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1. Breeding pair of Amatitlania nigrofasciatus and 10 Ameca splendens. : Pair of convicts: £5. Ameca splendens: £3 each or £20 for the group 10. Or I may be interested in swapping for certain L numbers/fancy p ... 01/09/14
2. geophagus wanted : winemilleri neambi also Satanoperca daemon will consider fry 01/09/14
3. butterkoferi cichlid £30 onoo : Lovely 12" butterkoferi chichlid for sale, £30 ono. It's a great character. Collection only. Call or text 07530030352 01/09/14
4. Oscars, Fire Mouth and Brochis : Two Oscars, One Fire Mouth Cichlid and two Long Nose Brochis. Tiger Oscars 4in £7 each. Fire Mouth Cichlid 2in £7each. Long Nose Brochis ... 01/09/14
5. Wild Caught South American Fish : NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE £16.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery BEFORE 12.00 Noon For Scotland please enquire. we urge that c ... 01/09/14
6. breeding pair green terror and breeding pair green sevrums : hi i have a breeding pair green terror and breeding pair green sevrums for sale and 3 extra green terrors £40 a pair and £10 each spare terr ... 31/08/14
7. ELECTRIC BLUE JACK DEMPSEY : I have for sale a 3 1/2 to 4inch EBJD. Reluctant sale, it just doesnt get on with my oscar. £30 Please ring me on 07707766367 Buyer co ... 31/08/14
8. Peacock bass : 4/5 inch kelberi, 4 for sale £25 each all 4 £80 collection ONLY lancing pic on request via whats app 31/08/14
9. Geoff Rapps strain Honduran red points,Manchester : Hi, I got these with a group of Malawi i wanted but there not my type of fish. Breeding group of Honduran Red Points. These were inported ... 31/08/14
10. For Sale 30 Young Red Devils : sizes are males around 3 - 4 inches females are between 2 - 3 inches Price £60 for 12 bulk buy that works out at £5 each only on bulk buyin ... 31/08/14
11. South American Cichlids etc : The following fishes currently available : 25/08/2014 Cichlids Aequidens sp Maracaibo Apistogramma agassizi Huser Redtail Apistogra ... 31/08/14
12. Fish for sale - Honduran red point : Honduran red point Size 3-4 cm Lovely fish £3 each or 2 for £5 Winsford, cheshire, cw7 Markjohnson756@msn.com 07949615285 31/08/14
14. Flowerhorn Flower horn king Kamfa oddball odd ball cichlid : Hi i have a very nice male metallic king kamfa flowerhorn for sale this fish is showing really nice markings and colours nice king kamfas do ... 31/08/14
15. Flowerhorn Flower horn kamalau hybrid oddball odd ball cichlid : Hi i have a very nice kamalau flowerhorn for sale he is colouring up nicely and kok growing by the day i have more of these availible and ot ... 31/08/14
16. BREEDING PAIR JACK DEMPSEY £25 : Breeding pair jack dempsey(rocio octofasciata) good size and colour 6-7 inches collection hammersmith W6 call or text only Ben on 07500 112 ... 31/08/14
17. 9 Juvenile Geophagus Steindachneri Nottingham : As above I have 9 juvies to sell on. Their father is listed in another listing. Fish are approx 1" long and growing fast. Kept in ta ... 31/08/14
18. Adult Male Geophagus Steindachneri For sale Nottingham : As above I have an adult Steindachneri to sell on. It was part of a proven breeding pair but unfortunately I lost the female. He is 5" ... 31/08/14
19. Texas Cichlid : For sale is my 6inch female Texas Cichlid. I was hoping to breed her with my male, but she simply fights with him. This is a stunningly colo ... 31/08/14
20. Rainbow cichlid : I have about 15 juvenile rainbow cichlids from my breeding adults. They're about 2-3 inches long and growing fast. I'm selling them for just ... 31/08/14
21. Red terror pair : For sale are my red terror breeding pair, the pair are wild collected from oddball express. Had plenty of young from the pair and the latest ... 31/08/14
22. Free Green Terrors (All sizes) : I have been a little too successful in breeding Green Terror Cichlids and now over run with more spawn wrigglers on the way! Free to a go ... 30/08/14
23. 5 x 3 inch Red Head Tapajos £50 Altrincham : Lovely fish. Already removed one pair from original group of 8. Parents were wilds. The Colour on the pair I'm keeping back has really int ... 30/08/14
