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 LJB aquatics - now in stock, bd hybrid rays, huge variety of flowerhorn, oscar : now in stock at ljb aquatics bd x pearl hybrid ray 200 6 inch disk motoro male ray 5 inch disk 80 over 50 flowerhorn, from SRD to KAM ...26/10/16
 Manaus Aquarium Products : New to the UK, Manaus Aquarium products. These medications are tailored for the aquatic hobby. Please see website for further details26/10/16
 American Cichlids at The Fish Barn : We have a range of Central American and South American Cichlids in stock at The Fish Barn Aquatic Store. NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE AVAI ...26/10/16
 OneStopTropicals ~ Finest Quality Cichlids ~ Flowerhorns ~ Red Texas ~ Americans ~ : Importers of finest quality specimens from Thailand & Singapore such as Flowerhorn cichlids, high grade Parrot cichlids (Mammon type KKPs) a ...26/10/16

1. 3 Various Amphilophus species : I have 2 smaller Amphilophus Chanchos for sale potentially a future pair but no guaranteed. I also have a small young Amphilophus Amarillo f ... 26/10/16
2. 9 Barred Midas Cichlids : Hello, i have 9 barred midas cichlids for sale that i bred myself, they are all around the 5" and 6" mark, unfortunately i no long ... 26/10/16
3. Anphilophus Chancho Proven Pair : Amphilophus Chancho pair, Male 12" and Female 8" they are proven and i have pics of fry. The Male is F1 and the female F2 , full history ava ... 26/10/16
4. OneStopTropicals ~ Finest Quality Cichlids ~ Flowerhorns ~ Red Texas ~ Americans ... : Importers of finest quality specimens from Thailand & Singapore such as Flowerhorn cichlids, high grade Parrot cichlids (Mammon type KKPs) a ... 26/10/16
5. Red King Kong Parrots | KKPs | 4.5 Inch | OneStopTropicals : Importers of finest quality specimens from Thailand & Singapore such as Flowerhorn cichlids, high grade Parrot cichlids (Mammon type King Ko ... 26/10/16
6. Thai Super Red Dragon Flowerhorns ~ REDUCED ~ London/Kent ~ OneStopTropicals : Importers of finest quality specimens from Thailand such as Flowerhorn cichlids, high grade Parrot cichlids (Mammon type KKP's) and Red Texa ... 26/10/16
7. Cichlids : I have some cichlids for sale. Genuine and forced sale due to change of set up and having piranhas not compatible. Prices are below: Fire ... 26/10/16
8. WANTED Geophagus tapajos orange head : Cash waiting for good quality Geophagus tapajos orange head cichlids in the Derby and Burton upon Trent areas. Please email price and pictur ... 26/10/16
9. ~URGENT SALE~Keyhole~Firemouth~ Gourami~OdessaBarbs~CongoTetra 10 for 10 fish : Loughborough M1 J23. I need to sell ASAP 2x Keyhole Cichlids (2inch) and 2x Firemouth cichlids (3inch) and 2x Gourami (Female) 1x G ... 26/10/16
10. Green terror and severum for sale : Fish healthy with beautiful colours. Need gone asap. 15 if gone soon or swap for guppies, rainbowfish, corydoras or other fish. Please tex ... 26/10/16
11. Jack Dempsey s, cichlids : Jack Dempsey cichlid tropical fish,life expectancy 10+ years, growth size 8",some are 1",4 each or 5 for 10,Collection or free local deliv ... 26/10/16
12. Demasoni Group 80 : Large group of Demasoni Mbuna( tank bred) I am saying 25 but could be more, from mature breeding pairs approx. 5" to fry at 1/2" all sizes ... 26/10/16
13. Very rare - Dicrossus Foirni F1 fry x 5 from WC parents (please read ad) : I currently have 5 x F1 Dicrossus Foirni fry from wild caught parents Dicrossus Foirni are an extremely rare Dwarf Cichlid from the Amaz ... 26/10/16
14. 8 inches SRD Flowerhorn for sale : I have my 9 month old Flowerhorn for sale. Excellent grade Flowerhorn. Very aggressive so really needs houses alone. Still a lot of growing ... 26/10/16
15. Juvenile koi Angel fish Portsmouth : I have a group of juvenile koi Angels which I have bred and grown on myself. They are two and a half months and almost two inches from tip t ... 26/10/16
16. Guinacara jatapu South american cichlids very rare and saught after : Guianacara jatapu RARE IN THE UK (young ready in a few weeks) , I have some of these ready in the next couple of weeks, I know there's ... 26/10/16
17. dovii wolf cichlid, 2 very nice oscars and jack dempsey : Dovii not sure on sex has green on the face and blue on the fins.6 inch 10 pounds. Albino red tiger oscar one of the nicest examples ive see ... 26/10/16
