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Marine Fish & Marine Inverts

1. Full marine setup £700 : Tank 39x18x32” Base 39x18x25” Complete with the following Eheim 300watt heater plus spare 300watt heater Deltec MCE600 skimmer Vortech MP40wQD Jebao wavemaker and controller ... 25/05/19
3. Mix frags for sale : Lots of frags for sale from £3 pound 25/05/19
4. Clove polyps : 3 different sorts of polyps start from £7 under white light 25/05/19
5. PICASSO TRIGGER : FOR SALE Picasso Trigger in good condiction about 3'' to 4 '' eats well ring for more info 07837 306239 ...£28. 25/05/19
6. L46 Hypancistrus zebra : We have L046 Hypancistrus zebra of high quality and species. They between 4-7 cm = 1.60" to 2.75" in size. They are all very healthy and very vigorous fish like arowana f ... 25/05/19
7. Fire shrimp and orchid dottyback : Fire shrimp and orchid dottyback for sale need gone ASAP, caught and ready to go 24/05/19
8. tank shut down : hi i am leaving the hobby so i have the following items for sale 1 x yellow tang 1 x powder blue tang 1 pair of clowns (clarkii family) 4 big chromis 1 x sand sifter 1 x algae ble ... 24/05/19
9. Marine livestock in Nano tank and Ai prime for sale : -Contains 1 Clown fish and 1 Royal Gamma. -Various snails and crabs. -Some live coral. I am selling my Nano Reef tank and Ai prime light. Ai prime light in white and all hob p ... 24/05/19
10. REGAL TANG (sought after yellow belied variant of dory) : Stunning fish, in excellent health and has a very cheeky yet dumb character. She/he is around 5.5” in length, please note a 2” regal are around £45-55 in the LFS around here. S ... 23/05/19
11. Hammer and torch corals : Stunning metallic green hammer corals and gorgeous aussie torch corals available now, currently in 2, 3,4 and 5 head pieces of torch and 2 and 3 head pieces of hammer 23/05/19
12. Marine fish : 3 anthias 1 pink male 2 female £50 Yellow tang around 4” £50 Peacock wrasse £25 Yellow belly wrasse £25 Also have some crabs Text 07954040533 22/05/19
13. Various coral frags, collection only Hemel Hempstead : Quite a few nice pieces on the frag racks at the moment. Left hand rack has Galaxia (£10), unknown green Acro (£10), unmounted Seriatopora (£6), unmounted purple-tipped Acro (£6 ... 22/05/19
14. Complete Marine Setup for Sale : Approx 250 Ltr marine system tank size just over 1 mtr in length x 40cm deep x 40cm tall. Home made strand stand on castors for easy movement with inbuilt sump with pump, skimmer ... 21/05/19
15. Emperor Angel / Bicolor Angel / Hawkfish / Leopard Wrasse / Lubbocks Wrasse / Ma ... : Emperor Angelfish Large Juvenile SOLD Bicolor Angelfish SOLD Longnose Hawkfish 35.00 Leopard Wrasse SOLD Lubbock's Fairywrasse SOLD Aiptasia Eating Filefish 20.00 Bicolor Ble ... 21/05/19
16. Coral table : 2 coral tables for sale 60x20x18 one with weir and connecting holes to the other tank £50 rack or 2 for £80 21/05/19
17. Corals trade for lion fish and other types : Looking to trade 18 head candy cane . Duncan coral with 3 heads and some zoa 2of them and one has over 20 heads collection only let me no if interested collection only looking for ... 18/05/19
18. Goniopora/Montipora/Chalice frags available : I have available the following. Goniopora from £15 per frag Cotton Candy Chalice £69 Mystic Sunset Montipora £45 Thanks Contact Chris 07860 598301 18/05/19
19. Talbots damsels free : Pair of Talbot's damsels free to a good home. Not agreeing with my new fish so must go unfortunately. 07480124012 Melton mowbray 16/05/19
20. For sale bargain prices : Marine fish for sale Marine fish for sale including corals and live rock please ask for prices all bargains-will need to be collected by Saturday. Bagshot Surrey. Email [email protected] ... 16/05/19