24. exCichlasoma festae aka Red Terror for sale F1 fish not many left : I have a small amount of F1 festae aka Red Terror cichlid, they are around 2-3cm in total Length and growing well. These are from my unrelat ... 30/08/14
25. Jade eyed cichlid : Cryptoheros spilurum - got a breeding pair of these that have spawned twice in a cichlid community tank. Male about 3.5 inches, female about ... 30/08/14
26. Aequidens metae : Hi - for sale is my group of FOUR Aequidens metae. These are a hard-to-find South American cichlid and like most cichlids are fairly peac ... 30/08/14
27. severum : breeding pair red shoulder severum 30 pounds or swop fot red spot severum or chocolate cichlid 30/08/14
28. 8" male srd flowerhorn. : 8" male srd flowerhorn awesome colors and nice pearling pic does no justice but buyer wont be dissapointed for this price hes an absolu ... 30/08/14
29. LARGE RED PARROT CICHLIDS IN STOCK AT CHILTON AQUATICS. : We have 2 Large Red Parrot cichlids in stock . Only £15 each. Collection only. 30/08/14
30. geophagus red head tapajos( young )3 inch : red head geophagus Tapajos parents are wild caught. some of them coloured up 2 inch £2, 3.5 inch £3 each, thanks for looking .l11 8lu 29/08/14
31. rainbow cichlids : Young rainbow cichlids APROX 15/20 (these are Americans not suitable for malawi set-ups) asking for 15.00 joblot as need to clear the tank o ... 29/08/14
32. RARE 10 inches Chuco Intermedium Central America Cichlid FOR SALE/SWAP : This is fantastic chance to own this rare cichlid. Approx 10" by 2.5" thick. Housed with a range of other cichlids and fish, see my video be ... 29/08/14
33. super red dragons flowerhorn 4 inches + short bodys available +breeding pairs : £35each or 2 for£60 these r top quality fish The will go up £10 every inch they grow so come and get them early AAA grade super red drago ... 29/08/14
35. Wanted - Breeding Groups Cichlids : Hi i am looking for breeding groups of Malawi, Will consider what you have got 29/08/14
36. 6 inch blue king kamfa flowerhorn for sale or swap : I'm selling my 6 inch blue king kamfa flowerhorn imported by missflowerhorn. Really really gutted i cant keep this fish im only Selling a ... 29/08/14
37. 7 Large Angelfish for sale £60 or swap for discus : 7 asorted angel fish for sale, excellent condition eating bloodworm flake etc pick up ashton thanks for looking.£60 or swap for discus 29/08/14
38. Jaguar cichlid female : 7 inch female chunky. Lovely colours Pick up only £20 29/08/14
39. American cichlids for sale : We have american cichlids for sale in winsford cw7 cheshire Ellioti 3-4 cm male/female £3 each Red hump eartheater 3-4 cm male/female £3 e ... 28/08/14
40. One Retroculus xinguensis 6-7" (wild, from Brazil) £45 : I have a single Retro, gender unknown,growing rapidly in my Satanoperca tank. There is no hurry to sell, but at some point this little guy o ... 28/08/14
41. 11 Severums, Breeding pair Rainbow cichlid, jewel cichlid for swap/sale : Hi, I have a couple of tanks with severums, ranbow cichlids and a jewel. I am wanting to thin out the tanks and possibly swap for some equip ... 28/08/14
43. ORANGE CHROMIDE CICHLIDS IN STOCK NOW AT CHILTON AQUATICS. : We have a few of these rare cichlids in stock now. 7cm size only £8.95 or 5 for £40 COLLECTION ONLY. 28/08/14
44. large dovil £25 pair or swap for few africans any sort : pair of large dovils male and female male 15"+ and in great condition wiv bluey green top fin female around 9-10" little rough round edges b ... 28/08/14
45. WANTED: large south americans : am after adult pairs/groups of acarichthys heckelii, satanoperca lucosticta and satanoperca daemon. will pay good money for the right fish. ... 27/08/14
47. assorted parrot fish for sale : Hi I have about 30 parrot from 5-8inch most of them are blood red only 4 king Kong, and 20 of them at 6 inch. The kk parrot bred many ti ... 27/08/14
48. breeding pair off parrot cichlids : I have a breeding pair off parrots, i always disgarded their eggs so none have hatched for me. The male is about 5-6\" female about 3-4\" bo ... 27/08/14
49. HOME BRED ANGEL FISH : Hi all After a sort brake we are back breeding lots of angels at £2 each for 10p body size,And will soon be breeding a lot more types of f ... 27/08/14
