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 LJB aquatics - now in stock, bd hybrid rays, huge variety of flowerhorn, oscar : now in stock at ljb aquatics bd x pearl hybrid ray 200 6 inch disk motoro male ray 5 inch disk 80 over 50 flowerhorn, from SRD to KAM ...09/10/15
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1. Altum Angels from Columbia 35 Delivery to most of UK. : Out of Quarantine after 6 weeks our importation of Columbian Altum Angels are now for sale . These are true Columbian Altums . The ... 09/10/15
2. Rare-Apistogramma Veilfleck pair for sale. : I am selling my rare pair of Apistogramma Veilfleck, this pair were on eggs a couple of days ago so it shouldn't be too long before they spa ... 09/10/15
3. gold severums loverly fish out grown my tank size no more time waisters please : hi a trio of severums for sale stunning fish they need a bigger tank im wanting 25.00ono for the three very good condition and a fair size c ... 09/10/15
5. Golden Marble Angel Fish for sale from 1.50 each : Golden Marbles ALL at price a lot lower than the shops. Also Smokey Blues, Koi, Albino pearl scales, Blacks also some long fins golds. ... 09/10/15
6. geophagus and angels : 5 adult angels 30pound.breeding pair among them. 09/10/15
7. JUVENILE AMERICAN CICHLIDS. : Hi I've have some cichlids for sale Dovii 3 inch 5 Midas 2 inch 5 Tiger motos 1.5 inch 5 Rio mag Umbee 2 inch 5 Amphilophus chanc ... 09/10/15
8. VIEJA SYNSPILUM CICHLIDS FOR FISH TANK AQUARIUM : A moderately aggressive species. It may be possible to successfully keep this species in a community of cichlids, if enough rock and caves a ... 09/10/15
9. ex Cichlasoma Istlanum F2 Rio Balsas for sale : Very rare cichlids for sale, nice medium sized central american cichlid. Small juveniles 1" plus, great size to grow on and get a group. 09/10/15
10. cichlids {scotland} : young adult male gold severum approx 6" in size- 12.or will swap for couple of female crowntail bettas. chocolate talking catfish[young ad ... 09/10/15
11. Cichla Kelberi : Special Offer in 4"-6"Cichla Kelberi Please call shop for details 0161 903 9944 Thanks Emily 09/10/15
12. I have a Male Satanoperca Daemon For Sale. : Two Male Satanoperca Daemon (South American Eartheaters)up for grabs. The males are approx 6 inch in size, very healthy, very colourful a ... 09/10/15
13. Pair of Satanoperca Mapiritensis For Sale : I have a pair of Satanoperca mapiritensis (South American Eartheaters) The pair are approx 6 inch in size, very healthy and in good condi ... 09/10/15
14. Madacasgar Cichlids : I have the following for sale , they range from 1" to 4" 8 x Paretroplus menarambo 5 x Ptychochromis cf grandidieri Ambila-Le ... 09/10/15
15. Uaru x4, 6-7 inch : Hard to find these days 20 each. Leeds/Bradford 07469 969810 08/10/15
16. Geophagus Surinamensis x2 approx 4-4.5 inch : 10 each 07469 969810 08/10/15
17. Texas cichlids x 4 -castleford : Hi I have 4 blue Texas for sale 18months old 2 x males and 2 x females one male is the group leader and they have all grown on together size ... 08/10/15
18. cichlids and catfish for sale : i have a male and female jack dempsey cichlid, medium size electric blue cichlid yellow lab cichlid peacock cichlid jaguar cichlid and ... 08/10/15
19. Nanochromis transvestitus (About 8 left now) : A very beautiful and interesting dwarf cichlid from the Congo area of Africa. These are coming up to approx. 3/4 of an inch. Feeding well on ... 08/10/15
20. Chunky healthy 6 inch red Oscar for sale : For sale 6 inch red Oscar for sale. Open to offers. Perfectly healthy selling as I have 4 larger ones and need to slightly reduce my stoc ... 08/10/15
22. Jack Dempsey for sale 5 inches 15 : I have a jack dempsey for sale at about 5" I think it is a male collection only 15 text for more details 07719335222 08/10/15
23. Male green terror cichlid WANTED : Hi I'm looking for a male green terror cichlid 3"+ I have cash waiting text me on this number if you can help me 07719335222 08/10/15
