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1.sunburst anemones,Superman Rhodactis mushroom large,Lime in the sky acro. 11/04/24 Yes
Stunning colorado Sunburst Anemones:£30 each Superman Rhodactis mushroom large:£25 each Zoe's frags and small colony pieces. Xxl green toadstool. Xxl candy cane colony. Stunning home grown Fungia. I also have various other coral frags,Aussie gold torches,Aussie gold hammers,toxic splatt... ...
2.Various corals for sale from my tank 29/12/23 Yes
Rhodactis Indosinensis commonly known as Neon green hairy mushroom coral can grow/swell to around 4inch in diameter. Single large mushroom attached to small piece of live rock £8 each Large piece of live rock with 8 mushrooms attached £50. Cabbage leather coral - we have 3 pieces £10 ea... ...
3.Euyphillia corals hammers frogspawn and other as well 12/07/23 No
All different Euyphillia for sale Buzz light year frogspawn Toxic splatter hammer Just a few of what's available Frags and colonies £15.00 a head Only selling as need space for corals to grow Message for photos All types and colours Collect only £18a head. A bargain!! Message me fo... ...
4.Frogspawn coral frags/colonies in West London 03/07/23 Yes
Hi As seen on the photos, few frags for sale. 1 head £7 last few remaining I also have frags with more than 3 heads. Collection from West London Northolt Only text on 07896975763
5.Toadstool coral 20/05/23 Yes
Toadstool Coral 18 - 20 inches across 8-9” tall Outgrown tank Open to offers or Possible swap for frags Please note you will need something large to collect
6.Zoas lps and sps frags derby 05/05/23 Yes
Hi This is what I've got available at the moment collection from Derby pr can post drop me a message if your interested on WhatsApp 07393974176 cheers
7.Coral tanks for frags etc still available 23/04/23 Yes
Hi i have 3 of these for sale they were used in an aquatic shop to display corals they are drilled with 2 holes flow and return Made out of 10mm glass nice and shallow so perfect to bring corals on Looking for £40 each
8.LONDON marine tank breakdown, full set up, fish and corals 29/03/23 No
Hello we are selling our large marine tank as will be moving soon. Located in Limehouse, East London, E14. Collection only. Aqua One Aqua Reef 400L marine tank in white, cabinet, sump tank and pipes, return pump, protein skimmer, reactor, UV steriliser, heater, wave makers - £400 2 x AI Hydra ... ...
9.Maidenhead Aquatics @ Ashtead - Marine Stock List 27/02/2023 27/02/23 No
Hello from Maidenhead Aquatics, Ashtead (5 mins off Junction 9 M25). Here is our current stocking of Marine Fish Livestock list: Tangs: Yellow Tangs (Tank Bred): 2” Yellow Tangs (Imported): 4" Striatus Tang: 2 ½” Blue Eye Tang: 2 ½” Sailfin Tang: 2” Regal Tangs: 1 1/2"... ...
10.Coral frags 11/01/23 Yes
Many coral frags available •candy cane coral • Kenya tree • Zoe’s • rose bubble tip Nem
11.soft coral frags 28/10/22 Yes
I am having a tank clear out and have enough well established soft coral frags to fill an average sized aquarium,free or swap for anything interesting,small live rock /fish/ coral.Bring your own water and buckets etc,usually available midweek.
12.fish tanks for sale 19/07/22 No
i used to keep Zebra plecoes upstairs in a custom made 29"x 34" x 13" fish tank to breed them. it is 6mm all round with 2x 6mm base as its so large and i have a lot of substraight in it.i also have a custom 51" x 18" x 18" fish tank on a stand above a 48X 18" x 18" tank thatsnot custom. i had guppie... ...
13.Frags 23/06/22 Yes
A few that's available collection from basingstoke or can post 07921030551
14.Kenya tree frags £5 22/03/22 No
Lots of Kenya tree frags mounted to plugs £5 growing daily Collection Aylesbury
15.SPS Montipora digitata £8 04/03/22 Yes
5x Montipora digitata available See other listings for my other frags also on visit i may be able to frag other SPS corals should you be interested. Slough Berkshire 07961765705
16.SPS Montipora Hirsuta frags £8 04/03/22 Yes
5x Montipora Hirsuta frags available See other listings for my other frags also on visit i may be able to frag other SPS corals should you be interested. Slough Berkshire 07961765707
17.SPS Red plating montipora £4 04/03/22 Yes
3x Red plating montipora very small frags See other listings for my other frags also on visit i may be able to frag other SPS corals should you be interested. Slough Berkshire 07961765707
18.Coral frags , some large sos and lps 08/02/22 Yes
Green,red,purple monty from £5-£20 Bizario,blood lust,meteorite cyphastrea from £5-£25 large bizario £50 Jawbreaker mushroom £60 Green rics £60 Hollywood stunner chalice £15 Red dragon acro £10-£25 Jacko lantern £45 Small colony of myagi tort £35 Joker acro £40 Frogspawn 1 head... ...
19.Corals , acros , monty 29/01/22 No
I have a fist size piece of red planet for £80 Large 6” piece of red monty £20 4” piece of purple monty £30 Red dragon large frag £20 Various frags of green and red monty for £5-£10 Jawbreaker mushroom £60 Lime in sky acro frags from £15-£20 S638bd 07860944155
20.Coral frags 26/01/22 Yes
I have a few frags for sale or swaps Red montipora various sizes £4-£8 Green montiopora £4 Hirsuta £5 Setosa £5
21.Hammer, Torch, Trumpet and Galaxea frags 24/10/21 No
I have a selection of LPS and SPS ready for collection from Hemel Hempstead. Bright green Hammers 3-4 heads £30 Black Torch with white tips 3-4 heads £10 per head Flouro green Trumpets £4 per head Galaxea frag plug £10 3-types of Pocillopora on a single plug £20 Various platin... ...
22.Display Tank contents only 02/09/21 Yes
Marine Tank ( Contents only ) For Sale : Corals: Green Montipora Coral £30 ( will break into small frags upon removal) Mushrooms: brown/yellow &green £30 VLG Purple stylo Coral £70 ( worth more as frag’s) VLG Red Plating Monti £80 ( worth more as frag’s) Attached to live ro... ...
23.Loads of frags available and 1 x tri colour bubble tip 17/08/21 Yes
Have a number of marine frags available Green monti £15 Hirsuta frags £15 Pink gorgorians large £20 Fluffy gorgorians £10 Green finger coral £10 Pink finger coral £10 Leather mushroom £20 Tri colour bubble tip £25 Welcome to view Collection on Bracknell RG12
24.Coral frags 15/08/21 Yes
True Neon Green Kenya Tree Coral on Frag Plug 5cm. Grows verry fast adds loads of movement. Amazing under antic.. Also have devels hands leather coral with faded green tips have about 6 of them Collection only please.. cash on collection only please
25.Green Kenya 13/08/21 Yes
Next batch now ready Large frags at £10 each frag photos are the actual ones most are multi stemmed collection only
26.gorgonia frags 01/08/21 No
I am looking for gorgonian frags has anyone got some for sale?
