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 Oddballs, Rarities and the unusual : We have a range of Central American and South American Cichlids in stock at The Fish Barn Aquatic Store. NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE AVAI ...16/12/17
 Fastlight.co.uk Aquarum Equipment & Supplies : Offering a wide selection of Aquarium equipment, including some hard to find items at low prices. We have available all types of lighting ...16/12/17
 Northfin : We now stock Northfin foods. Made in Canada. Cichlid formula includes Montmorillonite clay, Astaxanthin, Spirulina, Garlic, Krill etc. Avai ...16/12/17

1. True GREEN TERROR Andinocara Stalsbergi Fry 4 - 5 inches : (RESERVED for Liam Walters) 14/11/17
2. Dovii x jaguar cichlid fry : Hi my dovii and jaguar cichlids ended up breeding so I have a load of babys the biggest being just over and inch long, 5 collection only f ... 12/11/17
3. 8 x Red Head Tapajos Geophagus : A young breeding group of 8 x Red Head Geophagus. Unsure of sexes but at least 2-3 x pairs. Collection from Laugharne, west Wales. 120ono ... 10/11/17
4. Large Oscar : Large Oscar for sale 20 10/11/17
5. Blue Acara male : 3 2 inches 09/11/17
6. Female Nicaraguan cichlid : 3.5 inches. Ready to pair off with a male. Nice thick body. 5 09/11/17
7. 3 X jack dempseys : 3 jack Dempsey fish for sale 2 normal , 1 is electric blue , stunning looker All are approx 2 inches Hampshire area 07712638917 08/11/17
8. QUALITY (F1) Red Terror FESTAE (2 - 3.5 inches ) only a few left 14.99 each : I have only a few 2 - 3.5" Festae left from my spawn of 5 months ago... The parents are massive wild caught beauties. Do not ship... collec ... 06/11/17
9. 5 inches Female TRIMAC inches Trimaculatus inches (100% pure bred) : True (F1) female TRIMAC. She's 5" long and fat and healthy. 25.00 Collection only from Durham 06/11/17
10. Green Severum Cichlid - 4-5 inches : I have a Green Severum available for sale. He is approximately 4-5" in size. In excellent condition. Bought 2 of them when young, b ... 06/11/17
11. pai of parrot cichlids for sale : Hi. I have pair of parrot Cichlids for sale 5inch size. Great health and shape 30 pounds or swap for malawi cichlids or african catfish 06/11/17
12. 6inch chocolate cichlid : Stunning chocolate cichlid, rarely seen in the hobby. Large peaceful stunning species Collection from Bridgwater 15 05/11/17
13. Wolf cichlid male, dovii : Male wolf cichlid (dovii) Roughly 7inches, stunning fish and rarely seen. And a male 15 Collection from Bridgwater 05/11/17
14. SELECTION OF LARGE AMERCIAN/AFRICAN CICHLID FISH - STUNNING AND RARE COLLECTION : Closing down two large fish tanks - Strictly no offers selling fish for price I purchased them, fish were half the size when purchased - ... 05/11/17
15. Motaguense female 7" stunning : I'm selling this large female motaguense. She colours up amazing . Buyer to collect from LE12 7PU Too big to post sorry . 35 Ono 05/11/17
16. Rare Red Mammon cichlids : Hi I have a pair of Super kkp parrot cichlids (Red Mammon) imported from Singapore to one stop tropicals. The female is a proven egg layer ... 04/11/17
17. High grade KKP parrot cichlids : High grade imports good sizes grave yourself a AAA+ KKP 04/11/17
18. Male gold and female normal jack Dempsey breeding pair for swap : Looking to swap my pair off jack dempseys female is normal and Male is gold Jack Dempsey about 4/5 Looking to swap for firemouths, acar ... 04/11/17
19. Pike cichlid for sale : I have a C. Lenticulata pike for sale 10-12" 100 Unfortunately his being bullied by our bigger pike Chatham collection only 03/11/17
20. Dovii : I am looking for a male dovii around 8inch plus. Around the South East area. Message me on 07392119993 if you have one for sale 02/11/17
21. Gold Jack Dempsey and normal female for swap : I have a gold Male jack Dempsey and a normal female Jack Dempsey breeding pair for swap Im looking for a arowana or maybe if you have some ... 02/11/17
22. Guyana Red Back Angelfish - Free : I have one 5inch male Guyana Red Back Angelfish available free to a good home. Re-homing fish due to house move. Also have x6 Rummyno ... 02/11/17
23. rheoheros (theraps) lentiginosus rio chacamax - rare CA riverine cichlid : rheoheros (previously theraps) lentiginosus Rio Chacamax F2 about 1.5 to 3 long 6.50 each (60 for 10)- stunning fish All living in Su ... 30/10/17
