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 Visit The Fish Barn at www.thefishbarn.co.uk : Visit www.thefishbarn.co.uk to find out more about us at The Fish Barn Aquatic Store NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE 16.00 Guarant ...21/10/16
 Manaus Aquarium Products : New to the UK, Manaus Aquarium products. These medications are tailored for the aquatic hobby. Please see website for further details21/10/16

1. TODAY ~ The 4th Aquatics Plus Auction ~ Back in the original room : We would like to thank EVERYONE who came to the auction on Sunday. See you all next year 19th February 2017 If you want a lot, be it f ... 17/10/16
2. British Cichlid Association Convention/Auction - Michel Keijman : BCA Autumn Convention/AGM - October 23rd 2016 I'm am pleased to announce that we will still be at our new venue - The Oak Hotel ,8640 St ... 12/10/16
3. Sheaf Valley Aquarist Society (SVAS) ~ Sheffields Fish Keepers Club : New members welcome, we meet the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:30pm Thorncliffe Sports & Community Club Mortomley Close High Green She ... 11/10/16
4. Uk Charity Fish Auction ,27th November -Leicester-come help us raise money for c ... : Uk Charity Fish Auction ,Sunday 27th November -Leicester - come help us raise money for charity? buy rare fish ,meet breeders..... we ... 08/10/16
5. COMING UP SUNDAY 16th Oct IN SOUTH SHIELDS : Tropical Fish, Equipment & Food Auction Sunday 16th October 2016 (NEXT SUNDAY) Charles Young Centre South Shields SEE PHOTO FOR MO ... 05/10/16
6. TROPICAL FISH Wanted : Due to relocation,I have been able set up tropical and cold freshwater indoor ponds ready to take in unwanted fish. I am also wanting to inc ... 03/10/16
7. Being totally messed around by Chris Swaby : Beware Chris Swaby from hull tel no 07341 566701 I have spent the whole day stripping my 8ft system down which he agreed to purchase and pic ... 02/10/16
8. Advise please : Hi I am looking to switch from freshwater to marine tank I just want some advice on wear to get salt live rock sand what fish to stock and ... 28/09/16
9. Please be aware of this stingray seller : I just sent him 250 and he didn't turn up and block my phone. Please check the pictures . All detail in there 27/09/16
10. Robin Hood Aquarists Autumn Auction 2016 : Robin Hood Aquarists are holding their Autumn Auction on Sunday 18th September 2016 at the usual venue of the Highbank Community Centre, Far ... 16/09/16
11. Robin Hood Aquarists Nottingham Autumn Auction 18th September 2016 : The Robin Hood Aquarists will be holding an auction of fish, plants and equipment on Sunday 18th September 2016 at the Highbank Community Ce ... 16/09/16
12. Looking for Tufa rock : I have looked everywhere, and tufa rock seems to be off the market. I am looking for large peices for giving some structure to my malawis ta ... 25/08/16
13. Wondering if some could offer some advice please : Hello there,I'm just having a 6x3x3 tank made and should be here in a few weeks,what I'd like to do is have a Amazon style look,I'm runni ... 11/08/16
14. TTAA Show & Auction Three-rivers championship : Tyne Tees Area Association are holding their show and auction on the 18th September 2016. This will include the Three-rivers championship. B ... 04/08/16
15. NORTHEAST NO.1 AQUATICS AUCTION : N.E.T.S are holding an auction on the 7th of august and have released a list of possible fish which will hopefully be at our auction come al ... 27/07/16
16. Portsmouth Aquarist Society Open show 2016 : Portsmouth Aquarist Society open show 2016 Sunday 3rd July 2016 - 9am to 5pm FBAS Championship classes Cb, L, Q Diamond Class - Dc ... 02/07/16
17. ANYONE HELP ?? advice needed : Hi . I have a aqua oak tank . I'm looking to changing to marine as a newbie . I am looking for a service who can drill tank . Build ... 21/06/16
18. STAMPS FISH AUCTION & SHOW 5th June 2016 : S.T.A.M.P.S 10th Open Show & Auction Sunday 5th June 2016 To be held at The Charles Young Day Centre Talbot Road, South Shields, NE34 ... 04/06/16
19. Pond Fish Rescue : If you have any fish you do not want any longer, I will collect within an hour of Watford, Hertfordshire but would travel further if worth w ... 20/05/16
20. HELP WANTED on setting up a shrimp breeding tank : Hi I'm thinking of setting up 2 or 3 breeding tanks for shrimp and would like your help please. I would like help on what size tank is best, ... 13/04/16
