live rock in Full marine set up £2000 Ono 01/10/18 Yes
CORALS 1 neon green carpet nem 12” 1 purple with green tip carpet nem 12” 1 green carpet nem 6” 1 green mini maxi nem 6” 5 mini red carpet nem 1 hammer 2 head 1 red blasto 1 green turban 6” 30x approx red mushroom 20x approx watermelon mush 20x approx green strip mush ... ...
65.Full marine set up £2000 Ono 01/10/18 Yes
Pick up is Leeds. moving house so calling it a day for a while now here is what you getting for your money TANK Betta 4’x2’x2’ tank with sump 1 ecotech reeflink 3x Ecotech xr15pro Gen Ecotech rms full rail 4’ 2x ecotech mp40qd Nyos 160 skimmer 6mths old D-d clarisea sk3000 auto 6mth... ...
66.Marine Betta Fish - 5" 16/09/18 Yes
Beautiful fish with plenty of personality, very healthy and eating like a pig.
67.ISO Betta species (NOT domestic Betta splendens) 05/09/18 Yes
I am looking for pairs or trios of other species of Betta fish. Definite interest in B.imbelis, B.macrostoma, B.samaragdina, B.machachiensis, B.rubra and B.rutilans but other species considered. Not interested in domestic B.splendens but might consider wild. Obviously willing to pay all shipp... ...
68.Stunning 5" Marina Betta for sale £50 Telford 27/08/18 Yes
Stunning 5" Marina Betta for sale £50 Telford
69.FREE Betta fish including tank and accessories 27/07/18 No
I have a lovely betta fish and a tank, filter, heater and some ornaments. We are moving house and have no space so it is free to a good home, just needs a good clean.
70.Betta Marine Aquarium & sump 13/06/18 Yes
Betta reef tank + white cabinet + sump with all pipe work tank 68 x 55 x 58cm (LxWxH ) sump 63 x 38 x 40cm cabinet 71.5 x 57 x 84cm cabinet has a little water damage 320 litres total collection only £180
71.Tropical fish list 07/06/18 No
***TROPICAL*** BETTA FISH Stunning Male Betta Fish £8each Assorted Female Betta Fish XL £2.50each DISCUS Assorted Discus 3inch (Red Turk, Blue turk, Royal Blue, Red Melon) £28each or 2 for £50 or 5 for £100 DANIO Leopard Longfin Danio £1each GOURAMI Neon Dwarf Gourami £3.50ea... ...
72.Marine betta fish 12/05/18 Yes
Beautiful colours & marking of marine betta fish feeding well 5-6 “ in size. Reducing my bio load in tank reason for sale Collection from b18 Hockley Contact Leo on 07414007701 £70 Will listen to reasonable offers
73.Fully Revised Stock List - The Aquatic Store Bristol 09-05-2018 09/05/18 Yes
Tetras: Super Ringo Owando Tetra (Very Rare) Red Congo Tetra (Alestopetersius Brichardi) RARE Black Neon Tetra Yellow Neon Tetra Marble Hatchet Fish Giant Silver Hatchet Fish Cardinal Tetra (Super Condition) Red Phantom Tetra Black Phantom Tetra Red Eyed Tetra Flame Tetra Super Oran... ...
74.Marine tank all equipment and livestock included 14/04/18 Yes
beautiful Clear Seal 260 litre reef aquarium with sump. 5 months old all receipts can be provided. Genuine reason for sale. Includes hydra HD 26 light, with 18 month guarantee, C 3.5 magnum protein skimmer, aquarium solutions salinity refractometer, jecod Eco propellor pump, 2 betta submersible heat... ...
75.Marine Livestock in Reef tank and all equipment included fully stocked. 11/04/18 Yes
Live rocks, corals, mushroom, anemone and 6 others. Eight fish - 2 snowflake clowns, sand sifting goby, Royal gramma, dwarf flame Angel, 3 anthiadinae, 1 cleaner shrimp, I fire shrimp, 3 hermit crabs and 2 assassin snails. Beautiful Clear Seal 260 litre reef aquarium with sump. 5 months old all rec... ...
76.Corydoras Eques adult group 09/03/18 Yes
Group of 10x Adult Corydoras Eques, Males and females. Very hard for me to source around London when I was looking for them and paid a lot more than what I’m asking for them! £200 for all 10. Send me an email if interested and I send over more photos. Cocobetta@outlook.com
77.Live rock, Live sand, in Marine fish tank 27/01/18 Yes
4 foot marine fish tank for sale selling due to ill health think its a betta space tank comes with approx 50 kilos of live rock live sand but no fish these have gone already protein Skimmer eheim compact return pump led light all pipework 2 heaters ro unit stand needs some tlc £250 ono Newhaven Eas... ...
78.Betta T5 90cm Light Unit 4 X 39W Tubes - Silver 20/01/18 Yes
T5 Lighting Fully working. X 2 bulbs need replacing as are on the way out. Great lighting for plant growth 2 Switches for High and mid lighting £75 Send me an email - marc.traylor@googlemail.com
79.Blue Betta Siamese Fighter Fish Male £4 12/12/17 No
One male blue Betta fish purchased two months ago. Needs rehoming as I have a new tank.£4
80.L046 Zebra Pleco’s, Freshwater Stingrays, Asian Arowana, Snakeheads, Flowerhorns 06/12/17 No
Rare and unusual species always available as well everything else a hobbyist could want! Stendker Discus L Number Pleco’s Marine fish/corals Asian Arowana Stingrays Flowerhorns Snakeheads Gar’s Fancy Betta Fully aquatic plants and mosses Eels Bircher Knife Fish All types of Ci... ...
