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1. Flowerhorn Super red dragon masterpiece : Selling my beloved super red dragon, this fish is a true monster at 12 inch +, has been imported from Thailand and has been in my collection ... 27/05/15
2. Rare Guinacara for sale. : I have for sale,a rare reverse trio of red spotted Guinacara Sphenazona "rio sipiliwani". There are 2 males and 1 female.The large male is ... 27/05/15
3. VIEJA SYNSPILUM CICHLIDS FOR FISH TANK AQUARIUM : A moderately aggressive species. It may be possible to successfully keep this species in a community of cichlids, if enough rock and caves a ... 27/05/15
4. Flowerhorn Flower horn Juvenile SRD hybrid oddball odd ball cichlid : Hi i have another very nice batch of Super Red Dragon hybrid juvenile flowerhorns for sale they have been bred by myself to add more pearls ... 27/05/15
5. WANTED: Adult Convict Cichlids : Any Adult convict cichlids wanted must atleast 3inch. Large groups or single fish email me whatever you have got and price and location plea ... 27/05/15
6. vieja argentea : Description nearly 2 inch fish all 3 for 12 pounds coming on good had 5 but two have paired up so selling these 27/05/15
7. Geophagus Surinamensis Juveniles (South Wales) : 3 month old juvenile Geophagus Surinamensis (Red Stripe Eartheaters) for sale. Approx 2.5 inches in length and colouring up nicely, must be ... 27/05/15
8. Severums Wanted 3 inch+ : I am after large Severums to help stock my 5` cichlid tank. Any strain considered. Cash ready. Travel is no problem for the right fish. 27/05/15
9. Male Brasiliensis Wanted 3 inch+ : I am after a large male Brasiliensis due to mine passing away. 3"+ will be ideal upto any size,%` tank and female waiting for him. Cash r ... 27/05/15
10. 2 Large Red Velvet Oscars Nottingham 10 the pair : I have 2 Red Velvet Oscars to move on. They are from 6-8" in length and in fantastic health. Feeding well on pellets,prawns,earthworms and ... 27/05/15
11. Uaru x4, 5-6 inch : Hard to find these days 20 each. Leeds/Bradford 07469 969810 27/05/15
12. Geophagus Surinamensis x2 approx 4 inch : 15 each 07469 969810 27/05/15
13. Kribensis pulcher : Wife has had me searching for months. Been to several shops and not found what we are looking for! 4/5 or more spots Kribensis pulcher. A b ... 27/05/15
14. jaguar cichlid 8inch forsale : 8inch male jaguar 30 07944537367 27/05/15
15. group of 9 F1 geophagus winemilleri : shutting down my fishroom this group is the last of my fish to be sold on size wise smallest fish is 4 inch and biggest fish 5-6 inch ope ... 27/05/15
16. selling my oscar : I have 4 tiger 2 albino Oscar . They are well health and more then 10 cm each. Asking 50 pound for all 27/05/15
17. Central American cichlids : I have a male veija Belize synspilum around 9-10 inch for sale 30 Also have a male veija hartwegi around 7 inch 30 Give me a call for ... 27/05/15
18. TRUE GERMAN BLUE RAMS CICHLIDS goes with Discus angelfish : Hi,i have for sale some German Blue Rams,these are from true German stock and not from Asia.They are chunky little fish with stunning colour ... 26/05/15
19. stunning adult male blue jack Dempsey : This beautiful male blue jack Dempsey needs a good home due to me moving! Loving fish but semi aggressive! Looking for 40 ono Please ... 26/05/15
20. srdxfader flowerhorns 2 inches 5 each 3 inches 10 each : Only 2"at the moment selling them small coz I haveover 120 ov them should grow into beatiful fish nice flowerlines and pearling already pare ... 26/05/15
22. Red spotted severums x 5 : selling my 5 red spotted severums, they are approx. 5 to 6" and some have spawned several times but I have had no fry as yet, photos aren't ... 26/05/15
23. APISTOS WANTED : AS ABOVE please email with details. 26/05/15
24. 6 inch Tiger Oscar - FOR SALE 15 : Re-Listed due to time waster. Hi, I am sadly selling one of my tiger Oscars, as 2 of my others have paired off and started to bully t ... 26/05/15
25. Wanted for a good home - Oscars - Green Terrors : Hi, I'm in the Birmingham area - I'm looking for bigger fish to join my 2 Oscars and 2 Silver Dollars. If you're selling cheap/free please l ... 26/05/15
