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Malawi Cichlids & Tanganyikan Cichlids
 Malawi & Tanganyikan Cichlids Quality Tank-Bred Fish At In-expensive Prices. : I am based in the North-West of England, and have been keeping and breeding fish as a hobby for over 40 years. ####### Delivery Only ######## Please see the list below for t ...31/01/15
 Mikes Rifts - Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlid importer and retailer : ***NEW wild caught Malawi and Tanganyikan stocks*** New wild caught stocks ready for sale, check stock lists for availablilty and prices. Malawi 1.Aulonocara jacobfriebergi ...31/01/15
 SEE VIDEOS ,@ TONYSAFRICANCICHLIDS.CO.UK ,DELIVERY OFFER - FREE WEEKDAY DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER 100...,QUALITY MALAWI CICHLIDS FOR SALE AND VICTORIAN CICHLIDS FOR SALE,DELIVERY TO YOUR DOOR, : Courier delivery on all stock for 15.00 per Order,no matter how large your order . Aulonocara Aulonocara baenschi benga Aulonocara malauna Aulonocara blue neon " Hai ...31/01/15
 The Fish Barn : Quality German Malawi,Tangayikan and Victorian Cichlids NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE 16.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery BEFORE 12.00 ...31/01/15
 Kent rift cichlids Rift Valley cichlids import from Germany : Description: Hi, We have a wide range of high grade, German import, rare malawi/tanganyikan cichlids for sale. They are all either WC,SNZ or F1.All our fish came from cichlidenst ...31/01/15

1. Malawi, Tanganyikan Cichlids,catfish for sale Dundee Scotland : SPEND 200 ON FISH AND GET 2KG OF HAGEN FLAKE FREE ( only one 2kg left ) Eheim 2213 classic plus external filter never used 65 Haps Rhamphochromis longiceps 10/1 ... 31/01/15
2. Mature cichlid fish tank setup 325 ono : This outstanding Juwel 280 litre bow fronted aquarium setup complete with black stand (no water damage) with around 20 nr mbuna cichlids breeding pairs as juveniles can be seen in ... 31/01/15
3. Simochromis diagramma young fish for sale dundee scotland : Simochromis diagramma 4/5 cm 7 each or 10 for 60 31/01/15
4. Phyllonemus typus mouth brooding catfish for sale dundee scotland : Phyllonemus typus adults 15 each 31/01/15
5. trio wild caught naevochromis chrysogaster plus others video you tube : trio wild caught naevochromis chrysogaster appros 6 inches 90 trio pair of wild caught nimbochromis linni male appros 7 inches female 5 inches 90 pair trio venustus male 7 inch ... 31/01/15
6. Cyrtocara moorii blue Dolphins : We have for sale some moorii blue Dolphins. The best blue Dolphins ive seen. 2 to 3inch 5 each Any questions please ask. Pick up only no postage. More photos to foll ... 31/01/15
7. Tropheus Duboisi maswa fry for sale.deals on large groups. : I have some maswa fry for sale. These are the more sort after duboisi. 1inch 5 each or a group of 20 for 90 They are from w/c parents. All my fish hold for the full term and ... 31/01/15
8. Otopharynx lithobates Zimbabwe rock. : I have for sale some Zimbabwe rock. 3 each up to 3inch. Males colouring up nice. deals on large groups. Pick up only No postage. Any questions please ask 31/01/15
9. Malawi, Tang & Victorian Breeding Groups for sale SW London : Hi all, Due to potentially moving house in a few months I am reluctantly putting my beloved collection of african cichlids up for sale. I've built up a collection of some good q ... 31/01/15
10. Malawi Fry : Hi I have a selection of Malawi fry for sale yellow Labs,young Borley Kadango, and a large batch of fry Father is stunning Large Blue fish various prices will do deals on numbers 31/01/15
11. BLUE ORCHID AULONCARA : Breeding trios available only 18 trio. 31/01/15
12. Pseudotropheus Flavus for sale- 3.00 each : New batch of 26 flavus for sale. They are around 3-4cm currently. They are bred from the male in the picture. I think he is a good example of the species. Unfortunately I am unable ... 31/01/15
13. mix of malawis : For sale mix of malawis diffrent types and sizes very nice healthy fishes around 80 in total will sell as a lot or split Open to sensible offers Please text me on 07837277874 31/01/15
