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Malawi Cichlids & Tanganyikan Cichlids
 Malawi & Tanganyikan Cichlids Quality Tank-Bred Fish At In-expensive Prices. : I am based in the North-West of England, and have been keeping and breeding fish as a hobby for over 40 years. ####### Delivery Only ######## Please see the list below for t ...27/02/15
 Mikes Rifts - Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlid importer and retailer : ***New Wild Caught Shipment*** Fish landed yesterday and they'll be in quarantine until Tuesday 3rd March I will add prices onto the stock list soon. List below, Tanganyikan ...27/02/15
 SEE VIDEOS ,@ TONYSAFRICANCICHLIDS.CO.UK ,DELIVERY OFFER - FREE WEEKDAY DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER 100...,QUALITY MALAWI CICHLIDS FOR SALE AND VICTORIAN CICHLIDS FOR SALE,DELIVERY TO YOUR DOOR, : Courier delivery on all stock for 15.00 per Order,no matter how large your order . Aulonocara Aulonocara baenschi benga Aulonocara malauna Aulonocara blue neon " Hai ...27/02/15
 The Fish Barn : Quality German Malawi,Tangayikan and Victorian Cichlids NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE 16.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery BEFORE 12.00 ...27/02/15
 Kent rift cichlids Rift Valley cichlids import from Germany : Description: Hi, We have a wide range of high grade, German import, rare malawi/tanganyikan cichlids for sale. They are all either WC,SNZ or F1.All our fish came from cichlidenst ...27/02/15

1. VARIOUS MALAWI CICHLIDS FOR FISH TANK AQUARIUM : We have around 400 Malawi Cichlids ready now for sale. There are around 5 different types and they are from 1 to 3 Inches. See the photos these are actual fish for sale. All feedin ... 27/02/15
2. For sale Labidochromis Caeruleus : Need to sell a.s.a.p. Yellow Labs pure quality no dusting or barrings juveniles 2" in size, prize 1.75 each or 10 for 15.00 27/02/15
3. For sale Pseudotropheus Saulosi & Moorii fry : For sale Pseudotropheus Saulosi juveniles 3cm(1 inch and a half)at 2.25 each. Also for sale some Moorii (blue Dolphins) fry over 1" in size 1.25 each 27/02/15
4. for sale full Malawi Cichlids set up : Comprises 40in Bow fronted Aquael tank,With Cabinet Fluval 306 external filter, Heater ,Lights, rocks, 20+ Fish Mostly Adults but some Babies,(breed in tank) Testing kit and lots o ... 27/02/15
5. Several large Aulonocara for sale. : I have several large adult Aulonocara for sale. These are nice healthy strong fish. Few females, mostly males. Some firefish types (albinos), some light pinks, plus deep blues, a r ... 27/02/15
6. Malawi, Tanganyikan Cichlids,catfish for sale Dundee Scotland : SPEND 200 ON FISH AND GET 2KG OF HAGEN FLAKE FREE ( only one 2kg left ) Eheim 2213 classic plus external filter never used 65 Haps Rhamphochromis longiceps 10/1 ... 27/02/15
7. Wild and F1 German Malawi Cichlid Sale - some very rare bargains : Hi selling excess, (German sourced from top UK importers) Wild 4-5 inch Adult male metriaclima hajomaylandi 20 F1 Group of 2m 6f young adult lethrinops albus kande island ... 27/02/15
8. Malawi cichlids : I have the following malawi's for sale Male Melanochromis Auratus 3.5" 5 Cynotilapia afra mbamba 1.5" 3.50 Pseudotropheus kingsizei lupingu 1.5" 3.50 27/02/15
9. Tropheus Red Rainbows W/C : Closing down tank fish For sale 18 W/c tropheus red rainbow kasanga, breeding well and not sure of the ratio male to female, these have all come from cichlidenland, Germany and are ... 27/02/15
10. Adult Malawi Cichlids (Leicester) : Young adult Malawi cichlids some in breeding groups some F1s all excellent quality and examples of the strain some very rare Mpangas f1s (Pseudotropheus elongatus "Mpanga") b ... 27/02/15
11. Hi I have some nice pure breeds of Malawi Haps and Aulonacaras for sale please r ... : LIST UPDATED I have yet again another fantastic offer from wet pets. We are offering 20 Aulonocara and haps all are a good size at between 6-7cm and some are showing fantastic col ... 27/02/15
12. A FANTASTIC OFFER FROM A FULLY LICENSED BREEDER OF 20 BEAUTIFUL MALAWI CICHLID J ... : Hi all I am now a fully licensed breeder and only sell good quality fish. If you have any queries or questions please do not hesitate contact myself LIST UPDATED THE DETAI ... 27/02/15