21. Wanted Clean Up Crew - Peterborough Area/Cambridgeshire : Hi All, looking to up my Cleaning Crew, any snails, shrimps, hermit crabs, strawberry loaches what do you have? Cash waiting. 15/05/19
22. aqua one 400 marine fish tank aquarium : aqua one 400 marine fish tank aquarium includes other lights and deltec 600 protein skimmer, has great storage underneath too. Tank is in excellent condition, lovely piece ... 15/05/19
23. Complete Setup only : Lido 120 converted, 25ltr sump, bubble-magus qq skimmer,1000ltr return pump, sanrise smart control light, reactor, wavemakers, pair of common clowns, six line wrasse and a red/blue ... 14/05/19
24. pair of black ice snowflake clowns : roughly 1.5 inch pair of black ice snowflake clowns for sale £90 COLLECTION ONLY WALSALL CONTACT ME ON 07847527415 13/05/19
25. French angel : French angel for sale 3-4 inches eats everything and in excellent condition. Looking for £80 Buyer to collect 13/05/19
26. Reduced 8 hammer heads 5” Tall : 8 hammer heads coral £50 or double head £18 2 double head left or 2 for £30 that’s under white light 13/05/19
27. WANTED RITERI ANEMONE, SEXY SHRIMP CASH WAITING : Hi if anyone has any sexy shrimp, riteri anemone please let me know 07478745593 will travel for the right stuff as frequent up north for work :) 12/05/19
28. Kenya Tree. (Marine Coral.) : Kenya Tree soft coral on peice of live rock 2 inch wide. 2 inch tall. (Approx.) Buyer collects. Bring a container. £10 12/05/19
29. bubble tip anemone (coral, marine) : bubble tip anemone. 2 inch across. Green, purple, orange. Buyer collects. Bring your own container. £10. North Leicestershire. 12/05/19
30. LARGE bright Green Montiporia coral. : LARGE bright Green plating Montiporia coral. 12 inch across. Selling due to size. Some Purple patching due to new lights And low potassium, but bigger tank with decent li ... 12/05/19
31. Kinda garden rocks Frags over 20 Different corals : Different corals from £4 under white light discount when you have 4 Frags also Kinda garden rocks 12/05/19
32. Live Rock Mature aprox 25k £3 per kilo marine tank breakdown : Hi i have approximately 25kilo of live rock for sale at £3 per kilo . Some really nice pieces few large and some lovely small ones also some fiji there are a few soft corral att ... 11/05/19
33. Wanted small regal angel : As above based in Luton Bedfordshire but am willing to travel for the right specimen! Please contact me on 07952515385 thanks 11/05/19
34. Clownfish £15 ea and Green Chromis £7.50 ea at Fishcove, Warrington : Clownfish £15 ea and Green Chromis £7.50 ea at Fishcove, Warrington. Fishcove, Unit 3 St Peters way Warrington, Ches. WA27BT. 10/05/19
35. Live Rock : Last items of live rock for sale, 13.5 Kg in total @ £5 per Kg, thats £65. Call 07927255075 10/05/19
36. Frag for sale : Marine tree live rock £7 Zoa n live rock £5 and more frag for from £3 can send you send pictures on what’s app as I was Duncans heads polyps and all the corals for sale 09/05/19
37. Kenya Tree Frag for sale. £5 per frag : Kenya Tree frags for sale Collection Shepards bush area 09/05/19
38. Pulsing Xenia Marine Coral Frag £5 : Pulsing Xenia frags for sale. Approximately 7 available Fragged onto small rocks Great to watch Very easy to look after and great for beginners. Multiple heads on each rock ... 09/05/19
39. Marine fish wanted : Marine fish wanted ,Looking for anything to put in a new set up so nothing to big ,i am west midlands based so in this general area anything considered . 08/05/19
40. Anemone : Anemone , approx 6-8 inch's and even bigger when open full , got this one out when removing some rock ,private messages please ...been in tank over a year and very healthy,looking ... 08/05/19
