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 LJB aquatics - now in stock, bd hybrid rays, huge variety of flowerhorn, oscar : now in stock at ljb aquatics bd x pearl hybrid ray £200 6 inch disk motoro male ray 5 inch disk £80 over 50 flowerhorn, from SRD to KAM ...25/05/17
 Manaus Aquarium Products : New to the UK, Manaus Aquarium products. These medications are tailored for the aquatic hobby. Please see website for further details25/05/17
 American Cichlids at The Fish Barn : We have a range of Central American and South American Cichlids in stock at The Fish Barn Aquatic Store. NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE AVAI ...25/05/17
 OneStopTropicals | Stock List ~ Finest Quality Cichlids ~ Flowerhorns ~ Red Texas ~ Americans ~ : Latest Stock List | March 2017 ONESTOPTROPICALS∑ All Prices Include Free UK Delivery!!! No Hidden Fees!!!! Albino Plecos | 2 Inch | ...25/05/17
 Fastlight.co.uk Aquarum Equipment & Supplies : Offering a wide selection of Aquarium equipment, including some hard to find items at low prices. We have available all types of lighting ...25/05/17

1. 2 Crenicichla Lenticulata Females : 2 wild caught Crenicichla Lenticulata stunning girls , £200 for both, collection only 25/05/17
2. SP44 fry young fish cichlid lake Victoria Haplochromis red tail haps juveniles : Hi For sale: I have 6x SP44 juveniles 3-4cm, 5 months old: £4 each £20 for 6 Also approx 15 fry for £30 £3 each They are 1-1.5cm ... 25/05/17
3. jaguar cichlid (Parachromis managuensis) : have for sale female jaguar cichlid (Parachromis managuensis) 8-9 inches. £20 25/05/17
4. Texas Cichlid : have for sale female Texas Cichlid (Herichthys carpintis) 8 inch. £40 25/05/17
5. NorthFin Cichlid Food : NorthFin Fish Foods Buy Now for Free First Class P&P simply order from our add on the ShopAds section above 25/05/17
6. Aquarium hoods : Southdown Aquatics Building Vivariums and aquarium products for over 8years under the Southdown name manufacturing to suit all types o ... 25/05/17
7. 12inchjaguar cichlid,8inch green terror &5inch Texas cichlid : 12inch monster jaguar cichlid £30 5inch Texas cichlid £15 8inch male green terror £20 25/05/17
8. free tiger oscar and clown loach : free tiger oscar and clown loach to a good home. oscar is large and clown loach is medium size. 07711989533 24/05/17
9. Tilapia buttokoferi for sale few left : Collect east London 5 pound each just over 2 inch 3 for £10 24/05/17
10. 6 large f1 rio nanay angel fish : 6 large f1 rio nanay angel fish these are roughly 7 inch top to bottom i carnt upload pictures for some reason. please email me for pic ... 24/05/17
11. true parrot fish for sale (rear, wild cought) : hi i bought a true parrot wild cought and put him in with my peacock and he's getting battered, i was informed that they would be ok as both ... 24/05/17
12. show quality Flowerhorn Pair : Got this pair of Hight quality flowerhorns" Deep red with good perling" male around 9-10 inch female around 4-5 inch paid £600 ... 23/05/17
13. Wolf Cichlid Free to good home : My daughter has a 5" wolf cichlid free to a good home. Collect by arrangement 23/05/17
14. Geophagus sp. Red Head tapajos : Two male Geophagus approx. 7" Free to a good home. Collection from Exmouth 22/05/17
15. Nicaraguan cichlids : 2.5cm £1 each or 6 for £5. Pic/video of parents. Pic of actual fry taken a few weeks back. Collection only! Cheers 22/05/17
16. WANTED WANTED :- APISTOGRAMMA KELLERI FEMALE : Hi, I'm trying to locate 1 possibly 2 APISTOGRAMMA KELLERI FEMALE(S), as close to N/E Lincolnshire as possible, if you have any available p ... 22/05/17
