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1for sale breeding pair angel fish :breeding pair angel fish silver and black 0292086583106/06/11
2plecs :l128 blue phantom's 1 1/2" stunning colours 25 royal pleco's just over 2" 25 stunning il put pics up later if i can stop em ...02/06/11
3More great stock at Aquabatic Cardiff :Back by popular demand red and White crystal shrimp and some of the best chocolate gouramis we've ever seen. Current discus include Whit ...02/06/11
5U.V lights for sale :I have a T.M.C 25 watt U.V for sale and a 25 watt kockney koi U.V for sale they have hardly been used, the reason for selling them is due to ...01/06/11
6fish re homing in s wales :hi I will re home most tropical fish fry to large tetras to oscars I mainly have cichlids but will re home most fish that you dont want will ...31/05/11
7RO Water TDS 000 (fresh) Per 25 Litre 2.00 CF38 :Here we have a listing for REVERSE OSMOSIS generated water for your Tropical/Marine aquarium (other uses also accomodated). This is better f ...31/05/11
8RO Water TDS 000 (fresh) Per 25 Litre 2.00 CF38 :Here we have a listing for REVERSE OSMOSIS generated water for your Tropical/Marine aquarium (other uses also accomodated). This is better f ...31/05/11
9WANTED Yellow or Regal Tangs :Hi there i am looking for some smallish yellow or regal tangs to add to my marine setup i realy dont have alot of cash to spend on these and ...31/05/11
10Wanted - Corals, Inverts, Fish :Looking for Coral frags and inverts mainly in my local area all considered29/05/11
11SOLD SORRY Rena Aqualife 150 Fish Tank Caerphilly :5ft Rena Aqualife 150 Fish Tank. 460 litres, complete setup, plus extras. Must go soon, can be seen running for a short time only. Excellent ...28/05/11
12Freshwater Angelfish 1 x Female zebra lace het pb, 1 x Smokey lace het pb Caerph ... :2 x freshwater angels up for grabs. 1 female zebra lace, het pb, Ken Kennedy's x Top Angels lines, approx. 6 months old 1 unknow sex, ...28/05/11
13FOR SALE: Blue Texas Cichlid :For Sale is one Blue Texas Cichlid approximately 3.5 inch, very colourful, pics on request. 15 ono. Any queries call Chris on 0791225823026/05/11
15for sale skimmer 400 :for sale 400 skimmer 2 monthe old payed 68 pound sell 45 no offers like new 0292086583123/05/11
16jbl undergravel heater :jbl protemp basis 120 substrate heater for small planted aquariums up to 120lts still in box 20 less than half price tel-0144342591121/05/11
17FOR SALE :I have 2 fish tanks for sale juwel 96 (no internal filter) 20 2ft tank + hood with stand (silver) 20 now sold these tanks are for col ...21/05/11
19tropical fish :I have 1 x 3 inch sailfin plec, 1 x sailfin molly, 6x penguin tetra (I think) 6x glo-light tetra, 3 x tiger barb and a few platys im open to ...20/05/11
20angel fish proven pair :i have for sale a proven pair of angel fish 40.0020/05/11
21fish for sale :tropical fish for sale barbs-guppys-mollys-plattys-neons-zebras-silvertips-plecs-sharks and more 0292086583116/05/11
22AQUABATIC NEW STOCK AND OPENING TIMES :We will now be closed on Mondays as it's not busy enough to stay open and gives us chance to do maintenance if you do wan something urgent r ...14/05/11
23rena classic 5ft in light mapel.. plus 7x2x2.5 with a light oak cabinet :i hAve a rena classic tank for sale in ex cond full setup excluding fish nd water 500 ovno... also got a 7x2x2.5 with a light oak cabinet ...12/05/11
24for sale over 400 fish :for sale over 400 fish mosty all 1 pound each male guppies-plattys-swords-mollys-white clouds-zebra danios-long fin zebras-red fin sharks-br ...11/05/11
25for sale marine rock sand and wave makers :for sale 20 kg live sand live fiji rock and 2 wave makers 0292086583111/05/11
26marine fish for sale :for sale marine fish white stripe tang 20 pound humbugs 4 pound large green chromises 5 pound hermit crabs 6 for 10 pound and snails 6 for 1 ...11/05/11