24. 3 x Satanoperca daemon 20 - 25 cm : For sale large 3x Satanoperca daemon (West Midlands) I can bring up to 20 miles. Regards, Carlos... 07791529401 08/10/15
25. jaguar : WANTED large famale jag wanted mine died last week 7 inch plus would be nice anywhere in manchester area please ring keith on 01617758162 fr ... 08/10/15
26. Stingray marble : Male stingray very nice fish 120 ono 08/10/15
27. Thoracochromis brauschi {Blood Throat Cichlid) : Due to house move I need sell my group very rare Thoracochromis brauschi. This species is maternal mouth brooder endemic to the Fwa river ... 07/10/15
28. texas cichlids for sale Stafford : Texas cichlids for sale males and females range from 2-4 inch. 7.50 each collection Stafford Would be willing to swop for other American ci ... 07/10/15
29. Pangasius : Hi I have a large Pangasius fish for sale. It is a very calm and active fish. Everything is in perfect form. It is around 12 inches and v ... 06/10/15
30. Fish Tank : Hi I have a nice small tank, comes with the following: Stingray internal filter Heater And some white n blue gravel, Current ... 06/10/15
31. ELECTRIC BLUE JACK DEMPSEYS WANTED : electric blue jds wanted preferably juveniles but any size consisdered wanted around sheffield area.also normal jds consisdered. 06/10/15
32. WANTED American Cichlids : Wanted Jack Dempsey, Salvini, Nicaraguense etc... Adult pair or young groups. I can collect to 50 miles or postage. Cash waits. Elgin, Mo ... 06/10/15
33. Jack Dempsey for sale : Have some jack Dempsey for sale from blue gene parent 3 inches in size 5 each collection from Surrey 05/10/15
34. Green Texas cichlid : I bought 4 of these beautiful fish on the 4/10/2015 After reading more into the species I found that my landscaped tank would be destroyed ... 05/10/15
35. breeding pair american salvini cichlids 6 inches sheerness : lovely breeding pair salvini cichlids around 6 inches I am in sheerness kent they are 35 for the pair they have eggs 04/10 please call o ... 05/10/15
36. Baby t/bar cichlids : I have some baby t/bar cichlids for sale 1.50 each or 5 for 5 05/10/15
37. chocolate cichlids : chocolate cichlids wanted.i am after some chocolate cichlids if you have some for sale please contact me willing to travel cash on collectio ... 05/10/15
38. Breeding group of geophagus altifrons for sale 7 in total : Thinning down my tank so my breeding group are up for sale ....breed constant so could be a serious breeding project...3 males 4 females...w ... 05/10/15
39. 4 x Golden Severums : I am selling 4 Golden Severums for 20. They currently measure at 2 and a half to 3 inches. The fish can be posted via overnight courier f ... 05/10/15
40. Short body flowerhorn : Short body flowerhorn about 2.5 inches Just bought it but need the space for another fish, eating well 15 ono 05/10/15
42. Green severums : For sale I have 3 adult green severums. All get on fine with each other an other tank fish. I had 5 but 2 hve started breeding so I have ha ... 04/10/15
43. 6 inch Male Flowerhorn : Really nice specimen with a ton of attitude. Brilliant markings and large hump. Eats very well. 80 04/10/15
44. APISTOS WANTED. christchurch/dorset area : AS ABOVE please email with details.christchurch/dorset area 04/10/15
45. 7 inch 100% female Midas : Stunning female Midas, proved spawner 25 ono 04/10/15
46. Wild and F1 Hondouran Jaguar : i have a Wild Male Jaguar at around 7", I swapped him for some Dovii, I need to close my big tank so he has to go, the lip and finn missing ... 04/10/15
47. Rose queen : rose queen 25.00 6/8" 07825739489. See pic on bass ad sold sold 04/10/15
48. Parrot fish juvies for sale : These are actual offsprings of my parrot fish breeding pair. It's said that 99% of male parrot fish are infertile buy I seem to have hit th ... 03/10/15
49. American cichlids : Hi I have 3 albino Oscars around 2-3 inches 5 each. I also have a 2 inch flowerhorn 10 I would be willing to swop for a 6 inch female Osc ... 03/10/15
