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Marine Fish & Marine Inverts
 Reefphyto Live Food For Your Marine Aquarium : Live Copepods Rotifers and other Marine Foods delivered to your door. About Us Reefphyto Ltd is now an established company providing a r ...27/06/16
 Reefstore online shopping for the marine reef enthusiast : Reefstore offering a massive selection of equipment and supplies for the reef marine enthusiast. Prices are low and customer service is high ...27/06/16
 Aquaculture Supplies from Seahorse Breeders online fish breeders shop : Our on-line shop houses a comprehensive and extensive range of Mariculture products that support and enhance the feeding and breeding of mar ...27/06/16
 H KUDA YELLOW SEAHORSES IN STOCK NOW : We have 100s of h kuda seahorses in stock now bred by are selfs they are a stunning cream and yellow colour. These are an ideal starter seah ...27/06/16
 Kraken Corals, Great range of Rainbow Acans, Zoanthids and other LPS Coral : Amazing range of rainbow acans for sale starting as low as 5 per head. Also a great range of Zoanthids and other LPS Coral, if i dont ha ...27/06/16

1. Pink Gorgonians for sale 5 - 10 : I need to thin out my gorgonians a little so come and snip yourself a frag or two. Price will depend on size and quantity. Cheers Alan 27/06/16
2. purple tipped anenome 30 : My nem has split a couple of times so have 2 for sale. Picture is of the original but others are a similar size, just at the back of tank so can't get a decent pic. Will need to kn ... 27/06/16
3. Live rock : Mature live rock some with Xenia on .5 pound a kilo 27/06/16
4. CORAL FOR SALE : I've got a nice selection of coral for sale,prices 5 to 20 if interested drop a message on 07931093344 and i will arrange a viewing time for you. cheers........ 27/06/16
5. Closing down marine tank : I'm shutting down my juwel lido 120 and have the following for sale. 2 common clownfish 20 Around 10kg of live rock 50 Cleaner shrimp 10 Engineer goby small 10 3 turbo sna ... 27/06/16
6. Hard Corals/Soft Corals/Fish New Low prices : Frozen Brine and Marine Mix 6 for Five Assorted caulerpra parrot feather, cactus, Red Grape 5 a portion five available. Good amount Twinspot wrasse Juvenile 25 25 KG PLUS Li ... 27/06/16
8. For Sale...Large Bright Green Montipora : We have a huge Bright Green Montipora for sale. Will make an amazing centre piece for any tank. We've grown this coral on from a tiny frag and we're only selling it to make space ... 27/06/16
9. marine fish wanted : Wanted Yellow Tang but will consider other Tangs and marine fish and soft corals... Nothing to big ,suitable to go in 450 litre tank.. 26/06/16
10. Regal Tang, Royal Gramma, File fish in small Marine Aquarium : 1 x Regal Tang, 1 x Royal Gramma, 1 x Aiptasia Eating File fish. Interpet 48L River Reef Marine Aquarium. Mature aquarium with fish only, inc Eheim Pump, filtration, heater all ... 26/06/16
11. looking for a Marine Queen Angel and Blue Face Angel : Hi, looking for a Marine Queen Angel and Blue Face Angel in S Yorks area, preferably able to deliver to Rotherham. cheers 26/06/16
12. Marine Angels and Tangs Wanted : Hi, looking for the following fish in the S Yorks area, preferably able to deliver. Well established Queen Angel ,Blue faced angel Goldflake Angel or Flagfin Angel plus a Sohal Ta ... 26/06/16
13. Live rock : Mature live rock some with Xenia on .5 pound a kilo 26/06/16
14. Liverock chunks and Aquarock - Tank shutdown : Aquarock stack, small, plus other chunks of premium Fiji live rock, now being kept alive in bucket with heater and power head- nice shapes, ideal for smaller tank, has sponges, dus ... 26/06/16
15. Pair of Picasso clowns : Thinning down my clown fish collection.grade A pair piccaso clowns in excellent condition and colour.bargain at 80. 07958105396 26/06/16
16. LIVE ROCK 4KG STILL WET VERY MATURE ROCK LIVERPOOL : Live rock 4kg Pick from 150kg Pick up liverpool or can drop off for fuel money 26/06/16
17. Wanted purple tangs in the northwest : Wanted purple tangs in the northwest 26/06/16
