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1.Plecos 10/07/24 No
Hi looking for different types of plecs,wouldn't mind a adonis plec
2.Tropical fish plecs 23/05/24 No
1 x royal plec 3 x super reds bn 10x lemon blue eye bn LF/sf 10 x common / chocolate bn Lf/sf Clown plec. 1x male 1x female Guppies/ endlers Pick up liverpool 07730092475 message if interested
3.Lemon long fin plecs 27/03/24 No
Looking for lemon longfins must be good strong colours cash waiting for right fish
4.Red cherry shrimp, Zebra Danio s, corydorus catfish plus more...... 18/03/24 No
English bred fish for sale. Red cherry shrimp 20 for £10.00 RRP £2.99 ea Albino Corydorus catfish £2.50 RRP £4.95 ea Tiger platys £1.50 RRP £3.50 ea Zebra danios 1" plus. £0.50p ea Bristlenose plecs Black and albino £1.50 RRP £4.99 Collection from Bedford, ope... ...
5.L397 pleco’s 1” 09/03/24 No
Beautiful healthy L397’s. At 1” they are £15 Stunning young Plecs. Please contact me for photos and more details.
6.Bristlnose plecs 06/02/24 No
Young bristlenose aprox 1- 1 1/2 inches free in plymouth
7.Rainwater collection system 17/01/24 No
Huge, food grade, screw top, black plastic bottles. Over 6 foot tall, probably 4 foot diameter. 1520 litre volume. 2 available, one has tap. £100 each or £150 for both. Collection only from CV13 Stoke Golding Pictures available via WhatsApp I had the guttering from a plastic roof runni... ...
8.Bristle nose plecostomus £5 each 30/11/23 Yes
juvenile Bristlenose plecs. Shortfin blue eyed lemon and common spotted browns available. all 6/8cm+ Tank bred and healthy. Collection only from Tadley, Hampshire.
9.Big Fish needing homes 30/11/23 Yes
We have a selection of large trops that need to find suitable homes. XL parrots Various plecs Red Hook Metynis Giant Gourami Banded Leporinus Pictures of all available. If you would like to give any of them a home, please drop me a message or call The Aquatic Design Centre on 0207 58... ...
10.Sold ND Aquatics 7x2x2 aquarium Ash White 08/10/23 Yes
I’m shutting down my 7x2x2 tank from ND Aquatics Used in a bare bottom setup to house my L-Number Plecs. Shutting down as I’m selling most plecs and downgrading to a smaller set up.. Has a 4 cupboard cabinet and matching hood. Tank has glass sliding covers. Made in white ash wood. Some ... ...
11.NETS auction 05/10/23 No
Nets charity auction this Sunday 8october in teams social club bensham this is a list of potential fish Apologies for the lateness of this Please read this first.. I have asked the 30+ sellers for a list of the potential fish there looking at bringing THIS Sunday 8th of October This list show... ...
12.L397 Adult PANAQOLUS TIGER PLECOS 23/09/23 Yes
Looking to reduce my numbers of plecs in the tank. I believe they're male. 3 available. Would swap for adult L397 females. £50 each. 3.5-4" in size. Some trying to spawn, but I think they're all male. See my other ads for more rare plecs and fish available. Collection only, Oldh... ...
13.bristlenose plecs lemon blue eyes 18/08/23 Yes
lemon blue eyes plecs short fin 4-7cm £3each or cheaper for 5 or more collection only
14.Sold L25 Scarlet Cactus Pleco Pseudacanthicus sp SCARLET Pseudacanthicus Pirarara 25cm 10 inch 12/07/23 Yes
L25 Scarlet Cactus Pleco Pseudacanthicus sp SCARLET Pseudacanthicus Pirarara 25cm 10 inch I am in the process of shutting down my 7 foot ND aquatics aquarium, used manly to house L-number Plecos over the past few years. Starting to shift live stock and the the 7x2x2 tank , cabinet and hood, in As... ...
15.Female angel fish for swaps 26/06/23 Yes
Female angel fish .lost her partener so is only one left . Wanting to swap for bristle nosed plecs ,any colour and from young to adult.if you have space or swaps for her contact me on number suplied . Boston in lincolnshire area . Thanks
Adult and young bristlenose plecs for sale. One adult pair of common colouration type £15. One adult pair of albinos £20 Some reds £10 each, and babies 1cm £1 each.
17.NETS auction 25 June 21/06/23 No
!check out the list of fish provisionally booked for this Sundays auction Plecos and catfish L-015 pleco Super red pleco Synodontis eupterus Brochis splendens Cory napoensis Cory panda white Cory sodalis Cory Trilineatus Cory elegans Cory barbatus Green lazer cory Red lazer cory ... ...
18.Baby red eye longfin albino plecs for sale £10 each 05/06/23 No
Closing down my tank I have loads of plecos for sale all different species
19.Malawi Mbuna Cichlids 20/05/23 No
Mixed tank of various types. Demasoni Yellow Labs Ndumbi Red Caps Elongatus Mpangas Salousi Maison Reef Lombardoi A mix of other types too. Males and females…some breeding. Also various plecs and some catfish. Sensible offers please. Can sell all together or in mixed groups.
20.Full set up for sale 16/05/23 No
Due to relationship breakdown I have to sell my whole set up before moving out. I have… Juwel Vision 450 aquarium. Dark Wood. (Original lights and filter removed and painted black with acrylic paint on the back) 3 x Fluval Aquasky lights 2 x Fluval FX6 filters (matured and set up with alfa... ...
21.Aqaurium Media Unit For Sale 06/05/23 Yes
Selling due to moving house and can’t take with me. Location is IG7 Chigwell Essex UK. Dimensions in pictures but overall width is around 194cm and depth is around 51cm and unit height is around 234cm. The tank when empty is an easy two man lift, I can help, the unit comes apart into smaller piec... ...
22.Large Plecs & Featherfin Catfish For Sale 01/05/23 Yes
I've got 2 large plecs - one black and one leucistic. Also one black featherfin catfish (upside-down catfish) for sale. £20 each or take all of them for £50 Collection from Ilkeston, Derbyshire 07496075291/ 07896000279
23.L134 plecs group of 9 22/03/23 No
L134 adult leopard frogs 4 male 5 female 3 different bloodlines in the group have previously bred £500 Collection only NP26
24.L397 adults group of 6 22/03/23 No
6x L397 plecs 3 female 3 male have previously bred £400 Collection only NP26
25.Zebra plec 08/03/23 No
I have 3 zebra plecs for sale £100 each selling due to closing down tank
26.Wanted Bristlenose breeding groups 26/02/23 No
I am after a proven breeding group of bristlenose plecs. Would also prefer something fairly local (To the Sunderland/ Newcastle Area) but will also travel to collect. All bristlenoses considered. Normal, L144, super red etc... Please let me know what you have and a price too. Text me on 078... ...
27.Bristlenose plecs 24/02/23 No
Home bred bristlenose plecs for sale £2.50 each all 1 inch long. We also have adults for £7 each. Will do a deal if you want to buy more than 1.
