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1red sea max 250 :RED SEA MAX 250 full set up including chiller only 11mths old in black many extras excellent con £120017/06/12
220kg live rock £5per kg & corals and fish for sale :20kg live rock £5per kg 4kg live rock with lots of xenia pair of torpedo gobies large yellow banded maroon clownfish blue velvet da ...11/06/12
3for sale L18 golden nuguggets @2 inch :for sale L18 golden nuguggets @2 inch08/06/12
4koi filter :24000L green genie,with built in uv light & all media excellent condition, £60 ono SOLD07/06/12
52 foot fish tank :for sale 3 foot fish tank lid and gravel will need new bulb 25 pound also got double airpumps 10 pound heaters from 5 pound crushed ocean gr ...07/06/12
6malawi for sale :for sale 7 x 6 inch red top malawi or hongi not sure pluse 4 other malawi 30 pound 0292086583107/06/12
7Aqua Medic 5000 Skimmer ( shorty II) + feeding pump £125 :Aqua Medic 5000 shorty (if I good remember Shorty II) + extra 2 big ballvalves for regulation (each cost me Ł15) + feeding pump Ocean R ...06/06/12
82 x 400W Metal Halide Single Ended Aquastar £150 Tonypandy Wales :4ft long 2x400W metal halide light (single ended) with external ballast(low heat) !!! Made by Germany Company - Bresslein Aquastar. Wires ...06/06/12
9Sump 45x18x15(high) Tonypandy Wales :For sale sump 45x18x15(high) or swap for marine fishes.06/06/12
10Frag tank 140cm x 70cm x 20cm - Tonypandy Wales :I have for sale frag tank 140cm x 70cm x 20cm (high) or can swap for marine fishes.06/06/12
11Live Rock 20kg Tonypandy - Wales :I have for sale around 20kg of premium mature Live Rock £5/kg (no offers). Top water condition, no calcium reactor used. Mix of Figi, Bali, ...06/06/12
12tropical fish for sale :hi im sellin these tropical fish due to overcrowdin in my tank, 2 blood red parrot fish 5 inch, 2 lemon tinfoil barbs 10 inch, 2 oscars 4 in ...06/06/12
13red tail catfish :red tail catfish about 15 inch or bigger stunnin fish, 30 pounds, my new number 0754454439306/06/12
14Tropical Fish Shop Set Up. :5 vertical Stands available each containing 3 x 48x15x15 inch glass fish tanks, with sliding glass condensation covers. Sliding doors for ea ...06/06/12
15blanket weed :velda I tronic,blanket weed controler varius settings excellent condition, £50 ono04/06/12
16selling 2 4 foot fish tanks with full set up...... £150 each or both for £250 :both tanks consist of under-gravel-filters, gravel, air stones, artificial plants, logs, stones, auniments, lids with lights, carbon filter, ...03/06/12
17Fluval Venezia 350 corner aquarium :For sale Fluval Venezia 350 Corner Aquarium Aquarium in excellent condition, no leaks, scratches on tank base but when covered ...02/06/12
18red devil cichlids :breeding pair of red devilsand about 15 young male about 11 inches female about 6 inches young ranging from 1 inche to about 2.5 inches £10 ...01/06/12
19plecos :Very Very Rare plecos 10 rio tucantin plecos Over 1" max of 2" not sexable yet Grow to about 10cm (4") http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISA ...30/05/12
20fish equipment for sale :loads of brand new and used items for sale fry tank nets conectors valves airlines airstone air pumps plants ornaments tank scrappers books ...30/05/12
21Tank :8x2x2 acrylic tank for sale few scratches, ideal large cichlid tank or breeding project £100 Ono30/05/12
22WANTED- flagtail fish pref 7inch+ but any size considered :As stated above im after a flagtail, based in cardiff cash waiting!! Good price paid if top quality. Mob- 07815431310. Thanks29/05/12
238 inch indo tiger fish datnoid for sale £40 ono :Hi all im sellin my 8 inch dat £40 ono, excellent fish but looking to grow my smaller dats. Would do a swap for a flagtail+cash offered pr ...29/05/12
24Marine aquarium :Converted fluval Roma 200. Fully matured and full set up including 18-20kg of quality love rock and fish. Package includes tank, cabinet, ...22/05/12
25wanted t5 lighting :wanted t5 lighting19/05/12