18. Corals, marine fish n inver : Hi I'm 800 worth marine fish, corals n inverts. Fox face Powder blue tang Yellow tang Dart fish 2 clown fish Yellow Midas Copper band Scribbled fish alu a ... 25/06/16
19. Montipora,millipora,rics,pulsing Xenia Barnsley postage available. : Bright red montipora just under 4inch 10 Bright green/pink millipora 10 2x pulsing Xenia 5 each Plus I have redsea test kit also frag rack ect. Dan 25/06/16
20. Marine salt : I have about 1/4 of a bucket of Brightwell neomarine sea salt for sale 10,call 07342961596 cheers 25/06/16
21. Wanted live rock : Wanted live rock for my marine tank . Power heads uv lights . Im based in poole dorset . Call anytime 07464 679406 . Let me no if u have anything else for sale . Im just setting a ... 25/06/16
22. LARGE SPS CORALS FOR SALE- NEW LOWER PRICES : I have to make a bit of space in my reef tank so I have a few corals for sale. 2 large Red Montipora plates. beautiful shape, about 20cm x 10cm 15.00 each 2 medium-large Re ... 25/06/16
23. Magnificent Ritteri anemone (Heteractis magnifica) for sale/swap : Hi there Magnificent anemone nice size, larger than big kitchen plate when fully extended. Im looking for 40 or swap for red bubble tip anemone. Thanks Dawid 25/06/16
24. Marine fish : Wanted...Looking for livestock for new set up ...Marine fish, soft corals, anemone, inverts ,live rock etc ...anything considered ,willing to travel within reason..Thanks 24/06/16
25. montipora confusa coral frags : confusa green)coral frags about 2 to 3 inch peices 5 each has good growth. email or call graham TEL 02392610355 Mob 07583212299 24/06/16
26. Blow pop zoas for sale : Blow pop zoas about 20 heads approx. 15 collection Havant Call Graham tel 02392610355. Mob 07583212299 Or email 24/06/16
27. Palys zoas : Palys zoas Venus fly trap 3 heads on small frag rock 5 . Contact Graham tel 02392610355. Mob 07583212299 Or email message 24/06/16
28. 24 corals, 20+ fish, loads of live rock : 24 corals, 20+ fish, loads of live rock acan, bubble, torch, Duncan corals, tangs, wrasse, blenny fish, branching rock etc 375 the lot pick up only. 24/06/16
29. Live Rock(Suffolk) : Live Rock 5 kg around 25/30 kg available 24/06/16
30. RO water and SALTED water : I HAVE RO WATER 15p A LITRE. tds 0.00 and salted 6.75 for 25 LITRES. pleaes bring own container. CONTACT MICHAEL LICHFIELD 07956444789 CAN DELIVER lichfield and surrounding a ... 23/06/16
31. Tank shut down - corals and fish : Hi, Due to a house move I'm shutting down my tank. Been running for about 2 years. Up for sale is: 1 juvenile clown 5 4 green chromis 20 2 fire shrimp 10 each 1 lawnmo ... 23/06/16
32. Bright green cabbage coral : 1x bright green cabbage coral big and healthy Having a reshuffle hence sale easy to care for and green under all lights Will be loose not attached but very easy to reattach ... 23/06/16
33. MARINE SALT AND EQUIPMENT : Here I\'m selling a tub of ocean pro d & d salt which has over 3/4 of a tub left along with the remainder of my marine equipment as given up now there is a d & d ocean precision i ... 23/06/16
34. Bargain To late to late will be the cry : To late to late will be the cry when the man with the bargain has passed you by. Tank contents Approx 20kg Liverock some algae and some soft coral, large starfish couple if Dams ... 22/06/16
35. Marine fish, inverts, in Full marine set up in white : Live stock Pair of gold banded maroon clown fish (stunnin) Picasso trigger Blue cheek goby Scooter blenny 2 damsels 2 chromis Blood shrimp Large brittle starfish Plus lo ... 22/06/16
36. Wanted pulsing Xenia and anemones : Looking for pulsing Xenia and anemones. Located near Portsmouth so the closer the better cheers 22/06/16
37. MARINE AQUARIUM LIVE ROCK 5 PER KILO : As title live rock 5 per kilo. Fully cured. Will post via next day courier, 10 per box upto 15kg UK mainland only. Payment via Paypal or cash on collection. Call / Te ... 22/06/16
38. Live rock from a current setup 4/kg : 4 per kilo, from an 8x2x2 that I am closing down. 07539330030 21/06/16