50. female Oscar wanted : Hi I'm after a female Oscar around 6 inches not to far from Stafford pls 03/10/15
51. srdxfader flowerhorns 4 inches -5 inches inches 20 each : Only 4"-5" should grow into beatiful fish nice flowerlines and pearling already parents are female srd males a yellow/pink/orange fader 20 ... 03/10/15
52. Wanted altum Angels : Looking for half a dozen quality Altums. Will travel, within reason obviously. Good money waiting for the right fish that are fully settle ... 03/10/15
53. for sale Midas fry size is 2 - 3 inches and just starting to peel and jags : for sale Midas fry 2"/3" just starting to change colour now and eating well 3 pound each thanks Steve.phone 07581876355 03/10/15
54. Pair Cuban cichlids : Nice pair of Cuban cichlids breed regularly 40 03/10/15
55. Wanted - super red sevrums 5 to 6 inch : Let me know what you have. email/text back with photos or video's 03/10/15
56. uaru wanted : Uaru fernandezyepezi wanted. Let me know what you got. South wales Cheers 02/10/15
57. Apistogramma Barlowi Breeding Pair W/C : For sale my Breeding Pair of Wild Caught Apistogramma Barlowi,had 3 broods from these,female coloured up at the moment and looks ready to go ... 02/10/15
58. Apistogramma Baenschi Young : Apistogramma Baenschi Young Aprox 3/4 - 1" (unsexed) 5 for 10 Pics of Parents. Collection Sunderland Text/ring Steve 07882120082 02/10/15
59. PEARSEI. F1 GOLD BOCOURTI, SILVER DOLLAR SHOUL, ,Hoplarchus psittacus : 12 inch pearsei cichlid 30 5 inch f1 bocourti cichlid 20 5 silver dollars shoul 30 12inch Hoplarchus psittacus(true parrot)60 Co ... 02/10/15
60. Wanted Parrot or Cichlids fish Southend : As above need some Parrot cichlids MUST be in Southend area please ! Let me know what you got ? 02/10/15
61. WANTED - Tropheus Ilangi : Hi, I'm after some tropheus Ilangi either W/C or F1. Cash waiting. 30/09/15
62. cryptoheros myrnae tropical fish group of 5 : For sale group of 4 cryptoheros myrnae tropical fish Two males and 2 females 4-6" size approximately 2 years old For more info please call ... 30/09/15
63. WANTED: American cichlids : Hi, I'm looking for large green terror, red terror, red spotted severums, pike cichlids,electric blue jd,geophagus and clown loaches. ... 30/09/15
64. severums between 5cm & 10cm 30p each : Severums between 5cm & 10cm 30p each 30/09/15
65. Thorichthys aureum and WhiteThorichthys aureum (Rare) : Hi I have a batch of Thorichthys aureum cichlid which are rare in this country and are a stunning fish plus some of them are white so even m ... 29/09/15
66. Assorted Cichlids for sale : Hi, I have a variety of fish for sale. There are lots of different species available and lots of different sizes. Please see my other Listin ... 27/09/15
67. extremely rare pike cichild : I have a columbian pike cichild, selling due to closing down of my main tank. been housed with arowana, oscar, pleco,tinfoil barbs and other ... 27/09/15
68. Oscar sale or swap huddersfield : 11inch white oscar for sale or swap huddersfield meltham 27/09/15
69. Red spotted severum : I have two probably both boys as they don't get on red spotted Severum. They are quite large the lighter of the two being biggest. World ... 27/09/15
70. Wanted jag cichlids : Anyone seen any jag cichlids for sale on there travels pls 27/09/15
71. RED SPOTTED SEVERUMS IN STOCK AT CHILTON AQUATICS : We have some stunning Red Spotted Severums back in stock and this is without doubt the biggest collection of these in the north !! SM 10 E ... 26/09/15
72. Wanted f1 festea : Hi am looking for f1 festeas please am from wirral what you got can collect local or pay fuel for delivery 26/09/15
73. American cichlids wanted : Hi I'm looking for American cichlids to stock my 925ltr tank. The bigger the better and anything considered. Thanks tony 26/09/15
