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 LJB aquatics - now in stock, bd hybrid rays, huge variety of flowerhorn, oscar : now in stock at ljb aquatics bd x pearl hybrid ray 200 6 inch disk motoro male ray 5 inch disk 80 over 50 flowerhorn, from SRD to KAM ...04/05/16
 American Cichlids at The Fish Barn : We have a range of Central American and South American Cichlids in stock at The Fish Barn Aquatic Store. NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE AVAI ...04/05/16

1. Flowerhorn : I have a huge 15" male fader Flowerhorn. Huge kok and a Thai import. He is a top quality fertile Flowerhorn. Sadly his female passed a ... 04/05/16
2. ANGEL FISH QUALITY BREEDS X 9 : Hi I have 9 top quality large angel fish you will need at least a 400 litre tank to house these.. Very sad to let these go but they are to e ... 04/05/16
3. Synspillum : 10inch synspilum for sale 20.00 04/05/16
4. Geophagus megasema : I have 6 geo's available for sale approximately 4" Best offer for the group? 04/05/16
5. Geophagus Altifrons for sale : I am selling my group of 5 Geophagus Altifrons. Very Healthy. They are a good 6-7" in size. They are wild fish, originally bought ... 03/05/16
6. Jaguar, Jack Dempsey and Oscars for sale : approx 5 inch. Will take offer for all or sell separate. COLLECTION ONLY BD11 (Drighlington) 03/05/16
7. Closing tank - cichlids for sale, everything to go : 3 Oscars approx 5", Jaguar approx 5". Jack Dempsey approx 4" plus a Giant Red Fin Gourami approx 8" Offers accepted then tank for sale ... 03/05/16
8. Dwarf Egyptian Mouthbrooders For Sale. : Make me a reasonable offer if interested.I am reluctantly selling my group of 5 Pseudochrenilabrus Multicolor mouthbrooders as i need the ta ... 03/05/16
9. Crenicichla regani sp rio orinoco : Crenicichla regani rio orinoco (dwarf pike cichlid) 3.5 inch male Wild caught fish Stunning specimen 10 03/05/16
10. Healthy 1 year old parrot fish 6 inches : Stunning 6" parrot cichlid, selling due to wanting more space in my tank, this parrot has an amazing orange/red colour, not like the washed ... 03/05/16
11. pelvicachromis taeniatus [nigerian reds] : i have a good few young for sale growing well at about 2.5 to 3cm may be both sexes these are a member of the krib family [if not known] but ... 03/05/16
12. 2 Proven Breeding Pairs of F1 Thoricthys Aureums. : As above I have 2 proven pairs of these fish which are breeding constantly but I have no space to grow any on. They are kept in my 5 foot c ... 03/05/16
13. Apistogramma Paulmuelleri : Apistogramma Paulmuelleri young aprox 1"+ (F1) Really nice dwarf Cichlid 4 for 10 Collection Sunderland (not many left) Ring/text Steve ... 03/05/16
14. Apistogramma Nanay/Melgar : Apistogramma Nanay/Melgar young aprox 1"(F1) Lovely dwarf Cichlid 4 for 10 Collection Sunderland Ring/text Steve 07882120082 03/05/16
15. Geophagus : Breeding group of Geophagus red heads 1 male 2 female 25 for all three size off fish 10 cm would swap for any type of tanganyikan cichlids 03/05/16
16. Altum Angels : 13 altums for sale ranging from 6"-12" 500 Works out 38 per fish at that size is a cracking deal. 03/05/16
17. Gymnogeophagus Balzanl Wanted : I am looking for some Gymnogeophagus Balzani.If anyone has any for sale or knows anybody who does,please get in touch.Thanks for looking. 03/05/16
18. Laetacara Dorsigera Cichlid Pair for sale : Laetacara Dorsigera (Red breasted acara,Red-breasted flag cichlid) I have a young (about 1 year old) and healthy breeding pair of Laetacar ... 02/05/16
19. FISH SALE : 2 vieja bredorhi 20 each or no for 35 female jag 20 Silver arrowana 45 Tiger Oscar 15 Flowerhorn hybrid 10 Collection erith ... 02/05/16
20. Flowerhorns king kamfa x Srd : Hi I have forsale beautiful king kamfa x Srd flowerhorns Lovely flowering and blue pearling Line breed for good quality Ranging from 2 ... 02/05/16
21. Flowerhorns king kamfa x srd 80 for all 6 : Hi I have forsale beautiful king kamfa x Srd flowerhorns Lovely flowering and blue pearling Line breed for good quality Ranging from 2 ... 02/05/16
22. breeding projects Angels,and other fish : Three pair Angels (Ken kennedy blues, koi and black) plus others. Pairs have all laid eggs before. Group of 5 Egyptian mouth brooders, 2 ma ... 02/05/16
