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Marine Fish & Marine Inverts
 Aquaculture Supplies from Seahorse Breeders online fish breeders shop : Our on-line shop houses a comprehensive and extensive range of Mariculture products that support and enhance the feeding and breeding of mar ...23/06/17
 H KUDA YELLOW SEAHORSES IN STOCK NOW : We have 100s of h kuda seahorses in stock now bred by are selfs they are a stunning cream and yellow colour. These are an ideal starter seah ...23/06/17
 Manaus Aquarium Products : New to the UK, Manaus Aquarium products. These medications are tailored for the aquatic hobby. Please see website for further details23/06/17
 Marine & Reef Equipment & Supples : Fastlight.co.uk have some great equipment and supplies especially for the marine and reef hobbyist including: Calcium Reactors Dosing P ...23/06/17
 UK SHIPPING Marine Corals based in NW LONDON : Hi we have a variety of corals for sale. UK NEXT DAY Shipping is also available from ONLY 10.99 we can combine coral shipping into 1 4kg ...23/06/17

1. Marine setup for sale or will break. : egal angel 80 Purple tang 80 Orange shoulder 35 Lipstick male (Will grow streamers) 45 Square-spot anthias 35 Wreckfish x3 60 Bartlett anthias 30 Cleaner shrimp x2 3 ... 23/06/17
2. Seahorse : I having to sell my seahorse Down to I'll health Only got the one a tigertail seahorse eating well Must go to someone who look after marine fish before 55.00 23/06/17
3. wanted Anthias : hi. looking for a well established group of Anthias in the s yorks area, able to deliver to Rotherham if possible. cheers 23/06/17
4. Various Zoa Frags for sale BRIGHTON : Updated list of zoa frags still available. Collection BRIGHTON Candy Apple Red 2 heads. 20 Utter Chaos 1head +pup. 15 2head +pup. ... 23/06/17
5. Halloween hermit crabs 3 each : Halloween hermit crabs 3 each collection from egham surrey going away in a couple off weeks so need my tanks empty Dan 07900211878 23/06/17
6. cuc 1 each : algae eating hermit crabs 1 each turbo snails 1 each cerith snails 1 each nassarius snails 1 each going on holiday in a couple of weeks so need my tanks empty co ... 23/06/17
7. Pink and yellow anthias 10 each : 4 pink and 4 yellow anthias for sale 12 each 10 if you buy more than 1 Lamark Angel 20 good size All good eaters Collection from RM7 22/06/17
9. EAReef 900s full set for sale : Fish and coral stock list: tail spot Benny 2 clown fish Six line wrasse Chronis Bicolour blenny Anemone crab 4 hermit crabs blue. Red green and Halloween Pistol shrimp 2 c ... 22/06/17
10. LIVE ROCK GIVEAWAY : Approximately 5 to 10 kg of used live rock give away. I cleared my sump and no longer need them. No medicines or copper used they are perfectly fine exept they have nuisance caul ... 22/06/17
11. Tmc signature 190 ltrs : Illuminaire lighting corals rock fish deltec skimmer deltec calcium reactor gas gauges ph monitor sump refuigium tunze 6095x2 plus a few other extras 1200 Ono Greg on 079433 ... 22/06/17
12. Live corals, Live rock in 3x2x2 : Lots of corals Live rock Fish 3x2x2 aquarium with stand, drilled and sumped. Bubble magnus skimmer Power heads LED light unit Heater Return pump Full ... 21/06/17
13. Various spa frags and larger pieces : We a reducing our tank size and have loads of frags and colony's available at sensible prices. Collection from ba14 07980 873077 21/06/17
14. Large aquarium full set up .... First with 600 secures. : My friend is giving up his aquarium due to health issues. The aquarium is very large so please only consider if you are able to house it. The display is 6.5 feet long, 32" ... 21/06/17
15. A rare pair of frogfish : A pair of frogfish, one is a red painted and the other a yellow and purple warty frogfish. Both are nearly fully grown 3-3.5" Sumped and ready for collection. 70ono for both ... 20/06/17
16. Clown Trigger & Emperor Angel for sale. : Clown trigger is about 4 inches & Emperor angel is 5 inches. Clown trigger 65 Emperor angel 85 Or both for 140 Picture of the actual fish for sale Pick up only from ... 20/06/17
