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1.Rare plecos and shrimp for sale 31/07/21 Yes
PLECOS Queen arabesque £40 Snowball 20 SHRIMP Blue shrimp £2 Red shrimp £1 Southend Essex Postage £20 07512210106
2.Tank for sale Aqua Oak Aquarium 24/07/21 Yes
Aqua Oak Aquarium for sale. Due to disability I am unable to care for it so this sale is for a Complete setup. including all equipment and and even more , too much to list and also community tetra fish (approx 27) and assain snails and an armoured shrimp. Price ; £ 600 ono. NEEDS TO GO A.S.A... ...
3.for sale red shrimp 24/07/21 Yes
I have red shrimp for sale they are quarter of a inch in size £1 each bring something to put them in....you will not be disappointed with them..
4.Tropical comunity fish 22/07/21 No
Tropical comunity fish for sale ; 10 Neons 5 Rummy nose 3 Galaxy Rasboro 3 Serpae tetra 3 Blacktip tetra 3 flame tetra 1 purple empower 3 yellow stripe snails, Malaysian trumpet snails 2 Armoured shrimps.
5.The Fish Barn Stock list 13/07/21 No
NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE £28.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery By 12:00pm For Scotland please enquire. We do request that customers come and view our stock to see and select the fish of your choice. Crustaceans: Neocaridina: Red Fire Shrimp £4.00 each 6/£22.00 Yellow Fir... ...
6.Mix of 23 tropical fish and shrimp 12/07/21 Yes
Breaking down my tank to sell but need rid of the livestock first. £55 for them all Bought 18 months ago 2 x Neon green rasbora 4 x Amano shrimp Bought 11 months ago 2 x Electric blue rams 2 x Cherry barbs (female) 10 x Cardinal tetra 1 x Otto 2 x Armoured shrimp
7.Wanted corydorus and red shrimp in West Sussex 04/05/21 No
I am looking for some corydorus and red shrimp to put in my wife's guppy tank, I live in Worthing, so closer the better for me, please message or text with details and cost, many thanks
8.L24s l25 3 beacons l037shrimp l236 15/12/20 No
L24x2 10 inch + L25 3/4 inch L037 group of 7 (rarely seen for sale 3 beacons x 3 6inch to 8inch L236 few different sizes Cheery red shrimps
9.Nice red Shrimps 03/12/20 No
Cherry shrimp £1.50ea or 10 for £10
10.Koi fighters/ com set up/ odd balls 30/08/20 Yes
3 female koi fighters, 1 male koi fighter, 4 ember tetras, 1 black phantom, 2 XL green tiger barbs, XL white armoured shrimp, bronze Cory, upside catfish, panda gara gara, tire track eel 6 inches, african knife 4 inches, female bristle nose. £40 for the lot Feel free to message for individual f... ...
11.Nano tank complete setup (shrimp) 12/05/20 Yes
Fluval spec in white comes with light, built in filter and a heater. It has breeding group of flame red shrimp hard to guess the amount as there are lots from babies to berried females and 6 neon green rasbora and a few assassin snails. Comes with all plants. Open to offers would consider swapping ... ...
12.WANTED red cherry shrimp 02/02/20 No
looking for some nice red shrimp -- can collect durham / teeside area please contact with details thanks
13.Fluval Roma 240 led with oak coloured unit - Haywards heath 14/01/20 No
Due to life changes I am unable to put a lot of time in to this now and it becoming harder to maintain it. 240l fluval tank plus oak unit good condition just needs good clean Extra: Fluval Fresh and plant led 2.0 Co2 unit Flow pump 2x 23l containers Plants, bog wood, lava rock Fish: 5... ...
14.Fish tank full set up 13/01/19 Yes
Hi. I have a Juwel 180 aquarium for sale together with a cabinet. Includes Eheim heater, Eheim internal filter 2012, TetraTec EX800 external filter, original Juwel LED lighting, many plants and fish. Guppies, sword-tail, gourami. A lot of corydoras: about 10 panda, leopard, albino, bronze. A lot of ... ...