28.Leopard Frog Plecs 11/02/23 Yes
We have around 30 young Leopard Frog Plecs for sale £10 each. They are up to 2 inches long from 3 separate spawning’s. Parents also available. You will need to bring your own container to take them home in. Collection only from NP25 5BA. 07966632105
29.Adonis Pleco 10/02/23 Yes
12-14inch very healthy fish. Eating very well. Confident active fish. Very reluctant sale. Needs a large tank 6x2 minimum He’s in with 7 other plecs at the moment, he gets a bit territorial at feeding times with the larger fish. Collection only, south Birmingham 5 mins from M42, B47
30.vailtail tropical angel fish wanted 03/02/23 No
Has anyone got any vailtail angels for sale in a variety of colours if possible in the west yorkshire area also after long finned bristlenose plecs
31.Malawi for sale 07/01/23 Yes
Selling all my fish as set up a salt water tank I have malawi various sized 1 syno Catfish 2 ret tail black sharks and 2 bristlenose plecs collection Halifax or can deliver if fuel costs are covered all my food Ihave for these fish will come with them Contact me on 07391441390
32.Zebra pleco L46 for sale 02/01/23 Yes
zebra pleco fish. We are selling are zebra plecs due to not being able to maintain anymore. Mixed sex and all around 3 to 4 year old. 9 in total. £1300
33.Bristlenose Ancistrus Pleco £5 each or 2 for £7.50 P+P £12.50 06/12/22 Yes
Bristlenose Ancistrus Pleco £5 each or 2 for £7.50 P+P £12.50 Bristlenose Plecs. Photos are of my actual fish. They are not sexable yet so sex of fish is unknown. They are approximately size please see picture. And they have beautiful graceful long tails and fins. I breed and raise all of m... ...
sunshine plec 6” Leopard plec l114 5-6” 3 beacon plec 5” Royal Titan plec 5” 2 x thin bar dollars 5” 4 x spotted dollars 4” Uaru 3.5” 5 synodontis petricola 4-5” 2 x zebra loach 3-5” £350 for the lot Also have a fluval 240 tank with lights, digital fluval h... ...
35.Free 14/11/22 No
4plecs 1large gi
36.Fish for sale hartlepool 02/11/22 No
Here you go marble Auoncara £3 each 4 for £10 Blue Dolphin £4 each 3 for £10 guppy£1.25 platty £1.25 Swodtails £1.25 white cloud minnows £1 Dalmatian Molly £1.50 Ruby Sharks £2.50 Silver shark £2 each small angels £4 medium angels £5 various Siamese fighters £5 each golden gourami £2... ...
37.South and Central American cichlids 29/10/22 No
I have the following for sale 2 clown loaches £25 the pair 1 fire mouth. £10 1 nicaragua £15 1 princess £15 1 tin foil £15 1 red Texas £50 1 true parrot £60 3 Plecs free 1 golden loach free Pics available on your request All fish are healthy and stunning Closing down tan... ...
38.9 large silver dollars plus others 22/10/22 No
9 large silver dollars 5 thin bars 4 red hooks large white gourami 2 common plecs £70 the lot need rid asap closing tank down Leeds
39.Aquarium, full set up as seen for sale. 19/10/22 Yes
Aquarium for sale full mature set up discus tank. 1200x500x600 X7 chens discus, / x1 pair proven. L47 plecs x2 2 yrs old X1 blue phantom plec/ large Possibly x2 golden nuggets plecs although not seen recently. Defiantly x1. Various tetra, chain loach and algea eaters. Digital heaters x2 and flu... ...
Will do deals on the lot collection hull L418 Royal Titan plec 4-5” £80 L091 Three beacon plec 5” £70 L200 Green phantom 5” £25 L114 leopard cactus 6-7” £100 L014 Sunshine plec 6-7” £220 Also got 9” ghost knife £60 4-5 uaru £40 6 x 4-5” synodontis petricola £6... ...
41.Breeding group of L046 zebra plecs SOLD 10/09/22 Yes
Hi i have a group of 6 young adults that have started breeding. I have 2 young left that will go with the group. Not sure of the sex ratio of the 6. Sold sold £750 for the 6 and 2 young. Pick up Bridgend South Wales. Text or call 07811161212 Thanks matt
42.Jewel Vision 450 complete setup including fish 20/08/22 No
Complete Juwel Vision 450 Aquarium setup, Everything included. Juwel Vision 450 tank, Upgraded 4 x Juwel led tube lights + 1 spare Fluvial FX6 filter 2 x 300w heaters Surface skimmer Lots of bogwood (about £500 approx) with java moss Textures background with java moss 3 x ge... ...
43.Fahaka Puffer and friends 20/08/22 No
10” Fahaka puffer for sale, with 3 adult Geos + Bristlenose + zebra plecs. All share same tank. Would want to see proof of set up before sale. Thanks £70
44.2 breeding albino plecs rubberlip plec upside down catfish 3 zebra loach 19/08/22 No
Can't upload pic but can send direct
45.Young Bristlenose plecs 18/08/22 Yes
young bristlenose plecs for sale ordinary and ablino available currently have a body length of about 2.5 inches £1.50each collection only
46.Brislenose plecos 03/08/22 Yes
I have a few bristlenose plecs avaliable they range in size from 2 inch to 5 inch and have albinos and brown message me for prices collection from nottingham
47.Plecs 23/07/22 No
Wanted ! Plecs , ancistrus , loricideas , zebras , no shop prices please ! Rescue service . Thanks John
48.Bristlenose plecos 13/07/22 Yes
Baby bristlenose plecs for sale, various sizes £5 each, collection only. Any other info please just ask.
49.Aquarium 10/07/22 Yes
SELLING 7ft by 2ft aquarium with perspex glass sliding lid has been wrapped white comes with... 1 28cm submersible led light with remote 2 98cm submersible led light with remote 2 100cm submersible t8 led bars 2 60cm submersible t8 led bars Wave maker Fx4 filter 10 months old 2 a... ...
50.Super red ancistrus 09/07/22 No
Ancistrus super red catfish wanted .also , other plecs . Please text me all details . Thanks John
51.L144 lemon plecs 05/07/22 Yes
£5 each collection only worksop S80 2" and 2.5" Males and females
52.Baby bristlenose plecs 30/06/22 No
Baby bristle nose plecs for sale varying sizes With their unique appearance and penchant for keeping algae at bay, Bristlenose Plecos (Ancistrus Cirrhosus in the Loricariidae family) are a great addition to any aquarium. They’re particularly popular among novice fish owners. These little critter... ...
53.Baby bristlenose plecs 30/06/22 No
Baby bristle nose plecs for sale varying sizes With their unique appearance and penchant for keeping algae at bay, Bristlenose Plecos (Ancistrus Cirrhosus in the Loricariidae family) are a great addition to any aquarium. They’re particularly popular among novice fish owners. These little critter... ...
54.Malawi and plecs wanted 27/06/22 No
Hi do anybody have any malawi or plecs for sale near bristol please
55.AquaOak aquarium and cabinet 4x2x2ish with lots of equipment 25/06/22 Yes
Aqua Oak aquarium Tank measures 110x55x60 Cabinet overall 150h x 120w x 60d Selling only as need space for new marine aquarium Comes with: - 2x canister filters (JBL Cristalprofi e1501) - 2x inline heaters (hydor) - Fitted LED lighting (4x TMC Aquaray) on timing controller (TMC aquaray m... ...