81.Fish - free betta 11/11/17 No
Hi, My son has relocated with his job leaving me with looking after his 200l tank. I have no experience (I have researched) in keeping fish. Ideally I would like to sell his tank and fish but would like this fish to be looked after properly. I also have a betta fighter fish who is extremely unhapp... ...
82.5x2x2 set up 30/09/17 No
I have for sale my betta lifespace 1500 for sale overall in good condition one of the doors is broken in bottom corner still opens and shuts. Tank is a 5x2x2 with stand and sump 2 x heaters fx6 external filter ledzeal marine spec wireless app controlled led return pump £600 ono
83.Siamese Betta Crowntail Fighter fish. Male and female. Can swap for 8 Corydoras. 07/09/17 Yes
Hi For sale beautiful Siamese Betta Crowntail Fighter fish pair. £25 or £15 each. Offers welcome. Can swap for 8 corydoras. Text only please. Cheers.
84.Dry Thai Banana Leaf For Sale 05/09/17 Yes
If any one is looking for Dried Thai Banana Leaf, we have a few banana trees on our land, [b]prices are very reasonable and include postage via airmail from Thailand[/b] 1 x 100g : $11 1 x 200g : S24 1 x 300g : $33 1 x 500g : $40 1 x 500g : $48 1 x 1 Kilo : $90 The banana leaf ... ...
85.Indian Almond Leaves For Sale 05/09/17 Yes
We only select the best reddish-brown leaves for export, we never use hand-picked leaves that have been sun-dried, only leaves that have naturally fallen and are high in Tannin. The Indian Almond Leaves increase fertility, health, and vigour. They also Reduce the Ph in the water, and aid in the... ...
Updated Stock list 15/09/2017 Corydoras/CW Numbers: CW028 Corydoras Super Schwartzi STUNNING XXL STORE FIRST Limited Corydoras Gold Lasers F1 XL NEW super condition C12 Corydoras Punctatus NICE CW009 Green lazer Corydoras SUPER CONDITION XL STORE FIRST Limited CW051 Corydoras sp VERY NICE... ...
87.Full marine tank set up for sale 13/08/17 Yes
Betta tank in excellent condition. Tank size 5foot X 2 foot X 2 foot. 5ft high with cabinet. Cabinet has 5 section sump. Total capacity 600 litres. Comes with Bubble Magus skimmer. vector 600 uv light. automatic top up system. sump light and heater. 4 power heads. led lighting strips plus twin T5'... ...
SPARES; ::: NOW ALMOST 11,000 LISTINGS (ELEVEN THOUSAND) and still growing::: " "PROBABLY" THE LARGEST SELECTION OF AQUATIC SPARES IN THE WORLD"; (To quote a phrase from a well known advert.) We have been supplying spares parts and consumables to fishkeepers both UK and Abroad for over 28 ... ...
89.betta trio fish tank 08/07/17 Yes
betta trio 3 bettas ( 2 female 1 male) colony of breeding cherry shrimp shrimp planted comes with every thing except lid ( using a piece of acrylic ) looking for £70 collection corby only
90.marine betta 06/07/17 No
large marine betta beautiful fish £70
91.Last stock of cummunity fish. Must Go. ellesmere port 30/05/17 No
below is the last stock we have left, so all must go. prices are per fish, deals may be possible on larger groups. Albino tiger barbs x4 £1ea Rosy barbs x5 £2ea Asst Male guppies x15 £1ea Glowlight tetras x15 £1ea Bleeding heart tetras x10 £2ea Kribensis x50 £1ea Angelfish Pearl... ...
92.Betta tank and 3 Betta fish 24/05/17 No
For sale is my partners Betta tank and Betta fish. The tank is 24" x 12" x 12" and is divided into 3 sections. It has an undergravel filter and a single sponge filter. The tank comes with gravel and an LED light. All that will be required is an airpump. To run the filgers. £65 but open to sensib... ...
93.Betta duo/trio tank wanted 20/05/17 No
Ease contact me I'd you have a betta tank duo /trio for sale. Think aquaone make them.. 07443547652
94.4x2x2 Betta life space complete 04/05/17 Yes
Pretty sure its a betta life space, (had it a long time) full running marine aquarium, (silver) tank, stand, sump (had repair), return pump, fluorescent lights, (got 150w halide, and tmc led strip surplus) heaters, uv , 2x skimmers ( deltec mce600 and tmc v2. Ozone unit, 3x reactors, auto top up, s... ...
95.Wanted please betta barracks or small drilled tanks 09/04/17 No
Im after betta barracks or small drilled tanks around the Midlands if possible as dont have my own transport so would have to borrow car. Please respond to prab1975@gmail.com
96.TOMORROW Robin Hood Aquarists Nottingham Spring Auction Sunday April 9th 2017 08/04/17 Yes
The Robin Hood Aquarists will be holding an auction of fish, plants and equipment on Sunday 9th April 2017 at the Highbank Community Centre, Farnborough Road, Clifton, Nottingham, NG11 9DG. Doors open 10.30am and Auction starts 11am. ***PLEASE NOTE*** earlier start time. Refreshments will be a... ...
97.Wanted - Betta Pallifina 13/03/17 No
Want to buy Betta Pallifina. Any size, any age. females preferred, but unsexed group also considered. Asap 100L tank ready. I'm near York. Thanks
98.Marine fish, Live rock in 4x2x2 10/02/17 No
Picasso trigger Koran Angel Caribbean blue tang ( pretty much mature colours) Sailfin tang, Wimplefish, Clown. Pretty sure its a betta life space, (had it a long time) full running marine aquarium, (silver) tank, stand, sump (had repair), return pump, fluorescent lights, (got 150w halide, a... ...
