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1Two Orfes. One Golden and One Blue :For sale, two orfes, both aprox 11 inches, one blue and one golden. Reason for sale: wanting to change them for koi.30/07/11
2for sale fish items :loads of treatments ornaments fry tanks heaters air pumps 0292086583129/07/11
3malawi for sale :loads of malawi for sale all diffrent ones from 1.50 to 7 pound 0292086583129/07/11
440 Young discus forsale (CHENS) south wales :Hi I have 40No discus I need to sell, these are 31/2 to 41/2" in size, 5No of each strain 20 red 20 blue, collection south wales np120j ...28/07/11
5Breeding Pair of Blue Turqs :Breeding pair of Discus. Blue Turqs. Are spawning but due to health problems (on my part) cannot do what is needed with them. They are v ...25/07/11
6young malawis for sale :i have yound yellow labs and ice blur gresheki size range from tiny to a inch25/07/11
7FOR SALE FANTAIL GOLDFISH :5 white and 3 gold fantail goldfish want 15 for the lot they are between 5" and 7" need them gone asap24/07/11
8FOR SALE FISHTANK CHEAP :3ft x 18"H x 12"W clearseal fishtank. Includes lights,hood,filter,fish and a stunning 2 door beech stand need it gone asap hence c ...23/07/11
9Ideal for breeders tanks. :Description: I have three 3 ft x 1.5ft fish tanks that have been professionally divided for breeding fish. 1st is 3 ft x 1.5 ft x 8 inches. ...23/07/11
10FISHTANK DIRTY? :Hello is your fishtank getting too much to clean ? Or maybe you haven't got the time, I own several large fishtanks and am offering a helpin ...23/07/11
11FOR SALE CHEAP :Hello I am selling a 3ft x 12" x 18" clearseal fishtank this deal includes a beech cabinet with 2 opening doors also one filter li ...23/07/11
12WANTED 3FT 4FT OR 5FT TANK :Preferrebly with stand and lid reasonably priced to would be good will consider tanks that arent water tight too thanks22/07/11
13Wanted - seahorses (reidi/erectus/kudu/comes) :Dear all - I am after a pair if seahorses for a little breeding project. Ideally I would like to swap for a Red Sea C-skim that has had min ...22/07/11
14FOR SALE CHEAP :Hello I am selling 6-10 goldfish they are a descent size of between 5" up to 7" only want 3 per goldfish need to be gone asap as ...21/07/11
15FOR SALE CHEAP :selling my fishtank 3ft x 18H x 12W offer includes a beech stand with opening doors underneath , filter , oranaments ,lights and 8 large gol ...21/07/11
16Nanacara Anomala. :WANTED.. I am looking for a young male N. Anomala, alternatively would be interested in some youngsters to grow on. Must be in the South ...19/07/11
17FOR SALE CHEAP :Hello I am selling a 4ft x 15 x 18 clearseal fishtank on a stand with a lighting unit grab this bargain while you can needs to go asap only ...19/07/11
18FOR SALE CHEAP :Hello I am selling a 4ft x 15 x 18 clearseal fishtank on a stand with 2 opening doors tank includes a stand and a lighting unit. With light ...19/07/11
199 inches american tiger fish :Very chunky fish, eats all day long, in with cichlids at the moment and holds his own. open to offers. no time wasters plz. grab a bargain! ...18/07/11
20malawi for sale :over 50 malawi for sale from inch up to 9 inch prices from 1.50 up to 8 pound 0292086583118/07/11
21FOR SALE faulty external filters :Here I have a fluval 304 and a fluval 405 both have faulty impeller shafts both only 6 months old 20 each or 2 for 3517/07/11
22FOR SALE 4ft clearseal fishtank with lighting unit :I am selling a 4ft clearseal fishtank with lighting unit only want 60 in excellent condition17/07/11
23SWAPS :Hey everyone I have a 4 foot tank with lights looking to swap for some large tropical fish or a external filter17/07/11
24WANTED :Wanted 2x large plecs free or very cheap must be large and good cleaners also owner must be able to deliver17/07/11
254ft fishtank :Hey guys have a 4ft fishtank forsale clearseal comes with cabinet and lighting unit only want 60 grab a bargain quick16/07/11