56.Tropical Fish for sale - Plecs & Large clowns & Others 20/06/22 No
I have about 30 tropical fish for sale which include some nice Plecs (Blue Phantom 8” , Tigers Leapard, Brazilian, Golden Nugget, some real nice ones) 14 Large Clown Loaches Corys, Loaches and Silver Sharks Cost over £750 Will accept £350 ono for quick sale Whats App me for photos 0776822... ...
57.Jewel Rio 125 17/06/22 Yes
Juwel Rio 125 LED Tropical Aquarium & Cabinet including assorted fish and accessories, plecs including golden nugget, angel, gourami, black widows, black shark,barbs, purple ocean rock , slate and bog wood. Very good condition £175 ono
58.Bristlenose plecs 29/05/22 No
I am looking to add to my existing small groups of the below Bristlenose plecs. Does anyone have any female L183, Snowhite and super red long fins they would sell for fair prices? I would also need courier/posting unless near North East. Thankyou
59.l024, L397 pleco 26/05/22 No
Small L024 plec approx 4" £100 2x L397 plecs approx 3" £50 for both Will listen to reasonable offers for all 3 fish Collection from Hinckley, Leicestershire Also have complete setup for sale for £200 inc all above and rainbowfish
60.Super Red Bristlenose pleco 10/05/22 Yes
Super Red Bristlenose Plecs 1-2 inches long £10 each or 2 for £15 Too young too sex. Collection only The Bristlenose can be the ideal plec for the smaller community aquarium as it is a good algae eater and only grows to 6". It is hardy to a wide variety of water conditions and will als... ...
61.Guppies and bristlenose plecos for sale 03/05/22 No
Guppies x10 for £20 lost of colourful males and females Quite large bristle nose plecs £4 each Call +44 7873 361918 call for faster response Located Hungerford
62.German Super Red Bristlenose Plecs 02/05/22 No
** German Super Red Bristlenose Plecs ** 1-2 inches long so too young to tell gender. £10 each or 2 for £15 Collection only Bristlenose are the smaller of the Plecs. The males will grow bristles as he gets older. Please email, text or what’s app rather than call. Photos on request.
63.Bristlenose plecs, between 4-5 months old, approx. 2 inches in length 29/04/22 Yes
Beautiful, healthy young plecs ready for new homes. Sizecis approximate - the parents are actively spawning regularly so juveniles are aged between 5 and 4 months old when sold. Collection from Newcastle under Lyme please. £3 each
64.FLOWERHORN PAIR 23/03/22 Yes
Pair of fireman’s dream flowerhorns male 9”approx female 6” approx laying 100s of eggs as in pic etc very young pair so still learning, I think success for this pair is not far away. Viewing welcome as collection only from Merseyside area. Looking around £250 for the pair etc negotiable also ... ...
66.Tropical fish 21/03/22 No
Closing my tank down Fish for sale are 8-9 rainbow fish 5 big congo tetras Blue phantom pleco Green phantom pleco Blue psnique pleco Duper red make bristlenose Calico bristlenose Panda garr Two common plecs 5 cw28 corys (paid £25 each ) rare 10-12 mixed corys Loads of wood ect Pics on... ...
67.Tropical fish 20/03/22 No
Closing my tank down Fish for sale are 8-9 rainbow fish 5 big congo tetras Blue phantom pleco Green phantom pleco Blue psnique pleco Duper red make bristlenose Calico bristlenose Panda garr Two common plecs 5 cw28 corys (paid £25 each ) rare 10-12 mixed corys Loads of wood ect Pics on... ...
68.Royal plecs And synodontis 13/02/22 No
2 Royals plecs for sale healthy condition 1 synodontis for sale in healthy condition Message or WhatsApp +44 7521 984647 for prices and pics.
69.Aqua one 245 aquarium with black gloss cabinet £300 04/02/22 Yes
Aqua one 245 aquarium with black cabinet,only 8 months old, was brought brand new, lovely tank, only selling due to my health, so I can't keep up with it. Comes with two external filters, heater, led lights with timer, bubble pump, ornaments, gravel. Fish are included if wanted, one parrot fish, fi... ...
70.A few plecs to sell 03/02/22 No
L260 Queen arabesque X3 adults all male 3-4" long £30 each or all 3 for £80 L399 4" 1 x male £25 2" 2 x £10 each L404 margaritatus 1 x male £25 2 x sub adults £15 each L66 king tiger 3x 4" male £25 each L129/L333 unidentified hypan... ... ...
71.Fish,Cory and plecs 01/02/22 No
This is what I have in at the moment 2 inch Uara Cichlids £7 each 2 inch Toproedo Barbs £4 each 3 cm Blue Rainbow fish £1.50 each Sterbai Cory £4 each 3 for £10 Panda Cory £4 each 3 for £10 1 inch plus Bolivian rams £3.50 each 1 inch Zebra danio long fin £1 each 1 inch Black widow te... ...
72.Large male sulphur head £30 Manchester 15/01/22 Yes
Would swap for large bristlenose plecs collection only from M30 Eccles Manchester,5 minutes from the trafford centre
73.Large male sulphur head £30 Manchester 15/01/22 Yes
Would swap for large bristlenose plecs collection only from M30 Eccles Manchester,5 minutes from the trafford centre
74.L037 honeycomb plec 21/12/21 Yes
Selling my 2 honeycomb plecs due to closing down my tank.both are around 5inch long Collection only from ng17 £55 for both
75.Oscar, uarus, plecs, koi. 28/10/21 No
Hi everyone, I do have few good size fish that cannot stay anymore in our 1000 litres tanks with perfect condition of water. that's the list and the reasons next to it. Paired of adult uarus-too territorial during the spawning season Single adult uaru-bullied by the pair of uaru/need a group to ... ...
76.L046 zebra Plecs wanted 28/10/21 No
Hello I am ultimately after a breeding pair of L046’s. Happy to purchase fish from different sellers. Based in Wrexham can travel locally Please email me on xlarzx@hotmail.com
77.baby bristle nose plecs 11/10/21 No
about 6 months old I have about 50-60 all over 1 inch long will do a deal for the lot or £3 each collection from felixstowe suffolk
78.Super Red Bristlenose Plecs 03/10/21 Yes
6 cm long. Excellent colour, eating and growing well. Brilliant healthy fish. £7 each Collection only from DL6 Northallerton, North Yorkshire
79.Fish, plecs 28/09/21 No
Description: For sale Hartlepool 1.5 inch Diamond tetra £3 each 4 for £10 1 inch flame tetra £1.50 each 8 for £10 2 inch Geophagus surinamensis £7 each 2 inch geophagus balzani £4 each 3 for £10 2 inch Rainbow Cichlid £4 each 3 for £10 2 inch Siver Shark £3 each 4 for £10 2 inch ... ...
80.Zebra and leopard frog plecs 19/09/21 Yes
2 year old Zebra plec 6 cm ish long 60 2 year old Leopard frog plec 8 cm ish long £40 Not shy..... getting rid of tank hence sale.... tank also available for purchase . Sold individually. Please ring 07798-587150 Or email looby9@me.com Louise
81.Juwel vision 260 bowfront full setup 14/09/21 Yes
Fish tank / stand / lid and lights. Fluval 407 external filter Betta 2000 external filter 200 W and 300 W heaters 100-150 kilo Malawi / ocean rock 50 kilo black sand/gravel 25ish Malawi 7 synodontis 3 Bn plecs Can split but fish would need to sell before other items. 350 for the lot. ... ...