26. male midas : Male Midas stunning fish , just doesn't get along with some of my others so have to move him on , proven male I have many young off him , 4 ... 26/05/15
27. ACARA CICHLIDS FOR FISH TANK AQUARIUM : The Acara is an amazingly interesting and colorful fish and in the many years I have kept tropical fish I would say that these were my one o ... 26/05/15
28. Central American cichlids : Hi I have the following fish available as I'm changing over to African cichlids 1 x hetrospilus around 8-9 inch 40 1 x male zonatus a g ... 26/05/15
29. Cichlids : 4 Red Jewel Cichlids Very territorial. 2inch long just turning red 10 each, 2 Orange parrot cichlids 30 for both. Tel 07494 945 940 26/05/15
30. AMERICAN CICHLIDS, juveniles and fry. : Hi I've have some cichlids for sale Dovii 2 inch 4 Trimac 3 inch 6 Midas 2 inch 3 F1 Festae (red terror) around 2 inch 6 Tiger mo ... 26/05/15
31. UMBEE CICHLIDS : Hi, I have for sale young Caquetaia Umbrifera. These are from my unrelated breeding pair. There about 1 inch and are 3 each. Pictures are o ... 26/05/15
32. GREEN TERRORS AEQUIDENS SP. GOLD SAUM. : Hi I have for sale 4 green terror gold saum South American cichlids. These are from a excellent blood line. Picture is of actual father to t ... 26/05/15
33. FLOWERHORN : Beautiful colours, great specimen. A really happy fish with personality. 50 collect only. Postcode: TW151LS. Matt 07956884045 25/05/15
34. shutting down tank flowerhorn : 4 yellow labs 3inc 3 jewel cichlids 3inc 1 blue muba 3inc 1 golden monky flower horn 7inc 1 stunning big blue 7inc cat fish x2 60 on ... 25/05/15
35. Cichlids for sale : Electric blue Jack Dempsey 30 7 Orange shoulder, 2 male, 5 female 20 12 Powder blue socolofi 25 2 Albino socolofi 10 Breeding tr ... 25/05/15
36. Parachromis dovii fry wolf cichlids : I have some f1 dovii fry available from my pair, they are approx 1". They are Nicaragua strain. The parents were Imported from America. Mal ... 25/05/15
37. 3 x Satanoperca daemon 18 - 22 cm : For sale large 3x Satanoperca daemon (West Midlands) I can bring up to 50 miles. Regards, Carlos. 25/05/15
38. THAI SILK FLOWERHORN 10 inches MALE FOR SALE. 250. OR BEST OFFER : For sale is this stunning Thai Silk flowerhorn Cichlid. Those who keep these fish know how much they sell for and he is for sale at 250. M ... 25/05/15
39. VIEJA ZONATAS X GREEN TEXES CICHLID : For Sale we have some PURPOSELY BRED Vieja Zonatas X Green Texas Cichlids Good coloursand VERY hardy fish, perfect for big fish lovers, T ... 25/05/15
40. for sale or swap sold : male blackbelt cichlid 9-9&1/2 inches 25 ono photo is of actual fish 24/05/15
41. 3 cichlids for sale : Hi, I have 3 american cichlid for sale. A 4 inch JD, a 3 inch salvini and a 2 1/2 inch gold swim. All in excellent health and eating a good ... 24/05/15
42. wanted - Vieja Heterospila : I am after Vieja Heterospila, willing to travel for the right fish. Any size from 3 inches to 10 inches 24/05/15
43. Heros and Geos now reduced to clear : For sale.... 3 x Heros notatus 20 each good 6" Geophagus brassiliensis 10 good 6" also pair for green sevs about 6" 30 pair If ... 24/05/15
44. Texas Cichlid : Hey, I got 15 Texas Cichlids (Cichlasoma cyanoguttatum )These are nice, healthy young fishes.3-3.5 inches (9-11cm),for sale. Price 10 or 4 ... 24/05/15
45. F1 Geo Winemilleri : I have a group of rapidly growing Geophagus Winemilleri. There are 11 in total and size is around 2.5" right now. Can arrange posting ... 24/05/15
46. WANTED- Satanoperca Deamon : Looking for more Deamon earth eaters to add to my two 8" adults and three smaller fish. Anything considered but ideally 2 to 4 young adult f ... 24/05/15
47. Peacock bass : Mono bass about 12 inches very aggressive will need to be with large fish pellet trained Great colours and markings 120 24/05/15
48. Geophagus : Hi wanting any geophagus e.g redhead tapajos Pindar surinamenis Winemilleri Cash waiting for right fish 24/05/15
49. Flowerhorn male : Well tempered flowerhorn beautiful very tamed in a tank with pleco Corey and catfish till very young bought him as a baby 7 months ago. 24/05/15
50. REGANI PIKE CICHLIDS NEW IN STOCK AT CHILTON AQUATICS 25.00 EACH OR 5 FOR 100 : We have new in stock some of these rare dwarf pike cichlids!! Only 25 each or 5 for 100 these will sell very quickly!! Collection only 24/05/15
