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Malawi Cichlids & Tanganyikan Cichlids
 Malawi and Tanganyikan Cichlids at In-expensive Prices. : I am a hobbyist breeder with over 40 years experience in breeding Malawi and Tanganyikan Cichlids. Currently undergoing fish house re-vam ...22/02/18
 Mikes Rifts - Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlid importer and retailer : NEW Tank Bred Malawi Mbuna stocks just come in - MCat Metriaclima fainzilberi Lundu Now In Stock!! Current Stock List (updated 31st Jan ...22/02/18
 Malawi Cichlids : The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Nationwide Delivery Available 18.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery BY 13:00 pm For Scotland please enqui ...22/02/18
 Fastlight.co.uk Aquarum Equipment & Supplies : Offering a wide selection of Aquarium equipment, including some hard to find items at low prices. We have available all types of lighting ...22/02/18
 Spirulina Flake 36% : Tropical - Spirulina Flake 36%. Made in the EC. Best quality, rich & dark green flake. Available up to 1 kilo factory sealed buckets.22/02/18

1. Kent rift cichlids Rift Valley cichlids import from Germany : Description: Hi, We have a wide range of high grade, German import, rare malawi/tanganyikan cichlids for sale. They are all either WC,SNZ or F1.All our fish came from cichlidenst ... 22/02/18
2. Rift Lake Cichlid Stock List : Below is a rough list of fish currently available in our shop at Quinton, Birmingham. This will be added to and more detail provided in due course. Please contact us for more inf ... 21/02/18
3. Aristochromis Christyi : I have a pair of Aristochromis Christyi for sale due to closing down my tank. These are the last of my fish and need to be homed in a large hap tank. The female is around 5 inches ... 21/02/18
4. Yellow Labs fry for sale Burton upon Trent : I have yellow labs fry they are about 1" wanting 1.00 each collection only Burton upon Trent bring your own bag or tub more than 10 available or can swop for something diffe ... 21/02/18
5. XL MALE BLUE DOLPHINS - Cyrtocara moorii... : Hi, Im letting go of 4 of my xl male blue dolphins. They are top quality f1 fish from Germany. Size around 14-16cm and are coming out of my breeding group, so are well established ... 21/02/18
6. Jalo reef cichlids : Here I have 36 jalo reef cichlids, they are 4 months old and are between 1 1/2 to 2 inches in length, stunning fish!! They are showing their colours now, unfortunately I'm having t ... 21/02/18
7. Fish tank : Fish tank 4f 400 liter 140 21/02/18
8. Malawi Mbuna juveniles for sale lots of choice only 4 each : Cynotalapia Afra Galliyera Reef 1 inch Cynotalapia Afra Jalo Reef 1 inch Pseudotropheus Acei yellow fin 2 inch Pseudotropheus Ndumbi red top 2 inch Pseudotropheus Socolofi Al ... 21/02/18
9. Malawi Mbuna Adults for sale : Pseudotropheus Williamsi blue lips male 5 inch 10 SOLD Metriaclima Zebra gold Kwanga male 4 inch 8 SOLD Metriaclima Maisoni Reef chilumba male 3 inch 6 Metriaclima Aurora fem ... 21/02/18
10. frontosa : Small group of frontosa wanted Kitumba Moba Mpimbwe not Burundi Bromley kent 21/02/18
11. Wet Pets Solihull have yet again another fantastic offer of 20 Malawi Haps and A ... : Hi I am a fully council licensed breeder of Malawi, Tanganyikan and Victorian Cichlids. We are a home run breeder/shop with a separate building to our house where we have over 40 t ... 21/02/18
12. Wet Pets Solihull Have stunning Malawi Juvies for sale some rarer ones and a goo ... : Hi all, I am a home breeder and this is a list of new fish I have ready for collection from Friday. I am an enthusiastic hobbyist breeder of Malawi, Tanganyikan and Victorian Cichl ... 21/02/18
13. A FANTASTIC OFFER FROM A FULLY LICENSED BREEDER OF 20 BEAUTIFUL MALAWI CICHLID J ... : Hi all. I am a fully licensed breeder/seller and only sell good quality fish. We have a separate building from our house that houses over 50 tanks of amazing fish. All the fish you ... 21/02/18