27silver dollers :iv got for sale 3silver dollers and 3 red hook dollres to there about 4.5 5.5 inch looking for 45 ono ty daniel im from the rhondda wales te ...07/05/11
28Water pumps :Three pumps for sale, Clarke surface pump 240v switched 60 LPM,lift 5mtrs 30mm inlet/outlet Clarke sump pump 240v 135 LPM lift 7 mtrs Par ...07/05/11
29for sale :i have for sale a 2foot tank with a pair of parrot cichlids and a pair of coridoras complete set up with internal filter , heater , air pump ...07/05/11
30marine fish and live rock for sale :for sale marine fish _puffer fish 30 pound-jewel puffer 35 pound-foxface 25 pound-clown fish 10 pound-stripe cardinal 8 pound-betta jewel 35 ...05/05/11
31WANTED Cheap Tank South Wales :I am looking for a small cheap QT for salt water fish. Up to 100l in South Wales03/05/11
32WANTED Cheap Tank South Wales :I am looking for a small cheap QT for salt water fish. Up to 100l in South Wales03/05/11
33bristlenose plecos :hi all i got young and fry bristlenose pleco's 1 each or 6 for 5 s.wales aberdare03/05/11
34goldfish :hi all i got about 25 small-medium goldfish ranging from 80p - 1.20 il give discount the more you buy cheers03/05/11
35fish for sale :over 20 marine fish for sale lion fish tangs brown blue yellow clown fish and loads of others 0292086583102/05/11
36Wanted tanganyikan and tropheus breeding groups :wanted breeding groups or pairs of tanganyikan,also breeding group of tropheus can travel for right fish. cash wainting01/05/11
37juveniles for sale job lot 40 :juvenile malawi for sale i have a few red empress juvenile for sale at between 2 and 3 inch mark about 20 of them and about 20 smaller from ...01/05/11
38marine fish for sale :marine fish for sale humbugs angel fish yellow eyed tang damsels green chromis also fiji rock 0292086583129/04/11
39fish for sale :for sale tropical fish neons plattys guppys corys plecs and angel fish 0292086583129/04/11
40fish wanted :wanted breeding pair of plecs cheap 0292086583128/04/11
41fish for sale :marine fish for sale angel fish yellow eyed tank humbugs green chromis damsels purple fiji rock 0292086583127/04/11
42fish for sale :tropical fish for sale guppys plattys neons silver tip fish and angel fish 0292086583127/04/11
43two and a half foot aquarium with stand and extras :i have a fluval two and a half foot tank with beach stand filter and heater also have graval all in great condition i have own this from new ...26/04/11
44marine fish for sale :for sale marine fish yellow angel fish _red hawkfish_boxer shrimp _humbugs_blue damsel_black damsel_green chromis_spider crab_clown fish_car ...22/04/11
45mushrooms on fiji rock :mushroom corals on rock for sale leather and brown with purple stripes 02920 86583122/04/11
463 foot bow fronted fish tank :3 foot jewel bow fronted fish tank on beach stand hanging halide lighting blue and white bulbs and external filter and heater 140 pound 0292 ...22/04/11
47Fragging tank :5 by 2 by 1 tank drilled with overflow, and 4 by 18 by 18 sump. all equipment and stand included. call chris for details, offers around 280 ...20/04/11
48Deltec Eco Chiller :large deltec eco chiller, 88watt power consumption only, but generates 2000watts of cooling. bought new 6 months ago for 955, never used bu ...20/04/11
495 Foot tank ideal for fragging. :completely braceless 10mm glass tank, 5 foot long, 2 foot wide 1 foot deep tray ideal for fragging, with 4 foot by 18 by 18 sump, with 2500 ...20/04/11
50Massive Chiller :Deltec Eco Cooler, 2000 watts of cooling but only uses 88 watts of power so very cheap to run. bought 6 months ago but unused was 955, open ...20/04/11
51for sale marine items :for sale fiji rock loads of life 5 pound kg plain live rock 3.50 kg live sand with loads of starfish antler rock also fish for sale hawkfis ...20/04/11
52Marine fish tank, Full setup 6ft x 2ft x 2.5ft :Marine fish tank, Full setup. 6ft x 2ft x 2.5ft With cabinet. 8 months old, comes with everything. (see pics) live sand and rocks, A ...16/04/11