21. EACG 24th April Event Moulton village hall Newmarket : Our next event is on the 24 April 16 at Moulton Village Hall. Our guest speaker will be Dan Sharifi who is the owner of Cichlids of the Amer ... 04/04/16
22. Tropical fish auction and show... Best in the northeast : TROPICAL FISH AUCTION AND SHOW!! (Gateshead teams club)24th of April Best show prizes Best raffle prizes Best deals to be had on fi ... 30/03/16
23. Goldfish clubs : Hi I am a lady who lives in Knebworth Hertfordshire, new to pond keeping, at the moment its just a container pond with three fish. Would lov ... 29/03/16
24. Robin Hood Aquarists Nottingham Spring Auction 10th April 2016 : The Robin Hood Aquarists will be holding an auction of fish, plants and equipment on Sunday 10th April 2016 at the Highbank Community Centre ... 22/03/16
25. Anyone tried the Theiling Rollermat ? : I have finally ordered my Theiling Rollermat after thinking about it for weeks. This will be for my marine fish-only tank. I often use fil ... 22/03/16
26. leds lighting systems : hello can anyone help me i have a 6x2x2 foot tropical tank iam after a led lighting system perferable to fit under a hood can anyone send me ... 21/03/16
27. Help plz : Hi here I have a 5 inch male frontosas need to swap for a female as I brought the pair from a lady she said they was male and female keep on ... 12/03/16
28. Help Needed for Disposal of 6ft Tank - Various Sizes of Fish Tanks and Accessori ... : Hello all my first post and i apologise upfront if any mistakes have been made, but I'm asking for any enthusiasts out there who can assist ... 03/03/16
29. Portsmouth Aquarist Society : Introducing Portsmouth Aquarist Society. We are a locally run fish club having been around for 62 years. We have a wealth of knowledge amou ... 27/02/16
30. The North West Cichlid Group Auction is on the 6th March 2016. : THIS AUCTION IS NOW FULLY BOOKED.. All 45O lots now reserved. Please note that the procedure for requesting an auction lot has change ... 28/01/16
31. Aquatics Plus Auction : The second Aquatics Plus Auction will be on Sunday 21st February 2016 at Sheffield Works Department Sports & Social Club Heeley Bank ... 05/01/16
32. PLEASE BEWARE OF THE ASIAN AROWANAS FOR SALE : Just to give people a heads up the ads for x back chilli red arowana in essex being sold by "JAMES" are a scam. U can not go and collect t ... 19/12/15
33. Marine Aquarium Design, Installation and Maintenance Services : Complete Marine Aquarium Design, Installation and Maintenance services. Helping people new to the hobby and experienced aquarists set up a ... 02/12/15
34. Aquarium maintenance services for fresh or salt water : Aquarium maintenance services for fresh or salt water Cleaning: glass, filters, pumps, gravel, sump etc Water change: HMA for fresh and ... 22/10/15
35. This Sunday 11th October : This Sunday the last(and largest) auction of 2015 held by Preston and District Aquarist Society 05/10/15
36. DERWENTSIDE AQUARIST SOCIETY AUCTION THIS SUNDAY : Come along to the Derwentside Auction this Sunday for the chance to buy some great and rare fish. It's held at The Activity Den Tanfie ... 02/10/15
37. UPDATED Robin Hood Aquarists Nottingham Autumn Auction 20th September 2015 : The Robin Hood Aquarists are holding their Autumn Auction on Sunday 20th September 2015 at the usual venue of the Highbank Community Centre, ... 20/09/15
38. Do you have a business - this could be a perfect business opportunity for you. : We are currently looking for another business or organisation who are interested in a Collaboration perhaps through YouTube and other social ... 12/09/15
39. We need your help to save the Reef and Marine Life. Investing in projects to bre ... : We need your help to save the Reef and Marine Life. Investing in projects to breed and grow fish and coral to save our marine life. About ... 29/08/15
40. Need help setting up a sump etc etc. : Hi, I've been keeping tropical freshwater fish for over 30yrs at the moment have set up a 4ft fluval marine tank using an external filter, a ... 02/08/15
41. Central Scotland AS Summer Auction : Struggling to sell your unwanted fish and equipment ? Then why not come along and enjoy a day out at the Central Aquarist Societys spring au ... 01/08/15