82.(L numbers) (pleco’s) loads of different plecs available 03/09/21 No
Loads available give me a text on 07944255882 based in worcester
83.Full Tank Set Up For Sale 21/08/21 Yes
Sale: 1 x Aqua One 980 (220 Litre) fish tank. 1 x Aqua One Fish Tank Stand. 1 x Fluval 306 external canister filter with many extra carbon filters. 1 x Large LED Day/Night Light. 1 x internal filter. 1 x Fluval 300W heater. 1 x Air bubble system. 2 x Large drift woods with plants growing upo... ...
84.L260 L264 16/08/21 No
Young plecs for sale 12 months old both L260 and L264 L260 £15 L264 £20 Message 07925 330749 for pictures
Group of between 15-20 mixed sex bristlenose, ranging from 3-6 inches. Location Newton Aycliffe. PM with sensible offers. #bristlenose #forsale #plecs #aquarium #tropicalfish #fish #group #pleco #northeast #sale.
86.Fish, plecs 15/07/21 No
Description: For sale Hartlepool 1.5 inch Buenos Aires Trtra £1.50 each 8 for £10 1 inch serpae tetra £1 each 1 inch cardinal tetra £1 each 1 inch Red Eye tetra £1 each 1 inch + Electric Blue Rams £4 each 3 for £10 1 inch + platinum Rams £4 each 3 for £10 3 inch Jack Dempsey Cichlids... ...
87.L333 15/07/21 Yes
I have for sale l333 plecs these are 1"some bit bigger . £10 each pick up Leeds
88.Job lot fish tank including various tropical fish 05/07/21 Yes
Job lot fish tank all set up ready for use. Includes silver sharks, African bush fish, cat fish, plecs and others... Cracking tank and only selling due to wanting a larger tank. £150.00 all in Any questions please ask.
89.5ft/100gal full aquarium setup 02/07/21 Yes
I believe the tank was made by ND aquatics, stand obviously homemade, Fluval FX4 filter, 2x 200w Eheim Thermopreset heaters, Jecod SOW-4 wavemaker, Fluval Aquasky 33w Bluetooth light, large piece of planted bogwood (dread to think what this would cost from a shop), the aquarium has some light scratc... ...
90.Affordable Pellets, Cichlid Sticks, Catfish Pellet & Sturgeon Pellets. 30/06/21 Yes
. Affordable Pellets! I ordered a lot, 35kg to be precise & I certainly don’t need it all. * POSTAGE included in the PRICE * Floating Sticks £14/ half kilo £20/ kilo. My Arowanas, Bass, Archerfish etc love the Floating Sticks. Sturgeon Pellets £8/ half kilo £15/ kilo. My Bas... ...
91.bristenose plecs £3 each 30/06/21 Yes
hi i have some bristlenose plecs for sale they are close to 2 inch in size and are very good for keeping your aquarium glass clean they will get no more than 5 inches in size unlike the common plec that will get to 12 inches plus i have been selling fish to shops for nearly two years now and have a ... ...
92.4ft Tank with stand, Full set up 20/06/21 Yes
48" x 15" deep x 18" high tank (122cm x 38 x 46.5) Black metal stand, hood with fluorescent light and driver. Jebao 403 filter, air pump and heater. Tank is currently running, with approx 15-18 Endlers and 2 Bristlenose Plecs (each 3-4"). Selling complete (with ornaments,... ...
93.Massive set up bargain £550 the lot 18/06/21 Yes
It's with great regret I have to give up keeping fish .my health has declined that much I can no longer clean and care for it and fish as I did. Fish tank massive set up. Has been resealed at back of tank with peace of glass where there used to be a sump but no leeks.. If you put sand in in... ...
94.L144 lemon bristlenose pleco 14/05/21 Yes
Lemon Bristlenose plecs @ 1 inch body size from un-related parents. Picture is off my male. £3 each max 20 a box (minimum of 5 for postage) Kept in treated tap water with a water change every day. Fed on courgette, mushroom, hikari algae wafers Postage is £16.00 by next day special deliv... ...
95.Fish plecs catfish 13/05/21 No
Description: For sale Hartlepool 1.5 inch Buenos Aires Trtra £1.50 each 1 inch Red & blue Columbian Tetra £1 1 inch Red Eye tetra £1 Various guppy £1 each 1 inch German Blue Rams £2 each 1 inch + Electric Blue Rams £4 each 3 for £10 1 inch + platinum Rams £4 each 3 for £10 2.5 i... ...
96.10 inch male red Texas cichlid and 5 inch tilapia 13/05/21 Yes
Ok together if I’m very large tank otherwise should be kept separate. Both very aggressive. £200 also have 2 plecs
97.4ft 4 section tank 04/05/21 Yes
Here I have a 4ftx20x15 tank at has 4 sections only 2 in use have breeders pair of bristle nose plecs male super red female brown with young 4or 5 cichlids no hood or light but has filters and heaters collection only
98.Fish, plecs, cory, catfish, tetra, loach 29/04/21 No
Description: For sale Hartlepool 1.5 inch Buenos Aires Trtra £1.50 each 1 inch Red & blue Columbian Tetra £1 1 inch Red Eye tetra £1 Small cardinals £0.60p each 4 cm silver dollars £4 each 3 for £10 2 cm sterbai Cory £3 each 4 for £10 1 inch German Blue Rams £2 each 1 inch + Ele... ...
99.Mbuna for sale Bedford 26/04/21 Yes
Selection of adult mbuna for sale £5each also bristle nose plecs £5 and large syno £20 Closeing tank collection bedford 07920798101
100.Fish, plecs & catfish whiptails l numbers 14/04/21 No
Description: For sale Hartlepool 4 cm silver dollars £4 each 3 for £10 2 cm sterbai Cory £3 each 4 for £10 1 inch + Electric Blue Rams £4 each 1 inch + platinum Rams £4 each 2.5 inch various gourami £3 each 4 for £10 2 Inch + Angels £5 each 3 inch Electric Blue Acara £5.00 3 inch ... ...
101.Cold water fish tank and full set up and fish 07/04/21 Yes
4ft tank with approximately 40 fish and it would need to be collected as don’t drive and I’m moving u would need two people to come as I can’t help as I have back problems £400onvo as the fish in there are lion heads and fancy goldfish and plecs
102.Swaps 06/04/21 No
4 Red Devil 1x10”+3x6” 1 flowerhorn 9” 2 common plecs 9”+12” 2 jags 5”+7” 3 irredecent shark 1x8”+2x 12” 1 upside down cat 7” 2 red head veija 9”+5” 1 silver arrowana 2ft 3 tilapia 2x6”+8” 1 grey midas 8” 2 uaru 9” All eating well and healthy Wan... ...
103.Plecs,fish,catfish,cory 05/04/21 Yes
Description: For sale Hartlepool 4 cm silver dollars £4 each 3 for £10 2 cm sterbai Cory £3 each 4 for £10 1 inch + Electric Blue Rams £5 each 4 for £15 2.5 inch various gourami £3 each 4 for £10 2 Inch + Angels £5 each 3 inch + Angels £7.50 3 inch Electric Blue Acara £5.00 3 inc... ...
