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Marine Fish & Marine Inverts
 june 2015 MARINE AQUARIUM SPECIALS AT FERRYBRIDGE AQUATICS YORKSHIRE WHILE STOCKS LAST : NEW CORAL ROOM NOW OP KENTMARINE 94L AQUARIUM AND CABINENT £295 we stock aqua reef range of aquarium red sea fluvial sea and l ...24/08/16
 Reefstore online shopping for the marine reef enthusiast : Reefstore offering a massive selection of equipment and supplies for the reef marine enthusiast. Prices are low and customer service is high ...24/08/16
 Aquaculture Supplies from Seahorse Breeders online fish breeders shop : Our on-line shop houses a comprehensive and extensive range of Mariculture products that support and enhance the feeding and breeding of mar ...24/08/16
 H KUDA YELLOW SEAHORSES IN STOCK NOW : We have 100s of h kuda seahorses in stock now bred by are selfs they are a stunning cream and yellow colour. These are an ideal starter seah ...24/08/16
 Kraken Corals, Great range of Rainbow Acans, Zoanthids and other LPS Coral : Amazing range of rainbow acans for sale starting as low as £5 per head. Also a great range of Zoanthids and other LPS Coral, if i dont ha ...24/08/16

2. looking for a Marine Queen Angel : Hi, looking for a Marine Queen Angel in S Yorks area, preferably able to deliver to Rotherham. cheers 24/08/16
3. Free Chaeto : hi, anyone wanting to collect some free chaeto algae from Rotherham get in touch. cheers 24/08/16
4. Marine fish, Coral, in broken down Marine tank : £450 for all of it ro / 6 water butts lot of bits tank/ stand /. Sump about 45kg of live rock maxspect gyre/ reef octopus skimmer 450l fish/ coral live and fake/ ever grow light/ ... 24/08/16
5. Kenya Trees & Kenya Tree frags - Stockton-on-Tees : 3 Small Kenya Trees on a small piece of live rock £5. 2 Kenya tree frags on live rock free to a good home. Please call or text. 23/08/16
6. Marine Live Rock and Fish/Inverts : I am looking to sell the entire contents of my marine tank, this includes the following At least 50kg of live rock - £5 per Kilo or the lot for £200 A breeding pair of black an ... 23/08/16
7. MARINE FISH FOR SALE : I have the following marine fish for sale: One Powder blue Tang, One purple square anthias, One threadfin butterfly,One Regal Tang,(Blue Hippo),Two lined butterfly. Please cal or t ... 23/08/16
8. Marine livestock wanted hampshire area : Thinking of reducing your stock or even shutting down your marine tank then give me a call and let me know what you have .... 22/08/16
10. 4 inches live rock smothered in 20+ turquoise Discosoma : I have two fist sized lumps of live rock that are smothered in these beautiful blue Discosoma mushrooms. Ideal beginners corals, these are very undemanding mushrooms £20 each ... 22/08/16
11. Live rock 30KG : for sale 30Kg approx of live rock Available in about a weeks time £165 22/08/16
12. H KUDA YELLOW SEAHORSES IN STOCK NOW : We have 100s of h kuda seahorses in stock now bred by are selfs they are a stunning cream and yellow colour. These are an ideal starter seahorse and only 45 GBP each we also have ... 22/08/16
13. H FUSCUS SEAHORSES IN STOCK : H fuscus in stock stunning seahorse £45 each we also have breeding pairs at £120 a pair.We have spent years sourcing healthy seahorse stock come to the experts dont wast your hard ... 22/08/16
14. H ERECTUS ON SALE NOW : H erectus in stock now 22/08/16
15. Looking for soft corals and live sand and livestock : I have 2 aquariums which have been running for a couple of years a Red Sea 130d and a 5ft. I am looking to revamp the interior and add some new corals, Fish and clean up crew I ... 22/08/16
16. marine coral books : This book is in excellent condition collection is in North Lincolnshire £20 21/08/16
17. Marine fish and Invertebrates a pocketexpert guide : great condition £10 the 2 collection from north lincolnshire 21/08/16
