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1.Free Lionhead Ranchu and friends 31/07/22 Yes
I am closing down my tank.. Meet Jeremy and his 2 friends, Jeremy is a Lionhead Ranchu goldfish and his 2 friends are normal Ranchu. All 3 are roughly 9cm long from tip to tail. Free to a good home
2.Black ranchu uk bred 20/07/22 Yes
Stunning healthy UK bred black ranchu 40 each,mother in 2nd photo,limited availability thanks for viewing
3.Black ranchu available x30 30/06/22 Yes
I have some lovely Japanese ranchu available also oranda ,Chinese ranchu and bubble eye,no timewasters,text me a message tx
4.Wanted Fancy Goldfish 31/03/22 No
Looking for fancy goldfish-NO normal goldfish MUST be fancy varieties like Ranchu, Lionhead, Orandas etc. Ideally locally to Southend on sea please ! Thank you very much
5.Quality ranchu available 05/12/21 Yes
Quality ranchu available
We have a lot of top quality Ranchu goldfish in stock. Prices from £10 to £35. Very hard to get at this quality. Collection only .
7.Various size Ranchu 15/05/21 Yes
Various sized Ranchu's for sale. Red/orange and sarassa's. £10-£20 in price each.
8.High Quality Fancy Goldfish & Coldwater Fish 12/11/20 Yes
From Newlyn Aquatics: New stock in store. New Black Ranchu in stock, Large Fancys available. We have a superb range of very high quality fancy goldfish on sale. please get in touch if you don't see what you want. If you would like individual photos of our fancies please get in touch and we can send ... ...
9.4ft fish tank .with 22 fancy goldfish 08/08/19 Yes
4ft fish tank with blue light.canister filter.and 22 fancy goldfish 12 ranchu.rest oranda and fantail.one black telescope.selling due to move must go 200pound the lot.thanks
10.Ranchu 24/07/19 No
Wanted, northwest, Cheshire, Shropshire, North Wales lancs area. Can any breeders of Top View Ranchu please get in touch.
11.Jin chu kai Tvr ranchu 07/11/18 Yes
12.Black Ranchu Wanted 23/03/18 No
Hi I'm on the look out for a good quality medium sized Black Ranchu with a decent hood growth.
13.Ranchu and Orandas 13/11/17 No
Hi there, I am looking for some good quality Orandas or Ranchu. If you could please e-mail me if you have some available. Thanks, Jordan
14.Japanese Ranchu 19/08/16 No
Japanese Ranchu for sale, all from very strong bloodlines (list to follow).Follow the link in the description for pics. 1st pic Ran Yu Oya (2 of these but only one picture), 2nd Jinchu Kai Oya, 3rd Jinchu Kai Oya, 4th Jinchu Kai Oya, 5th Jinchu Kai Nisai. All fish are being kept at around 30°C and ... ...
15.High End Fancy Goldfish 11/08/16 Yes
We have High Quality Fancy Goldfish for sale Personally selected from the farms 5 inch Broad tail Orandas £50 5 inch Short tail Orandas £50 3 Inch Black ranchu ,all with smooth curve back £30 4 inch ranchu , smooth curve back £50 Delivery to most of the UK
16.Lionhead.ranchus.orandas 02/10/15 No
We are looking for lionhead, ranchus,orandas,ryikyns....in the Devon area please .small ones not fully grown..thank you.
17.New Freshwater stock for both Tropical and Cold water fish at Jessy Aqarium 22/08/15 No
Cold water Gold weather loach Weather loach Assorted Bubble Eye Blue Oranda Chocolate Oranda Lionhead Ranchu Hong Kong Plec Yellow and Black Goldfish Black Comet Goldfish Red and Black Fantails Red Cap Oranda Shubunkins Assorted Fantails (3-4cm, 5-6cm and 8-10cm) Tropical Rainbow Cr... ...
18.Tropical fish Severums, Plecs, Cichlids 09/08/15 No
Updated stock list and prices for sale Hartlepool; Plecs and catfish L200 4 inch Hi Fin Green Phantom £25 each 15 inch Common plec £15 8 inch Common Plec £10 3 inch Gold Bristlenose £7.50 each 2 Inch Port Hole Catfish £3 each 2 for £5 2.5 inch Glass Catfish £2.50 each 2 inch ... ...
