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Aquarist Classifieds Guppies

Check out our Fishkeeping Directory pages about guppies:

 Aquarist Classifieds Search Results:AddedPhoto
1.Askoll aquarium REDUCED £45 24/09/17 No
Askoll aquarium L30 H17 D14 inches Fluval u2 filter Heater Air bubbler Api test strips Magnet scraper Decorations etc 5 x phantom tetras 4 x guppies (male) 3 x neon tetras 2 x harlequin rasboras 1 x electric blue ram 1 x sterbai Cory 1 x river shrimp The lights in the hood... ...
3.RREA Red Red Eye Albino guppies trios ( 1 male 2 female ) 23/09/17 No
Trio ( 1 male 2 female ) RREA guppies £7 trio . Collect Werrington Peterborough PE4 7RZ.
4.Fish Finatics Aquatic Centre, W Lancs - Current Fish Stock available 23/09/17 Yes
Hi Guys. For your information, this weeks available livestock list is as follows: (All quarantined for at least 7 days as usual) Green snakeskin Discus Snow white Discus Red Turq Discus Golden yellow Discus Golden rainbow Discus Red Melon Discus Red Marlboro Discus Yellow Marlboro Dis... ...
5.Endler guppies 22/09/17 No
WANTED good quality endler guppies, please phone Brian St. Helens 01744451660, will pick up.
6.Silver Tuxedo Male Guppies / Guppy Nationwide Delivery 22/09/17 Yes
Silver Tux Male Guppies. A very nice and unusually coloured guppy. A white silver head and body going to a dark blue tail. freshwateraquatics.co.uk [email protected]
7.Juwel black lido 100 on stand £60 21/09/17 Yes
With working lights,fluval u3 internal filter,heater,plants bogwood and fish including a few bristlenose pleco guppies and shrimps collection only from fovant sp3 £60 no offers thanks
8.Apisto Aquatics 21/09/17 Yes
where quality comes above all else !!! ran by breeder peter clarke who has previously been featured in practical fish keeping magazine (see links) we believe quality is better than quantity as i have always bred my fish to a very high standard. we are stcokists of repashy super foods & c.e fi... ...
9.Maidenhead Aquatics @ Rutland current livestock list 21/09/2017 21/09/17 Yes
Maidenhead Aquatics @ Rutland current livestock list 21/09/2017 (We are located near Oakham, Melton Mowbray, Stamford, Corby, Leicester, and within 1 hours drive of Nottingham, Peterborough, Grantham, Kettering, Market Harborough, Bourne) Here at Maidenhead Aquatics @ Rutland we currently have... ...
10.guppies guppys guppy tropical fish platies platy 21/09/17 Yes
for sale mixed guppies 11x for £15 Collection from East Grinstead I have fish bags for community fish tank aquarium set up they are breeding easy to breed pair's and trio's
11.Ancistrus LDA016 Calico Plecs, Beautiful Endler Guppies 20/09/17 Yes
Red and Black marbled Ancistrus Calicos 8cm (inc tail) from breeding colony £30 pair, juveniles £5 Beautiful Endler guppies 3 for £1 Collection only NW London 020 7485 2012 text on 07985 013 996
12.Blue Panda Guppy / Guppies in stock 20/09/17 Yes
Blue Panda Guppies in stock. www.freshwateraquatics.co.uk [email protected] Nationwide Delivery
13.Robin Hood Aquarists (Nottingham) Autumn Auction Sunday 17th September 2017 17/09/17 Yes
The Robin Hood Aquarists Society will be holding an auction of fish, plants and equipment on Sunday 17th September 2017 at the Highbank Community Centre, Farnborough Road, Clifton, Nottingham, NG11 9DG. Doors open 10.30am and Auction starts 11am. Refreshments will be available throughout the ... ...
14.Various Tropical Fish for sale 15/09/17 No
The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Nationwide Delivery Available £16.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery By 13.00 For Scotland please enquire. We do request that customers come and view our stock to see and select the fish of your choice. Licensed to buy and sell fish. Opening Hours: Monday ... ...
