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 Aquarium Manufacturers in UK . Bespoke Marine & Tropical Fish Tanks. Metal Framed Cabinets. : ND Aquatics Ltd, manufacturers of high quality Fish Tanks , are able to offer you a full range of Tropical and Marine Aquariums at realistic ...06/10/15

1Pangasius : Hi I have a large Pangasius fish for sale. It is a very calm and active fish. Everything is in perfect form. It is around 12 inches and v ... 06/10/15
2Fish Tank : Hi I have a nice small tank, comes with the following: Stingray internal filter Heater And some white n blue gravel, Current ... 06/10/15
3Fire eel : fire eel for sale not sure how long only a baby around 8" maybe really nice fish asking 15 or will swap let me know what you have 06/10/15
4Fluval 306 And heater for sale : I have a fluval 306 bought about 2 months ago used for about a week or 2 but upgraded my tank so bought a bigger filter this 306 is brand ne ... 06/10/15
52 foot sump, 3 chambers : DIY sump, three chambers, all chambers full water tight. 2ft w, 1ft d, 1.5ft h. Collection only. 20 ono. Call or text only, photos on ... 06/10/15
6SCREWCUMBER- MALAWI CICHLID/CLOWN LOACH/PLECO FEEDER : TROPICAL FISH FEEDER. Buy online. Debit/Credit card and PayPal accepted. Only 5.29 and free Delivery in the UK! http://www.screwc ... 06/10/15
7turtles : i have a male and female pair of map turtles offers or swap for fish 06/10/15
8Rift Valley Cichlids Wild Caught & Tank Bred : ***Health Warning*** Please be aware keeping rift valley cichlids is a highly addictive activity and should only be done under the fullest ... 06/10/15
9Mikes Rifts - Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlid importer and retailer : ***New Tank Bred Stock*** New Malawi and Tanganyika tank bred stocks available. Current Stock List Malawi Mbuna Cynotilapia sp ... 06/10/15
10FISH FOR SALE : Rams 4.05 each Odessa barbs 2.25 each Emperor tetras 1.50 each Rummy nose tetra lg 1.80 Cherry barbs 90P COLLECTION SWANSEA SA1 06/10/15
11CORYDORAS FOR SALE : 3cm Adolfoi 6.00 5cm Miguelito 5.00 5cm Three lined 4.00 5cm Albino Sterbai 5.80 COLLECTION ONLY SWANSEA SA1 06/10/15
12Three White Cloud Mountain Minnows (Tanichthys Albonubes) For Rehoming : I am rehoming three White Cloud Mountain Minnows (Tanichthys Albonubes), 1 female and 2 male. The female and one of the males are approxi ... 06/10/15
13Blue Phantom : blue phantom(female) 5", 5 years old. 35. 06/10/15
14Peckolita Brevis : Peckolita Brevis 4.5", 6 years old. 2O 06/10/15
15Colourful Tropical Community Fish For Sale : I currently have Glow light tetra 1 each. X Ray tetra 1.50 each. Red phantom tetra 2 each. Sailfin mollies 6 per male and female pair ... 06/10/15
16L134 leopard frog pleco : L134 leopard frog between 25 and 35 depending on size Collection from sw London or Surrey 06/10/15
17RedSea Max 250 : Redsea Max 250 in excellent condition, great marine tank comes with all original equipment heater,pumps,skimmer,lights and sponges. Also ha ... 06/10/15
18Adult L066 wild caught king tiger pleco 25 each : Have king tiger plecs all are between 4-5+ inch at a price of 25 each Collection from sw London/ Surrey area. L134 leopard frog pleco - ... 06/10/15
19LAMPROLOGUS BUESHERI RARE IN STOCK AT CHILTON AQUATICS ONLY 10 EACH. : We have managed to obtain a few of these rare Lamprologus. Medium size fish at only 10 each. COLLECTION ONLY 06/10/15
20RED SPOTTED SEVERUMS IN STOCK AT CHILTON AQUATICS : We have some stunning Red Spotted Severums back in stock and this is without doubt the biggest collection of these in the north !! SM 10 E ... 06/10/15
21RED ALENQUERS BACK IN STOCK . BEST PRICES FROM 8.95 EACH : Our famous Red Alenquer discus are back in stock from our exclusive breeder. 5cm size only 8.95 5 for 40. 8cm size only 15.95e or 2 for ... 06/10/15
22Kenya Tree Frags - Stockton-on-Tees : 2 x kenya tree frags about 2 inches tall. Free to a good home. Call or Text. 06/10/15
23pair of clownfish and red bubble tip anemones : Pair of tank bred common clowns 20 tank split red bubbletip anemone 20 Or clowns with an anemone for 35 06/10/15