99.400 litre marine aquarium Betta Lifespace 1000 09/02/17 Yes
For sale is my 400 litre including sump marine aquarium. Great condition apart from from some areas of the satin gloss lacquer on the cabinet and detachable canopy has pitted. There a few small scratches on the bottom of the tank, but once youve got sand in you can't see it. You can have this wit... ...
100.35 litre freshwater aquarium 05/02/17 Yes
Complete freshwater aquarium. Betta life space 35 litre (£150 new). Will give away stock for free only 2 shrimp, 1 snail and 1 small fish-dwarf rasbora (snails and shrimp keep everything very clean). It's ready for plenty more fish! Have really enjoyed this tank great beginners set up. Can... ...
Hello everyone My name is Aydin Caliskan.33 years old wood crafter.I am looking for an job in Aquatic shop,fish husbandry or related with aquascaping. I attach few picture of me with my handcrafted wooden items and some of my DIY aquarium and aquascaping "attempt" with river stones.I tought it c... ...
102.UK-BRED BETTAS 21/01/17 Yes
UK-BRED BETTAS With increasing animal welfare awareness and EU/UK regulations about importing exotic animals, we believe that the future of British Betta hobby is in local breeding. So we have created this group (page) to promote UK bred Bettas where people can sell and buy beautiful and healthy loc... ...
103.Looking for an aquatic job... 08/01/17 Yes
Hello everyone My name is Aydin Caliskan.33 years old wood crafter.I am looking for an job in Aquatic shop,fish husbandry or related with aquascaping. I attach few picture of me with my handcrafted wooden items and some of my DIY aquarium and aquascaping "attempt" with river stones.I tought it ... ...
104.Betta splendans (Siamese fighting fish) 11/12/16 Yes
Lovely home bred bettas for sale, males and females. Right mix of colours from solid blue to solid white with blues/reds/Cambodian types and everything else in between. Only three months old feeding well on flake and frozen bloodworm. Colours already really strong will improve with age. £4.00... ...
105.Red Sea reefer 450 full set up £1300 07/12/16 Yes
Selling as a full lot due to work commitments. Red Sea reefer 450 in excellent condition no marks in white. 2x v2 illuminaires 900 2x WP25 wavemakers Red Devil 850 skimmer Vectron 600 uv steriliser Tmc v2 return pump 3000lph 10 mains sockets 2x 300w heaters Temp control unit Sump light 3... ...
106.Betta 2 foot cube sumped with cabinet £200 30/09/16 No
I am selling a 2 foot cube aquarium with sump, pipework, cabinet, heater, temperature control unit, return pump and removable custom light hanging fixture. Sump tank is ready to go with baffles and section to hold filter media. Cabinet is white gloss. selling due to lack of space after an upgrade so... ...
107.Betta Splendens/Siamese Fighting Fish 16/09/16 Yes
Are you looking for that perfect Betta Splenden (Siamese Fighting Fish) ? We have plenty of male and female betta splendens for sale. All reasonably priced and quarantined and wormed. Delivery available throughout the UK and Northern Ireland Or collection is available from just outside Northampto... ...
108.Aquarium 29/08/16 Yes
Betta life space marine aquarium Cube with bespoke sliding door and solid frame. Also included tank,cabinet,wier box and pipe work sump Dimensions: 716mm x 586mm x 1448mm (LxDxH). Volume approx: 283 litres or 62.5 gallons.
109.Aquanano 40 & Aquanano 60 Tanks, cabinets,fish & more 19/07/16 Yes
2 complete Setups - Less than 8 months old from Brand New Both complete with pumps, heaters, filter media & situated in the rear internal sumps. Aquanano 40 - (55 Litres) Aquarium = 40d x 40w x 40h cm. Cabinet = 40d x 40w x 75h cm. Aquanano 60 - (100 Litres) Aquarium = 40d x 60w x ... ...
110.Betta Duo 04/06/16 No
Betta Duo Tank £40 Full set up inc. Touch sensitive white / blue led lighting, heater, filter media and pump. Excellent condition Collection Coningsby.
111.Fish List 01/06/16 No
Tropical Stocklist Black Ghost knife Fish 8" Fire Eel x2 15-16" Fire Eel x1 18-20" Albino Silver Arowana (Beautiful) 10" Rhombo Barb Half Moon Female Fighters Polypterus ornatipinnis 5" Pipefish - Black Line Corydoras Sterbai Galaxy rasbora Emerald Dwarf Rasbora Chilli rasbora Swar... ...
112.Betta macrostoma UK bred juveniles for sale 28/05/16 No
I have for sale 8X young Brunei beauty (Betta macrostoma) from my fish-house. This is an ultra rare mouthbrooder Betta. The parents are F1 (their parents were wildcaught), so these juveniles are well adopted to the tank environment and can be kept at pH 5-6 without any problems. It is a perfect o... ...
113.doubletail copper red devil betta + tank to a new home £14 03/05/16 Yes
Aprox 3 year old male betta needs a new loving home. He's a lovely fella and will live happily with small tetras and even guppies. He prefers tanks no bigger than 20G as he gets very skittish in larger tanks. I'm offering his old 5 gallon tank at no extra charge! It comes with a filter, substrate an... ...
114.Zebra Pleco L046 in Stock NOW ONLY £99 22/02/16 Yes
Stocked up with Oddballs and more! Arowana Snakeheads Bircher Stingray Montoro Breeding Discus Pairs Breeding Angel Pairs Super Delta Betta Burmesse Archer Fish Butterflyfish Rio Nanny Angels And so much more...Please ask for pictures/info Next day delivery avalible (pre 10am), £1... ...
