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Malawi Cichlids & Tanganyikan Cichlids
 Malawi and Tanganyikan Cichlids at In-expensive Prices. : I am a hobbyist breeder with over 40 years experience in breeding Malawi and Tanganyikan Cichlids. I have the following fish available for sale. Delivery only via APC @ £25 p ...28/10/16
 Mikes Rifts - Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlid importer and retailer : ***New wild and tank bred Malawi & Tanganyika cichlids added to stock list*** UPDATED Current Stock List Malawi Mbuna Cynotilapia afra Jalo Reef "Red Top" £24.00ea W (last ...28/10/16
 Kent rift cichlids Rift Valley cichlids import from Germany : Description: Hi, We have a wide range of high grade, German import, rare malawi/tanganyikan cichlids for sale. They are all either WC,SNZ or F1.All our fish came from cichlidenst ...28/10/16
 Malawis, Tanganyikan and Victorian Cichlids : The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Nationwide Delivery Available £16.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery BY 13:00 pm For Scotland please enqui ...28/10/16
 Manaus Aquarium Products : New to the UK, Manaus Aquarium products. These medications are tailored for the aquatic hobby. Please see website for further details28/10/16

1. Moba Frontosa F1 fry : I have 4 F1 Moba Frontosa for sale all 5 cm parents can be seen. Excellent condition £15.00 each will not split them. 28/10/16
2. Wild Synodontus Granulosus : Due to time waster back up for sale Wild genuine synodontus granulosus 15cm ,this fish is in excellent condition and is feeding on krill,flake ,pellets . £160 no offers . Pict ... 28/10/16
3. Wild breeding moba frontosa : Have a group of 9 wild Moba frontosa between 5-7.5 inch 2 males and 7 females at least 4 of the females have spawned and carried through. There are priced to sell and no offers t ... 28/10/16
4. Tropheus Dubois : I have to sale small ,Tropheus Dubois , 16 picec 5 2,1 inch 1-5 ,inch 40 £ 28/10/16
5. Wet Pets Solihull have yet again another fantastic offer of 20 Malawi Haps and A ... : Hi I am a fully council licensed breeder of Malawi, Tanganyikan and Victorian Cichlids. We are a home run breeder/shop with a separate building to our house where we have over 50 t ... 28/10/16
6. A FANTASTIC OFFER FROM A FULLY LICENSED BREEDER OF 20 BEAUTIFUL MALAWI CICHLID J ... : Hi all. I am a fully licensed breeder/seller and only sell good quality fish. We have a separate building from our house that houses over 50 tanks of amazing fish. All the fish you ... 28/10/16
7. Wet Pets Solihull Have stunning Malawi Juvies for sale some rarer ones and a goo ... : Hi all, I am a home breeder and this is a list of new fish I have ready for collection from Friday. I am an enthusiastic hobbyist breeder of Malawi, Tanganyikan and Victorian Cichl ... 28/10/16
8. Cyanotilapia Afra Jalo Reef for sale @ £2.00 each : Will be offered for sale at the North West Cichlid Group. Please see the picture of the flyer for full details. Just a small selection of other fish that will be offered fo ... 28/10/16
9. 3 malawi 2 bumblebees and 1 hap : 2 bumblebees and one hap all about 3 inch's long very healthy fish £12 pound for all 3. my mate bought these fish thinking he could put them in a tank full of central American cic ... 28/10/16
10. Great Quality Malawi for Sale : I am changing my tank to a much larger one in 6 weeks time and I decided to change my stock. The fish for sale are as follows; 11 x Pseudotropheus Saulosi. Beautiful dominating ... 28/10/16
11. Wanted: Group of Metriaclima sp. Msobo Magunga : As per subject. Preferably looking for a large group of F1 juveniles. Please leave a text. 28/10/16
12. Troupheus : Hi just wondering if anyone would be interested in swapping young f1 muzumu green size 1to 2inches let me know what youve got 28/10/16
13. rutunga tropheus : I have 25 _30 redbelly rutungas 1 12" to 2" all feeding well starting to change colours want 5 pounds each also breeding group of nine 3" + 75 pounds pls bring own bags 28/10/16
14. 7 Juvenile F1 Frontosa for sale : I have 7 juvenile Frontosa for sale. Children want more movement and colour in the tank!! The largest which I assume will be the alpha is 5in and the smallest is 2.5in. The 5 in be ... 27/10/16