26very large mbu puffer .. reluctant sale . :I we have our family pet mbu puffer for sale. weve had her for 3yrs now . But unfortunatly she is getting to big for the tank we have and we ...17/05/12
27Humbug Catfish :I have for sale a humbug catfish around 5 inches in size. £1014/05/12
28Pond equipment :For Sale Oase "Biotec 10" water pump and filter, Oase Pondovac 2 pond cleaner and stone water feature. All for sale due to a c ...14/05/12
29Black spotted barbs, tinfoil barb :2 black spot barb for sale and 1 tinfoil barb all large in size £5 for tinfoil £7 for the black spotted barb £10 for the pair. Possible ...13/05/12
30Superb stock list from Aquabatic - Cardiff :Massive selection of shrimp and snails Quality plants and ferts Fish stock list is really good at the moment THIS LIST IS. OT EXHAUSTIVE W ...11/05/12
31fish tank would like it gone :in all it has hood light unit[ brand new in box] and is in excellent condition no scratches as tank as been kept in perfectcondition only ...11/05/12
32Goldfish Flake Food 65g - ONLY £2.99 OR 3 FOR ONLY £8. :Top brand quality Goldfish flake food. High protein / low waste formula. Provides essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements. With I ...08/05/12
33Tropical Fish Flake Food 65g - ONLY £3.49 OR 3 FOR ONLY £9. :Top brand quality Tropical Fish Flake Food 65g. Complete nutrition for all tropical fish. High protein / low waste formula. Provides esse ...08/05/12
34Frozen Fishfoods. :Frozen Bloodworm 100g - ONLY £2.99 Frozen Daphnia 100g - ONLY £2.99 Frozen Brineshrimp 100g - ONLY £2.99 Frozen Artemia 100g - ONLY £ ...08/05/12
35Full marine setup including fish and living corals. :Fully equiped nano cube marine aquarium with built in halide light. Living rock full of soft corals including 2 large sea anemones. Clownfis ...07/05/12
36Assassin Snails, Five (Tropical Fish) :Assassin Snails. Cardiff Bay Cardiff. Home bred, healthy and very active. Only selling due to a larger number than I require. Great for ...06/05/12
37Live rock cardiff :Here I am selling just over 100kg of live rock. This is coming out of my 5ft marine reef tank, truely beutiful rock and fully colognised ...26/04/12
38LIve rock cardiff :Here I am selling just over 100kg of live rock. This is coming out of my 5ft marine reef tank, truely beutiful rock and fully colognised ...26/04/12
39tropical fish for sale :I have for sale 10 dalnation mollys 3 black mollys 4 orange swordtails 3 pineapple swordtails 2 blue plattys 1 white ballon molly 6 a ...23/04/12
40malawis :job lot of malawis for sale aprox 50 £4 each wont splilt Cynotilapia sp Hara Gallireya reef wild caught Wild caught 2x Afra mbamb ...23/04/12
41wanted fx5 :hi all im looking for a fx5 filter as cheap as possible plz20/04/12
42fish for sale :fish for sale based in mountain ash sorry no pics corry sterbai @ 1 inch clown loach @2 inch flying foxes @ aprox 2 inch sml n ...20/04/12
43large flower horns and giraff catfish for sale :1 large flower horn male 12 inch aprox 1 large male flower horn aprox 8 inch 1 large giraff catfish aprox 18 inch 1 large pleco over 12 ...20/04/12
44small Clown Trigger :For sale is my small clown trigger he is about 1.5" in length if that. These marine fish at this size are unusuall to see in the ...20/04/12
45malawis :loads ov Malawi and equipment for sale infomation on these fish all in one group cheaper then pet shops join the facebook group now malawi c ...18/04/12
46Various lps and soft coral frags sale/swap :Up for sale is various lps and soft coral frags Acans Mint green and orange very bright £25 Zoas. Blue and green lashes, ...18/04/12
47Moorish Idol :Hi i am looking to buy a moorish idol for my mature reef. does anyone know where one is being sold Please dont txt me saying they are ...17/04/12
48for sale :shinny spot synspilium £5.00 at 3 inches,veija,s 5-7 inch £20 each and bristle nose plec fry 10 for £5 07949 989582..17/04/12
494ft aquarium and Cabinet £200 :4 ft Aquarium and cabinet includes 2 external filters and loads of extras as new complete set up Phone 01443 436890 or 07973257264 £250 ...16/04/12