15.lesleys aquatics 15/09/17 Yes
Im a new little aquatic shop based in grantham on wharf road. i have only been open 4 months and its doing really well. i have plenty of current stock in and i also stock the fish science food! I have the following stock ava harli rasboras large assorted female gups dwarf rainbows asso... ...
16.Guppy grass Najas Guadalupensis 11/09/17 Yes
I'm selling some of my Guppy Grass, due to it filling a 100 litre tank in 6 weeks, and now starting to fill my 4ft as well. This is brilliant stuff for raising fry. I've got wild guppies and bristlenose plecs hiding all over it. Doesn't need to be planted. I just let it float about until it anchors ... ...
17.Dwarf Neon Rainbow (Melanotaenia praecox) & Fairy Cichlid (Neolamprologus brichardi) CHESTERFIELD 10/09/17 No
For sale but ideally trade! 5 x Dwarf Neon Rainbow (Melanotaenia praecox) 2 male, 3 female. 1.5" - 2". £1 each. 6 x Fairy Cichlid (Neolamprologus brichardi) Unable to sex at present. 1"- 2" £1 each. Ideally I would prefer to trade this as a lot for for platties, guppies a... ...
18.Male and Female Guppies Free 07/09/17 No
I have lots of Male and Female Guppies. Most are small/Medium adult size currently. These available from me for free (just a couple or as many as you want) but are collection only.
19.Community Fish 07/09/17 Yes
Pink Kissing Gourami £6 a pair, Rainbow Sharks £2, Green Tiger Barbs and Black Rosy Barbs 5 for £6, Albino Mollies £1.50, Angel Fish Medium Marble £3, Black Neon Tetra and Rummy nose Tera, Large, £12 for 10, Platies, blue, red, orange, green £1.50. Swordtails, red, orange, checkered, £1.50 each, End... ...
20.Moscow White Male Guppies / Guppy Poecilia reticulata 06/09/17 Yes
Moscow White male guppies. Pure white Moscow guppy. Sorry no females and very limited stock. Moscow Blue and Green also in stock. Please visit my online shop for many more guppies. freshwateraquatics.co.uk email: [email protected]
21.Aquatic Finatic – Stock List & Offers - 03/09/17 Yes
We are delighted to announce Aquatic Finatic has won Practical Fish Keeping Top Shops Yorkshire and Humberside Region. Big thanks to all who voted for us. If you haven't been in to see us yet why not come and see why we are Award Winning !! We would like to take this opportunity to thank our cus... ...
22.Cichlids, plecs, guppy,swordtails, molly, platty, tetra Tropical fish 02/09/17 No
Updated list for sale Hartlepool Malwali 3 inch Blue Dolhins £5 each 3 inch Giraffe Haps £3 each 2 for £5 3 inch Ice Blue £3 each 2 for £5 2 inch eyebiters £2.50 each 5 for £10 2 inch Borleyi £2.50 each 2 inch Yellow Labs £2.50 each Various need id from £2.50 upwards. Cichlids ... ...
23.Wild strain guppies 30/08/17 Yes
Thinning out my wild strain guppy colony. I have 3-4 pairs to sell at £3 per pair. Feeding really well on flake and whatever vegetables I throw in for my bristlenoses. The picture is an example of the fish in the colony, so you may not get these exact fish. Collection is from Houghton le Spring, or ... ...
24.wanted mollies/platties/guppies/swordtails please 24/08/17 No
hi there just wondered if any1 has any spare please they are willing to get rid off any colours I don't mind just trying to get some fish back in the tank for my little boy thankyou I don't drive so would be asking if you would consider dropping them to me please or can collect walking distance I li... ...
25.5 pieces of bogwood for sale or swop for mollies,platties,guppies,swordtails 24/08/17 Yes
I have 5 pieces of med-large bogwood for sale 50.00 for all 5 pieces ranges from 2cm-5cms thick roughly 10cms long some are chunkier and heavier than others or swop for either guppies,mollies,platties,swordtails collect from Guildford
26.Black Bar Endlers. High Quality Breeding Adults. Extinct in wild. £20 for 12 adult endlers. 23/08/17 Yes
Black Bar Endlers. Pure bred, never mixed with guppies, from pure Endler stock originally imported from the US. These fish are extinct in the wild. I supply these high quality adult pure Endlers to a leading London fish shop where they are retailed at several times this price. I've also supp... ...
