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1. The British Cichlid Association Convention/Auction - Guest Speaker Kaj Persson : details below of our forthcoming BCA Event with Kaj Persson giving us two talks as below followed by the BCA Auction of Cichlids, Catfish an ... 28/03/15
2. Uura cichlid 20 : Uara cichlid fish for sale. 5-6inches long. Selling as my tank has some aggressive fish in it and this is a peaceful fish who needs to be wi ... 28/03/15
3. Flowerhorn Flower horn SRD Female hybrid oddball odd ball cichlid : Hi i have a very nice Super Red Dragon hybrid fertile female flowerhorn for sale she has been bred by myself to add more pearls and double r ... 28/03/15
4. Flowerhorn Flower horn SRD hybrid oddball odd ball cichlid SOLD PENDING : Hi i have a very nice Super Red Dragon juvenile flowerhorn for sale they have been bred by myself to add more pearls and double row he is co ... 28/03/15
6. Cichla Temensis & Cichla Azul : I have for sale; 2 Cichla Temensis @ 18" 300 4 Cichla Azul @ 8" 200 for group Contact for more info on 07507 294 914 28/03/15
7. 2 X Geophagus Eartheaters : Great condition feeding well active swimmers 25 collection bicester 28/03/15
8. Threadfin acara, Acarichthys Heckelii - Coventry : Hello, I'm downgrading my aquarium and need to sell some fish. I have for sale two adult threadfin acaras, one is 6 inches, the other is ... 28/03/15
9. Satanoperca/Geophagus jurupari - Coventry : Hello, I'm downgrading my aquarium and need to sell some fish. I have for sale 2 adult Satanoperca Jurupari, both around 4-5 inches. I ... 28/03/15
10. Oscar and parrot fish : Hi I am lookin to by Oscars and parrot fish if u have sum for sale please text me no 07783416409 must be able to deliver thanks for your tim ... 28/03/15
11. VIEJA SYNSPILUM CICHLIDS FOR FISH TANK AQUARIUM : A moderately aggressive species. It may be possible to successfully keep this species in a community of cichlids, if enough rock and caves a ... 28/03/15
12. ACARA CICHLIDS FOR FISH TANK AQUARIUM : The Acara is an amazingly interesting and colorful fish and in the many years I have kept tropical fish I would say that these were my one o ... 28/03/15
13. FREE 7-8 inch Jaguar Cichlid For sale (SW11), : Jaguar cichlid for FREE 7-8" very greedy, eats everything need gone asap as moving out pick up only from sw11 bring bucket or tr ... 28/03/15
14. Feamale Jaguar - AKA Managuense Cichlid 8 inches Plus 25.00.NOW SOLD THANKYOU. : Here for sale.Is my Stunning 8" Female Jaguar Cichlid.She has the "Gold Gene" in her as her father was 60% Gold Gene,and in the "right light ... 28/03/15
15. adult pair lyonsi : adult pair lyonsi, male 10/11 inch female 8 inch, male is a good glass banger, 40 for the pair, tel 07582166397. pick up boston. 28/03/15
16. red devil : about 5 inch male, needs to be a only fish, he is a killer. 07582166397 5. boston lincs, pick up 28/03/15
17. adult male convicts : I have 3 adult male convicts, all have good nochal humps, about 4 to 5 inch, 5 each. 07582166397 pick up only, boston lincs 28/03/15
18. geos : Geophagus altifrons 2_3 inch 35.pound 6 in total 28/03/15
20. 7 x convict cihlids zebra : 7 x zebra convict cihlids about 8 weeks old about a inch in size collect from crewe the parents are the same as ones in pic thank you 28/03/15
22. STUNNING CICHLID FRY 100 FOR 50 : Hi, 100 CICHLID FRY FOR ONLY 50!!! I have the following cichlid fry: -Hongi -Peacock -Blue socolofi -Auratus x1 -Albino s ... 28/03/15
23. Geophagus Winemilleri Rio Atabapo : got a young F1 group of 9 of these hard to find geo`s genuine reason for sale decided to go back to keeping African cichlids looking for ... 28/03/15
24. breeding pair of geophagus red head tapajo`s : I`ve got a young pair of these cracking fish [regular spawners] but alas no successful spawns to date forever laying eggs on the bogwood - ... 28/03/15
25. STUNNING CICHLID FRY 100 FOR 50 : Hi, 100 CICHLID FRY FOR ONLY 50!!! I have the following cichlid fry: -Hongi -Peacock -Blue socolofi -Auratus x1 -Albino s ... 28/03/15
26. Electric blue acara and red shouldered severum : Acara 4 inch 15 red shoulder 3 inch disc 10 or both for 20 i am travelling from Eastbourne to Hastings tomorrow so delivery anywhere on ... 28/03/15