51. Large Flowerhorn : Looking for a large flowerhorn. - Must be around 10 inches and should be a good quality specimen. - Must be around London or nearby. ... 24/05/15
52. Geophagus Pindare : For Sale I have some 4" Geophagus Pindare, Very Nice fish and priced to sell @ 15each Collection from SR7or delivery available 079 ... 24/05/15
53. midas juvvies : 1 inch midas fry about 40 selling 25,any more than 40 the rest are free collection only Coventry cv1 3jb 23/05/15
54. 12 x mix coloured malawis Size is 1.5- 2 Inch : 12 x mix coloured malawis. Size is 1.5- 2 Inch These fish are all very healthy and well looked after. selling cause too many fish and no ... 23/05/15
55. AMERICAN CICHLIDS WANTED : Text me on this number what you got for sale or swap american cichlids 07719335222 thanks 23/05/15
56. Convicts for sale. : Various sizes convicts for sale, range from 1.5in to fries. Possible 2 adult male for sale. 23/05/15
57. dwarf cichlids wanted : rams and apistos wanted 23/05/15
58. Altum angelfish SOLD : Hi, these wild caught altum angelfish were purchased a couple of years ago as juveniles. They have now slowed in growth due to needing a lar ... 23/05/15
59. 1 large trimac and a group of breeding cichlids : Awesome colours, 7.5 inch,great specimen trimac and some other African cichlids that have been breeding but live with my puffer they are in ... 22/05/15
60. Group of six convicts - All Sold : A breeding group of 6 convicts. 3.00 22/05/15
61. CRENICARA PUNTULATA Wild Caught : I have for sale some Wild Caught Crenicara Puntulata, The fish have been FULLY quarentened and are 1.5-2" - 7each Collection from SR7 ... 22/05/15
62. midas/red devil cichlid babys, tri colour dad, white/creamsicle mum. : vary between 1.5 to 3 inch, couple have started their peel phase where the change colour. father in picture. 4 each stockbury. 22/05/15
63. 13-14 inch tilapia buttikoferi : he lives in my 300g tank with other fish, will attack tank mates in smaller tanks. doesnt like oscars. not getting on with the arowana in my ... 22/05/15
64. FEMALE Parachromis managuensis : i maybe selling my female jag cichlid 8-9 inches , will only sell to a sensible off 22/05/15
65. Jag : Beautiful colours 7 "long Add pic 26 April 22/05/15
66. pair of blue Texan cichlid x Redhead cichlid[ Vieja fenestrata ] : These two fish are about a year old now- male and female - she has laid eggs twice before, but keep them seperated by glass, as I haven't go ... 22/05/15
67. Paratilapia polleni Make me a SENSIBLE offer : Got 5 juveniles of this very rare cichlid from Madagascar which is an endangered species in the wild. Although African the species is very h ... 22/05/15
68. Pelvicachromis taeniatus Nigerian Reds : A hardy and easy to spawn species with stunning adult colours both male and female. Not easy to come by. Have a number of young juveniles f ... 22/05/15
69. angel fish : 2 baby angel fish about 1.5" long,slightly long anal fin but in excellent condition,2 ea or both for 3,would px/swop community fish/c ... 22/05/15
70. breeding pair of umbees : For sale are my stunning breeding pair of Rio mag umbees. Male is 9 inch with absolutely perfect finage superb colour throughout, female is ... 21/05/15
71. microgeophagus altispinosus (bolivian ram) breeding pair : As per title, stunning pair of Bolivian rams, pair naturally formed from a tank of ,30 fish and bond is very strong! Collection from grange ... 21/05/15
72. FLOWERHORN CICHLID FOR SWAP OR SALE : : I have a strong, healthy and colourful FLOWERHORN about 6 inch for sale or swap. I would swap for large American cichlids or large catfi ... 21/05/15
73. FLOWERHORN for SWAP : I have a strong, healthy and colourful FLOWERHORN about 6 inch for sale or swap. I would swap for large American cichlids or large catfish ... 21/05/15
74. Dovii wolf cichlids : Hi have some juvenile dovii cichlids for sale. These are about 2 inch. pics are of actual parents . Male has lots of blue colouring. Asking ... 21/05/15
75. WANTED, GEOPAGUS RED HEAD TAPAJOS : After some Geophagus red head Tapajos, bigger the better. Must be good quality fish, money waiting TEXT Joe on 07432830820 20/05/15