50Pseudotropheus ( Elongatus Mpanga ) £1.50 or Exchange :I have eight of these,starting to colour up, about inch and a half long. £1.50 each. Or will exchange for other fish,15/04/12
51fish for sale :fish for sale based in mountain ash sorry no pics corry sterbai @ 1 inch 3 for £10 corry bronze 3 for £5 clown loach @2 inch 3 fo ...14/04/12
52Wanted- Nexus 200 filter, dry pump and UV :I am looking for a complete filter and pump system for my new pond which is being constructed now. I would prefer a nexus filter but I am op ...13/04/12
53for sale :hi i have for sale a fluval 305 with some media just need filter pads in excellent condition boxed with all instructions and dvd also 1000lt ...13/04/12
54Massive 3ft bogwood :Massive 3ft piece of bog-wood for sale cost me £80 but will sell for £60 ovno12/04/12
554ft 240l fluval roma full setup for sale :4ft 240l fluval roma for sale with 4ft Arcadia with 4 54w T5s marine white and marine blue lights, 2 heaters and 2 ehiem external filters wh ...12/04/12
564 stage RO man 100 gallons a day RO unit for sale :4 stage RO man 100 gallons a day RO unit with Inline TDS Monitor full working order for sale newport £70 ovno12/04/12
57155 Litre fish tank ideal for marine or tropical :for sale is a 155 litre fluval osaka tank and cabinet. very good condition. only been used for 3 months or so was factory new when first pur ...12/04/12
58for sale extra large red neck severne :I have 2 really large red neck severne dont know if spelling is correct. they are around 6-7 inches in length and in great condition. I hav ...11/04/12
59caribean :I am selling my caribbean, pink tipped anemone. It is about the circumrance of a pint glass and its pink tips extend to about 3.5 inches ome ...10/04/12
60oreochromis mossambicus (cichlid) :for sale very large cichlid (oreochromis mossambicus) 10- 12 " long. stunning colours even turns white within seconds then back blue? h ...10/04/12
612x Male FLOWERHORN (RD+ZZ) :Hi i have for sale 1x Male 6'' RD Very Pearly and 1 x Male 6'' ZZ double flowerline. Very nice fish. After £50 for the pair. Postage can be ...09/04/12
624ft 240l fluval roma for sale :4ft 240l fluval roma for sale with 4ft Arcadia with 4 54w T5s marine white and marine blue lights, 2 heaters and 2 ehiem external filters wh ...07/04/12
63flowerhorn :6 inch plus flowerhorn for sale £4006/04/12
64tanks for sale :right now my shed is done i got some tanks for sale 1 6ft x12inch x 15 high £60 tank only 18 inch x 12 inch x 15 inch high x 3 £15 eac ...06/04/12
65malawis for sale from £1 each :malawis for sale from £1 each06/04/12
66tropical fish and equipment for sale :for sale red tail sharks 1.60 each frogs 1.60 each 2 plecs 3-4 inch 4.50 each also got guppy molly platy endler young from week old to 6 wee ...05/04/12
67Marine bio trical tower :for sale is a 7ft marine bio trical tower 2ft wide got just over £500 of bio in side ideal for a fish house or a shop open to offers or £7 ...01/04/12
68fish for sale :clown loach 3.50-red tail sharks 2.50- guppies 1 pound- platys 1 pound- frogs 2 pound - abino corrys 2 pound -plecs 4-5 inch 6 pound 0292086 ...28/03/12
69Metal halide :For sale three foot double 150 watt metal halide light With two new 30,000k bulbs brackets and hanging kit £60.0022/03/12
70Tetra Aqua Art Aquarium 60L 57 x 30 x 35 cm L x W x H :Tetra Aqua Art Aquarium: attractive & practical design and simple to use. Built in light with new tube fitted comes with spare hood. ...20/03/12
71fish equipment :for sale aqua 1 2 foot light unit with 2 bulbs one white one pink 20 pound -10 inch brand new plants can conect to airline 3 pound each -12 ...20/03/12
72soft corals nice size :for sale soft corals nice sizes only just the type that you see in the photo email for prices 01495 44194419/03/12
73Light :Three foot Acadia classic metal halide light New 30,000k bulbs,£60.00 . Suspension kit and hanging brackets £25.0016/03/12
74Frag tank :Wanted a small shallow frag tank,16/03/12
75Light :For sale Arcadia classic metal halide three foot Light new 30,000k bulbs £ 60.00 .Plus suspension Kit and brackets £25.0015/03/12