27. FIREMOUTHS SCOTLAND : looking for decent sized firemouths 28/03/15
28. 2x large parrot fish breeding pair : 2x 6inch kkp parrot fish forsale they are breeding pair layed egg several times 40 or swap for internal filter Call 07944537367 27/03/15
29. Rotkeil Severum & Geophagus Red Head Tapajos : I have a Rotkeil Severum and 8 x Geophagus Red Head Tapajos that I am looking to rehome due to a moving house. Severum is approx. 7" - lo ... 27/03/15
30. free 3 oscars, also for sale re listed due to timewaster dovii male, blue flower ... : 2 red oscars 4.5 inch and one speckled tiger 9 inch all live together fine and good with other fish, making room, want all 3 taken together. ... 27/03/15
31. trio Apistogramma panduro : Trio of Apistogramma panduro up for sale 2moro 25 1male 2female not settling in my tank 07518268382 27/03/15
32. large jaguar cichlid : large jaguar cichlid 6 inch 20 harnsley 27/03/15
33. ISTLANUM Fry... (1cm long) : I currently selling a few hundred Istlanum fry at approx a cm long as of 27 March 2015 for 50p each, for the time being - but as they grow t ... 27/03/15
34. swap my 5 inch female parrot for another proven female : Hi..I'm looking to swap my proven female parrot..nice round high quality chunky for another female..she's laid many times and I have fry fro ... 27/03/15
35. THAI SILK FLOWERHORN 10 inches MALE FOR SALE. 250. OR BEST OFFER : For sale is this stunning Thai Silk flowerhorn Cichlid. Those who keep these fish know how much they sell for and he is for sale at 250. M ... 27/03/15
36. CRENCICHLA ATABAPO 1 w.c. RED FIRE PIKE CICHLID - 50.00 TEESIDE : For Sale - 1 FEMALE crencichla atabapo 1 , red fire pike cichlid. this is a lone female at approx 10-11" . has a little attitude but ... 27/03/15
37. HIGH QUALITY SUPER RED DRAGON -SRD- FLOWERHORN 65.00 TEESIDE : FOR SALE -- top quality super red dragon flowerhorn . original Thai import . around 8inch , good colours , nice kok developing , currentl ... 27/03/15
38. male synspilum wanted : Nice size male synspilum wanted near Plymouth devon but can travel for right fish 27/03/15
39. srdxfader flowerhorns : Only 1" at the moment selling them small coz I haveover 120 ov them should grow into beatiful fish nice flowerlines and pearling already par ... 27/03/15
40. TANK CLOSURE - SOUTH AMERICAN CICHLIDS FOR SALE : The following require a new loving home:- Vieja Zonatus(male) @11" = 20.00 SOLD Vieja Argentea @9" = 20 ... 27/03/15
41. 9-10 inch Breeding Pair Of Oscars Offers around 30.00.NOW SOLD : For Sale.I have a Breeding Pair Of 9"+ Oscars.The Female is a Black Red Tiger & the Male is a Venezuelan Red Oscar. Only selling as want to ... 27/03/15
42. Kyoga Flameback Cichlid 2cm-1Inch - 2.50 Each : Kyoga Flameback Cichlid 2cm-1Inch - 2.50 Each Picture 2 is what fish will look like grown Picture 1 is of fish for sal 2cm - 1 Inch ... 27/03/15
43. Wild Caught South American Fish. Altums, plecos, corydorus etc : NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE 16.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery BEFORE 12.00 Noon For Scotland please enquire. we do request ... 27/03/15
44. severums wanted : Looking for a pair adult super red severum or single adult male. 26/03/15
45. Rotkeil Several (red shoulder) : Reluctantly I have for sale my charismatic sev. Not owned for a particularly long period after rehoming from his initial owner (who recently ... 26/03/15
46. True Parrots - Hoplarchus Psittacus : I have 4 large parrots for sale - they are 2 pairs for 99 % 200 cash or will swap for a stingray If u need any up to date pictures o ... 26/03/15
47. WANTED ....Large pearsei cichlid or pair 8 inches + : Hi ,I am after a large pearsei cichlid or two Preferably adult 10"+ but no smaller than 8" Will travel within an hour or two of Staf ... 26/03/15
48. Apistogramma Viejita II pair : I have a pair of apistogramma Viejita II for sale both are eating well on frozen food and flake. Kept 50/50 mix ro/tap water They get on fin ... 26/03/15
49. ANY FREE CICHLIDS : I have sent up a cichlid tank as these fish are lovely but most out grow there tanks or get nasty to other tank mates so I have got a 7ft ta ... 26/03/15