27.PAINTED FIRE (SAKURA) ADULT RED CHERRY SHRIMP. St Albans, Hertfordshire. 10 for £30 23/08/17 Yes
High quality Painted Fire Red Cherry Shrimps. It's taken me years to improve the colours of this line. Adults. Not tiny less than 1cm baby shrimps that will get eaten by even tiny fish as sold elsewhere. Buyers collecting these have previously tried shrimp from other sellers only to end up with... ...
28.Anubias and guppies fish 14/08/17 Yes
Hi for sale anubias nana on the root 50cmm.long 20cm. wide -80 pound and guppies fish . interested call Pawel 07854046365. Collection from WEst Drayton London. Thanks
29.tropical fish clear out 14/08/17 Yes
I have fish that need clearing out as I'm revamping my fish room Guppies 99p Mollies 1.50 Platy 99p Silver sharks 2.50 Endlers 99p Rainbow sharks 1.50 Discus 9.99 Angels 3.00 Neon tetra 99p Adult silver sharks £12.00 Aquatic and reptile centre wallasey wirral ch449dd 0151 630 7037
30.[SOLD] BLACK BAR ENDLERS. Fry. £20 for 20 fry. Pure strain. Strain imported from US. 11/08/17 Yes
Beautiful Black Bar Endlers. Fry. Pure strain. Strain imported from US. Never ever mixed with guppies. Adults from this breeding line are supplied to a leading London fish shop where they are retailed at between £8.50-£12 a pair so grab yourself a bargain! Minimum order 20 fr... ...
31.3 Female Guppies free to good home 05/08/17 Yes
Re-homing 3 adult female guppies. 2 with orange tail and 1 with silver & black tail.
32.free guppies 29/07/17 No
approx. 12 young male guppies free just collect 07544858358 from 6pm
33.Guppies for sale 23/07/17 Yes
I have a large number of fry and juvenile fish for sale as the tank is extremely full. Both sexes, fan tails. Red/black & blue/silver tuxedos & "leopard" mosaics, also snake skin colouration. Sorry for the potato quality photo. Fry £0.50 each, juveniles £1 each, 6 for £5. Reasona... ...
34.Guppies wanted 20/07/17 No
Guppies wanted Shropshire area able to collect 07429689937
35.Fishcove Warrington - Fish List 21/06/17 No
Botia Kubotai Cardinals Blue Neons Black Neons Green Neons Assorted Mollies Assorted Guppies Assorted Platies Zebra Danios Golden Danios Giant Danios Albino Cory Bronze Cory Pepper Cory Green Brochis Sterbai Cory Black Venezuela Cory Orange Venezuelan Cory Albino Catfish Assorted... ...
36.Freshwater fish 20/06/17 Yes
Gourami from £3, Guppies, Platies, Mollies, Swordtails, Beautiful colours, £1.50 each Plecs, Albinos and Gold From £3 each. Tetra, Serpae, Neons and Red-eye, 10 for 7pound. woodlands doncaster large varity community and cichlidsPlease contact 07935 601198/07713 154 980
37.clearance sale 14/06/17 Yes
CLOSING DOWN SALE EVERYTHING MUST GO - 14/06/17, TROPICAL AMAZONAS AQUATICS - 5* Rated from over 130 reviews!!!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Name (Size)...................................Price each, Discount price TETRAS, LIVEBEA... ...
38.free fish rehoming scotland 30/05/17 Yes
hi, we are members of a fish rehoming scheme www.fishorphans.com . we rehome any unwanted/outgrown fish - tropical and coldwater, also equipment and tanks for our fishhouse. good home always assured, we rehome anything from arowana to goldfish to guppies,, we also offer free advice on fishkeeping ... ...
39.Last stock of cummunity fish. Must Go. ellesmere port 30/05/17 No
below is the last stock we have left, so all must go. prices are per fish, deals may be possible on larger groups. Albino tiger barbs x4 £1ea Rosy barbs x5 £2ea Asst Male guppies x15 £1ea Glowlight tetras x15 £1ea Bleeding heart tetras x10 £2ea Kribensis x50 £1ea Angelfish Pearl x6 £... ...