19.fancy goldfish ranchu red and white large fish five inches long 10/05/15 Yes
for sale a red and white ranchu superb condition. this fish is a large specimen ,five inches long. full bodied ,strong colour,good head. will look great in any show tank. any questions call andy on 07973828670
20.fancy goldfish ranchu white large fish five inches 10/05/15 Yes
for sale a large white ranchu five inches long. top quality fish in superb condition. full bodied ,strong colour,great head. will grace any show tank. any questions call andy on 07973828670 price £75.00
21.fancy goldfish ranchu large fish five inches 09/05/15 Yes
for sale a red and white ranchu. this is a big fish ,with good colour full bodied and a great head. will look great in a show tank. any questions call andy on 07973828670. i will be adding more like this in due course. price £75.00
KOI mix of grade A&B 3 to 4 incx £5 or 5 for £20 ghost koi 3 to 4 inch £4 Ogon 2 to 3 inch £3.50 blue orfe 2 to 3 inch £2 orange orfe 2 to 3 inch £2 goldfish 3 - 4 inch £2 black goldfish 1.5 to 2 inch £2 red & black goldfish 3 to 4 inch £3 yellow and black goldfish 2... ...
23.Shield Aquatics Stocklist & Marine Supplies Now In Stock 06/02/15 No
New range of marine products now in stock. All Ocean Nutrition foods, seaweeds & accessories, Seachem additives, conditioners & salt etc. Also selection of Carribsea substrates and accesories including life rock, dry and live sands plus more to follow Updated stocklist Trops - Mickey m... ...
24.Emsworth Aquatics Availability List 09/12/14 Yes
AVAILABLITY LIST LIVEBEARERS Assorted Mollies £2.60ea Balloon Mollies £2.85ea Assorted Male Guppies £2.25ea or 4 for £8.76 Female Guppies £1.80ea or 6 for £10.20 Male Endlers £2.25ea or 4 for £8.80 Assorted Platys £2.50ea Assorted Swordtails £3.00ea CICHLIDS Gold Severum £6... ...
25.Ranchu, Veiltails. 02/11/14 No
English bred ranchu, calico and metalic veiltails, bred by experienced breeder. Starting from £5 to show quality fish. collect only.
26.Ranchu white and calico 17/10/14 Yes
Fancy goldfish ranchu white and calico about 8 cm long also i have some small pearl scales . 6inch blackmoors 5inch red and white orandas
27.Fancy goldfish calico ranchu £10 .50 each 23/09/14 Yes
Calico ranchu 7cm can post at cost of £15 which is for 1 to 10 fish I can also get fancy coldfish to order up to 12cm ring for details 07743896556
28.Ranchu 15/09/14 No
Anyone in Northumberland/Durham breeding/selling show quality Ranchu ? looking for a couple of decent grown on fish if possible.
29.Ranchu , lionheads 31/08/14 No
wanted Ranchu or lionheads , any colour good price paid , i am in west midlands 07743896556
Our stock list and prices of what we have in at the moment are as followed.. Special orders can be made, as long as deposit is paid. Tropical Fish: JUST IN: 2 large Male Frontosa (Around 7inches and 9inches) - £60.00 each or £100.00 the pair. Topaz Puffer Fish (Around 5inches) - BACK IN ... ...
31.Ranchu for sale 03/06/14 No
Four Thai black ranchu and one Japanese red and white ranchu. collection only. £20
32.Maidenhead Aquatics Polhill - Kent 11/04/14 Yes
Stock list : Welcome here is a little list of what's currently available instore, please pay us a visit or call 01959 533519 'Like' our Facebook page - 'Maidenhead Aquatics Polhill Thanks- Shrimps Sunkist orange shrimp Cherry shrimp Crystal red shrimp Red rili shrimp - Sakura... ...
33.Ranchu oranda and lionhead fish wanted 12/02/14 No
Hi I am wanting any fancy goldfish, oranda, rachu or lion heads.
34.Ranchu 15/11/13 No
Hi I live in Fife. Can anyone help most adverts for ranchu's are from the midlands or southern England and collection only. Does anyone know any breeders or suppliers in Scotland I can contact for fish?
35.Ranchu , Calico or Black WANTED / swap Giant Oranda 10/10/13 Yes
Wanted Calico or Black Ranchu , high grade only also i have for sale a Giant black and white Oranda from star fisheries 7 inch long and only 12 months old or may deal for ranchur / lionheads The Oranda cost £250 form stars , open to offers
36.FANCY GOLDFISH 20/09/13 Yes
Hello, ;) I have two tanks one is 5 and half ft 2ft by 2ft and the other rant is 4 and half ft by 2ft by 2ft in the big tank I keep ranchus lionheads and orandas. I am looking for some more of these kinds .my second tank is set up ready to go just needs the fish ;) many thanks beau
37.New fish Stock at A.R.K. Pets & Aquatics Tyne & Wear 07/08/13 Yes
New stock now in, as well as stock in our existing adverts click on link! August 18 2013 OPEN SATURDAY 11 TIL 5 Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday noon till 5 or later! MALAWI TANGs CICHLIDS Haplochromis jacksoni ahli 10 - 12 cm £10.00 Aulonocara sp. red dragon 5-6 cm £1... ...