115.Betta Fighting fish 12/01/16 No
Betta males £4.00 Each Grade AAA Betta Males £12.00 Each Female Betta £2.00 each Grade AAA Females £5.00 Each Also: Kenny Blue angelfish Here for sale home breed by my self in my fish house. These Fish are body size about 50 Pence piece then they have nice long fin's on them. The... ...
116.Jewel cichlids 12/01/16 Yes
Description: Kenny Blue angelfish Here for sale home breed by my self in my fish house. These Fish are body size about 50 Pence piece then they have nice long fin's on them. These are some of the best Quality i have seen in a long time they are not like the cheap quality ones you see in fish s... ...
117.Bristlenose 12/01/16 Yes
Bristle nose at 1inch £1.00 each Breeding pairs at £35.00 a pair Male Bristlenose £14.00 Each Also: Kenny Blue angelfish Here for sale home breed by my self in my fish house. These Fish are body size about 50 Pence piece then they have nice long fin's on them. These are some of the ... ...
118.Marine fish 03/01/16 No
Marine Betta £50 breeding Pair banghai cardinals £40 Copperband £30 07864048047
119.Kenny Blue Angelfish 31/12/15 Yes
Kenny Blue angelfish Here for sale home breed by my self in my fish house. These Fish are body size about 50 Pence piece then they have nice long fin's on them. These are some of the best Quality i have seen in a long time they are not like the cheap quality ones you see in fish shops. I do... ...
120.AquaSpares SPARES - SPARES 11/12/15 Yes
SPARES MANY MAKES AND MODELS inc POND PUMPS, POND FILTERS,ULTRAVIOLETS, AIR PUMPS, POWER FILTERS ECT. CANT FIND A SPARE... Look no further .....we have been supplying the UK with aquatic SPARES for over 25 years. Give us a try...For the LARGEST STOCKS of AQUATIC SPARES in the UK. If we haven... ...
121.New stock list 11/12/15 Yes
stocklist. Delivery available Washington aquatics Asst. Male Betta £3 Super Red Cherry Shrimp £1.20 10 for £10 Bolivian rams £4 (very nice) Otto catfish £2.50 5 for £10 platinum angels £7.99 (stunning) harlequin lancer catfish 8” £44.99 copperband fron... ...
122.Aquael classic 40 with everything you need 55£ 03/12/15 Yes
Excellent condition 5.5 gallon tank hood filter thermometer heater gravel syphon ornaments artificial plants moss ball water treatments and fish food. Ideal for betta keeping if youre interested in this little tank please text me or email : sabailyas_20@yahoo.com
123.Fish Stock List 01/12/15 01/12/15 Yes
COLD & TEMPERATE FISH: Black Comet £2.49 Each or 3 for £6 Black Moor £3.99 Each or 3 for £10 Blue Oranda £3.99 Each or 3 for £10 Assorted Fantail £3.99 Each or 3 for £10 White Fantail £3.99 Each or 3 for £10 Sucking loach £1.79 Each Gold Sucking Loach £2.49 White Cloud Minnow £1... ...
124.FISH STOCK LIST 27/11/15 27/11/15 No
COLD & TEMPERATE FISH: Black Comet £2.49 Each or 3 for £6 Black Moor £3.99 Each or 3 for £10 Blue Oranda £3.99 Each or 3 for £10 Assorted Fantail £3.99 Each or 3 for £10 White Fantail £3.99 Each or 3 for £10 Sucking loach £1.79 Each Gold Sucking Loach £2.49 Each White Cloud M... ...
125.UK Fighting Fish Book just 99p 24/11/15 Yes
The Kindle version of 'The Betta Bible' is 99p from 25-30 November 2015 as a special offer. Grab yourselves a bargain!
126.Fishkeeping business for sale, Newcastle upon Tyne 08/11/15 Yes
A thriving, family-run fishkeeping business of 45 years standing with hundreds of regular customers. Stocking tropical, marine and cold water species, the business is run from two adjacent units rented from Newcastle City Council, with private parking for 8 cars. Price includes all fixtures, fitti... ...
127.Current Freshwater Stocklist Maidenhead Aquatics Coventry 17/10/15 No
Hi :) Here we have our current list of freshwater species available within store. We will be doing our best to keep it updated with any new deliveries. Please do not hesitate to call us for further enquiries. Feel free to like us on Facebook at Maidenhead Aquatics at Coventry. Live bearers; ... ...
128.Some new stock 29/09/15 Yes
new stock (full list to follow) torpedo barbs £4 male bettas £4 panda corys £3.50 clarius catfish 2" £6 glowlight danios £1.50 10 for £12 chocolate gouramis £4 neon blue dwarf gouramis £6 pair cardinal tetra £1 10 for £8 neon tetra 10 for £6 male guppys (300+ to choose ... ...
129.betta life space 500liter tank and stand 18/09/15 Yes
Quick sale needed fully water tight measurements are 4.3ft x 2.3ft x 2 comes with stand which has had electric points fitted... The tank is rigged up for sump too but doesn't have one has all plumbing included.. Little if no scratches at all ... Bad points ... The tank does have a swell mark on the ... ...
130.Betta Marine Tank, Sump and Stand 13/09/15 No
Betta Marine Tank, Sump and Stand TANK: 100cm x 55cm x 60cm (300 litres) SUMP: 85cm x 35cm x 35cm A few scratches, cabinet ok but no great, has been painted taupe colour. No leaks at all but can be refilled for you to check. Ringwood, Hampshire £300.00
131.Due betta tank 05/09/15 Yes
Duo betta tank full setup with led lights bought from pets at home selling due to having to many tanks only about 2 month old it's in good condition £30 Ono
132.Live rock and marine fish in 4x2x2 full setup 04/09/15 No
For sale is my betta lifespace sumped marine tank. Everything included even fish! 60-70kg live rock, Tmc 600 skimmer Deltec mce 600 skimmer Ozone unit Uv steriliser 3000 lph return pump Powerheads Light unit Tmc led Rowaphos reactor Bio pellet reactor Carbon reactor Ro unit Loads... ...