18. 2 x medium 4 inches Yellow tangs £35 EACH Cambridgeshire : very active and bright, feeding on nori and frozen as well as pellet. They come from a healthy thriving mature aquarium. New stock plans hence sale. Can deliver locally or buyer ca ... 21/08/16
19. Live rock, 150-200 kg, £350 for all, pics added : Job lot of live rock. Closing down my fish room, I have a 1000l IBC cut down thats on a pallet and a support cage and wrapped in insulation. I have approx 150 - 200 kgs (estimati ... 21/08/16
20. Marine fish, live rock, corals, in complete marine tank set up : For sale tomato clown, blue tang, bicolor angel fish, with live rock, sps Corals, and more. In my juwel rio 180 with stand marine setup. The set up is in very good condition. It ... 21/08/16
21. marine fish and more in very large marine full set up : this tank is just under 11ft long ,run on 2 large filters that sit very tidy under the cabinet , you get every thing lights ,fish , unit tank coral ,im after a quick sale on this b ... 21/08/16
22. SPS, LPS and SOFTIES : Corals for sale Contact Brian at 07964857410. 21/08/16
23. Corals and tank for sale : Dismantling 5ft marine tank selling corals first can send photos of individual corals but only at weekends fish not for sale will not post mushrooms £20 large rock with about 20 on ... 21/08/16
24. Cheap corals : Splitting tank selling coral £15 21/08/16
25. Huge centre piece Montipora - Hemel Hempstead : This is one BIG piece ! Total size of rock and plate is around 18" x 18" x 12"(high) so you're going to need some space. The multiple large leaves of red Monti ... 21/08/16
26. Soft corals, marine fish, inverts, live rock, anemones, in Complete Marine Aquar ... : Over 30 kg of live rock, soft corals, Zoa\'s, Star polyps, macro algae, anemones, 2 clown fish, yellow wrasse, rainbow wrasse, 2 green chromis hermit crabs, turbo snails, cleaner s ... 20/08/16
27. rose Bubble tip anemone, pipe organ frags and toadstool coral for sale : Rose Bubble tip £30, toadstool coral about 8inches in diameter good space filler £20 and pipe organ frags £10 or 1 small for £5 Collection only from Northampton please Kind ... 20/08/16
28. A FEW SPS COLONIES FOR SALE - WIRRAL : Due to breaking down my tank I have the following for sale. Please see pics for prices. Collection only from Moreton, Wirral. Please message if interested. Thanks ... 19/08/16
29. PHYTO PHYTO : Hi This phyto is so good i named it twice. It is a special blend of my own. You will see your corals and filter feeders smile back at you once they have tasted this mix. I have 20 ... 19/08/16
30. Marine live rock : Marine live rock 12 to 15kg of live rock and real reef well matured £50 19/08/16
31. Fijian Mature Live Rock : I am closing down my Marine Tank and have for sale firstly, about 120-150 kg of mature Fijian live rock, some pieces have a good colony of pulsating Xenia. £4.00 per Kg. Photo show ... 19/08/16
32. Flouresent Green Clove Polyps : Im selling this coral to make some room. This piece is 4 in x 2 in £30.00 19/08/16
33. Solid Aqua Oak Marine fish tank - whole or split open to offers : 100 litres 76cm(W) x 35cm(D) x 131cm(H) This is a stunning tank but unfortunately I just don't have the time to look after it. We've got a tropical tank aswell and having the ... 18/08/16
34. Hard and soft corals in marine tank breakdown : I have acans Lobos Montis elegance Zoas polys mushrooms and much more plus a lot of rock. Unfortunately I am having to breakdown my 750 litre tank starting with the contents .. ... 18/08/16
35. Soft corals for sale : Hi I have a number of Kenya tree frags and some mushrooms also a zoa colony for sale Call for prices 07950455293 18/08/16
36. Marine fish and coral : Hi I have a regal tang that\'s app 3.5 inches £30 Clown fish£12 Mystery wrass £60 Contact me 07950455293 18/08/16
37. Lovely green star polyp soft coral : Lovely green star polyp soft coral 5"x6" £20 collection from London E7. Will upload picture later 18/08/16