38.High Quality Fancy Goldfish 27/06/13 No
Hi All, I have some very high quality fancy goldfish for sale, I am closing down my system. One large Lion head, two slightly smaller Orandas (solid orange), one small Ranchu (yellow gold) & one red and white Ryukin. These are all very high quality fish imported by Star Fisheries, and are i... ...
40.AT AQUATICS 14/05/13 Yes
AT AQUATICS 133 Elmbridge Road Great Barr Birmingham B44 8AG 0121 356 8554 Stocking A good range of coldwater, Tropical and Large Tropical Fish. We have a good variety of all ranges of fish. Also stocking little and large unusual's from baby shrimp, frogs and lobsters to arowanas, piran... ...
41.tropical & cold water fish plus mucles and shrimp etc 03/05/13 Yes
PLEASE PM US, SEE IN STORE OR CALL FOR PRICES ……………………………………………………………………… SHRIMP & MUSCLES Scribbled Muscle 2.5cm Rili – Sakura Shrimp Red Cherry – fire Shrimp Red Pinokio Shrimp Red Skunk Shrimp ………………………... ...
42.Heterobranchus Longifilis (Vundu) 04/01/13 Yes
For sale my Heterobranchus Longifilis who is approximately 16 - 18" long and in immaculate condition. He will need to live on his own as very aggressive and will not tolerate companions in the same aquaria. He will eat just about anything and everything!!!!! This species is an uncommon impo... ...
43.wanted ranchu/ lionheads 02/12/12 No
hi any body selling ranchu / lionheads bigger the better contact me thanks derek
44.complete fishhouse closure 16/05/12 No
45.wanted 04/04/12 No
orandas red caps and calicos and ranchus can travel 40m from manchester call andy 07881558448
Hi I am looking for either a store, or breeder who has show quality Goldfish. I am very happy to buy young fish and rear them on. I am looking for ryukins, jinkins, ranchu / lionhead, and British standard "common" Goldfish. I am also keen to join a club any advice in London / southea... ...
47.Amwell Aquatics Epping Tropical Freshwater Stocklist: 05/01/12 05/01/12 No
* = New in Stock Tetras **NEW** Sunshine Neon Tetra - Pacheirodon innesi*** X-Ray Tetra – Pristella maxillaris Glass Bloodfin Tetra – Prionobrama filigera January Tetra - Hemigrammus hyanuary* Purple Emperor tetra - Inpaichthys Kerri "super blue" Kerri Tetra - Inpaichthys Kerri Bleed... ...
48.good quality ranchu wanted 17/05/11 No
Hi, I am a ranchu enthusiast in Aberdeen, Scotland. Finding it hard to get good quality ranchu in the local area. looking for a ranchu breeder in scotland or north england who might have some good fish for sale.Good price paid Contact via e-mail kevinjohnstone9@hotmail.com
49.Silver Dollars 14/04/11 Yes
Three 5"-6" Silver Dollars for sale. £20.00 for all three. Buyer to collect from Ranchu Aquatics, Selby. To reserve, please phone 01757 212325.
50.Fancy goldfish available (and common goldfish, if wanted) 06/03/11 Yes
Due to having sold our large aquarium, we have x7 fancy goldfish that need re-homing. We have: x2 chocolate orandas x1 orange and white oranda x1 panda moor x1 orange pearlscale x1 black (pewter) ranchu x1 white ranchu NOTE - these were what they were sold to us as. However now 2-3 ye... ...
51.Ranchu + Lionhead goldfish wanted 24/02/11 No
hi i am looking for some lionhead or ranchu goldfish to join the fancy goldfish i already have. thanks
52.Ranchu for sale 30/01/11 Yes
I have a good quality red and white ranchu that is in need of a new home. Disease free and very spunky but he's just not a good fit for my tank. He's perfect with most of my other fish but will not leave my big oranda alone. Would probably do best with other spunky fish. He's about 2.5-3" long. ... ...
53.WANTED fancy gold large orandas ranchus lionheads 11/09/10 No
Please call 07584298842
Up for sale is 3 of my much loved & healthy fancy goldfish. 1 is a massive 7" Ranchu with a big Girth , which costed me £120 two years ago. 1 is a 6.5" Black oranda (costed £30) 1 is a 5-6" orange oranda ( costed £25) Sad to see them go but needed to make room for some more... ...
55.Rare Japanese Ranchu 3-3.5 inches for £25 each 22/08/10 Yes
We have a few rare Japanese ranchu available. They are between 3-3.5" and are kept in my purpose build indoor pond and would be ideal for someone looking for something different. Can organise for the fish to be delivered for £25. Kindly contact me on 07985548884 for more details.