17. Tank breakdown, Fish and Coral for Sale : Hi, Breaking down a Marine Set-up with a number of livestock for Sale Large Adult Royal Gramma - 10 Tailspot Blenny - 10 Peacock Wrasse - 10 Large, multi-headed Hammer ... 20/06/17
18. Corner Marine Tank in oak complete live system for sale OFFERS MUST GO SOON : Coral corner cabinet in medium oak 125g plus 25 g sump. 4 aquaray lighting 2 blue reef 2 white/blue bubble magnus 7 skimmer jebao 12000 return pump 2 jebao waverunners phosphate r ... 20/06/17
19. WANTED LION FISH : WANTED lion fish.... NOT VOLITANS... must be over 5''+ for a large pred tank .. 20/06/17
22. 2 buckets of marine salt : I have 2 buckets of marine salt for sale three quarter full bucket of coral pro salt 48 pounds and the full bucket of h2o salt55 pounds im only selling these as I no longer do mar ... 19/06/17
23. Liverock for sale, 45-50kg, 170(3.5kg) : Breaking down a fishroom which never took off, the rock is from the sump/fuge which was supposed to get hooked up to a frag tank but never happened. has been in there for around 2 ... 19/06/17
24. Live Rock : We have stripped down an aquarium and have approx 150-200kg of live rock currently sitting in vats in our office. The live rock has been in a clients aquarium since June 2011. Pric ... 19/06/17
25. Green Star polyp coral : Ultra green star polypcolony around 3-4 inches plus, on small rock ready to go. collection from Swinton Rotherham S64 25 18/06/17
26. Marine Fish for sale : I have a Flame Angel and a Majestic Angel 3 inches each. Both in perfect health and feeding well. Price 140 for both or 75 each a bargain! Caution with some corals. Woodford lo ... 17/06/17
27. wanted clown fish : Hi any one selling clown fish not to botherd wat type as long as theyre cheap also any other types of marine fish thanks for looking 17/06/17
28. Montipora frag : hi I have 5 frags of red plating monti for sale 6 each . Please text penistone s36 .thanks for looking . Or swop for zoa frags 16/06/17
29. Green and Tesselata Moray : The green Moray is 38" and a good thick size with the Tesselata being 24" and growing fast! Both are in together and eating well. You will need a big system for thi ... 16/06/17
31. 2 lovely marine fish for sale : 2 beautiful fish for sale 1 x not often seen rare yellow ear angel fish (Apolemichthys xanthotis) fat and healthy lovely fish 50 1 x raffle butterfly nice fish free to a goo ... 16/06/17
32. Reef livestock in Aqua One - Aqua Nano 40 Marine Set-up - 400 : Live Stock: Mocha Clownfish Common Clownfish (bonded pair) Blue Linkia Starfish Blood Red Fire Shrimp 20kgs Pukani Premium Grade Live rock Green Toadstool Leather Coral ... 16/06/17
33. Clownfish breeding pair, marine : Hi there Breeding clownfish pair for sale. They dont get on with my other pair and I have decided to sell one of the pairs. Collection from Ealing Broadway 30 pound. 15/06/17
34. Fox face fish : I have a fox face fish for sale,very healthy and eating well,reason for selling is that he is eating my zoas, Only had it 3 weeks cost me 45 I'm willing to sell for 30 if intere ... 14/06/17
35. full marine setup 600 ono : im selling my full marine setup the whole lot needs to go. It is a well established aquareef 275 cube tank that has been setup for about 4 years. It has lots of live rock covere ... 14/06/17
36. H FUSCUS SEAHORSES IN STOCK : H fuscus in stock stunning seahorse 45 each we also have adult pairs at 120 a pair.We have spent years sourcing healthy seahorse stock come to the experts dont wast your hard ear ... 14/06/17
37. H KUDA YELLOW SEAHORSES IN STOCK NOW : We have 100s of h kuda seahorses in stock now bred by are selfs they are a stunning cream and yellow colour. These are an ideal starter seahorse and only 45 GBP each we also have ... 14/06/17
38. Marine stingray : Hi looking for a marine stingray 13/06/17
39. Harlequin Shrimp : My Harlequin did a good job so it is readt for a new home full of asterina starfishes for example :) 15 Collection Leeds only 13/06/17