43. Name this fish : Hi can anyone tell me what this fish is called, not yellow labs the pink one, thank for all your help 23/07/15
44. Malawi : Hi people i have a question and wounder if someone could help out or point me in the right direction. I am in the middle of setting up a s ... 23/07/15
45. Equipment Review : Hi, I have just set up my marine aquarium and have been trying some of the latest equipment. So, a chance to spread the word on some great g ... 15/07/15
46. Any Fish Auctions or Shows in Barnsley Area - (S70) : Does anyone know if there is any fish auctions or fish shows which are happening in barnsley area, i own a car so i am willing to travel but ... 29/06/15
47. National Betta Show - This Sunday : The National Betta Show - 21/6/15 The UK's Biggest and Only Dedicated Betta Show! Returning for a third year, this time we are bigger an ... 20/06/15
48. can anyone help me with a custom fish tank stand : Hi Iv just brought a large fish tank 4ft by 2ft by 2ft and I need someone to build me a fish tank stand and hood out of wood, please conta ... 16/05/15
49. fish rehoming : Hi I have a pond full of fish which we need to rehome as we are moving house and the new owners don't want the fish, we are going to a home ... 13/05/15
50. scam on a/c and fb (flowerhorns) : There is a seller who places adverts on here selling flowerhorns This person posts priced pics of flowerhorns for you to buy They requir ... 01/05/15
51. frag racks on ebay for big money beware : Sellers listing frag racks for 8-12 these racks are from Home & bargains For 0.99-1.99 Please dont get ripped off 29/04/15
52. Shrimp Suppliers : Can anyone direct me to suppliers of blue and yellow shrimp, for fresh water aquarium, in Cornwall. Don't want to order online as I alway ... 29/04/15
53. Castleford Catfish and Loach specialist auction and show 12 July 2015 : Come along to this great event. Show some fish and/or buy/sell some catfish and loach related items! Some unusual fish will be available and ... 21/04/15
54. TODAY Robin Hood Aquarists Nottingham Spring Auction 12th April 2015 : The Robin Hood Aquarists are holding their Spring Auction on Sunday 12th April 2015 at the usual venue of the Highbank Community Centre, Far ... 12/04/15
55. UK-BRED BETTAS : UK-BRED BETTAS With increasing animal welfare awareness and EU/UK regulations about importing exotic animals, we believe that the future of ... 22/03/15
58. SCAMMER BEWARE : please be aware of a scammer using this site, also selling aquatic stuff on gumtree, he scammed me out of 100, claims he hasn't got a PayP ... 22/02/15
59. NEW TO MARINE Please can I talk with someone?? : Hi Guys, just wondering if there are any common pitfalls a rookie can fall into... and does anyone have any fish or livestock (FREE HOPEFULL ... 15/02/15
60. Heterandria Formosa : Hello. I have been looking for some Heterandria Formosa - tiny live-bearers from the southern USA - for a long time, without success. Does a ... 15/01/15
61. MARK WHOS SELLING THE CHANNA : hi Mark I have been trying to contact you via email as your mobile number is too long 14/12/14
62. Help can understand what is wrong with this fish all my others is ok : Hi can someone. Tell me what's wrong with my fish I've gave it 2 salt baths upto now 20/11/14
63. Juwel Rio 400 Aquarium London : Does anyone know of a pet shop in London where I can sell them my fish tank as no longer needed? 15/11/14
64. Pond Fish : Due to a recent family bereavement, we have a number of fish who are currently surviving in a dirty pond (pump is broken) and are only being ... 24/09/14
65. Professional Fish Care : Hi, I have recently after 10 years in the hobby decided to share my expertise and skills to anyone that wants it. I am happy to help wit ... 13/08/14
66. Pleco Fish too big for tank : I have a pleco which is now too big for my tank, can anybody recommend someone who will take him. My pleco is 10-12'inches long in a 48l tan ... 22/06/14
67. Move MY TANK : looking for someone to move my 180 litre marine tank from North Manchester to South Manchester, 21 miles will pay cash for the right pers ... 18/06/14
68. does any one have Nothobranchius furzeri : I would like to obtain some Killifish and looking for a source in UK. I would greatly appreciate if anyone is willing to sell a few or poin ... 12/06/14
69. best eheim filter with built in heater help : I'm looking to get a trigon190 tank which I plan on having lake malawi fish in What would be the best eheim with built in heater to have ... 27/05/14