50. geophagus red heads and other geos for sale..STUNNING : group of 10 geo red heads for sale 2-3 inch in size..stunning fish ..also other geos for sale..breeding trio of german rams for sale...other ... 26/03/15
51. rose queen+texus reduced : Rose queen 6/7in and 8in plus texus true breeding PR have had Fri before $60.00 07825739489 26/03/15
52. Paraiba Angelfish : I have got a breeding pair of Paraiba Angelfish. Please call or text on 07578170450 Open to offers or swaps 25/03/15
53. cichlid convicts : cichlid convict babies for sale about 1 inch long 12 weeks old only 75p each 25/03/15
54. Jewel Cichlids & Blue Acaras for sale Chesterfield area : Looking to sell my jewels and blue acaras. I have 2 of each, jewels are incredible colours but I want to concentrate on malawis only. Jewels ... 25/03/15
55. South American cichlids for sale SE London : Trimming down on stock so we have for sale -SOLD uaru 9" 25 and 7" 20 or both for 40 -Geophagus brasiliensis 5" 15 each or 2 For 25 ... 25/03/15
56. 2 LARGE GOLDEN SEVERUMS . : LARGE Golden Severums . in great condition and eating well.. too big for my tank . SEVERUMS 15 EACH PARROTS 10 EACH ( PARROTS SOLD) ... 25/03/15
57. super red dragons flowerhorn 6 inches + males and females 5 inches + : Special offer 40 males 20 females 3 males 4 females left Not all the photos do them justice my fish house only has white led strip light ... 25/03/15
58. Juvenile Convicts for Sale : Various size juvenile convicts, 0.5 to 1.5 inches Growing fast, getting a bit cramp in tank. 1 each. Cheaper if buy more. Pick up only fr ... 25/03/15
59. breeding pair of festae : Breedin pair of festae for sale currently with fry stunning colours a must see 100 quid no offers 24/03/15
60. Lake victorians : Lake Victorian cichlids for sell zebra obliquedens sp 44 flame backs yellow labs Pundamilla nyeri and 6 petricola synodontis cats about 60 ... 24/03/15
61. XL green severum 25 : Nice example 25.07789733629 24/03/15
62. zebra tilapia cichlid : we have an 8" zebra tilapia for sale. it is eating well and nice and healthy. they are often called different names such as tiger tilapia, h ... 24/03/15
63. texas cichlids : 2 texas cichlids size 12-13 cm ,very nice color,40 ] each, 70 both 24/03/15
64. parrot fish : For sale very nice healthy parrot fish Have 3 normal size parrot fish and 1 king parrot fish Open to sensible offers Please text me on 078 ... 23/03/15
65. flowerhorn : Hi I have a flowerhorn 4-5inch maybe a male, looking to swap for some baby back angle fish. Collect only from SE58UP. Thx..... 23/03/15
66. FOR SALE : Champsochromis caeruleus about 10" Leporinus about 10-11" 20.00 ea cheers 23/03/15
67. Flowerhorn Super red dragon masterpiece : Selling my beloved super red dragon, this fish is a true monster at 12 inch +, has been imported from Thailand and has been in my collection ... 23/03/15
68. thoracochromis brauschi : Hi anybody got any bloodthroat cichlid (thoracochromis brauschi)? around west yorkhire. Let me know cheers 07501692648 23/03/15
69. REGANI PIKE CICHLIDS NEW IN STOCK AT CHILTON AQUATICS 25.00 EACH OR 5 FOR 100 : We have new in stock some of these rare dwarf pike cichlids!! Only 25 each or 5 for 100 these will sell very quickly!! Collection only 23/03/15
70. 4 Large Parrot Fish : I have 4 large orange parrot fish for sale. 5-6" each and in beautiful condition. 15 each or 50 for all 4. 22/03/15
71. Retroculus xinguensis, 8in 15 (rare eartheater, wild, from Brazil) : I have a sub-adult Retroculus (8") for sale. This is a pretty, peaceful, fairly rare riverine eartheater. Needs a large (5ft+) tank with goo ... 22/03/15
72. SOLD Blue pearl eartheater Satanoperca mapiritensis juveniles : I have several 2" F1 juvenile speckled-faced S maps for sale (similar to leucosticta), born and raised in London tap water (no RO), and shou ... 22/03/15
73. 3 x Satanoperca daemon : For sale large 3x Satanoperca daemon (West Midlands) Regards, Carlos. 22/03/15
74. severum wanted : Looking for a pair of super reds if there is any. I'm in Middlesbrough..cheers 22/03/15
75. guinacara red spotted pairs,young geophagus : stunning young pairs of guinacara red spotted for sale. plus young groups of geophagus pindare. thanks for looking. see links. 22/03/15
76. ISTLANUM Pair (HELD) : Big Pair of Istlanum for sale in Durham. Male is 9" and the female about 7". These are very rare cichlids much sort after around the world ... 21/03/15
