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 LJB aquatics - now in stock, bd hybrid rays, huge variety of flowerhorn, oscar : now in stock at ljb aquatics bd x pearl hybrid ray 200 6 inch disk motoro male ray 5 inch disk 80 over 50 flowerhorn, from SRD to KAM ...28/07/16
 American Cichlids at The Fish Barn : We have a range of Central American and South American Cichlids in stock at The Fish Barn Aquatic Store. NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE AVAI ...28/07/16

1. Flowerhorn fry (srd x thai silk) : Fry from a grade parents ( can b seen). 1 inch and grownig well.. 5 pounds each. Call or txt plz 28/07/16
2. Wanter - Convict Cichlids : I'm after a pair of convict cichlids around the Leeds area. No albino ones 28/07/16
3. 22 inches ripsaw catfish 40 : beautiful fish just downsizing 28/07/16
4. midas fry 3 each or 4 for 10 : 2" barred midas fry and 2" reversed barred midas fry 3 each or 4 for 10 28/07/16
5. Geophagus Red Humps x3 : Hi I have 3 Geophagus Red Humps for sale i use these to clean my gravel out in my discus tank as they are great sifters and really do a grea ... 28/07/16
6. Female synspillar 8 inches ...... 15...... : Going back to comunity.07789733629 28/07/16
7. Large pair of yellow severums : Both fish approx 10" in size 55.tel 07789733629 28/07/16
8. AMPHILOPHUS LYONSI 10 each can post. Only 5 left : Young available at 3" quality fish, approx 20 grown on 10 each. Discount on multiples. Can post with apc for 20. Approx 12 left 27/07/16
9. Large Angel fish Portsmouth : I have too many large angels so have two for sale . They are both males and have spawned. 10 each 0788035627 27/07/16
10. Wild Altums are in Under qurantine : This season's wild altums are in and under quarantine for a minimum of 6 weeks They will be acclimatise and kept under observation and ... 27/07/16
11. Jack Dempsey : Am selling a jd because its bullying other fish,it belongs to my 11 yr old daughter and she no longer wants it stressing out her other fish. ... 27/07/16
12. Jaguar cichlid 7 : Jaguar cichlid 7'' female but I am not sure,for sale in Worksop 10 26/07/16
13. South american cichlids and tropicals : I have for sale the following fish 1 red spotted sevrum around 7 inches 30 2 jack Dempseys around 6 inches 1 electric around 3 inches 4 ... 26/07/16
14. Uaru : 3x3-4inch uaru for sale 15.00 each or all 3 for 40.00 text only pls as dont always here phone 26/07/16
15. Red top Hongi Breeding pair - 30 : Have a breeding pair of stunning healthy Red Top Hongi. They produce a new batch every few weeks. The adults are about 7/8 cm. I've got a ... 26/07/16
16. Guinacara Dacrya REDUCED NOW 1 EACH : hi i have some juvvie of these not often seen cichlids from south america they are growing well 3cm to3.5cm get them now cos they are quite ... 26/07/16
17. Tropheus Red Rainbow males for sale : My group has matured and i have found that i now have 2 more males than i need, both are fully grown now from an initial group of 22 wild ca ... 26/07/16
18. Parachromis dovii male 5 : Parachromis dovii male 5'' for sale in Worksop 10 25/07/16
19. Uaru (Chocolate Cichlid, Triangle Cichlid, Waroo) : I have some home bread Uaru Cichlid 2.5 4 each or 6 for 20. 25/07/16
20. Large red Oscar and 2 Red Devil cichlids for sale : I have for sale the following, x1 10" Red Oscar 15 x1 9" Orange Red devil female (lays eggs every few weeks) 25 x1 7" White with ... 25/07/16
21. Any unwanted cichlids : Please get in touch if you have any unwanted cichlids 25/07/16
22. Young Convict Chiclids, 4 months old. approx. 20mm long. : We have around 16 babies for sale (mixed sex) and are Considering also selling get the Male (seen in picture). They are one of the most beau ... 25/07/16
23. Female super red texas and hybrid pearl kkp (price reduce) : 4 inch female super red Texas keep laying eggs every month or other 3-4 inch hybrid pearl kkp For sale as female keep laying eggs and don ... 25/07/16
24. Chocolate cichlids : Hi all, I got 2 chocolate cichlids for sale- both are around 3"+ and in great condition. Am selling this to make more space for my other c ... 24/07/16
25. electric blue rams. : I have a large spawning of electric blue rams 6.00 . Breeding pairs at 16.00.Ring - 01792 879758 see photos.... 24/07/16