104.For sale 15/03/21 Yes
All fish to go 5 to 10 pound depending on size 120 fir all fish apart from the plecs clown loaches
105.Fish,plecs,cory 15/03/21 No
For sale Hartlepool 1 inch + Electric Blue Rams £5 each 2 Inch + Angels £5 each 3 inch Electric Blue Acara £5.00 4 inch Red Tailed Shark £10 3 inch Silver Shark £4 each 3 got £10 2 inch Siver Shark £3 each 4 for £10 2 inch Pakistan loach £2.50 each 2 inch Tiger Loach £2 each 2 .5... ...
106.Plecs, Cory, Fish 16/02/21 No
For sale Hartlepool 3 inch Electric Blue Acara £5.00 2 inch Redhump geophagus £3.50 2 inch Ellioti Cichlid £3 each 2.5 inch Glass Catfish £3 each 4 inch Red Tailed Shark £10 3 inch Silver Shark £4 each 3 got £10 2 inch Siver Shark £3 each 4 for £10 2 inch Pakistan loach £2.50 ea... ...
107.Fish, Cory,plecs & catfish 05/02/21 No
For sale Hartlepool 3 inch Electric Blue Acara £5.00 1.5 inch Redhump geophagus £3.50 2 .5 inch L501 £15 each 2 for £25 2 inch L404 plec £15 each 2 for £25 1,5 inch L404 £10 1 - 1.5 inch L066 plec £10 each 1 - 1.5 inch L199 plec £10 each 3 inch Brown bristlenose £5 each 5 inch B... ...
108.Plecs, Cory, Fish 15/01/21 No
3-4 Inch Electric Blue Acara £7.50 2-3 Inch Electric Blue Acara £5 1.5 inch Redhump geophagus £4 2 .5 inch L501 £17.50 each 1.5 - 2 inch L404 plec £15 each 1 - 1,5 inch L404 £12.50 each 1 - 1.5 inch L066 plec £10 each 1 - 1.5 inch L199 plec £10 each 3 inch Brown bristlenose £7.50 ... ...
109.x3 Plecs common 8 inch and smaller 18/12/20 Yes
selling 3 plecs Various sizes -1 is very large Eating well and very active Comes with large piece of bogwood Must go by Saturday jeast35@gmail.com or 07305998744
110.Brown bristle nose plecs 06/12/20 Yes
3 large brown bristle nose plecs 10-14 inches long very healthy fish don't know what sex purchased when babies but was not told how large they grow to collect only free you must have a large tank will split
111.Wet Pets Solihull Have stunning Malawi Juvies for sale some rarer ones and a good size a must see li 01/12/20 Yes
Hi all. I am an enthusiastic hobbyist breeder/seller of Malawi, Tanganyikan and Victorian Cichlids. I have a pet license and I have been keeping these amazing rift fish for over 20 years. Below is a list of new fish I have ready for collection. Most of the fish on the list will be £7.00 ea... ...
112.Tropical fish for sale 29/11/20 No
11 large cardinal tetra £10 10 large rummy nose tetra £10 Male black phantom tetra 50p Neon tetra free 4 medium keyhole cichlids £14 or £4 each Small male and female Bolivian rams £10 3 medium bristle nose plecs 1 male and 2 female £8 or £3 each 3 venizualin black Cory (2 large and 1 ... ...
113.Looking for Super Red Long finned females BN plecs 25/10/20 Yes
Hi. I have a super red long finned male BN plec and am searching for a long fin red female preferably 6 months and above in age. If you can help please get in touch.I currently have short fin Super red fry that I can exchange for one girl or pay cash. Pic of my boy and fry Thanks
114.Free/cheap tank desperately needed for rescued tropical fish 25/08/20 No
Hi I’ve recently rescued 3 mollies, 6 corys, 8 neon tetras, and 2 plecs from someone who really, REALLY didn’t care about them. They were in a 2.5 gallon Betta tank, which was filthy. I’ve got them in a 30 litre tank now, but obviously it’s still horribly overstocked. I would like t... ...
115.plecs 19/08/20 No
large gibisep plec 10 inch plus two medium plecs also 7 inch sinodontis catfish £45 01274600070
116.Bristle nose plecs (brown) 30/07/20 Yes
I have a lot of unsexed plecs. Hatched around February and taking up an entire 4 foot tank to themselves. £2 each, discounts for multiple. I have probably 100 ready. £2 each, feel free to inquire 07525747918. Collection Ashington- delivery possible locally at small charge
117.Adult Male Albino Bristlenose Plecs 30/07/20 Yes
I have a number of male brostlenose plecs that are nearly fully grown and need a new home as their dad is still the top dog of the tank. The photo is of their father but they’re nearly as big and bristles are well developed. £3 each, feel free to inquire 07525747918. Collection Ashing... ...
only interested in adults if in Scotland or Northern England message me what you have Thxx Can txt me on 07860103915
119.Oscars X 3 Clown Loach X 4 Albino Plec x1 Plec X 1 19/07/20 Yes
Closing tank down so above for sale. Oscars are about 8 inch for 2 and 5 inch for other. Clown Loach about 2 inch, Albino Plec 3 inch and other 2 inch. Oscars are £30 for 3, Clown Loaches are £20 for 4 Plecs are free. Collection from Halifax.
120.X2 Leopard Catcus pleco (L114) --SOLD 06/07/20 Yes
Two L114 4" plecs Male and female Healthy and active £100 for the 2 Contact number below via whatsapp Collection North Wales LL30 Would post at buyers cost/risk
121.Cherry shrimp angels Bronze corys and common bristle nose plecs for sale 27/06/20 No
Cherry shrimp x20 for £10 Angel from £4 Bronze corys 2.50 Pick up only farnworth bl4 Will not post Fish will be baged
122.FOR SALE: 3 x L14 Sunshine Plecs £200. SOLD PENDING COLLECTION 27/05/20 Yes
SOLD PENDING COLLECTION 3 x L14 Sunshine Plecs for sale, as a group they have been showing signs of spawning behaviour. All healthy and nice size between 9" and 11". See instagram link below for video of fish. https://www.instagram.com/p/B69Brk8H5iY/ They are gorgeous, only reason for sale is... ...
123.African cichlids etc for sale newham east London 27/05/20 Yes
Various cichlids for sale contact for details Common plecs from 10 pounds each ( 5-10 inch) Albino gold plecs 10-11 inch one left Featherfin catfish 7-8 inch yellow labs 3 inch ( 6 pound each) five for 25 African catfish angelicus etc Synodontis decorus full grown x 2 11-12 inch Juwel c... ...
124.Nano tank complete setup (shrimp) 12/05/20 Yes
Fluval spec in white comes with light, built in filter and a heater. It has breeding group of flame red shrimp hard to guess the amount as there are lots from babies to berried females and 6 neon green rasbora and a few assassin snails. Comes with all plants. Open to offers would consider swapping ... ...
125.Wanted super red and albino plecs 10/05/20 No
Looking for nice, super reds and albino plecs 07950515399
126.Wanted 19/03/20 No
Adult L236 plecs wanted to enlarge my breeding colony. Please mail or call me Nick 0742 942 9995. Will travel to pick up.
