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1. UK-BRED BETTAS : UK-BRED BETTAS With increasing animal welfare awareness and EU/UK regulations about importing exotic animals, we believe that the future of ... 22/03/15
2. SCAMMER BEWARE : please be aware of a scammer using this site, also selling aquatic stuff on gumtree, he scammed me out of 100, claims he hasn't got a PayP ... 22/02/15
3. HELP WITH SENDING FISH IN CHESHIRE : if anyone in warrington Cheshire that could help with sending 2 12inch fish to Exeter via courier . some knoledgable person that could su ... 22/02/15
4. pics and no reply : why do people use stock photos when advertising fish most people will want to see pic of actual fish and then when asked for one never reply ... 18/02/15
5. NEW TO MARINE Please can I talk with someone?? : Hi Guys, just wondering if there are any common pitfalls a rookie can fall into... and does anyone have any fish or livestock (FREE HOPEFULL ... 15/02/15
6. need help lifting aquarium : Looking for a few people in my area that could help me and my mates lift my 9x3x2 into my house. Im in grays 07/02/15
7. malawi : Hi every 1 I need a bit of a help I think there is something wrong with my malawi I got a photo for you to look at please get back to me tha ... 25/01/15
8. Heterandria Formosa : Hello. I have been looking for some Heterandria Formosa - tiny live-bearers from the southern USA - for a long time, without success. Does a ... 15/01/15
9. MARK WHOS SELLING THE CHANNA : hi Mark I have been trying to contact you via email as your mobile number is too long 14/12/14
10. Aquarium maintenance services for fresh or salt water : Aquarium maintenance services for fresh or salt water Cleaning: glass, filters, pumps, gravel, sump etc Water change: HMA for fresh and ... 03/12/14
11. Help can understand what is wrong with this fish all my others is ok : Hi can someone. Tell me what's wrong with my fish I've gave it 2 salt baths upto now 20/11/14
12. be aware about wild arowana : someone claim selling wild arowana. as far as i know there is no wild asian arowana available in China,also even in Indonesia where this sp ... 18/11/14
13. Juwel Rio 400 Aquarium London : Does anyone know of a pet shop in London where I can sell them my fish tank as no longer needed? 15/11/14
14. cichlids dying every day HELP : need help i bought 5 fish off added them to my aquarium noticed thay all had sunken belly so treated the whole tank with internal parasite t ... 22/10/14
15. hi all does any one in the blackpool area know of any trop shops : that have any spiny eel,s in ,if yes please e-mail me were thank for looking 04/10/14
16. Pond Fish : Due to a recent family bereavement, we have a number of fish who are currently surviving in a dirty pond (pump is broken) and are only being ... 24/09/14
17. sump pump advise : if my sump pump puts out 7800lh an hour whats that in gallons coz iv tryed to work it out and all im getting is 1715.759 is this right any h ... 29/08/14
18. Professional Fish Care : Hi, I have recently after 10 years in the hobby decided to share my expertise and skills to anyone that wants it. I am happy to help wit ... 13/08/14
19. Pleco Fish too big for tank : I have a pleco which is now too big for my tank, can anybody recommend someone who will take him. My pleco is 10-12'inches long in a 48l tan ... 22/06/14
20. Move MY TANK : looking for someone to move my 180 litre marine tank from North Manchester to South Manchester, 21 miles will pay cash for the right pers ... 18/06/14
21. does any one have Nothobranchius furzeri : I would like to obtain some Killifish and looking for a source in UK. I would greatly appreciate if anyone is willing to sell a few or poin ... 12/06/14
22. best eheim filter with built in heater help : I'm looking to get a trigon190 tank which I plan on having lake malawi fish in What would be the best eheim with built in heater to have ... 27/05/14
23. Marine Aquarium Design, Installation and Maintenance Services : Complete Marine Aquarium Design, Installation and Maintenance services. Helping people new to the hobby set up a new aquarium while advisin ... 10/04/14
24. garage wanted : hi guys,i am going to move in london and bring my fish house there,anyone knows where i can rent a garage or find any space?dont mind to pay ... 09/04/14