40. Marine Fish and Live Rock Berkshire : I am closing down my Marine Tank and have for sale about 20 kg of Mature Fijian live rock, Ł4.00 per Kg. Additional: 1 x Breeding Pair of Common Clownfish Ł35 4 x Yel ... 13/06/17
41. EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY : Description: EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Are you enthusiastic and knowledgable about marine and tropical fish and corals? Would you thrive In a workplace where you could indulge ... 12/06/17
42. Hard and Soft corals, Marine fish, in Complete marine setup : Livestock: Maroon clown (Hosting a bubble tip anemone) Metallic foxface Mandarin Pyjama cardinal Pink spot goby Cross hatch goby Arrow goby (Semi adult) Firecracker goby ... 12/06/17
43. 200kgs of Live rock + 30-40 Damsels for sale : Hi i am closing down my marine tank due to moving home i have 200kgs of 20 year old mature Live rock as well as 30-40 Assorted damsels Please make an offer Buyer must collec ... 12/06/17
44. Damsels and Fuji Devil Damsel : 4x Small Blue Damsels (1-1.25") 1x larger Fuji Devil Damsel (2.5") Damsels available in pairs 10 Fuji Damsel 8 11/06/17
45. 10kg Well Seeded Live rock. 25 : This has been in my tank for 11 months and was originally a freshly imported batch. My tank has been closed down and have only this running In a black bin with heat and flow so ... 11/06/17
46. sps frags : Hi all have a fair few frags for sale from 5-20 the list is X1 blue tip acro 10 X1 encrusted monti 15 X1 barli slimer 10 X1 neon green plating monti 10 X5 green mont ... 11/06/17
47. SPS frags/softies : I have an assortment of SPS frags for sale. Orange plating monti Green/beige guttatus Green button polyps Red/brown mushrooms All mounted on live rock Only 5 per ... 10/06/17
48. Live corals, Marine fish, Inverts, in Complete marine tank 190lt : 3 marine fish a couple of hermits and 3 snails. The corals are fury green mushrooms, orange mushroom, rainbow mushrooms, there is a 3 inch clam, tree coral, lilac torch, 2 green ca ... 10/06/17
49. Wanted live rock : Hi does any one have any live rock for sale near the Swindon area I don't need loads of it I am moving to paington next weekend so if anyone has any for sale around that area as we ... 10/06/17
50. anemone wanted : anemone wanted for clowns newcastle upon tyne will travel up to 50 miles contact with price and size 09/06/17
51. For sale sps and lps corals : I've got a nice selection of coral frags for sale . Blue montipora digitala 15 Euphylia 20 (2 head) sold On one rock 3x blue stylophora and blue montipora digitala 35 . Sol ... 09/06/17
52. Marine livestock in Aqua One 3 foot established tank, sump for sale : Livestock: Approx 10-20kgs of live rock regal tang yellow tang 6 line wrasse percula clown 2 x ocellaris clowns sand sifting goby blue legged hermit crab Corals: 3 x bu ... 08/06/17
53. Reef Livestock in Red sea reefer 250 plus all equipment : LG corals bright green hammer corals lots of others several marine fish first to see will buy. Red sea reefer 250 white cabinet with protein skimmer led light all equipment ... 07/06/17
54. MARINE FISH AND ALL MARINE EQUIPMENT AT CHILTON AQUATICS. FULL SEACHEM RANGE IN ... : Marine Fish Inverts and Live rock at Great prices!! We also stock all the main brands of Marine Goods and supply Marine salt at the best price in the area. We are the areas only ... 07/06/17
55. Livestock in Complete marine setup must go 200 : Large purple tang Porcupine puffer Snowflake clown Black and white clown Maroon clown Fox face Pink skunk clown A few soft corals Jewel vision 260 marine setup including ... 07/06/17
56. Wanted -Blue throat trigger FEMALE : Hi After a female blue throat trigger fish Looking to pair up with my male of around 4-5" Thanks 06/06/17
57. Complete nano marine tank : Duncan coral pulsing Xenia zoanthids three variations a really good torch coral toad stool.colony of mushroom African Capella tree Fish are two clown fish One blue damson ... 06/06/17