24Dont give it away Koi and Equipment Wanted 07974 178 150 : Are you closing a pond? I am looking for large Koi and Filter equipment for newly built lake/pond approx 30,000 gallons and qt hospital tank ... 06/10/15
25red cherry shrimp for sale various sizes price change and more shrimps : hi im selling cherry shrimp 15 for 4.00 my no is 07850799503 they clean up your tanks and a great to watch call or text if interested thank ... 06/10/15
26gold severums loverly fish out grown my tank size no more time waisters please : hi a trio of severums for sale stunning fish they need a bigger tank im wanting 25.00ono for the three very good condition and a fair size c ... 06/10/15
27hi all, heaters, fillters , gravel , tuffa rock ect ect ring and ask : hi all, im selling , fish tank items, to mutch to mension so please text me or ring or email its up to you, im not giving up the hobby but d ... 06/10/15
28Great deal Pseudotropheus Demasoni/Dwarf Makonda/ Zebroides Cobue...(swap) : Hello all these fish are very stunning and rare adults probly the largest group in the uk in 1 tank!!! im selling my complete stock of stu ... 06/10/15
29geophagus and angels : 5 adult angels 30pound.breeding pair among them. 06/10/15
30Green Hairy Mushroom for sale : Rare and stunning green hairy mushroom for sale. Single mushroom only - taken from the group on the photos. Price 5, or swap for any Zoa ... 06/10/15
31good home offered for any unwanted koi, pond fish. : I have a 100x60x10 foot natural clay pond which I am stocking. I will collect any unwanted pond fish and give them a forever home. Any size ... 06/10/15
32TUNZE NANO 3152 OSMOLATOR AUTO TOP UP : Hi all For sale is my TUNZE NANO 3152 OSMOLATOR AUTO TOP UP which is a must have piece of equipment for a reef setup. Only getting rid ... 06/10/15
33Texas cichlids x 4 -castleford : Hi I have 4 blue Texas for sale 18months old 2 x males and 2 x females one male is the group leader and they have all grown on together size ... 06/10/15
35Selling Up Fish House : I have decided to quit the hobby after about 30 years so have numerous tanks of various sizes, I will try to sort out an actual list over th ... 06/10/15
36Big tank and stand : Selling the big tank. 6.9ft x 16 x 2ft high. On homemade stand. 1200lh internal filter , 2000lh external filter. 2 heaters. 75 kilo pure whi ... 06/10/15
37free fish rehoming services : koi rescue and rehoming service.No fish too big or too small.sick or well.I will collect any unwanted fish and place them in 2 fully equiped ... 06/10/15
38free koi carp rescue and advice for free : koi carp rescue free of charge i cover 100 mile radius and i will take any unwanted or ill fish and place them in an fully equiped quarinti ... 06/10/15
39Male aulonocara for sale : Loads of male aulonocara for sale all coloured, all different types 5 each or 5 for 20 collect fenham ne5, call or txt please 06/10/15
40Apisto Aquatics : where quality comes above all else !!! ran by breeder peter clarke who has previously been featured in practical fish keeping magazine (s ... 06/10/15
41Repashy Super Foods : i have a selection of the famous repashy super foods in for sale, this food is currently the best food on the market that all the german bre ... 06/10/15
42Various : Decided to sell up, was going to keep them for when I started back up. 20x20x20 cube with opti white front and dump complete with black g ... 06/10/15
43Allpondsolutions 3 foot 250 lt fishtank : top filters with power head ,black and white mix sand,bogwood ,stones and ornaments discus granul fish food 150 l11 8lu 06/10/15
44FREE POSTAGE OFFER ENDING >>FRESHWATER & MARINE FISHKEEPING-REFERENCE & GUIDE BO ... : Lots of Freshwater&Marine reference&guide books for sale on eBay.All at at 3 inc.FREE P&P!.!Something for every interest.NEW TITLES ADDED!. ... 06/10/15
45Silksworth Aquatics Current Stock : Wild Caught Unless Otherwise Stated Hyphessobrycon Amapaensis 3 each TB Hyphessobtycon sp Red?Blue\" Tetra 3 each TB Gymnogeophagus ... 06/10/15