26. Texas Cichlid : Hey, I got male of Texas Cichlids (Herichthys carpintis) 2yers old.(6 inches-15cm).30. 23/07/16
27. astronotus ocellatus (peru) oscar : Hey, I got pair of astronotus ocellatus (peru) oscar 3 yers old.(11 inches-35cm).99. 23/07/16
28. Fish for swap : I have 4x 10 inch tinfoil barbs, 5x 5-6 inch vieja black belts, 2 featherfin synos and a 14 inch walking catfish that I would like to swap f ... 23/07/16
29. Young Convict Chiclids, 4 months old. approx. 20mm long. : We have around 16 babies for sale (mixed sex) and are Considering also selling get the Male (seen in picture). They are one of the most beau ... 23/07/16
30. 2x large tiger oscar : For sale or trade 2 large tiger Oscars around 8 inches fine as a pair in excellent condition but keep attacking my fire eel these a large fi ... 23/07/16
31. Red Back Angelfish at least 6cm : Red Back Guyana Angelfish 6cm 2.50 each or 5 for 10. Larger young adults 5.00 (limited numbers) Pick up only DH4 postcode. I do not post ... 23/07/16
32. Assorted Size Oscars 6-13 inches (All sizes 10each ) : Hi, I've got 8 Oscars at 6-13". They're Albino, red tiger, tiger. 10each Collection only from Northolt, West london 23/07/16
33. f1 Rio Nanay Scalare angels for sale : 4 x young adult Rio Nanay approx 3" 15 each. Collection from North Derbyshire. 21/07/16
34. Nanochromis teugelsi : I have young F1 Nanochromis teugelsi for sale, these are a fairly new discovered West African dwarf cichlid and I have some young to move on ... 20/07/16
35. F1 pelvicachromis subocceatus moanda : Hi, I have a limited number of sub adult sexed pairs of the beautiful and rare P subocceatus from the catch location of moanda, these are 8 ... 20/07/16
36. breeding trio of jags : for swap is breeding trio of jags the male is about 16inch very big fish the 2 females about 8-10inch very healthy good looking fish breed e ... 20/07/16
37. loads of rare wild South American Cichlids and tetras fish house closure : hi all, selling up my fish to allow me to save for a house, loads of fish going, followed by tanks, sumps, pumps, heaters etc! Rio Xingu an ... 19/07/16
38. 9 X Wild Spotted Rio Nanay Angelfish : I have for sale 9 Rio Nanay angelfish a very beautiful wild strain Selling the group for 110 bargain price for a hard to find fish or 15 ... 19/07/16
39. JEWEL CICHLID (Hemichromis bimaculatus) around 2inch 2.50 each : Comon names these fish are also known by are: Jewel Cichlid, African Jewelfish, Blue Jewel, Red Jewel, Red Jewel Cichlid Jewel Cichlids Sci ... 19/07/16
40. wild atapabo pikes bonded pair : wild red atapabo bonded pair of pikes over a foot in length ( so big tanks only ) stunning fish constantly diggin puts preparing to b ... 19/07/16
41. Flowerhorns king kamfa x Srd : Hi I have forsale beautiful king kamfa x Srd flowerhorns Lovely flowering and blue pearling Line breed for good quality 4 inches 2 ma ... 19/07/16
42. Group of 7 Wild Rio Nanay Angels : I have a group of 7 wild Rio Nanay angelfish for sale. A couple of them appear to be pairing off so could be at least one pair between them. ... 18/07/16
43. Albino Kribensis : Hiya, I have around 24 albino kribensis, born in February so around 5 months old. They're all feeding well on flake and frozen. I'm sellin ... 18/07/16
44. GEOPHAGUS RED HEAD TAPAJOS GROUP reduced to 60 for quick sale : 11 geophagus red head tapagos sub adult around a year old, had loads of spawns already none surrived to date,, well we got to fry but all b ... 18/07/16
45. Breeding pair Mayan Cichlids : Hi all, I got a breeding pair of Mayan Cichlids for sale. The male is around 5" and the female around 4". The had babies last month, but d ... 17/07/16
46. Female umbee : For sale 6" female umbee. Located in Essex open to offer or trade for similar fish. 07568302451 17/07/16
47. tilapia : I have tilapia butterkoferi fry 2cm available free to collector 16/07/16
48. vontehillo texas young : vonte's young fry approx 1-1.5" 20 for 5 collection only SY1 loads may do bulk deals 16/07/16
49. female chocolate cichlid wanted : looking for a female chocolate severum if any for sale in the northeast area 16/07/16