40.Tropical fish 20/05/17 No
Black bar endlers mixed bag of 30 male and female £10 L002 plecs 3 for £10 these fish need bog wood in there tank. L129 plec 3 for £10 mixed sizes available all young fish Ch... ...
Fish in stock. Tropical fish Cichlid fish Geophagus red head tapajos – 3 inches – £8.50 each Gymnogeophagus gymnogenys \'Maldonado\' – 1.5 inch – £20.00 each Firemouth cichlids – 3 inches – £5.00 each Assorted angels – 4-5 inches – £15.00 each Assorted angels- 2 inches – £3.00 each Rio na... ...
42.Tropical fish 06/05/17 Yes
Angels, guppies n mollies Angel £2.50-£3.50 Guppies n mollies £1.50
43.Guppies wated 05/05/17 No
I'm looking for a joblot of guppies male and female to fill a 300 litre tank Call or message on 07804 444461
44.Flash sale space needed 25/04/17 Yes
Guppies trio's for 1.50 (1 male 2x female) Pineapple swordatils £1.50 a pair. Malawi Cichlids white and blue striped £1.50 each, We need space to grow on our next batches of young fish, all are in excellent condition. Contact me on either; [email protected] or call or text 07988873867.
45.Guppies, Platies, Malawi Cichlids and Swordtails for sale. 18/04/17 No
Bedford based charity. Good quality fish, all bred by our students. Guppies (black bodied red tailed males and half black females) £1 each Platies £1 each Swordtails £1 each Malawi Cichlids £2.50 2-3" (white and Blue) Phone/ text 07988873867 email. [email protected]
46.Please help.. I have guppies, endless and Mollies al ready to have fry. 14/04/17 No
I need a small heater 10w will be great and just one of the small filters you can get. Or even a small Stingray as my fish are ready to give birth. Free please. P. M me
47.TOMORROW Robin Hood Aquarists Nottingham Spring Auction Sunday April 9th 2017 08/04/17 Yes
The Robin Hood Aquarists will be holding an auction of fish, plants and equipment on Sunday 9th April 2017 at the Highbank Community Centre, Farnborough Road, Clifton, Nottingham, NG11 9DG. Doors open 10.30am and Auction starts 11am. ***PLEASE NOTE*** earlier start time. Refreshments will be a... ...
48.Current stock at pH Aquatics in Hawkinge nr Folkestone 08/04/17 No
Current Stock List 07/04/2017. NEW ARRIVALS!! L177, L104, L106,L129, L147, Rasbora Espei, Golden Puffer(Auriglobus modestus) , Dwarf Anchor Catfish, Clown Loach, Kohaku & Sanke Swordtails, PHKM Black Dragon Male Betta and lots more.... L No’ Plecs L330 10-12" Watermelon Panaque WIL... ...
49.Guppies 31/03/17 No
I have some baby guppies for sale.They are not ready to go yet.£1.50 each
50.Current stock at pH Aquatics- Folkestone. 05/03/17 No
L No’ Plecs L029 Galaxy plec 5\" £35.00 L066 King Tiger (Wild) £38.00 L104 Clown Peckolita £8.00 L264 Sultan pleco £40.00 L128 Blue Phantom plec £40.00 L200 Green Phantom 3\" £35.00 L134 Leopard Frog Plec 2”-3” £45.00- 1 left LDA72 Bristlenose 3” £10.00 L201 Inspector Plec 3\" £25.00 L129... ...
51.Guppies Wanted 28/02/17 Yes
Guppies wanted - If you have any spare that you would like re homing please call me on 07814989948. We are setting up a guppy only tank and are looking for some fish asap. must be free or very cheap please. many thanks Chris
52.Red blond guppies / guppy fish 3 months old 27/02/17 Yes
Hi. For sale tank bred Red Blonde guppies. The fish are 3 months old. Almost fully coloured. Pictures show the fish for sale. More pictures of my fish on fb webstite Martins Guppies (link below). Please text me if interested. 5 fish for £5. Collection from East Kilbride, Glasgow. Thank you. Martin.
