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 LJB aquatics - now in stock, bd hybrid rays, huge variety of flowerhorn, oscar : now in stock at ljb aquatics bd x pearl hybrid ray £200 6 inch disk motoro male ray 5 inch disk £80 over 50 flowerhorn, from SRD to KAM ...31/05/16
 American Cichlids at The Fish Barn : We have a range of Central American and South American Cichlids in stock at The Fish Barn Aquatic Store. NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE AVAI ...31/05/16

1. Large jaguar cichlid ..need gone asap 15 ono : Recently acquired jaguar cichlid aproxx 11" 13" cannot keep due to such large size compared to other fish need gone asap as eating ... 31/05/16
2. Electric Blue Rams @ only £4.00 each. : They will be offered for sale at the Preston & District Aquarist Society auction. On Sunday the 12th June. Also the list below is just ... 30/05/16
3. RARE Geophagus turiacu 2inch �4 each x3 for �10 : South american geophagus turiacu and geophagus tapejo red heads at 2inch for sale x3 for �10 colection sunderland 30/05/16
4. RARE Geophagus turiacu 2inch £4 each x3 for £10 : I have for sale some RARE geophagus tuiacu eartheaters cichlids at 2inch £4 each Geophagus tapijo red heads at 2inch £4 each colection ... 30/05/16
5. cryptoheros altoflavus (very rare) : For sale i have my breeding group of Cryptoheros altoflavus. 1 male 3 female. £100 Any questions please text 07523136322 30/05/16
6. Altum Angels : I have 2 Orinoco Altum Angels for sale they are 18months old I have had them a year wanting £80 Ono ring 07790107174 thanks 30/05/16
7. Altums : Hi I have 2orinoco Altum Angels had these a year healthy wanting £80 each ring 07790107174 thanks 30/05/16
8. F2 rio xingu angels group of 6 : homebred group of 6 rio xingu angels.these are top quality angels.these are very big fish at least one pair possibly two in the group.bargai ... 30/05/16
9. Large chocolate cichlid : Male 10". £25 Tel 07789733629 30/05/16
10. Large blue severum : 10", £25 Tel 07789733629 30/05/16
11. Fish sale if picked up today u can have all for £100 : 2 vieja bredorhi £15 each female jag £15 Silver arrowana £40 Tiger Oscar £15 Flowerhorn hybrid £10 Monster 18inch long fin plec £10 ... 30/05/16
12. Large True Parrot Cichlid (Hoplarchus psittacus) : Hi Bought for a project, but I've changed direction on the idea. Fish are between 7 to 10", four in total (Pics and Vid is only for ref ... 29/05/16
13. Zebra Tilapia (Tilapia buttikoferi) : 6-7" Zebra Tilapia for sale (£10) Collection from Central Croydon CR0 29/05/16
14. SATANCAPERA MAPPRAPETISS . : South American chiclid from Brazil to Venezuela regions wild caught group sizes 5ins/ 8ins excellent quality great shoaling species.£12each ... 29/05/16
15. Vieja synspilus : Free to a good home, one in number 7 to 8" long female, large tank required, a bucket will be required to pick up 29/05/16
16. Cincelichthys bocourti for sale SOLD : Large female 11" bocourti for sale or swap for male £45 29/05/16
17. Large albino oscars SOLD : Approx 12" £40 the pair 29/05/16
18. FREE CICHLIDS : Hi I have a couple of Central/South American Cichlids that I am willing to give away free to anyone who will come and collect them. I am ... 29/05/16
19. 2 adult Keyhole Cichlids : Very attractive peaceful fish about 3 inches and quite chunky as they eat well. I just want less competition for my discus food £6 the ... 29/05/16
20. Pair of Gymnogeophagus Blue Neon : For sale I have my pair of Gymnogeophagus Blue Neon. They are still juvenile at the moment as the male is only around 3 inches with the fema ... 29/05/16
21. breeding group of convicts : hi selling my breeding group of convicts 7no various sizes all together £10 the lot im in sunderland my no is 07850799503 price droped there ... 28/05/16
22. DOVII wanted : Female dovii wanted, 6"+, must be top condition, located in Devon, be great if you can post? 28/05/16
23. Midas Cichlid Male 11/12 inches : Beautiful large male Midas Cichlid 11"/12" approx' larger than life character - the ultimate show piece fish Very very healthy all ... 28/05/16
24. Flowerhorns king kamfa x Srd : Hi I have forsale beautiful king kamfa x Srd flowerhorns Lovely flowering and blue pearling Line breed for good quality 3 inches £30 ... 28/05/16
25. LARGE CICHLIDS WANTED 10 inch plus : london or nearby. central or south american only 28/05/16
