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 Manaus Aquarium Products : New to the UK, Manaus Aquarium products. These medications are tailored for the aquatic hobby. Please see website for further details27/04/17
 SOUTHDOWN AQUATICS, Aquarium hoods and vivarium manufacturer : Southdown Aquatics Building Vivariums for over 8years under the Southdown name manufacturing to suit all types of reptile and exotic an ...27/04/17
 Fastlight.co.uk Aquarum Equipment & Supplies : Offering a wide selection of Aquarium equipment, including some hard to find items at low prices. We have available all types of lighting ...27/04/17

1. Looking for pink Axolotl : looking to buy one or two pink axolotls in the brighton area. location doesn't matter if you're willing to deliver. just text me details of ... 27/04/17
2. STILL AVAILABLE......Baby axolotls in ERDINGTON : Baby axolotls 3 inches long, ready for their new homes. have all limbs (dirty lucys) just like the pic. eating frozen & live blood worms ... 25/04/17
3. Baby copper Axolotl for sale : I have a large number of very beautiful axolotls for sale. They are 9 weeks old, I'll be selling them at around 12 weeks once their back leg ... 23/04/17
4. 2ft x 2ft REPTILE VIVARIUMS : 2ft x 2ft REPTILE VIVARIUMS Southdown Aquatics Building Vivariums and aquarium products for over 8years under the Southdown name ma ... 20/04/17
5. Razorback turtle : Hi I'm selling my razorback turtle as he doesn't get on with my musk turtle he about 2" long 17/04/17
6. AQUATIC FINATIC NORTHALLERTON REPTILE STOCK LIST : *Please note we do not ship or post animals* FROGS- Grey Tree Frog £9.95 Green Tree Frog £25.95 Ornate Horned Frog £47.99 Whites Tree ... 17/04/17
7. Live Springtail Culture - Viv Clean Up Crew and Everlasting food Source : Springtails are very easy to keep and can be cultured in a small plastic container without causing any inconvenience. Keep them moist and f ... 10/04/17
8. Super Red Arowana : These Arowana have strong red colour against a contrasting base. Multiple colours will appear in the fish ranging from Reds, Purples, Greens ... 06/04/17
9. Map turtle free : I am giving away my map turtle free to good home its about 4-5 inch 05/04/17
10. African Land Snails - full set-up with two adult snails : Complete set-up. 12" cubed glass tank, cover, substrate, cuttlefish bone and water bowl. Two giant African Land Snails that are about 8 m ... 03/04/17
11. Axolotls Eggs - Manchester : Contact me for photos of babies my gorgeous Axolotls make. Now selling eggs £10 for 10 eggs ( plus p&p ) Not many left after this ... 31/03/17
12. 2 tubs repashy crested gecko feed 85g + 2 repashy calcium plus 85g. £15 : i have for sale 2 tubs repashy crested gecko feed 85g + 2 repashy calcium plus 85g. £15 for the 4..all new/unopened,, these cost me over £40 ... 28/03/17
13. VIVARIUM AND AQUARIUM HOOD BUILDS : Southdown Aquatics Building Vivariums for over 8years under the Southdown name manufacturing to suit all types of reptile and exotic an ... 28/03/17
14. Map turtle free : I am giving away my map turtle free to good home its about 4-5 inch feeds on anything. Plz only reply if you know how to care for these terr ... 25/03/17
15. Amphibians and reptile rescue Yorkshire : Wanted any frogs toads newts frogspawn etc for our rescue center. We specialise in saving our local wildlife from the increasing building w ... 20/03/17
16. Adult Florida Soft shell Turtle : Adult Soft Shell Turtle,£50 ono 18/03/17
17. horsefield tortoise : we have horsefield tortoise available £70 each 5 years old male and females available 16/03/17
18. Captive bred Chinese fire bellied newts(Cynops orientalis) juveniles for sale : Captive bred terrestrial juveniles for sale. Captive bred and hand reared by myself. CB Jan 2016. Experience or research required, but happy ... 04/03/17
19. Dendrobates Leucomelas Juvenille : One unsexed bumblebee dart frog for sale. C/b 2016 from unrelated pair, currently approx 15mm. Feeding well on D. melanogaster and springtai ... 26/02/17
20. Fly River turtle hatchling / FRT : Hatchlings for sale all best quality well rested 450 a piece deals on multiples Hand delivery to most places in uk 13/02/17
21. Black and white tegu lizard for sale or swap : Looking to sell my tegu so I can get a male p14 or Leo or a nice black hybrid. Pics on request 07543249329 02/02/17
22. 2 Fly River turtles : I have to Fly River turtle I male 1 female .. the male is about 16 year old the female it 23 .. there very friendly brilliant eater am hopei ... 30/01/17
23. corn snakes 4 females 1 male : pair of motley stripped butter corns 4 ft 4-5 years old £70 3 more females crimson 3 years old,creamsicle 3 years old ,blood red 4-5 y ... 24/01/17
24. Live Giant Mealworms : Live Giant Mealworms 25 gram Tub - £4.99 Live Giant Mealworms 1 kg Bag - £31.99 20/01/17
25. 2 big map turtles : 2 big map turtles 9inches shell size they r 7 years old 19/01/17
26. two turtles for sale with tank : full set up with open to tank. the turtles are a musk turtle aged 5 the other one is a mississippi map turtle age 7. price £150ono email ... 17/01/17
27. For Sale.... mississippi map turtle : i am selling my Mississippi map turtle as I need the space for other projects currently being fed on turtle pellets has a shell size of app ... 17/01/17
28. Urban exotics full reptile stocklist Nottinghamshire : Urban exotics reptile stock list Royals all cb15/16 unless stated  Males  Normal £34.99 Mojave £69.99 Genetic stripe £99.99 Fir ... 16/01/17
29. snake neck turtle : Anybody knows if you can get snake neck turtle in UK? And where possibly. 09/01/17
30. Large Axolotls : We have six nice large axolotls, sizes between 20-25cm, feeding really well, they have already spawned in their tank. We think these are a ... 04/01/17
31. Male Australian Water Dragon + full setup : Stunning species, confirmed male, eats anything and everything offered,he does have damage to his lip but this is purely cosmetic and doesn' ... 29/12/16
32. Four Yellow Belly Turtles to be rehomed. : Hello, I have four yellow belly turtles who i am looking to re home. They are all about 10 inches and currently live in a 4 foot tank ... 19/12/16
33. Fly river turtle, London : Fly river turtle, approximately 16 inch. £450.00 or offer. Needs a big tank, at least 6 x 30 x 30 and be able to collect from South London 11/12/16
34. Fly river turtle London : Fly river turtle, approximately 16 inch. £450.00 or offer if buyer has a big tank (at least 6 x 30 x 30) and be able to collect collect fr ... 04/12/16
35. Fly river turtle : Fly river turtle, approximately 16 inch. £450.00 or offer if buyer has a big tank and be able to collect collect from South London 29/11/16
36. Alpine newts : 6 alpine newts for sale. Approx 2years old. Fully aquatic, in a 2ft tank (will need a larger tank) £30 for the newts or £50 with set ... 08/11/16
37. Royal pythons and racks various morphs priced to sell : Banana male (has tight spot near his tail) 250g £100 Queenbee male (corkscrews) 561g £100 Pinstripe female 396g £40 Pastel male 444g £30 ... 06/11/16
38. 2x musk turtles and 3x yellow belly turtles 🐢 with very large tank : Turtles tank and external filter selling as i need the room pls see picture or phone 07443914155 thanks 23/10/16

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