26WANTED :2 internal filters must be cheap or free have stuff that I'm willing to swap15/07/11
2748 x 18 x 15 Full setup....Quick sale wanted :FOR SALE! 48 X 18 X 15 FULL SETUP IN BLACK HOOD TANK STAND 2 FLUVAL INTERNAL FILTERS 1 300W HEATER 1 AQUA ONE DUAL OUTLET AIRPUMP ...13/07/11
28for sale malawi :for sale adult malawi from 5 pound o292086583113/07/11
295 foot tank stand and hanging light :for sale 5 foot tank and stand rounded edges tank was cracked on bottom but fixed is filled and has been over a year 4 foot hanging light ne ...13/07/11
30Fluval Roma 125 + Black and Silver Stand - SOLD pending collection :Having sold my livestock I have decided to sell my Roma 125. It has been used as a tropical tank since I have had it. It currently has ...10/07/11
31Tetratec EX1200 :HI there I have recently left the fishkeeping game due to cost and time constraints. I have for sale my Tetratec EX1200 filter. It has m ...09/07/11
322,three foot fish tanks :2,three foot fish tanks on a wrought iron stand with hoods and lights gravel,pump,heater for one tank selling as going to larger tank 250 o ...07/07/11
33Lots of Guppy Fry / Young forsale South Wales :Hi I have over 150 male and female guppies all showing colours. Approx 6 weeks old. Feeding on all foods now and brine shrimp. Offers on the ...06/07/11
34NEW Hydor Smartwave Wavemaker :Cityaquatics Cardiff have just taken order of the new hydor smartwave wavemaker, This unit is designed for use with there koralia evo pumps, ...06/07/11
35Aquareefs now in stock :Cityaquatics cardiff Have now back in stock aqua one new aquareef aquariums aquareef 275 Special Offer 799.99 free delivery aquareef 300 ...06/07/11
366ft tank for sale :im selling my fish tank its 6ft by 2 n half ft wide n 3 ft tall complete wiv filters, lights, rocks, ship, drift wood, and fish. i want 300 ...06/07/11
37EXTERNAL FILTERS NEEDED URGENTLY :Hey I need 2 external filters urgently as my tank has been running on one for the past few months and now that one broke down this morning I ...05/07/11
38Live Rock :150Kg of mature living rock. Have as much or as little you need. This rock is clear of any Aiptasia and offers much in the way of life ie zo ...03/07/11
39WANTED all kinds of SEVERUMS :Hey everyone looking for all kinds of severums over 5 inches please must be cheap or free to good home thanks01/07/11
40Platy fry - Deep orange with black tails :Hi, I have many deep orange platy fry. I would normally keep them, but my tank is begining to become fully stocked. Very well looked ...01/07/11
41Muppies - Hybrid guppy/molly fry :Hi, My guppy and molly have interbred, and I have a few muppies as I call them, available They are basically silver mollies, very cut ...01/07/11
42regal tang clown fish morey eel puffer and more for sale :6" regal tang 45/ 6"morey eel 45/ 5" dogface puffer 45/ 2x cardinal 10 each/ 2x damsel 5 each/ clown fish 10/ teddy bear crab 10. only ...30/06/11
43fish stuff for sale :loads of fish stuff for sale terracotta pots glass fry tank another glass tank stones and pebbles loads of ornaments from 1 pound goldfish t ...30/06/11
44for sale bucket full live sand :bucked live sand few shells fixed in and baby star fish 10 pound 0292086583130/06/11
45halide lightingfor sale :halight lighting for sale about 1 half foot long new bulb put in 50 pound 0292086583130/06/11
46malawi for sale :loads of malawi for sale 3 and 4 inch 4 pound each also young 1.50 each dont no names as i had so many 0292086583126/06/11
47baby discus WANTED :hi iam looking for baby discus 2' - 2.5' inches cash waiting ( ASAP ) must be delived only i dont drive but can get a lift if local many t ...25/06/11
48New stock at Aquabatic :For all the nano tank aquarists out there we have: Superb fire red shrimp Bee Shrimp Crystal reds Green shrimp Zebra snails Fish f ...25/06/11
49cheap cichlids wanted :Hey I'm looking for cheap cichlids doesn't matter what ones I am starting up a cichlid tank need to be able to deliver for a small price asw ...25/06/11