50. AQUA-SHACK ::::: Green Terror cichlids for sale : i have a number of green terrors for sale, 5-8cm in excellent condition. Last 6 for £20 as i require tank space for future orders. 27/08/14
51. Green texas cichlid 5 inch approx : 10 quid takes him or swap for smaller fish. text only plz 27/08/14
52. synspilum : Free to good home fin perfect quatzel 8" roughly give or take an inch phone Brian or Andrea 07580094432 Stockport 26/08/14
53. supper[R/D] flowerhorn : i have v. v. pretty &good looking flowerhorn[all may be male] for sale from:appox.1x7"ov[red]&1x9"ovov£85each for quick sale [pic.same as ... 26/08/14
54. fish : hi all looking to buy breeding group's of haps,pairs of south american cichlid's ring or text me on 07803085912 and let me know wot you have ... 26/08/14
55. Wanted: Parachromis Loiselli : I\'m looking for a P. Loiselli, preferably no bigger than 3 inches as I love to watch my fish grow. Willing to travel. 25/08/14
56. Wild oscar, gold Oscar, true parrot, spectabilis, flag tail, karaussi, : I am shutting down my 7ft aquarium so selling my south American cichlids. 1 X wild Venezuelan Oscar 7" £30 1 X gold Oscar 8-9" £30 1 X ... 25/08/14
57. texus/flowerhorn babys : x breed texus flowerhorn 25/08/14
58. 5ft Fish Tank : Hi I have for sale a unique designed tank, Foreign made, have had this tank nearly a year now, has minor scratches but once filled bar ... 25/08/14
59. Vecton 600 uv water steriliser : I also have a water steriliser vecton uv 600, in perfect working order. Excellent for keeping your water crystal clear. For more informa ... 25/08/14
60. Wild caught Aequidens sp. Jenaro Herrera - group available £7 each. : For sale, Wild caught Aequidens sp. \'Jenaro Herrera\'. Acara type ciclid. Notoriously difficult to sex even when adult but 5 are availa ... 25/08/14
61. F1 Geophagus Tapajos Red Head : I need to clear space to rebuild my fish house. I have a large number of F1 Tapajos Red Heads for sale at 2" 4 for £10 This is collect ... 25/08/14
62. umbee cichlid £15 : I have a umbee cichlid for sale its wild caught in excellent condition purchased from ferrybridge aquatics £15 or will swap for dovii midas/ ... 25/08/14
63. Wild Oscars Rio Araguaia : I have for sale 2 wild Oscars from Rio Araguaia Brazil that are approx. 7-8". Paid £35 each for them. Open to sensible offers Collec ... 25/08/14
64. 12 inch red devil cichlid for swap : Looking for mainly oscars or green terrors even smaller ones all offers considered only for american cichlids though no africans please cont ... 24/08/14
65. Sp.Leucostica Eartheater for sale : I have two of these for sale. Im a bit reluctant to sell but need to make room in the tank. They are approx 4 inch in size and I believe ... 24/08/14
66. Flowerhorn Flower horn king Kamfa oddball odd ball cichlid : Hi i have king kamfa flowerhorns for sale the fish are showing really nice markings and colours nice king kamfas dont come up often in the u ... 24/08/14
67. Male and Female Flowerhorns Wanted : Im after flowerhorns as above. would prefer 4" plus and must be able to deliver or post. I can pick up if in or near oxon. Pic is of my male ... 23/08/14
68. Female kk flowerhorn £40 Very cheap : as above. She is 5-5.5" very pearly.I had her imported from Thailand. Reason for sale is my male dont like her. She is fertile. im open to o ... 23/08/14
69. 5-6 inch electric blue jack dempsey : I have a stunning electric blue jack dempsey around 5 to 6 inch mark. Looking for £30 for it Collection only from birmingham right by airp ... 23/08/14
70. Reluctant sale Flowerhorn : For sale my SRDShort body male Flower horn a beautifull fish 6-7 in plus super colours enormous koc .£150 no offers collection only. from B ... 23/08/14
71. Red Hook Silver Dollars For Sale or SWAP TRY ME : For sale are 7 red hook silver dollars. All approx 4" head to tail. £105 the group or £17.50 each. or swap for good sized ca/sa cichlids ... 23/08/14
72. Kamfamalau flowerhorn and KKP - Hybrid : I have available the following: Kamfamalau male 6.5" £60 KKP (King Kong Parrot) female, fertile with normal mouth. £25 They have paired u ... 23/08/14
73. american cichlids vieja synspilum : we have 15 very healthy american cichlids between 5/8ins £10 each or you can make a offer for more. Bleeding pairs as well £30. i am also se ... 23/08/14