535 fish tanks and fish for sale :2 jack dempseys male and female 10 the pair and are breeding theres 2 babys in tank babys 1.50 each 2 sevrums male and female 10 the pai ...15/04/11
54wanted 3/4ft tank :im looking for a 3/4 ft tank no accessories needed im moving house so i only need it as a holding tank while i move and set up my other tank ...11/04/11
55corner fish tank :selling my corner fish tank, comes complete with external filter heater and gravel , stands on mahogany cupboard , 9010/04/11
56oscars and plecs :hi im selling the contents of my 5ft tank i have 12 oscars ranging in size from 4 ins -11 ins some breeding prices from 10 -35 a per , als ...10/04/11
575ft fish tank + extras :im selling my 5ft by 2ft by 2ft tank and large cupboard,it is made of wood not chipboard has wooden hood with light fitment two sliding door ...10/04/11
58River Reef 94l with stand in black 200ono :internal filter has been removed but is supplied with a JBL crystal profi 900lph external filter RRP 90. Great for a starter marine tank ...10/04/11
594ft tank and pine cupboard with extras :im selling off my tanks due to moving in with my partner, i have a 4ft x 1ft x 1ft tank and lid fits onto a pine cupboard with 6 draws ans ...06/04/11
60Aquabatic of Cardiff: New stock in :More quality fish in stock Stunning corydoras similis, julii and Melini Apistogrammas, agasizzi, veijita, mendezi Red an White crys ...06/04/11
61marine fish and live rock for sale :marine fish for sale boxer shrimp angel fish damsels humbugs firemouths and live rock 0292086583106/04/11
623 foot bow fronted jewel aquarium & equipment :3 foot bow fronted fish tank with black stand and some ocean rock. Stand has 2 cupboards and shelves. Comes with fluval 4 pump and heate ...05/04/11
63AQUABATIC OF CARDIFF NEW STOCK COMING SOON :Due to unprecedented demand, more chocolate gourami's; red crystal shrimp, black and white bee shrimp and yellow fire shrimp are on their wa ...30/03/11
64marine :marine rock and fish for sale 0292086571330/03/11
655ft fish tank and fish and extras :im selling my 5ft x2ft x2ft fish tank,has external filter and side mounted filters, has 2 300watt heaters ,has large wooden hood with light ...26/03/11
66we need :looking for any free tropical fish to re-home to my doughter's 07902189259 or r.byra@interia.pl26/03/11
67Acan lord frags for sale high colour :I have a few different frags for sale of these different prices starting at 30 Various other frags for sale also and corals26/03/11
68angel fish :hi i have 4 angel fish for sale 3.00 each or the four for 10.00.26/03/11
69marine rock and fish for sale :marine rock 5 pound kg also fish black and white cardinal 10 pound sea urchin 10 pound 2 humbugs 8 pound for the 2 also marine antler rock f ...26/03/11
70AQUABATIC OF CARDIFF :The Quality keeps on coming. Superb L numbers, discus and malawi's. Inc watermelon plec and superb white spotted ancistrus. Honestly, t ...24/03/11
71Attention all fish keepers in England :Whenever you visit Aquabatic and make a purchase Show us your Severn Bridge toll receipt and we'll refund it for you! Our new store is no ...22/03/11
72AQUABATIC OF CARDIFF :New store now open come on down and experience the finest quality South Wales has to offer. This brand new store and showroom has impeccable ...21/03/11
735ft5 tank and extras :im selling my 5ft tank comes with wooden and light fitment on large wooden stand with cupboards has external filter and 2 inner filters plus ...21/03/11
742 x FX5 :Hi. I have 2 FX5's for sale ! No.1 is working perfectly , has bio balls & sponge - no other media - all pipe work etc but is missing r ...20/03/11
75severums :i have a breeding pair of severums 1 is a green 1 golden have had young from them 35 the pair19/03/11
76breeding pair parrot fish :breeding pair of parrot fish about 5-6 inches in size both fish are in good health 3019/03/11