24. Wanted: Female Mayan Cichlid : Does anyone have a 6-7 inch female Mayan cichlid for sale? Please contact me if you do. 29/10/17
25. Dovii : Beautiful male Dovii around 7-8 inch and a female Dovii about 4-5 inch unrelated pair the males parents were imported from Jeff wrapps both ... 28/10/17
26. Wanted geophagus MEGASEMA : Im looking for around 4 adult geophagus megasema to join my current group of 6. Im based in catterick DL9 but Im willing to travel fo ... 28/10/17
27. ><((((> Four Grade A Manacapuru Marble Angel Fish. 6 month old fish for only 1 ... : HI , I have bred many varieties of fish for 25 years now, selling to shops and garden centers and other various outlets throughout the area, ... 27/10/17
28. Angel Fish, Proven Breeding Pair Tuxedo & Peruvian Angels (80) : Proven Pair of Angel, Female is Tuxedo & Male is Peruvian. Pictures with Fry, absolute lovely pair taking care of young. Video can be seen h ... 25/10/17
29. cichlasoma (pearsi) : hiya all you cichlid lovers I have 50 pearsi for sale 1 each need them gone asap 6to8inch breeding size all in good condition { all gone th ... 24/10/17
30. Two large 10inch plus Oscars one red, one tiger : As above two large Oscars, lovely fish. Collection from Bridgwater 20 for both 23/10/17
31. Flowerhorn SRD : Hi there i have here is a SRD flowerhorn. 120 23/10/17
32. 3 x 3-4 inch Pike Cichlid (Crenicichla sveni), 1 x 4 inch Synodontis catfish, 2 ... : Fish tank clearance. Fish to go. Great eaters. 3 x 3-4 inches Pike Cichlid(CRENICICHLA SVENI) 8 each for all 3 for 20 Synodontis ... 23/10/17
33. Super red plecos : Im looking for some super red bn plecs 22/10/17
34. Young adult kribensis - cambridgeshire - 1 each : Young adult kribs males and females. Good colouration and ready to form breeding pairs 1 each. Discount available for bulk purchases. 22/10/17
35. Juvenile new world cichlids : 3x green terror cichlid and 1x Parachromis dovii all a prox 2 inches. 5 each all 4 15 22/10/17
36. 2 14inc oscars : A pair of oscars for sale about 15 inch each. collection only and can you bring your own container for transport please. 22/10/17
37. Albino Oscars wanted : I'm after a couple of albino oscars, the smaller the better really as I like to see Oscars grow on from when I have kept them in the past ... 22/10/17
38. Electric blue acaras : 5.50 Each I have 2 inch electric blue acara's for sale pictures are of actual fish 21/10/17
39. Blue Gene female Jack Dempsey wanted 07825350493 : Blue Gene female Jack Dempsey wanted pay good money for a quality fish If you have one for sale Contact me 07825250493 21/10/17
40. 3 dovii cichlids between 1 and 2 : 3 small dovii cichlids eating bloodworm and prawn growing very fast pick up blackpool 07927612752 20 for all 3 18/10/17
41. RED SPOTTED SEVERUMS . BEST QUALITY BEST PRICES. LOADS IN STOCK : We have some lovely Red Spot Severums back in stock. SM 10 each ML 25.00 each Loads of rare and unsual fish in stock at all ... 18/10/17
42. Oscars : 2 large oscars possible breeding pair have laid eggs twice 25.00 17/10/17
43. Baby Flowerhorns 2 inches to 3 inches , East London : Hi I got baby Flowerhorns sizes from 2" to 3" inches long, they are well fed and healthy Please do some research before buying 20 e ... 17/10/17
44. wanted pair of red breast acara : hi im looking for a pair of red breast acara laetacara dorsigera or a group 15/10/17
45. Salvini Cichlids : Hi All Anyone selling these is the east Sussex area? Cheers 15/10/17
46. 17 CM LARGE GREEN & RED SEVERUM ACCEPT 20 PAID 75 FOR HIM : Lovely friendly fish, selling due to size, again would need 5ft and good filtration,oxygen. Nice green reddish fins. REDUCED AS NEED S ... 14/10/17
47. TRUE WILD CAUGHT ORINOCO ALTUM ANGELS PORTSMOUTH : I have four wild caught Adult Orinoco Altums for sale. I have had these for two years and 8 months and they were at least six months old wh ... 14/10/17
48. Rare Ex Cichlasoma ORNATUM for sale or swap 4-5inches : For sale are some rare ornatum cichlids 4-5 inches long only 4 available open to offers or swap for other big cichlids text 07986704280 or W ... 13/10/17
49. 18 inch Fire Eel : 18 inch fire eel 60.00 collection near NP11 4EN 13/10/17