50various tropical fish and equipment for sale or swap :Hello I have 1 tiger oscar roughly 10-11 inches 15 also 2 red bellied pacu roughly 15 inches long 20 each or 2 for 30 also have 2 extern ...25/06/11
514Ft Marine Setup :4ft x 2ft x 2ft complete setup for sale. Sits on Oak veneered cabinet with sump and pelmet. Comes with AquaMedic Aquasunlight NG 2x150w Meta ...24/06/11
52cuban cichlid :wanted cuban cichlids23/06/11
53fish for sale :young guppys and plattys 1 pound each o292086583123/06/11
54nano reef for sale :2ft reef tank,2 clown fish,cleaner shrimp,sexy shrimp, over 100 live rock, protien skimmer, 5x pumps, heater,2x light tubes, needs new hood ...22/06/11
55Anenome :for sale. Rose tipped bubble anenome. 50. Will need a medium piece of live rock aswell as the money as obviously anenome cant be removed ...22/06/11
56D&D R.O Machine & Refractometer :D&D R.O Machine & Refractometer for sale £55 for the pair. Refractometer is hardly used and in mint condition Must go.. Te ...21/06/11
573 frontosa mpimbwe females for sale 100 for the trio :i have 3 proven mpimbwe females for sale from my own wc/f1 group i sadly lost the other males nd females so thats all wats left 1wc/2f1 the ...20/06/11
58New/Used Aqua One Heaters :Hi, I have lots of 150w heaters forsale brandnew also used in perfect working order. New 13 each used 8. Let me know if interested. Possi ...18/06/11
592ft 7in tank :juwel fish tank for sale , it is 2ft 7ins long , 1 ft wide 16ins high. comes with undergravel filter and gravel and built in power filter ...17/06/11
60VECTON 200 MARINE TROPICAL AQUARIUM UV STERILISER :As new Vecton 200 UV steriliser for tanks upto 200 litres used for around 6 weeks cost 69.95 will accept 40 new lite-set version. Call 079 ...15/06/11
61L46 L046 Zebra Pleco Hypancistrus Zebra :1 x Zebra pleco Around 2 and half years old feeding well on tetra prima, brineshrimp, cucumber and shelled peas. Stunning fish 120 no ...15/06/11
62Marine juwel rio 400 setup :Description: Juwel rio 400 in beech,light unit full marine setup, 2 x rena xp3 external filters, heaters, delte mc 500 skimmer, in excellent ...14/06/11
63Marine juwel rio 400 setup :Description: Juwel rio 400 in beech,light unit full marine setup, 2 x rena xp3 external filters, heaters, delte mc 500 skimmer, in excellent ...14/06/11
64Assorted Guppies :Now only 1 each and also more discount if buying in bulk. Pick up only.13/06/11
65guppy fry for sale :i have 14 guppy fry for sale well looked after. 1each or 7 for 5. please call 07584624401 if interested no time wasters thanks13/06/11
66Reverse osmosis water TDS 000 2.00 25L CF38 :Here we have a listing for REVERSE OSMOSIS generated water for your Tropical/Marine aquarium (other uses also accomodated). This is better f ...12/06/11
67Reverse osmosis Water TDS 000 2.00 25L CF38 :Here we have a listing for REVERSE OSMOSIS generated water for your Tropical/Marine aquarium (other uses also accomodated). This is better f ...12/06/11
68Reverse Osmosis TDS 000 2.00 25L CF38 :Here we have a listing for REVERSE OSMOSIS generated water for your Tropical/Marine aquarium (other uses also accomodated). This is better f ...12/06/11
70pebbles for sale :I. got a lot of pebbles big small u can used for gravel or what u want like a Fetcher 10 I got a lot so it a good dell thanks phone me or t ...08/06/11
713ft tank full set up slid in to back of cabinet and all the fish :3ft by 15 by15 deep tank full set up it slid in to back of cabinat all the fish as well 200 6" green terror. 4" jack d 6" pleco 4" pleco 4 ...08/06/11
72for sale breeding pair angel fish :breeding pair angel fish silver and black 0292086583106/06/11
73plecs :l128 blue phantom's 1 1/2" stunning colours 25 royal pleco's just over 2" 25 stunning il put pics up later if i can stop em ...02/06/11
74More great stock at Aquabatic Cardiff :Back by popular demand red and White crystal shrimp and some of the best chocolate gouramis we've ever seen. Current discus include Whit ...02/06/11