56.Pure Black Ranchu Top grade - 2.5-3 inches for £15 and 4.5-5 inches for £70 each 22/08/10 Yes
We have a few pure black ranchu available at two sizes. Smallest is between 2.5-3" for £15 each and bigger size for breeding for £70 each. These fish are kept in a purpose build indoor pond and would be ideal for someone looking for something different. Can organise for the fish to be deliv... ...
57.Ranchu wanted. Stardust, Sakura, Zebra, 10/07/10 No
Ranchu of any size wanted. We would like to house one or two of the following Ranchu: Sakura Ranchu Momiji Ranchu Satrdust Ranchu Zebra Ranchu Edo-nishiki Azuma-nishiki or any other unusual Ranchu Our beloved Ranchu has passed away yesterday having been with us for 4 years. We woul... ...
58.ranchu fry 05/07/10 Yes
ranchu fry for sale around 30 fish.These fish are feeding well on bloodworm.please call for details.thanks danny
59.red /white ranchu 19/06/10 Yes
red white ranchu 4in nice fish £20 pounds
60.large ranchu and orandafor sale very cheap fancy goldfish 15/03/10 No
4 to 5 inch fish.phone to make me a offer.i will sell them cheap.21 fish for sale.07770285512 danny
61.calcio orandas and ranchus wanted 12/03/10 No
hi iv been looking round 4 some quality calcio orandas and ranchus and havent come across any so i would just like some information if any1 is selling some or if any1 knows wear i can buy some from as i am really struggling 2 find any i live in dudley area but wil travel 2 get thm if thy re good qua... ...
62.3 Year old Ranchu, Black Moor and Lionhead, free to a loving home 14/02/10 No
1 Male Black Moor, 1 Male Gold/white Lionhead, 1 golden Ranchu (?sex). I have had them for 3 years from baby and now due to change in circumstances I haven't got time to look after them. Free to a loving home, (tank/equipment not included) Kentish Town
63.fancy goldfish wanted 23/11/09 No
orandas and ranchu wanted.greater manchester area.many thanks danny.07770285512
64.ranchu fancy goldfish wanted 26/10/09 Yes
please call 07770285512 .many thanks
65.FREE GOLDFISH 29/03/08 No
I have 1 Red Cap Oranda and one Black Ranchu about 6 months old and very healthy. Due to an unexpected move I will not be able to give them the care and attention they deserve. I would much rather pass them onto an experienced owner, All I ask is that new owner contacts me and lets me know about the... ...
66.Show Standard Ranchu 17/01/07 No
Show quality Ranchu surplus to current stock. Excellent breeding fishes. All ex Thai Ranchu Centre, via personal import. Reds / Red & Whites & some Blacks. £20 to £25 each. Also available quality youngsters, bred 2006. £10 each.
67.Showclass Bristol Shubunkins 17/01/07 No
Show class Bristol Shubunkins in North East Scotland. Currently 1- 1.5 inches & showing excellent colour and exceptional finnage. Adult /some young pics available. Young for £5-00 to £7-50 each. Also some show quality red / red & white Ranchu for sale (ex Thailand origin). Showclass com... ...
Can you help me ? I'm looking for high quality lionheads and Ranchu. Cheers Rich
Looking for top quality fancy goldfish in the N.West area but willing to travel for the right fish. Mainly looking for lionheads, ranchu, oranda. Thanks Rich 01978 750516 or 07799112163 Anyone dealt with Mr Sutton of Birmingham ? Please mail me with experience . Thanks.
70.Gold fishes for sale 21/03/06 Yes
71.I Am Breaking My Marine Tank Down (offers welcome) 29/07/05 Yes
Ok here goes guys I need to get rid of all my livestock first, and I would prefer if it was all in one go. Live rock approx 40-50kg open to offers on the rock Branch rock approx 10kg open to offers on the rock LIVE STOCK: 2 x Clarkii Clown - Amphiprion clarkii (will not split) £50 the ... ...
Any offer over £1000 will be considered so please dont hesitate to make me a offer. Complete marine tank setup inc fish, corals & inverts all listed below, this tank as been setup for approx 11 months with no problems to date. TANK: 48"(L) X 18"(W) X 24(D), Tank is Painted &a... ...
73.Looking for good quality Lionheads / Ranchus / Orandas 07/07/05 No
I am new in fancy goldfish keeping and am looking for good quality lionheads, ranchus or Orandas. Prefer to buy the stock from reputable breeders in KT3 or SW20 area. Any help will be much appreciated.
74.Good Quality Fancy Goldfish Wanted 06/03/05 No
I am looking for good quality fancy goldfish to build up my stocks so that I can start breeding fish again after a 12 year break. I would rather buy from enthusiasts than from other outlets, so if you have any Orandas, lionheads, ranchus, moors etc. I am prepared to travel to view and purchase.
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