17. wanted : Has anyone got krobia xinguensis,young to grow on or adult pair please text or phone 07511 490840, email unreliable thanks alan 22/05/17
18. Young Jack Dempsey : Mum Jack Dempsey is a blue Jean dad is a gold diamond £1ea or 8 for £5 pound 22/05/17
19. L number and other Plecos-- PRICE REDUCED : Hi all, I got few of my plecos for sale, L047 Magnum/mango pleco- 7-8"-- £50 L190 Royal panaque- 5-6"+-- £40 Ancistrus/calico bre ... 21/05/17
20. Green Texas breeding pair for sale : 4inches - 6inches Texas breeding pair for sale £40. Thanks 21/05/17
21. Jackdrmsy breeding pair for sale : 5inches - 7inches Jackdrmsy breeding pair for quick sale £40. Thanks 21/05/17
22. For Sale: Cupid Cichlids Biotodoma Cupido ## Price Reduced ## : I've got some juvenile F1 Cupid cichlids for sale. These are a beautiful medium-sized South American eartheater, about 4" long adult siz ... 21/05/17
23. Zebra Obliquidens (Astatotilapia latifasciata) young DOB 18-05-2016 : Hi there I thought I would let people know that two of my Zebra Obliquens (A Victoria Cichlid) have just released their fry (Naturaly not st ... 21/05/17
24. 2x Heros Notatus : Genuine reason for sale ... Believed to be male and female both over 4" and feeding great One has been fin nipped but otherwise great health ... 20/05/17
25. 3 Large WILD Satanoperca Daemon For Sale : I have 3 large what appear to be male Daemons for sale. These guys are 7-8" in size (17.5 - 20cm) Wild fish imported from Columbia in ... 20/05/17
26. AD KONINGSS BOOK OF CICHLIDS AND ALL THE OTHER FISHES OF LAKE MALAWI : £25 This book is in mint condition.. Hardback book published by T.F.H, A large book with over 1000 full-colour photos and 495 pages. Mu ... 20/05/17
27. geophagus winemilleri baby fry stunning fish le3 collection : got some lovely peaceful geophagus winemilleri fry bout he size of a neon,s at the minute, perfect for you to grow on and sell or keep as th ... 20/05/17
28. Crenicichla cf. lugubris sp. atabapo red - WILD CAUGHT - 8 inches x2 : I have for sale, two Crenicichla cf. lugubris sp. atabapo red They are Wild Caught fish, and both around 8", one is just over, the other ju ... 19/05/17
29. Free cichlids, gourami and plec : I have 3 rainbow cichlids (~8cm)( two of which have paired) a kissing gourami~(8) and a large plec(~15cm). all happy and healthy. Provided y ... 19/05/17
30. RED DRAGON FLOWERHORN : I have for sale a male red dragon flowerhorn. He's about 7 inch, in good health, eating and pooing well. £60 19/05/17
31. Heros . Sp . Notatus severum group : Rare hard to come by severums heros sp notatus All nice body shape with perfect fins Group of 9 eating very well old a varied diet of ... 19/05/17
32. Red Back Angelfish and gold redcaps : Red Back Guyana Angelfish and gold redcap hybrids 4 - 5 inches adults £6 each or 2 for £10. Pairs available Pick up only DH4 postcode. I do ... 19/05/17
33. Ellioti x Firemouth Hybrid grow outs(Lots of colour) : Here I have for sale some extremely colourful hybrid thorichys. They are Maculipinnis (formerly Ellioti) cross Firemouth cichlids. Image att ... 19/05/17
34. Large Red Devil (Amphilophus Labiatus) for sale : Very colourful and playful Red Devil for sale due to not having room to house him anymore. Looking for £15. 07921861537 19/05/17
35. Red mammon : Here I am selling my female mammon very hard to find. Anymore info or pics just message £70 18/05/17