127.L number plecs (L200, L333, L081,L014 05/03/20 Yes
Selling off some of my plecs, all £50 except the L014 which is £75. All around 3inch
128.Complete 300L Malawi Cichlid Aquarium with extras, smart lighting etc 02/03/20 Yes
Complete 300L Malawi Cichlid Aquarium with extras, smart lighting etc The price is £500 a bargain without even factor the actual fish stocks. There is more fish than it seems, you note when feeding. See Video Please note the following, If this does not sell as one lot, I will be looking at ó... ...
129.WANTED...bristlenose plecs 25/02/20 No
Looking for a few juvenile albino/lemon bristlenose plecs. Sensible prices please, I can collect within a few miles of Alnwick, Northumberland. Cheers. Tony
130.Fish auction 19 February 2020 Castleford Aquarist Society 13/02/20 Yes
Starts 7.30pm Albion Street WMC Albion Street Castleford WF10 1EN See the Facebook page for details Plenty of lots! There will be plenty of plecs, Corydoras, livebearers and food and equipment. Below is just a small sample of fish that will be offered for sale..
131.Bristlenose Catfish Large Sizes 02/02/20 Yes
Hi I am selling some Bristlenose catfish which grow alot slower than normal plecs. I have around 8 to sell varying from 4 to 5 inches. Great tanks mates for all tropical n hard water fish as clean tank glass,rocks, deco and hard to reach places. looking for £10 each.
132.2 X L134 Plecs & 13 Rainbowfish - Going CHEAP 30/01/20 Yes
I have for Sale 2 X Young L134 Leopard Frog Plecs & 13 X Adult Rainbowfish! Must go TOGETHER - £100 for all 15 Fish! BARGAIN!!! Location - Taunton - Can Deliver for Petrol money! 👍
133.Live Food ~ Banana Worms & Walter Worms & Micro Worms 30/12/19 Yes
Available through ebay under seller tantyfang or via website, just ask for an invoice. This means less cost to you as there are no eBay fees. I have available Walter Worms & Banana Worms. These are just as easy to culture as Micro Worm, but half the size and more prolific. Ideal for small fry... ...
134.Tank and accessories for sale 13/12/19 Yes
3ft fish tank with tropical fish/frogs/plecs/loches
135.bristlenose plecs adult males £2.50 each 11/12/19 Yes
brown and albino adult bristlenose plecs. only males are available. Bargain £2.50 each 07857885635
136.Super reds bristlenose plecs for sale 29/11/19 Yes
Stunning super reds very red variation of sizes from 1”-2” £4-8 Deal on a multiple buys moo
137.L number plecs and corys for sale north east 17/11/19 No
Hi selling a few fish cos shutting down a tank there is Group panda corys about 15 in group £25 L260 queen arabesque £20 L200 green phantom £20 Super red male £10 L144 lemon Bn male £15 Any questions just ask if u want to do a deal on few can do that cheers
138.ALL SOLD--- Lower price-NOW ON EBAY--Bargain--Must go asap-Various Cichlids(Geophagus/Kribs/Acara)& Catfishes(Plecs) for sale in Leeds 27/10/19 Yes
Search eBay under: bargincornertom Tanks are getting bit crowdy so I had to make decision to get rid of some of my beloved collection: -Geophagus red head Tapajos 5 inches proven breeding pair---starting bid £29.99 -Hypostomus L231 5 inches pair---£20 -Kribensis proven breeding pair... ...
139.group of l024 pseudacanthicus pitanga 23/10/19 Yes
group of 6 l024 pseudacanthicus pitanga. 5 adult fish 10-12" body. 1 8" body. Selling because I no longer have the space for this group of fish I have pictures I can send if you get in touch thanks £500 collection Stoke-on-Trent but could travel half way price could be negotiated if ... ...
140.Jewel Fish tank 4ft wide with cabinet & various tropical fish & loads of extras 19/10/19 Yes
Juwel fish tank 4ft w 15 inch deep and 18 inch high with cabinet and Lid Fluval Fx5 filter Bristle-nose plecs various and albino 20 plus and a few Breeding pairs Sterbai and other various Corys Harlequin rasbora shoal 20 plus Honey Gourami fish Swordtail Fish tank substrate and gravel large a... ...
141.American cichlids SALE 18/10/19 Yes
American cichlids for sale 4 geophagus pearls 2 juewl 2 sevrum 1 earth eater 2 plecs 4 Angel fish 1 parrot fish 2 acaras
142.Plec bristlenose 13/10/19 Yes
Wanted plecs especially bristlenose wanted will collect message details
143.L273 sp Red plecs for sale 08/10/19 No
Hi, I have 2x L273 sp Red plecos for sale! They're approximately 5.5-6" and are feeding on everything. Growing well and thickening up nicely. Currently kept in tap water and previously were in RO. Only reason for sale is shutting down the aquarium. Collection from West London, Northo... ...
144.Clown loach, Lnumber plecs , rotkeils many more breeding pairs 17/09/19 Yes
I have for sale Rotkeil sevs £15 ea 8 inch x2 /breeding pair sold £10 ea 6inch sold Jack Dempsey 5inch £5 Silver dollar 4/5 inch £5 L190 pleco 6inch £45 sold L200 pleco 5/6 inch £35 Clown loach 6 inch £30 sold pending Will do deal on multiple
145.for sale 30/08/19 No
Malawi cichlids different species mainly small and juvenile 80 in number to clear need the space 4 plecs included 4inch 6inch 10 inch 2 very nice5 incn haplachromis species sensible offers ring on Bradford 01274600070 thanks
146.Aqua one silver approx 200 ltr aquarium with aqua 1050 external filter and fish 28/08/19 Yes
Hi I’m having to sell my Aqua One aquarium due to needing the space it comes with original stand which has a small cupboard in it. The tank is in great condition and so is the stand. The tank comes with the following: Large piece of coral, air stone and pump, aqua 1050 external pump only 12 mont... ...
147.Bristlenose Plecs For Sale in Scottish Borders 05/08/19 Yes
3 month old baby bristlenose plecs (Ancistrus) for sale. Home bred in a livebearer community tank with HMA water, bare bottom, with a few cobbles and live plants. About 1 inch+ in size. Nice speckled appearance with white tips on tail and dorsal fin. Happy and feeding well on a variety of trop... ...
148.fish and tank 30/07/19 Yes
Four foot fish tank with 2000lph external filter external heater 4 pieces of plastic ocean rock. 20 Mdonka white lips, 20odd jacob frieburgie and 2 tilapia rhodsie, 5 or 6 bristol nose plecs. £100 for quick sale. Collection only. Chatham Kent. £200 no offers. collection Chatham kent. cal... ...
149.Mixed malawi cichlids 24/07/19 Yes
Giving up the hobby, clearing out all my fish. Yellow labs Electric blue alhi Red coral salousi Albino and powder blue scaloffi Albino and brown bristlenose plecs Acei Dolphin cichlid Message offers
150.Complete 300L Malawi Cichlid Aquarium with extras, smart lighting etc 08/07/19 Yes
Full Aquatic Setup, all under a year old, some much newer: The price is a bargain without even factor the actual fish. £850 Please note the following Not splitting items/stock…to go as one, If you don't require everything, you can always sell on what you don't need. Collection is from Gorin... ...
151.Oscars for sale 27/06/19 Yes
I have 2 Oscars about 9” possible breeding pair Also: 1 Albino Pengasius 1 pengasius 1 Marble knife fish 2 Plecs 1 Catfish. £60 the lot. I also have Fluval FX4 Filter only 2 months old for sale £150.