133.Bettas Rams and corys for sale 26/08/15 Yes
Have some nice bettas for sale below Purples £5 Crowntails £6 Dragons £7.50 Super delta big ears £10 Halfmoons £15 Koi longfins £20 Also have Electric blue Rams £5 each or 5 for £20 Panda corys £5each or 5 for £20 Peppered corys £1.50 each
134.New stock list 25/08/15 Yes
Few awful pictures washington aquatics stock list community rainbow shiners £4 torpedo barbs £4 clown loach 2" £4 MEKONG RED FIN LAMPEYE KILLIS £2 sunset platys £2 saluwsi rock shrimp £4 medium Rock Shrimp xlarge £5.99 betta pugnax £3 cherry shrimp 1ea 10 for £8 ghost k... ...
135.Betta 1500mm T5 light unit 25/08/15 Yes
Betta 1500mm T5 light unit, 6 x 80w, in full working order.. Collection only
136.Microworm fish baby food: angel betta discus guppies killifish molly tetra 13/08/15 Yes
Receive within 24-48 hours Monday to Saturday we normally send this 1st class Equipment needed to prepare for your Micro Worm Culture A watertight plastic container minimum size 6” x 4” and 2”deep (ice cream and margarine tubs, etc are ideal). If the lid is tight fitting please ensure ... ...
137.Banana worm fish baby food: angel betta discus guppies killifish molly tetra 13/08/15 Yes
Receive within 24-48 hours Monday to Saturday we normally send this 1st class Equipment Needed To Prepare For Your Banana Worm Culture A watertight plastic container minimum size 6” x 4” and 2” deep (ice cream and margarine tubs, etc are ideal). If the lid is tight fitting please ensur... ...
138.LJB Aquatics transhipper and fish retailer 04/08/15 Yes
Ljb aquatic uk transhipper, i always have a huge amount of flowerhorns and other hybrid fish, plus monster fish and betta splendens available https://www.facebook.com/groups/1495187744088733/ I also offer a transhipping service from thailand and indo to the uk, please message for more info
139.LJB aquatics - now in stock, bd hybrid rays, huge variety of flowerhorn, oscar 04/08/15 No
now in stock at ljb aquatics bd x pearl hybrid ray £200 6 inch disk motoro male ray 5 inch disk £80 over 50 flowerhorn, from SRD to KAMFA and KING KAMFA, SHORT BODY & BONSAI also in stock long fin tiger oscars, long fin latino albino oscars, albino oscars (not tiger but all cream/white) SB R... ...
140.Marine set up 30/07/15 Yes
Betta 95 litre aquarium with stand. Internal filter and protein skimmer at the back. Good general condition and good working order, new hood with blue and white LED lighting, still in box is included along with a large healthy tube anemone with pink tentacles and floresant middle, a blue brittle st... ...
141.Betta Marine Tank 20/07/15 Yes
For sale BETTA fish tank 26" X 26 approx! Included is skimmer Bubble Magnus C6, 2 powerheads, pond solutions T5 lights and have two spare tubes, refractometer, JBL Marine testing kit and five 25 litre containers!I have RO (Collins water) that will be included but need new Resin. Loads of other stuff... ...
142.Betta Albimarginata -ready now 03/07/15 Yes
. Lovely Mouthbrooder, easy to breed and not often seen in shops. , please email us for more photos and information OUR STAFF HAVE OVER 100 YEARS COMBINED AQUATIC EXPERIENCE. WE WILL NOT BE BEATEN ON PRICE OR QUALITY!!! contact us back for more information and photos if ready to buy from us .
143.Optimum & Sukura high quality Betta micro pellets 20 gram packs SPECIAL OFFER 25/06/15 Yes
Best quality Optimum Betta micro pellets packed with added vitamins and spirulina. Used by many top Betta breeders and keepers. In 20gram packs £3.47 including postage for one pack Special offer 3 packs of Optimum for £9.10 posted anywhere in UK. Sukura betta mosquito larvae micro... ...
144.2 Fish Tanks Bogwood Gravel Joblot Breeders Feeders Food Thermometer Ornaments Accessories Aquariums 23/06/15 Yes
Open To Offers. I have several items for sale and I don't mind if I sell them individually or as one lot. All items in good working condition. Selling as I no longer have the time or space to run several tanks and I need the money. Items bought in the past 2 years so good quality should be expected... ...
145.National Betta Show - This Sunday 20/06/15 Yes
The National Betta Show - 21/6/15 The UK's Biggest and Only Dedicated Betta Show! Returning for a third year, this time we are bigger and 'betta' than ever! HUGE Betta Auction - Public Betta Show - Betta Goodies Raffle - Trade Stands - Chance to meet up with friends old and new - Refreshments... ...