50. 10-12 INCH TIGRINUS : 10-12 inch tigrinus for sale, I have owned it since it was just under 6inch, he is now looking for a new home due to closing down my tank ... 13/10/17
51. Green terrors : Hi Does anyone have green terrors for sale in the east Sussex area? Help Si 12/10/17
52. Male red terror festae from sale 5-6 inch : I have for sale one of my festae males. He is 6 inch very healthy eats everything! Offers welcome. Call 07711264634 near preston. 12/10/17
53. Dovii / Wolf Chicild / Parachromis Chicild : Dovii chicilids forsell.: feeding really well on, any small fish.. pellets, bloodworm, flake, pretty much anything They range from 5-8" I' ... 12/10/17
54. Show grade Flowerhorn : selling a stunning male flowerhorn" deep red and good pearling with nice size head hump" 140 for him" 11/10/17
55. TORQUOISE SEVERUM : Lovely large 18 cm shy severum, mixes well with other parrots, oscars, severums. He has been bullied by my Gourami. I Bought him as a ba ... 11/10/17
56. Wallaceochromis rubrolineata pair & thorichthys ellioti : One rare pair of wallaceochromis rubrolineata formerly pelvichromis rubrolineata. Paid 100 for the pair open to offers . One large male ... 10/10/17
57. Dovii : Got aload of dovii fry, want to sell when they get to an inch looking for ofters, he's a picture of the male and female 10/10/17
58. 12-14invh male creamsicle midas 40 : beautiful big male midas. Selling as having to move house. He has a great personality it's a very sad sale. 09/10/17
59. Breeding pair Synspillum (red head) cichlids for sale : For sale I have a stunning pair of synspillums. Both fish were purchased from separate locations. Pics really don't do these fish any justic ... 09/10/17
60. Wanted- True F1 Altums Angels : Looking for some True F1 Altum Angel Fish 08/10/17
61. Guiancara Dacrya Rio Cumina F1 : I have Guinacara Dacrya young fish for sale @3 per fish,these will be ready for sale in New Year.Please get in touch if interested-SOLD 08/10/17
62. wanted black dimond cichilds : live in kent can travel 08/10/17
63. 6x SP44 35 young adults cichlid lake Victoria Haplochromis red tail haps breedi ... : Hi For sale: Breeding group of 6x SP44 young adults 4cm,around 9 months old. I have already had the first set of fry from one of the f ... 07/10/17
64. Convicts + Malawis + Catfish : Convicts (1") roughly Plus Malawi for sale Look at ads below for price and sizes Others will be going up soon. include: pics not s ... 07/10/17
65. Texas cichlid : For sale male Texas cichlid 8in 10 collection from Chesterton ST5 07/10/17
66. AD KONINGSS BOOK OF CICHLIDS AND ALL THE OTHER FISHES OF LAKE MALAWI : 25 This book is in mint condition... Hardback book published by T.F.H, A large book with over 1000 full-colour photos and 495 pages. M ... 05/10/17
67. Huge specimen Red Texas Cichlid : Got a very special huge 10 inch red texas cichlid for sale. Very interactive pet fish. For sale on ebay (link below). Collection only. Huge ... 05/10/17
68. Very rare specimen white Flowerhorn. : Have a gorgeous and eyecatching pearl white flowerhorn for sale. Really rare to see one like this. Currently around 4 inches. See video. 50 ... 05/10/17
69. breeding pair of dovii 70 : males about 5inch females about 6inch bought from Rob Johnston only selling as got to move house and can't take all with me. 70 05/10/17
70. Nice large cichlids wonted; good money for right fish : looking for nice condition big cichlids" big midas big green terror gold saum Beani cichlid black nasty dovii umbee festae red ter ... 03/10/17
71. RARE + WILD CAUGHT/F0 CA Cichlids for sale (GTs, RDs, Festae, Carpintis) : Clearing out some space to make room for my breeding pairs. There's no rush for these guys to go though so will hold on if prices are not m ... 03/10/17
72. Lyonsi Pair Male 8 inch + female 6 inch + : Collection only for this rare pair Spalding Lincs Txt to 07812732081 Andy 75 02/10/17
73. Dovii / Wolf Cichlid Wanted : Im after a large Dovii / Wolf Cichlid for river monster collection. Preferrably in North East, or you travel up. 8" minimum. Give me a ... 02/10/17
74. Dovii / Wolf Cichlid Wanted : Im after a large Dovii / Wolf Cichlid for river monster collection. Preferrably in North East, 8" minimum. Give me a ring. 02/10/17
75. thoricthys passionis (yellow fire mouth) cichlid fry for sale : only just been spawned but will have many for sale once they reach 2 inch minimum will be between 25 to 40 pound per fish depending on size ... 01/10/17