19. Fish tank with everything INCLUDING FISH : 200 litre fluval fish tank with everything including fish! Parrot fish, frontosa, brown akara, Oscar, green terror, bristle nose catfish, b ... 25/10/16
20. altum angels : hi iam looking to buy mature altum angels at least 2 years old to go with what i have thanks give me a ring 07790107174 25/10/16
21. Angelfish : Angelfish 3 inch aprox, colour manly golden. Buyer collection only. 4 each or 3 for 10 Large golden and black marble 8 each Large koi ... 25/10/16
22. Nannacara sp Rio Oyapock For sale @ 3 a pair. : Will be offered for sale on Sunday November 6th at the North West Cichlid Group. Please see the picture of the flyer for full details. ... 25/10/16
23. 10x Medium/Large Silver Angels Angelfish : 10x Medium/Large Silver Angelfish- Two are large , the other 8 I would say are medium to large. They are coming up to breeding size/age ... 25/10/16
24. LARGE CICHLIDS WANTED 10 inch plus : london or nearby. central or south american only 24/10/16
25. LARGE MALE UMBIE/UMBEE CICHLID WANTED CASH WAITING : bigger the better, have very large tank. in north london. 07886347745 anytime 24/10/16
26. STALSBERGI TRUE GREEN TERROR stoke on trent : True green terror for sale roughly 3" in size healthy active and eating well collection from st3 area of stoke on trent. May trade for ... 24/10/16
27. JUMBO RED PARROT CICHLID MALE ONLY 39.95 : We have in stock a Jumbo male Red parrot in pristine condition. Only 39.95 COLLECTION ONLY 24/10/16
28. Pair of young convicts. 5 : Young pair Female is about 3cm , male about 5cm Already had offspring 5 for both 23/10/16
29. Full Cichlid Tank for sale : Hi Due to renovations I am selling my cichlids tank, it's well established with lots of cichlids (Malawi). The fish breed regularly so t ... 23/10/16
30. Trimac Cichlids Wanted - Cash Paid : Trimaculatus cichlids wanted! Cash Paid! Will collect or send courier to collect anywhere in UK [email protected] 07400060511 23/10/16
31. Flowerhorns king kamfa x Srd : Hi I have forsale beautiful king kamfa x Srd flowerhorns Lovely flowering and blue pearling Line breed for good quality 4 inches 1 ma ... 23/10/16
32. an assortment of chiclids : chiclids 2 bumble bees and a few mbuna, also a 3 foot fluval tank bow fronted valecia with filter 23/10/16
33. geophagus winemilleri babies ready soon rare : hi got over 200 geophagus winemilleri , baby's ready soon, local shop's taking 100 of them, so there will be about 100 left 10-15 each 23/10/16
34. super red spot Severums x 5 : hi ive got 5 red spot severum's for sale 5 inch approx , nice fish 35 each collection from le3 area 07971 944679 23/10/16
35. neon blue acaras breeding pair : got a nice breeding pair of blue acara's collection from leicester 07971 944679 40 for the pair 23/10/16
36. Satanoperca Jurupari : I have 4 of these for sale Wild caught from Pier Aquatics,a round 4" Only for sale as I have a pair from 6 I bought Would prefer to ... 23/10/16
37. Severums for sale , 8 inches inch fire eel : Severums 15 each Fire eel 30 Collection only erith Kent 23/10/16
38. WANTED CICHLIDS - CONVICTS / CONVICT FISH : Wanted convicts over 1.5" for large 7ft tank. Ideally I am after a breeding pair. Failing that, if you have several fish I would also be ... 22/10/16
39. Thai Silk Flowerhorn Cichlid male Electric / marine blue MINT CONDTION : For Sale 60.00 pounds - Birmingham Solihull area - great condition - needs new home - 8 inches long 14 months old- real character - may ... 22/10/16
40. Parachromis dovii : Hi, for sale is my male parachromis dovii, I've had this dovii from juvenile. It is Nicaraguan strain bought from Jeff rapps. He is curre ... 21/10/16
41. 20 zebra convicts for 10.00 @ 1 inch : As stated collection from beckton East London Or 75 p each 21/10/16
42. Cryptoheroes spirulis for sale 55 large group : Young large group Of 20 for sale collection from beckton e6 55 or swap why 21/10/16
43. cichlids : selling around 30 random cichlids looking for around 100 for the lot 21/10/16
44. Convict young just under an inch 75p each : Zebra convicts for sale in beckton 75p each 20/10/16
45. Veija : I have 7 veija about 6-9" looking to sell or swap. Collection ub25st 20/10/16
46. Free to a good home - convict cichlids : Breeding pair and previous offspring or convict cichlids, all mature (inch+ in size). Nice colours (B&W of course). They're breeding so we ... 19/10/16