15.Live corals, Inverts, Live rock, in Complete Marine Tank 16/08/18 Yes
Selling a complete Marine aquarium. This is my pride and joy very mature Marine Fluval 190L black corner aquarium. Selling only because of present unforeseen circumstances and very sad to see it go. Selling as a complete set up for £450. Grab yourselves a bargain. Sensible offers welcome fo... ...
16.Fire Red Shrimp 06/08/18 No
£2each great colour
17.Fully Revised Stock List - The Aquatic Store Bristol 09-05-2018 09/05/18 Yes
Tetras: Super Ringo Owando Tetra (Very Rare) Red Congo Tetra (Alestopetersius Brichardi) RARE Black Neon Tetra Yellow Neon Tetra Marble Hatchet Fish Giant Silver Hatchet Fish Cardinal Tetra (Super Condition) Red Phantom Tetra Black Phantom Tetra Red Eyed Tetra Flame Tetra Super Oran... ...
18.Complete marine set up, everything must go 21/01/18 No
I have a 6ft 6 marine set up with queen and flame angel, 4 clowns and red shrimp. Live rock, skimmer, internal and external filter plus power heads. Moving very soon so all must go. Any fair offers but must arrange to collect.
19.Crystal red shrimp 30/12/17 Yes
Here I am offering crystal red shrimp 10 Shrimp for just £35 including postage Postage to anywhere in the UK for other areas please ask for postage price
20.Good selection of Freshwater Shrimp available @ The Aquatic Store Bristol 03/09/17 Yes
We pride ourselves on proving some of the highest quality tank bred freshwater shrimp available. Most are bred locally with Neocaridina being line bred by some of the top breeders across europe. Current stocks include: Shrimp/ Snail: Red Ramshorn snails nice nerite snails NEW Assassin sn... ...
Updated Stock list 15/09/2017 Corydoras/CW Numbers: CW028 Corydoras Super Schwartzi STUNNING XXL STORE FIRST Limited Corydoras Gold Lasers F1 XL NEW super condition C12 Corydoras Punctatus NICE CW009 Green lazer Corydoras SUPER CONDITION XL STORE FIRST Limited CW051 Corydoras sp VERY NICE... ...
22.25 x CRS (Crystal Red Shrimp) with Juwel Rekord 96 tropical tank 03/09/17 No
Juwel Aquarium full working order 40cm X 30cm x 80cm (Depth, Width, Length) - approximately 96L Monolux 80 Hood & Light unit. Juwel Heater Juwel Filter Juwel Powerhead Juwel hood and light unit 2x air pump 2x sponge filters 25 litre bucket Gravel cleaner 1 small piece of Bogwood Half-used... ...
23.crystal red shrimps 03/10/16 Yes
15 crystal red shrimps from my breeding tank for 35pounds kept in 23 temp TDS 160-200, feed dried nettle, frozen garden peas, spirulina and moringa, pellet from Genchem biomax and bloodworm pellet and green lipped mussel pellet water change weekly about 4-5% shrimp for sale size about 1.5 cm ( ... ...
24.crystal red shrimp grades A, S, SS, SSS 24/09/16 Yes
Crystal reds 1.5-2.5 cm, (red and black available) grades as in the title FROM £2.8 0each( sold in lots of 5 or more) Pick up from SW London, KT4 Surrey or special delivery delivery 1 PM for £7 Please write to lujarus@yahoo.com. P.S. On picture genuine SS red.
25.Going for a bargain 03/08/16 Yes
Sadly we are getting rid of our aquarium and have the fish/critters below for sale... 2 clownfish (mature) 3 corries About 10 mixed tetras (neon, rummy, glow light) 2 cherry shrimp 1 armoured shrimp (called Maurice) 3 Congo tetra 3 mature torpedo barbs (mature) 1 plec All fish/critters ... ...
26.cherry red shrimp £1.50 13/06/16 No
Red Cherry Shrimps. Mix of males and females, sizes. Males not available through shops so store bought shrimps won't breed. Cherry shrimp form an important part of a tank's ecosystem by breaking down organic waste which beneficial bacteria can't process. Tanks with shrimp are therefore much heal... ...