146.King Betta SOLD 11/06/15 Yes
2 x King betta for sale, £8 each collection Newcastle Gosforth area or Washington (which ever is easier). TEXT Joe 07432 830820
Please join us tonight at The Aqua Factor facebook page for sales tonight of these plus many more stunning male betta fish with up to half price discount, most are just £7.50.. Collection and delivery avalaible
148.aqua factor facebook page - stunning male betta fish for sale 29/05/15 Yes
Please come and join us at the aqua factor facebook page for sales of the extrodinary male betta fish and many more. They are out of this world, collection and delivery options avaliable, as well as sales we are a passionate group for all things betta fish, hope to see you there
149.Aqua factor facebook page - Stunning female bettas at just £4.99 29/05/15 Yes
Hi please come and join us at the aqua factor facebook page for sales of these gorgeous female bettas plus many more at just £4.99 each, gorgeous boys are also for sale.. As well as sales we are a advice and a discussion group for all things betta fish,, hope to see you there
150.400LTR Betta aquarium with filter and heaters 18/05/15 No
i have a large 400 ltr aquarium made by betta for sale, thick 15 - 20mm glass, built in weir and predrilled holes in bottom of tank. 48" x 28" x 24" comes with 3 No. Bulkheads Lid Home made stand (painted filter and 750l/h superfish pump. 2 x heaters lots of fish food (discus granule... ...
151.Flowerhorns, parrots, indo tigers, betta splendens, hybrids, rays 23/04/15 Yes
Ljb aquatic uk transhipper, i always have a huge amount of flowerhorns and other hybrid fish, plus monster fish and betta splendens available https://www.facebook.com/groups/1495187744088733/
152.3ft Fluval light glo fish tank and fluval 204 external filter 31/03/15 Yes
Tank is still running but has just 1 female fighter so gonna get a smaller tank. Selling as need the space also looking to get a betta duo so up Can swap This is full set up Simply refill and off you go ready made fish tank which is already set.
153.Aqua factor facebook page - amazing betta fish for sale, from £12.50 29/03/15 Yes
Hi please come and join us at the aqua factor facebook page, all these stunning boys are now for sale from just £12.50 . Tonight will also be sale of the gorgeous dumbo ladies. As well as a sales page, we are a page dedicated to all things betta fish, with advice tips and a place to share your bett... ...
154. NEW UK fighting fish book now on Amazon 18/03/15 Yes
***#1 Best Seller on Amazon*** Everything you wanted to know about bettas in one place. The Siamese fighting fish Betta splendens (commonly known as the betta) is one of the most attractive and popular tropical freshwater aquarium fish of all time. Despite this, newcomers to the hobby often st... ...
155.New shipment flowerhorn Thailand 01/02/15 Yes
I have a shipment landing on 5th of feb ffish are of what is available in thailand, they need to be payed for to secure with seller, price includes shipping from Thai to uk, import/ handling fee but not postage to your door Postage is £25 with apc next day before 12 Payment by PayPal or bank tran... ...
156.Aqua factor facebook page - these amazing bettas for sale now 27/01/15 Yes
Hi, These stunning boys and more are now avaliable for sale at the aqua factor fb page at just £15.00. Please come and join us for sales advice and all things bettas Thanks
157.marine system 21/01/15 Yes
Betta marine tank with sump 400 litres with deltec protein skimmer led lighting uv filter lots of live rock and coral various fish etc 07419299935 cleveland
158.betta lifespace 1000 15/01/15 No
Hi I am thinking of down sizeing my tank it's a betta lifespace 1000 approx 39" by 22" by 24" stand tank sump and hood not great quite a few scratches to tank and also cabinet not in best nick been honest fancy a cube maybe 24" let me know if any interest thanks
159.Aqua factor facebook page - 23 beautiful females bettas for sale tonight 03/01/15 Yes
Hi there are 23 beautiful female bettas for sale tonight at 9.30 atThe Aqua Factor facebook page. As well as sales we are also a page for all betta lovers, with advice tips and discussions. Please come and join us
160.Male Plakat Bettas x2 for sale 03/01/15 No
Hi all, I have a slight excess of male bettas thanks to these being sold very young as females. As I was new to the hobby I fell for it. :) I have a male Trad PK with little in the way of irids on his body. That layer is so thin it barely shows on his colouration normally. he looks lavender when... ...
161.Live Bloodworms, drained on paper 20/12/14 Yes
On offer are Small Bloodworms in various quantities. The Bloodworms on paper contain up to triple the amount than worms in water, resulting in a much better price and reduced shipping costs, due flat pack shipping. Put the bloodworms + paper on a large deep tray or plastic food storer and put ... ...
162.Emsworth Aquatics Availability List 09/12/14 Yes
AVAILABLITY LIST LIVEBEARERS Assorted Mollies £2.60ea Balloon Mollies £2.85ea Assorted Male Guppies £2.25ea or 4 for £8.76 Female Guppies £1.80ea or 6 for £10.20 Male Endlers £2.25ea or 4 for £8.80 Assorted Platys £2.50ea Assorted Swordtails £3.00ea CICHLIDS Gold Severum £6... ...
163.Various Aquariums - Great Deals 01/12/14 Yes
Welcome To "The Aquarium Centre" Please read below but here's our initial aquariums stock list. These aquariums are pre-owned but represent great value. Jewel Vision 180 (black) with cabinet and light unit - 6 months old - minor cosmetic blemish on cabinet 5 Foot Bettalife Space Marine Tan... ...
164.Aqua factor facebook page - join us tonight for stunning bettas for auction 29/11/14 No
Come join us tonight from 7pm at The Aqua Factor fb page for some stunning bettas up for auction. Now avaliable to view videos of tonights boys on our page. We are currently also holding a photo competition, just post a pic of your tank and you could win some awesome prizes. Winners will be decided ... ...
165.Aqua factor facebook page - High quality betta fish/ siamese fighter fish for sale, from £10.00 23/11/14 Yes
Stunning high quality fighter fish for sale, all colours and tail types from just £10.00 please come and visit us on facebook page The Aqua Factor. Look forward to seeing you
166.BETTA BREEDING setup 20/11/14 Yes
Black rack with 10 (5 not but easy to do will show buyer) filterd cookie jars And breeding tank on top Its all run on one air pump (NOT INCLUDED) Complete with bettas Males midnight blue,bi colour crown tails,crimson,double tail, blondesetc Females king electric blue, king pink fussi... ...