76Huey Hung Water Conditioner Miracle Baby + Discus for Sale :Miracle Baby Water Conditioner in 50 gram pots Only £8.99 including FREE! Postage! *REMOVES Nitrate and Ammonia instantly! *Suita ...15/03/12
77malawi fry :***FOR SALE malawi fry *** Ice blue red tops 1 1/2 - 2 inches £2.50 Yellow labs 1 1/2 - 2 inches £2.00 Dolphins 1 1/2 - 2 inches £2 ...13/03/12
78wanted :hi all im looking for community fish angels,guppys.mollys etc must b free or cheap plz text me im living in rhondda12/03/12
79Yellow belly regal tang :For sale or possibly swap yellow belly regal tang it's about 4 inches long and in cracking shape Feeding very well moving him on before h ...11/03/12
80Red sea max 130 fully set up :Hi I have a redsea max 130 and stand with 7kg of live rock 20ib of live sand 2 clown fish , two pyjama cardinals 1 chromis 1alge blenny and ...07/03/12
81fish tanks and equipment for sale :for sale 2 half foot fish tank with hood and lights 25 pound over 3 foot jewel fish tank 45 pound with built in light unit also got the ligh ...03/03/12
83WANTED naso tang other marine fish (CARDIFF) :Hi guys looking for the above for a 900litre tank thats a mature reef. cheap and local. Cheers Tony26/02/12
84fish equipment for sale :for sale used heaters 200 watt 8 pound 100 watt 7 pound 75 watt 6 pound 25 watt 5 pound also for sale brand new 6 inch plants pound each 12 ...24/02/12
85filter for sale :hi all i have 2 eheim 2217 filters for sale £15 each or 2 for £25 no pipes or tapes just the canisters23/02/12
86tropical fish re homing :UN wanted fish collected within s.wales any size bread but only tropical call alex 0771693533223/02/12
87free fish wanted :wanted free or cheap tropical fish collected with in south wales also wanted cheap tropical set ups and equipment call alex 0771693533223/02/12
88Full Set Up :For sale is the complete package: Tank approx 180cm x 40cm x 70cm External Filter Stones Rock Stone Filter Heater Lamp Turtle Tough B ...10/02/12
89loads of fish for sale :i got 3x silver dolars 4inch, 2x flowerhorns 4inch, green servum 7inch, 1x white oscar 7inch, 10 pounds for all 0754454439309/02/12
905ft x 2ft x 18inch full malawi set up :***FOR SALE*** 5FT BY 2FT BY 18INCH WITH FULL SET UP WITH STAND (INCLUDES) ABOUT 35 MALAWI 3 EXTERNAL FILTERS 2 HEATERS CORAL SAND AB ...08/02/12
91Malawi Cichlids, Small Tank and Ocean rock For Sale :1 Copidachromis Borleyi 5-6 inch - male 1 Red Zebra Male - 5 inch 1 Red Top - 3 inch 4 dolphins 1-4 inch White tailed acei 3-4 inch 1 d ...07/02/12
92fullset up apart from the tank :8 inc regal tang 2 black clown fish 2 shrimps 3 damsels 1 big urchin skimmer 3 white containers a ro unit and a refractometer can ave all ov ...06/02/12
93Aquatropic 100 fish tank :Aquatropic 100 - 160L with black cabinet. only 1 year old. £150 ono pick up from abercynon. please contact me on 07964051851 and ask for ge ...05/02/12
94550 UFO Corner tank :550 ufo corner tank for sale with built in filter on the hood and light oak colour wooden cabinet. Collection from Abercynon £100 ono if in ...05/02/12
95ColdWater fish WANTED COLDWATER FISH goldfish :ColdWater fish wanted... Plecs,platties danios goldfish etc. 07769343302 Anytime Don't hesitate ALSO WANTED: puffers, rocks, orname ...05/02/12
96tropical fish for sale :for sale brittlenose plecs adult female and male guppys -endler guppys -young guppys -angel fish-big plec -mollys-plattys 0292086583105/02/12
97Ornaments & Rocks Wanted. :Any ornaments, plants, rocks? Ocean rock etc please let me know 07769343302 Thanks Also wanted goldfish, heaters, fresheater puffers04/02/12
98Live Rock Wanted :Live rock wanted about 20 kg03/02/12
99for sale fluval vicenza 180 bow front :i am selling a fluval vicenza 180 bow front tank + stand,it has previously been set up as a marine tank,but no longer is as we need 2 sell d ...30/01/12
100fish :for sale 2 inch plecs-brand new plants-nets -airstones- airlines-fry nets also few guppys 0292086583129/01/12
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