27.Crystal Red Shrimp CRS - Tewkesbury GLOS 03/03/16 Yes
For sale, juvenile crystal red shrimp grade s+ and higher. Currently kept in remineralised RO water. £4 each or 10 for £35 collection only. Truly fascinating creatures, sensitive to water conditions though. Please ensure you know how to climatise these, and how to care for them. The be... ...
28.Job lot Fully Equipped 30L Planted Dennerle Nano Cube Aquarium inc fish & accessories £350 30/01/16 No
Job lot!!! Fully Equipped 30L Planted Dennerle Nano Cube Aquarium with fish and extra tank & accessories £350 As much as this pains me to do and say, Im selling my beloved Aquarium. Ive owed it for several years now and it’s gone through many phases, designs & layouts as Aquascaping was one... ...
29.Red shrimps 22/07/15 Yes
25 cheery shrimps male & female for £15 young shrimp £50p or 50 for £20 orenge shrimps £1ea
30. TODAY Robin Hood Aquarists Nottingham Spring Auction 12th April 2015 12/04/15 No
The Robin Hood Aquarists are holding their Spring Auction on Sunday 12th April 2015 at the usual venue of the Highbank Community Centre, Farnborough Road, Clifton, Nottingham. NG11 9DG. Doors open and booking in from 11.30am and the auction starts at 12 noon. Refreshments will be available throug... ...
31.90 Species of Marine Fish Due in Stock Thursday 26th March (BRADFORD, WEST YORKSHIRE) 18/03/15 No
We have over 600 fish across 90 marine species available to purchase from Thursday - Take a look at our prices and come visit us BLUE FACE ANGEL (Juv.) / Euxiphippops xanthometapon 95 EMPEROR ANGEL (JUV.) / Pomacanthus imperator 55 EMPEROR ANGEL (ADULT) / Pomacanthus imperator 85 FLAME ANG... ...
32.ALL my shrimp for sale - Leaving the hobby 04/01/15 No
I have 2 small aqua one cube tanks (approx. 50-55litres each) that I have run for a while now, 1 tank has crystal black shrimp in and the other tank has crystal reds in. also with the crystal blacks I have half dozen micro rasboras and 5/6 lemon bristlenose fish (small ish) included in with th... ...
33.Emsworth Aquatics Availability List 09/12/14 Yes
AVAILABLITY LIST LIVEBEARERS Assorted Mollies £2.60ea Balloon Mollies £2.85ea Assorted Male Guppies £2.25ea or 4 for £8.76 Female Guppies £1.80ea or 6 for £10.20 Male Endlers £2.25ea or 4 for £8.80 Assorted Platys £2.50ea Assorted Swordtails £3.00ea CICHLIDS Gold Severum £6... ...
Clifton Aquatics has opened in Sydenham, London. We are a family run shop selling tropical and coldwater fish. Address is: 90 Sydenham Road London SYdenham Se26 5JX Open mon -sat 10-5.30 Sun 10-2 Closed on wednesdays We have a good selection of tropical fish and hopefully something to... ...
35.Horsham Water Gardens - Cold water and Tropical fish and Dry goods 12/11/14 Yes
HORSHAM WATER GARDENS We stock a huge range of fish from puffers to eels to L number plecos. Fish Stock COLD WATER Fancy Goldfish Weather loaches Axolotl Danios Minnows Hill stream loach TROPICAL FISH PUFFERS Frog Puffers South American Puffers Congo Puffers Figure 8 Puffers Dragon... ...
36.Pure red line Crystal red shrimp mixed grades s-ss 27/09/14 No
Beautiful looking shrimp much better than normal crystal red with prominent whites and reds. I am selling 10 for £30 and that comes with healthy green moss grown in a separate plant only tank custom made for growing plants. I can also post and delivery will be £8.99. Payment can be made via PayP... ...
37.6" Galaxy Plec for sale & others 10/08/14 Yes
Closing down my tropical tank, various fish for sale, see below: - 6" galaxy plec. Nice and chunky example, good markings, very healthy - £45 - 4" Blue Phantom Plec - 3.5" Green Phantom Plec - 4x Debauwi catfish (African black and silver glass catfish family) - Gabon... ...