14. F1 Tropheus Malasa : I have fry from my Wild group of Tropheus Malasa ( yellow rainbow) if anyone is interested pm me if you want to know anymore -7.50 each pick up HARTLEPOOL TEL 07506713953... 21/02/18
15. Kitumba Frontosa : Change in stocking I have for sale 5 kitumba frontosa very chunky and healthy around 9cm - 10 cm Looking for 120 for the group or 25 each Will add pictures soon. 20/02/18
16. Tropheus : Wanted Tropheus not adults or T Duboisi 20/02/18
17. Various Malawi for sale : For sale Adult Pair Petrotilapia Chitumba(5-6inches)- 15 OB Fulleborni Pairs (4-5 inches)10 Standard male Fulleborni +OB Female pair(4-5 Inches)10 Pics of Actual fish for ... 20/02/18
18. Cynotilapia zebroides Cobue (gold cap) x5 : I have a group of Cobue x5 Around 6 months old Males develope gold cap as they mature 25 Video/ pics can be sent if interested 20/02/18
19. Malawi Afra white top : I have 2x male and 2x female Young group stunning colours when full grown 25 o.n.o Can send pics/video if interested 20/02/18
20. group of tropheus kasanga red rainbow imported from germany : I have for sale a large group of tropheus kasanga red rainbow 29 in the group imported from germany and 4 wild lovely group this ratio is 24f5m no agretion at all 580 the grou ... 19/02/18
21. Yellow labs and blue dolphins : Yellow labs good 1 inch plus very good colour not washed out 4 quid each blue dolphins from 1 inch to 1and half inch 5 quid each 5 for 20.00 .... 19/02/18
22. x26/28 F1 Bright Red Kalembwe Tropheus : The fish are all juveniles ranging from 1.5 upto 2.5. Already showing impressive red colours, i would like 200 for the group but price is negotiable. Pics+vids avaliable to thos ... 19/02/18
23. 30 WildCaught Kasanga Red Rainbow Tropheus : I would like 500 for the group, no offers, the ratio is 12:18 female heavy, collection only, mulitple vids + pics avaliable to serious buyers. Please E-mail or text me. 19/02/18
24. Golden cichlid fry : Golden cichlid fry for sale approx 25 1 or just under eating well looking for 2 each or open to offers on the lot thanks for reading 19/02/18
25. Mpanga cichlid fry : Mpanga cichlid fry for sale eating well 1/2 in size approx 25 of them looking for 2 each pic is of dad (blue) 19/02/18
26. Paracyprichromis nigripinnis Blue Neon : F1 young, 2-3 inches 10 each or 12 for 100 Contact: 07794563543 Collection: London 19/02/18
27. Troph Minos Reef and Luwino Reef : 4inch Male will swap for another Malawi, big and bright yellow - cracking fish - have image if interested. same for the luwino, I have no females - he is slightly smaller would s ... 19/02/18
28. Home Bred. Red Hongi, Electric Blue Johanni, White Tailed Acai and Yellow Labs : Home bred Red Hongi, Electric Blue Johanni, White Tailed Acai and Yellow Labs for sale and ready to take now. All approx 3 cm in size. 2.00 per fish . 18/02/18
29. F1 zaire blue moba frontosa fry for sale,15 : I have 17 of them for sale,15 each. They are around 1 inch, all eating like pigs. 1 of the fry have 7 strips on 1 side and 6 on the other. I have no idea why. Collection only from ... 18/02/18
30. Malawi Cichlids - Scotland (2 each) : Stunning selection of juvenile malawi cichlids. 2 each or 6 for 10. All between 1 and 2.5 inches. Colouring up really well. Would be a great addition to any mbuna tank. I have th ... 18/02/18
31. F1 Tropheus Bemba breeding group : I have a breeding group of around 25 F1 Adult T.Bemba for sale, they are approx. 4 inch and spawn regularly. They are well fed on Sera Flora and North Fin pellets. These have neve ... 18/02/18
32. F1 Tropheus Kasekalawe : I have a small group of 8 young T.Kasekalawe bred from my wild group. They are around 1.5 inches healthy and feeding on Sera Flora. These are collection only from Barnsley. 50 18/02/18
33. Firecrackers Tropheus sp.Red Moliro x10 : I have 10/11 T.Moliro for sale. These are bred my myself from my F1 group.They are approx 2-4 cms and growing well. They are fed on Sera Flora.Parents can be seen. These are col ... 18/02/18