38. Mandarin and Indian Ocean Tang £65 : Indian Ocean tang £35, mandarin £35. Or £65 if all bought together. Also live rock for sale £4 per 1kg. 18/08/16
39. Mandarin goby £35 : For sale. Viewings welcome. 18/08/16
40. Cheap live rock for sale £4 a kg : Live rock for sale £4 per 1kg. 17/08/16
41. Soft corals, live rock, in Marine setup 4x2x2 : Live rock and livestock including various mushrooms, finger coral, etc. Regrettably selling my wharf aquatics reef clean 4x2x2 with sump marine setup due to moving house, thousand ... 16/08/16
42. Yellow belly damsle : Hi i have a yellow belly damsle for sale or swaps 5 pounds or swap for another fish Its about 3inch long Thanks for looking Tel 2578220 16/08/16
43. Clown Fish Breeding pair : Breeding pair of clowns one orange one black lovely examples, lay every 14 days SW London area. £50 Tel 07790405000 16/08/16
44. WANTED: Hippocampus zosterae : WANTED - dwarf seahorses Hippocampus zosterae. Looking for some of these cracking little seahorses. Thanks Lance 15/08/16
45. ReefBoost Cultures & Foods : **SALE** REEFBOOST LINE UP including CURRENT PRICES PHYTO MAX & COPEPOD MAX - Enriched Coral & zooplankton feed ... 15/08/16
46. fish and specialist corals : Duncan coral approx 18 heads £55 Lime plate coral £30 Orange plate coral £25 Green Torch coral £25 Lobophyllia £25 Scolly cost over £100 will sell for £70 Bubble coral £30 ... 14/08/16
47. Live rock : Hi i am in the southport area and i am looking for some live rock at a good price for my sump tank which i am setting up i will not need a great deal but all feed back welcome . 14/08/16
48. purple tipped anenome £20 : My nem has split a couple of times so have 2 for sale. Picture is of the original but others are a similar size, just at the back of tank so can't get a decent pic. Will need to kn ... 14/08/16
49. Pink Gorgonians for sale £5 - £10 : I need to thin out my gorgonians a little so come and snip yourself a frag or two. Price will depend on size and quantity. Cheers Alan 14/08/16
50. Romford. Large Sea Apple £20 : Ordering fish from the Philippines on Thursday 18th arrive on the Tuesday if you want to order anything get in touch last one. Large Sea Apple at least 5 inches without the tentacl ... 13/08/16
51. Corals for sale in Romford. £20-£30 : Good sized Corals with lots of heads for sale in Romford. Ordering fish from the Philippines on Thursday 18th arrive on the Tuesday if you want to order anything get in touch BLU ... 13/08/16
52. Large Umbrella Toadstool Coral Sacrophyton : This is a large piece about 10" and in perfect condition. Picture is of actual Coral for sale and not a stock photo. Not the best photo but you get the idea. I would like £35 fo ... 13/08/16
53. Marine livestock in Solid Aqua Oak Marine fish tank - whole or split open to off ... : Stock includes: Approx 14kg of live rock £100 Pair of clownfish £60 1 mimic filefish (rare) £50 Approx 2x snails £1 each Approx 2x red leg hermits £2 each 1 halloween herm ... 13/08/16
54. Full set up : Shallow tank rimless opti white 8mm glass lidded ro top up in sump come with lid 24x24x24 with white cabinet with child lock 6 gang surge protected inside comes with su ... 13/08/16
55. Live corals, inverts, live rock, in Cleair Aquatics 100l Marine Fish Tank Full S ... : For sale my first marine tank. - Live rock about 3kg. - Turbo snail - Blue leg hermit crab - 2 sand snails - 4 bubble tip anemone - 4 small leather mushrooms - Small colony ... 13/08/16
56. Breeding Pair of Marine Clown Fish : Breeding pair of clown fish. 30 ono 13/08/16
57. Coral magazines x3 : Coral magazines 2 new in plastic March/Apr 2010 Jan/feb 2011 1 used June/July 2008 Collection only £5 12/08/16
58. real reef rock : I havea few bits of real reef rock have too much and would like to sell or swap estimate 5 kg never been put in my set up one is really purple any questions please ask i would.lik ... 12/08/16
59. Molly Miller Blenny wanted : Looking for a outlet within reasonable distance of Sandy, Beds to purchase a Molly Miller blenny. Thanks 11/08/16