58. Marine Live Rock, Fish, Invertebrates, Coral & Equipment in TMC Signature 900 : I am selling my TMC Signature 900 along with the contents as I have accepted a new job which involves a considerable amount of travelling so I no longer have any time to maintain m ... 05/06/17
59. 50 kilos live rock Portsmouth : There is 50kgs of live rock here for sale. This has been in a tub of saltwater for 21 weeks so far cycling with multiple pumps heater protein skimmer and light. This is goo ... 05/06/17
60. Marine fish in Full marine set up : Snowflake moray, 2x wrasse, 2x file fish, 1x Betta, 1x coral beauty, 1x porcupine puffer, 1x Parrot fish, 2x yellow tangs, 3x clowns, 2 x sandsifter star fish, 1x large serpent sta ... 04/06/17
61. Hush puppy dog face puffer : We are selling our hush puppy dog face puffer, it's about 8 inches, eats really well on prawns and mussels, gets on well with other fish. 50 collection coventry ring or text 07568 ... 04/06/17
62. Montipora Green Coral : Lovely piece of Green Montipora Approx 5 inches in size Collection from Great Barr, Birmingham Please have a look at the other corals we are selling. 30 04/06/17
63. Marine soft corals : I have a few Venus fly trap corals for sale (Not frags)7.00 and 5.00 each easy coral to grow under T5 or LEDS collection from Irchester phone Dave on 07778464310 04/06/17
64. Wanted Gold. Striped maroon clown fish : Hi there i looking. For a pair of gold striped maroon clown fish to add to my brood stock if anyone in sunderland. Area or north east area has. Any forsale message. With pics and ... 04/06/17
65. RO water and SALTED water : I HAVE RO WATER 15p A LITRE. tds 0.00 and salted 6 for 25 LITRES. pleaes bring own container. CONTACT MICHAEL LICHFIELD 07956444789 CAN DELIVER lichfield and surrounding area ... 04/06/17
66. Fish for sale : Tank closedown following for sale. 2 x percula clownfish 20 the pair 1 x coral beauty angelfish 15 1 x Piyama cardinal 5 Collect from Thatcham, RG18 04/06/17
68. Marine aquarium book : The complete marine aquarium by Vincent b Hargreaves. Very good condition. Collection only 5.00 03/06/17
69. TriColour Tang : I'm looking for a TriColour Tang if anyone knows of one for sale. Thanks 02/06/17
70. Kenyan tree frags : Loads of Kenyan tree frags 2.50 each collection only from Bradford 07733342333 01/06/17
71. Wanted marine fish : Mandarin and a powder blue tang 01/06/17
72. Zoa Rocks and Frags And Mushies for sale : zoa rocks and mushies for sale as well as other softies. watermelon, rhodactis, yuma, ricordea, superman mushies. all 8-15 a frag and discounts on 3 or more huge zoa rocks all ... 31/05/17
73. Red Goniopora : Looking for Goniopora frags, preferably red. Please contact me on 07791 488673. 31/05/17
74. Stunning 5 inches black tang : This is a settled fish eating everything, and has been grown from a baby over two years. Unfortunately the fish is a bit big for my tank and needs a new home. 600 30/05/17
75. contents marine tank : live contents of marine tank fish are powder blue regal tang fox face 6 line wrasse pair of clowns cromis filefish yellow tale damsens enginerring goby crabs /snails ... 30/05/17
76. Male Reidi seahorses : Hi I'm looking for two male Reidi seahorse's please willing to travel Thanks 30/05/17
77. Male Reidi seahorse s : Looking for two male reidi seahorses please willing to travel Thanks 30/05/17
78. zoa-frags : X1 scrambled egg zoa 10 X1 lunar eclipse zoa 10 29/05/17
79. marine fish & live rock etc in 2 complete marine aquariums, led light, sumps : 100kgs live rock, loads of fish: Blue throat trigger, Picasso Trigger, large snowflake moray, sailfin angel, 2ft engineering goby, blue cheek gobies, bi color angels, and a lot m ... 29/05/17
80. Wanted Large Angels : Looking to rehome a couple of large fish that have out grown their current home Large FOWLR system so can take your coral munchers off you hands Let me know what you have M ... 29/05/17