50. honduran redpoints wanted : looking for some Honduran red points if anyone has any for sale 16/07/16
51. Cryptoheros sajica ( T-bar cichlid) : Hi I have around 10 young females left out of my batch of fry I had. They are very well cared for the parents are excellent and I have had t ... 16/07/16
52. Guinacara jatapu South american cichlids very rare and saught after : Guianacara jatapu RARE IN THE UK (young ready in a few weeks) , I have some of these ready in the next couple of weeks, I know there's ... 16/07/16
53. Parrot fish 20 for both : 2 orange parrot fish around 3" for sale not sure what sex they are but they keep laying eggs and need someone who knows about breeding to ha ... 16/07/16
54. Geophagus : Looking for some Geophagus altifrons or winemilleri. Please let me know if you have any for sale. Regards. 16/07/16
55. Cichlids wanted : Any of the South American species wanted out grown or taken over ect Lancashire area 16/07/16
56. 4 large pearl earth eaters 50 : 4 pearl geos ranging in size with a very large male with Crisp blue colours and a big lump on his head resembles a flower horn. All eating w ... 15/07/16
57. Fish wanted : I'm looking for some help regarding some cichlids I'm after for my 600 litre tank I'm looking for jags, Jds and Texas I'm not wanting anythi ... 15/07/16
58. Large Severums : Hi guys We have a new batch of Red Spotted Severums in stock, 14 to choose from. 4-5" in size, lovely colour 28.95 each or discou ... 15/07/16
59. Looking for nice red terror : im looking for really colourfull red terror" Festae cichlid" top money for nice fish" or got nice colourful bass to maybe swop" 14/07/16
60. parachromis la ceiba for sale : 4-5" parachromis la ceiba looks like a male 15 doncaster 01709 865165 DN12 area 14/07/16
61. Fish required : I'm looking for baby Jags, Jds and Texas please get in touch if you can help me out, thanks in advance 14/07/16
62. Large Male Jaguar Dovii Cross 50. Eastbourne, East Sussex : I raised this beast 'Bane' from fry when a female dovii and male jag spawned 6 years ago. Since then he has grown huge and with a personalit ... 14/07/16
63. Group of Cichlids in 8X2X20 inches fish tank full set up : Cichlids: 1 jack Dempsey 4" 2 tiger oscars 6-7" 2 Jaguars 8-9" 1 green Severum 5" 2 geophagus suranemsis 5" 1 Heros notatus Sev ... 13/07/16
64. SOLD VIEJA BREEDING PAIR & JACK DEMPSEY BREEDING PAIR (SHROPSHIRE AREA) : Hi there I am selling my 6ft Aqua One Tank with cabinet stand in Beech Effect. As closing down the tank will sell fish separate if needed. A ... 13/07/16
65. 8 GENUINE ALTUM ANGELS FOR SALE : Not peruvian, not nanay, not Orinoco. Genuine columbian Altum angelfish bought from David Lai last year. Feeding greedily on dried and fro ... 12/07/16
66. Cichlids for sale : I have around 100 young healthy severum babies for sale from golden male and green female parents. Ranging from 10 - 25 mm these lovely Sout ... 12/07/16
67. Pair of young oscars : Pair of young oscars need gone asap offers welcome.. was asking around 40. 11/07/16
68. Amarillo breeding pair 50 rare in UK : COTA pair from Lincs Fish... Male 7 inch Female 5 inch Proven pair, 3 foot tank min Collection only Spalding Lincs PE11 07812732081... An ... 11/07/16
69. RED HEAD GEOPHAGUS : red head geophagus side 5-6"inch plus ,super healthy ,raise from very hight quality wild caught parent 5 each .collect only .review wellcom ... 10/07/16
70. young kribensis : lots of young kribs for sale 10/07/16
71. TRUE BREEDING PAIR OF RED SPOT SEVERUMS 120PR : Those that know how expensive these fish are will know how hard it is to get a true breeding pair. We have in stock a young Adult pair sitt ... 10/07/16
72. Female Midas : Female Midas up for swap for a male needs to be ASAP Derby 09/07/16
73. SRD FLOWERHORN 50 : Here is my another beautiful super red dragon flowerhorn fish, imported from Thailand too 8 months old, around 8 inches, eating well, ... 09/07/16
74. SRD FLOWERHORN FRIES 5 : Super red dragon FLOWERHORN fries, imported from Thailand 2 inches eating very well 5 each around 50 left Text me for more details and ... 09/07/16