27.Aqua one nano 55l full set up 01/07/21 Yes
Hi I selling my aqua one 54l marine full set up Including tmc photon Led light bubble Magnus qq1 protein skimmer sw2 jebao wave maker heater some gsp big frags of coral Pulsing xenia plus piece of caraibsee rock collection London cash on collection no fish include Price 260£
28.Pulsing xenia 22/05/21 Yes
I have a few frags of red sea Xenia up for sale 15 a frag or would swap for other corals pick up Doncaster
29.Various corals for sale 03/05/21 Yes
Various corals for sale due to shutting down my set up. Tank is available at the right price otherwise it will go into the loft for use at a later date probably. Pale pink goni £30 Utter chaos zoa frags about 10 heads £40 2 x Duncan frags £15 each 4 x ricordias 2 x orange 2 x green £50 for... ...
30.Marine fish CUC frags softies wanted Hampshire area 16/04/21 No
Just starting up again from taking a few years break I am after CUC softies frags or full and fish let me know what you have
31.Tank reshuffle to have many frags 07/04/21 No
Red plate Green plate Green Chalice Purple stylo Toxic green candy canes Red bubble nem Lime green sps Few others I can’t remember the names of
32.Corals 04/04/21 Yes
A variety of coral frags for sale.LPS and soft corals. 07474613431 posting to all uk next day delivery by 1pm
33.Coral frags collection Peterborough 28/03/21 Yes
I have a few frags for grabs Fuzzy green mushroom £5 Montipora hersuta £7.50 Seriatopora guttus £7.50 Trochus snails £1
34.Frags 27/03/21 Yes
Frags for sale collection from Basingstoke 07921030551
35.Zoas and sps frags 23/03/21 Yes
Hi I have some frags available if your interested message me on 07393974176 collection only from de56 cheers
36.Star Polyp frags 12/02/21 No
I have x7 frags of star polyps, these have pretty much grown over all the frag disks (just the usual round disks) Collection only from Congleton - Cheshire £5 a frag
37.Frags derby 29/12/20 Yes
Frags for sale from £10 per frag collection only cheers
38.SPS colonies and frags 28/12/20 Yes
5x3 setosa Blue digi Green digi Monti confusa Red plating monti Bali Green slimer Acro Red planet Pics on request. Collection only Bracknell, Berks
39.Large coral frags posting Monday 20/12/20 Yes
Last 3 large zoa colonies remaining, delivered by Wed 160 Inc postage easily 200 to 250 zoas per colony
40.Coral frags 28/11/20 Yes
I have various amount of LPS frags available. More photos can be provided upon request. DOA Protected and next day by 1pm delivery available. UK only
41.Kenya tree frags 18/10/20 Yes
Hi I have some Kenya tree frags for sale Approximately 3 to 5 inch £8 each Collection Havant Call or message graham tel mob 07948355161
42.LC Petroglyph Zoas for sale/swaps 13/10/20 Yes
LC Petroglyph Zoas available for sale or swaps. I have small frags and large colonies for sale so please let me know what size you’re interested in. Location - Coventry (CV4)
Available are a select amount of medium/large frags of ultra green sinularia taken from my mother colony, this coral is rarely seen available and was once thought to be exctinct in its natural habitat. The frags are roughly about 4” high and naturally attached to a piece of live rubble £30 each.... ...
44.marine live rock and coral frags. London/Essex/Hertfordshire border CM19 25/08/20 No
£60 for 10kg really nice mature premium live rock from a healthy system. some lovely pieces, very porous, all different shapes and sizes, including plates and branches. in addition, many of the rocks are covered in lovely purple/pink mushrooms. so not only are you getting really good qua... ...
45.Organ pipe coral very very large 25/07/20 Yes
I have a very large organ pipe coral for sale, collection only sorry due to the size approx 12" x 12" x 12" probably a bit bigger, other frags and colonies for sale also, thanks for looking The organ pipe is £45
46.Soft Corals and Frags 19/07/20 Yes
Hi, I have for sale a small selection of soft coral frags and larger corals. These corals are easy to keep and don't require intensity lighting so make a great addition to any marine aquarium including new, start up systems. I have the following 1. Long tentacle Toadstools 3 - 5 inches = £15 - ... ...
47.Kenya tree and mushroom frags. 17/07/20 Yes
I have some Kenya tree frags and mushroom frags for sale. Large-£10 Small-£5 Collection from slough.
48.Kenya tree frags 11/06/20 No
range from small (1/2inch) to medium 3/4inch. price is £5 for small £10 for large. can post for an additional £5 UK. text or email for pics and info
49.Coral, Frag, Zoa, Marine 04/04/20 Yes
utter chaos 1p+ frags £6-20 Rastas 9p frag £35 Sonic flare’s 1p frag, £15 Purple Hornets 6p Frags £35 Scrambled Egg 1p 2p 3P upto 10p Frags £4-35 Warrington Cheshire
50.Candy Cane Coral 11/03/20 Yes
Hi, I have some beautiful Candy Cane Coral frags. These corals are really easy to look after and should be at least fed 3 times a week with brine shrimp and filter fed. These coral fags have a minimum 15 to 20 heads so far and the largest around 20+ but they are glowing fast. Im selling them ... ...
51.WANTED.... soft corals 15/02/20 No
Hi, I am after soft corals, frags or colonys. I live between Dover and Canterbury and happy to come and collect if not too far.
52.Red Sea Reefer 425XL and Two Hydra 26HD 12/02/20 Yes
Black 425XL excellent condition with sump. no visible scratches 2 black hydra HD’s 2 TMC reef pumps 2 heaters Tunze skimmer Reef float atu Large box salt Various test kits and other bits and bobs. £650 Will sell separate maxspec gyre 250 with controller and spares £160 Small rega... ...
53.Marine corals wanted 06/02/20 No
Marine corals wanted can be frags or full. Message me on WhatsApp plz if u have anything marine for sale fish inverts corals. Please 07561425205
54.Coral Frags for swap Oxfordshire Based 22/01/20 No
i have various coral frags to swap zoa's, leather, tourch, xenia, just want to swap for other corals soft or hard contact me for details
55.Marine LED lighting 19/01/20 Yes
165w led marine light brand new taken out the box to test but too powerful for my tank.£75 or swap for a nice pair of clownfish or frags.
56.Corals 21/12/19 No
Lots of frags Message me if you intrested with any 07837277874
Space chaos 100 per plug Lemon bowtie 40 per plug Lime chilli 30 per plug Lower end zoa available as well. Next day delivery before 1pm available. £10 to uk. Check out @mylittlereefuk on insta to see tank conditions and pictures. Corals are all grown from frags 👍
58.Tank shutdown - whole setup for sale 13/10/19 No
4x Pyjama cardinal fish - £25 Gold Rush tang - £50 Potters Dwarf Angel fish - £80 Japanese Bella Goby - £50 Misbar and Darwin Clownfish pair - £40 African Diamond Tail Flasher Wrasse - £150 Randal Goby and Pistol Shrimp - £60 3x Rose BTA - £20 each Large Elegance coral - £50 Gold h... ...
