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Malawi Cichlids & Tanganyikan Cichlids
 Malawi and Tanganyikan Cichlids at In-expensive Prices. : I am a hobbyist breeder with over 40 years experience in breeding Malawi and Tanganyikan Cichlids. I have the following fish available for sale. Delivery only via APC @ 25 p ...30/04/16
 Mikes Rifts - Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlid importer and retailer : ***New wild caught and tank bred stocks*** See updated stocklist below. Mbuna Cynotilapia afra Jalo Reef "Red Top" 24.00ea W NEW Cynotilapia afra Jalo Reef "Red Top" F1 3- ...30/04/16
 Kent rift cichlids Rift Valley cichlids import from Germany : Description: Hi, We have a wide range of high grade, German import, rare malawi/tanganyikan cichlids for sale. They are all either WC,SNZ or F1.All our fish came from cichlidenst ...30/04/16
 Wet Pets Solihull Have stunning Malawi Juvies for sale some rarer ones and a good size a must see list. : Hi all, I am a home breeder and this is a list of new fish I have ready for collection from Friday. I am an enthusiastic hobbyist breeder of Malawi, Tanganyikan and Victorian Cichl ...30/04/16
 SOUTHDOWN AQUATICS- Specialists in Aquatic Furniture and Reptile Housing : SOUTHDOWN AQUATICS At Southdown Aquatics we specialise in manufacturing aquatic furniture and reptile housing. We offer a full range of sizes but as everything is made to order ...30/04/16
 Malawis, Tanganyikan and Victorian Cichlids : The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Nationwide Delivery Available 16.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery BY 13:00 pm For Scotland please enqui ...30/04/16

1. 30+ Cichlids Aulonocara / Mbuna etc CHEAP : These are fish that were born in my main tank that I've grown on. The intention was to stock a second tank but I've decided not to do this now so I'm selling all of the fish (30+) ... 30/04/16
2. Blue Zaire Frontosa young for sale x22 : Hi have some young blue zaire frontosa for sale they are between 1 1/2" to 2" in size nose to tail showing great colour already , very strong healthy fish parents can be seen , wan ... 30/04/16
3. Frontosa for sale see ad : Various frontosa for sale as below Wild zaire blue 4 left possibly all male 65 each. 14-16 f1 zaire blue ranging from 6-11" in size 35 each 30-40 Burundi 4-7" from f1 pare ... 30/04/16
4. Male Borleyi, mooori and ob peacock burton on trent : All 5"+. Text for pics, cant upload on here for some reason. 30 for all three. 07538 476235 30/04/16
5. Wild Caught Psuedosimochromis Curvifrons Katete : I have 5 W/C adults For Sale, they are 2m 3f. These have bred and their can be seen. These are fed a diet of Sera flora flake and Vitalis (New Era) pellets. Care for these wonderf ... 30/04/16
6. A FANTASTIC OFFER FROM A FULLY LICENSED BREEDER OF 20 BEAUTIFUL MALAWI CICHLID J ... : Hi all. I am a fully licensed breeder/seller and only sell good quality fish. We have a separate building from our house that houses over 50 tanks of amazing fish. All the fish you ... 30/04/16
7. Wet Pets Solihull Have stunning Malawi Juvies for sale some rarer ones and a goo ... : Hi all, I am a home breeder and this is a list of new fish I have ready for collection from Friday. I am an enthusiastic hobbyist breeder of Malawi, Tanganyikan and Victorian Cichl ... 30/04/16
8. Wet Pets Solihull have yet again another fantastic offer of 20 Malawi Haps and A ... : Hi I am a fully council licensed breeder of Malawi, Tanganyikan and Victorian Cichlids. We are a home run breeder/shop with a separate building to our house where we have over 50 t ... 30/04/16
9. Job lot 17 maybe more juvenile malawi : Mainly dolphins and others 2 inch plus 40 30/04/16
10. Very large hongi : Stunning fish 6/7 inch 20 30/04/16
11. Large male and female borelyi : These are 6/7inch 40 30/04/16
12. Malawi Cichlids for sale : I have the following Malawi cichlids for sale all from just under 2 inch to 2.5 inch, 4 each, 10 for 35, 15 for 50, 30 for 90 collect Fenham NE5. Below is a rough idea of what ... 30/04/16
13. Large MALAWI for sale only 5 each : Malawi Large mixture of mbuna 4-6" all 5 each Greshaki Cabolt zebra Kenyi Red zebra Auratus Blue zebra Cabolt zebra Young fish Greshaki 2" Fossochromis 1" ... 30/04/16