74. Apistogramma barlowi : One of only TWO mouthbrooding Apistos so very difficult to come by. These are F1 from mixed wild stock.These are coming up to approx. 3/4 of ... 26/09/15
75. Borleyi cichlid : Selling all of my fish due to tank conversion. A little timid but believe he would thrive in a busy Malawi set up. Approx 6 inches long, ar ... 26/09/15
76. Rotkeil Severum : Reluctant sale of my Rotkeil Severum due to converting tank to community fish. Approximately 2 years old, 6-7 inches long and very healthy. ... 26/09/15
77. 2x10 inch UARU : 30 each or 50 for both for quick sale collection from bromsgrove west mids 26/09/15
78. Large breeding dovii pair : Male is 20inch Female is 9 inch Proven pair 120.00 Kent 26/09/15
79. Severums green : Hi have 4 green Severums 3 inches long 10 pound for them all need them gone quick upgrading tank with new fish thanks let me know can call ... 25/09/15
80. 10 inch male midas : Lovely specimen..he's also.fertile..collection camberwell Se5 25/09/15
81. Mikrogeophagus Ramirezi - Juvenile and Adult Blue/Gold Rams for sale : Hello I have for sale juvenile and adult blue rams. The fish are very good quality and very healthy. They will happily accept pellet and ... 25/09/15
82. Wanted: South American Cichlids : Hi all, I'm after a group of geophagus tapajos red heads (ideally 6 with a mixture of male and female). Also looking for some uaru and ... 23/09/15
83. male Electric blue acara close to 3 inch 8 : buyer to collect from Fleetwood fy7 7ph phone 10235876705 mobile 07444832148 23/09/15
84. Pelvicachromis taeniatus Nigerian Reds : For sale are my PROVEN BREEDING PAIR which have successfully had three broods now. Although a member of the krib genus these are more colou ... 23/09/15
85. WANTED ALBINO CONVICT CICHLIDS : Hi im after afew albino convicts (a breeding pair would be great) if any one can help just message me and ill get back to you asap thanks... ... 22/09/15
86. eb acaras reduced : my breeding pair of eb acara stunning fish they have just produced fry again can be seen 30 pound the pair ono 22/09/15
87. Oscars : Strarting an oscar rescue ctn no fish resold all sizes taken will collect 21/09/15
88. Red spotted severum and Bolivian ram : 1 spotted Severum and 1 Bolivian ram for sale great condition only had them for 2 months 20/09/15
89. Tilapia Buttikoferi : Lovely Tilapia Buttikoferi around 11" to 13" big eating well. open to offers to swap for the right fish please make a offer or ... 20/09/15
90. midas : Selling midas roughly 7" long Looking for 25 ono 20/09/15
91. SEVERUMS : Reluctantly selling off my few remaining fish due to a house move. Up for sale are: 2 heroes severum 9 & 6 inches, 15 and 10 F1 gol ... 20/09/15
92. Vieja Argentina Male 8 inch : Hi all. I have a male Vieja Argentina for sale. Hes about 3 years old now and 8 inches, great nuchal hump and a good looking fella all ro ... 19/09/15
93. Apistogramma Rositae Male : I lost my wild caught Male Apistogramma Rositae and wondered if anyone had a male for sale, Cheers Nick. 19/09/15
94. oscars wanted : Preferably tiger oscars and wild oscars but must be 8inch+ call or send message if anyone is selling please Thanks carl 18/09/15
95. Red terror Umbees Texas midas or vieja breeds wanted cash waiting : Hi I'm looking for any of the above cichlids for my american cichlid tank. Cash waiting And can travel up to 50 miles for the right fish or ... 18/09/15
96. Green Terror / Gold Saum Babies : Hi, i have a batch of green terror babies, they are about 3-4 months old looking really good, size from 1"-2" and there are about 100 of the ... 17/09/15
99. Convict chiclid fry : Convict Chiclid Fry about 2 and a half months old. Largest is about 1.5". I have attached pictures of parents also who currently are having ... 17/09/15
100. 4 inch BLUE ACARA : for sale 4 inch blue acara male open to offers need gone asap collection from S402HD Chesterfield text me on 07474035509 if interes ... 17/09/15

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