14. tanganyikan shell dwellers : hi I am closing down my Tanganyikan tanks so selling of my fish this is the list to go. lamprologus caudopunctatus orange fin DWARF shell dwellers size about 1/2 inch to inch ar ... 31/01/15
15. For sale 5 adult tropheus ilangi. : Do not know what sex they are but they are about 20-24 months old and have never bred. They are first generation after wild group of ilangi I used to have. Now I keep t.kasanga and ... 31/01/15
16. 12x Wild Petrochromis polyodon chinga for sale : For sale my wild group of petros.. Beautiful fish, around 14-20cm in size. Stunning color. Spawned few times and two females holding now. Sensible offers please. 31/01/15
17. wild tropheus lufubu : for sale 30 wild tropheus lufubu purple real. 6 males 24 females. german imports. 600. can split the group. 31/01/15
18. WANTED ikola females : Has anyone got 3 ikola females available if so please get in touch 31/01/15
19. thinning out stock in tank : There are 5 yellow labs 3 m , 2 f lovely colour , one male salousi fully coloured up pic 1 and one male which I dont know what breed it is but you can see him in the pic 3 and a ... 31/01/15
20. sexfasciatus gold : I Have 6 neolamprologus sexfasciatus gold around 2 to 3 inch very nice fish closing down my tanganyikan tanks 5.00 each or 25 the six, 31/01/15
21. leleupi : hi have a trio of neolamprologus leleupi about 2 1/2 to 3 inch very nice fish 15.00, 31/01/15
22. Five-Bar Cichlid, Neolamprologus tretocephalus : Five-Bar Cichlid, Neolamprologus tretocephalus x 2 3 to 4 inch not sure if male and female 10 each collection only birmingham b29 please call or text as having problems with ... 31/01/15
23. MIXED MALAWIS white labs, super red top ndumbi, white tail acei and more : malawi's for sale 1" all heathly and feeding well on newly hatched brine shimp for the best start in life and crushed flake they are collection only Birmingham b29 hongi sweden ... 31/01/15
24. placidochromis electra deep water : placidochromis electra deep water breading pair 20 collection only birmingham b29 please call or text as i'm not getting email's 31/01/15
25. sera flora flake : Hi all the last 2kg bucket of sera flora flake for sale 500g 13 1kg 22.5 2kg 40 this is quality fish food I feed all my wild Haps/peacocks on this expire 12/2016 buyer to collec ... 31/01/15
26. Enantiopus kilesa WANTED : I'm looking to buy good quality Enantiopus kilesa in the Derby or Burton on Trent area. Please email details, price and picture of actual fishes for sale. 31/01/15
27. Opthalmotilapia ventralis WANTED : I'm looking to buy good quality Opthalmotilapia ventralis in the Derby or Burton on Trent area. Please email details, price and picture of actual fishes for sale. 31/01/15
28. A FANTASTIC OFFER FROM A FULLY LICENSED BREEDER OF 20 BEAUTIFUL MALAWI CICHLID J ... : Hi all I am now a fully licensed breeder and only sell good quality fish. If you have any queries or questions please do not hesitate contact myself LIST UPDATED THE DETAI ... 31/01/15
29. Hi I have some nice pure breeds of Malawi Haps and Aulonacaras for sale please r ... : LIST UPDATED I have yet again another fantastic offer from wet pets. We are offering 20 Aulonocara and haps all are a good size at between 6-7cm and some are showing fantastic col ... 31/01/15
30. RIFT VALLY CICHLIDS FOR SALE (nr Newmarket) : Altolamprologus compresiceps crocodile rocks f2 sub adults that are breeding 4 each callachromis pluerospilus f2 2-3cm 3 each Ex lamprologus similis 1-2cm (sub adults)3 ea ... 31/01/15
31. Range of Adult Malawi Fish inc F1 For Sale from 5 : All proper adults, some groups, pairs. Live in 6.5ft tank. Swapping some fish so grab some good deals. F1 Albino Metraclima Greshaki rare amazing F1 Yellow Lab - compare to ... 30/01/15
32. MALAWI CICHLIDS LONDON/ESSEX : Can post for 20 Afra Cobw 5-7 cm 7.50 each Aulonocara Albino 5-7 cm 7.50 each Lodotropheus Sprengerae 5-7 cm 7.50 each Cynotilapia Mbamba Nkha ... 30/01/15