41. Plating orange and green monti : Hi, I have plenty of orange and green plating monti frags for sale. £10 per frag all of which will be no less than 3 inches in size. 07958 247 029 Collection Royton ... 08/05/19
42. anyone selling any marines please get in touch : i am intrested in all types of marines but i am aspeacially intrested in groupers rays sharks lionfish eels and other preds but i am intrested in other marine fish aswel ... 08/05/19
43. Corals Marine Aquarium Breakdown : Goniopora £40 Candy cane around 30 heads £35 Gsp on rock £20 Green sps £15 Red sps £15 Gorgonian tree £25 Hermit Crabs £5 each Around 15kg live rock Text 07954040533 08/05/19
44. Large colony of red Acans £100 maidstone kent : As per photo. Has well over 40 heads. Always on show. Stunning specimen. Reason for sale. Tank slowly being broken down.. other corals available too. Fish , rock, equip ... 07/05/19
45. Lubbock wrasse £25 Maidstone : Purple colour and nice in community tank or reef 07/05/19
46. Beautiful pair of clowns : Its with much reluctance that i am shutting up shop with marines after a decade of keeping them, i have a stunning pair of clowns for sale, regularly spawn & are fantastic fish ... 07/05/19
47. Live rock, green Zoah coral with red bubble tip anemone attached, blue legged he ... : Live rock 25kg - £70 Large Green Zoah coral with small red bubble tip anemone attached - £50 4 x blue legged hermit crabs, 1 turbo snail and 1 emerald green crab possibly ( haven ... 07/05/19
48. corals : hi i would like some soft corals or frags please in the essex area must be cheep prices please,or any other corals you think may be suitable for a 30gal tank with canister filter ... 07/05/19
49. Small powder blue tang : Hi there would like a small powder blue tang ( no more than 3 inches) near to Bedfordshire but am willing to travel for a good specimen! Contact sanj on 07952515385 thanks 04/05/19
50. Duncan and ham head coral buddy tip for sale : Duncan and hammer heads 1 head up to 8 head start from 6.50 and over coral from sale 04/05/19
51. Platinum clown fish group of 4 : Hi selling my platinum clown group consisting of 2 pairs , need these gone ASAP as tank closed down , cost me 200 pounds when purchased , asking 100 as quick sale needed 03/05/19
52. Black tang £500, goldflake angel £200, lighting maroon clowns £200, 12in red car ... : 3in black tang £500 Goldflake angel £200 Pair lighting maroon clowns £200 12in red carpet nem £250 07769336979 WhatsApp me for pics Pick up from fazakerley liverpool but can ... 02/05/19
53. Coral Discs and Plugs for your fragged corals £30 : Job Lott bulk buy Make me a fair Offer?? 1 x bag Boston Aqua farms Plugs 20 cured aragocrete 1 x bag Boston Aqua farms Reef Discs 15 cured aragocrete Rest estimates: 1 x bag 25 ... 02/05/19
54. Bonded pair of wide bar black clownfish : Rare in the UK. Great specimens. The white bars are wider than on ‘normal’ Clownfish. Andover Hampshire. £100 02/05/19
55. Bonded pair of Wyoming white Clownfish : Female has extra nite markings on her face. Andover Hampshire £80 02/05/19
56. 2 Adult male reidi seahorses : Fully grown. Captive bred. Both have bred before. Eating frozen mysis Andover Hampshire £350 for both. 02/05/19
57. Live rock for sale : I have down sized my aquarium and have got 40kgs of left over live rock for sale. £200 for the entire 40kgs which equates to £5/kg. Please get in touch with me via email [email protected] ... 01/05/19
59. Gold nugget maroon clown pair. : Pair of gold nugget maroon clowns.juveniles and Already hosting and the female is starting to turn gold. Tank shutdown forces sale. Collection le15 7au 07701042052 130 price is ... 01/05/19
60. Live rock : 30/40kgs of live rock for sale from my tank shutdown. Some has mushroom coral and gsp. Collection from Telford £100 for the lot 01/05/19