23. Four F1 Satanoperca mapiritensis (or cf leucosticta) : I have four F1 blue-spangle Satanoperca for sale ranging from 4"-7" in size. 50 for the group. These engaging eartheaters need large, clean ... 02/05/16
24. Large oscars, Severum, Parrots and Cichlid etc : Changing stock in another tank so I also currently have: 3x Parrots 6-7 inch - 15 each 2x Tinfoil 6-7 inch - 6 each 1x Tinfoil 4-5 inch ... 02/05/16
25. Very big parrot fish : Very big parrot fish for sale selling as he has put grown my tank 35 01/05/16
26. Flowerhorn SRD vieja bifasciatus : Hi all up for sale Hybred fryes Flowerhorn & vieja bifasciatus This are great looking fish so the fryes will be full of colours when a ... 01/05/16
27. Wanted oscar fish : Hello as titled I am looking for an Oscar as local as possible to leatherhead. 01/05/16
28. tropical cichlids swap : Swop 5 good size jack dempseys for green terror 01/05/16
29. Female Parachromis Dovii (wolf cichlid).... Rio hondo Carpintus juveniles : female dovii approximately 9 inches. healthy, feeding well on hikari gold, prawn, bloodworm and crickets. 35 Rio Hondo carpintus juv ... 01/05/16
30. Tetra Cichlid Sticks (Doromin) 10L Bucket 35 inc P+P : Long use by dates, sealed original buckets priced to clear. Can arrange delivery anywhere in mainland UK or collection in person from Burnl ... 30/04/16
31. RARE Geophagus turiacu 1.5 inch : I have for sale some rare geophagus tuiacu eartheaters cichlids at 1.5inch 4each or 6 for 20 colection sunderland Ring or text for more ... 30/04/16
32. Cichlids in durham : Hello I'm after some cichlids ( yellow labs etc) can collect in Durham area. Please message me as I'm looking to collect asap 30/04/16
33. LARGE CICHLIDS WANTED 10 inch plus : london or nearby. central or south american only 29/04/16
34. LARGE MALE UMBIE/UMBEE CICHLID WANTED CASH WAITING : bigger the better, have very large tank. in north london. 07886347745 anytime 29/04/16
35. marbled clarias catfish STOKE ON TRENT : 8" marbled clarias catfish really healthy and active eats well collection st3 area of stoke will need something to transport fish in wa ... 29/04/16
36. RED SPOTTED SEVERUMS - BREEDING PAIR (XXL + COLOURS) : Here I have 2 beautiful specimens of the Heros Red Spotted Severum. The fish are eating healthy and are being kept in hardy London water. ... 29/04/16
37. 2x 5 star General cichlids : Hi, I have 2x 5 star General cichlids at approximately 5". I'm asking 10 each or 15 for the pair collection only from Northo ... 29/04/16
38. 2 red oscars : 2 red oscars very nice good conditions 50] or swap to frontosa 29/04/16
39. nannochromis parilus : I have some young nannochromis parilus dwarf cichlid for sale. They are 25-40mm in length and are 2.OO each. phone 01207 284253 for furth ... 28/04/16
40. Stunning breeding pair of F1 Rio Nanay Angel fish ( Pterophyllum sp. Rio Nanay) : This pair are both 8 inches top to bottom ( including fins) and are in perfect condition. They have previously spawned 2x. But are kept in a ... 28/04/16
41. XXL Large Frontosa, Loads of frontosas and petrochromis x13 large. : Hi, looking to change my stock around, got around 13 large petrochromis, 1 xxl mpimbwe frontosa (150 worth), then got plenty of large front ... 28/04/16
42. UARU AMPHIACANTHOIDES FOR SALE : I have a uaru for sale around 8 inches. Stunning fish and rare. this one is in perfect condition and is very colourful. Lots of blue marking ... 27/04/16
43. cichlids lincoln : i have cichlids malawi for sale or swap 3 to 4 inch blue with darker blue stripe demasoni African cichlid lincoln 07919533323 .... 27/04/16
44. Flowerhorn pair : Have a pair of classic kamfa still have the great body shape and couloir but less aggressive and more hardy 100 the pair no offers Both 8 ... 26/04/16
45. Heros Notatus - wild red spotted severum Female. : Kept on London water, eating everything really, temp 26-27C. On the pictures is my fish. Bear in mind the fact that you can buy one fi ... 26/04/16
46. Heros Notatus - wild red spotted severums - selected breeding pair : Kept on London water, eating everything really, temp 26-27C. On the pictures are my breeding pair currently with fry. Bear in mind the f ... 26/04/16
47. 2 holland rams 15 : best holland rams ive seen female 15 for both 26/04/16