25. help : hi guys,i am going to move in london and bring my fish house there,anyone knows where i can rent a garage or find any space?dont mind to pay ... 21/03/14
26. FRAUD WARNING FRANK NELSON & JON HORWOOD not to be trusted : This guy was advertising L046 Zebra plecs on here around 26-27 Jan 2013 and apparently he says he is from Wales...When I made a payment to h ... 01/03/14
27. WARNING - DO NOT TRUST FRANK NELSON OR JON HORWOOD who was advertising L046 Zebr ... : This guy was advertising L046 Zebra plecs on here around 26-27 Jan 2013 and apparently he says he is from Wales...When I made a payment to h ... 27/02/14
28. glass cutting HELP : hi was wondering if anyone knows someone that will drill two holes in my tank for an overflow? 14/12/13
29. New home for big sailfin plecos : Looking for contacts/tips/advice helping to rehome my 2 plecos (17 and 14 inch) as my tank is no longer suitable for them. Can deliver withi ... 29/10/13
30. Fish Ponds and Tanks Advice, Design and Maintenance and Supply : I have been working for the aquatic trade for more than 20 years, worked as a diver in the Red Sea, designed large coral reef tanks, life su ... 18/08/13
31. WARNING PLEASE READ : Just to let people know I have just been scammed out of 55 by this person my own fault as I done a bank transfer. Contact Information Adv ... 16/08/13
32. Tail bitten off. HELP : Hi, just noticed that the tail on my cichlid has been bitten off. Will it grow back? Do I need to treat it? If so, with what? Thanks. 06/08/13
33. Cichlid Identification please : Could someone please tell me what type of cichlids I have. pic 1 is? pic 2 is? 04/08/13
34. Cichlid Identification THANKS FOR THE RESPONSE PPL : Could someone please tell me what type of cichlids I have. pic 1 = ? Pic 2 = ? Pic 3 = ? 04/08/13
35. Is my cichlid holding? THANKS FOR THE RESPONSE PPL : Just noticed that my cichlid mouth looked strange this evening. Not sure if there is a problem with it or if its a female and may be holding ... 02/08/13
36. Identification please? : Can anyone tell me please whether this is a Blue Orfe or a Butterfly Koi? 13/07/13
37. POSSIBLE FRAUDSTER : Hello to all the honest and trustworthy folks who use this site to buy and sell bits and bobs,some things cheap,some things expensive. Im t ... 08/06/13
38. UNDELIVERED RADION LIGHT : Has anyone else had the same experience as myself regarding the non-delivery of a radion light paid for on 17th MAY. The guy in question go ... 07/06/13
39. LOOKING FOR RICKY FROM EDINBURGH : Hi Ricky, you left a message for me on my landline about a jaguar cichlid on the 13th May and I have just picked up the message! I haven ... 30/05/13
40. What african cichlid is this? if it is one? : Hii, i bought a tank and this big fella came with it. Hes absolutley mahoosive and im not 100% on what he is. Believe he is an african cichl ... 16/05/13
41. Best Bid to Date Auction Site with a Twist : Dating Sites For Millionaire. Don't Sign Up on the Same Boring Dating Sites. CleverDate is the Best Bid to Date Auction Site with a Twist - ... 13/05/13
42. Marine aquatic : Hi haven't long owned a marine tank and finding it hard to find shops in the area also on the look out for people in the area who sell frags ... 12/04/13
43. HELP : Can anyone tell me what kind of fish this is. She is a female and none of my males will fertilise her eggs. I need a male for her but not su ... 04/03/13
44. Fish tanks in Todmorden offered by Malcolm from Colne : Hello, i am looking for Malcolm from Colne who offered me some fish tanks a while ago, sorry Malcolm but i have lost your contact details, c ... 21/02/13
45. Koi : i have a 1000lt pond that is kept in the shed and i have around 50 koi about 2" and want to feed but dont no what or if i can in the wi ... 29/11/12
46. Help please red tail emergency : My 11" redtail has eaten a heater suction cup and clip !!!!! Wat do I do ? He is still alive 6 hours after text with advice thanks 26/11/12
47. Webmaster: New Category Added : Thought it would be helpful to add a new section to the classifieds, and that is a HELP AND COMMENTS category. This will enable hobbyists ... 23/11/12
48. Any one can help to repair a fish tank? : Hi I have a 9Feet X 3 feet tank, Unfortunately the side is cracks in delievery. AS show in the pictures, The glass is a bit broken so would ... 23/11/12

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