60. Strawberry shortcake acropora frags : I have 5 good sized frags-small colonys of strawberry shortcake Price range £20 small £30 medium £40 large 11/08/16
61. Strawberry shortcake acropora frags : I have 5 good sized frags-small colonys of strawberry shortcake Price range £20 small £30 medium £40 large 10/08/16
62. Live Copepod Starter Kit ~ Culture your own Copepods : COPEPOD CULTURE STARTER KIT The kit consists of Mandarin Mix, your copepod & rotifer culture, con ... 10/08/16
63. Live 3 Species Phytoplankton Freshly Harvested : 3 SPECIES LIVE PHYTOPLANKTON - Phyto TRIO PHYTO TRIO - A three species culture including Nannochloropsis Oculata, ... 10/08/16
64. Grow your own Phytoplankton~ Phyto Starter Kits : **NEW BATCH** Special Price ~ Phytoplankton Starter Kit. ~ Grow your own Phyto only £13. Kit includes - A 500ml Starte ... 10/08/16
65. Yellow Tang sold thanks tony : 4/5 inch fish in execellent condition,eats everything. Bargain at £35.07958105396 10/08/16
66. Potters angel wanted : i am after a Potters Angel, based in West Midlands, call me 07757 379950 10/08/16
67. MARINE FISH AND ALL MARINE EQUIPMENT AT CHILTON AQUATICS. FULL SEACHEM RANGE IN ... : Marine Fish Inverts and Live rock at Great prices!! We also stock all the main brands of Marine Goods and supply Marine salt at the best price in the area. We are the areas only ... 10/08/16
68. Live rock Tonga & live rock 49kg left £3.00 a kg pick up taunton only : Datted 19.07.16 49kg left We moved £3.00 a kg or £150.00 for Joblot no offers will need seeding again as been removed from tank on 10.02.16 Now all in.one tank 73kg l ... 09/08/16
69. For Sale - fully stocked tank, live rocks, fish, shrimp - £150 ono : fully stocked marine aquarium for sale with all equipment. Kit includes - Juwel 180l aquarium, stand, RO filters, water testing kits, spare filters, trace element additions. Live ... 08/08/16
70. Wanted: Purple Montipora Frag : Anyone Selling Any Purple Montipora Frags in the Sussex Area - I'm Willing To Collect Please Contact 07446071324 Thanks Luke 08/08/16
71. marine fish wanted : Wanted Yellow Tang but will consider other Tangs,sailfins and marine fish and soft corals... Would also consider a complete set up ... 08/08/16
72. Blue trigger fish : Blue trigger fish good looking fish healthy for sale £30 no offers collection only from West Yorkshire 077333 42 333 this is a realy nice fish healthy 07/08/16
73. coral frags : Beautiful purple marine mushrooms these things grow very large under the right conditions. £8 I can post for a small charge depending on where.cheers 07/08/16
74. SPS frags for sale : SPS frags for sale, mainly Acropora but have some Montipora, Seriatopora & Pocillopora as well. £10-£15 typically depending on size, but a few large £20 ones. Collection Southampto ... 06/08/16
75. Marine fish and corals in 6x2x2 marine tank full setup breaking : As I no longer have time to look after my tank please see the below for sale. Current stock: 1x Lunar wrasse - £25 1x large fu Manchu lionfish - £40 1x 2ft snowflake eel - £ ... 06/08/16
76. Selling soft coral Very cheap : Dismantling 5ft tank soft corals must go first some very large see photos make an offer for as much as you want 06/08/16
77. Red Sea Coral Pro Salt 22kg : Due to tank closure brand new and sealed 22kg bucket £45.00 06/08/16
78. Pulsing Xenia : Pulsing Xenia well rooted on to a frag large disc £5 each or 2 for £8 Only 2 left Call Graham tel 02392610355. Mob 07583212299 Or email message Collection from Havant 06/08/16
79. Blow pop zoas for sale : Blow pop zoas about 20 heads approx. £15 collection Havant Call Graham tel 02392610355. Mob 07583212299 Or email 06/08/16
80. Various corals : Various corals for sale including, Xenia, toadstools mushrooms, Kenya tree, candy cane, large hammers, hammer frags, make contact for price and availability, Also good quality li ... 05/08/16