26. LARGE MALE UMBIE/UMBEE CICHLID WANTED CASH WAITING : bigger the better, have very large tank. in north london. 07886347745 anytime 28/05/16
27. Breeding pair of Lutino Oscars £40 ono : Breeding pair of large 11-12" Oscars. These fish have been very well cared for and are fed a varied diet. They throw out both Lutin and T ... 28/05/16
28. F2 geophagus pindare : stunning breeding pair of F2 geophagus pindare bred by me in local untreated tapwater £30 the pair.i also av 2 spare males for £15 if you wa ... 28/05/16
29. Tilapia buttikoferi : around 8 inch currently in a 7x3x2 oddball community with no problems to any other fish but wont leave the vulture catfish alone ! so ne ... 27/05/16
30. Paratilapia polleni SOLD : about 4 inch currently in a 6x2x2 not getting on with the the flagtail £ 10 or swap for bichir /polypterus NO grey senegalse thoug ... 27/05/16
31. 9 X Wild Spotted Rio Nanay Angelfish : I have for sale 9 Rio Nanay angelfish a very beautiful wild strain Selling the group for £150 bargain price for a hard to find fish or £20 ... 27/05/16
32. Apistogramma Nanay/Melgar : Apistogramma Nanay/Melgar young Ranging from 1" (some not far off sexable) Lovely dwarf Cichlid not often seen for sale 5 for £10 Collect ... 27/05/16
33. Apistogramma Paulmuelleri : Apistogramma Paulmuelleri young aprox 1"+ (F1) Really nice dwarf Cichlid not often seen for sale 4 for £10 (pic of male parent) Collect ... 27/05/16
34. nigerian reds : have quite a few young from the krib family 1.5 to 1.75in growing well £1.50 each 6 for £5 thanks pick up only may be some pairs £5 pair [ ... 27/05/16
35. nanochromis transvestitus REDUCED : i have a proven pair of these not often seen for sale in shops fry did not survive as they were in my community tank have not bred since i s ... 27/05/16
36. Cichlids and Tropical Fish : Fish For Sale X - Ray Tetra 5 for £5 Jewel Cichlid £4.50 , 2 for £8 Rams, £5 2 for £9 Keyhole Cichlids £5 ,2 for £9 Livingstoni Medium ... 27/05/16
37. REDUCED - LAID EGGS AGAIN TODAY (25TH MAY) BREEDING PAIR - TIGER OSCARS : Breeding pair of Tiger Oscars approx. 10" female and 12" male. This pair laid eggs on 10th May but they ate the eggs after 2 days. They ... 27/05/16
38. SOLD##########SOLD ####FREE pair of jack dempsey cichlids : SOLD########SOLD#######FREE FREE breeding pair of jack dempsey cichlids, male around 6inch female bit smaller. Text for info thanks ste #### ... 27/05/16
39. True Parrot Cichlid : 10" True Parrot Cichlid Reason for sale: Not getting on with my Oscar £50 or swap for large fish 27/05/16
40. Super red Texas and kkp for sale : Super red Texas fully faded and kkp for sale both around 4inch Imported Sale due to need fund for new project Both males £130 Ono ... 26/05/16
41. Herichthys pearsei for sale : Herichthys pearsei large male peaceful fish about 11inchs would need a large tank as my tank has sprung a leak 26/05/16
42. Jaguar cichlids : 2 female jag cichlids 3-4 inches .Deff females ad both have laid eggs £ 15.00 would like both to go together 26/05/16
43. Cichlids for sale : hi i have Cichlids Bules with yellow top fin and tail r £10.00. Pinks Albino r £5.00. brown pink ones r £2.50. have meany will do a deal on ... 25/05/16
44. 3 F1 Grammodes cichlid (Mini Dovii) : Here I am selling my 3 stunning f1 Grammodes cichlids these are imported from rapps and are beautiful fish, I have grown these on from no bi ... 25/05/16
45. 8 mixed sex breeding Nile Tilapia £30 ono : 8 mixed sex Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) Think it is 4 females and 4 males. Proven breeders - had several batches of fry from the ... 25/05/16
46. Red Shoulder Severums Wanted Nottingham Area : As in the title,anyone selling any Red Shoulder Sevs in the Notts area? Cash waiting and can travel for the fish. 25/05/16
47. Male electric blue jack Dempsey 5 inch : I know its male cause he has had fry before can send picks but Unfortunately I can't upload on here. Asking for £40 collection sw14 7de Lon ... 24/05/16
48. wanted Alunocara peacocks : anyone selling alunocara peacocks in the dorset area . i only want males must be medium to large in size call anytime 07464 679406 24/05/16
49. cichlids for sale : offers welcome on 2 fire mouths 4 black belts 2 red neck sevs 23/05/16