59.Reef Aquarium contents - fish, coral, inverts, live rock, live sand, marine algae. 12/10/19 Yes
House sale forces the sale of the contents of my loved 4x2x2 reef aquarium. Sale will include liverock, live sand, fish, inverts, mixture of SPS, LPS and soft corals, coral rubble and marine algae from sump tank. The tank, stand and equipment are not included in the sale, though I would consider any... ...
60.Pink Gorgonian frags 22/09/19 No
For sale - 10cm Pink Gorgonian frags. Fast growing and beautiful small polyps. Great for Seahorse tank or adding height in a reef tank £10 each
61.Marine corals 22/08/19 Yes
Marine corals on the two kilos rock. Ther is 12 different corals and frags . Rock size 23 cm high 23fm with . Collection from Haywards Heath. Price £150 I can send more pictures via email or WhatsApp. Please send me text 07780832972
62.Coral frags 13/07/19 Yes
I have loads of frags available collection from basingstoke
63.Pulsing Xenia frags £5 28/06/19 Yes
I have a few pulsing Xenia frags for sale in Maidenhead. They look better in real life then in the photos. Local pick-up is preferred, but I could deliver within a reasonable distance for petrol money.
64.Green Star Polyp frags (GSP) £5-£20 28/06/19 Yes
I have a few Green Star Polyp frags for sale in Maidenhead. They vary in size from fairly small to pretty big. Local pick-up is preferred, but I could deliver within a reasonable distance for petrol money.
65.Frags 14/06/19 Yes
For sale Zoa frags: BBEB £10 pp I have 1x1p, 1x2p, 2x3p, 1x4p, 1x5p,1x6p Scrambled Eggs £4 pp I have 1x10p Mandarin Orange £10pp I have 2x4p, 2x5p, 1x6p, 1x8p Mega Rainbow £10pp I have 1x3p,2x4p God of War £8pp I have 1x1p, 1x7, 1x8p Gatorade £4ppI have 1x1p, 2x2p,1x3p Afro circus £10... ...
130L Tank with Black cabinet. No visible scratches on glass. Great condition. Comes with a huge selection of extras:- Kit:- Tunze Comline DOC Skimmer 9001 Fluval 206 external skimmer TMC Reef Pump 2000 with programmable functions Hydor Evolution 900 Circulation pump Visitherm 200w heate... ...
Livestock/Rock/Coral 15kg of high quality cured reef rock 10kg of Fiji Black volcanic live sand 2 Percula common Clowns 3 Narcissus snails 2 Turbo snails 3 Hermit crabs 1 Pistol Shrimp (rarely seen but heard)! x3 finger coral live frags Selection of high quality silicone false corals 1... ...
68.Ultra Rare Zoas & Palys 26/05/19 Yes
We have a wide selection of stunning Zoas & Palys available to purchase from our website or collection by appointment only from Portsmouth. http://Jpcoralfrags.com. Delivery is available using a poly box & a heat pack if required from £15.00 for up to 7 frags. These will be delivered direct to yo... ...
69.corals 07/05/19 No
hi i would like some soft corals or frags please in the essex area must be cheep prices please,or any other corals you think may be suitable for a 30gal tank with canister filter thank you in advance please message me at pdhicks@blueyonder.co.uk
70.Maroon clownfish for swap 26/04/19 No
Looking to swap my maroon clownfish for either fish, corals, frags, inverts anything let me know. My clowns took a dislike so she is now living in my qt tank for her own protection lol. Message for any swap ideas Thanks
71.Wanted Euphyllia Coral frags, Torch or Hammer for new Marine tank 12/02/19 No
Wanted Euphyllia Coral frags, Torch or Hammer for new Marine tank. I live in Camberley, Surrey but am willing to travel. Cash waiting.
72.Sps frags 02/02/19 Yes
Green digi frags £10 each Ultra green plate £20 ( 4”) Myagi tort colonies £20 far small 2” £30 for 5” colonies and £120 for the mother colony that is size of a football Blue digi 4” long £15 Bi colour acro frag £15 Rare frag of red with white polyps monty £25 Call karl on ... ...
73.Marine Fish & Invert.. 08/12/18 Yes
74.Tree Corals 25/10/18 Yes
I have 3 frags for a tree coral, you can see the dimentions. Can stretch up to 6-7cm. Has attached to its own rock. Small frags, but Im happy to give you 3 grags, for £10. My number is 07813 936406, hedge end (Hampshire)
75.Hammerhead frags 21/10/18 Yes
Hi I have several hammerhead frags from 2 to 6 heads Neon green. £5.00 per head, red and green montipora frags approx 3 inches £5.00 each Guttatus various sizes including colonies Thanks Graham 07940558689
76.Marine fish, Corals, Live rock in Full marine set up £2000 Ono 01/10/18 Yes
CORALS 1 neon green carpet nem 12” 1 purple with green tip carpet nem 12” 1 green carpet nem 6” 1 green mini maxi nem 6” 5 mini red carpet nem 1 hammer 2 head 1 red blasto 1 green turban 6” 30x approx red mushroom 20x approx watermelon mush 20x approx green strip mush ... ...
77.Full marine set up £2000 Ono 01/10/18 Yes
Pick up is Leeds. moving house so calling it a day for a while now here is what you getting for your money TANK Betta 4’x2’x2’ tank with sump 1 ecotech reeflink 3x Ecotech xr15pro Gen Ecotech rms full rail 4’ 2x ecotech mp40qd Nyos 160 skimmer 6mths old D-d clarisea sk3000 auto 6mth... ...
78.Tank contents: fish & live rock 29/09/18 No
I’m shutting down my marine tank, so I have the tank contents for sale, collection only from Liverpool. Whole lot for £300, or: About 40kg live rock £150 Yellow tang (quite big) £50 Royal gramma £15 6 line wrasse £15 Bicolour blenny £15 Pair of oscillaris clowns £20 Long nosed ha... ...
79.Kenya tree coral frags 4 inches , Ultra green Zoas, pulsing Xenia available 23/08/18 No
Kenya tree coral frags on plugs, 4" tall and have been growing very quickly being fed Reef Roids weekly. They provide great flowing movement in a reef tank Also have Zoas and pulsing xenia available. Collection only from Woolwich Arsenal, SE18 but can be collected from Canary Wharf(morning d... ...
80.Sps clear out. Stylo. Monti.Hystrix.Pavona.Pocillipora Cambs 08/08/18 Yes
Hi. I am clearing out my tanks and have some sps for sale. Purple stylo 3 x large bits from 3" up to 6" piece - 20 - 35 Green monti digi colony size 25 Pink pocillipora nice size -15 Purple hystrix - 10 Pavona green - 20 big piece Other frags including silver digi and others I can WhatsApp ... ...
81.Marine fish and equipment 28/07/18 No
2 clowns 1 black 1 orange with bubble tip nem few frags cuc live rock leather coral Aquanano 40 6 months old Heater tmc dc return pump Rw4 pump heater etc 250.00 KESSIL A80 with gooseneck and controller 170.00 Pumped vyair RO unit with water butt and fittings etc 40.00 Salt/ test kits/ wate... ...