81. branching live rock reef bones : 30kg of branching rock, combination of real reef rock, real tonga rock and reef bones. 5 per kg, will reduce price depending on amount bought, collection from Faversham Is c ... 29/05/17
82. Live rock : Closing my tank down, I have loads of live rock it's run my 675 litre tank without a filter for 9 years Looking for 3 per kilo 28/05/17
83. RODI WATER AND SALT WATER READY TO GO : I can supply RO and Salt water allways at 000 TDS water goes through a 6 stage RODI unit. I use aquaforest reef salt 25L of RO 1.50 25L of salt 4 I am in northwich ... 28/05/17
84. Chaeto, Caulerpa and many more macro algae for the marine Aquarium : Livealgae UK Premium Marine Macro Algae for Your Marine Tank Passionately collected over the last 14 years we are happy to offer you a beautiful collection of various red and ... 28/05/17
85. new job : hi i am looking for some one to come work in my shop fulltime .you must have experience in topical fish and marine fish and corals sps and lps.dutys will be serving customers clean ... 26/05/17
86. Coral sand : Loads of coral sand been in my marine tank about 8 years,, will need a clean, free to collector Stoke area 26/05/17
87. Maroon Clowns : For sale 2 Maroon clowns, Female is really big. Unfortunately i'm shutting my tank down. 30 26/05/17
88. Marine World Aquatics In store stock list : Marine world aquatics Stock list Frags from 5 loads in stock Sun coral Hammers Torches Elegance Assorted Zoanthus Metalic Green Mushrooms Sea wipe-Red GSP Tonga Blue/R ... 25/05/17
89. Marine fish, Inverts, Corals, in Aqua One 270litre marine tank : One clarkii clown, one percola clown, one emporer Cardinal, pistol shrimp, peppermint shrimp, pink urchin, elephant ear coral, pulsing Xenia, button polyps and mushrooms. Aqua O ... 25/05/17
90. Enchinophyllia Chalice Coral LPS Marine Aquarium Reef Fish Tank : Stunning example Chalice Stable water parameters are essential part of caring for these and supplemental feeding may be given to increase growth rates . Approx 3 inch in s ... 23/05/17
91. Corals, Inverts, Reef Rock, in red sea reefer 170 Black 1000 ono : Livestock; 25kg real reef rock & plate Multi colored bubble tip anemone 2 x convict bleenies pair of true percs cleaner wrasse Silver belly wrasse Heovens Wrasse 3 x fi ... 23/05/17
92. LARGE CORALS FOR SALE- TANK SHUT DOWN : I have desided to close down my reef aquarium because of immininent building work in the house. This is my pride and joy. All corals and fish are thriving. Most corals are hard ... 22/05/17
93. Salt : Any unwanted marine salt about? Would really appreciate it 21/05/17
94. A Few Kg Of Live Rock WANTED : Hi guys. i am setting up a small tank for inverts and wanted to see if i could save a few pennies along the way. I wont need too much. Its a small tank so a few kilos will be fine. ... 21/05/17
95. Pair of Clarke clowns : Perfect condition, would prefer to swap for other fish/frags or clean up crew WYG 21/05/17
96. Utter chaos zoas and green trumpet Barnsley : Hi all, For sale is some of my last few tank contents. Utter chaos zoas 7.50 a polyp Bright green Trumpet about 12/13 heads 35 Also will consider posting. Dan 20/05/17
97. Marine Fish and Live Rock for Sale : I am closing down my Marine Tank and have for sale firstly, about 120 kg of Mature Fijian live rock, Ł4.00 per Kg. Additional: 1 x Breeding Pair of Common Clownfish Ł3 ... 19/05/17
98. Live Rock : Live Rock 5 Per Kilo Tel Derek on 07713327550 19/05/17
99. Snowflake clownfish : One Snowflake clownfish for sale. Unfortunately it seems I have 2 female clownfish which are fighting so I need to sell this one. Lovely markings just a bit beat up from the ot ... 19/05/17
100. Full 55L Nano Reef setup, 2 clowns, Cleaner shrimp and corals + accesories 160 ... : I had started this tank up hoping to upgrade to a larger 30 gallon but Unfortunately having to sell my setup due to starting a new job away from home. Aqua One Aqua Aspire 55 + ... 19/05/17

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