50. 7 inch aequidens rivulatus (green terror) : Aequidens rivulatus Green terror cichlid 7 inch male Stunning specimen Requires large aquarium Pics/video on request £50 22/05/16
51. Laetacara Dorsigera Cichlid Pair for sale : Laetacara Dorsigera (Red breasted acara,Red-breasted flag cichlid) I have a young (about 1 year old) and healthy breeding pair of Laetacar ... 22/05/16
52. Cichlids in durham : Hello I'm after some cichlids ( yellow labs etc) can collect in Durham area. Please message me as I'm looking to collect asap 22/05/16
53. Wild court black black belts £35 : Breeding pair of wild Costa Rica black belts the male is 10inc the female is 6inc £35 for the pair 22/05/16
54. Jack Dempsey & Pleck For Sale : We have a Jack Dempsey who we believe is male for sale as he has outgrown our tank seems to be in good health. He is approximately 6/7 inche ... 21/05/16
55. ELECTRIC BLUE JACK DEMPSEYS NEED NEW HOME : We are looking to rehome our 2 ebjd, both in good health, one is about 3-4 inches the other 2-3. Unsure of sexes, been living happily togeth ... 21/05/16
56. Uaru (Chocolate Cichlid, Triangle Cichlid, Waroo) : I have some home bread Uaru Cichlid 2.5” £4 each or 6 for £20 20/05/16
57. Green Terror : 5 inch Green Terror for sale due to a change of aquarium set up. £15 (No deliveries) Contact: Email me at [email protected] or leave ... 18/05/16
58. FLOWERHORN WANTED : I'm looking for a female flowerhorn around the essex area or neighbouring county's.Any considered so if you're thinking of selling please ... 18/05/16
59. Geophagus Mirabilis for sale : 2 females looking for a male to keep them happy. Approx 4" £20 each, no offers. Not the best photo as they never keep still long enough to s ... 18/05/16
60. Geophagus Proximus Tefe : Stunning Geophagus Proximus Tefe. Excellent health and beautiful trailing fins. Approximately 7" and both males. Very peaceful fish. £25 eac ... 18/05/16
61. For sale , various cichlids : Turn up and make me an offer , Norton .... 18/05/16
62. juvenile geo altifrons : 3 young geo altifrons for sale ,as my adult pair are bullying them approx. 3.5" not sure if m or fem collection only sr7 area 18/05/16
63. kkp : 2 large kkp parrot fish for sale about 8 inches £25 each or both for £40 ,reason for sale need the space,bring bucket or container, NO BAG ... 18/05/16
64. 4 jaguar cichlids and 1 zebra talapia £35 a piece (negotiable)please read descri ... : 3 male jaguar cichlids and 1 female 2 of which are a breeding pair £35 each or all 5 for £145 the large male which is the breeding male is ... 16/05/16
65. Vieja cichlids x 2 for sale £25 for the pair or swaps : Eating well on pellet blood worm and flake.selling due to new setup and questions text or WhatsApp for more pics. Walsall area must bring ow ... 16/05/16
66. Flowerhorn pair : Have a pair of classic kamfa still have the great body shape and couloir but less aggressive and more hardy £100 the pair no offers Both 8 ... 15/05/16
67. 6 Green Terrors for sale : 6 x Green Terror cichlids 2-4inch in size. Healthy and eating well. Price is £15 for 6. 1 Breeding pair possible. Buyer must collect fr ... 15/05/16
68. kribensis : young kribensis 60p each 07792411392 wigan please do not email on btinternet please email on [email protected] thanks ... 14/05/16
69. Azule peacock bass : 13-14" azule peacock bass eats as a bass does (anything that fits in his mouth) would love to keep him but I want to add smaller fish to my ... 14/05/16
70. ANGEL FISH QUALITY BREEDS X 9 : Due to not being collected after arranging date these angel fish are still for sale all must go together I have 9 top quality large an ... 13/05/16
71. Geophagus red head/orange wild caught x2 adult males : Stunning fish brought from wharf for £70 for the two ...stunning colours..bargain £45 for the pair 13/05/16
72. Heros Notatus - wild red spotted severum Male £20 : Kept on London water, eating everything really, temp 26-27C. On the pictures are my fish. Bear in mind the fact that you can buy one f ... 12/05/16
73. Heros Notatus - wild red spotted severums - selected breeding pair £70 : Kept on London water, eating everything really, temp 26-27C. On the pictures are my breeding pair currently with fry. Bear in mind the f ... 12/05/16
74. STINGRAY - Female 12 inch P12 Henlei £500 ONO : Hello I have for sale my female P12 Henlei Stingray. Very healthy and active. Feeding on mussels and prawns. Any question or viewing c ... 11/05/16