38.SHRIMP - Crystal Red S/SS/SSS Grades 21/05/14 Yes
For sale are some of my Crystal Red Shrimp S,SS,SSS grades for sale and they start at £2.50 each. I dont sell adult shrimp as that means you get a fair share of males and females.
39.Maidenhead Aquatics Polhill - Kent 11/04/14 Yes
Stock list : Welcome here is a little list of what's currently available instore, please pay us a visit or call 01959 533519 'Like' our Facebook page - 'Maidenhead Aquatics Polhill Thanks- Shrimps Sunkist orange shrimp Cherry shrimp Crystal red shrimp Red rili shrimp - Sakura... ...
40.Importing marine fishes from source by order to public half price to shops 23/02/14 Yes
Choose fish from list, orders in by every weds or Thursday pick up Tuesday evening havant Hampshire call to order 07568138591 Darren AE01 BROWN FLAT ANEMONES 11.21 AE02 WHITE FLAT ANEMONES 12.81 AE03M PURPLE FLAT ANEMONES (M) 16.01 AE04M BROWN CARPET ... ...
41.Juwel 180 marine tank full set up 23/06/13 Yes
Juwel 180 tank and stand and juwel filter and pump set up. red sea prism skimmer and eheim classic pump/filter with front flow sticks.over £200 of live rock also live sand some mushroom coral and orange tree coral 1x marine guppy 1x blood red shrimp 1x sandsifting starfish a few hermit crab and tor... ...
42.Natural Organic Food & Water Conditioning Solutions - crystal red shrimp, cherry shrimp, arowana, betta, discus, crayfish 23/04/13 Yes
Nobody really likes adding chemicals to their tanks! We strongly believe in and stock Almond / Catappa Leaves & Bark, Banana Leaves, Alder Cones and more natural water conditioning and food products. All highly regarded for their anticeptic healing properties, biofilm growth encouragement and pH ... ...
43.Marine tank, full set up. 28/03/13 Yes
Juwel marine tank, working set up,23.5" x 16" x 23.5", overall height 51.5". 7 fish - Banana wrasse, Dartfish, 2x Clown fish, 3 Chromis, large red shrimp, anemones. Spare salt, food. Power filter, water testing kit with salinity tester. £300 Stockley, Wiltshire. 07764531790.
44.Cherry Red Shrimps 1£ each 09/02/13 No
Cherry Red Shrimps they are greet cleaners and a great addition to community tank. Size approx 1 cm upwards males and females. If you buy more than 10 I will add extra Java moss, or Hygrophila corymbosa (nice read-purple colour) I have also Endler's guppy fry. 1£ each Heathfield TQ126
45.crystal red shrimp 06/01/13 Yes
Hi, selling off a few of my crystal red shrimp. These are lower grade between a and c, still very colorful shrimp, easy to keep and breed. £2.50each North shields text me in interested 07920405077
46.Cherry red shrimp 30/12/12 No
I have some Cherry red shrimp available for sale at 50p Each to get rid quickly due to the speed of the colony breeding, All are now over 1cm and growing, Nice colours. Collection only
47.4 Red Cherry Shrimp and 1 Crystal Red Shrimp 10/12/12 No
I have 4 red cherry shrimp and 1 crystal red shrimp for sale all for £5. This is due to the introduction of a new angelfish to my tank who will eat them when he's big enough. They require a heated and filtered tank free from predators such as cichlids. They're good algae eaters and compatible w... ...
48.Juwel Rio 125 - Planted Tropical Tank Complete Set Up with Livestock 01/11/12 Yes
Up for sale is my Juwel Rio 125 planted tropical set up with livestock. The aquarium has been running for approximately 2 years with upmost care however I have decided to close down this tank due to our new arrival at home. The factory attached box filter has been replaced with 2 internal cani... ...