77fish tanks :for sale 3ft 6 fish tank and cupboard in mahogony it is in very good condition, comes with undergravel filter and heater space needed 70 o ...19/03/11
78Aquabatic of Cardiff new stock list :L numbers Green phantom White spotted ancistrus Hypancistrus inspector Tiger plec Clown plec Red tailed sternella Gold nuggets R ...18/03/11
79AQUABATIC NEW STORE IN CARDIFF NOW OPEN :Superb selection of quality Discus and a great selection of L Numbers, wild Malawis and tropical softwater. Dutch premium plants. Bespoke ...17/03/11
80live rock at 5.50 a kilo s wales :hi i got over 100 kilos of l/r forsale mixed types and sizes ..I will post at 20 for 20 kilos...u r more than welcome to pick it up17/03/11
81Ozzy branching lobo plus other coras for sale :i have some cracking ozzy branching lobo frags for sale amazing colours please see photobucket links of the mother colonies frags are one ...17/03/11
82Three discus for sale or swap :Two turquoise ( 4 inch and two inch) One yellow and orange (3 inch) there are also smaller fish in with them including a breeding pair of ...16/03/11
83NEW STORE IN CARDIFF :Aquabatic's long awaited store and showroom is now open at Unit 2 Link Trade Park, Penarth Road, Cardiff, CF11 8TQ. telephone 029 20710792. ...16/03/11
84breeding pair parrot fish +a male :i have a breeding pair of parrot fish, male about 6-7 inches female a little smaller selling due to changing what i keep 3o the pair. also ...13/03/11
85i will buy any fish for under 10 :if u have any tropical fish chilids malawi barbs tetra's discus ect... i will buy as long as under 20 thanks11/03/11
86wanted :hi i live in swansea and i need fish asap i will only accept free or REALLY cheap fish i need them as its my dads bday and he collects also ...10/03/11
87for sale :im selling a 2ft long 1ft high and 1ft wide tank with gravel and a few ornaments for 60 quick sale open to offers i live in swansea wales b ...10/03/11
88Lighting system :Hi I have for sale a tropical/marine lighting system, I don't know anything about it as I used my own when I bought the 8 ft tank it was wit ...09/03/11
89River Reef 94 full setup. 300 for quick sale :I have for sale a River Reef 94 L Tank with stand in black. The tank has been modified to take an external filter. The filter provided was c ...06/03/11
90silver dollars :hi im looking for any cheap silver dollars ,please let me know...05/03/11
91WANTED Hi guys after some bubble caulerpa algae :Im after some for my tangs as a change to the nori etc, just wondering if some has some small amount i could grow in sump. obviously cheape ...27/02/11
92wanted - AQUARIUM ORNAMENTS :Despeatley wanting ornaments Phone anytime 0752252387027/02/11
93Any AQUARIUM WANTED 2.5ft or smaller. - WANTED :Wanted a tank 3ft or smaller. Open to calls texts and stuff ... At all times Cheers23/02/11
94wanted: BALA SHARKS / SILVER SHARKS -- WANTED :Hi looking for Bala sharks, I godt ///// money////// or we can //////swap-//////- Phone me or text or miss call me on 07522523870 or e-ma ...19/02/11
95Jack Dempsey & OTHER CICHLIDS WANTED :Looking for american / newWorld cichlids wanted Best of to Phone or Text me on 07522523870 Please get in contact18/02/11
96WANTED-- OCEAN ROCK.....cash waiting :Need ocean rock or slate... Please contact16/02/11
97full marine set up for sale 300 :Juwel Trigon 190 corner tank in beech with arcadia 4 150w halide light. Comes with twin atinics and original light and lid, tmc 400 skimmer ...13/02/11
98Wanted : OSCARS - OSCARS OSCARS OSCARZ :Hi I'm looking for any Oscar 4" or less.- got cash money fish11/02/11
99Corner fist tank for sale 07789796311 :The stunning 190l corner fist tank has been well loved and is in good condition, It come complete with heather, filter, light, decorations ...11/02/11
10072 x 24 x 30 panoramic fish tank :Large panoramic tank for sale 72 inches long 24 inches high and 30 inches front to back. Double thickness base twin weirs with dry sections ...08/02/11
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