15. ob peacock : OB peacock 3 pound each or 4 for 10 27/10/16
16. mbuna : Looking for Masoni reef group pref young fish if anyone selling 27/10/16
17. F1 Neolamprologus sexfasciatus - £5 : Single F1 N. Sexfasciatus for sale, lovely strong colouration and stripes, and nice temperament, lives happily with other community fish and shelldwellers. Only selling due to chan ... 27/10/16
18. Malawi Juveniles for sale : Malawi juvenile fish ready to go now. Labidichromis Caeruleus (yellow labs) size 1inch to 1.5 inches. 12 available £20 Collection only from Whiston Merseyside. Tex ... 27/10/16
19. African cichlid books in milton keynes : Two books cichlids the pictorial guide volume one and the guide to owning malawi cichlids £15.00 for both. Sorry i will not post. collection only 27/10/16
20. Tropheus Kasanga Red Rainbows : Hi, selling my 19 F1 group. Size 3.5 - 4.5 inches. 10 fem, 9 m. 230£. Pref pick up, but delivery depend location. Harrogate. 07511524776 Video on req. 27/10/16
21. Bemba Breeding Group : Hi I Have for sale a group of 10 young adult group of F1 Tropheus Bemba along with 2 of their young. Proven Breeders. £120.00 Will exchange for other Tropheus young. What have y ... 27/10/16
22. FOR SALE xenotilapia bathyphilus kekese £5 EACH : From F1 7 - 8cm £5 each pick up only HARTLEPOOL.the photo is of parents.please phone or text me on 07506713953...more photos with e-mail or whats app... 27/10/16
23. fish malawi Blue Dolphin - Ob Peacock cichlids 1-1.5 Inch - x 4 - £10 : fish malawi Blue Dolphin - Ob Peacock cichlids 1-1.5 Inch -- x 4 - £10 Picture 1- is what fish will look like grown Picture 2-3 is of fish for sale sellin as i have too many fi ... 26/10/16
24. fish Malawi peacocks 3-4 Inch : fish Malawi peacocks 3-4 Inch Ahli Iceberg 3 Inch £8 Ob Peacock orange Blossom £5 All Males. No Offers. 07574822324 Call NO TXT PLS Sellin as i Have many f ... 26/10/16
25. fish african malawi cichlids 1-2 inch . £2.50 or 5 for £10 : fish african malawi cichlids 1-2 inch . £2.50 or 5 for £10 sellin as i have too many fish an not enough space to keep em all. Picture 1 is what they will look like when grown ... 26/10/16
26. Some beautiful fish for sale : Breeding group of otopharynyx lithobates Zimbabwe rocks, alunocara fire fish, large male dolphin 07889209515 26/10/16
27. Malawi mbuna groups f1/f2 fish. Nr cardiff : Quality future breeding groups for sale . Ps callinos cobalt blue,ps salousi Minos reef, ps Perspexs ngetla island,yellow labs,. Closing a large tank down soon. 26/10/16
28. Lots of Malawi Cichlids for sale : Large variety of Malawi cichlids for sale! Ranging in size from 2-3\" up to 6-7\". Prices depend on the fish! Message me to find out prices and any other information! Message me ... 26/10/16
29. Malawi Cichlids for sale (with free food offer) : Mixed Malawi for sale all around 2 inch or just over, collection Fenham NE5.. £4 each 10 for £35 15 for £50 30 for £90 Spend £50 or more and get 300G of malawi food free (norm ... 26/10/16
30. Mbuna juveniles for sale, excellent choice, 5 different species. Socolifi, Acei, ... : Pseudotropheus Socolofi Albino 3 cm SOLD More in December Pseudotropheus Acei (yellow fin) 3 cm £4 each Pseudotropheus Saulosi 3cm £4.00 each Cynotalapia Afra Jalo Reef 2cm £4 ... 26/10/16
31. Kent rift cichlids Rift Valley cichlids import from Germany : Description: Hi, We have a wide range of high grade, German import, rare malawi/tanganyikan cichlids for sale. They are all either WC,SNZ or F1.All our fish came from cichlidenst ... 26/10/16
32. Tropheus red rainbow kasanga : I have group of wild caught red rainbow kasanga 4 in total, showing signs of breeding ... reason for sale is more space needed for next project.. 25/10/16
33. Wild / F1 group of Cyprichromis Kitumba : I have a group of wild and f1 cyp kitumba for sale. Around 24 in the group and roughly 1/1 ratio. Consisting of around 10 wilds and the rest are f1. Originally imported by me fr ... 25/10/16
34. Yellow daffodils group of four adults : Hi I have a group of four adult breeding daffs all between 2" and 3" well fed fin perfect £40 25/10/16
35. tropheus : 23 f1 lufubu for sale £280 and 4 red bishops ring or text 07921710807 cheers 24/10/16