152.Fish for sale 27/06/19 Yes
I have: 1 Albino Pengasius 1 pengasius 1 Marble knife fish 2 Plecs 1 Catfish 2 Oscars about 9” possible breeding pair. £60 the lot. I also have Fluval FX4 Filter only 2 months old for sale £150.
153.L-NUMBER PLECS X4 18/06/19 Yes
I have for sale X4 L-Number plecos.. X1 L200 GREEN PHANTOM PLECO Around 6 inch X L128 BLUE PHANTOM PLECO Around 5 inch X1 WHITE SEAM PLECO (starlight ancistrus) Around 4 inch X1 L330 WATERMELON PLECO Around 5-6 inch They are to go as a group... ALL 4 PLECOS for £150 For the size... ...
154.6 x L number plecs £75 08/06/19 Yes
1 L200 6+ inch green phantom 2 x L191 3-4+ inch broken line royal 3 x L076 5+ inch orange seam Last of my fish as closing down tank Will take £75 for the lot I've saw shops charge £75 for 1 L200 alone so no stupid offers thanks! Pics available upon request 07719477795 Collection ... ...
155.Aquaone 300 Discus tank 07/06/19 Yes
Selling my discus tank which also contains a few plecs, a flask plec and 3 leopard frog plecs. Open to offers Contact Dave on 07725633263 @Dorchester DT12DW
156.Wild caught plecs Plymouth 05/06/19 Yes
I have 3 stunning plecs available Plecs £25/30 each L015 candy stripe wild 4" x1 L114 Cactus Plec 2.5" wild x1 L075 Peckoltia 2.5" wild x1 Delivery may be possible depending on location
157.4ft fish tank full set up £300 30/05/19 Yes
A full set up 4 foot tank including pump, filter, ornaments, lights and fish Fish include: 3 black widows Estimate of about 20 tetra 2 weather loaches 2 bristle nose plecs 1 clown plec 5 Pakistani loaches 2 giant shrimp 2 corys
158.4ft fish tank full set up £300 30/05/19 Yes
Fish include: 3 black widows about 20 tetra 2 weather loaches 2 bristle nose plecs 1 clown plec 5 Pakistani loaches 2 giant shrimp 2 corys In a full set up 4 foot tank including pump, filter, ornaments, lights and fish
159.13 x L number plecs 17/05/19 No
L200 X 2 5-6inch and 6+ inch L128 X 1 4inch L397 X 5 2+inch L191 X 2 3-4inch L076 X 3 5+inch Need gone as waiting to close down tank If gone this weekend and will do all for £220. 07842496264
160.Tank closure plecs corys and cichlids 10/05/19 Yes
For Sale 2 x Krobia xinguensis: bought as male and female, 1 is roughly 5 inch and 1 is roughly 4 inch. Lovely orange markings. £20 for the pair. 3 x biotodoma cupido: 3-4 inch roughly, colouring up lovely. £30 for the group of 3. 3 x acarichthys heckelii: 2 are 5+ inch and 1 is around 4 ... ...
161.Large tropical fish/pond closure 07/05/19 Yes
3 redtail catfish ranging from 15-24 in 1 black pacu about 18-20in 1 albino and red bellied pacu about 15in 1 red oscar about 10in 2 plecs about 10in Looking to sell altogether if possible No reasonable offer refused
162.bristlenose plecs for sale 06/05/19 Yes
around 40 bristlenose available , mostly around 1’’ long, 6-8 weeks old there are some albino ones amongst the standard colouration COLLECTION OR LOCAL DELIVERY WITHIN OL POSTCODE AREA £3 each or 4 for £10.00
163.L14 SUNSHINE PLECO FOR SALE £175 ono 05/05/19 Yes
Hi all I have for sale my L14 Sunshine Plec,its somewhere between 8-10 inch,more towards 10,feeding like a pig on JBL novopleco,Hikari sinking carnivore and cichlid sinking,stunning fish very healthy currently living quite happy with other plecs but having a change,currently with L330,L128,LDA33,L07... ...
164.Looking for fish 28/04/19 No
Hi, do to changing back to tropicals, I am looking for some nice community fish, bristlenose plecs, or small plecs, angel fish, tetras etc. South Devon area
165.x2 male German Super Red Plecs 25/04/19 Yes
x2 males for sale Size approx. 2.5-3inch These x2 males have previously breaded with my albino and brown BN plecos. They have fanned eggs and looked after fry until the yolk sacks were absorbed. I have too many pleco's in my tank so I need to cut back. Pictures attached were taken about 2 months ... ...
166.plecs 06/04/19 No
have young bristlenose plecs size 2.5 inches for sale 2 pounds each and young cat fish for sale 1 pound each
167.brstlenose plecs 22/02/19 No
three adult female plecs one albino two brown 4inch all three for £50 ono if you take the lot ill chuck in a flash plec cardiff
168.NOW SOLD-7-8 inches Sorubim lima(Duckbill shovel nose catfish) and 4 inches Yellow Acara(A.matae)for sale in Leeds--ono £50 for both or make me an offer 21/01/19 Yes
Currently for sale as tank getting to crowdy excellent condition Sorubim lima Duckbill shovel nose catfish £40 and Yellow Acara(Aequidens mate) £25. Both fish are wild caught. Must go asap. Easiest way to contact me is via mobile 07894712156 Pick up only from LS16 or can deliver within... ...
169.ALL SOLD--10 x Corydoras catfish breeding groups(arcuatus,sterbae-breeders,elegans) for sale-£40 for a lot--Leeds 17/01/19 Yes
Currently for sale: 3 x Corydoras arcuatus £5 each or 3 for £12 4 x Corydoras elegans £5 each or 4 for £18 3 x Corydoras sterbae £10 each or 3 for £25(proven breeding trio) Or all 10 for £50 Pick up only from LS16 or can deliver within 10 miles radius from my home address 1 m... ...
170.Wanted 17/01/19 No
Wanted Aberdeen area but can also travel looking for young discus for my new tank . Willing to travel and pay for right fish also after some nice plec not bristlenoses ect some Zebra plecs or l333 or king tigers if u have any off these fish for sale please get in touch
171.Brown Bristlenose pleco 13/01/19 Yes
Brown bristlenose plecs @ 1 inch body size from un-related parents. Picture is off the brown juveniles. 10 for £15 Kept in treated tap water with a water change every day. Fed on courgette, mushroom, hikari algae wafers and frozen lobster eggs. Postage is £16.00 by next day special deli... ...
172.Looking for Royal plecs 31/12/18 No
Looking for Royal Plecs if anyone has any. Please call 07712294245
173.Wanted Plecs for Breeding pair of gold saum 28/12/18 No
I got a breeding pair of gold saum for sale or swap for breeding size pleco or a nice l number pleco open the sensible offer as I don't know much about these fish and they was given as a gift
174.235ltr ,Aquarium complete 05/11/18 Yes
BOYU 235 ltr Aquarium with led lighting 1yr old MODEL LH 810 with cabinet in black has built in filter and also external filter sizes 852 x504 x750 selling complete with everything in pics heater fish there 3 discus large 4 large angels and lots clean up crew plecs cory etc all kept in tap water... ...