49.Breeding group of Crystal red shrimp WILL SHIP 17/10/12 Yes
I have a Breeding group of 35 adult Crystal red shrimp. all over 1cm (full adults) Mixed grades A,B,C 5+ Females holding eggs I have hundreds of young from these therefore wanting to get rid of the adults to start on another shrimp type. £50 the lot ono Scott
50.Complete Marine Set up including Equipment and Marine Fish 14/10/12 Yes
Complete marine set up for sale to include : Juwel Trigon 350ltr bow fronted corner tank and base unit, fitted with T5 highlight bulbs and blue lighting Tunze Reefpack 500 filter and skimmer VBio fluidised sand bed filter V Vection UVsteriliser Ehiem external filter Koralia water movemen... ...
51.For Sale or swap 03/09/12 No
2 x Bamboo shrimp and 1 x amano shrimp £10 or swap for Crystal Red shrimp contact Frazer or Tom in Sleaford.
52.Crystal red shrimp 06/06/12 No
Hi i have a selection of crystal red shrimps available from grade A up to SS, email for pics and prices Please use email address below Email address ripped234@hotmail.co.uk
53.Interpet River Reef 94L Complete Marine Tank Setup For Sale 10/03/12 No
Interpet River Reef 94L black. One dwarf angel fish and one clown fish, 1 red shrimp, 1 blue knuckle crab, 1 bristle leg starfish, 25kg live rock, cabinet, refractometer, salt, spare bulb, misc bits. Make me an offer. Moving to smaller house. Thanks. Nr Stamford, Lincs, PE9 4RH.
54.Arcadia Tank - Red Cherry Shrimp Breeding Set Up( Tropical Fish ) 05/03/12 Yes
Selling my planted red cherry shrimp breeding set up due to lack of time and new found intrest in marine. Tank comes with light unit, sponge filter & air pump, heater, 3 packs of food ( 1 open ), All plants including a fair bit of java moss. There is around 100 - 150 cherry shrimp in the tank at ... ...
55.Marine aquarium (300 Ltrs) complete set up. 05/02/12 Yes
Jewel Rio (300Ltrs) tank and dark wood effect cabinet in very good condition. All of the fish and invertebrates are in are in excellent condition through weekly maintenance and water changes. EQUIPMENT. Tank and cabinet. Approx 50 kgs of living rock. Sump tank 30 Ltrs Top up tank includin... ...
56.monster reef tank and equipment- FISH 04/02/12 No
now for the fish! Adult emperor angel - £80 (beautiful colours) 3 Yellow tangs- £25 EACH or all 3 for £60 Adult carribean blue tang- £70 Massive 9 inch long nosed black tang- £800 ONO Adult Fox face- £25 Blue Asifu Angel- £40 5 red shrimp £50 2 Gobis ... ...
57.COMPLETE SET UP... 10/01/12 Yes
complete marine aquarium 4ft fluval vicenza all spec @ http://www.seapets.co.uk/products/aquarium-supplies/aquariums/fluval/fluval-vicenza-aquarium-sets/fluval-vicenza-260-aquarium-and-cabinet-oak-and-wenge.html i also have put some videos of this on my youtube account for you to view vie... ...
58.Crystal Red Shrimp, Crystal Black and Snow White 07/11/11 No
I have a selection of different shrimp available due to an upcoming house move. SSS CRS £20 SS CRS £10 SS CBS £10 Snow White £10 I can post anywhere in the UK for £6 (Royal Mail Next Day Deliver)
59.please read fantastic complete marine setup cheap 14/09/11 Yes
selling my fluval osaka 180 litre 4 month old tank with stand n overhung light (2xtfve)unit worth £900+ so far lookin for £550 ono....comes complete with.... Fluval 20five external filter, v300 protien skimmer tmc, tmc uv sterilizer, 27 kilo live rock DD refractometre heater, with.. two ... ...
60.crystal red shrimp for sale 11/09/11 No
A grade crystal red shrimp for sale £2.50 each or £20 for 10 local pick up only in leyland lancs call ste on 01772 459259 or e mail at charlie.ste@btinternet.com sakura shrimp and plants also avalible
61.sakura shrimp 11/09/11 No
stunning bright red shrimp can be kept with crystal reds and will not hybridize 10 for £20 colection only in leyland lancs call ste on 07737418643 or e mail charlie.ste@btinternet.com c,r,s also avalible at same price good quality grade a
62.wanted Crystal Red Shrimp 22/08/11 No
I am looking to buy CRS preffered colletion area leicester low grade CRS.