36. Cichlids/ haps for sale : I have for sale.... X2 Electra males X4 electra females (x2 holding) X1 red empress male X5 red empress females (x1 holding) X6 Dolphins All 4inch plus in size...beauti ... 24/10/16
37. Malawi kitumba frontosa cichlids : Malawi kitumba frontosa for sale Very beautiful and healthy fish Roughly 4.5-6.5 inches Were bought at £35 each when were around 1.5-2 inch so price is cheap Have 2 for sale m ... 24/10/16
38. Mikes Rifts - Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlid importer and retailer : ***New wild and tank bred Malawi & Tanganyika cichlids added to stock list*** UPDATED Current Stock List Malawi Mbuna Cynotilapia afra Jalo Reef "Red Top" £24.00ea W (last ... 24/10/16
39. Paracyprichromis : One pair of Paracyprichromis nigripinnis for sale (adult, 3" fish) - £35.00 23/10/16
40. F1 Goldhead Comps (Postage available) : F1 Goldhead Altolamprologus compressiceps (Kasanga) for sale. Currently about 3cm-4cm,but growing fast and showing excellent colour. Only £3 each. Pick up from Cardiff or postage a ... 23/10/16
41. compressiceps : Hi i have a extra large compressiceps gold head dont know the sex lovely fish 4 to 5in in size pick up only bromley kent 23/10/16
42. bamba : Hi i have 8 tropheus bamba yellow 2in for sale £80 collection bromley kent 23/10/16
43. duboisi : I have a group of 10 tropheus duboisi maswa 3 to 4in females holding now beautiful wide bands top quality £150 pick up only bromley kent 23/10/16
44. Tropheus Ulwile & Tropheus Ikola SOLD : I have 2 groups of Tropheus for sale 19 Tropheus brichardi ulwile - F1 £120 14 tropheus moorii ikola - F2 £80 will take £160 fore both groups, can kee ... 23/10/16
45. Tropheus for sale : Hi I have 3 groups of tropheus for sale ,approx numbers 11 moori (firecracker) 12 orange Bemba and 15 dubousi . All sub adult . I have had these fish from tiny and have grew them o ... 23/10/16
46. SALE Tropheus maswa fry 2 inch.£100 30 2inch plus.some breeding. : I have some maswa fry for sale. The fry are all f1's from my wc groups. Deals on groups 30 2inch plus some are breeding.£100 All of my fish are health and feed on spiulina/ s ... 22/10/16
47. IKOLA : Tropheus Ikola group of 14 4-5cm £90 pick up Hartlepool the fish have been feed on Tetra Phyll and Sera Flora mix 100g bag FREE £80 IF GONE THIS WEEK.. 22/10/16
48. Bristlenose Plecs for sale.Last few. : I have 2 or 3 breeding pairs of plecs for sale as well as juveniles £4 reach adult and £2 each juvenile.Either email me [email protected] or call/text on 07842000355.Collect ... 22/10/16
49. Tropheus Duboisi Maswa.Selling fast. : I have decided to sell my Tropheus Duboisi Maswa. I have had them since they were babies.They are now breeding.These are stunning F1 fish showing all there colour and eating NLS an ... 22/10/16
50. Beautiful tanganyikan cichlids for sale. Final price reduction : I\'m closing down one of the tanks and have the following fishes for sale. All very good quality, F1, healthy and feeding well on flakes, pellets, prawns, frozen food etc. - gro ... 22/10/16
51. Collection of around 80 Malawi Cichlids in Stunning 8 foot fish tank aquarium : I\'m selling my stunning 8 foot Malawi setup. May be willing to sell the fish separately, I don\'t know the names of them, but there are some cracking looking large fish in there. ... 22/10/16
52. TOP QUALITY-MALAWI CICHLIDS - NORTH LONDON N22 , : *** SPECIAL DEAL :- YOU CAN HAVE 30 Various Young Cichlids ( Between 2- 3 cm each ) for Only £80 *** STUNNING 5 Inch COBUE MALES £25 each ONLY . I AM A EXPERIENCE ... 22/10/16
53. Bricardi : Have a group of approx 40 Bricardi avaialble £1 each or all for £30 collection only from Stony Stratford MK11 22/10/16
54. 2 x occellatus gold females - £5 each : I have for sale two home-bred gold Lamprologus ocellatus shelldwellers, coming up to 1", female. Buyer collects from London E1. 21/10/16
55. MALAWI CICHLIDS IN STOCK AT THE AQUATIC STORE BRISTOL 21/10/2016 : We now have 33 tanks dedicated to Malawi and Tanganyikan Cichlids.. Offering Aulonocara, Haplochromine's and Rock Dwelling Mbuna, all areas of Malawi keeping is covered. We import ... 21/10/16