82.Corals 20/07/18 Yes
Hi I'm looking for some coral colonies for my tanks. In and around the Merseyside area. The larger the better.Will consider larger frags dependent on type. Cash waiting. Thanks for reading:)
83.Lots of SPS Coral for sale ( frags and colony’s ) Burgess Hill RH15 19/07/18 Yes
Very large ultra green montipora hirsuta colony £40 Coral garden mixed zoas mushrooms , red and green montipora rock £15 Loads of big green branching montipora frags, branching and plate. Tons more, if your local pop over for a look
84.Various corals and frags burgess hill RH15 02/07/18 No
got various corals available after having a tidy up. Sale or swap Green Bali slimer frags £3-5 each Green branching monti frags £3-5 each X 2 orange ricordia corals ( big and puffy) £20 & £15 Plating green hirsuta with neon polyps frag £5 Large green monti Coral mint green & ... ...
85.Tank breakdown - livestock, live rock and equipment for sale 22/05/18 No
Due to lack of time to keep on top of maintenance, I am switching my 1200l reef to FW. All livestock and live rock for sale, some equipment (including evergrow leds) Fish (all fully grown except where stated) Heniochus acuminatus £30 (only known to nip at hystrix... fine with acros, stylo, monti ... ...
86.Coral Frag and Colonies for Sale 06/05/18 Yes
FLUORESCENT GREEN SERIATOPORA GUTTATUS PINK HYSTERIX SERIATOPORA ACROPORA RED MONTIPORA DIGITATA Frags and colonies for sale - from £6 Pick up only Shenley, Hertfordshire area Tel: 07568 424 284 Email: mailfornigel@yahoo.com
87.Zola Frags and Colony 04/04/18 No
I have the following zoas available: Playboy Bunnies ×10 heads - £75 LC Petroglyphs x 3 heads - £50 - sold Seduction People Eater x 1 head - £25 Orange Mandarin x 2 heads (+ 1 baby) - £15 Granny Apple Smith x 2 heads- £15 LC Petroglyphs x 1 head - £20 Playboy Bunnies x 3 heads - ... ...
88.Marine Reef Livestock for sale - Fish, Shrimp, Corals, SPS, LPS 09/03/18 No
I am selling all the livestock of my marine reef tank. The system is 9 months old. All livestock is healthy and looking good. Viewings welcome. Preferable this weekend. First come, first served. Location: Aberdeen City Livestock available and prices as follow: Ocellaris Clownfish (pair... ...
89.New finally cycled 4ft marine 08/03/18 No
Hi looking for frags in Basildon area to try and build up my tank thanks
90.Pulsing Xenia frags and larger colonys 27/02/18 No
I have lots of pulsing Xenia frags for sale starting at £7 each And also larger colony’s available
91.Montipora digi German blue frags 25/02/18 No
German blue montipora frags I have a few of these available in different sizes. £15 up to £25 depending on size. Although referred to as German blue. These look purple or blue depending on lighting etc collection only from PE289EE Cambridgeshire Tim 07901974631
92.corals , fish 24/02/18 No
sailfin tang in exceptional conditon arround 4.5 inch £50 pink kenya corals on real live rock £5-£10 xenia frags on real live rock £5 rare bright green kenya frags £10-£15 clove frags £5- £20 cheato full of pods £5 live phytoplankton £5 per 1litre pick up is northa... ...
93.corals , cheato , phyto 10/02/18 No
xenia frags on real live rock £5-£8 kenya frags on real live rock £5-£10 rare green kenya frags £10-£15 clove polyps frags £5-£10 cheato ( full of pods) .. £5 per bag phyto £5 per 1litre ( 6 litres ready to go) pick up is northallerton dl6 or may be able to deliver for fu... ...
94.corals for sale 07/02/18 No
sps millipora frags £8 -£15 poccilopora frags £8 -£15 forest fire digi £8 - £20 bubble gum digi £8 -20 green digi frags £8 lps large 5 head green torch £45 3 head green torch £30 2 head green torch £20 1 head green torch £10 1 head rare bright green hammer £15 softies. ... ...
95.Frags for sale Cambridgeshire 15/01/18 No
Hi. I have a few frags spare. Purple stylo. Candycane. Green monti digi. Guttatus. Zoas. Purple (german blue) monti digi.ultra green scrolling monti. Different sizes available priced from £10 upwards. Collection only from PE289EE. Pics available on request as files too large to upload on here
96.Red Montipora Digitata Frags 21/11/17 Yes
Hi, I have 6 red Montipora Digitata frags,all 2in, nice healthy frags email:jonesthiara30@gmail.com
97.Green Hystrix Frags 09/11/17 Yes
Hi, I have 5 Green Hystrix sps frags (Seriatopora Guttatus) for sale, all 2 in, nice frags, fast growing email:jonesthiara30@gmail.com if interested
98.Various corals for sale 30/10/17 Yes
Hi I have a variety of frags for sale please inbox me for a list , collection welcomed from rugeley or can post at buyers cost
99.Diamon watchman goby & SOFTIE & SPS frags Burgess Hill RH15 26/10/17 No
Diamond watchman goby (Valenciennea puellaris) £18 Zoa rock £15 Green plating monti £15 Pink birds nest £6 Green Bali slimer Frag £10 Green branching montipora frag £5 Message me for more pics 07713140842 All for 65£
100.Live rock 01/10/17 No
I have 25 Kg of dried out live rock for sale. Looking for £50 open to offers or would swap for some coral frags
101.SPS frags Peterborough 08/09/17 No
Hi, I have a few SPS frags for sale. Most are more like small colonies. It's hard to take pics individually as they have taken over the rack, but i have uploaded overall shot, and can add more if there is interest Most are £10 Green hystrix, lots of these  Pink hystrix 1x Seriotopora... ...
102.Coral frags 01/09/17 No
I have a few frags for sale collection from Basingstoke or can post £12 poly box heat pack next day before 1pm 07921030551 Reverse space monsters 10 heads on a plug £30 Reverse space monsters 8 heads on a plug £25 Red monti plating on a plug £7 4 availible Green monti plating on a plug £... ...
103.Wanted - frags coral or inverts 01/09/17 No
hi If you are closing down your marine tank please let me know as I am looking for corals/frags. Many thanks Harry
104.Staghorn (Bali Slimer), Green Leathers, Toxic Green Candy Cane, Fire & Ice Zoas, Frags 20/08/17 Yes
My staghorn is threatening to take over the main tank - had to 'frag' two massive branches into my cube as it was growing out of the water! I also have really nice fluorescent green leathers, all fragged from the mother colony in my tank, some with lovely zoas at the base, toxic green Candy Cane and... ...