75. cryptoheros myrnae tropical fish breading pair : For sale cryptoheros myrnae tropical fish breading pair size 5-6" approximately 2 years old For more info please call 07901952328 £ 20 11/05/16
76. 4 x F1 Satanoperca mapiritensis (or cf leucosticta?) : Four blue-spangle Satanoperca for sale ranging from 4"-7" in size, bred from wild parents. £50 for the group ONO. These engaging eartheaters ... 11/05/16
77. Leatacara curviceps, dwarf flag cichlids/ dwarf Acara. : 2 healthy dwarf flag cichlids, I have had these in my community planted tank for 2 months, they are living happily with harlequins and black ... 11/05/16
78. Breeding pair of Pelvicachromis Pulcher (Kribensis) : Bought at the start of the year and successfully had some fry but my tank is just too small and they end up fighting and as they are startin ... 10/05/16
79. kribensis dwarf cichild fry : Kribensis fry for sale from my proven pair 1cm to 2cm long. £2 each. text on 07562679996. 10/05/16
81. Crenicichla regani sp rio orinoco : Crenicichla regani rio orinoco (dwarf pike cichlid) 3.5 inch male Wild caught fish Stunning specimen £10 09/05/16
82. Kribensis juvenile and parents for sale : Parents (approx. 2") £10 Young ( 2cm) £2 each (Born in January 2016) Collection only from Braintree, Essex. Please come with your ... 09/05/16
83. Severums and Oscars : Hello I have the following for sale: 1 Rotkeil Severum 8" £50 1 Red spot Severum 7-8" £40 1 Albino Oscar 8-10" £25 All in great ... 09/05/16
84. Geophagus megasema : I have 6 geo's available for sale approximately 4" Best offer for the group? 08/05/16
85. 12 inch MALE PARACHROMIS MANAGUENSIS (JAGUAR) : Hi i have for sale a 12 inch Parachromis managuensis for sale Cannot upload from phone but can send pics upon request by whats app 07/05/16
86. Golden Severum 4-5 inch 7£ each or 60 £ for 10 : Hi. For sale 10 severums . feeding great on anything that gos in the tank.great looking fish . 7£ each or 60£ for all 05/05/16
87. Breeding pair of Crenicichla Regani (Dwarf Pike Cichlids) : I am leaving the hobby and i am looking to give away my breeding pair of dwarf pike cichlids. They are around a year old and are in excel ... 05/05/16
88. for sale tilapia approx 2-3 inch : for sale tilapia cichlid approx 2-3 inch £15 collection only Irlam Manchester 04/05/16
89. Synspillum : 10inch synspilum for sale £20.00 04/05/16
90. cichlids for sale : fire mouths/black belts/jaguar cichlids,red neck sevs clown loaches for sale all offers welcome,closing down tank,all fish must go... 03/05/16
91. Altum Angels : 13 altums for sale ranging from 6"-12" £500 Works out £38 per fish at that size is a cracking deal. 03/05/16
92. breeding projects Angels,and other fish : Three pair Angels (Ken kennedy blues, koi and black) plus others. Pairs have all laid eggs before. Group of 5 Egyptian mouth brooders, 2 ma ... 02/05/16
93. Very big parrot fish : Very big parrot fish for sale selling as he has put grown my tank £35 01/05/16
94. Flowerhorn SRD vieja bifasciatus : Hi all up for sale Hybred fryes Flowerhorn & vieja bifasciatus This are great looking fish so the fryes will be full of colours when a ... 01/05/16
95. Wanted oscar fish : Hello as titled I am looking for an Oscar as local as possible to leatherhead. 01/05/16
96. Female Parachromis Dovii (wolf cichlid).... Rio hondo Carpintus juveniles : female dovii approximately 9 inches. healthy, feeding well on hikari gold, prawn, bloodworm and crickets. £35 Rio Hondo carpintus juv ... 01/05/16
97. Heros Notatus - wild red spotted severum Female £25 : Kept on London water, eating everything really, temp 26-27C. On the pictures is my fish. Bear in mind the fact that you can buy one fi ... 30/04/16
98. RED SPOTTED SEVERUMS - BREEDING PAIR (XXL + COLOURS) : Here I have 2 beautiful specimens of the Heros Red Spotted Severum. The fish are eating healthy and are being kept in hardy London water. ... 29/04/16
99. 2 red oscars : 2 red oscars very nice good conditions 50] or swap to frontosa 29/04/16
100. Stunning breeding pair of F1 Rio Nanay Angel fish ( Pterophyllum sp. Rio Nanay) : This pair are both 8 inches top to bottom ( including fins) and are in perfect condition. They have previously spawned 2x. But are kept in a ... 28/04/16

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