175.fish 08/10/18 No
2 large sail fin plecs both over 12 inches and chunky free to collector I'm in burnley call rick 07507680491
CLOWN PLECS ( 13 in total appx 3 Inch ) £6 ea ALBINO STERBAI( 12 in total adults) £6 ea buy 2 or more £5 ea . GEOPHAGUS PINDARE ( 6 in total appx 3-4 Inch ) £12 ea ..2 or more £10 ea . THREADFIN RAINBOWS ..( 8 in total ) £2 each or all 8 for £10 All very very healthy and have had them... ...
177.Congo spotted puffer. £100 26/08/18 Yes
I have a Congo stopped puffer for sale he's really friendly with all kinds of fish he's been in with angel fish lemon tetras clown loach Cory's and plecs just got to mine fin nipping fish with him as he's not that fast he's in healthy conditon I'm wanting 100 for him if anyone is interested then giv... ...
178.everything must go selling up clearing out 25/08/18 Yes
northeast uk for sale 4 x 4 foot fish tanks all set up and running will sell seperetly need gone this weekend if poss three planted tanks one with co2 please contact. sell as job lot £200 or £750 for all of them this was my life long hobby since i was 6 years old loads of plecs fish will not sp... ...
179.Juvi bristlenose plecs for sale, some albino 10 for £10 09/08/18 No
Or £2 each As above call Jerry on 07946510182 hets area
180.Tropical Fish & Full Set Up Available 02/08/18 Yes
5x 4/5" Discus 10x Corydorus 5x Rummy Nose Tetras 5x Hatchets 5x Harlequins 4x Lno Plecs 2x Loach Can be sold individually or as a job lot. Please message for further details and prices. Thanks
181.Discus plus companion fish 28/07/18 No
6 European Discus for sale , 2 x San Merah, 2 x White Diamonds and 2 x Alenquer( one is very lovely blue faced) 4.5 inch to 6 inch approx in di very good fish also 2 bristlenose plecs 1 x 4 inch ,1 x 5 inch and 4x Buenos Airies tetras. Call on 07789 609289 for more information , photos are available... ...
182.Various fish 22/07/18 Yes
I’m selling up,sadly I have a number of fish to sell includes large angelfish, clown loache, various gourami, yoyo loache,albino plecs various sizes, Corey’s, Chinese algae eaters, collection only, message me for details, thanks
183.Community Fish 16/07/18 Yes
COMMUNITY FISH DN6 area Collection only 07713 154 980 Angels, Koi, Platinum and marble £4 Gourami, Dwarf Red and Opaline £3 Swordtails, Santa and Koi, £2 (SOLD) Mollies, Sailfin £2 Mollies, Balloon £1.50 Platies £1 Guppies £1 males 80p females (SOLD) Neons 70p (SOLD) Serpae tetra 90p... ...
184.Assassin Snails and Shrimp 13/07/18 Yes
Assassin Snails 75p, Shrimp 10 for 75p. Albino Bristlenose Plecs £1.50/Bristlenose £2 each, Green Corys £1, Fancy algae eaters £3. Sharks £2 each. Please call 07713 154 980 Collection from DN6
185.Ripples Waterlife, Shenstone. Plecs, Corys, and unusual species 11/07/18 Yes
We are based in South Staffs, just south of the city of Lichfield. We have about 170 stock tanks covering all types of tropical, temperate, and coldwater fish, shrimps, fighting fish, African cichlids, and discus. We pride ourselves on the quality and range of our fish, the cleanliness of our tanks,... ...
186.ALL SOLD---£20 for 4 x Festivum cichlid(Mesonauta insignis) 3-3.5 inch(incl.breeding pair)-ono £30 or make me an offer-Leeds 03/06/18 Yes
Hi All WILL EXCHANGE FOR: FIREMOUTH ELIOTTI AUREUS SORUBIM LILA L NUMBER PLECS BLUE ACARA DISCUS CICHLA Currently for sale 4 x Festivum cichlid(including young breeding pair which laid eggs twice).Due to being in community tank they had no chance for fry to survive. It will make gre... ...
187.L333 king tiger pleco 30/05/18 No
Hi i have for sale king tiger plecs. Ranging from 1cm to 1" . Healthy feed well on ebo aquaristic food. £8 each but can do deal on multiple purchase . Or can swap for freshwater led lights suitable for plant grow. Can deliver for fuel depends on location . Cant upload pictures so if interested... ...
188.tropical fish stock 26/05/18 No
fishnfins angus Bronze cory £3 Peppered cory £3 Albino cory £3 Panda cory £5.50 2 for £10 Arcuatus cory £5 Punctatus cory £5 Ven black cory £7 L103 clown plecs adults £8.50 L397 plec £ 18 2 for £30 L340 mega clowns £25 L128 blue phantom plec (tiny) £25 Small bristlenos... ...
189.L025 scarlet plec 12” male pirarara Sao felix 7 pointer £ 250 sold 03/05/18 No
I have 2 L025 scarlet plecs Sao felix 7 pointer They are 12” in length And in perfect condition 1 is definitely a male £250 no offers please Both sold
190.Super Red Long fin Bristlenose Pleco @ 1 inch body size 01/05/18 Yes
Super red long fin bristlenose plecs, not able to sex at this size. Picture is of my male long fin £10 each. I also have normal fin reds from long fin females but a normal fin male £5 each or 10 x £40 Kept in treated water at 25 degrees with a water change every day. Fed on courgette, ... ...
191.Bristlenose Plecs 15/04/18 Yes
Bristlenose Plecs Adult Brown Bristlenose for sale. These are approx 4-5 inches in length. These have all been bred by us.   They are not juveniles but fully grown adults and with the right conditions will breed. Price is £10 each. We also have a stock of Rio Tocantin plecs. These are sl... ...
192.Wanted Albino Adonis plec 02/04/18 No
Hi. Im looking for albino Adonis plecs any size.
193.Wanted Albino common plecs 02/04/18 No
Hi. Im looking for albino Common pleco’s any size.
2 Pairs of breeding ALBINO BRISTLENOSE PLECS Healthy fish feeding well on Alegae wafers and courgette Great tank cleaners Community fish Collection only
195.Wanted 17/03/18 No
I stay away up north in Aberdeen I could travel to pick fish up or willing to pay postage I’m looking for Some zebra plecs, king tiger plecs or leopard frog plecs if anyone is selling and willing to post or even stay near top England I would travel for them
196.Red head synspillum 13/03/18 No
.3 red head synspillum around 4inch open to sensible offers or swaps for l number plecs
197.Wanted l number plecs 08/03/18 No
Cash waiting
198.Salvini Cichlids 07/03/18 Yes
Salvini Cichlids for sale 3" - 6" £10 or will swap for the right plecos but not common plecs. Please text or call instead of email. Thanks. Collection only from Gillingham Kent. Kevin 07450962696
199.4ftx2ftx15 inches tank and equipment - Free 16/01/18 No
4ft long X 2ft high X 15" wide aquarium. Originally a marine tank but now used for tropical fish. Previous owner told me he paid about £1000 for it. Cabinet is very tatty but solid. Comes with pump - aqua manta efx400, various rocks, plants etc. Currently has 2 large plecs and a few smaller fish i... ...
200.350ltr fish tank 15/01/18 Yes
Due to house move we have to sell our amazing tank and fish , the tank in excellent condition , we have lots of different fish from firemouths to plecs . Open to offers as we move soon and has to go .

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