63.Taiwanese Fire Red Shrimp Cull Stock (Cherry Shrimp) 18/07/11 No
For sale is the cull stock from my lot of Taiwanese Fire Red shrimp. Cull stock are generally due to selective breeding which breeders separate the stock which don't qualify the color intensity. Suffice to say the shrimp are not deformed or unhealthy in anyways. There are currently 2 levels of cu... ...
64.BARGAIN Complete Marine Setup including fish corrols ect 16/07/11 Yes
Complete marine set up 4ft bowed juwel tank Doncaster. At least 60lb of live rock, and over 30lb 0f live sand. 2 1050 Aquis external canister filters, original juwel internal filter and a 750 l/h internal filter with built in U.V. light.3 power heads and 3 wave makers. 4 large corrals,at leas... ...
65.Crystal Red Shrimp 02/07/11 Yes
Now available, 20+ Crystal Red Shrimp; excellent colour (see pics) £4 individualy or cheaper for bulk buy.have seen in shops for considerably more than what im looking for. collection only. cheers, allan
66.New stock at Aquabatic 25/06/11 No
For all the nano tank aquarists out there we have: Superb fire red shrimp Bee Shrimp Crystal reds Green shrimp Zebra snails Fish for nanos some great lamp eyes. Great plant selection again at great prices. What some retailers call 'dutch select' and sell for £5 a pot, we beat quality ... ...
67.Cherry Red Shrimp 24/06/11 No
I have some Cherry red shrimp available for sale at 50p Each to get rid quickly due to the speed of the colony breeding, All are now over 1cm and growing, They are starting to colour up a little now and parents are a deep red colour. Prefer collection but will post out at cost.
68.Complete marine set up ### SOLD ### Surrey/Hants 11/06/11 Yes
After much deliberation, I have decided to sell my 4'6" X 24" X 24" complete (still running) marine aquarium. It comes complete with everything - All livestock, live rock, corals enough treatments & chemicals to continue running this set up for several months without having to buy anything. It has b... ...
69.Complete marine set up ### SOLD ### Surrey/Hants 11/06/11 Yes
After much deliberation, I have decided to sell my 4'6" X 24" X 24" complete (still running) marine aquarium. It comes complete with everything - All livestock, live rock, corals enough treatments & chemicals to continue running this set up for several months without having to buy anything. It has ... ...
72.WANTED: Fan Shrimp 10/03/11 No
Does anyone have any fan shrimp or armoured shrimp that can no longer house, or are willing to sell? I really want one for my 120l community tank. Please contact me if there is anyone who can help me.
73.Red Sea Max 130 complete set up 09/02/11 No
for sale is my RSM 130, the tank is in good condition with a couple of small minor scratches on the glass. The cabinet is in good condition, with no dents or scratches. Hardware - RSM 130 tank, with lights changed 5 months ago, led nightlights all working properly. All pumps in good working order... ...
74.cherry red shrimp 20/12/10 No
only £1 each can deliver
75.RED SHRIMP 28/08/10 No
Red shrimp for sale all sizes from 3mm to near adult 20-25mm 50p each , please call between 6pm & 9pm..
I have for sale a fluval roma 125 litre aquarium with lid. It comes with a beech/chocolate colour stand, external filter, heater, air stones, seperate quarantine(spare) tank, nets, food, suction tube for water changes, treatments, spares for filter etc. It is fully stocked with a tropical freshwater... ...
77.Aqua One 65 litres including livestock 14/02/10 No
Fully established tank for over a year. All stock in great health and includes African Dwarf Frogs Endlers Sukari Super Red Shrimp (breeding) Pearl Blue Shrimp Plants incl 4 Crtypo Wendtii sand Java Moss. For collection only, water volume will be reduced to 10 litre, simply take it ho... ...