36. FESTAE (Red Terror) Fry available - ONLY 50 Available : Have about 50 small Festae fry available end of May... These will go quick so please confirm yourself on the interest list before its to lat ... 17/05/17
37. red shock synspilium : male about 8 to nine inches and growing geeting some slight head growth cracking fish £80 ovno 17/05/17
38. SRD flowerhorn : pn srd female flowerhorn this is probally the best female srd in the uk you will ever get. male male traits i paid a small fortune for h ... 17/05/17
39. Trimac : Looking to swap my trimac For albino oscars Must deliver and collect Tel 07949886254 17/05/17
40. Geophagus : 6x geophagus surinamemsis 4-6 inches plus 4 smaller ones £100 17/05/17
41. Cichlid for rehome- believed Pratheraps synspilum : Up for rehome my friend has a specimen believed to be Paratheraps synspilum. Free to someone with an established environment and knowledg ... 17/05/17
42. Wanted, Geophagus tapajos, Manacapuru Angels, Red Spot Severum : As title, preferably fairly local to Wincanton Somerset, pls contact if you have or know where I can can get any of the above please 16/05/17
43. Red Peacock Mammons, Rose Queens, Red Texas | Free London/M25 Delivery : £59 each delivered or all 6 for £199 | All 8-10 Inches | Free UK Delivery 15/05/17
44. CICHLIDS FOR SALE - Leicester : CICHLIDS FOR SALE. XXL Parrot x 1 XXXL Parrot x 1 XXL Green Terrors x 2 Large Salvini x 2 Jack Dems x 2 Large Malawi selection ... 15/05/17
45. Green Texas for sale £15 : 4inchers -6inchers Green Texas for sale. Each £15 or 2 for £25. 15/05/17
46. BEANI CICHLIDS : I have for sale two pairs of Beani cichlids. One pair male and female are both around 8 inch, the second pair male 8 inch and female 5 to 6 ... 15/05/17
47. UMBEE CICHLID, MALES : I have two male Umbee cichlids for sale about 6 to 7 inch, there in beautiful condition. £75 each. Only one left. 15/05/17
48. American Chiclids. : 6 x Convicts 2 females and five males 2 breeding pairs £20. 2 x Large Orange Parrot Fish £20. 2 x Small Red Parrot Fish £15. 1 x Yellow S ... 14/05/17
49. Kribensis : Hi I selling 40-50 Kribensis fish they getting their colour and they are heathy and one inch long some bigger. Price for one is 1.50£ No off ... 14/05/17
50. Kribensis breeding pair for sale : Kribensis breeding pair for sale £16. Proven breeding pair of Kribensis cichlid, also known as Pelvicachromis Pulcher. These fish are ad ... 14/05/17
51. Wanted, Geophagus tapajos, Manacapuru Angels, Red Spot Severum : As title, preferably fairly local to Wincanton Somerset, pls contact if you have or know where I can can get any of the above please 14/05/17
52. American cichlids collection sale : Thinking of changing my set up, any interest in the following Synspilam 6-7" £20 Wild caught Oscar 4" £30 Red devil 5-6" £25 Pearl ... 14/05/17
53. MIDAS PAIR : I have for sale a pair of midas cichlids. Male 11 to 12 inch, female about 6inch. £50. 14/05/17
54. JAGUAR AND RED TIGER MOTO : I have for sale a 10 inch male Jaguar cichlid and two 6 inch female red tiger moto's. These fish have bred together. £25 each. 14/05/17
55. 3 8 inches oscars, free to good homes, tiger and gold. : I have 2 gold oscars and a tiger oscar, free to good homes. All have slight fin damage. Got too many fish, good homes only please. 075843 ... 13/05/17
56. Convict Cichlids for sale : I have a batch of young Convict Cichlids for sale. I will swap the lot for a good external filter that can handle a 500l tank. There's at ... 13/05/17
57. 1no. pair apistogramma opal borelli wild : 1no. pair apistogramma opal borelli ( wild) sub adults, colouring up well All my fish are in perfect condition, just looking to free u ... 12/05/17