33. Malawi Taiwan Reef Cichlid 1 Inch - 2.50 Each : Malawi Taiwan Reef Cichlid 1 inch - 2.50 Each All fish are very healthy and well looked after and disease treated Scientific Name: Protomelas sp. \"Steveni Taiwan\" Geo. ... 30/01/15
34. Red Fin Borelyi Kadango 5 Inch 15 : Red Fin Borelyi Kadango 5 Inch 15 Picture of actual fish 07459547685 Call No Txt Pls Collection from bd7 Great Horton Check out ma other ads 30/01/15
35. wanted tropheus duboisi maswa females : wanted as above 3 or 4 also I have a couple of spare males if anyone is wanting to buy any 30/01/15
37. Julidochromis ornatus (Ornate Julies) for Sale, West Sussex : I have young F1 Julidochromis ornatus for sale. They range between 2.5cm - 4cm and all growing well and in good condition. Parents continue breeding and can be seen (see photo). ... 30/01/15
38. job lot malawi wanted : Job lot Malawi wanted my tanks looking really empty 30/01/15
40. Wanted Tropheus : wanted large breeding group of tropheus prefer F1 adults but juveniles considered cash waiting willing to travel reasonable distance from Doncaster for right fish 30/01/15
41. wanted tropheus : Would like a breeding group will consider young fish though. Email me what you have got and prices/ pictures if available. 30/01/15
42. Tanganyikan cichlids - Haplotaxodon trifasciatus : A group of 6 wild caught Haplotaxodon trifasciatus for sale. These very rarely available tanganyikan shoaling fish are about 6-7" long (they go to 8" max) and are very peaceful. ... 30/01/15
43. Ectodus descampsii : A breeding pair of these rarely available but lovely sand dwellers for sale. I have fry growing on that can be seen (fry available soon). 40 ono for the pair (less than I paid). ... 30/01/15
45. Many kilos of Ocean white rock available for Tropical Malawi Cichlids Tanks etc : From Small lights pieces to large heavy ones Some with lots of holes (caves) and some with none Some clean and some with algae Good range Bargain prices e.g 20 will ... 30/01/15
46. Wild and F1 German Malawi Cichlid Sale - some very rare bargains : Hi selling excess, as recently I have bought more fish (German sourced from top UK importers) than I can handle....it's an obsession! Prices below are going to be difficult to b ... 30/01/15
47. Aulonocara Lwanda Breeding Pair sell or swaps : Rehoming my pair of Lwanda, Male is around 3-3.5 inches, female 3" - Bred before, male showing amazing colours and isn't even fully grown yet! Already a stunner and will get even b ... 30/01/15
48. F1 Abactochromis Labrosus : Young from my wild caught parents imported via Germany. Formerly Melanochromis Labrosus this peaceful cichlid from Lake Malawi grows to 5 inches. It is not the most colourful of Ma ... 30/01/15
49. large red zebra/ breeding trio yellow labs : i have for sale a large red zebra nice and healthy about 6 inches 5 breeding trio of yellow labs 1 of the females is holding eggs about 4 inches 12 or all for 15 30/01/15
50. demasoni cichlids 1.5 inch stunning fish : hi im selling a batch of demasoni juvies these are stunning little fish approx. 1.5" priced at 5 each or will do 5 for 20 any questions tel john on 07738 636 626 30/01/15
51. dragonblood peacock cichlids 3 inch stunning fish : hi im selling stunning dragonblood peacocks approx 3" at 8 each or 3 for just 20 these can be mixed and matched with other 3" cichlids I have for sale including ob peacocks,dolp ... 30/01/15
52. Adult Peacocks/Aulonocara and Haps wanted min 3 inches + : Hi I looking for large min 3" malawi peacocks and haps to add to my current set up especially yellows but all colours of interest. I am in the south so ideally Hampshire/Dorset are ... 30/01/15
53. Red Empress Fry and Baenschi Benga Fry For Sale : I have approx.20 fry some are red empress and some are Aulonocara baenschi Benga. The Benga are a little bigger but most are 1" max. Collecton only from Bitterne Southampton SO18 ... 30/01/15
54. S ALHI : 7 CM Stunning S Alhi 1 male & 4 females actually breading only 20. 30/01/15
55. Tropheous maswas : two to three inche f1s tropheous maswas bought from jay musson dont no the sex of them 30 30/01/15