35. Wild Tropheus and F1 Tropheus for sale : Wild groups Tropheus kapembwe. Ratio 5/13 Group of 18. 300 Tropheus chituta bay. Ratio 4/14 Group of 18 with a few young adult f1 Free. 450 Tropheus sp true luna ... 18/02/18
36. Cichlid for sale.Young Tropheus Duboisi Maswa : Hi,I have some cichlid for sale.They are tropheus duboisi maswa. Size 2"-4".The fish are aged from 3-5 months.All fish are plant-eating, feed them spirulina in flakes and pellets.A ... 17/02/18
37. Wild Tropheops Makakola : Tropheops Makakola 3 wild females F2 male 40 the group purchased from UKai collection only from Northampton NN2 call 07824399190 for more information 17/02/18
38. Troupheus : Selling all my troupheus 16 f1 chatita bay 3inches 160 25 bright red kalambwe 160 17/02/18
39. Wanted ventralis : Anyone got any ventralis there selling 16/02/18
40. Top Quality Cichlids ( Leicester ) : Hongi Sweeden Labeotropheus Trewavasae ( Mcat) Blue Cyrtocara moorii, (Blue Dolphin) loads of other spices including Aulonocara Eureka Red Protomelas Taeniolatus Namalenj ... 16/02/18
41. Tropheus Bemba : I have a quantity of young T.Bemba available for sale. They have been bred by myself from my F1 group, they are approximately 2-4cms and growing well. Like all my fish they are Fed ... 16/02/18
42. Tropheus Duboisi Breeding Group : Looking to sell my breeding group of tropheus duboisi. Also have some fry if wanted as well. 16/02/18
43. WANTED ...job lot required malawis : hi guys ,..if anyone is thinking of selling up ,please send me details by text or call ..cheers 07444726006 15/02/18
44. WANTED TROPHEUS GROUP : Hi, Im looking for a group of around 20ish tropheus for a new display tank Ive set up. Im open to which breed of trophs you may have but I want this to be a single breed only ta ... 15/02/18
45. Malawi cichlids mbuna fuelliborni : Breeding group of mbuna fuelliborni I think there are 9 not sure of ratio Ive pulled 1out as she as a real mouth full of eggs these are very young and have plenty of growing to do ... 15/02/18
46. Large Fusco Malawi cichlid : Looking to sell my large fusco. Around 7-8 inches, fully coloured up. Open to offers. 15/02/18
47. CYPHOTILAPIA GIBBEROSA BLUE ZAIRE MOBA - WILD CAUGHT PAIR : IS 1 male size 23 -25 cm ,and female 15 cm. Fish is from GERMANY CICHLIDENLAND - 200 pounds pair . PLEASE TEXT FOR - 07936520446 HULL. 15/02/18
48. ...WANTED...Cynotilapia zebroides Likoma Island "red top"...WANTED... : Cynotilapia zebroides Likoma Island "red top" 3 Females required for breeding purposes. Can collect with in reason from birimngham. 14/02/18
49. Mikes Rifts - Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlid importer and retailer : NEW Tank Bred Malawi Mbuna stocks just come in - MCat Metriaclima fainzilberi Lundu Now In Stock!! Current Stock List (updated 31st January 2018) Tanganyika Cichlids A ... 14/02/18
50. Malawi cichlids : Below is a rough list of fish currently available. This will be added to and more detail provided in due course. Please contact us for more information Malawi peacock Malawi ... 14/02/18
51. Petrochromis sp. red bulu point F1 : F1 petrochromis sp. red bulu point group of 10 or 20 ready soon 53 available The picture is the actual father of the young Contact me on this number for more details; 0788870765 ... 14/02/18
52. Altolamprologus compressiceps gold head : Excellent quality tank bred altolamprologus compressiceps gold head F1. these fish have been fed on OSI spirulina from birth so no problems with diet. They are 1.5-2 inches in leng ... 14/02/18
53. WILD Tropheops Makokola Male : I have a WILD Tropheops Makokola Male to move on as I have no room for him,Supplied by LMI. I'm open to reasonable offers for him. Collection only from Birmingham. 14/02/18
54. Neolamprologus pectrallis : I have 1 wild male and 2 females for sale ,this is a very rare fish and does not come up for sale . The male is around 8 cm and the females 9.5 cm there need a large tank which a ... 14/02/18