58. 2 Geophagus Sp Rio Caqueta : Wanting to thin my group down to 6 from 8 , cost me £32 each but will accept £30 for both. Pic is of the group , i will have the 2 fish bagg ... 12/05/17
59. Oscar 10 inches : Have tiger oscar in 10"-12" , healthy fish, eating pellets, mussels. £20 Collection from east London, for more info please call 07428746200 ... 12/05/17
60. Mixed breeding pair of severums : I have for sale a mixed pair of severums. The male is gold & the female green & they have produced multiple lots of fry but as they ... 12/05/17
61. ELECTRIC BLUE JACK DEMPSEY ADULT TRIO NOW IN STOCK : We have managed to get in stock some adult Electric Blue Jack Dempseys. We have a trio available. pr Trio £195 trio. We will sell one ... 11/05/17
62. JEWEL CICHLIDS : Beautiful jewel cichlid fry £1 each 11/05/17
63. GREEN TEXAS CICHLIDS : Baby Green Texas Cichlids for sale. 4 left and available £15 the lot. Collection Only QUICK STATS Minimum Tank Size: 50 gallons Care Lev ... 11/05/17
64. Green Texas Cichlids : Baby Green Texas Cichlids for sale. 4 left and available £15 the lot. Collection Only QUICK STATS Minimum Tank Size: 50 gallons Care Lev ... 11/05/17
65. Red sewerum 5 - 6inch 15 : For sale red severums. Eating prawns , pellets , blood worms. More photo please contact me. Thanks 11/05/17
66. Severums pair heros Notatus : For sale pair of severums heroes notatus . Male about 8inch . Female 6inch . Price 60£ 11/05/17
67. Pair of oscars for sale Very big : I have a pair of oscar fish that are both around 1ft long. Theyre friendly and live together. Get on with t plecs and silver dollars. Only r ... 11/05/17
68. Geophagus tapajo redheads : Geophagus tapajo redheads all adult fish 7 available breeding all the time £70 for the group collection South shields 07496890233 message fo ... 10/05/17
70. Green terrors for sale 2-3 inches : Have about ten young g t's 2-3" for sale £3 each, tel jerry on 07946519182, herts 08/05/17
71. 4 X 250g Hikari cichlid gold baby pellets, 1kg : 4 X 250g Hikari cichlid gold baby size, 1kg, Exp 05/2018 £22.99 free delivery by Hermes Payments via PayPal 08/05/17
72. Red Scat : I have 4 small Red Scat's between 4 and 6 inches in size. They are lovely fish but are really going to need a brackish water tank before lon ... 08/05/17
73. F1 Angelfish : F1 Angelfish (Pterophyllum Scalare) Around 2-4cm SL Some have more markings than others £2.50 Each Collection from Langwith NG20 08/05/17
74. RED TEXAS FLOWERHORN IN STOCK MASSIVE KOK. ONLY £150 PERFECT SPECIMEN : We have in stock this superb Red texas Flowerhorn. This fish was imported directly by us for our customer and is noW at least double the si ... 07/05/17
75. Parachromis Dovii (wolf cichlid) : I have many babies, £5 each. About 1cm long. Unrelated and absolutely stunning. 07/05/17
76. Zebra tilapia (Tilapia buttikoferi) : Zebra tilapia fryers the fish are around 1" Great looking fish this are the original bread and very desirable fish looks great in any tan ... 07/05/17
77. Midas : 1 Midas 5.5 inches for sale £10 collect only from Hendon 07779775588 Thanks 07/05/17
78. Driftwood, rocks and gravel for sale : Driftwood, rocks and gravel for sale. Selling items from my 8ft tank - was previously used as a South American Cichlid tank but I have no ... 06/05/17
79. Angelfish for a new home - Gloucester : I have to re-home my Marbled Angel Fish. I think this Angel is female and she has become aggressive towards my other three Angels. I thin ... 06/05/17