46Zebra Plec l46 : For sale zebra Plec juvies 1 1/4 inch 50each pick up only caerphilly 06/10/15
47fish tanks : hi got tanks for sale starting from small ones . 2fts and 49ins . some drilled . some dived in two . some got lids . some got slides of gla ... 06/10/15
482ft fish tanks : 2ft tanks bean drilled and pipes got other tanks for sale 15 ono please text as cant get emails thanks 06/10/15
49tank : 2ft L 18H 12W got a lid light it comes on black cabinet has can u text as cant get email sorry not got photo at mo thanks 50 ono 06/10/15
50EACG AUCTION OF CICHLIDS WITH A MALAWI SPEAKER (THIS WEEKEND OCTOBER 11TH) SUNDA ... : The EACG is proud to announce there 11th October event. We have Professor George Turner of Bangor University doing 2 talks on african cic ... 06/10/15
51Ultra Zoas & Palys : We have a wide selection of Zoas & Palys available to purchase from our website http://Jpcoralfrags.com. Prices range from 0.50 - 70.00 pe ... 06/10/15
52Wanted Freshwater Shrimp : I am after freshwater shrimps I don't mind what they are l am looking for around 30 must be local to me or willing to post if you could ple ... 06/10/15
53Red Sea Max 250 : For sale is my red sea max 250.. it comes in black, has all equipment except for the skimmer.. it has a full set of ati tubes in the hood wh ... 06/10/15
54Live Bloodworms : Hello If You are looking for live bloodworms and You want to be 100% sure of them and buy it at great price, have a look on my auction on ... 06/10/15
55Male motoro ray : For sale, 6" home bred male motoro ray. Eats prawn,mussel,whitebait and some pellet. Pics by text,email or watsap.. 100. 06/10/15
56Melanoid/Black Young Female Axolotl : Young black female axolotl for sale, feeding well on earthworms and pellets she is currently at 6 inches in length approx. 6 Collection ... 06/10/15
58Led lighting : Interpet 18.5 inch blue led can\'t find brackets so selling go just 5.00 06/10/15
59Chocolate Chagoi : I have a stunning 26" approx. Chocolate Chagoi for sale...Believed female...In stunning condition...I bought her last year for 300...Will s ... 06/10/15
60Wanted Japanese koi carp will pay up to 4000 pounds : Hi looking for good quality large koi carp and equipment do not mind travelling up to 100 miles for the right collection and equipment ... 06/10/15
6110% OFF DISCUS - BIG DISCOUNTS AND BIG SAVINGS - UK OVERNIGHT DELIVERY : Many strains, superb discus all tap water hardened and ready to go. Many reduced in price. Discus Fish Sales your one stop shop. Simply "cli ... 06/10/15
62DISCUS FISH SALES AUTUMN SALE NOT TO BE MISSED TAKE A LOOK - THE DISCUS SPECIALI ... : ALL UK BRED NO IMPORTS. Many strains including some rare, from reds to yellows to blues many to choose from. Tap water hardened, Communty fi ... 06/10/15
63PAIR MARINE TOMATO CLOWNS OFFERS : Hi I have for sale a lovely pair of tomato clowns. I have had them for 8 months they are really peaceful and nice to look at.The male is ab ... 06/10/15
6450 - 90lt rectangular glass fish tank : Looking for a glass tank to use as a quarantine tank, bare glass with or without accessories, 50lt but not too big. I live in Thornton Heat ... 06/10/15
65Lighting unit for sale LED 36 inches : Hi I am selling a over tank lighting unit by Beam works it is 36" long with brackets which open out to 40" if required it has both white LE ... 06/10/15
66Wanted outgrown fish : Any outgrown or unwanted fish no silly prices Lancashire Ian 06/10/15
67Wanted stingrays : Stingrays wanted in northwest no silly prices ian 06/10/15
68Dats wanted : Dats wanted Lancashire area no silly prices ian 06/10/15
69Brand new fluval edge parts : I am selling the following items from my fluval edge, I dont require them as I am turning it into a marine set up. . Light unit, never us ... 06/10/15
70Custom built marine aquarium full set up for sale : I have for sale my custom made marine cube aquarium, the tank itself is 18inch cube , and with the stand it's 49inches tall to the top of th ... 06/10/15

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