105.Marine Corals and Frags WANTED in Oxfordshire 19/08/17 No
I live in Bicester but would be happy to collect from surrounding area. Thanks Dave
106.Corals 24/07/17 Yes
Two Echinopora lamellosa frags £10 and £15 and a large piece of red montipora £20 and various sizes of green montipora collection Basingstoke 07921030551
107.Various coral frags 22/07/17 No
Pulsing xenia nice size frags multiple stalks £5 Green furry mushrooms 1x head per frag £5 Large red mushroom approx nearly 1.5-2 inch across when fully open £7 Collection only Swansea
108.Marine Soft Coral baby Kenya Trees and Xenia for Sale 05/07/17 No
I have various sizes of Kenya Tree Coral from Frag sizes to medium sized Kenya Corals. The frag sizes range from a couple of quid to £5 and the larger established branches are £10, I can even cluster a few frags on coral rubble if prefered. I would suggest a good starting coral. I also have Xenia ... ...
109.Marine setup for sale or will break. 23/06/17 No
egal angel £80 Purple tang £80 Orange shoulder £35 Lipstick male (Will grow streamers) £45 Square-spot anthias £35 Wreckfish x3 £60 Bartlett anthias £30 Cleaner shrimp x2 £30 Fireshrimp x 2 30 Palys £30 Acanphyllia £80 Lobo £40 Red and green brain £50 Green Tracy £25 Sherb... ...
110.Complete marine setup 12/06/17 Yes
Reason for sale: Short notice work relocation and staying in short term temp accommodation – not able to take tank with me…meh! Equipment: Main tank: 100cm (39”) X 55cm (21”) X 55cm (21”) Sump: 80cm (32”) X 37cm (14”) X 40cm (16”) 30 - 35 kg live rock - approximately 30 – 3... ...
111.Hard and Soft corals, Marine fish, in Complete marine setup 12/06/17 Yes
Livestock: Maroon clown (Hosting a bubble tip anemone) Metallic foxface Mandarin Pyjama cardinal Pink spot goby Cross hatch goby Arrow goby (Semi adult) Firecracker goby Zebra goby Gold neon goby 5 x Chromis Bubble tip anemone Flower anemone Scallop Cleaner shrimp Peppermint shrimp ... ...
112.Zoa Rocks and Frags And Mushies for sale 31/05/17 Yes
zoa rocks and mushies for sale as well as other softies. watermelon, rhodactis, yuma, ricordea, superman mushies. all £8-15 a frag and discounts on 3 or more huge zoa rocks all in and well rested. as well as some smaller frags. all large rocks £35-50 frags £12-20 hobby business located in ... ...
113.Blue lake aquatics marine only store 24/05/17 No
Here at blue lake aquatics we strive to bring you quality and I believe we do that. We have one of the largest Frag sections a 6 x 4 Frag table full to the brim with Frags for sale from £6 to £29 A good selection of fish and coral colonies! Come down and check us out! Unit 36 Terry Dic... ...
114.Hydor smart wave 19/04/17 No
Used hydor smart wave £25 or swap for coral frags ive got pics but it wont upload them so can send if intrested
115.Tunze comline 9004 skimmer 19/04/17 No
Used Tunze 9004 skimmer used for about a year great skimmer produces good skim, only problem is that the magnets are rusted open to offers or swap for coral frags
116.Gsp 11/04/17 No
Hi got some gsp offers are swap for corals or frags i have lots
117.Various sized Marine Cabbage Coral frags/corals 26/03/17 Yes
Pricing starts from £10 to £30. These frags / corals have all been taken from the mains corals in the tank. Please message me for further details.
118.Kenya Tree Coral Frags - Leeds, West Yorkshire 13/03/17 No
I have available 5 Kenya Tree's that range from 2-3inches, each attached to their own shell. The arms have fallen from the mother tree and I have attached them to shells underwater ensuring they maintain optimum health. Great beginner corals and super fast growing! Won't let me upload pi... ...
119.Coral frags bargain 01/03/17 No
I have about 100 frags available fully grown out ready too go at bargain prices Many zoas softies star polyps Duncan's frog spawns hammers alveporas gonioporas And lots of sps Monties hysterix stylos Give me a shout all individually priced the more you buy the more you save 07738970459
120.Marine Aquarium - Full Setup - With corals and invertebrates 28/02/17 No
Marine Aquarium Setup. 50 litres. I am selling this after accepting a new job and being away for the next month and therefore no one being at home to provide the needed continued care for the aquarium. What is included: Fluval Edge tank (Cost £145 Six months ago and converted for mari... ...
121.Coral frags bargain 26/02/17 Yes
I have about 100 frags available fully grown out ready too go at bargain prices Many zoas softies star polyps Duncan's frog spawns hammers alveporas gonioporas And lots of sps Monties hysterix stylos Give me a shout all individually priced the more you buy the more you save 07738970459
122.Tank breakdown SPS coral for sale consider any offer 16/02/17 Yes
I will breakdown marine tank for sale over 50 acropora corals Frags and colony. Acropora valida 3" £30 Acropora millepora 3" £30 Acropora formosa few different sizes £15-30 Acropora blue tip massive congrats colony 10"-8" £150 Acropora tenuis green and blue around 30-35mm £15-25 And more... ...
123.Various sps & lps frags 05/02/17 Yes
Having rescaped my new 8x2 an added additional corals to the tank, I've had to thin back some of my original colonies as they was well encrusted to the rocks.  So along with the frags from these are tiny frags of some of my new stuff which I put onto plugs straight away and have been on them lon... ...
124.Zoas frags 17/01/17 Yes
Eagle eye zoa's up to 30 polyps £8, up to 20 polyps£6.
125.Wanted marine livestock 15/01/17 No
Hi Anyone shutting down there tank please let me no of any livestock you may have Mainly looking for tangs that have outgrown the average aquarium or are needing a new home. They will be very looked after in my aquarium viewing and frags available.
126.Wanted tank closing sps frags and fish 06/01/17 No
Hey If your closing Down your tank and need your items gone asap I'm the guy contact me with your prices please don't send me shop prices as it's a waste of both our time Also love all cheap sps lps corals Fish welcome Please whatsapp me pictures willing to travel Looking forward... ...
127.wanted closing down tanks corals frags or fish 06/01/17 No
Hey If your closing Down your tank and need your items gone asap I'm the guy contact me with your prices please don't send me shop prices as it's a waste of both our time Also love all cheap sps lps corals Fish welcome Please whatsapp me pictures willing to travel Looking forwa... ...
128.Various Zoas ready to go. 03/01/17 Yes
Zoa frags ready to go. Collection or local delivery Rochdale. Armageddon 2p (2 available) £24 Armageddon 1p £12 Red Hornet 1p and pup £10 Red Hornet 3p (small) £20 Blue Hornet 5p and Sunny D 2/3p £50 Sunny D 3p £22 Sunny D 1p £10 Yoda 10+p £60 Yoda 5p £30 Photos avail... ...
129.Frags Wanted Xenia 30/12/16 No
Hi any 1 in or near Bridgend south wales have any frags for me to start out nothing expensive Xenia would be nice Thanks in advance Andy
130.Marine Coral Frags for sale 21/12/16 Yes
Various marine coral frags for sale: Eagle eye zoas -£5 Green implosion palys-£5 Green plague palys-£5 Blue abyss zoas-£7.50 Green people eaters- £7.50 Red people eaters- £7.50 Xmen zoas- £7.50 Superman zoas- large frag (at least 10 heads) £8, smaller frags (3-4 heads each) £5 P... ...
