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Malawi Cichlids & Tanganyikan Cichlids
 Malawi and Tanganyikan Cichlids at In-expensive Prices. : I am a hobbyist breeder with over 40 years experience in breeding Malawi and Tanganyikan Cichlids. I have the following fish available for sale. Delivery only via APC @ 25 p ...06/12/16
 Mikes Rifts - Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlid importer and retailer : ***New tank bred Malawi cichlids added to stock list*** UPDATED Current Stock List Mbuna Cynotilapia afra Likoma "Red Top" 20.00ea W Cynotilapia afra Likoma "Red Top" ...06/12/16
 Kent rift cichlids Rift Valley cichlids import from Germany : Description: Hi, We have a wide range of high grade, German import, rare malawi/tanganyikan cichlids for sale. They are all either WC,SNZ or F1.All our fish came from cichlidenst ...06/12/16
 Malawis, Tanganyikan and Victorian Cichlids : The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Nationwide Delivery Available 16.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery BY 13:00 pm For Scotland please enqui ...06/12/16
 Manaus Aquarium Products : New to the UK, Manaus Aquarium products. These medications are tailored for the aquatic hobby. Please see website for further details06/12/16
 SERA FLORA 100g Re-Seal Bags (MAIL ORDER) : Now available: Mail Order from: Britfish.co.uk (facebook page) 50 or 100gram re-seal bags of Sera Flora best quality Flake Food! used by the top breeders throughout Europe a ...06/12/16

1. Baby Malawi Cichlids & Burundi Frontosa for sale - Rugby, Warwickshire : Hi, Have for sale baby Malawi Cichlids & some Burundi Frontosa, all around the 2/3cm mark in size and growing well. Scieanochromis Fryeri Placidichromis Electra Cyrto ... 06/12/16
2. MPIMBE BLUE FRONTOSA 3 TO 4 inches ONLY 35.00 EACH : We have some stunning Mpimbe blue frontosa in stock at 3 to 4". These are sexable and can be paired off. Only 35.00 per fish. COLLECTION ONLY 06/12/16
3. LARGE VENUSTUS AND MOORI IN STOCK NOW AT CHILTON AQUATICS : We have a good stock of large Hap. Venustus and Hap moori in stock. Sexable fish. Moori 10 each Venustus 15.00 each COLLECTION ONLY We are the Norths African cichlid spe ... 06/12/16
4. Tropheus bemba and duboisi maswa : Hi F1 tropheus duboisi maswa and bemba for sale.From fry to juvies.Price depence on size.Deals on groups 10 and more.Parents can be seen.Very healthy fish-well fed.Can post same ... 06/12/16
5. Tropheus Bemba : 1-2 Inch, Red banded Tropheus Bemba Tanganyikan Cichlids. From 6/ Please call 01302 354041/07713 154 980 for more info. DN6 Doncaster area 06/12/16
6. Great Quality Pseudotropheus Saulosi : For sale great quality Pseudotropheus Saulosi. Not coral or other type of mix but beautiful pure specie. Photos are of the fish for sale. 2.5 year old pair - 20 (male on photo ... 06/12/16
7. Kent rift cichlids Rift Valley cichlids import from Germany : Description: Hi, We have a wide range of high grade, German import, rare malawi/tanganyikan cichlids for sale. They are all either WC,SNZ or F1.All our fish came from cichlidenst ... 06/12/16
8. Wet Pets Solihull Have stunning Malawi Juvies for sale some rarer ones and a goo ... : Hi all, I am a home breeder and this is a list of new fish I have ready for collection from Friday. I am an enthusiastic hobbyist breeder of Malawi, Tanganyikan and Victorian Cichl ... 06/12/16
9. A FANTASTIC OFFER FROM A FULLY LICENSED BREEDER OF 20 BEAUTIFUL MALAWI CICHLID J ... : Hi all. I am a fully licensed breeder/seller and only sell good quality fish. We have a separate building from our house that houses over 50 tanks of amazing fish. All the fish you ... 06/12/16
10. Wet Pets Solihull have yet again another fantastic offer of 20 Malawi Haps and A ... : Hi I am a fully council licensed breeder of Malawi, Tanganyikan and Victorian Cichlids. We are a home run breeder/shop with a separate building to our house where we have over 50 t ... 06/12/16
11. WANTED Eretmodus, Spathodus or Tanganicodus : Cash waiting for a pair of good quality Tanganyikan gobi cichlids such as Eretmodus, Spathodus or Tanganicodus in the Derby or Burton upon Trent areas. Please reply with details, p ... 06/12/16
