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 Oddballs, Rarities and the unusual : We have a range of South American Cichlids in stock at The Fish Barn Aquatic Store. NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE 18.00 Guarante ...21/05/18
 Fastlight.co.uk Aquarum Equipment & Supplies : Offering a wide selection of Aquarium equipment, including some hard to find items at low prices. We have available all types of lighting ...21/05/18
 Northfin : We now stock Northfin foods. Made in Canada. Cichlid formula includes Montmorillonite clay, Astaxanthin, Spirulina, Garlic, Krill etc. Avai ...21/05/18
 Cichilds of all kinds at A-Z Aquatics in Balterley, Crewe : Visit us to view our selection of cichlids here at A-Z Aquatics, with stocks changing often. We have American, African and other cichlids in ...21/05/18

1. Parrot fish 7 inches 30 : Hi have for sale parrot fishes 8 of group, all 7"-8", all healthy, eating sinking pellets, nice colour. Collect from east London. 07428746 ... 08/04/18
2. Cichlids and a Bristlenose : Clearing out 5ft tank as want to switch over to oscars. Have the following for sale. All to be collected from Ashtead Surrey although can ... 07/04/18
3. Oscar : X2 large oscars male & female I think one is a red Oscar the other tiger Oscar . Eating well selling as outgrown my aquarium Looking for ... 06/04/18
4. Rio Tumbes Festae fry : fry are 1 both parents (in picture) were sourced by Rob through Rapps Collection only south London (Orpington) 20odd left Fry @1 6 for ... 05/04/18
5. Midas Cichlid : Midas Cichlid for sale starting at 2 inches to 4+ inches. 1 each for smaller ones upto 2.50 each for larher ones. Will do deals on bul ... 04/04/18
6. RED SPOTTED SEVERUMS . BEST QUALITY BEST PRICES. LOADS IN STOCK : We have some lovely Red Spot Severums back in stock. SM 10 each ML 25.00 each Jumbo Male 50 Loads of rare and unsual fish in ... 04/04/18
7. super blue acaras : I have acara 1" young for sale 3 each these are the super blues 02/04/18
8. Rio mag umbees 100 : I have 5 Rio mag umbees biggest around 4-5 which is a male there is defiantly a another male and at least 1 for definite female she is only ... 02/04/18
9. Rio mag umbees 100 : I have 5 Rio mag umbees biggest around 4-5 which is a male there is defiantly a another male and at least 1 for definite female she is only ... 02/04/18
10. 7 inch stunning male Jack Dempsey - FREE : Unfortunately he is not working my plans so free to a good home. 02/04/18
11. Wanted Cuban cichlids : Wanted Cuban cichlids pleas get in touch willing to travel 30 miles 01/04/18
12. Breeding pair of red head tapajos : Getting rid of my breeding stock so I have more space to grow my other fish on Adult pair that have supplied shops and local aquarists ... 01/04/18
13. WANTED Geophagus young or Fry : As above I am after some strain of Geophagus to grow on in my 5` tank. Any type considered with cash waiting. Nottingham/Derby area prefer ... 01/04/18
14. guianacara dacrya : for sale lovely group of 10 guianacara dacrya from 3 pair and starting to show sign of breading size about 3 inch just asking 70 for the gr ... 31/03/18
15. Uaru Amphiacanthoides For sale - 40 : A beautiful 8 inch Uaru for sale. Feeds on pellets, algae wafers, prawns and cucumber. Collection only from Worthing. Please bring your o ... 31/03/18
16. Red Spotted Severum - 4inch : Very healthy red spotted severum All my fish are quarantined before entry into my tanks 20 Pick up only 30/03/18
17. 2x Albino Tiger Oscars and 2x Jack Dempsey : I have 2x Albino Tiger Oscars and 2x Jack Dempsey for sale ... Oscars are around 10" healthy and eating well... Jacks are about 7" ... 30/03/18
18. URGENT Umbee Cichlids from 2.5 inches to 6 inches dovii black nasty jaguar ameri ... : A group of 8 umbee cichlids one small one about 2.5" and the others between 4 and 6". Also includes a 6/7" plec and a 6" jaguar cichlid ... 30/03/18
19. Looking for a Green / red Texas : Looking for a good size green or red texas around the Birmingham area please give me a call or txt with anything you might have available th ... 30/03/18