131.Stunning Sps corals and Ricordea Yuma Barnsley 14/12/16 Yes
Hi all, For sale are my unwanted corals from my downgrade only want to keep zoas and LPS or will swap for soft and LPS frags. Coloine sizes 1x Acropora solitaryensis table, goes bright green. 2x Montipora sp,electric green monty plate,stunning grown out 1x seriatopora guttatus, metal... ...
132.High End Zoa Pack x 2 (Bargain Prices) - Brighton / London 27/11/16 Yes
High End Zoa Pack x 2 - Bargain Prices I am selling the following 2 zoa packs. If I do not receive interest in these, I will sell the frags individually and have stated individual prices. As you can see, the pack price represents a significant saving. Pack 1: Utter chaos x 1 (£25) Ice Phant... ...
133.stomatala snails 22/11/16 No
for sale or swap have loads in my tank they are good snails clean every were if you wanna swap anything give us a shout i have a 5 foot tank with rock and three mushrooms a small duncan and three candy cane heads so im on the look out for cheap frags as well email bob at robfly@hotmail.com
134.Corals forsale Surrey Byfleet - button polyps, frog spawn, hammer head 20/11/16 Yes
Hello all, having a bit of a clear out , have some large pieces of live rock with green button polyps. Also have frog spawn dand hammer head euphelia frags different sizes. Reasonably priced and may consider swapping for lps and sps corals. Collection only no postage
135.SPS/ LPS / mushroom frags wanted - swap/ cash 20/11/16 Yes
Hello all, I have an abundance of red mushrooms and Hammer coral that I can frag/ swap for other corals. Interested in different colour mushrooms - purple/blue. Also looking for clover polyps, purple and green montipora. In surrey area - happy collect in vicinity or meet halfway. Cheers,... ...
136.SPS frags and Zoas - Bargain Prices: Brighton. 14/11/16 Yes
Hi all, I am having a clear out and have a number of frags for sale. I have not been able to include all pics of the frags available but if you are interested in a particular piece and wanted to see a pic beforehand, let me know and i shall try and take it and send it. Green monti (large... ...
137.Rack for sale 12/11/16 Yes
I have a rack holding 4off 36 x 18 x 8 inch 6mm tanks. Ideal for breeding plecs or for use as a rack for frags. There is a 36 x 18 x 12 sump at the bottom holding two pumps each feeding two tanks. The heaters are connected a STC1000 to prevent problems such as boiling tanks when heaters break down. ... ...
138.Leeds Marine Frags Coral live Rock Fish 15/10/16 Yes
hi we have a range of frags ranging form £5-£25 also loads of live rock for £5 per kg phone or message Andy on 07921502365 for more information
139.Various Frags - Bargain Prices. Brighton. 20/09/16 Yes
Hi all, I am having a clear out and have a number of frags for sale. Apologies for the quality of the pics... i have used my phone and after reducing the size of the pics, all i can say is that the look much better in reality! I have not been able to include all pics of the frags available b... ...
140.Purple acro frags 03/09/16 Yes
Hi. I have a few bits of purple acropora for sale. 15 per frag. These are large frags properly based out. Collection only from Hemingford Grey Cambridgeshire PE289EE 07901874631 Tim
141.Purple milka frags 02/09/16 No
As above £5 per frag could do bigger ones
142.SOUTH COAST CORALS - Many SPS frags for sale 06/08/16 Yes
SPS frags for sale, mainly Acropora but have some Montipora, Seriatopora & Pocillopora as well. £10-£15 typically depending on size, but a few large £20 ones. Collection Southampton, S016 or postage available.
143.New selection of Fish & Corals 06/08/16 No
We are pleased to announce our coral table is now open, we have a great collection in at the moment from £5 frags to clams and trachy's - we also have a massive selection of high end Zoa's at rock bottom prices - All shimmering beautifully under our Kessil. List of some of the corals below and he... ...
144.Live corals, fish , equipment, in Interpet 94 litre fully setup saltwater marine reef aquarium 21/07/16 No
Livestock; - 3 chromis fish Corals; - 6 zoa frags - 1 clove polyp - 1 Blue clove polyp - 1 rainbow mushroof - 1 green star polyp ... in a fully setup, fully cured reef aqaurium + fish, coral, cabinet and equipment Interpet river reef 94 litre tank; - 12kg of mature (13 months) live... ...
145.Trumpet Coral Frags (£5 per head) 10/07/16 Yes
£5 per head. Selection of either bright green or grey/green. Amazing colour and will do well under most lighting. This grows like a weed in my aquarium so I always have this available and you can choose how many heads you want.
146.RAD Aquatics Corals for sale 03/07/16 Yes
I am a small family run business selling mainly marine corals and plenty of dry goods. We've always a great selection of soft corals, LPS and SPS. From large colonies to small frags we have something for everyone. We also have a good selection of dry goods from skimmers, Jebao wavemakers, Je... ...
147.Wanted fish and lps corals 19/06/16 No
I am wanting some various lps corals colony or frags if anyone selling local to leeds /bradford please email me with some pics and prices thanks James
148.Marine aquarium full set up for sale 3ft 250 litres OFFERS.... 17/06/16 Yes
After much deliberation I've decided to sell my aquarium. Major family struggles means that I no longer can afford to maintain the system properly, and I refuse to do it halfheartedly. The system in it's current form has been running for around 2 years. Some of the coral has moved over from a pre... ...
149.Marine fish, live corals, live rock, in Marine aquarium full set up for sale 3ft 250 litres OFFERS.... 17/06/16 No
Livestock Includes: Naso Tang 4-5 inches Masked Rabbitfish 4-5 inches Vlamini Tang 3 inches Percula clown pair (Full Black & White female - no orange at all & standard male) Female Leopard Wrasse 2.5 inches Blood Shrimp Cleaner Shrimp Loads of snails and hermits Various soft corals includ... ...
150.Corals wanted in Hampshire area 01/06/16 No
Hi All I'm constantly on the lookout for new frags for my reef. Let me know what you have! I'm looking for Hammers, torches, Cats, Acros etc - mainly LPS but don't mind any colourful SPS :-)
151.Corals Cambridgeshire 27/05/16 No
I have various corals/frags for sale. Plating monti red Plating monti green Montipora digi pink Fluoro green star polyps Fluoro green cabbage coral Armour of god zoas Yoda zoa Green acro frags Collection only from Hemingford Grey Cambridgeshire PE289EE Call or text 0701874631
152.SPS Frags & Some Zoas - Closing tank so offering deals & freebies on multiple purchases 27/05/16 Yes
SPS Frags for sale, standard frags start @ £5 with the more exotic frags are a little more, there are some nice encrusting montipora (sunset, superman and another even nicer one), 4 different types of stylo (pink, green & rainbow), multicoloured pocillopora, 3 different millepora (green, gold & pin... ...
153.WANTED Soft Corals and LPS Frags 24/05/16 No
As title. Cash waiting. Please text or email. Thanks.