55. Lots of Malawi Cichlids : Stocklist: XL OB Malawi Cichlid - 6" - 25 Red Shoulder Peacock - 3" - 5 Sulphurhead Cichlid - 4" - 30 Benga Peacock - 3" - 15 Jacobfreibergi Peacock ... 13/02/18
56. Blue Dolphin Breeding Pair Malawi Cichlids : Beautiful guaranteed breeding pair of Blue Dolphin Malawi Cichlids. Male is approx 6 inches and the female is approx 4 inches. 50. Pick up from Formby, Liverpool. No phone c ... 13/02/18
57. Rare Synodintis Ornatipinnis 10 inch for sale : Rare Synodintis Ornatipinnis 10 inch for sale you dont find these very often 125.00 takes the catfish. Collection only near Nec Birmingham Anyone interested give me a call Jo ... 13/02/18
58. Moba frontosa : Hi I have 4 Zaire blue moba frontosa for sale Around 7 years old, beautiful fish , nice dark barring. 50 each tel Andy 07853611149 13/02/18
59. Fish and decour : Breeding group of orange leleupi 7-8 fish breeding quartet of marleri plus all the rock and crushed sand serious offers considered 12/02/18
60. Large pair frontosa : Hi due to my illness i need to sell up so ive got a gorgeous pair of frontosa for sale 1 is 9in and other is 7in i need these gone asap please genuine offers needed as were not che ... 11/02/18
61. 3x F1 Acei, 4 x F1 Msobo females, 2 x F1 Maisoni females, 2 x OB kawanga females : Reducing stock. Acei 4-5.5inch 5each Msobo 4inch 6 each Maisoni 4.5-5inch 9each Kawanga OB 4.5-5inch 11each Please text me if interested. 10/02/18
62. ADULT KIGOMA FRONTOSA NOW IN STOCK AT CHILTON AQUATICS : We have in stock 8 adult Kigoma frontosa ready to breed as a group or we can split. Top quality fish only 50 each Trio 1Male and 2 females 120 trio Buy the 8 for 280. We a ... 09/02/18
63. malawi Cichlid tank shutdown : Shutting down Malawi Cichlid aquarium. Check YouTube video, some have been sold. Serious offers only need to go this weekend. Will do a good deal if theyre all taken. Some fish so ... 09/02/18
64. Mpimbe Blue Frontosa 2 only 25.95 4 for 100 : We have a good quantity of these stunning frontosa in stock . Collection only 09/02/18
65. Group Blue dolphins for sale : 1/m 5/f rang from 3inch to 5to6 inch offers 09/02/18
66. Burandi Frontosa : 7 years old and about 8. He has well out grown my 50 gallon tank, hence the sale. Pick up only from Greenwich SE London. Eats discus granules, bloodworm and flake. Very healthy. ... 09/02/18
67. Tropheus and other tangs for sale : I am a hobbyist breeder with the following juveniles for sale. F1 TROPHEUS IKOLA 50+ 2-5 7 each or deals on larger groups TB TROPHEUS Chipimbi 10+ 1-3 inch 5 each ... 09/02/18
68. 1 male and 2 female ob peacocks : 3 aulonocara SP. ob peacocks.....1 male approx 4inch and 2 females approx 3/4 inch....25 for the 3 or swap for mbuna of similar size 09/02/18
69. Malawi clear out : listed below are the last of my Malawi mbuna ,bring a couple of boxes and some bags and you can take the lot for 150 quid otherwise they're a fiver a fish. Most of the fish are pai ... 08/02/18
70. Tropheus red rainbow + Tropheus brichardi kalemie + Tropheus Dubois maswa : 25 F1 Tropheus brichardi kalemie, 15 female/ 10 male 3.5 - 4 imches + 2 fry. 250 15 F1 Tropheus katoto young group. 2-4 inches. Trying to breed but not holding yet. 12 ... 08/02/18
71. Malawi Cichlids & Calvus for sale : Assorted Malawi for sale, all around 2 inch or just over. 4 each 10 for 35 15 for 50 30 for 90 Assorted Calvus around 2 inch 8 each collection only Fenham NE5 08/02/18
72. Albino dolphins : 3 female adult dolphins at 4 inch for sale offers stuning fish also fry 08/02/18
73. various Malawi : Prices start 5 I have blue dolphins fire fish albino dolphins also fry fish start at under inch upto 5inch also breeding group of fontossas 08/02/18
74. malawi : wanted metriaclima dolphin manda ring or text 07921710807 cheers pete 08/02/18
75. malawi : wanted lethrinops red cap itungi females ring or text 07921710807 cheers pete 08/02/18

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