20. green terror female for sale (needs a mate) 5 : hi got female green terrorfor sale 3 approx lovely fish needs a mate 5, tel jerry on 07946519182, herts area 29/03/18
21. LOOKING FOR A LARGE MALE SYNSPILIUM CICHLID (RED HEAD) : with hump, top colours, 12 inch plus 29/03/18
22. LARGE MALE Female FESTA CICHLID WANTED : in london area or nearby. bigger the better. would prefere the red form. 07886347745 if ad gets old still call ibby 29/03/18
23. CENTRAL OR SOUTH AMERICAN CICHLIDS WANTED : 8inch plus. aggresive types. in the london area or near by. 07886347745 29/03/18
24. 2 albino oscars 20 : 2 albino oscars one is 4" and the other is 5" could possible be a pair in the future. Saddly they are being bullied by my other os ... 28/03/18
25. Mouth brooding mated pair : A pair of heros liberifer very healthy feeding well on pellets bloodworm both around 7 inch plus 90 26/03/18
26. Hybrid catfish 17inch : Lovey Hybrid catfish 17inch getting rid of due to size of my tank eats well growing fast Open to offers Please contact me on 07507776075 26/03/18
27. Swap Apistogramma cacatuoides 1cm babies : Apistogramma cacatuoides 1cm tank breed. Both male an females 10 each or all, 6 or 7 for 40 or swap for larger south American cichlids. 25/03/18
28. 2x Adult Green Severum : 7-8 inch 15 each or both for 25 GRIMSBY. Lovely fish. Eats everything. Please phone or text. Thanks. 22/03/18
29. Cichlids for sale : Green Terrors 2-3 inch 3 each or 4 for 10 Nicaraguan cichlids 3 inch 3 each or 4 for 10 Red tiger motuguese 4 each or 3 for 10 ... 22/03/18
30. Dwarf cichlids : Young Apistogramma Hongsloi for sale 4ea lovely fish all sold 22/03/18
31. Satanoperca deamon : I have a group of four deamons for sale nice and healthy feeding on blood worm river shrimp chiclid mix and granules and around the five six ... 21/03/18
32. oscar : 1x5inch red oscar 10 1x 3-5inch albino oscar 5 Can deliver local 20/03/18
33. Apistogramma : Urgent need to sell in very good condition but is getting bullied by convict cichlids so no longer can keep it collection only 20/03/18
34. Flowerhorn AA Grade : Selling my male Blue Dragon Flowerhorn. Has a big kok for his size. Eats like a pig and likes to chase your finger and do backflips. Importe ... 19/03/18
35. flowerhorn : here is eric my flowerhorn.hes about 7-8 inches and to those who know of the breed a hell of a character.im asking 120 for him which is a b ... 19/03/18
36. Adult Female Heros Severus : I have an adult female Heros Severus for sale She has laid eggs on a couple of occasions but unfortunately decided to kill her partner Imm ... 19/03/18
37. Rotkiel Cichild (red shoulder) : A beautiful rotkeil for sale.8inch long.lovely colours. 10. Collection only.sheffield Phone gaz after 7pm 07717708118 18/03/18
38. Paratilapia polleni needs a good home : Nice 3.5" specimen in good health - very active, but a bit too feisty for tank mates! Free to a good home, collection please - Thanks for ... 18/03/18
39. 7 inch male uaru. 40.00 : A 7 inch uaru, no offers, price as above. Beautiful fish. Feeds on herbivore pellets and algae crisps, cucumber, lettuce. Sometimes frozen i ... 18/03/18
40. 1.5 inch male uaru 20 : Selling a 1.5 inch uaru cichlid, no offers. Price as above. Healthy, growing fast, eats everything from flake, pellets, bloodworms, cucumber ... 18/03/18
41. Geos : 3x Geophagus neambi,F1,5-7 inches,originally bought from Wharf aquatics,just 30 for all 3. Please phone or text,thanks. 17/03/18
42. Adult group of Electric Blue Acara : Hello, on offer is a group of 4 adult electric blue Acara (Aequidens pulcher), that includes one pair that regularly spawn. Fish wer ... 17/03/18
43. Geos : 2x F1 geo winemilleri,5-7 inches,originally from Wharf aquatics,very nice fish,just. 25 for both. Please phone or text,thanks. 17/03/18
44. Young golden severum for sale in Leeds : They are bout 2"-3" .eating well on flakes and pellet. Nice color and growing fast. Looking for 4 each or 3 fish for 10 16/03/18
45. 6 oscars one plec 40 : all 4 inch plus selling as a group collection only price is for all 15/03/18
46. Red atabapo pike : I have for sale this red atabapo pike about 12 inches long she is a stunning female and she is 160 only selling as not getting along with m ... 15/03/18