154.Macroalgae WANTED 13/05/16 No
Hi all fellow enthusiasts. I am looking for a variety of macroalgaes for my personal collection. I'm interested in greens, reds and browns. Happy to pay for sensible amounts of commons or small frags of rares/plants, but also happy to take on your unwanted trimmings/waste and pay for the postage. ... ...
155.FRAGS FOR SALE 04/05/16 Yes
I have an amazing selection of corals frags to choose from Australian Duncans Purple Montipora Orange Montipora Encrusting Montipora Acroporas Pocillopras Ultra Green candy cane lots more available including soft coral frags LPS and SPS free delivery over £75 with in 5 miles
156.Kenya tree 20/04/16 No
Kenya tree softy for sale approx 4" few tiny papaya cloves and zoa attached to base rock. £5. Collection only from Hemingford Grey Cambridgeshire PE289EE I normally have other corals frags available.
157.Atoll Reefs: Coral, SPS, LPS, Soft, Inverts 18/04/16 Yes
Here at Atoll reefs we have a Large Number of corals ready for shipping or collection, Superman mushrooms 8.00 Green mushrooms 20.00 Red mushrooms 20.00 Purple mushrooms 20.00 Watermelon mushrooms 20.00 Green elephants 15.00 Giant green mushroom 15.... ...
158.Ultra zoas,God of war,red people eaters,forest of fire frags. Barnsley 03/04/16 Yes
Hi all for sale are some off my unwanted frags from my grow out tank and from my Forest of fire that I drop the other day when I was maintaining my new setup Sorry collection only due to having no time also I have enough to post out next week. God of war 1x2 polyps £10 1x3 polyps £15... ...
159.Live rock 01/04/16 No
Live rock for sale £6 per kg some with frags on my be a bit more
160.Xenia Pulse Coral Frags for Sale 31/03/16 Yes
I have around 6 small Xenia Pulse Corals for sale. £5 each. Collection only from east Cornwall.
161.large colonies of SPS for sale in bolton 29/03/16 Yes
hi guys loads of sps Large caliendrum x 1 large Hydrophora x 1 large Green plating monti x 1 large Red plating monti x 1 medium Medium Green pavona x 1 medium Large purple stylophora x 1 large Medium Montipora undata on rock x 1 medium Monti confusa frags and loads of other corals fo... ...
162.Ultra zoas,postage available barnsley. 22/03/16 No
Hi all For sale is some of my tank contents. Selling due to a small leak in my 3ft tank. 2x 1/2 KG of grade A LR with Ricordea on them£12,£22. Kedds Reds zoa frags 1x coloine 30+ polyps Polyps £30 1x 9-10 polyps of sunny D zoas £35 zoanthids available for postage is £3.50 s... ...
163.SOUTH COAST MARINES aquatics store in worthing 13/03/16 No
SOUTH COAST MARINES welcome were are a marine aquatics store in worthing that specialise in marine corals and fish with stock changing regally. we stock a wide range of different corals and fish species at eny one time. we stock lps, sps and softys ranging in prices that are affordable wit... ...
164.Juwel Vision 180 Saltwater Reef Aquarium 07/03/16 No
For Sale Jewel 180 aquarium – including all contents as follows 1 x Fluval 405 external canister power filter – no filter media only live rock 2 x water flow power heads - 12v low power consumption 1 x power head – internal filter – no filter media only live rock 1 x 100w heater 1... ...
165.Red montipora 01/03/16 Yes
I have a few bits of red plating monti for sale. The piece in the picture is around 4-5" on a big piece of live rock with some papaya cloves attached. This is a full colony not a frag. I have other big pieces or smaller frags available. Collection only from Hemingford Grey Cambridgeshire Tha... ...
166.Pulsar corals 16/02/16 Yes
Pulsing xenia frags. Small rock frag 5£, big 10£
167.Stunning tank contents for sale,barnsley 14/02/16 Yes
Hi all For sale is my stunning marine tank contents. Only reason I am selling is because I am downing grading. Or willing to swap for a small nano tank ect. Here is the list. 2/3 KG of grade A LR with big green polyps all over them £30 Sunny D zoas frag 2x one head £5 1x three he... ...
168.25Ltr water butts ideal for RO and Salt water 13/02/16 No
I have 8 25ltr water butts available. looking for a possible trade for any nice frags ( will conside anything) . Most have labels on them but have only contained purified water.
169.Looking for frags or marine fish stockport 08/02/16 No
Hi, I have just recently set up my marine tank and am looking for : Frags Sea grass Angelfish Crabs / shrimps Etc tangs Please let me know what you have at reasonable prices. Must be in Stockport area !. Thanks, Aaron
170.Wanted Plymouth area. 07/02/16 No
Wanted coral frags. Willing to travel 20 miles or so. Call or text with prices etc.
171.CORALS FOR SALE Portsmouth 06/02/16 Yes
Hi there I have some corals for sale both frags and colonies. Please message me for info on 07867491607. I have ultra green star polyp, blues spotted mushrooms, fire and ice zoas palys, ultra mushrooms etc all at different prices from £7 to £35 and a large show grade sabae anemone for £60. Thank... ...
172.Frags wanted 01/01/16 No
Hi, I am looking for any cheap frags in the Plymouth area for my nano tank please. Regards and Happy New Year!!!!
173.Amazing Rainbow Acans 29/12/15 Yes
Amazing range of rainbow acans for sale starting as low as £5 per head. Also a great range of Zoanthids and other LPS Coral, if i dont have what your looking for or would like frags larger than one polyp please ask. New stock added all the time an amazing range of products.
174.Kraken Corals, Great range of Rainbow Acans, Zoanthids and other LPS Coral 29/12/15 Yes
Amazing range of rainbow acans for sale starting as low as £5 per head. Also a great range of Zoanthids and other LPS Coral, if i dont have what your looking for or would like frags larger than one polyp please ask. Our range is expanding all the time. Check back often for great deals.
175.Stunning orca TL450 tank&stand full marine setup barnsley 11/12/15 No
Hi all.... for sale is my orca 450 full marine setup and tank stand, which is 55L and in vgc,This is really nice lovely full marine setup, you are buying the full running setup including tank&stand,light unit,corals,fish,additives,test kit. Orca TL 450 nano marine tank is a lovely all in ... ...
176.Stunning full nano marine setup 15L barnsley 11/12/15 Yes
Hi all for sale is my full marine nano tank setup which is 15 litre,This is really nice lovely full marine setup, you are buying the full running setup including tank&,light unit,corals,additives ect. Spec of the tank is. 380 x 190 wide x 190 mm high, if you include the light then the head ... ...
177.Stunning full nano marine setup TMC style acrylic tank 20L 08/12/15 Yes
Hi all Sorry for the photos,but I will upload in the next few days. Hi all.... for sale is my full marine nano tank setup which is 20 litre acrylic TMC style tank This is really nice lovely full marine setup, you are buying the full running setup including tank&pump,light unit,grade A li... ...