81. Live rock/ corals : I have for sale 20 kg of mature live rock, taken from a mature tank. It comes full of life with plenty of corals on. Better than shop bought stuff that has on been cured, Comes wi ... 05/08/16
82. Wanted SPS colonies : Is anyone breaking down a SPS tank and looking to sell on any SPS Corals especially Staghorns, Hystrix and Bright Acropora's but will consider any. Drop me a message with what you ... 05/08/16
83. Ultra Zoas & Palys : We have a wide selection of Zoas & Palys available to purchase from our website or collection by appointment only from Portsmouth. http://Jpcoralfrags.com. Prices range from £0.50 ... 04/08/16
84. GOLD FROGSPAWN CORAL various sizes LPS REEF MARINE TANK AQUARIUM : HI, i have some amazing specimens of GOLD frog spawn coral. they are sold per head 1x small head £10 3x small heads £30 5x heads (both splitting) £50 pictures are sadly t ... 04/08/16
86. WANTED: Breeding pairs of clownfish : Wanted - BREEDING pairs of; Amphiprion percula A. ocellaris A. clarkii A. polymnus Based in North Wales but willing to travel to collect. Happy to pay sensible prices for ... 03/08/16
87. approx 100kg dead Live Rock £3/kg or offers for job lot : as mentioned around 100kg Dead Live rocks, in sealed container I also have many other marine items. Power heads return pumps etc etc. Contact me on 07577567764 03/08/16
88. marine fish, corals, inverts, in marine aquarium shutting down : minstrel clown £12 ocellaris clown £12 mystery wrasse £75 sailfin tang £ sold regal tang £25 bangai cardinal 1 mature 2 juveniles sold red spot flymo blenny sold randalls pi ... 02/08/16
89. Bright Green Purple Tip Ricordea Yuma Mushroom. : This mushroom is a little bit larger than a 20p coin. Picture is of actual mushroom for sale and not a stock photo. Not the best photo but you get the idea. I would like £4 for i ... 02/08/16
90. live rock : Hi for sale 11 kg of live rock, cluster and tonga with some mushrooms, and polyps price 6£ per kg 01/08/16
92. Moving to the USA livestock sale : Sadly I have to say goodbye to my marine aquarium. I'm eager for the tenants to go to good homes. 1 x bloodshrimp £12.00 1 x cleaner shrimp £12.00 3 x hermit crabs £9.00 3 x ... 01/08/16
93. Frogfish : One of the most unusual fish in nature, they have lures on their heads which they use like miniature fishing rods to catch unwary prey. 4-5" £120 please contact us for any addit ... 01/08/16
94. GREEN & PURPLE TONGA MUSHROOM. Collection only Leicester. : 3 Beautifully coloured mushrooms on live rock. Picture is of actual the mushrooms for sale and not a stock photo. Not the best photo but you get the idea. I would like £25.00 fo ... 31/07/16
95. Bright Green Purple Tip Ricordea Yuma Mushroom. : This mushroom is a little bit larger than a £2 coin. Picture is of actual mushroom for sale and not a stock photo. Not the best photo but you get the idea. I would like £12 for ... 31/07/16
96. Live rock and marine fish in Marine fish tank : 45kg live rock. puffer fish.Koran angel fish.damsel fish.blue tang.Yellow tang & trigger fish. All in excellent condition. 450 litre marine fish tank-5×3×2 cleair. Lumenair v2 1 ... 31/07/16
97. aquareef 300 : Aquareef 300 full of fish live rock corals new pumps reactor uv led wifi lights too many extras to list giving up as have no spare time 31/07/16
98. Zoas green : Have some nice green zoas for sale there are approx 50 heads on,£12 Call or email Graham on tel 02392610355 Mob 07583212299 31/07/16
99. montipora confusa coral frags : confusa green)coral peices about 3 to 4inch peices £5 each has good growth. email or call graham TEL 02392610355 Mob 07583212299 31/07/16
100. Cheatomorpha (cheato) Algae : This is for a handful of cheato £5 Cheato will help reduce the phosphates and nitrates within your marine aquarium. It needs good lighting conditions to grow but will grow fast. ... 30/07/16

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