47. Various Cichlids for sale : I am closing down my tank due to moving house. I have atleast 8 Cichlids for sale. 40 for all of the cichlids in the tank. Any smaller cich ... 19/10/16
48. Large pair of yellow severums : 8" pair of severums... 45.TEL 07789733629 19/10/16
49. 2 medium sized oscars 20 each : 2 medium sized oscars 20 each 2 medium sized parroon sharks 10 each 07951321461 Text only as work are strict with phones 19/10/16
50. red spot severum : red spot severum .i have three red spots around 4 to 5 inches would swop for jack dempsies, acaras or keyholes or let me know what you have ... 19/10/16
51. jaguar cichlid (Parachromis managuensis) : have for sale female jaguar cichlid (Parachromis managuensis) 8-9 inches. best offer. 19/10/16
52. astronotus ocellatus (peru) oscar : Hey, I got pair of astronotus ocellatus (peru) oscar for sale. 3 yers old.(11 inches-35cm).best offer or can swap to group of geophagus wine ... 19/10/16
53. geophagus winemilleri : Waiting to buy group of geophagus winemilleri. 19/10/16
54. Sailfin Pleco- HUGE BARGAIN : Hi there, I got this 8"+ stunning sailfin pleco for sale. He eats a lot and is the coolest guy in my tank. Selling him as he is getting ... 18/10/16
55. Chocolate cichlids VERY CHEAP : Hi all, I got 2 chocolate cichlids for sale- both are around 5"+ and in great condition. Am looking for 15 or can swap with plecos. ... 18/10/16
56. Amphilophus Lyonsi- trio : Hi, I have this trio of Lyonsi cichlids for sale..the biggest one is 6" and the smaller two are 4". Looking for 30 or ono. Please te ... 18/10/16
57. amphilophus citrenellus (midas) true : plenty young midas 1.5-2 inch 2 each .. larger 3-4 inch 5 each full history collection cv1 3jb Coventry 18/10/16
58. Amphilophus Hogaboomarum juvvies 5each : Amphilophus Hogaboomarum juvvies currently 1.5 inch . ready for sale now limimited numbers 30 , from the only breeding pair known in UK sup ... 18/10/16
59. breeding trio of jags : for swa or cash is breeding trio of jags the male is about 16inch very big fish the 2 females about 8-10inch very healthy good looking fish ... 18/10/16
60. Donating two 6 inch tiger oscars to a good home. : Donating two 6 inch tiger oscars to a good home. one albino tiger and one normal tiger oscar need a new home. I only want to donate these ... 18/10/16
61. Jaguar cichlids : 2 large jag cichlids 20 each 17/10/16
62. Good homes needed :) Large pair of Oscars, XL Pleco, XL Bala Shark, L Clown Loac ... : 1) Large Oscars (11-12 inches approx) one black/Tiger is slightly larger (M) one albino (F). To be kept as a pair. 2) Stunning spotty Ple ... 17/10/16
63. wanted guianacara : has anybody got any young guianacara geayi or dacrya.for sale. please ring me let me know what you got.tel 07944151777 17/10/16
64. 7inch male amarillo 10 6inch female chancho 10 : Female chancho does have a slightly deformed mouth but doesnt affect her in any way 17/10/16
65. True parrot cichlid : True parrot cichlid Hoplarchus psittacus 7 inches for sale extremely rare fish very healthy fish only selling due to being over stocked 45 17/10/16
66. Beautiful red flower horns 3 inch 20 : Lovely flower horns feeding well. Excellent colours 16/10/16
67. EACG AUCTION 30th OCTOBER : SUNDAY 30th OCTOBER Venue Moulton village hall Moulton Newmarket Suffolk CB8 8SE The group are excited to announce our next eve ... 16/10/16
68. LARGE MALE BLACK NASTY CICHLID WONTED : In the london area 15/10/16
69. Apistogramma Macmasteri juveniles 2 each or a discount for more. : I have a group of around 20 Macmasteri juveniles for sale. Sizes are 10-25mm. They are starting to colour up nicely. The mother was wild ca ... 15/10/16
70. Nanochromis teugelsi : I have young F1 Nanochromis teugelsi for sale, these are a fairly new discovered West African dwarf cichlid and I have some young to move on ... 14/10/16
71. F1 pelvicachromis subocceatus moanda : Hi, I have a limited number of sub adult sexed pairs of the beautiful and rare P subocceatus from the catch location of moanda, these are 6 ... 14/10/16
72. Ivanacara adoketa : I have a few young unsexed of this beautiful and very rare dwarf cichlid, they are only about 15-20mm long total length so will need their o ... 14/10/16