12. TROPHEUS : I AM LOOKING FOR TROPHEUS NKONDE TROPHEUS MUSANGA OR TROPHEUS MALASA WILD OR F1 or anything similar please message me or call 07506713953 thanks Dave... 06/12/16
13. Young breeding group of Red empress 9 fish newham : I have a young group of red empress Hapsburg for sale good quality sized between 2 and 3.5 inches lively fish have bred in the past although male has coloured down a bit since movi ... 05/12/16
14. Pseudotropheus saulosi coral red : I have some young saulosi roughly 1.5 inch 2.50 each or 5 for 10. nice healthy fish bred from species only tank blue males in pictures are the adults these are bred from. Collec ... 05/12/16
15. Wanted Tropheus Nkonde bright yellow : I'm wanting a group of tropheus nkonde bright yellow adults or young please ring with details or send pictures or video via what's app 05/12/16
16. Malawi Cichlids : Hi i am after some young malawi cichlids for my 240 litre tank i would like around 20 of the same species or perhaps 10 of 2 species . My tank currently has only 8 young petricolas ... 05/12/16
17. Zaire frontosa wanted : Looking for females but will buy groups if needed.willing to travel for the right fish/group/price.send pics and price threw wats app as my messenger wont recieve pics.thanks. 05/12/16
18. malawis : for sale pair of rostratus 6 ins 30 ,pair red empress 6 ins 30 also rev trio borleyi 4 ins 30 ring or text 07921710807 cheers pete 05/12/16
19. malawi : copadichromis kawanga no spot undo fry f1 for sale ring or text 07921710807 cheers pete 05/12/16
20. tropheus : 23 f1 lufubu for sale 250 ring or text 07921710807 cheers 05/12/16
21. Gibberosa Blue Zaire MOBA : F1 Nice healthly fish.Starting to breed.Male and four females. Contact me on07756495947 200 quid (open to offers) 05/12/16
22. F1 Metriclima Mbenji & tank bred Trewavasae Thumbi West : F1 Metriclima Mbenji from wild caught parents. Approx 5-6cm. 3.50 each or 3 for 10 Tank Bred Trewavasae Thumbi West. Approx 6-7cm. 3 each or 4 for 10 10cm breeding ... 05/12/16
23. F1 Metriclima Msobo Magunga : F1 Metriclima Msobo Magunga from wild caught parents. Mix from two females and same male. Fry fed on tropical malawi flake and kept in prepared water with bicarb and seachem lak ... 05/12/16
24. SOUTHDOWN AQUATICS, Aquarium hoods and vivarium manufacturer : SOUTHDOWN AQUATICS At Southdown Aquatics we specialise in manufacturing aquatic furniture and reptile housing. We offer a full range of sizes but as everything is made to order ... 05/12/16
25. FOR SALE - METRIACLIMA LOMBARDOI KENYI - 15 fish - 1 each . : For sale- 15 fish , Metriaclima Lombardoi kenyi ,size 1 inch , 1 each. PLEASE TEXT FOR - 07936520446 HULL. 05/12/16
26. Mikes Rifts - Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlid importer and retailer : ***New tank bred Malawi cichlids added to stock list*** UPDATED Current Stock List Mbuna Cynotilapia afra Likoma "Red Top" 20.00ea W Cynotilapia afra Likoma "Red Top" ... 05/12/16
27. Yellow Lab (Labidochromis caeruleus) young Beautiful fish last few 2each : Hi there I have for sale some of the youngsters from my breeding group of Yellow labs. They are coloring up really well, they are eating and growing really fast, you are welcome t ... 04/12/16
28. Tropheus canary cheek : Tropheus canary cheek young 60-70 available @2-5 cm Take them all for 250 collection only Call or txt Martin 07908787421 04/12/16
29. 2 large female melanochromis maingano 5 inch : 10 the pair Both female located east London beckton 04/12/16
31. Wanted Neolamprologus brichardi Fairy cichlids and cyprichromis leptosoma : Wanted Neolamprologus brichardi Fairy cichlids and cyprichromis leptosoma 04/12/16
32. Mpimbwe blue frontosa fry for sale : I have 10 mpimbwe blue frontosa for sale 6 each or 50 for the lot. They are 1 inch. Collection only from kingstanding. B44. Thanks for looking 04/12/16
33. Frontosa breeding group : Frontosa breeding group have babies in tank to prove, selling due to tank closure 5 adults,plus 1x4 inch and 7/8 1.5 inch all bred from group, 150 Canvey Island Essex. See link ... 04/12/16