39. Rose bubble tip anemone : Beautiful Rose bubble tip anemone with green base. Tank bred from my own stock, 5 inch plus. 4 available eating well and very healthy Only serious buyers, please! 078544 ... 21/06/16
40. Breeding Pair Domino Clownfish and Breeding Tank Dundee : Breeding Pair Domino Clownfish + the tank they have been spawning in (Tank, Heater, x2 Aquaballinternal filters, Arcadia Led light + Salt) Producing Dominos, Midnights,Extreme M ... 21/06/16
41. Yellow belly slider 8yrs old : Adult yellow belly slider 8years old, unable to look after him now wanting a new home 21/06/16
42. Live Rock : I have some live rock for sale out of my 8ft marine tank. Not sure how much but would easily fill a dustbin. 4 per kilo or make a sensible offer for the lot. 21/06/16
43. Corals, marine fish n inverts : Hi I\'m 800 worth marine fish, corals n inverts. Fox face Powder blue tang Yellow tang Dart fish 2 clown fish Yellow Midas Copper band Scribbled fish alu ... 21/06/16
44. Soft corals, marine fish, inverts, live rock, anemones, in Complete Marine Aquar ... : Over 30 kg of live rock, soft corals, Zoa\'s, Star polyps, macro algae, anemones, 2 clown fish, yellow wrasse, rainbow wrasse, 2 green chromis hermit crabs, turbo snails, cleaner s ... 21/06/16
45. LIVE ROCK for sale middlesbrough : Mature live rock for sale been in my tank for a year , only selling due to tank closure. all in salt water with heater and power head while waiting to be sold. good sized pieces. ... 20/06/16
46. Wanted cheato : Blackpool area please 19/06/16
47. Large Sohal Tang + Niger Trigger : Selling my Sohal tang and Niger Trigger due to breaking down of my tank. Sohal Tang is approx 5" - 100 Ono Niger Trigger 4" - 25 Ono Will also throw in a crimson star fi ... 19/06/16
48. Marine ffish, hard and soft corals in 4ft rimless braceless optiwhite tank - ful ... : Live stock includes: Naso Tang 5\" Magnificent foxface 4 1/2\" McCosker flasher wrasse Yellow wrasse Red Head Solon Fairy Wrasse Red Velvet Fairy Wrasse Yellow fin ... 19/06/16
49. Wanted fish and lps corals : I am wanting some various lps corals colony or frags if anyone selling local to leeds /bradford please email me with some pics and prices thanks James 19/06/16
50. Live rock Tonga & live rock 49kg left 3.00 a kg pick up taunton only : Dated 09.06.16 49kg left We moved 3.00 a kg or 150.00 for Joblot no offers will need seeding again as been removed from tank on 10.02.16 Now all in.one tank 73kg le ... 19/06/16
51. Everlasting gobstopper zoa/paly : I've got 10+ heads on a bit of live rock. These are really stunning pink even under whiter lights. 25 19/06/16
52. Marine tank break down/ Fish London : Huge Yellow Tang 12cm 60 Anthias 5cm 20 each, 2 for 35 Horn Blenny 15 Red Bubble Tips Anemone Huge one 30cm 50 Rainbow BTA 15cm 30 18/06/16
53. Marine fish, soft corals, large carpet anemone in 8x2x2 marine system : Marine fish, soft corals and a large carpet anemone for sale in Full marine tank breakdown as I need to decorate and remodel downstairs so my 8x2x2 has to go, tank has 5ft sump rou ... 18/06/16
54. Marine fish, live corals, live rock, in Marine aquarium full set up for sale 3ft ... : Livestock Includes: Naso Tang 4-5 inches Masked Rabbitfish 4-5 inches Vlamini Tang 3 inches Percula clown pair (Full Black & White female - no orange at all & standard male) F ... 17/06/16
55. free to good home : I have to close my marine tank down due to having to get home improvements done I have 1 Coral Beauty 5 blue Dansels 1 white Goby 1 cleaner shrimp couple hermit crabs few snails p ... 17/06/16
56. H ERECTUS ON SALE NOW : H erectus in stock now 17/06/16
57. H FUSCUS SEAHORSES IN STOCK : H fuscus in stock stunning seahorse.We have spent years sourcing healthy seahorse stock come to the experts dont wast your hard earned money.Could you contact me on simplyseahorses ... 17/06/16
58. H KUDA YELLOW SEAHORSES IN STOCK NOW : We have 100s of h kuda seahorses in stock now bred by are selfs they are a stunning cream and yellow colour. These are an ideal starter seahorse and only 45 GBP each .We have spe ... 17/06/16