13. Aulonocara Baenschi Benga Male 10 : Not getting on with my other male in the group. 10 no offers, collection from Stillington TS21. 27/02/15
14. 20+Wild and F1 Petrochromis Orthognathus Tricolor Mvuna : I have for sale about 20+ (24 I believe) of these, they are between 4-6 inches. Feeding well on Sera Flora, Mussels and Shrimp Mix. These are one of the more peaceful Petrochromis, ... 27/02/15
15. F1 Pseudosimochromis Curvifrons : I have available 32 of these for sale, they are between 1-2 inch plus. Feeding well on Sera Flora. These have the same water and dietry requirements as Tropheus and would make a go ... 27/02/15
16. Cichlids Mbuna Peacocks - Fluval Roma 240 tank set up as well - Waterlooville : 21 Mbuna & OB Peacocks cichlids for sale. They all live together peacefully (as much as cichlids do!) and are great little characters. Includes the following: 6 Aulonocara OB Peac ... 27/02/15
17. Various Malawi and Tangs for sale. : Hongi, Yellow Labs, Afra Cobue, Aulonocara, Pseudotropheus sp. red-top ndumbi. Julidochromis marlieri plus many more are some of the fish that will be offered for sale on the 8th ... 27/02/15
18. S ALHI : 7 CM Stunning S Alhi 1 male & 4 females actually breading only 20. 27/02/15
19. African Cichlids for Sale Malawi, Tanganyikan, Victoria : Various African Cichlids for sale such as from Malawi, Tanganyikan, Victoria. Feel free to email me at africancichlids@listwire.com 27/02/15
20. F1 Trewavase thumbi west adult male wanted : Hi im after a male f1 trewavase thumbi west please cash waiting chesterfield area please 27/02/15
22. Kent rift cichlids new arrivals from Cichlidenstadl Germany : Kent rift cichlids new arrivals Malawi Tank bred Aulonocara rostratum 6-7cm 11 Aulonocara saulosi 7-8cm 15 nice Aulonocara steveni blue neon 10-12cm males 25 Aulono ... 27/02/15
23. African Cichlids (Various) : Hi, I currently have the following fish for sale: Red Empress 4 x 3" for 10 (or 3.00 each) 6 x 2" or smaller for 10 (or 2.00 each) ----------------------------------- ... 27/02/15
24. TROPHEUS BEMBA & LUPOTA. Loughborough @ 5 each : I have approx.15 of each of these for sale. They are 5-8 months old and 1.5-2" in size and have been bred here, the breeding groups can be seen. Collection only. Tel 0797742 ... 27/02/15
25. Snail shells for multies : Have built up a colony of Neolamprologus Multifasciatus (multies) and now have some spare shells. Have 15 in total prepared to sell on lots of 5 or whole lot! Offers invitedL ... 27/02/15
26. last few malawis : Have reorganised my tanks and have a few mbuna and an odd victorian for sale. - Yellow labs, under 2 inches 2.50 each over 2 inches 3 each -Adult male Rustie about 6cm 4 -A ... 27/02/15
27. red and blue zebra for sale : Roughly 40 red and 40 blue zebras �3.00 each or �80 for the reds and �80 for the blues. For both groups �150 27/02/15
28. o.b peacocks : O.B peacocks 2inches approx all feeding well. �2.50-�3.50 each but will make a deal for 5 or more. 07795188550 I have about 40 will consider selling the lot make me an offer 27/02/15
30. Opthalmotilapia ventralis WANTED : I'm looking to buy good quality Opthalmotilapia ventralis in the Derby or Burton on Trent area. Please email details, price and picture of actual fishes for sale. 27/02/15
31. Enantiopus kilesa WANTED : I'm looking to buy good quality Enantiopus kilesa in the Derby or Burton on Trent area. Please email details, price and picture of actual fishes for sale. 27/02/15
32. CHOICE CICHLIDS FOR SALE : MALAWI CICHLIDS AULONOCARA BLUE NEON 5.5-7 CM 5.00 EA AULONOCARA OB FIRE 6-7 CM 9.00 ea FROM rheinhard's [aulonocara specialist breeder ,Bavaria] . vivid colours AUL ... 27/02/15
33. Tank Bred Malawi and Tanganyikan Cichlids : Aulonocara usisya F1 4-5cm 6.00 each Aulonocara Eureka super red 8-10cm stunning and breeding. 25.00 pair Aulonocara undu reef blue neon breeding group, 1 wild male, 1 wild f ... 27/02/15
34. WANTED MALAWI CICHLIDS. : Hi all i am after malawi fry between 1 to 2.5 inch. All types considered. close to south shields 26/02/15
35. Adult Malawi Cichlids for Sale : 2 x male Pseudo Crabro 6ins 5 each 1 pair Rustys 4/5 inch 10 1 male Pseudo Flavus 4 inch 5 2 male Lab Hongi red tops 5 each SOLD 1 male yellow Lab 4 inch 3 4 mixed Elong ... 26/02/15