47. Red head synspillum : .3 red head synspillum around 4inch open to sensible offers or swaps for l number plecs 13/03/18
48. buttikoferi cichild x 3 : buttikoferi cichlid x 3 free to a good home/tank, out grow my tank 10/03/18
49. Wanted Biotodoma cupido : Looking for a group of cupido cichlids pref adult/sub adult 08/03/18
50. Sevrum for sale 20 : Green sevrum for sale good health over 5inch 20,, video can be sent on request,, I am located in rainham kent 08/03/18
51. Cichlasoma bocourti : Possibly male stunning colours Around 6 inch Can WhatsApp or email pics first to see will purchase 20 These can be quite rare lovely ... 07/03/18
52. Salvini Cichlids : Salvini Cichlids for sale 3" - 6" 10 or will swap for the right plecos but not common plecs. Please text or call instead of email. Thanks. ... 07/03/18
53. Nicaraguan cichlids : 2.5-3 inch. Pic of actual fry kept from last batch. 2 each Feeding very well 06/03/18
54. geophagus : Geophagus red head tapajos fry about 3 weeks old call 07973684923 thanks malc 06/03/18
55. Large albino oscar : Large albino oscar for sale, around 11/12 inch feeding well on pellets, flake prawns etc please message for pics wont let me upload on here ... 06/03/18
56. Red hump eartheater 10.00 : A red hump eartheater, around 1.5 inch. Eats everything thrown in the tank. Healthy. Bring your own tub, collection only. 05/03/18
57. 2x pike cichlids lenticulata : Hi up for sale are my lenticulata pike cichlids 1 of them is 8"plus and the other is 12" plus and very thick Looking for 200 for the pa ... 04/03/18
58. Cichilds of all kinds at A-Z Aquatics in Balterley, Crewe : Visit us to view our selection of cichlids here at A-Z Aquatics, with stocks changing often. We have American, African and other cichlids in ... 02/03/18
59. Cichlids for sale : I have the following Central American Cichlids for sale. I. Vieja Coatzacoalcos F3 offspring 2-3 inches. 1 each or 12 for 10 can pos ... 02/03/18
60. AA Grade Flowerhorn for sale : i have a 8inch AA grade male flowerhorn for sale message me for details and pics 07513824940 01/03/18
61. True Parrot for sale : Hoplarchus psittacus for sale 10 roughly 6 inches in length collection only from WF156LX pics can be sent through whatsapp 07931564408 01/03/18
62. WANTED festae female red terror : Female red terror wanted in the sussex &Kent area cash waiting phone 07894032746 28/02/18
63. Red terror : Red terror fry wanted cash waiting Kent and sussex area text 07894032746 28/02/18
64. Baby Kribensis for sale : Beautiful baby kribensis cichlids for sale in Weston super-mare buyer must collect from the Worle area. Kept in a 60L holding tank at th ... 28/02/18
65. KKP Red Parrot Cichlids : I have some healthy chunky red parrot cichlids, various sizes up to 6 inches. Beauties, stunning specimen fish, but need tank space so looki ... 28/02/18
66. Petrochromis trewavasae Male wanted : Looking to buy a Male Petrochromis trewavasae, I have 10 females and have lost my Male 07517699181 28/02/18
67. GREEN TERRORS FOR SALE : GREEN TERRORS FOR SALE Approx 2 inch stunning fish A compliment to any tropical setup 3 each or 4 for 10! 28/02/18
68. Flowerhorn : I have a flowerhorn for sale 50 27/02/18
69. King Kong Parrots : Final price reduction for a quick sale 250 ono. Must be collected from Lewisham by today or tomorrow! Last opportunity to grab some ama ... 26/02/18
70. Peru Altum Angelfish, breeding pairs : Hello Available are several large adult breeding pairs of Peru Altum Angelfish, tank-bred from wild-caught parents. Brilliant colours wit ... 25/02/18
71. King Kong Parrots (Ingots and Mammon) on Offer Collection only from Lewisham : I have seven beautiful Super King Kong Parrots of various types on offer including an 10 inch male mammom. Ingots also. They should be sold ... 24/02/18
72. Free Tiger oscar : 12 inch Tiger Oscar free to good home must have big tank 23/02/18
73. Large male jack dempsey X vieja cichlid hybrid : I am selling my large male jack dempsey X vieja cichlid hybrid as it is just getting to big for my tank and it is such a shame.. this fish i ... 23/02/18
74. Syndpillum : Does anyone sell synspillium or redhead vieja in Merseyside ? I am looking for few young ones or a breeding pair. No silly price please as i ... 23/02/18