48. 2 holland blue rams 15 : best 2 holland blue rams females.the best i have ever seen..15 for both pick up only from liverpool.they are picking on the young discus an ... 26/04/16
49. I have a pair of tiger Oscars for sale/swap there bout around 10 inches : Very placid and feeding well 25/04/16
50. Gold hero Severums : Hi, I have ten young gold Severums for sale There just around 2" in size and have 10 left 2.50 ea Also I'm looking at selling my ... 25/04/16
51. SATANCAPERA MAPPRAPETISS : South American chiclid ranging from Brazil to Venezuela regions wild caught group sizes 5ins/ 8ins good quality great shoaling species.15ea ... 25/04/16
52. Gorgeous big red oscar 14 inch free to someone with a monster peacful tank only : Only to a good home, currently in my 300g but not doing great with my more aggressive fish. Big friendly home only. 24/04/16
53. 6 x2x2 set up : 6x2x2 with big sump , everything included , heater , powerhead light unit and brackets return pump in sump , all pipe work, all media , new ... 24/04/16
54. Flowerhorn, tropical fish : Flowerhorn tropical fish x2, 30, prefebley swop for fry 24/04/16
55. Parachromis motaguese rtm 5inch told its f1 from great stock : Have a 5 inchesred tiger moter for swaps or sale don't no alot about them no there kind of hard to come by bit boisterous for my setup beau ... 23/04/16
56. 12 inch MALE PARACHROMIS MANAGUENSIS (JAGUAR) : Hi i have for sale a 12 inch Parachromis managuensis for sale Cannot upload from phone but can send pics upon request by whats app 23/04/16
57. Thorichthys Elliotti : Rarely seen Medium size Central American cichlids. Why keep dull and boring cichlids when these are available ??? Beautiful colourful fish ... 23/04/16
58. WANTED - MALAWI FRY : wanted all Malawi FRY 1" + PREFFER MBUNA let me know what you have, price , were you are and if you can deliver or needs to be collected ... 22/04/16
59. Golden jaguar cichlids : Breeding pair of golden jaguar cichlids for sale they are about 6" in length also have fry growing on in separate tank. Great fish only sel ... 21/04/16
60. EACG AUCTION : Our next event is on the 24 April 16 at Moulton Village Hall. Our guest speaker will be Dan Sharifi who is the owner of Cichlids of the Amer ... 21/04/16
61. green terror : 1 male green terror and 1 female green terror theyved had babys but now dont have the space to keep the adults 40 the pair 21/04/16
62. Cichlid food products at reduced prices : IP Discus Scotland are offering a selection of Cichlid food products at reduced prices. Check out our website for further details. www.i ... 21/04/16
64. Flowerhorn for sale : This is Delilah, a Flowerhorn who has outgrown her tank and needs a new home. Body length (exc. tail) is 20-22cm. She came to me as part of ... 20/04/16
65. Golden Severum 4-5 inch 10 each or 80 for 10 : Hi. For sale 10 severums . feeding great on anything that gos in the tank.great looking fish . 10 each or 80 for all 19/04/16
66. proven breeding pair ken kendey blues : As title says breeding pair blue ken kendeys 35 stunning fish first person to view will buy 19/04/16
67. Beautiful 10 inch Male Flowerhorn 100 ONO : Beautiful specimen of a male Flowerhorn Cichlid in very good health. Around a year old and 10". This is a very large aggressive fish and can ... 19/04/16
68. Blood Red Parrot Fish : Here I have for sale a Blood Red Parrot Fish for 11. Measures approx 8cms and feeding well on granule, flake or Hikari Cichlid Gold. Very p ... 19/04/16
69. Two large Geophagus : Two large Geophagus approx 6 to 7 inches long 15 each or both for 25. They like sand to sift through. 18/04/16
70. Ramirezi female : Hi,i looking for Ramirezi female 2x. 18/04/16
71. Male green terror swap for female? : Hi I bought a green terror to pair with my male and I think it's another male doh... He is about 3-4 inch, will sell for 12 pounds, came fr ... 18/04/16
72. Faded red Texas and hybrid parrot for sale : Sales for Male faded A quality red Texas And female parrot for sale almost mouth closed parrotxtexas Selling due to my new job as need ... 17/04/16
73. Midas Cichlid young for sale (Amphilophus Citrenellus) : Midas Cichlid fry around 2/2.5 Month old, growing amazing. 110% pure barred midas, definantly not Midevils. BOTH parents are viewable on col ... 17/04/16