14. lots of mixed cichlids : i have lots of mixed cichlids from red zebra,dragon blood,acei yellow fin plus lots of others viewing welcome based in haverhill cb9 prices from 5 each open to swaps for other cic ... 30/04/16
15. Lamprologus ornatipinnis young pair : i have a young pair of Lamprologus ornatipinnis very nice small Tanganyika looking for 15 the pair also 1 adult male and 12 fry sardine cichlids looking for 20 the lot b ... 30/04/16
16. Pair Petrochromis Red Bulu Point : I have a pair of these. They are over 3 yrs old, full sized adults. Perfect to incorporate into an existing group. Male and female are in separate tanks as you can't keep these tog ... 30/04/16
17. Tropheus Ilangi : Pair of Ilangi...possibly 2 females! Both 5-6 inches. 60.... pick up only SE25 30/04/16
18. Tropheus Wanted : Tropheus Chipimbie 5 inch adults breeding family with aprox 10 2 -3 inch young and 12 2 inch kipili excellant and healthy will sell 250 or part exchange for wild caught 3 - 4 inch ... 30/04/16
19. Tropheus canary cheeks : Excellent quality tank bred Tropheus Canary cheeks F1. these fish have been fed on OSI spirulina from birth so no problems with diet. They are 2 + inches in length.I have15 -20 of ... 30/04/16
20. Tropheus ikola f1 : Excellent quality tank bred tropheus ikola F1. these fish have been fed on OSI spirulina from birth so no problems with diet. They are 1.5-2 inches in length.I have15 -20 of these ... 30/04/16
21. Large Malawi cichlids huge group 35-40 breeding pairs : I have around 35-40 malawi in my tank Fully grown and healthy Can sell them separate but if bought all it will a cheaper price I want 130 for the lot Cash and coll ... 29/04/16
22. HUGE TANK CLEARANCE OF AFRICAN CICHLIDS : I\'m looking for a quick sale and willing to offer a good price on multiple purchases The one reason why I\'m selling is because I\'m getting a smaller aquarium Aulonocara ... 29/04/16
23. Tanganyikan stock for sale. : Due to tank sale I have the following for sale. Prefer to sell as a group. 1 x Altolamprologus calvus "black pearl". Nice looking fish & quite bold. 3 x Lamprologus ocellatus Go ... 29/04/16
24. TROPHEUS Sp BEMBA GROUP OF 7 4/5CM : Group of 7 Tropheus Sp Bemba around 4/5cm in size offers around 35 collection only from Scunthorpe tel 07809536540 No Timewasters please 29/04/16
25. Group of 7 f1 nimbochromis linni : Group of 7 nimbochromis linni 2 male 4 female all large an then have 1 unknown at 3 inches Collection colchester videos an pictures wI'll be sent when requested 200 29/04/16
26. Wild group of frontosa moba 1 male 5 female : Group of 6 wild frontosa moba 1 male 5 female Male 10 inches Females 6-8 inches 550... 29/04/16
27. Wild and Tank Bred Malawi and Tanganyikan Cichlids for sale Updated : Due to family commitments I am reluctently having to sell all my fish. List is as follows Tanganyika, pseudosimochromis curvifrons isanga wild 22.50 10cm tank 12.50 6-9cm ... 29/04/16
28. Copadichromis borleyi breeding adult group : 3 adult fish. Selling due to re stocking. Male easy 6inches. Females 4&5 inches all to go togeter. 40 spawned many times no offers other mbunaadults availabe Yellow lab 6&quo ... 29/04/16
29. Tropheus Chipimbie 5 breeding adults 5 inch 12 2inch aprox Kipili : Thinking of havin a change Tropheus Chipimbie 5 breeding adults 5 inch 12 2inch aprox Kipili Plus 10 approx Chipimbie young about 2 inch plus of the above will sell 250.00 or part ... 29/04/16
30. Cynotilapia Afra Cobue (malawi) : Alpha male has nice markings and is developing the stunning yellow colouration on top. 2-3 inches in size. Bargain 5 each for these, three left. 2 males and one smaller unsexed. ... 29/04/16
31. Lots of fish for sale today : I have lots of malawis for sale mostly haps and peacocks prices start from about 8 each and go up to 20 each got som breeding pairs aswell please email if interested on michellew ... 29/04/16
32. Tanganyika Cichlids For Sale : Altolamprologus compressiceps Muzi Gold Head 8.00 Julidochromis transcriptus Gombi pair 30.00 Neolamprologus Leleupi 8.00 Lamprologus ocellatus Gold 6.00 Lamprologus ocell ... 29/04/16
33. Pair breeding Copadichromis Mloto Fluorescent : I have one pair of breeding Copadichromis \"Mloto Fluorescent\" 6\" wild caught, 40.00 pair 29/04/16