59. Marine coral zoa colony sump led and other marine bit salt additives eat for sal ... : Marine zoa colony redish with green centre 35 + heads 2 types on live rock 30 sold Red Sea coral pro salt half bucket 20 Aqua one pro reef half bucket 15 2x seachem ree ... 16/06/16
60. Wanted Marine clam deresa,maxima,ect and also lps corals : Looking for a marine deresa,maxima.crocea, squamosa clam larger the better what have u got Also interested in any lps corals poss for sale East Sussex area or wiling to p ... 16/06/16
61. Tank breakdown : Due to lack of time I ve decided to close down my marine tank. All corals for sale first, than fish and then live rock, equipment, etc. Prices from 5 to 80. Please texts only. M ... 16/06/16
62. Fully stocked TMC Aquahabitats Microhabitat 30 : Lots of live rock/sand A Very healthy culture of green and orange furry mushrooms (Atleast 20 heads) 1x Black and White Osellaris Clown 125 ONO. My small nano no longer fits ... 15/06/16
63. Live Rock - Maxspect Razor 160W 16k - Bubble Magus skimmer : I am transferring over to a smaller marine tank so I need to sell on my rock. I have roughly between 25-30kg, this rock is mature and has been in my system for 4 years, therefore h ... 15/06/16
64. Sail fin tang big : Had 3 years eats everything lovely looking around 5-6 inch 60 14/06/16
65. Live rock 6 per kg : 75kg off live rock been in my tank 3 years great rock selling for 6 per kg collection from havant also have coral and nice fish 14/06/16
66. Rainbow wrase : Very colourful earing well 2-3 inch 35 14/06/16
67. Liverock 4kg and cuc : Excellent life sadly no longer have time for the tank grab this bargain rock some soft corals on some rock Also large starfish 10 Yellow boxer shrimp 10 Snails and crabs 1 e ... 14/06/16
68. 600L copepod culture : 600L copepod culture densely populated with tigriopus californicus ( tiger pods, ginger pods ) collection from Wisbech Cambridgeshire 150 14/06/16
69. TUTTI FRUTTI ZOAS : 5 + polyps on each frag Qty 3 frags 10 each Collection or post. Postage will be 4.50 14/06/16
70. live corals, anemones, fish, in complete marine set up will consider breaking up : marine fish; Pair Fire fish 32 2 Clowns Adult 65 Jade Wrasse 16 Ceaner Shrimp 12 hermits x 1 5 rock and corals 100 mushrooms green and blue LOTS 1 flat pink anemon ... 13/06/16
71. Berghia Nudibranch : I have some berghia nudibranch available Trios for 45 plus postage of 8.95 13/06/16
72. Wanted - Cheato algae : Looking for some cheato to start in my sump. Based in Rotherham, can collect locally (south Yorkshire) Price and location if available thanks 13/06/16
73. live rock 4 per kg : Mature live rock from the break down of my 6x2x2 marine tank 4 per kg around 100kg for sale 13/06/16
74. Clown fish : One pair of clown fish twenty pounds Could supply small nano tank if wanted for extra 13/06/16
75. Marine fish, coral and live rock for sale : Pacific tang, purple tang, clown tang, clown fish and black and white clown fish, mandarin, bangai cardinal, midnight angel and coral beauty angel fish plus over 1000's worth of l ... 13/06/16
76. Live corals, marine fish, live rock in fully stocked Red Sea reefer 450 : Tons of coral and live rock Sun coral Various acans Loads of different Zoas Trachy corals Lobo corals Hammer corals Torch corals Frogspawn corals Too many to list Fish ... 13/06/16
77. MARINE FISH AND ALL MARINE EQUIPMENT AT CHILTON AQUATICS. FULL SEACHEM RANGE IN ... : Marine Fish Inverts and Live rock at Great prices!! We also stock all the main brands of Marine Goods and supply Marine salt at the best price in the area. We are the areas only ... 12/06/16
78. Potters angel wanted : i am after a Potters Angel, based in West Midlands, call me 07557 379950 12/06/16
79. Wild caught Clown fish : I have 4 percula clown fish very dark colors 2 are very small and 2 are 2.5 inch and 2 inch. All 4 have bonded and no issues. I want 55 for all 4.selling due to getting Maroons. C ... 12/06/16
80. Coral sand : Very large bucket of Coral sand,very heavy,needs a rinse 30 12/06/16
81. 25/30 Kg Marine live rock : Not sure how much exactly,asking 75 ono 12/06/16