178.coral frags wanted 07/12/15 No
Hi guys anyone selling frags in the BR7 chislehurst area if so please get in touch 07956840118?? Cheers si
179.Blasto coral 01/12/15 No
2 small blasto frags available £15 each
180.sps frags 28/11/15 Yes
Have some sps frags for sale, prices from £5 - £10.Please contact me on 07517200371 if you are interested in coming to have a look. Also red and purple plate frags for sale to. Based in southbourne near emswort. No postage cheers ed
181.duncan coral frags 28/11/15 Yes
Duncan frags for sale 2x 8 heads £35 each 1x 7 heads £30 2x 5 heads £25 each 1x 4 heads £20 Contact me on 07517200371. cheers ed
182.marine corals and fish 23/11/15 No
Here at arundel aviaries and fisheries we have a huge selection of marine corals/frags and fish with over 50 marine tanks, we also stock top brands like nyos,ecotech,elos,fauna marine. Pop in and say hi or take a seat on one of our sofas and watch the fish! also find us on facebook
183.Corals, frags marine for sale 15/11/15 Yes
Toadstool coral about 4inch high and about 3 inch wide. £15 One dark green mushroom £3 One large red mushroom with 2 smaller £10 Fluorescent green star polyps on decent sized piece of live rock £15 Darker green star polyps £5 Any questions just ask, buyer will have to bring own bag/ cont... ...
184.Corals/frags/anemones in Hemingford Grey Cambridgeshire 13/11/15 Yes
Various frags and small colonies 2 different types of gorgonian. Bright green stag. Bright green guttatus. Red monti plate. Red monti digi. Armour of god zoas. Sinularia softies. Red bubble tip nem.green star polyps. Clove polyps green centred with gold lashes.Probably others I can't remember at t... ...
185.Mature live rock £5 per kg (Hampshire)or swap for soft coral frags 12/11/15 No
Hi guys I'm a bit over stocked on live rock as had to down one of my tanks and now main tank has loads in it so time to pass on what I can afford to off load. would love to swap for some coral frags or a BTA. I'm in Hampshire now if you have bought from me before.
186.SPS, LPS, Soft Marine Coral and RBTA Anenomes for sale 30/10/15 Yes
I have some corals and frags for sale: Soft Coral Frags Pom Pom Xenia some large £20 and small £10 Soft Green Zoa/Paly Coral £5 per head. (Venus Flytrap) SPS Coral Frag Green Birdsnest £5. Need to bring containers to collect Call/Text 07739265088
187.Frags/anemones for sale Cambridgeshire 30/10/15 No
I have green guttatus. Papaya cloves. Sympodium. Montipora. Green star polyps. Zoas. Red bubble tip anemones Text 07901874631 Collection from Hemingford Grey Will add pics later
188.Red plating monti frags 21/10/15 Yes
Various sizes of red plating Monti £2-£5 Collection from Enfield
189.Vortex Frag rack 75 hole 20/10/15 Yes
These Vortex hang in the tank racks are the way forward for in tank storage of corals and frags enabling the minimum of fuss and disturbance. Designed to fit either braced or rimless tanks up to 12 mm with an easy slide on design. They are a three tiered design and fully adjustable so can have ... ...
190.5ft Marine or Tropical Tank Setup for Sale £100 - £140 (Surrey) 03/10/15 Yes
152cm L / 60cm H / 46cm D Marine Fish tank with original Cabinet. Originally used as a coral frag stock tank and a tropical tank before that. Comes with: 4 x Tunze Powerheads Skimmer and return pump Heater Egg-Crate Shelving (previously used to hold coral frags) All that is needed is a li... ...
191.Romsey World Of Water New Marine Livestock 03/10/15 03/10/15 Yes
Hey Guys! New Marine livestock list below if you would like to reserve anything or have any queries please call us on 01794515923 Blue Gudgeon £19.99 Creole Wrasse £19.99 Puddings Wife Wrasse £19.99 Volitans Lionfish £39.99 Fuzzy Dwarf Lion Fish £24.99 Common Pufferfish £19.99 ... ...
192.Marine Aquairum - FULL SETUP 01/10/15 Yes
For sale is my Aqua One AquaNano 60/100 marine aquarium. The tank is 100 litres capacity and has a built in sump system at the back. This can be seen in the last picture (taken when I purchased the tank in November 2014 from Aquatic World in Cardiff, I have receipt with date of purchase). Includ... ...
193.Live rock, live sand, live corals, marine fish, in Marine Aquairum - FULL SETUP 01/10/15 No
For sale is my Aqua One AquaNano 60/100 marine aquarium. The tank is 100 litres capacity and has a built in sump system at the back. This can be seen in the last picture (taken when I purchased the tank in November 2014 from Aquatic World in Cardiff, I have receipt with date of purchase). Includ... ...
194.Stunning Orca TL-450&stand complete marine setup,barnsley 30/09/15 No
Hi all.... for sale is my orca 450 full marine setup and stand which is 55L and in vgc,This is really nice lovely full marine setup, you are buying the full running setup including tank&stand,light unit,corals,fish,additives. Orca TL 450 nano marine tank is a lovely all in one reef tank made ... ...
195.Loads of nice zoas 13/09/15 Yes
I have various zoa frags for sale.. Orange & red rainbow, vampires, blowpops, fire and ice, miami hurricanes high vis, desert storms and more, prices various from £5-15 per head contact me for info 07850912179
196.Marine fish aquarium,livestock and equipment for sale 08/09/15 No
Hi everyone,im selling my tank due to no time to look after it anymore!Will try to list everything it comes with,if any more question please ask! !Genuine Buyers ONLY!Viewings are welcome! £3200 ono or near offer! Ok this is the list Live stock! Live rocks:Aprox 80 kg corals;most of the cor... ...
197.Marine fish aquarium and equipment for sale inc livestock 08/09/15 No
Hi everyone,im selling my tank due to no time to look after it anymore!Will try to list everything it comes with,if any more question please ask! !Genuine Buyers ONLY!Viewings are welcome! £3200 ono or near offer! Ok this is the list Equipment!!! Tank: AQUA ONE 400 Light:3x Ecotech Radeon G... ...
198.Corals for sale live foods reef soup phytoplankton ,lots of rare Zoas 29/08/15 Yes
Hi We have lots of corals frags on stock Sps Lps Zoas Softys Rare Zoas Lots of live foods for sale Copepods Phytoplankton Rotifers Moina Salina Baby brine Mysis shrimp We also stock lots of dry goods and accessories come and have a look See you soon Tha... ...
199.Fish swap 28/08/15 No
Hi we are looking to swap some of our stock for some thing different, we have a velvet damsell a good size, a four stripe damsell, a blue green chromis, we would swap these for some coral frags or other fish, get in touch with what you have and we can deliver in ayrshire.
200.Leather Coral Frags (Sarcophyton), BTA s, Bali Slimer (Staghorn), Zoa s, GSP, Red Sea Pulsing Xenia 24/08/15 Yes
The leather mother colony got too large (bigger than in the main tank pic here) and began to cover SPS, so I fragged it to start again in April. It is a really bright fluoro green, and my photos don't do it justice as taken on my phone. The frags have settled very well on pieces of live rock or aqua... ...

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