34. Trio of breeding F1 Pseudotropheus long pelvic Mdoka -25 : My F1 trio of Mdokas for sale. They are coming from great source (Mike Bonnick). Male around 4.5inches, one of the females about same size other slightly smaller. They've been in m ... 29/04/16
35. 4 x ranging from 3 to 4.5 inch males F1 Cynotilapia Afra Hara -3 each : Very attractive fish, just getting rid of male excess. Will give them away free if picked this week (until 10th of April). Call/text to arrange a pick up 29/04/16
36. Mikes Rifts - Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlid importer and retailer : ***New wild caught and tank bred stocks*** See updated stocklist below. Mbuna Cynotilapia afra Jalo Reef "Red Top" 24.00ea W NEW Cynotilapia afra Jalo Reef "Red Top" F1 3- ... 29/04/16
37. Wanted- breeding group of Saulosi in London : Hi Guyz, if you have any breeding group of pseudotropheus saulosi and will to to sell, please let me know. Regards, 29/04/16
38. melanochromis johanni : I'm looking for melanochromis johanni females 29/04/16
39. frontosa : for sale 1 big frontosa male size 7 inches looking 50 29/04/16
40. AFRICAN CICHLIDS FOR SALE : Hi i run a fully licenced small fish outlet in darwen BB33JJ and have the following cichlids azureus white tail acei greshakei ob zebra red zebra elongatus ornatus zebra obl ... 28/04/16
41. Petrochromis sp. Red Bulu Point : I have a small group of 5 (2m:3f) of these beautiful fish displaying stunning colours! Rarely available. Sizes range from 5.5" - 8"+ 325. Collection from South London. 28/04/16
42. Tropheus Duboisi : I have a group of 10 f1 duboisi maswa for sale. They are sub adults at 3.5+" and eating well on spirulina flakes. 180 Collection from south London. 28/04/16
43. 6 young red zebras malawi : 2"Young Malawi 8 left 150ea 28/04/16
44. WANTED: Neolamprologus caudopunctatus : I am looking for 6 to 8 Neolamprologus caudopunctatus "Yellow" or "Orange". Can collect in Berkshire, Surrey & Middlesex 28/04/16
45. Fish Tank - 200L and African Cichlids : Hi, This post is for large fish tank with African Cichlids for sale; 1 x Frontosa(M)(s):beast 7 x Labidochromis caeruleus - Yellowlabs (Malawi Cichlids) approx 6cm+ ; T ... 28/04/16
46. Adult Neochromis omnicaeruleus Makobe OB WB - Lake Victoria cichlid - 4 inches - ... : I have a 4 inch+ Adult Male Neochromis Omnicaeruleus Makobe OB WB for sale, 10 Postage is 25.00 if you want it posting, price includes polybox, fish bags, heat packs, nex ... 28/04/16
47. Malawi breeding pairs and groups adults : 5 moori dolphins 4 marmalade cats 3 yellow labs and young 3 yellow tail acei and young 3 blue lips WilliamsI 2 crabbo,2 super red top Hongi,pair of sp44, 2 Venustus 3 Burun ... 28/04/16
48. Tropheus maswa and Bemba fry. : I have some Bemba and maswa fry for sale. The fry are all f1's from my wc groups. Deals on groups of 20.size 1inch 6 each or 20 for 100 Over 2inch 20 for 150 All of my fish ... 28/04/16
49. 8x Tropheus Ilangi juveniles aprox 4cm size : I've for sale 8 young Tropheus Ilangi 4 months old, growing well on JBL Spirulina and natural algaes, size 5-6cm and growing on. Parents are F1 from Mike at riftvalleycichlids.com ... 28/04/16
50. REDUCED WILD Petrotilapia sp Retrognathus Chizumulu group 130 for group : I have 5 males and 3 females in the group. 130 for group Absolute stunners and good temperaments. All fish were quarantined for 12 weeks (a long time i know) before adding to ... 28/04/16
51. REDUCED WILD Labeotropheus Fuelleborni Katale group 90 for group : 4 males 1 OB females and 1 normal female 90 for group Please watch the video attached. some of the best specimens you will see. All fish were quarantined for 12 weeks (a long ... 28/04/16
52. Tropheus Duboisi ( group of 20 plus. can split into smaller groups) : I have for sale, my group of Tropheus Duboisi. There are around 23 all around 3 inch. 120 ono. These are collection only from Dalton-in-Furness(I may be able to deliver for fuel ... 28/04/16
53. Labidochromis Hongi super red tops juveniles 4 each : Absolutely stunning Labidochromis Hongi SRTs juveniles About 4 cms long 4 each Pictures are of actual fish for sale Only 6 left now Also have a adult male Pseudotropheus Socol ... 28/04/16