74. baby vieja synspilum south american cichlids : i have baby south american cichlids at about a inch and a half in size i am looking for £1 each or 6 for £5 i also have the parents all brea ... 23/08/14
75. mixed malawis for sale : we have mixed malawis for sale some breeding pairs 23/08/14
76. large red devil / midas cichlid : Large Red devil or midas Cichlid. About 8 inch and probably Female! Open to offers. Would like to swap for other cichlids as well. £10 on ... 23/08/14
77. asking for a male angelfish please : has any1 got a male angelfish please that they would like to give away must be in Guildford in surrey as I do not drive many thanks for your ... 23/08/14
78. F1 festae : I have for sale 1 inch festae (red terrors). Collection from nr Derby/ Nottingham. These are from my wild pair and growing well. Sorry wil ... 23/08/14
79. cichlids and musk turtles fir sale asap due to new hobby starting : Several cichlids and turtles for sale please contact me on 07881368428 for any details or queries 22/08/14
80. RED HEAD GEOPHAGUS : red head geophagus side 4"inch plus ,super healthy ,raise from very hight quality wild caught parent £3 each .collect only .review wellcome ... 22/08/14
81. apistogramma norberti : Young proven pair of Apistogramma norberti. Stunning fish. Pick up haggs bonnybridge. £10 22/08/14
82. FLOWERHORN FOR SALE need gone asap reduced to £20 : Here for sale i have A 6/7\" male kamfa flowerhorn , lovely colours only asking £20 please text on 07969597008 NO EMAILS COLLECTION ONLY 22/08/14
83. Flowerhorn,missflowerhornuk, : I have a shipment coming on 28th, there are some sexy fish available in Thailand, these can come over on my shipment if bought.they need to ... 22/08/14
84. Wanted : Looking for young oscars 22/08/14
85. 12" Blue Azul Peacock Bass £130 BOLTON : Up for grabs is my blue azul peacock bass absolute perfect. Condition reason for sale as it's eaten 2, 6" gars and is bein awkward with ... 22/08/14
86. LARGE ALBINO TIGER OSCARS : We have two large albino Oscars priced at £30 each or £50 for the 2. 22/08/14
87. 7/8 inch wild oscar free to a good home : 7/8 inch wild oscar free to a good home 21/08/14
88. Convict cichlids : Convict cichlid young for sale 0.75" in size £1 each or 8 for £5 21/08/14
89. Convict cichlid Breeding Pair : Convict cichlid Breeding pair only young about 3" in size. £10 ono 21/08/14
90. Red Jewel Cichlid : For sale Blood Red Jewel Cichlid 2"-4"+ feeding well. £1 each or take the lot for £45 there are about 60 left in the tank. Collection f ... 21/08/14
91. Uaru wanted : Has anyone in the Hull area got any Uaru they would like to sell any size. 20/08/14
92. S U P E R - R E D (BEST QUALITY) F1 FESTAE Fry (From two pairs of Wild caught Pa ... : SOLD I have about 80 F1 Festae fry that are currently around 1.5" - 2" long and continually growing.. I've decided to give people the op ... 20/08/14
93. Aqua One Tank and Cabinet £250 : Complete tank and equipment for sale including external filter/rocks/sand/fish etc. Holds approx 160 ltrs. No of MALAWI CHICLIDS 20+ all mat ... 20/08/14
94. male flowerhorn wanted : Sadly my breeding male 10" srd has died today can anyone come to my rescue I would b will in to swap some of my srd juveniles AAA grade whic ... 20/08/14
96. Breeding pair of Honduran Red Points : Hi I have a breeding pair of Hondurans. Bred a few times now. Beautiful fish £30 ono 20/08/14
97. FESTAE RED TERROR CICHLID : For sale my Red terror cichlid (male) 6"-7" approximately one year old . Collection from Manchester M18 . Genuine reason for sale (lost fema ... 20/08/14
98. Black Diamond stingray Wanted : after a bd pup but will consider any to be honest. What you got and must but able to deliver 19/08/14
99. Convict Cichlids : For sale are my last two convict cichlid adults. It is a breeding pair that spawns very regularly. I'd like £10 for the pair. I'm running ou ... 19/08/14
100. Red Texas - Large Peeled Male : Hi Ghettofish360 has a wicked RT for sale it is a male with beautiful spots and a strong Orange Redish colour. he is two years old and a ... 18/08/14

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