167.Platys , swordtails and Bettas / Siamese fighters 11/11/14 No
We are looking to buy some female Platys or swordtails , young ones if possible . Also looking for Siamese fighter females and some small sharks , such as Rainbow or ruby . Also would like 2 or 3 Flying fox . Need various plants too. Thank you . Currently in the Conway county . Old Colwyn . Te... ...
168.BETTA BREEDING setup 11/11/14 Yes
We have a betta (fighter fish) breeding setup for sale/swap Black rack with 15 sweet jars (5 each shelf) And a breeding tank on the top Jars are filterd via mini undergravel filters in each (coloured gravel) Spare 5 jars included Bettas with setup include Males Cambodian black fac... ...
169.divided fish tank for sale 05/11/14 No
I have a divided fish tank for sale. Suitable for betta splendens. The tank size is 75cm x 25cm x 25cm there are 7 sections and a back part for the heater and pump which are included with this tank. There are also 7 anubias plants on logs which are included. This tank has an airline system to circul... ...
170.Washington aquatics brand new stocklist 03/11/14 No
Washington aquatics brand new stocklist ne37 3bj free deliverys within 6 mile and orders over £30 within 15 mile geophagus surinamensis 10cm £15each geophagus balzini 8cm £10each salvini cichlids 14-15cm £15each cichla kelberi 4” £20each electric blue jack dempseys 1.5” £10each th... ...
171.Marine tank clearout. Live rock £5/kg, Lifespace aquarium+stand, halide light, RO systems and more 30/10/14 Yes
Hi all. I'm having a big clear out of all my marine tank, as we are moving soon and logistically we just can't take the tank with us without spending large amount of time or money, neither of which we have unfortunately! All prices are negotiable. Ideally I'd love to sell it all in one big pa... ...
172.Rose tail Half moon Betta - Black Copper in Colour 26/09/14 Yes
Hi all, I was wondering if anyone sells this kind of betta fish or could point me in the direction who does. I am after a Rose tail Half moon Betta - Black Copper in Colour. I have been asking people, but there has been no joy. I would really appreciate if someone could help me on this. Look f... ...
173.SD and Dumbo Betta splendens, Siamese fighting fish, Free shipping 16/09/14 Yes
Quality SD and Dumbo Betta splendens, Siamese fighting fish Now listed on e-bay with free shipping Collection from BH10 or DT11 They will be posted royal mail's special delivery to be delivered between Tuesday and Friday only. Please state delivery address and date you would want then ... ...
174.Bournemouth Bettas 16/09/14 Yes
I have a great but small selection of top quality Betta splendens - Siamese Fighting Fish. All are quarantined for 7 days or home breed. HM and HMPK Dumbo Males £15 CT Males From £10 OHM males £20 Plants Guppies Endlers Please check out the link for the listed fish, once sold the... ...
175.Metallic Halfmoon Male Betta (Tricolour Large) 20/08/14 Yes
Here at Angelplus we are now stocking stunning tri-colour metallic halfmoon male Betta for £24.99. Size: Large Water: Tropical Community Tank Other types of Betta fish are available, please ask for more details. You can collect from Uxbridge. Or We offer deliver service to anywhere... ...
176.Full marine setup 500+ ltrs 25/07/14 Yes
I have my betta lifespace 1500 ,5x2x2 tank +3ft sump setup in black for sale . Basically lack of time forces a reluctant sale as ive ploughed maybe 4k into this and it really is a complete system with nothing needed . The setup comprises of tank + sump+ stand 4 x tmc led lights 1x tmc ozonis... ...
177.Betta splendens for sale 12/07/14 Yes
I have various male betta splendens for sale. I have crowntails(£7) , combtail/crowntail combo's (£15) and veil tales (£5). I can try and get any betta that you request and I will tell you the price such as halfmoons and plakats. I can ship to most places in the UK for £9 please PM me for in... ...
Our stock list and prices of what we have in at the moment are as followed.. Special orders can be made, as long as deposit is paid. Tropical Fish: JUST IN: 2 large Male Frontosa (Around 7inches and 9inches) - £60.00 each or £100.00 the pair. Topaz Puffer Fish (Around 5inches) - BACK IN ... ...
179.Betta Lifespace 1200 4x2x2 Black tank,cabinet,sump LEICESTER 25/05/14 Yes
For sale is my Betta Lifespace 1200 its 4x2x2 I have never used it myself, bought off a fellow reefer but I am just not happy with it, no fault to the tank, the odd dink on the cabinet but nothing major that stands out. I am asking for £400 ono comes with brand new pipework fitted which cost me £7... ...
180.betta ocellata 13/05/14 Yes
hi, betta ocellata juveniles for sale. approx 2.5 inches long. £5.00 each. collection from linwood renfrewshire the pics is from the internet, but is a good representation of the fish available.
181.Betta Lifespace 1000 25/04/14 Yes
920 x 600 x 800 on a black cabinet. Fluval heater and filter. UV and Air pump Aquaray programmable LED lighting system. Large pieces of bog wood RO water unit £350
182.5x2x2 tank for sale havant 23/04/14 Yes
Betta lifespace1500 5x2x2 for sale Black stand 4 foot sump with 5 chambers Comes with 5 foot aqua one metal halide unit Heaters Wavemaker and a small return pump Some dead rock also to go with system Looking to upgrade £500 pick up havant Contact Darren on 07568138591
183.25kg Bag of Betta Gravel 20/04/14 No
25kg Bag of Betta Aquarium Gravel which is unopened and available for uplift. Looking for £10.00ono or swap for Coral Sand.