75. Golden jaguar cichlid : 8 inch male golden jaguar cichlid. Beautiful fish looking for 60 30 mins from Cambridge and 30 mins from London Sg9 postcode. 07568302451 21/02/18
76. Red Shoulder Severums : Moving house so selling my Fish. I have 4 Red Shoulder Severums around the 5-6 inch size. Selling all 4 together 60 for the 4 21/02/18
78. Breeding pair of kribensis (FREE) : breeding pair of Kribs they have had young many times. I need to free up some space in my tank free to who ever collects. please get in touc ... 20/02/18
79. GREEN TEXAS CICHLIDS : American Green Texas Cichlids for sale 2 to 4 inches. 4 left and available 15 the lot. Shutting down tank. Collection Only QUICK STATS ... 20/02/18
80. Pearl chiclids : Hi has anyone got or know where I can get pearl chiclids in the Midlands any help would be grateful thanks 20/02/18
81. Dwarf cichlids : Looking for dwarf cichlids 20/02/18
82. wild caught pair of oscars FREE to SUITABLE home : Wild caught pair of Oscars, around 2.5yrs old and 12" size. Not had eggs yet but constantly going through spawning ritual! A suitable home, ... 19/02/18
83. Midas Cichlids : looking for a breeding pair of Orange/Red Midas Cichlids. Will collect around M25. 17/02/18
84. Synspilliums cichlids for sale : I have for sale pair synspillum (red head) cichlids for sale both around 7 inches 07711264634 16/02/18
85. pair of Dovii s + 6ft tank : pair of dovii's i have had these since they were 2" long. about 5 years. male is about 16" female 10". they breed regular eat massiv ... 16/02/18
86. Wanted: SA/CA Cichlids : Hi all, I'm after a few American cichlids to join my severum in a 5x2x2 tank. Thinking an Jack Dempsey/Green Terror but let me know what ... 16/02/18
87. Very rare specimen white Flowerhorn : Have a gorgeous and eye catching pearl white flowerhorn for sale. Almost platinum colouration. Really rare to see one like this. Gorgeous ch ... 16/02/18
88. South American cichlids : Guianacara dacrya x6 5/6inch 10 each Acarichthys heckelii 6inch 15 Geophagus bras ... 14/02/18
89. Breeding pairs : Hi I'm looking for breeding pairs of chiclids open to all species txt me pictures and price preferably in west Midlands but will travel for ... 14/02/18
90. oscars : Hi Im looking for colourful oscars, any size.Red Tiger oscars or Albino Tigers preferred but open to others if colourful. Can collect with ... 13/02/18
91. For sale Cichlids : For sale four oscars and one jack dempsy. Oscars are approximately 9 inch. Open to offers. 12/02/18
92. South American cichlids : Guianacara dacrya x6 5/6inch 10 each Acarichthys heckelii 6inch 15 Geophagus bras ... 12/02/18
93. Flowerhorn 30 : Flowerhorn for sale around 8 inch long got a nice thick body very chilled out fish looking at setting up a community tank so he wont go unf ... 11/02/18
94. Red Tiger Motaguensis cichlid : Red Tiger Motaguensis cichlid juveniles between 1 and 3 inches. Stunning fish when grown up. Eating well on pellets and frozen foods. 8 eac ... 11/02/18
95. Veija synsipilum Zonatus cichlid : Veija synsipilum Zonatus cichlid. Lovely stunning fish when grown up. Super rare in the hobby. They are between 1 to 4 inches eating well on ... 11/02/18
96. Group of oscars : Hi due to ill health i have to sell up so my gorgeous group of oscars are for sale and collection only these cost me alot of miney so please ... 11/02/18
97. American Cichlids synsipilum Zonatus green terror red tiger motaguensis : I have a nice variety of various American Cichlids. All different sizes and eating well on pellets, frozen and flakes. Colours are starting ... 11/02/18
98. Various cichlids : Red spotted severum 5 inches Rotkiel severum 4-5 inches Rare Gold Jack Dempsey male 6 inches Normal Jack Dempsey 4 inches Rainbow cichl ... 11/02/18
99. [GONE] Silver Angelfishes [ GONE] : READ FOR MORE INFO: Price list and stock-list as at 07.04.13 *The measurements are calculated by tail length (1 inch will be taken off ... 08/02/18
100. 2 adult parrots fish : 2 adult parrots fish about 7-8 inches 40 for the pair 06/02/18

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