75. SRD FLOWERHORN 60 : Description: Here is my beautiful super red dragon flowerhorn fish, imported from Thailand 8 months old, around 8 inches, eating well ... 09/07/16
76. Wanted : I'm looking for the following fish to create my Dream Mexican Cichlid tank can take these fish fry or juvenile as i understand no many peopl ... 09/07/16
77. Cichlids for sale : For sale large breeding pair of midas male 14 inch female 10inch Large breeding pair of dovi male 15inch female 9inch. 2 green terrors ... 09/07/16
78. BLACK NASTIES. NANDOPSIS HAITIENSIS : Hi have for sale young Haitiensis Black nasty cichlids. These are still small around 1cm but do grow fast. Asking 5 each, Haitiensis are no ... 08/07/16
79. Wanted : I'm looking for any unwanted or reasonable priced cichlids for my new 500 litre set up and I'm also on the look out for some snakeheads for ... 07/07/16
80. Large Rare Hoplarchus Psittacus / True Parrot Cichlid : Large true parrot approximately 9inches & nice and chunky. Fin perfect. 50 Collection from Basildon, Essex. Whatsapp if interested ... 07/07/16
81. Pike cichlid. : Hello. I Have a 16" pike cichlid. He needs a home with a big tank ASAP. He eats worms krill prawns pellets and peas. Needs to be with fish ... 07/07/16
82. 6inch female green terror for sale : Lovely female gt for sale, she lost her mate and is getting bullied so need to let her go, her tail is a bit nipped thats all, 5 tel jerry ... 06/07/16
83. green terrors for sale (10 left ) : hi got some nice juvi green terrors for sale about 3inches, 3 each or 4 for 10mum can be seen, tel jerry on 07946519182, herts area 06/07/16
84. Red terror Festae cichlid ( RESERVED TILL END OF JULY ) : An awesome coloured example, you will not find nicer !!! Between 5 and a half to six inches in size She is in a 5X3X2 mixed community ... 06/07/16
85. Red Terror ,Large Male : True Red Terror festae nearly a foot long very impressive fish 30 06/07/16
86. cryptoheros altoflavus (very rare) OFFERS : For sale i have my breeding group of Cryptoheros altoflavus. 1 male 3 female. open to sensible offers!!!! Any questions please text 0 ... 06/07/16
87. FREE FISH REHOMING FOR LARGE CENTRAL AMERICAN CICHLIDS : Free fish rehoming service for large unwanted large central American cichlids. 07886347745 06/07/16
88. Breeding severums : Breeding pair of gold sevs. Lay eggs every month. Only selling as I have other pairs 40 on o 06/07/16
89. Cichlasoma Pearsei- Pantano Cichlid : This big girl is starting to outgrow my tank, so I'm looking to see how much a fish like this would be worth ?? May look at selling her ... 05/07/16
90. American cichlids : 7 inch red devil female 2 x jack dempsey females 3-4 inch. 3-4 inch geophagus brasiliensis. 3-4 inch greenterror male. 20 pounds the lot ... 04/07/16
91. Wanted green terror female? : Anyone got one spare around 3-4 inch? 04/07/16
92. Assorted cichlids for sale : Decent selection of cichlids in this week Red spotted severum 4", amazing coloration 28.95 few left now Tropheus moori moliro/firecrac ... 04/07/16
93. Proven pair of jags : Male is huge 14 inch from Jeff rapps. Female is around 7-8 inch. Breed every 6 weeks or so excellent parents. Will swap for other big pairs. ... 04/07/16
94. Rare white Texas : Amazing fish around 7 inch and male. You won't find many like him. More pics can be provided may swap for other large cichlids 35 04/07/16
95. Female Midas : Approx 4" pink/orange excellent condition Currently residing in a Malawi cichlid tank Needs a new home. Any reasonable offer accepted B ... 04/07/16
96. Geophagus Red Head Tapajos - Glasgow : I have for sale a number of my own home bred Juvenile/sub-adult Red Head Tapajos. As you can see from the pictures they are starting to d ... 03/07/16
97. Wanted Male flowerhorn : Wanted male flowerhorn Lancashire area email size ect [email protected] 03/07/16
98. Alfagrog : I have an unopened 15kg bag of alfagrog.. Cost me 20. Will accept 15 no offers. Cash only. Buyer collects. Bury area....2mins from ... 03/07/16
99. Nicaragua Cichlid young : Nicaragua Cichlid from about 1" to 3" all look mail i am in dy13 3 each 03/07/16
100. Appistogramma : F1 Appistogramma melter sp Nanay pairs for sale 20 a pair .thankyou 02/07/16

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