36. Malawi Cichlids, Pseudotropheus Elongatus Mpanga plus others : Malawi Cichlids,P.Elongatus Mpanga about 2 inches long,just starting to colour up, excellent quality, 2.50 each. Pic 2 adult male. Pic 1 & 3 actual fish for sale Collection only ... 26/02/15
37. Malawi clearout, bargain : Due to having a change of plan as to what im keep in my tank im having to sell some stock. Im not 100% sure of some of these breeds so ill keep the naming as basic as possible. ... 26/02/15
38. 20 for group of 4 Afra Hara Malawi Cichlids - young adults : A great addition to any tank Group of 4 around 5cm+ Male and female mix Stunning already, got all the adult colourings.Light blue and deep markings. Males can show brig ... 26/02/15
39. WANTED tropheus canary cheeks : Hi has anyone got any tropheus canary cheeks for sale fry or juvenile s please let me know what you have cheers 26/02/15
40. WANTED OPHTHALMOTILAPIA boops : Hi has anyone got a small group of ophthalmotilapia neon boops im looking for a small group cash waiting cheers 26/02/15
41. syno petricola catfish & Tropheus for sale : 11 f1 syno petricola catfish 2"-3" 100 13 f1 tropheus Lupota 2" 100 28 f1 tropheus maswa 2"-3" 200 All fish in good health & starting to breed Any questions please text ... 26/02/15
42. 2 Males Cyprichromis leptosoma approx 4 inches-Leeds : im changing one of my tanks so these are for sale. Very healthy,excellent eaters. Impresive when they move as a shoal. Incredible to watch. 2 males(4 inch) 20 for both ... 26/02/15
43. QUICK SALE---40 for a lot---25 x 2-4 cm---Fry/Youngsters(L.trewavasae Lion Cove ... : One of my tanks is getting packed,so some of my fish have to go. So far I have for sale Please note these are small fish so probably required their own growing tank.Excellent o ... 26/02/15
44. Malawi Cichlids : I have for sale at the moment : Aulonacara Steveni \"Usisya Flavescent\" 1male size 4\"- 5 1 female Metriaclima Zebra size 5" 5 Fry and Juvenile fish: Labidochromis C ... 26/02/15
45. Wanted. Wild or f1 Metriaclima Zebra Chilumba luwino reef : Wanted. Wild or F1 Zebra Chilumba Luwino Anything up to 4 inches preferred Looking for a Male and a 2 or 3 females. I am near Bromley, kent but can travel if not to far. Any ... 26/02/15
46. Malawi Taiwan Reef Cichlid 1 Inch - 2.50 : Malawi Taiwan Reef Cichlid 1 inch - 2.50 Each 07977446868 Call No Txt Pls All fish are very healthy and well looked after and disease trated Picture 1 what fish look like ... 26/02/15
47. malawi venustus /white tail acei : venustus, about an 3/4 of an inch in size 1 each also some bigger white tail acei about inch and a half 2 pound each rob 07754560361 26/02/15
48. GENUINE STUNNING ADULT W/C BREEDING FRONTOSA KITUMBA QUAD : I have four stunning Adult ( 1 male & 3 females ) genuine wild caught adult Frontosa Kitumba from Mikes rifts, beautiful fish and breeding. I have video proof that these are a bre ... 26/02/15
49. Pseudotropheus Flavus for sale- 2.00 each : New batch of 26 flavus for sale. They are around 3cm currently. They are bred from the male in the picture. I think he is a good example of the species. Unfortunately I am unable t ... 26/02/15
50. Acei Ngara for sale- 2.00 each : New batch of 40 acei ngara for sale. They are around 3cm currently. They are all bred from the male in the picture. I think he is a good example of the species. Unfortunately I am ... 26/02/15
51. Large group of tropheus duboisi maswa : Have 25 f1 duboisi maswa breeding regular Also 10 sub adult young loosing spots Also 5 young Females holding now 350 or swap for tropheus ikola or similar 26/02/15
52. Breeding group of syno multipunctatus cuckoo cat fish : Have for sale a group of 4 syno multipunctatus Cuckoo catfish There is a group of 4 These have had lots and lots of young There\'s Young in tank to see also 100 Ono for t ... 26/02/15
53. proven breeding pair of greschkis malawi : have for reluctant sale a proven pair of greschkis I have had 2 lots of fry of them lovely and healthy around 4inches bargain at 15 the pair 26/02/15
54. RIFT VALLY CICHLIDS FOR SALE (nr Newmarket) : Altolamprologus compresiceps crocodile rocks f2 sub adults that are breeding 4 each callachromis pluerospilus f2 2-3cm 3 each lamprologus ornatapinnis 2cm 3 each cypro ... 26/02/15