56. Malawi Cichlids over 25 Hap,Peacock & Mbuna : Fossorochromis Rostratus (male) 9 inch 1x Nimbochromis Livingstonii juv 3 inch 2 x Nimbochromis Venustus female 5 inch Melanochromis Johanni 5 inch breeding pair Labidochromis ... 30/01/15
57. Zaire Blue KAPAMPA : I have for Sale a Group of 8 F1 Cyphotilapia Gibberosa Zaire Blue Kapampa for sale! All are in Very Good health and Eating well. These are stunning examples with strong colouration ... 30/01/15
58. Malawi cichlids young and adult/frontosa : Hello I have several young Malawi cichlids for sale Fry/juveniles Labeotropheus trewavasae thumbi west 2-3cm 2 each SOLD Labidochromis caeruleus (yellow labs) fry 1 each ... 29/01/15
59. Kent rift cichlids new arrivals from Cichlidenstadl Germany : Kent rift cichlids new arrivals Malawi Tank bred Aulonocara rostratum 6-7cm 11 Aulonocara saulosi 7-8cm 15 nice Aulonocara steveni blue neon 10-12cm males 25 Aulono ... 29/01/15
60. Malawis for sale : I'm getting rid of my Malawi tank all sorts of fish available ,nice quality fish at decent prices lots of differnt species up for grabs please ring/text 07947642167 or e mail ksw_e ... 29/01/15
61. Red Empress Cichlids : Hi, I am currently having a clear out of Red Empress Cichlids. The adult coloured male is the father and not for sale but gives you an idea of the bloodline they are bred from. ... 29/01/15
62. 4 x Burundi Frontosa : Hi, I have a group of 4 young Burundi Frontosa for sale with sizes ranging from 4"-7" consisting of 2/3 males but 1 definite female. Would be a decent addition to an already existi ... 29/01/15
63. 4 x OB Peacocks : Hi, I have 4 x OB Peacocks for sale, a mixture of both males and females with sizes ranging from 3" - 4". Price is set at 25 viewing is advised. I'm available most weekend ... 29/01/15
64. Malawi pairs for sale : Aulonocara Blue neon, pairs 15 or trios 20 all around 3 inch collect fenham ne5 call or txt please 29/01/15
65. Malawi for sale : I have the following Malawi for sale, all around 2 inch and some showing stunning colours, 4 each or 10 for 35, collect Fenham NE5 AULONOCARA MALERI MELANOCHROMIS AURATUS MO ... 29/01/15
66. Wild Caught cichlids for sale : WC group of 10 Edward Nkhata Bay 2-3\" 100 WC inverse trio Long Pelvic Galleria 3-5\" 50 F1 group of 5 Labidochromis Nkali 2\" plus 40 Pick Hull or could possible delivery 29/01/15
67. F1 Tropheus brichardi (Malagarasi) : F1's brought over from Aquatreff in Germany. 3cm-5cm. 8 each. Will knock 10% off when buying groups of 10 or more. No offers. 29/01/15
68. mpanga cichlids : 2 male mpanga cichlids f1s about 2-3 inch only selling as have 4 males looking for 10 pound each or may swap for a pair of red tops try me 29/01/15
69. Wanted of group Tanganyikan cichlids : I\'m looking for a group of about 12 to 14 non jumbo Cyps for my new, almost ready Tang tank. Also, a few Julies, brown or golden, and 6-8 lemon Cichlids Must be able to ship to Ab ... 29/01/15
70. African Cichlids for Sale Malawi, Tanganyikan, Victoria : Various African Cichlids for sale such as from Malawi, Tanganyikan, Victoria. Feel free to email me at africancichlids@listwire.com 29/01/15
71. Metriaclima estherae - Red Zebra Adults : Fully grown Red Zebras 4-5 inches - 5 each. 29/01/15
72. wanted Malawis : Malawi fish to stock new tank local to Mansfield please. 29/01/15
73. ALL FISH FOR SALE : Please click on the link below to see all available fish,prices and sizes. Delivery service available @ 15.00 per order. Thanks for looking 29/01/15
74. OFFER - FREE WEEKDAY DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER 100 : SUMMER OFFER - FREE WEEKDAY DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER 100... excluding N.Ireland and Scottish Highlands. If you live here then contact us for a delivery price. Sat delivery price of ... 29/01/15
75. Selling Breeding group Red Zebra Cichlids : I'm looking to sell my Red Zebra breeding group due to wanting a tank swap around I believe the group consists of its hard to get an exact count though as they're constantly hid ... 29/01/15

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