53.Small set up 21/02/17 No
I\'ve had donated to my OAP dementia unit a 60 litre tank. I want a peaceful set up. If anyone has anything near Whitchurch, like neons, guppies, mollies Cory\'s, let me know. Thanks
54.GUPPIES FOR SALE 14 FOR 10.00 OR 24 FOR £ 20.00 16/02/17 Yes
Hi I have male and female guppies fry for sale in lincolnshire spalding at 1.00 each loads to choose from. Collection only please. 14 FOR 10.00! ! 24 for 20.00 Thank you Fish bags provided.
55.GUPPIES FOR SALE 06/02/17 Yes
I have over 200 adult, sub-adults and fry, male and female, mix-breed endlers and electric blue guppies. Need to clear my tank, willing to sell for a very low price, starting at 50p each. Must be collected.
56.guppy fish for sale 01/02/17 Yes
I have over 30 guppy fry and have some adult guppies for sale. 10 guppy fry for £5 or 70p each (14 weeks old) Adult guppy for £1.50 each
57.2x angel fish for sale or swap 28/01/17 No
2 x angel fish for sale or swap, no longer want them as im going for more guppies and tetras in my tank, looking for £10 ONO for the pair or willing to swap for tetra, guppies or other smaller fish thanks
58.WANTED---British bred guppies 24/01/17 No
looking for some british bred guppies and endlers - no imports please - can collect
Hello everyone My name is Aydin Caliskan.33 years old wood crafter.I am looking for an job in Aquatic shop,fish husbandry or related with aquascaping. I attach few picture of me with my handcrafted wooden items and some of my DIY aquarium and aquascaping \"attempt\" with river stones.I tought it c... ...
60.Urban exotics full fish list Nottinghamshire 16/01/17 Yes
URBAN EXOTICS full up to date fish list 11/1/17 Over 150 tanks filled with good quality, affordable fish. Huge choice for beginners to seasoned hobbyists Follow us on Facebook by searching for 'urbanpetcentre- Live bearers- we always have a good choice of colours in all our live bear... ...
61.wanted guppies 16/01/17 No
Hi all. Does anone have any guppies they want rid of. I can collect asap north yorks
62.4FT TANK RACK john allen 14/01/17 Yes
hi up for sale is a 4ft tank rack with 3 tanks 2 tanks divided into 3 and one tank with dividers taken out also has a sump comes with lights heaters and air pump also fish if you want them bottom tank has a breeding colony of neon ender guppies the middle tank has a few guppies and some daisies rice... ...
63.230L fish tank 32ins L x 18ins H x 14ins W +loads of extras £130 11/01/17 No
cayman 110 pro 230L tank with brand new APS 1000EF external filter, 200w heater,2 way air pump,few artificial plants,live floating plants,big divers helmet ornament,,holed bottle,2 caves,artificial tree root,urn air ornament,black & blue gravel, 2ft LED multicoloured waterproof light with remote(T8 ... ...
64.Looking for an aquatic job... 08/01/17 Yes
Hello everyone My name is Aydin Caliskan.33 years old wood crafter.I am looking for an job in Aquatic shop,fish husbandry or related with aquascaping. I attach few picture of me with my handcrafted wooden items and some of my DIY aquarium and aquascaping \"attempt\" with river stones.I tought it ... ...
65.Ameca splendens (Butterfly splitfin) 02/01/17 No
Rare tropical Ameca splendens (Butterfly splitfin) juveniles for sale 75p each and £5 for full grown adults pairs . all about this species here (link below) the only bit that I disagree with its about the aggressiveness yes they can be a bit among the species but I have them with guppies and others ... ...
66.Guppies wanted 19/12/16 No
Hi any guppies or endlers for sale near Swindon or Newbury area. Feel free to text, phone or email anytime on 07519642034 or [email protected] Thanks chris
67.WANTED GUPPIES 17/12/16 No
Hi has anyone got any male and female guppies for sale in the Durham area if so let me no thanks Jon
68. Mambo Aquatics Darlington New List 1/12/16 01/12/16 Yes
*** Mambo,s Aquatics 1/12/16 New List *** - Jaguar Cichlid - Jack Dempsey Cichlid - Firemouth Cichlid - Green Terror Cichlid - Texas Cichlid - Indian Gourami - Opaline Gourami - Red Tail Catfish - Albino Clown Knife Fish - African Brown Knife Fish - Assorted Peacocks - Silver Arrowa... ...