80. Geophagus few different ones : Dicrozoster X1 suriminis x2 afirtons x2 red head tapajos x3 wild caught rare as any thing yellow earth eater (pelligrenis) beatif sunning fi ... 06/05/17
81. American Cichlids at The Fish Barn : We have a range of Central American and South American Cichlids in stock at The Fish Barn Aquatic Store. NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE AVAI ... 04/05/17
82. Cichlids L number plecos breeding pairs catfish : Pair of Midas cichlids £15 Breeding pair of blue pearlscale angels £55 Ono XL Breeding pair of convicts (albino male) £20 Albino se ... 04/05/17
83. Alta Pike pair : Hi all, I got this pair of Alta pike cichlids- 6-7" for both of them. Stunning colors and eating well. Selling them as they are not gettin ... 04/05/17
84. african cichlids : assorted African cichlids for sale pick up only. email or call for description of fish. 04/05/17
85. Flowerhorn Large Breeding Pair : Adult breeding flowerhorn pair for sale. Male is a ZZ flowerhorn(pictured). Both are large fish and they breed regularly. Fry from the p ... 03/05/17
87. Breeding pair of Salvini cichlids for sale : Selling a breeding pair of Salvini cichlids as closing down the tank. Male 5" female 3" Collection only from newham £20 for the pair 03/05/17
88. Vieja Synspilum juveniles : Vieja Synspilum juveniles for sell around 1,5"-2" Any question fell free to ask 07401959900 Mario Thanks 03/05/17
89. 14 Tiger dats 7" - 16" : Hey guys I am thinking of selling my tiger dats I have 13 between 7" and 11" £60-£100 and one at 16" £180.... collection only ... 02/05/17
90. Blockhead Cichlids : Blockhead Cichlids adult wanted bromley kent 01/05/17
91. Polleni, rainbow cichlids, convict, angels : Angels 2" x 5 £20 Breeding group of 5 rainbow cichlids 3-4" £25 convict cichlid, 2" £5 In louth lincolnshire 30/04/17
92. South American Cichlids £300 ono : really large Cichlids for sale. Around ten fish in total. Photos wont upload so if interested I can email. 30/04/17
93. RED SPOTTED SEVERUMS . BEST QUALITY BEST PRICES. LOADS IN STOCK : We have some lovely Red Spot Severums back in stock. SM £10 each L £25.00 each OVER 12 IN STOCK Loads of rare and unsual fish in s ... 30/04/17
94. wild peru oscar babys now for sale 1 inch : 3 baby's for 12 pounds.collection only. These will grow up to be very nice oscars. The parents are stunning. Typical wild shape and lots of ... 29/04/17
95. Red King Kong Parrots (KKP) |4-5 Inch & 6-7 Inch | Free UK Delivery | Onestoptro ... : 4-5 Inch £55 each delivered, 6 for £199, 10 for £275, 20 for £499 Free UK Delivery 6-7 Inch £69 each Delivered, 5 for £199, 10 for £339. ... 28/04/17
96. South american cichlids. : I have large south american earth eaters for sale lovely fish, for more information tel Kevin on 07530632100. 27/04/17
97. Dovii about 3inch £10 each or swap for arowanna or other south American cichlids : Dovii fry for sale i have 5 think they are 2 male 3 female email if interested swap for arowanna or other south American cichlids black ghos ... 27/04/17
98. Festae red terror : Male f1 festae 6.5 inch lovley male £40 collect wirral 07850037509 can wats app pics 26/04/17
99. Festae : Hi looking for juvenile true festae to grow for my collection will travel for the rite fish thanks 26/04/17
100. Umbee wanted : Hi all looking for umbees for my growing hobby cornwall and devon area looking for juveniles to grow will travel for the rite fish thanks 26/04/17

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