76U.V lights for sale :I have a T.M.C 25 watt U.V for sale and a 25 watt kockney koi U.V for sale they have hardly been used, the reason for selling them is due to ...01/06/11
77fish re homing in s wales :hi I will re home most tropical fish fry to large tetras to oscars I mainly have cichlids but will re home most fish that you dont want will ...31/05/11
78RO Water TDS 000 (fresh) Per 25 Litre 2.00 CF38 :Here we have a listing for REVERSE OSMOSIS generated water for your Tropical/Marine aquarium (other uses also accomodated). This is better f ...31/05/11
79RO Water TDS 000 (fresh) Per 25 Litre 2.00 CF38 :Here we have a listing for REVERSE OSMOSIS generated water for your Tropical/Marine aquarium (other uses also accomodated). This is better f ...31/05/11
80WANTED Yellow or Regal Tangs :Hi there i am looking for some smallish yellow or regal tangs to add to my marine setup i realy dont have alot of cash to spend on these and ...31/05/11
81Wanted - Corals, Inverts, Fish :Looking for Coral frags and inverts mainly in my local area all considered29/05/11
82SOLD SORRY Rena Aqualife 150 Fish Tank Caerphilly :5ft Rena Aqualife 150 Fish Tank. 460 litres, complete setup, plus extras. Must go soon, can be seen running for a short time only. Excellent ...28/05/11
83Freshwater Angelfish 1 x Female zebra lace het pb, 1 x Smokey lace het pb Caerph ... :2 x freshwater angels up for grabs. 1 female zebra lace, het pb, Ken Kennedy's x Top Angels lines, approx. 6 months old 1 unknow sex, ...28/05/11
84FOR SALE: Blue Texas Cichlid :For Sale is one Blue Texas Cichlid approximately 3.5 inch, very colourful, pics on request. 15 ono. Any queries call Chris on 0791225823026/05/11
86for sale skimmer 400 :for sale 400 skimmer 2 monthe old payed 68 pound sell 45 no offers like new 0292086583123/05/11
87jbl undergravel heater :jbl protemp basis 120 substrate heater for small planted aquariums up to 120lts still in box 20 less than half price tel-0144342591121/05/11
88FOR SALE :I have 2 fish tanks for sale juwel 96 (no internal filter) 20 2ft tank + hood with stand (silver) 20 now sold these tanks are for col ...21/05/11
90tropical fish :I have 1 x 3 inch sailfin plec, 1 x sailfin molly, 6x penguin tetra (I think) 6x glo-light tetra, 3 x tiger barb and a few platys im open to ...20/05/11
91angel fish proven pair :i have for sale a proven pair of angel fish 40.0020/05/11
92fish for sale :tropical fish for sale barbs-guppys-mollys-plattys-neons-zebras-silvertips-plecs-sharks and more 0292086583116/05/11
93AQUABATIC NEW STOCK AND OPENING TIMES :We will now be closed on Mondays as it's not busy enough to stay open and gives us chance to do maintenance if you do wan something urgent r ...14/05/11
94rena classic 5ft in light mapel.. plus 7x2x2.5 with a light oak cabinet :i hAve a rena classic tank for sale in ex cond full setup excluding fish nd water 500 ovno... also got a 7x2x2.5 with a light oak cabinet ...12/05/11
95for sale over 400 fish :for sale over 400 fish mosty all 1 pound each male guppies-plattys-swords-mollys-white clouds-zebra danios-long fin zebras-red fin sharks-br ...11/05/11
96for sale marine rock sand and wave makers :for sale 20 kg live sand live fiji rock and 2 wave makers 0292086583111/05/11
97marine fish for sale :for sale marine fish white stripe tang 20 pound humbugs 4 pound large green chromises 5 pound hermit crabs 6 for 10 pound and snails 6 for 1 ...11/05/11
98silver dollers :iv got for sale 3silver dollers and 3 red hook dollres to there about 4.5 5.5 inch looking for 45 ono ty daniel im from the rhondda wales te ...07/05/11
99Water pumps :Three pumps for sale, Clarke surface pump 240v switched 60 LPM,lift 5mtrs 30mm inlet/outlet Clarke sump pump 240v 135 LPM lift 7 mtrs Par ...07/05/11
100for sale :i have for sale a 2foot tank with a pair of parrot cichlids and a pair of coridoras complete set up with internal filter , heater , air pump ...07/05/11
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