184.for sale in Scotland,betta & killifish 17/04/14 Yes
I have some home bred fish for sale male hmpk £4 male plakat £2 crowntail £2 veil tail £2 can match up with females gardneri killifish males £3 & pairs £5 all fish are young adults,pick up from gourock please call or text as emails not getting through,thanks Gerry
185.betta seperation/holding block 30/03/14 Yes
temp holding/male sorting block folds away when not in use! can hold up to 30 jars on heat mat beds (not included) hung or free standing heavy pine shelving £60 Manchester 07880569960
186.For sale - Betta nano cube set up 09/02/14 No
Selling a 8l betta nano cube aquarium with fish & equipment. Can't remember when I bought it. Was no more than 6 months ago. In perfect condition. Has 1 julii cory & 2 bumblebee goby in it. Comes with aquaone adjustable heater, thermometer, gravel, gravel Hoover, stress coat water treatment, stress ... ...
187.job lot of marine equipment for sale in leicester 07/02/14 No
I have following equipment for sale 2x 120watt reefbeams Uv steraliser Co2 reactor Deltec ap600 skimmer Heater All above for 650 ono but if sold by this weekend I will include a 5ft tank with sump and cabinet (betta life space) for free No time wasters or silly offers all of abov... ...
188.Free - Community fish - Bolivian rams, guppies, tetra, SAE, betta 02/01/14 No
Looking for someone to adopt my fish as I'll be moving. Currently in Bristol so you'll need to collect them (and bring some pets-at-home-style bags too). 3 bolivian rams 1 siamese algae eater 7 guppies (male) 8 neon tetra 1 female siamese fighter (betta) Happy to sell all together ... ...
189.Free - Community fish - Bolivian rams, guppies, tetra, SAE, betta 30/12/13 No
Hi Looking for someone to adopt my fish as I'll be moving. Currently in Bristol so you'll need to collect them (and bring some pets-at-home-style bags too). 3 bolivian rams 1 siamese algae eater 7 guppies (male) 8 neon tetra 1 female siamese fighter (betta) Happy to sell all together or ... ...
190.55 ltr betta fish tank with stingray filter and heater £10 20/12/13 No
as above with stingray filter and 100 watt heater ideal starter tank or fry tank no lights :-( but everything else works fine bargain £10 collection only ps please phone as cant get onto email atm :-(
191.90Ltr tank + Tropical Fish 18/12/13 No
Hi there, I am selling my 90Ltr rectangular tank + various tropical fish due to lack of time to commit. There are Corys, glowlight tetras, red finned shark, black shark, rainbow shark, Common Plec, glass catfish, mollys, shrimp, kribensis, gourami, betta etc... It also comes with decorations such as... ...
Im after breeding pairs, from the same tail type and colour strain. Preferably siblings. Dragons, crowntail, and halfmoon only please. Any colour considered. Please email me. Many Thanks. b.rumble@live.com
193.Aquarium x 2 1 Large 160 litre + 1 Fry tank 4 ltr and accessories 27/11/13 Yes
I am selling my tank with loads of acessories and stock. As I am moving abroad need it collected by Tuesday next week total £150 Bargain Included are 1x 160 litre tank No leaks see pictures 2 heaters 1 glass one unbreakable plastic Filter sufficient for 200 Ltr Gravel Green covering base ... ...
194.Full marine set up for sale betta 1200 120gallon tank with 60kg live rock and 3 fish 13/11/13 No
Hi we are selling our full Marine set up, large betta 1200 tank with pumps and cupboard underneath approximate 60 kg of live rock a yellow tang dwarf angel fish and green wrasse and brittle starfish I will sell the tank, fish and all of the rock separately please text for more information or offers ... ...
195.Wanted - Mustard Gas HM or CT Betta 10/11/13 No
First advert here. Will have a tank cycled by around xmas time. Looking for either a half moon or a crowntail mustard gas betta. thanks in advance
196.A few male Betta splendens, Siamese fighting fish, Tropical fish 04/11/13 Yes
We have some lovely male Betta splendens available for sale with postage available for 15.99 throughout the UK. Green/red Dragon (the one in photo) (rare) £12.00 Silver/red Dragon (the one in photo) (rare) £12.00 Blue/purple halfmoon (one in photo) £9.99 Green vailtail 4 available. £3.9... ...
197.betta barracks, breeding set up 27/10/13 Yes
Hi guys i have a unfinished project up for sale. I designed these myself with a build in overflow to the back where you can have the filtration system. I payed 150 for each and sadly have to let them go due to not having the room for them any more. I am opened to sensible offers and I am in haverhi... ...
198.Juwel rio 180 17/10/13 Yes
Juwel rio 180 few scratches but good solid display tank includes heater pump t5 lights fish and decor. 1 betta 3 congo tetra 4 sterbai corys 1 large snake skin gourami around 5" 1 male krib and several other mixed tetra Will consider breaking tank down and selling without fish or as a whole m... ...
199.Fish House and Contents for Sale 03/10/13 Yes
I am selling my COMPLETE FISH HOUSE - tanks, racks, air pump, tubing, everything must go including the fish house itself. The fish house is a 8' x 5'4" shed with a tapered roof made of polycarbonate which allows the sun to provide all the heat needed during the summer months (and then some). The... ...
200.Blue-throated fighting fish Betta kuehnei 01/10/13 No
I have up to 5 of these for sale, including one adult male and four subadults. All healthy and in excellent condition. Rare, beautiful and very hardy fish (raised 11 from juvenile age a year ago, all survived so now I need to move some on). Range in size from 3.5cm to 6cm. £7 each and collection fr... ...

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