54. 47 F1 Tropheus. Duboisi Maswa 200 : I have for sale 47 baby Duboisi, they are 2-3cm. These were bred my me from my wild caught adults. They are very healthy and are fed on sera Flora and New Era pellets. 5 each o ... 28/04/16
55. LABEOTROPHEUS FUELLIBORNI ORANGE BLOTCH IN STOCK ADULT FISH ONLY 12.50E : We have some lovely Lab Fuelliborni Orange blotch in stock at young adult size. Only 12.50 each and both sexes in stock. Some females are carrying. We are the African cichlid ... 28/04/16
56. rutunga tropheus : hi all thinking about selling or swapping my 16 rutunga tropheus for bulu point mazuma green or bemba they are from 3 to 3 and half inches with 3 over 2 inches have held but not fu ... 28/04/16
57. 3 frontosas for sale 30 : Hi there I have 3 x 4 inch frontosas for sale looking for 30 as they are the last fish in my tank which is being sold.Id interested please get in touch and I will try and get som ... 27/04/16
58. Various African Mbuna : For sale a number of quality Malawi Mbuna species, the list below is what is currently available Pseudotropheus saulosi TB from F2, Great quality, Pseudotropheus Acei Ngara F ... 27/04/16
59. Selling a few Tanganyikan cichlids : Selling on some of my beauties Male Zaire moba frontosa 70 8-9inches Female F1 lelupi 10 4-5 inches (has bred before) Daffodil Pulcher 5 5 inches Blockhead cichlid 5 3 in ... 27/04/16
60. Frontosa for sale : Hi I have an 8 inch male frontosa for sale excellent fish Only 25 for fast sale 27/04/16
61. yellow/white lab juvies x50 25 the lot. : X50 plus yellow labs mix of sizes from 4cm upto 1 inch some a bit bigger. Father was white nkata bay lab.mother was yellow lab.yellow bodies with white belly..nice colour. 25 the ... 27/04/16
62. 2x Yellow Lab/Labidochromis Caeruleus : Fish out of a job lot we didn\'t want. 5 for them both, they won\'t stay still, apologies for the terrible pics! Roughly 2.5/3 inches 27/04/16
63. fish Malawi Ahli Iceberg Cichlid - -1 Inch -- 2 Each : fish Malawi Ahli Iceberg- -1 Inch -- 2 Each fish are very healthy and well looked after . Collection only from bd7 Great horton Fishes will be bagged properly for their s ... 27/04/16
64. Spirulina Flake - BIG 200g tub for just 11.00 : SPIRULINA FLAKES vegetable flakes with spirulina. SPIRULINA FLAKES is a food in the form of flakes with spirulina (6%). Intended for everyday feeding of herbivorous and omnivorous ... 27/04/16
65. fish 20 x Malawi albino cichlid Fry 20 : fish 20 x Malawi albino cichlid Fry 20 Full swimming an eating well Collection only frm bd7 great horton Fishes will be bagged properly for their safe transportation 075747 ... 27/04/16
66. Fully grown Synodontis Petricola x 5 group : Fully grown Synodontis Petricola x 5 group. They are extremely lively and lovely to look at. Best kept in a very large tank with Mbuna or Tanganyikans or a tank on their own. ... 27/04/16
67. FRONTOSA cichlids : Have 10 young Burundi frontosa left at 1.5" body size 5 each pics of fry an dad 26/04/16
68. Malawi Cichlids for sale : Fish available : I'm selling on some of my breeding groups. Breeding Group of Tropheops Microstoma Otter Point (3 males 3 females all have produced fry) size 3 inch. 45 ... 26/04/16
69. 4th Edition Ad Konings Malawi Cichlids in their Natural Habitat - 50 : immaculate condition 50 26/04/16
70. WANTED: Lepidolamprologus hecqui shell : I am looking for 6 to 8 Lepidolamprologus hecqui shell. Can collect in Berkshire, Surrey & Middlesex. 26/04/16
71. WANTED: Neolamprologus calliurus : I am looking for 6 to 8 Neolamprologus calliurus. Can collect in Berkshire, Surrey & Middlesex. 26/04/16
72. WANTED: Neolamprologus speciosus : I am looking for 6 to 8 Neolamprologus speciosus. Can collect in Berkshire, Surrey & Middlesex. 26/04/16
73. A group of Gibberosa mpimbwe : A stunning group of Frontosa (Cyphotilapia gibberosa mpimbwe - MPIMBWE BLUE) set up as alpha and beta males and four females. Their sizes range from 16 - 24 cms. Will sell as 2 ... 26/04/16
74. wanted frontosa : several frontosa wanted for a species tank 7x3x3 cash collect around cambs/norfolk/suffolk areas only 26/04/16
75. swaps : I have 30 2" bulu point up for swaps may sell what have you got???pick up only hull area 26/04/16

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