69.Endler Guppies 11/11/16 No
Free Endler Guppies, would suit a child's/starter tank
70.Guppy breeders 29/10/16 No
Hi I am looking to buy some guppies of anyone that breed different strains. The fish would have to be posted to Northern Ireland by royal mail next day special delivery. PLEASE contact me if you can help. Thanks
TROPICAL AMAZONAS AQUATICS - 5* Rated from over 130 reviews! STOCK LIST UPDATED - 26/10/16 updated, New fish ready Saturday! New fish coming every week now taking orders! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JUST IN (Ready... ...
72.30x12x15 inch tank 17/10/16 Yes
fish tank size is 30 x 12 x 15 inch complete with air pump,under gravel filter,hood and working light,heater. water tight has a few scratches on glass was used for breeding guppies £30 ovno
73.Silver Dollar for sale 16/10/16 No
Hi, I've got one silver dollar and one spotted silver dollar to rehome. They came with the aquarium I bought but I can't keep them with my guppies and tetras. They are in a very good shape and eating well. Looking for £15 for both but I'm open to offers. Please note that this is collection only fr... ...
74.Female guppies and fry 12/09/16 Yes
Tank is becoming overstocked so need to get rid of my female guppies and some fry to create space
75.Guppies, Mollies and platies for sale 27/08/16 No
Selling the following: 20 guppies £1 each 25 platies £1 each 3 mollies £5 for all
Pair of XL pink Parrots £65. Texas Cichlid £15. Bosemani Rainbows (2.5\") £7.50 Dwarf Neon/Red Honey Gouramis (2\") £4, 3 For £10 Geophagus (3.5\") £15 Large Plecs (10-15\") £25-35 L Tin Foils (4\") £15 XL Lionheads (5\") £25 Mini Silver Dollars (2\") £5 L264 Plec (4\") -£POA L66 Plec (... ...
77.I will foster your fish if you cannot look after them anymore 17/08/16 No
I have 7 tanks going and they are all large I have one six footer then I have 3 bid hexagon tanks and I\'ve got all sorts of fish here so the fish live with other fish similar fish I have one tank with guppies , neons and sword takes that kind of thing then I have another tank with angels and Rams ... ...
78.Two white female molly 09/08/16 No
Hello, I have two big molly's but I am unable to keep them as I didn't know they could breed with male guppies and I have already had the first batch of babies and won't have the room for any more,I'm giving them away for free to good home and will need to be collect.
79.Redlace snakeskin guppies 04/08/16 No
I am selling redlace snakeskin guppies,£5 for a trio or three trios for £10. £2 per individual fish, buyer collect please.
80.Wild type guppies 03/08/16 No
I am selling wild type guppies, descending from individuals collected in Mexico. Trios 5 pounds, 15 individuals for 20 pounds. Buyer collect please.
81.Redlace snakeskin guppies 03/08/16 No
I am selling redlace snakeskin guppies, £5 for a trio or three trios for £10. £2 per individual fish, buyer collect please.
82.Redlace snakeskin guppies 22/07/16 Yes
I am selling redlace snakeskin guppies,£5 for a trio or three trios for £10. £2 per individual fish, buyer collect please.
83.Endler Guppies 18/07/16 Yes
Plenty of these colourful, lively and hardy fish. Your choice of males and/or females. £1 each or 6 for £5. Pick-up only from Keyingham near Hull and bring your own bags/buckets. Also got brown bristlenose for sale, see separate ad
84.[SOLD] 30 Pure Black Bar Endlers(Adults). Breeding group. ADULTS. US imported strain. Extinct in Wild. £45 12/07/16 Yes
A large breeding group of Black Bar Endlers. Amazing low price. Pure bred, never mixed with guppies, from pure Endler stock originally imported from the US. Endlers are extinct in wild. I supply these high quality adult pure Endlers to a leading London fish shop where they are retailed at several ti... ...