76. 3 x Jack Demsey approx 5 inch 15 all 3. : Three Jack Demsey approx 5 inch Very healthy had from fry. All three 15. I'm in Barnsley. Thanks 20/05/15
77. golden severum : I have 2 golden severums , all healthy and eating well . 4-5 inches all bright colours . 10 each 20/05/15
78. large male rose queen south american cichlid, preditor : i have 1 very large male rose queen for sale he is in perfect conditon. his colour is vibrent. he is very active etc i would either like to ... 20/05/15
79. Male amnd female Dovii with fry : Hi, I need to shut down my tank so I am selling my pair of Dovii, the male was sold to me as a 12", he is not that, I'd say more 10&qu ... 20/05/15
80. satanoperca leucostica & Geophagus tapajos red heads : 4 satanoperca leucostica 4-5"+ open to offers 4 geophagus tapajos red heads ranging from 2-4"+ (smaller 2 of the 4 are WC) open to offe ... 20/05/15
81. Fenistratus Group : I have a group of Fenistratus for sale.. 2 males 7 females for collection only they are 3" approx 70... Alan 07715781712 19/05/15
82. Blue Rams - Looking to swap Blue rams (Mikrogeophagus Ramirezi) : Hello I would like to swap Blue rams with any breeders in or around Birmingham. My Blue rams have been bred by myself and readily accept ... 19/05/15
83. Rotkeil Sevrum : I have a 5 inch approx Rotkeil Severum for sale 25 ono. I saw some 1 inch young in a shop recently for 8 each so this sub adult is a stea ... 19/05/15
84. 6 Inch Tiger Oscar - FOR SALE 15 : Hi, I am sadly selling one of my tiger Oscars, as 2 of my others have paired off and started to bully this one. He is the best of the bun ... 19/05/15
85. american : breeding pair of gold saums aka green terrors 30 breeding pair of cutteri fry every 3 weeks without fail 30 breeding trio of rainbows 2 ... 19/05/15
87. 10 inch jaguar cichlid for sale in Denton Manchester. : 10 inch female jaguar cichlid for sale in Denton Manchester. 19/05/15
88. Red devil : Red devil very big about 9 to 10 inches might be more 35 call or text me on 07415324458 I'm in Chatham Kent 18/05/15
89. American cichlids : American cichlids sizes from 1to 5 inches 2.50 each or 5 for 10 unless you want more we can do you a deal I'm in Rochester Kent call or t ... 18/05/15
90. Chocolate Cichlids ~ H. coryphaenoides~ Young ~ For Sale : These are the rarer of the chocolate cichlids (H. coryphaenoides), and they don't grow as large as the common type. Growing fast and wi ... 18/05/15
91. Firemouth cichlid for sale 5 - Cambridge : Fully grown firemouth cichlid for sale because we are changing over to a Malawi set up. Cambridge CB4 area. 18/05/15
92. CICHLIDS WANTED, wirral area : Hey guys I am looking for some cichlids to buy of you if you have them for sale, I can collect local no problem. Contact me with price and s ... 17/05/15
93. Looking to buy South American cichlids in Northampton : Setting up a South American cichlids tank. Prefer to source locally to Northampton. Will collect. Green terrors, serum, loach, convict, ... 17/05/15
94. exCichlasoma festae aka Red Terror for sale F1 fish : I have a small amount of F1 festae aka Red Terror cichlid, they are around 2-3cm in total Length and growing well. These are from my unrelat ... 17/05/15
95. Flowerhorn breeding pair : 7" male golden faced kamalau hybrid and 3" srd hybrid 100 Collection only Txt 07701070389 17/05/15
96. FLOWERHORNS + SETUP : Flowerhorns x 3 (males) & 2 x 30" tanks on metal stand with heaters air pump and sponge filters Alsp included 2 x dividers with prpper fi ... 17/05/15
97. Texan Cichlid in excess of 10 inches long -Turquoise in colour : We want to introduce plants & smaller fish into our tank so this big fella has to go. Warning - He is extremely aggressive to other fish. ... 16/05/15
99. Wanted:- cichlasoma ellioti adult or half grown : I need a male to go with my female as a breeding project. please call 07772572660 cheers 16/05/15
100. Group of urau cichlids sensible offers. : Group of 5 urau cichlids between 5-7inchs. Had them since they were 0.5inchs long, eat like pigs on pellets, greens and anything else you th ... 16/05/15

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