56. Fish for sale 3 pounds each red empress, ob peacocks 4 for 10.00 : Lake Malawi cichlids young for sale 3 pound each 07487788937 fish are on average 4cm growing fast collection from beckton East London parents can be seen 21/10/16
57. Specialist Malawi Cichlid flake, UK delivery : After some requests from customers that have moved away we're beginning to ship our Malawi Cichlid flake across the country. We use paypal for orders, so head over to the link prov ... 21/10/16
58. FOR SALE - LABEOTROPHEUS FULLEBORNI MARMALADE CAT - £ 6 each , or 4 fish £ 20 po ... : I have for sale - labeotropheus fulleborni mcat. Is 12 fish ,size 4-5 cm. £ 6 each , or 4 fish £ 20. PLEASE TEXT FOR - 07936520446 . HULL 21/10/16
59. OTOPHARYNX LITHOBATES ZIMBAWE ROCK - 6 FEMALES , £ 10 each , or 1 male ,and 9 fe ... : I have for sale 6 females , OTOPHARYNX LITHOBATES ZIMBAWE ROCK , £ 10 each, size 6-8 cm ,or 1 male ,and 9 females - £ 80 pounds. Fish is from MALAWIS MIDLANDS .PLEASE TEXT FOR -0 ... 21/10/16
60. LABEOTROPHEUS FULLEBORNI OB - £ 8 each : For sale - 9 fish Labeotropheus Fulleborni OB , size 5-6 cm , £ 8 each. PLEASE TEXT FOR - 07936520446. HULL 21/10/16
61. Malawi for sale : Pair of OB Fryeri 20,- 2 large male peacocks (Red Empress cross) 7 inch + 20,- 21/10/16
62. Neolamprologus Brevis and Leleupi : Sub adults (breeding age) for sale just £1 per fish. 14 available. Also, breeding trio of neolamprologus Leleupi for £10. 20/10/16
63. F1 and TB Mbuna For Sale : I have some Juvenille Mbuna now ready for collection TB from wild female and F1 male Metriaclima sp. Membe Deep 3cm £4.50 each F1 Cynotilapia sp Lions Cove 4-5cm £3.50 each or 3 ... 20/10/16
64. TROPHEUS BRICHARDI ULWILE : Hello to all my fellow aquarists! I have for sale about 2 inches tropheus brichardi ulwile fries. £9 each, 10 for £70. 15 for £100, 20 for £150. Maybe swap for other tropheus frie ... 20/10/16
65. 4 pairs of wild malawi : Few wild pairs of malawi mbuna for sale Pair of Metriaclima pyrsonotos Chimwalani Reef (eccles reef), 4"male 3"female£30 Pair of petrotilapia genalutea magunga, 6.5"male4.5" fema ... 20/10/16
66. Large Malawi predators, clown loaches and plecs : Shutting my Malawi tank.have for sale 8 inch Tyrannochromis nigriventer. 9 inch Champsochromis caeruleus. 8 inch aristochromis christyi. 8 inch Nimbochromis fuscotaeniatus. And a t ... 19/10/16
67. TROPHEUSLAND - WC & F1 - Ilangi, Murago Tanzania, Yellow Murago, Gold Kiriza, Re ... : I have the following Tropheus for sale bred from my wild caught groups: WILD CAUGHT (WC) WC Ikola 6m:14f - sold 13 WC Kalemie (rare) + 10 fry - SOLD 15 WC Tropheus Red ... 19/10/16
68. wild caught Petrochromis Trewvasea : Hello all I have a stunning group of 15 wild caught Petrochromis trews 2m/13f perfect ratio!!sensible offers please Or swap for Petrochromis red bulu 07717136653.. 19/10/16
69. Tank full of large african cichlids : Over 30 fish Large sized cichlids Fantastic colours and patterns All must go together £350 19/10/16
70. WC for sale : Due to moving house in a few weeks I am having to shut down my tank! Fish for sale Pair of psuedotropheus long pelvic mdoka WC £25 Pair of fullerborni manda WC £30 Pair of t ... 17/10/16
71. Synadontis Petricola juveniles. : FOR SALE young petricola all around 1"+, feeding well, & very lively. I could not get a decent piscture of young, sso pictures are of adults. Im asking £6.50 each, or six for £30 ... 17/10/16
72. Tropheus Ilangi fish for sale : Only 10 young Tropheus Ilangi left for sale, size from 3cm-5cm. Parents on photos are F1 from Mike at riftvalleycichlids.com See video on Youtube for youngsters £7.99 per fish, Co ... 16/10/16
73. EAST ANGLIA CICHLID GROUP event 30th October : SUNDAY 30th OCTOBER Venue Moulton village hall Moulton Newmarket Suffolk CB8 The group are excited to announce our next event where we will have two UK based speakers ... 16/10/16
74. Malawi : Borleyi Red fin,3" coloured £8 each. Demasoni, Flavus, Labs, Zebras, Acei yellow fin,Nubila, Bumble Bee Cichlids, Scolofi, Elongatus, Peacocks,All £6 each, good size and colour. Fo ... 15/10/16
75. Venustus and the cross venustus/blue dolfins : Hi.I have the group venustus,8 fish(2m/6f)Size about 4-6 inch.30 pound.The cross venustus/blue dolfins,Size about 3-6 inch,,5 pound each. 07934939553 15/10/16

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