77. 5 geophagus red heads..sub adults 2-3 inch : Beautiful healthy fish..very placid bargain 45 for a group of 5 21/03/15
78. male and female jack dempsey breeding pair : Male and female jack dempsey breeding pair for sale, male around 6 inch female around 4 inch long lovely colours 35ono collection selby nor ... 21/03/15
79. Cichlids : Cuban cichlids and salvin cichlids wanted would like them in South yorkshire but I'm willing to travel 21/03/15
80. Severums Wanted : I am looking for any kind of severums in the Essex area, hopefully a breeding pair. Price and collection to be discussed. Please contact ... 21/03/15
81. MIDAS cichlids midas cichlids : WANTED Midas cichlids,,white/orange. White/yellow my even consider devils of the same colours from juvies to adult let me know what you have ... 21/03/15
82. Geophagus Tapajos red heads : Hi I have around 37 Tapajos red heads, some have paired off... 4"-5" P.o.a 21/03/15
83. RARE CUBAN CICHLID BREEDING MALE FOR SALE. ( AMERICAN ) : I reluctantly have forsale my male cuban cichlid. He is a proven breeder and regularly breeds with his female. His female recently died and ... 21/03/15
84. Beast convicts - breeding pair : I have a breeding pair of bruiser convicts the male is close to 6 inch with the female around 3 inches. Breeding every few weeks of 200+ fry ... 20/03/15
85. Flowerhorn, super red dragon, show quality : Selling my beloved true masterpiece super red dragon, just haven't got the room shutting couple of tanks down, he's around 11 inches, just o ... 20/03/15
86. Red Top Tapajos Cichlids. : 3 Stunning 6" Males & a smaller Female - have spawned. Moving so must go, Bargain 50 for the four. 01237 470735 Buyer Collects. North Devon 20/03/15
87. Adult Angelfish : 5 Lovely fish about 3 and a half inches to 4 inches includes two fertile pairs. Moving so Must go, Bargain at 40 for the five. 01237 470735 ... 20/03/15
88. Geophagus Pindare. : We have some stunning Geophagus Pindare available, Small Juveniles 3 7.50 or group of 6 for 30 Excellent fish for keeping you ... 19/03/15
89. 2 x butterkofi 15 : Largest 5"-6" smallest around 3-4" nice chunky fish 19/03/15
90. Large Male Blue Diamond Flowerhorn : Bobby needs a new home! He has grown too big for our tank...and has started moving furniture. He needs someone who wants to breed him and wi ... 19/03/15
91. Rams and Rasbora : looking to re-home my Rams due to them pestering my shrimp. Bought them 3 months ago from Maidenhead for about 24. Both are in great health ... 19/03/15
92. exCichlasoma festae aka Red Terror for sale F1 fish : I have a small amount of F1 festae aka Red Terror cichlid, they are around 2-3cm in total Length and growing well. These are from my unrelat ... 19/03/15
93. Wanted Cichlids : Jack Dempsey, Green Terror, Tilapia Mozambique, Texas. In and around Bradford area, or will swap. Maybe i have what you're looking for. ... 19/03/15
94. Red spot severum for sale : Looking to move my stunning severum on as taking new direction in what I keep, been great centre of attention in tank and always comes out t ... 19/03/15
95. XL ZEBRA ANGELS ONLY 6.95 5 FOR 30 AT CHILTON AQUATICS : We have some absolutely stunning Zebra Angels in stock at a great size and pairing off!! Only 6.95 each or buy a 5 for 30!! Also Diamon ... 19/03/15
96. wanted male king kamfa : Anybody out there have a male kk for sale must b able to deliver must have decent kok and 6"+ good money waiting for right fish thanks Geoff 19/03/15
97. Miss flowerhornuk flowerhorn and red texas : I have some flowerhorn and red Texas available genuine enquiry only please Short body pre fade red Texas male 65 deliverd pic 1 Red T ... 18/03/15
98. Jaguar Cichlid Fry : I have 10 Jaguar Cichlid fry. The biggest being at 4 inches, with the rest all being above 2.5 inches. They were all from the same batch. Th ... 18/03/15
99. MALE DOVII 4 SALE : Hi I have a male dovii for sale around 7" email or text l for more details 18/03/15
100. Bocourti, Red devil : 5 inch Bocourti, 4 inch Red devil for sale, lovely fish eating well. 5 each collection only. I think the devil is male but not 100% positi ... 17/03/15

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