82. Fuzzy green mushrooms : Fuzzy green mushrooms. Approx. 1 - 2 inches each. 2 No. 5 each. 1 No. 1 @ 1.5 inch and 1/2 inch on same frag 8 Buyer collects between Leicester and Loughborough. 11/06/16
83. Keyna tree frags : Approx 2 - 3 inches. 3 no for sale. 5 each. Or swop? No postage . Buyer collects Between leicester and Loughborough. 11/06/16
84. Black and white percula clowns for sale : Hi I have 5 black and white percula clownfish for sale. I'm near Bromley in Kent. Nice size fish,very beautiful fish and excellently priced. Looks to be two pairs within the ... 10/06/16
85. Marine fish, soft corals, anemone, inverts in Marine SetUp for Sale or Swap : The following live stock and Corals -Regal Tang -Yellow Tang -3x Humbug Damsels -Fireball Angel -Fire Shrimp -Caribbean Anemone -Cleaner Shrimp -Haloween Hermits -sand s ... 10/06/16
86. Live roock, soft corals, marine fish, in Marine Tank Sale : Coral garden 60 Sunny D zoas (7 heads) 30 large 2 head green leather mushroom 35 Regal tang approx 3 inch 35 ... 10/06/16
87. 2 mature paired clownfish, radiant wrasse, cleaner shrimp : 2 mature clowns, have turned darker colour on top, been together 4 years 25 for pair. Radiant wrasse male, lovely colours 25. Cleaner shrimp 15 Sale due to tank closure. Col ... 10/06/16
88. seahorses : true captive bred Hippocampus Erectus seahorses for sale. strong and healthy and eating frozen mysis shrimp. 65.00 each or 2 for 120.00 also looking for retailers who would like t ... 09/06/16
89. Hermit Crabs (GIANT) 25 - based in London : Hermit crabs that will grow to larger than a mans hand. If you want a good bottom feeder/ alga eater for the community marine aquarium boasting large fish, these crabs make an awes ... 09/06/16
90. Urchin flame red - Astrophysics Radiata 50 - London : One of the most beautiful sea urchins i have ever seen or had. these urchins are a bright red in color with electric blue dots down there sides. I only have 2 left for sale so if ... 09/06/16
91. Panther grouper fish 3.5inch for sale or swap : stunning fish will swap for tangs, Angel what have you got?? or for sale 25 Thanks 09/06/16
92. clown triggerfish 3 inch for sale/swap : stunning fish looking to swap for tangs, Angels,etc etc what have you got or for sale 65 Ono thanks 09/06/16
93. Coral magazines x3 : Coral magazines 2 new in plastic March/Apr 2010 Jan/feb 2011 1 used June/July 2008 Collection only 5 09/06/16
94. Brightwell aquatics salt 40 coral reef aquarium mixes 150 gallon : Brightwell aquatics neo marine synthetic salt, a better salt than Redsea coral pro 40 new and unopened mixes 150 gallon Wisbech... 09/06/16
95. Marine Copepod culture 1Litre : Copepod culture densely packed full with copepods (tigriopus californicus/ tiger pods )for feeding marine fish coral reef aquariums start your own culture with 1Litre Constant ne ... 09/06/16
96. 3 large green hammerheads corals 85 each lg leathers 40. Others : 3 large hammerhead corals 85 each 2 large leathers 40 Living rock 50 Yellow tang 40 Lg blue Malaysian tang 50 Red Sea reefer 250 return pump protein skimmer media rea ... 08/06/16
97. Boyu tl550 marine tank, mushrooms, live rock : For sale is lots of live rock (16-17kg from memory) each piece having many mushrooms on it. There are a couple of varieties of mushroom and a few sea sponge in the tank. There is ... 08/06/16
98. Live rocks for marine fish 6 : Hi I am selling my live fizi rocks. 6 pound kg.please bring your own bucket for collection. 07908950597 08/06/16
99. Updated - marine system. Needs to be sold : Hi Hi I've emptied the tank and really need to get rid of it. The system is as below but minus the rock, coral and fish. Therefore, if somebody can make a reasonable offer, I ... 08/06/16
100. live rock, zebra moray eel, sail fin tang in 5 foot tank. : 100kg roughly Of live rock, zebra moray eel, sail fin tang. 5 foot marine tank, 2x ai sols with ai hanging rail and mk2 controller. 3x power heads, skimmer, uv, return pump. Al ... 07/06/16

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