61. Blood shrimps/live rock for sale : 1 blue yellow tailed blue damsel fish, 1 blue legged hermit crab, 2 orange legged hermit crabs, 2 small Corals, 2 fire shrimps. £40 ono Approx 15kg live rock £30 0792022610 ... 01/05/19
62. Zoa Frags Available : I have a few Zoa Frags available. Delivery is just £10, discount of 10% given on three or more frags purchased. Picture 1 (WYSIWYG) Tinkerbell £58 Sonic Flare ***Sold*** other ... 30/04/19
63. Marine clean up crew wanted : Hi, I've just cycled my marine tank, was looking for first bits of cuc turbo snails, trochus, hermit crabs or the like, if anyone is selling around the Crawley area I'd be very int ... 30/04/19
64. Live rock for sale South Manchester / Chesire : Approx 13kg of live rock. 5 chunky pieces (see photos with tennis ball for gauge) with good colouring. £50 the lot - needs to be collected ASAP. Tel or text: Shane on 07855 367626 ... 29/04/19
65. RBT Anemones for sale, Small to Larger ones all £5 - £10 : RBT Anemones for sale, Collection - North Swindon Area 28/04/19
66. Marine Fish in Full setup for sale. : £300 ono , Collection only Live Stock: 1 black/white clown fish - 1.5inch Fire Shrimp - 1 year old Yellow Spotted Goby - 1 - 2 years old small cleanup crew 3 pieces of corr ... 27/04/19
67. Maroon clownfish for swap : Looking to swap my maroon clownfish for either fish, corals, frags, inverts anything let me know. My clowns took a dislike so she is now living in my qt tank for her own protection ... 26/04/19
68. Pair of snowflake clowns : Pair of snowflake clowns for sale. Collection st3. Not mixing with my other clowns. Bargain £50 25/04/19
69. Large anemone : Moving my anemone on, its atleast 12 inch across. Stunning and healthy, fed twice a week £80 collected 25/04/19
70. Kenya tree coral : We have several pieces of Kenya tree coral for sale attached to various pieces of rock. Prices rang from £5 to £20 depending on how many branches are on each piece. Also have so ... 25/04/19
71. Frag for sale : All frag are for sale 25 different Frags 24/04/19
72. Fish and corals : downsizing 430ltr system, the following are for sale as result x1 Pyjama wrasse £10 x1 magnificent foxface £25 x1 kole tang £25 x4 Chromis £15 lot x1 Bangai Cardinal fish £15 ... 24/04/19
73. Marine fish / Large zoa colonies : Lovely large zoa colonies nice and healthy £29.99 each collection from Southampton please 24/04/19
74. Marine fish/ Lovely Hawaiin yellow eye Kole tang : Beautiful Hawaiin yellow eye kole tang , nice size and feeding well £49.99 collection from Southampton please 24/04/19
75. Toadstool Leather coral frags : Leather coral frags @ £10 each I have for sale this amazing soft coral - pickup only from Brighton. about 3' in size - 7 available 24/04/19
76. Fish for sale : Banngi fish. 2inch coral beauty and 3inch regal for sale 40 pounds for all 3 WN88HT area 23/04/19
77. Stunning LPS and Mushroom corals : Hi all, For sale is some of my LPS and Mushrooms. Pink tip hammer head £20 Bright green trumpet £10 Watermelon Mushroom £4 Dan. 23/04/19
78. Harlequin shrimp : For sale I have a male Harlequin shrimp adult did her job and now she needs to go, please research about this beautiful shrimp before purchase it, collection from Swindon SN3 6LT £ ... 21/04/19
79. Livestock in Complete marine set up. : 1x powder blue tang 2 x clarki clowns 1 x humbug 4 x damsels Fire shrimp Cleaner shrimp Emerald and hermit crabs Snails. Kenya tree coral ( growing lots ) Button Polyp ... 20/04/19
80. Wanted Mini red carpet anemone : Hi I'm looking to buy mini red carpet anemone or mini maxi nems. Thanks for looking and get in touch with what you have, cheers kev. 20/04/19