70. garage wanted : hi guys,i am going to move in london and bring my fish house there,anyone knows where i can rent a garage or find any space?dont mind to pay ... 09/04/14
71. help : hi guys,i am going to move in london and bring my fish house there,anyone knows where i can rent a garage or find any space?dont mind to pay ... 21/03/14
72. FRAUD WARNING FRANK NELSON & JON HORWOOD not to be trusted : This guy was advertising L046 Zebra plecs on here around 26-27 Jan 2013 and apparently he says he is from Wales...When I made a payment to h ... 01/03/14
73. WARNING - DO NOT TRUST FRANK NELSON OR JON HORWOOD who was advertising L046 Zebr ... : This guy was advertising L046 Zebra plecs on here around 26-27 Jan 2013 and apparently he says he is from Wales...When I made a payment to h ... 27/02/14
74. New home for big sailfin plecos : Looking for contacts/tips/advice helping to rehome my 2 plecos (17 and 14 inch) as my tank is no longer suitable for them. Can deliver withi ... 29/10/13
75. Fish Ponds and Tanks Advice, Design and Maintenance and Supply : I have been working for the aquatic trade for more than 20 years, worked as a diver in the Red Sea, designed large coral reef tanks, life su ... 18/08/13
76. Tail bitten off. HELP : Hi, just noticed that the tail on my cichlid has been bitten off. Will it grow back? Do I need to treat it? If so, with what? Thanks. 06/08/13
77. Cichlid Identification please : Could someone please tell me what type of cichlids I have. pic 1 is? pic 2 is? 04/08/13
78. Cichlid Identification THANKS FOR THE RESPONSE PPL : Could someone please tell me what type of cichlids I have. pic 1 = ? Pic 2 = ? Pic 3 = ? 04/08/13
79. Is my cichlid holding? THANKS FOR THE RESPONSE PPL : Just noticed that my cichlid mouth looked strange this evening. Not sure if there is a problem with it or if its a female and may be holding ... 02/08/13
80. Identification please? : Can anyone tell me please whether this is a Blue Orfe or a Butterfly Koi? 13/07/13
81. POSSIBLE FRAUDSTER : Hello to all the honest and trustworthy folks who use this site to buy and sell bits and bobs,some things cheap,some things expensive. Im t ... 08/06/13
82. UNDELIVERED RADION LIGHT : Has anyone else had the same experience as myself regarding the non-delivery of a radion light paid for on 17th MAY. The guy in question go ... 07/06/13
83. LOOKING FOR RICKY FROM EDINBURGH : Hi Ricky, you left a message for me on my landline about a jaguar cichlid on the 13th May and I have just picked up the message! I haven ... 30/05/13
84. What african cichlid is this? if it is one? : Hii, i bought a tank and this big fella came with it. Hes absolutley mahoosive and im not 100% on what he is. Believe he is an african cichl ... 16/05/13
85. Best Bid to Date Auction Site with a Twist : Dating Sites For Millionaire. Don't Sign Up on the Same Boring Dating Sites. CleverDate is the Best Bid to Date Auction Site with a Twist - ... 13/05/13
86. Marine aquatic : Hi haven't long owned a marine tank and finding it hard to find shops in the area also on the look out for people in the area who sell frags ... 12/04/13
87. HELP : Can anyone tell me what kind of fish this is. She is a female and none of my males will fertilise her eggs. I need a male for her but not su ... 04/03/13
88. Fish tanks in Todmorden offered by Malcolm from Colne : Hello, i am looking for Malcolm from Colne who offered me some fish tanks a while ago, sorry Malcolm but i have lost your contact details, c ... 21/02/13
89. Koi : i have a 1000lt pond that is kept in the shed and i have around 50 koi about 2" and want to feed but dont no what or if i can in the wi ... 29/11/12
90. Help please red tail emergency : My 11" redtail has eaten a heater suction cup and clip !!!!! Wat do I do ? He is still alive 6 hours after text with advice thanks 26/11/12
91. Webmaster: New Category Added : Thought it would be helpful to add a new section to the classifieds, and that is a HELP AND COMMENTS category. This will enable hobbyists ... 23/11/12
92. Any one can help to repair a fish tank? : Hi I have a 9Feet X 3 feet tank, Unfortunately the side is cracks in delievery. AS show in the pictures, The glass is a bit broken so would ... 23/11/12

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