78.Crystal Red Shrimp, Bee shrimp, Freshwater 20/11/09 Yes
The UK's Finest Crystal red shrimp, all UK bred, all grades for sale P&P is £8.99 this includes next day delivery, with a 40 HR heat pack included.. DOA is refunded. Please take a look.
79.Crystal Red shrimp, sulawesi shrimp, 29/09/09 No
Here we have a offer on S-SS Grade shrimp. a Classic 6 pack, great for any shrimp fan! Please take a look!
80.Assassin Snails from only £1.24 each, Crystal red shrimp from only £6.99 each and more 03/06/09 Yes
Snail Shop has been running since 2002 and has a wide range of invertebrates for the freshwater aquarium for sale. We send all our order via Special APC Couriers - ensuring a safe and swift delivery of your livestock. All orders are covered by our live arrival guarantee! CURRENT OFFERS: ~... ...
81.Crystal Red Shrimp 2 pound each Co. Durham Freshwater CRS 18/05/09 Yes
Hi, I have home bred Crystal Red Caridina Shrimp for sale for 2 pounds each including postage (min order 15 ), you can choose between adult or juvenile.They are grade B & A's .Try anywhere to find cheaper !! I'll only deliver in a 10 mile radius of Newton Aycliffe ! Though buyer can collect. ... ...
82.marine set up 23/03/09 Yes
hi i have a fluval rio 240 fish tank and full set up for sale with living rock a piece of corral plus some fish 1 fox face 1 blue cheek goby 1 blue stripe wrasse 1 dotty back 2 stripe dart fish 2 clown fish 1 goby 1 bi colour angel 1 spotted hog fish 1 crab 2 red shrimps 1 red sea potei... ...
83.Black CRS Shrimp (S Grade) Blue Tigers (Golden eye!) Shrimp and more! 05/02/09 No
We have a selection of tank bred shrimp - orginating from high quality Japanese bloodlines. S Grade Black crystal shrimp £14.99. RARE blue tiger shrimp £12.99 and RARE golden eye blonde tiger shrimp from £9.99. Also Amano algae shrimp! Assassin snails.
84.Planted Fluval Roma 240 06/08/08 Yes
Complete setup 240l Fluval Roma with oak cabinet for sale. Comes complete with: Fluval 305 external filter Fluval Tronic 300w heater Dual light hood with 2 40w bulbs (1 aqua-glo, 1 power-glo) Hagen Glo dual T5 starter with 2 39w bulbs (currently drilled into hood flaps, but I have unmarked sp... ...
85.Complete Marine Reef setup 06/07/08 Yes
AQua One 6 x 6 x 2 Marine aquarium, a complete reef setup comprising of the folowing: Tank, cabinet and hood, buitifull tank with folded front edges, extra deep hood conceals all lighting equipment .Aqua one 3 x 250 watt metal Halide with 14,000K lamps (very blue) external ballast with timer. 2 x 5'... ...
86.marine fish tank for sale 31/05/07 No
7'x2'x2' hi i have very nice tank for sale due to moving house i can no longer keep this size tank i am letting it go for a bargain i have spent around £9000 for this tank and all i am asking £3000 for it here is a list of equipment that comes with it 6'giesmann lighting 110kilos of live rock se... ...
87.Fish for sale (Pickup only Edinburgh) 28/03/07 No
ALL LIVESTOCK SOLD. TANK, MH AND PUMPS SHOULD BE GOING TOMORROW (EASTER FRIDAY). IF NOT, I WILL ADJUST THIS ADVERT WITH PRICES AND REMAINING ITEMS. THANKS. I have the following for sale: 1 x Regal Tang (3-4") 1 x Purple Tang (3-4") 1 x Yellow Tang (3-4") 2 x Wild Percs / 1 x Tank Breed with... ...
88.juwel vision 260 full marine set-up + live rock+fish 01/09/04 Yes
im selling my juwel vision 260 bow front tank,comes with matching black ash cabinet. comes with lid and lights(marine white+atinic blue) include is uv sterliser (cost 150 pounds) eheim proffessional 2 2026 upto 720 litre tank(160 gallon!)cost 149 pounds also a eheim pro 2 2028(massive) aga... ...
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