85.Fully Grown Male Lemon Bristlenose (not albino) 06/07/16 Yes
This is a mature fully grown black/blue eyed Lemon Bristlenose male. Will breed with a female and has for me, but I now have too many males so having to sell this one. £25 No offers and pick up only from Keyingham near Hull. Bring your own bag/bucket. Also got equipment and brown bristlenose plus en... ...
86.community fish breeder 23/06/16 No
cherry shrimps 75p guppies £1 brown bristlenose £1.50 ramshore snails £1.00 swindon please text 07391556781
87.cherry red shrimp £1.50 13/06/16 No
Red Cherry Shrimps. Mix of males and females, sizes. Males not available through shops so store bought shrimps won't breed. Cherry shrimp form an important part of a tank's ecosystem by breaking down organic waste which beneficial bacteria can't process. Tanks with shrimp are therefore much heal... ...
88.Guppies, Platys, Plecs, Angels etc please see our full stock list 11/06/16 Yes
STOCK LIST UP DATE 10/6/16 PLEASE TAKE A LOOK at some of the cheapest fish in and a good selection of L NUMBERS Male Guppies............................5 for £3.00 Female Guppies.......................5 for £3.00 or 12 for £6.00 Swordtails.................................6 for £5.00 Mollies....... ...
89.Wild Caught Columbian Guppies, Guppy Pairs £6per pair 28/05/16 Yes
Colombian Wild Caught Guppies (Poecilia reticulata) Although similar looking, not to be confused with Endlers (Poecillia wingei) These tough little fish are great. These are how guppies are in the wild. They don't resemble their tank bred and inbred relatives much at all. They are smaller and ... ...
90.Updated stock list Fengshuidragonfish 05/05/16 Yes
Koi male fighting fish ( stunning is the only word for this fish!) I have two coming in to stock and doing these at special prices! They normally sell anywhere for 20 pounds to 30 upwards!! Price on these are 18.99 per fish! Archer fish ( amazing fish to keep can shoot water from there mouths to hi... ...
91.doubletail copper red devil betta + tank to a new home £14 03/05/16 Yes
Aprox 3 year old male betta needs a new loving home. He's a lovely fella and will live happily with small tetras and even guppies. He prefers tanks no bigger than 20G as he gets very skittish in larger tanks. I'm offering his old 5 gallon tank at no extra charge! It comes with a filter, substrate an... ...
92.wanted any free/cheap live bearing fish (mollies,guppies,platies and swordtails) 13/04/16 No
I'm setting up a breeding set up for live bearing fish so if anyone has any for free or very cheap please get in contact. Thanks
93.Free guppies 29/03/16 No
Hi I still have an excess of guppies, both male and female, mainly orange / black tails. Not for feeding larger predators! Free to collector from Bilton in Rugby. Let me know what you're after.
94.Female assorted guppies at £0.5 each, central London 28/03/16 No
We have around 15 female guppies of different ages for sale in Centre London. £0.5 each 2 of them adult and breeding around 10 youngsters (3-9 months) and a few babies younger than 3 months and growing Available for collection in King’s Cross Alvaro 07940888573
95.Guppies wanted 24/03/16 No
Is anyone selling any guppies at reasonable prices please I am in Grays essex
96.Fish to rehome Kribs Fairy Cichlids COLLECTION ONLY | E7 London 19/03/16 Yes
EDIT: All Guppies and the Loach are now booked, just the Cichlids left! After years of joy, we are saddened to be given no choice but to rehome all our fishes from 4 tanks due to moving houses (unfortunately impossible to re-set up tanks there). This means we have to say goodbye to yet anothe... ...
98.Blue moscow guppies 08/02/16 Yes
Lovely colours, £5 a pair
99.mollies and 4 male guppies 05/02/16 Yes
assorted mollies and 4 male guppies . 50p each .
100.Guppies - All home breed 03/02/16 Yes
Guppies. mature males and females for sale all breed by my self. (AOC= Any Other Colour) Japanese blue double sword £8 a pair Blue speckle male's (round tail) £1.50 Moscow Blue Delta £10 a pair Full Red Delta £10 a pair Feather tail (Round tail with spike's) Males only £3 Viewing welcome in ... ...


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