76. Cichlids available : 2yr old cichlids available, 3 babies,sadly no longer have the time for them. 10 in total 30 01/10/17
77. F1 sp rothkeil : 3x heros efasciatus sp Rothkeil 5-6 inch excluding tail 1 pair plus suspected male 10 each 25 the trio f1 fish in good health & condition ... 30/09/17
78. black diamond cichlid 90 and 60 acara hybrid for sale : both beautiful fish around 5 to 6 inch each collection only from croydon south London feed well on almost any food pellets etc open to offer ... 30/09/17
79. Red Scat Free : I have 4 small Red Scat's between 4 and 6 inches in size. They are lovely fish but are really going to need a brackish water tank before lon ... 30/09/17
80. geophagus parnaibae - unusual smaller growing (peaceful) geophagus : geophagus parnaibae about 1.5-2 long one of the smallest and more peaceful geophagus 4 each All living in Suffolk (hard) tapwater. ... 30/09/17
81. Midas x veija Synspilum : I have approx 20 available averaging an inch in size (sept 2017) 27/09/17
82. 12 inches - 14 inches male midas cichlid 60 swap for jardini : Looking to swap my stunning 12-14 inch male Midas for another large cichlid or jardini arowana, he eats and feeds well 27/09/17
83. AAA Grade Super Red Dragon King KoK Flowerhorn swap for Asian arowana or 350 : Here for sale I have my male super red dragon flowerhorn king kok aaa grade, stunning fish on top condition in no rush to sell as I know how ... 27/09/17
84. Male Super red Texas 11"/12" stunning fish looking to swap or 280 : Here I have my male 12" super red Texas stunning fish with stunning colour, very rare cichlid in this high quality. May swap for Asian ... 27/09/17
85. Green terrors for sale 2-3 inches : Have about ten young g t's 2-3" for sale 5 each, tel jerry on 07946519182, herts 26/09/17
86. Juvi blue gene carrying jds 2-3 inches for sale : Hi I have juvi blue gene Dempsey for sale, 2 -3" long 5 each Tel jerry on 07946519182 Herts are 26/09/17
87. Electric Blue Acara & Others : Electric Blue Acara - just over 3", nice specimen - 8 Photo included No photos on these currently but ask if interested... Indi ... 26/09/17
88. Mesoheroes festae fry : Fry available from my mesoheroes festae. the fry are to small to get my camera to focus on them, attached is the parents with the fry 3 wee ... 25/09/17
89. F1 Mesoheroes festae : For sale. My F1 mesoheroes festae pair. male is 7-8 inch female is 4-5 inch Feeding on Hikari gold hikari bio gold hikari staple h ... 25/09/17
90. Azul Peacock Bass : Azul Peacock Bass 13-14" Good condition 140 Pickup from South Wales NP13 Please text me on mobile number listed below wit ... 24/09/17
91. Ocellated Kribensis Fry for sale, aswell as a healthy and young spawning pair wi ... : Ocellated Kribensis Fry for sale, aswell as a healthy and young spawning pair with great colour. Delivery and postage considered, though pre ... 23/09/17
92. 1 x Retroculos lapififer FREE and needs a home URGENTLY : Free to anyone who has others the same Based RG7 Theale Berkshire Collection preferred. 07720716325 22/09/17
93. Wild Oscar : Nice fish about 11inches 30 21/09/17
94. ELECTRIC BLUE JACK DEMPSEY ADULT PAIR 150 PR : We have in stock some adult Electric Blue Jack Dempseys. We have a stunning large pair at 150pr and a spare large male at 65. Ther ... 21/09/17
95. Tiger Oscar : Young 4.5-5" Tiger Oscar available for pick up for 10 . This fish can only be kept with peaceful fish and can also be hand fed. If inter ... 20/09/17
96. CICHLIDS FOR SALE : SEVERUM 2 BLACK OSCARS 1 ALBINO OSCAR YELLOW bass FIRE EEL ALBINO CATFISH . fx4 filter also avaliable. 07590359697 20/09/17
97. LARGE Male orange & white midas approx 8 inches : Hi, I have a large male orange & white midas that is approx 7-8". Feeds very well on hikari pellets & earth worm, very boisterous fish ... 20/09/17
98. kribensis : Kribensis young adults 2.50 each discount for bulk 07792411392 wigan 17/09/17
99. RIO MAG UMBEE : I have for sale some 1to 1.5inch Rio mag Umbee fry 5 each. Pictures are of actual parent fish. 16/09/17
100. Geophagus for sale And plecs : 2 geophagus alfitons 50 3 geophagus suriminis 40 1 geophagus dicrozoster 40 07478229781 16/09/17

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