34. Frontosa moba for sale in London N1 : A colony of 12 beautiful juvenile frontosa moba. For sale in groups of either 4 at 180, 6 for 260 and 12 for 500. Would prefer to send them all together to one new home. Sizes ... 04/12/16
35. Wanted Tropheus ilangi : Im after some ilangi messaged me what u got for sale . 07464 679406 04/12/16
36. Frontosa : For sale. 6 x F1 Mpimbwe Blue Frontosa 7-8".180 pounds, 4 Blue Dolphin cichlids 6".40 pounds. Also 2x 3-4" Bristlenose catfish 10 pounds. I will sell all together or same species ... 04/12/16
37. F1 Pseudotropheus elongatus chewere: 4 each or 3 for 10 : I currently have 20 F1 chewere for sale. They are 4-5cm. The male and female from which they are bred are both wild caught from Mike's Rifts. My male is a great example o ... 04/12/16
38. Mbuna juveniles for sale, excellent choice, 5 different species. Socolifi, Acei, ... : Pseudotropheus Socolofi Albino 3 cm SOLD More in December Pseudotropheus Acei (yellow fin) 4 cm 4 each only 5 left Pseudotropheus Saulosi 3cm 4.00 each Cynotalapia Afra Jalo ... 02/12/16
39. WANTED Shell dwelling cichlids all considered : I am looking to buy some shell dwellers. Ocellatus, brevis, multifasciatus - all considered. A pair ideally, or a male and two / three females. Willing to buy more if need be. ... 02/12/16
40. FOR SALE - LABEOTROPHEUS FULLEBORNI MARMALADE CAT - 1 male and 4 females -- ... : I have for sale - labeotropheus fulleborni mcat ( breeding group ) Is 5 fish ,size 4 inch , 1 male and 4 females - 5 fish 25 pound . PLEASE TEXT FOR - 07936520446 HULL 02/12/16
41. large buccochromis male : I have for sale large, F1 buccochromis male. Lenght 10inch. Perfectly healthy and with great appetite. 25 02/12/16
42. Quality Malawi Cichlids Leicester : I have several types of aulonocara peacocks for sale around 4" in size from 6 also have Hongi Sweeden and Labeotropheus Trewavasae Marmalade Cat around 1"to 2" from 2.50 to 3. ... 01/12/16
43. Tropheus Duboisi Maswa.Selling fast. : I have decided to sell my Tropheus Duboisi Maswa. I have had them since they were babies.They are now breeding.These are stunning F1 fish showing all there colour and eating NLS an ... 01/12/16
44. Bristlenose Plecs for sale.Last few. : I have 2 or 3 breeding pairs of plecs for sale as well as juveniles 4 reach adult and 2 each juvenile.Either email me [email protected] or call/text on 07842000355.Collect ... 01/12/16
45. Wanted Afra Haras : Looking for afra hara white tops....preferably females 6-7cm upwards. Essex/london area 30/11/16
46. tropheus : wanted tropheus moliro firecracker or sp black red band or nkonde yellow cash waiting bromley kent 30/11/16
47. Malawi and Tanganyikan Cichlids at In-expensive Prices. : I am a hobbyist breeder with over 40 years experience in breeding Malawi and Tanganyikan Cichlids. I have the following fish available for sale. Delivery only via APC @ 25 p ... 30/11/16
48. EAST ANGLIA CICHLID GROUP EVENTS : NEXT EVENT APRIL 2017 Venue Moulton village hall Moulton Newmarket Suffolk CB8 In addition to the presentations there will be: An auction of cichlids and dry goods ... 28/11/16
49. Tropheus Duboisi juveniles- TB : Group of 17 healthy juveniles, just starting to show adult colours, feeding well on spirulina flake. 90 Ono for the group Cheers Andy 28/11/16
50. Im looking for a wild group of tropheus : Message me what you are sellingand where you come from . I live in bournemouth dorset 07464 679406 28/11/16
51. Various Malawi Cichlids for sale 2.50 or 5 for 10 : Hello, I have some small Malawi fish forsale at 2.50 each between 3 to 4cm long. They are yellow, pink zebras & Orange Blotch. Some are smaller at 3cm which are 2 each. At leas ... 27/11/16
52. 8x 2 2.5 inch peacock cichlid : i have 8 all looking male peacocks there 3x freiberg 2x ob 2x kandango and 1 that came as mixed peacocks viewing welcome 8.50 each or 60 for the 8 based in haverhill cb9 27/11/16
53. Fish : Thining down some orchromis Tanganyika from approx 8 " offers 27/11/16