74. female jaguar for sale : here is a female jaguar about 6to7inches long for sale im located in sawtry cambs 17/04/16
75. top quality south american cichlids : hi folks i have for sale some breeding projects and specimen fish at great prices basically lfs trade in prices .first to see will ... 17/04/16
76. Jaguar Cichlids : Male and Female Jaguar Cichlids 6 inches approx 45 Collection Rochester 17/04/16
77. 7x Oscars Assorted size Albino, Tiger, Red : Hi, I have 7x Oscars for sale atm 10each 1x Albino 3x Red 3x Tiger 17/04/16
78. Black belt cichlid 5 inch : Hi, I have a black belt cichlid for sale at approx 5" 10 Collection only from Northolt, West london call or text on 075573 ... 17/04/16
79. kkp : 2 large kkp parrot fish for sale about 8 inches 30each or both for 50 ,reason for sale need the space,bring bucket or container, NO BAGS ... 16/04/16
80. Heros Notatus - wild red spotted severum Male. : Kept on London water, eating everything really, temp 26-27C. On the pictures are my fish. Bear in mind the fact that you can buy one f ... 14/04/16
81. Green severum cichlid 6-7inch 5 : feeds well & showing good colour only wanting 5. 14/04/16
82. Synspillums : 2 large synspillums poss pair 1 wild caught 20.00 14/04/16
83. Tank clearance - large oscars sold : 3 large oscars - breeding pair included 6 silver dollars Catfish Plec Red tail shark Additional Pictures available on request. ... 14/04/16
84. Breeding pair of cichlids : Pair of zebra aka convict cichlids. Kept with my blue paradise fish and are very well tempered. Sad what a bad rep forums and pet stores giv ... 13/04/16
85. Midas cichlids FREEE to collector : Hello I have 10 Midas cichlids at the moment and would like to get rid of a couple, Free to collector, also have some texas also free. 13/04/16
86. For sale large parrot fish : Hi I have a large parrot fish for sale don't want to sell her but she does not get on with my new addition she was happy befor my new inmat ... 12/04/16
87. Artificial coral rock for tropical or cichlid tank 40 ono 3 pieces : Hi I selling 3 pieces of artificial (hard plastic) coral rock, the 3 pieces have been joined to make 1 big piece using aquarium grade silico ... 12/04/16
88. nannacara anomala : I was wondering if anyone had some nannacara anomala for sale maybe a male and a couple of females 12/04/16
89. S A cichlids : Pair of Dacrya 3-4 inches 20 Single Male Acaronia Nassa 4 inch 15 12/04/16
90. Tilapia : Hi I have a breeding pair of tilapia mariae male around 7 inch female about 5 inch reason for sale I'm trying to down size looking for 40 f ... 11/04/16
91. Tilapia : Hi I have a dressing pair of tilapia buttikoferi both about 6 inch want 40 for both 11/04/16
92. Kribensis : 5 Kribensis Lake Victoria Cichlids,wanting 5 each. Call 07710 874 580/07713 154 980. Collection only from Woodlands DN6 11/04/16
93. 12 inches + tilapia 10 : need gone asap as my other tilapia has now started picking on him. Beautiful fish sad to see him go. 10/04/16
94. Cichlids for sale/wanted : For sale large breeding pair of midas male 14 inch female 10inch Large breeding pair of dovi male 15inch female 9inch Wanted festae and ... 10/04/16
95. 17x large parrot chiclid fish for sale : Size start 4 inch up to 7 inch all nice and health some breeding pair inside too. Looking 200 for all. 07429097160 10/04/16
96. LARGE MALE UMBIE/UMBEE WANTED CASH WAITING : in the london area or nearby. can help with petrol costs. 07886347745 10/04/16
97. wanted female egyptian mouth brooders : wanted female egyptian mouth brooders, collect or posted. 09/04/16
98. Orange Blossom Convict Cichlids : For Sale.... Very Rare Orange Blossom Convict Cichlids , Around 1"+ in size , 1.00 Each. Ring/Text Dean on 07882275745 Cambor ... 09/04/16
99. Severums x 5 red spotted : Here I have for sale 5 Red Spotted Severums for 60. Beautiful , colourful fish kept in hard water. Temp 27c 79f (approx). They are 7cms in ... 07/04/16
100. Red Parrot Fish x 5 : Here I have for sale 5 red parrot fish at 55. Very pretty fish . Measures at approx 2 and a half inches. I can arrange for the fish to be ... 07/04/16

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