55. CYPROCHROMIS LEPTOSOMA JUMBO TRICOLOUR 6 YOUNG (NEWMARKET) : 8x 3-8cm they vairy in size as from different spawns 60 ono COLLECTION ONLY please email marty.weekly@gmail.com as contact button hit and miss 26/02/15
56. Otorphonix litobate Zimbabwe rock for sale london : I have about 20 otorphonix lithobate Zimbabwe rock and also have 40 cynotilapia mbumba nakata bay ciclid. There 2inch for sale 2.00 each. Pick up only. Pls contact me if u have a ... 25/02/15
57. Cyrtocara moorii blue Dolphins : We have for sale some moorii blue Dolphins. The best blue Dolphins ive seen. 2 to 3inch 5 each Any questions please ask. Pick up only no postage. More photos to foll ... 25/02/15
58. Tropheus Duboisi maswa fry for sale.deals on large groups. : I have some maswa fry for sale. These are the more sort after duboisi. 1inch 5 each or a group of 20 for 90 They are from w/c parents. All my fish hold for the full term and ... 25/02/15
59. F1 Kigoma Frontosa plus Burundi stunning : hello all im thinking of selling my group of stunning F1 Kigoma Frontosa a group of 12 plus 4 stunning Burundi picture can be sent on request sizes range from 5\"10" also a group ... 25/02/15
60. F1 Tropheus Lufubu Purple Rainbow Juveniles : I have 6 F1 Lufubu Juveniles for sale. Healthy and feeding well- colouring up nicely too. Too young to sex. Between 1"-2.5" Collection from East London. Whole group ... 25/02/15
61. WC Tropheus Lufubu Purple Rainbows : I have around 11 wild caught Lufubus for sale. All around 4"-5". Approx 3m:8f ratio. Healthy and feeding well. German imports Collection only from East London 25 each 25/02/15
62. shell dwelling cichlids for sale : Beautiful neolamprologus multifaciatus home bred cichlids perfect for small aquariums and beginners. These fish are packed full of personality and beauty, they really are great lit ... 25/02/15
63. MALAWI CICHLIDS FOR SALE FULLY LICENCED KEEPERS 2 MINS OF J35 M6 : Aulonocara Maylandi L 11.00 Aulonocara Maleri M 5.50 Aulonocara Mamelela L 12.00 Aulonocara sp. Stuartgranti \"Ngara\" M/L 8.50 Aulonocara sp. Stuartgranti Chitim ... 25/02/15
64. RARE - F1 MCAT Thumbi West Malawi cichlid - RARE : Hi if you know your fish you will not need me to describe the popularity and scarcity of these fish He is my 3rd in command so excess hence sale. The other 2 are much bigger ... 25/02/15
65. Some stunning and some rare wild mbuna for sale : I have a lot of mbuna that I am getting rid of as the tank is being sold too. Gold Kawanga 1 male and 2 normal females and 1 stunning ob female 85 for the group. (SOLD) 2 male f ... 25/02/15
66. Trio of metriaclima lambordoi : I hav for sale a breeding group of metriaclima Lombardoi the female that has a hint of yellow is definately female as i have young to prove the reason for selling is ive overstock ... 25/02/15
67. Kent rift cichlids Rift Valley cichlids import from Germany : Description: Hi, We have a wide range of high grade, German import, rare malawi/tanganyikan cichlids for sale. They are all either WC,SNZ or F1.All our fish came from cichlidenst ... 25/02/15
68. Female Auloncara : Dragon bloods & Tangerine or Calico all trying to breed now just 50p each. All 2-3". 25/02/15
69. Tanganyikan Cichlids in Complete set up for sale : Looking to sell my complete tanganyikan set up as no longer having enough time to care for them. Fish are as follows 4 wild zaire about 10-12\" Roughly 15-20 f1 zaire front ... 25/02/15
70. 5 Albino Greshakei 15 : Selling 5 albino greshakei 2-3cm in size Male is stunning bright red top No time wasters Collection from ub2 4hf area Thanks for looking Raz 24/02/15
71. 5 Julidochromis dickfeldi 15 : Group of 5 julidochromis dickfeldi size 3cm Pick up only west london ub2 4hf No time wasters Thanks Raz 24/02/15
72. Julidochromis ornatus (Ornate Julies) for Sale, West Sussex : I have young F1 Julidochromis ornatus for sale. They range between 3cm - 3.5cm and all growing well and in good condition. Parents continue breeding and can be seen (see photo). ... 24/02/15
73. 5 F2 Aulonocara chilumba blue 20 : Selling 5 F2 Chilumba blue size 3cm No Time Wasters Thanks for looking Raz 07808544418 24/02/15
74. Wanted Msobo Magunga : I'm looking for a group of Msobo Magunga and will take any singles pairs of groups Wanted in the Merseyside or surrounding area Cheers Ben 24/02/15

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