54. Frontosa. Zaire kapampa, copperband (red) : 1 F1 frontosa zaire kapampa 4" 50 Very good example and nice bars and blue colour. 1 tb frontosa red copperband 6" 30 Nice rusty coloured bars. Both are unsexed altho ... 27/11/16
55. Red fin compressiceps : 3 x f1 compressiceps Red Fin 2" size 15 each 40 for all 3 Lovely looking fish starting to show great colour fed on flake. 1 x gold head tb compressiceps 3" ... 26/11/16
56. F1Tropheus dubosi : Hi😂All Now SOLD I'm selling f1 tropheus dubosi sizes around 2 inch to 2.5inch and showing yellow bands and blue faces. Feeding well on spirulina. Bread from my ... 26/11/16
57. Yellow Labs (Labidochromis Caeruleus) for sale : F2 Yellow labs for sale. Sizes from 4-8cm, 2-4 each or a deal on a larger quantity. Happy to swap for similar sized juvenile Malawi's. Buyer to provide bags etc. located near Ash ... 26/11/16
58. Malawi Juveniles for sale : Malawi juvenile fish ready to go now. Labidichromis Caeruleus (yellow labs) size 1inch to 1.5 inches. 3 each Tropheops "red fin" Kakusa size 1 inch 3 each Cynitilap ... 25/11/16
59. FOR SALE xenotilapia bathyphilus kekese 5 : I HAVE 21 XENO'S LEFT AND CAN TAKE THEM AS FAR DOWN AS WOODALL SERVICES SHEFFIELD FOR 10.30AM ON SATURDAY FOR 100 From F1 7 - 8cm 5 each pick up only HARTLEPOOL. 25/11/16
60. Tropheus moorii Bemba : Hi guys We have some small tropheus moorii Bemba in stock. Little over an inch. Had them over a month, well settled. Was on hold for someone but he's not been in for them. ... 24/11/16
61. AFRICAN MALAWI CICHLIDS (MBUNA) FORSALE BY HOBBY BREEDER. : AFRICAN LAKE MALAWI CICHLIDS (MBUNA) Rock dwelling cichlids. FORSALE:- Pseudotropheus SAULOSI 2-4cm 5:00 EACH. Pseudotropheus sp. elongatus MPANGA 3-5cm 3 fish for 10 ... 24/11/16
62. Julidochromis Dickfeldi and Ornatus : 1 to 3 inch size, Priced from 6 each. Please contact 01302 354041/07713 154 980, DN6 Doncaster area 24/11/16
63. Neolamprologus Brichardi and Leleupi : Brichardi and Brichardi Fairy 1-2 inch, Yellow and Orange Leleupi 1-2 inch. Starting from 6. Please contact 01302 354041/07713 154 980 24/11/16
64. Malawi Cichlids. : Many varieties and sizes. From 5. Please contact 01302 354041/07713 154 980 24/11/16
65. Saulosi coral red 5 fish newham : Saulosi coral red 5 fish 2 -3 inch have bred in past 30 23/11/16
66. Neolamprologus Multifaciatus shell dweller : Offering youngsters of this hard water loving shell dweller. Approx 3/4 inch in size 5 each Pick up Ramsgate 23/11/16
67. Neolamprologus Brichardi youngsters 3 each : offering Brichardi youngsters. Approx 1 inch in size. 3 each, 6 for 15 Pick up Ramsgate 23/11/16
68. MALAWI CICHLIDS LONDON/ESSEX : Good quality afcrian Cichlids New aquarium shop open 125 Rose Lane Romford Rm6 5nr Monday Thursday 10am - 6pm Friday Friday and Saturday 10am - 8pm Sunday 11am - 5 ... 23/11/16
69. any adult tropheus out there for sale let me know wot u got : any adult tropheus out there for sale let me know wot u got not dubs or bemba 23/11/16
70. malawi : aulonocara usisya fry up to 1inch 1each ring or text 07921710807 cheers 23/11/16
71. Tanganyikan Cichlids - Breading Pairs + Individuals : Young breading pair of Julidochromis Transcriptus 12.00 Young adult Julidochromis Transcriptus 4.00 each Young breading pair of Neolamprologus Brevis 12.00 Young adult ... 22/11/16
73. Various malawi tanganyikans : I have various young fish for sale , just over 1 inch Albino white brichardi - 2 each.- about 60 Orange blotched zebras - 2 each ( sexable at this size) - 30 Yellow Care ... 21/11/16
74. Collection of Malawi & Tanganyika Cichlids and Synodontis : On Sale Buatifull Collection of F1 coloured males Peacocks and Haps, size 6-10 cm (15-20 each) Also pear of rear Synodontis Granulosus 10cm (50 each or pair for 90) Synodontis P ... 21/11/16
75. Greenwoodochromis bellocrossi-CICHLID -ADULT PAIR-6inch plus-Tanganyikan : For sale an adult pair of Greenwoodochromis Bellocrossi. Deepwater fish from Lake Tanganyika..Great with Frontosas! Rarely seen in the hobby Collection from Bournemouth ... 21/11/16

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