73. Red Texas Cichlid - REDUCED - 290 - OneStopTropicals : Importers of finest quality specimens from Thailand such as Flowerhorn cichlids, high grade Parrot cichlids (Mammon type KKP's) and Red Texa ... 13/10/16
74. tilapia : Tilapia buttikoferi fry 2cm about 100 free to collector 13/10/16
75. American and American Dwarf : Green Terrors, Synspillum, Apistogramma Borellii Red Fin. please call 01302 354041/07713 154 980 for more infor 13/10/16
76. Female geophagus brazillensis : Female geophagus brazillensis around the 3-4" lost her male recently selling as im looking to go into stingrays Collection only from humb ... 13/10/16
77. Red spot / gold severum breeding trio : Here we have a trio group of 2 red spot and 1 gold severum had several good spawns from these im only selling as im going into stingrays and ... 13/10/16
78. Fish for sale South American Cychlids fish fry ( Spectabilis ) 50p Each : I have loads of fry 6 weeks old, just starting to show their lines and colours. The picture shows one of the parents with their fry. The par ... 13/10/16
79. Tapajos Red Head Cichlid Devon : A Breeding Pair! of Geophagus Tapajos for sale. Relatively peaceful species. Can be found in The Rio Tapajos within Amazon river Basin of So ... 13/10/16
80. Midas cichlid : 11 inch midas for sale very healthy fish 12/10/16
81. F1 Neetroplus Nematopus fry : Neetroplus Nematopus fry for sale... Currently 40 babies at around 1-1.5cm long. These are pound for pound the most feisty aggressive cich ... 11/10/16
82. tiger oscar : wanted albino tiger oscer cash waiting 11/10/16
83. American cichlids : I'm selling some of my cichlids, pls contact me for more details.Thanks 09/10/16
84. RED SPOTTED SEVERUMS LARGE PAIR 100.PR : We have a lovely 6" pair of red spotted severums in stock. Only 100 for the pair. COLLECTION ONLY 09/10/16
85. Thai Shortbody Red Texas Cichlids/Red Pearl Parrots ~ Fully Faded/Colored ~ 4 In ... : 10 LEFT! Shortbodied/Balloon Red Texas Cichlids imported from Thailand, They are In Brilliant condition and are very healthy. For sale at 3 ... 07/10/16
86. Selling or willing to swap breeding pair of red devils : Selling or shaping a breeding pair of red devil's. 07/10/16
87. Breeding pair severums : I have for sale a breeding pair of red neck severums the smaller one is a wild one they have had fry but got Eaton in my tank feeding well ... 07/10/16
88. wanted male jag cichlid : looking for a large male jag northwest area willing to travel for the right fish best to text as not always available to answer the phone 06/10/16
89. German Rams Home bred : I have some young Rams for sale male and females available fantastic little fish pairing off already and laying eggs. Approx inch and a half ... 06/10/16
90. Severum : Decent size rotkeil severum 15 06/10/16
91. Red Terror Festae wonted : looking for really nice colour festae" red terror" good size if possible" pay top money for fish im after" or maybe swop? 06/10/16
92. Jaguar cichlid : Female jaguar cichlid wanted, Must be definite female and healthy. Please get in touch, thanks. 05/10/16
93. Blue Acaras for sale : I have approximately (they don't keep still to count!) 20 young blue Acaras for sale. They range from 2 to 3 cms in length. Selling for 50pe ... 05/10/16
94. Cichlids and Tropical Fish : Selling up Large X - Ray Tetra 10 for 5 Jewel Cichlid 4 Large A breeding pair for 1 spot Jewel Cichlid 15 Livingstoni Medium 3 Bl ... 05/10/16
95. Large Rotkeil severum : Large healthy fish. Eating well. Change plans in tank. Located near Slough. 25 Need gone asap. 05/10/16
96. Jaguar cichlid : For sale 9inch jaguar cichlid stunning fish selling as its out grown tank 40 Luton collection only contact Lee 07903053369 04/10/16
97. KKP Parrot Cichlids : anybody got (or seen) any high quality KKP red parrot cichlids? The red mammon types. Thanks 03/10/16
98. Selling 2 parrot fish breeding pair : Selling a breeding pair of parrots fish. They have had lots of eggs but not had any hatched.pick up only wirral 03/10/16
99. young pearl cichlids : young pearl cichlids for swaps or sale, I have 30 of these looking to swap for general community fish or aquatic plants can deliver locall ... 03/10/16
100. King red dragon flowerhorn 9-10 inch : King red flowerhorn approx 9-10 inches. Feeding well on pellets, blood worms, shrimp etc. Absolutely stunning fish. Collection from Blackpo ... 03/10/16

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