81. Adult female Golden nugget maroon : Body is about 3 inches plus fins. Perfect size for a breeding project. Rare at this size. Andover Hampshire. £150. 19/04/19
82. Live rock - 6kg all clean and ready to go. : Live rock - 6kg all clean and ready to go - Branch piece is about 14\" This was used in my 52L tank. £25 19/04/19
83. 3inch Regal tang : Very healthy juvenile Regal tang for sale. Looking for £49 Collection from Chesterfield 19/04/19
84. Duncan’s coral : Aussie Duncan’s coral (bright green stem), only 1.5 - 2 inches but has 6 small heads. £20 - collection from chesterfield. 19/04/19
85. Pink Bubble Tip Anemone : Pink Bubble tip anemone for sale ONE ONLY from a well established healthy and mature tank. The anemone will be removed by the owner, buyer needs to provide a container to transport ... 18/04/19
86. For sale : Following fish for sale Stars and Stripes puffer Niger Trigger Dogface puffer All sizeable fish so decent size tank required Make me an offer ? Photos on request 15/04/19
87. Tank break down : Tank break down fish and live rock to go first :pair of designer clowns one Picasso one black snowflake £60, hogfish £25, yellow tang 3-4 inch £30, regal tang 4 inch £30,4-5 inch s ... 14/04/19
88. Pink star polyp : Pink star polyp.£7 collection only. 13/04/19
89. cheato and corals : based in wigan! after some cheato, corals or small tangs. give me a shout if you have anything close by. Cheers 12/04/19
90. Mature live rock fish tank £3.50kg : Mature live rock £3.50kg Deals on 100kg or more Over 300kg to pick from Text me on 07769336969 Pick up from fazakerley liverpool 10/04/19
91. clown fish pair for sale : Hi there, I have for sale 2 clown fish (pair) for sale they still have some growth to do but they bonded already quite well unfortunately can`t keep them anymore with the other cou ... 09/04/19
92. Fish or inverts for sale? : Based in Wigan, new to marine, tank up and running and got three fish and a couple of snails and shrimp. Any one got anything for sale? 09/04/19
93. Tank breakdown for sale : I have a 300ltr tank that i do not have time for anymore to maintain and so am selling everything within. 2 x clown fish 1 x Regal tang 1 x Dwalf Angel 1 x green Cromin 1 x ... 07/04/19
94. Reduced for sale before 07/04/19 - 40KG of Live Rock : Due to a house move I am breaking my tank and have for sale my live rock. Good quality cycled rock with no hitchhikers, available now. There is just over 40KG of live rock, abou ... 06/04/19
95. Volitons lionfish marine fish volitons young 4” £38 reduced bargain : Young lionfish for sale stunning species, fed we’ll grow quick £38 bought from aquatics to your door for £50 two weeks ago.. bargain 06/04/19
96. ARMAGEDDON zoas : Armageddon zoas these are a nice bright red zoa 1 polyp on a frag plug £10 each Call or email graham on Mobile 07948355161 Home 02392610355 06/04/19
97. Quick sale of usa imports closing system down 200 for all : I have 5 designer clown fish imported from America, I'm closing down my system and would like them to go quick so all 5 for 200 I have 1 pair of Wyoming whites 1 pair of ma ... 03/04/19
98. Jawbreaker Mushroom : I may be selling a jawbreaker, it has a developemd red stripe and is around a 10p size, £250 serious interest only. 07930726986 03/04/19
99. Cycled LIVE ROCK : I have for sale cycled Marco live rock. This mined rock is reef saver, highly porous rock. It has been mined from the ground so is ecologically friendly compared with ocean live ro ... 02/04/19
100. Marine fish for sale : Porcupine Puffer 6" = SOLD Regal Tang 3.5"= SOLD Tomato Clown 3" =£10 Pair Humbugs 3 -3.5"=£1O Strawberry basslet =£5 or £20 for all, Puffer has great temperament does not a ... 01/04/19

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