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 Oddballs, Rarities and the unusual : We have a range of Central American and South American Cichlids in stock at The Fish Barn Aquatic Store. NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE AVAI ...14/12/17
 Fastlight.co.uk Aquarum Equipment & Supplies : Offering a wide selection of Aquarium equipment, including some hard to find items at low prices. We have available all types of lighting ...14/12/17
 Northfin : We now stock Northfin foods. Made in Canada. Cichlid formula includes Montmorillonite clay, Astaxanthin, Spirulina, Garlic, Krill etc. Avai ...14/12/17

1. Wanted LARGE or JUMBO "RED DEVIL CICHLID" (Midas cichlid) : Wanted LARGE or JUMBO "RED DEVIL CICHLID" (Midas cichlid) i am looking for a large male please, i want a big specimen for my ... 15/09/17
2. Vieja for sale : Mix of different vieja for sale + jack dempsey and a jaguar cichlid All bought by me around 4 years ago so are all around 4-5 years old. ... 13/09/17
3. Vieja maculicauda : Black belt cichlid for sale Between 5 and 6 inches in size As he is starting to harass my silver dollars A stingray is soon going i ... 12/09/17
4. Oscar : Large Oscar For sale due to ill health and house I am in Bridgwater Somerset free to good home 11/09/17
5. Kribensis : I've got a fry of kribensis fish babies 3 month old of 20. 1 each 10/09/17
6. 8 inch oscar : I have an 8 inch oscar for sale. Unfortunately he has starting chasing my silver dollars, and has split my 6ft tank in half. He is very larg ... 10/09/17
7. Oscars wanted : Big Oscars wanted must be big !!! And want as many as possible , local only 07764514024 10/09/17
8. 3 or 4 Geophagus Svenni for sale : Thinning down a group. Selling these Geos, which really are stunning young adult fish. 22 each Based RG7 Theale Berkshire. Collection pre ... 09/09/17
9. wanted Thread Fin Cichlids Acarichthys Heckeli : wanted Thread Fin Cichlids Acarichthys Heckeli for my 6ft tank,i am looking for big specimens. Doesnt mater if singles /pairs or gro ... 09/09/17
10. Orrinoco peacock bass for sale : I have a beautiful 5-6 inch orrinoco peacock bass for sale, highly active and displaying true peacock bass behaviour of smashing any food th ... 08/09/17
11. Male adult Chocolate Cichlid wanted : Looking for a male Chocolate Cichlid of at least 7 inches in size to go with my female. hypselecara temporalis. 07949101465 08/09/17
12. West African Cichlid group for sale Steatocranus Tinanti F1 group of 6 : Hi, I am having to close my fish room to renovate over the winter and have some fish that i need to re-home, preferably to someone who is g ... 07/09/17
13. Wanted Any big south American Cichlids : Any big south American such as Oscars jags knife arowana let me know if you got any of they ring me on 07541988202 thanks Matt 07/09/17
14. Ellioti x Firemouth Hybrid grow outs(Lots of colour) : Here I have for sale some extremely colourful hybrid thorichys. They are Maculipinnis (formerly Ellioti) cross Firemouth cichlids. Image att ... 07/09/17
15. Haitiensis/Black Nasty/Odo Cichlid Fry For Sale : Black Nasty fry for sale in the Oxfordshire area. Come grab a deal on these guys now while they're small. Only releasing fry because I need ... 07/09/17
16. nandopsis tetracanthus/Cuban cichlids : Confirmed breeding pair male 7-8" female 6" on their second spawn very good parents can send a vid with fry if requested. Pick up only from ... 06/09/17
17. Golden dorado : Two golden dorado 6" very active and eating well 85 each or the two 155 collection only from Blackwood np12 06/09/17
18. few big cichlids : texas 7inc 20 green terror 7inch 20 black shark 5inch 10 swop for bogwood 06/09/17
19. American Cichlids Dovii, Synsipilum Redheads, Nicaraguans, Festae Red Terror, Ja ... : I have a nice variety of various American Cichlids. All different sizes and eating well on pellets, frozen and flakes. Colours are starting ... 06/09/17
20. American cichlids : Moving to marine. Most fish for sale some will be staying in my 5ft. 2x ebjd male and female 3 synspillum 2 black belts 1 arge ... 05/09/17
21. Kribensis : For sale young healthy kribensis. Very easy to look after. Easy and fun to breed. The older ones are 2 inches long and ready to pair up. Pri ... 03/09/17
22. Wild Cichla Kelberi for sale x2 : 2 x wild cichla kelberi for sale, 11/12 inches. Kept in large group. 150 each. These are top quality fish. Text or call for pics or vids 07 ... 02/09/17
23. Sale or swap : For sale or swap very large breeding pair of rio mag blue umbees. Looking for frontosa moba. If you can help me out get in touch on 07900938 ... 02/09/17
24. Local breeders wanted : I`m looking for local London/UK breeders for Laetacara curviceps Apistogramma borelli Microgeophagus ramirezi Pterophyllum eimekei ... 01/09/17
25. Vieja synspila 35 : These beautiful cichlids are silvery white with a powdering of black speckles all over the body. They have larger, more noticeable spots at ... 01/09/17
26. F1 TRUE WILD GREEN TERRORS 6.95 EACH 5 FOR 30 : We have some 2" F1 wild green terrors. These are stunning fish and will make great show fish when they grow on, bred by a local breeder fro ... 31/08/17
27. Heros Notatus wild, Red Head Tapajos f1. : Notatus Alfa male 50, I've paid 70 when was 3 inches smaller, now is 6inches plus and thick like proper steak. Geophagus f1 from Chech b ... 30/08/17
28. Red devil : Red devil 7 inches. Beautiful fish 25. 07568302451 sg9 postcode 30/08/17
29. Female festae : Female festae 7 inches. Beautiful coloyr 50. 07568302451 sg9 postcode 30/08/17
30. Golden jaguar cichlid : I have a pair of golden jags beleive to be male and female. 40 for the pair. Based in buntingford 07568302451 30/08/17
31. Breeding pair of vieja bifasciatus : F1 Rio chacamax. Male 8 inch female 6 inch. 25 ono Collection Boston. 27/08/17
32. Big cichlids wonted : Looking for nice big central/south American cichlids" must be fin perfect and good colour! festae/midas/ big dovii/ umbee/ green terror ... 26/08/17
33. Reducing stock so need these gone.. : 2.5 inch salvini 4 inch nicaraguan cichlid Free to a good home. I cant upload photos on here so if your are interested, drop me a messag ... 25/08/17
34. South/Central American Cichlids FOR SALE : Closing down one of my tanks so following fish are for sale 3 x Jaguar Cichlid - 4" - 6" - 15 each 1 x Texas Cichlid - 7" - 15 1 x Pa ... 25/08/17
35. Dovii Pair ...SOLD : Dovii Pair , male 16 inch female 10 inch Regular spawn Collection only 125 ono Spalding Lincs Andy 07812732081 24/08/17
36. Cichlids for sale : Due to moving onto larger cichlids I have some of my smaller stock for sale. 1 male apistogramma hongsloi ii 5 1 female apistogramma hon ... 22/08/17
37. 6 inch female dovii total stunner imported from USA : Stunning fish in perfect health imported from 1 of the top 3 places to buy dovii 50 no offers 21/08/17
38. LARGE MALE BLACK NASTY CICHLID WONTED : In the london area 21/08/17
39. LARGE MALE UMBIE/UMBEE CICHLID WANTED CASH WAITING : bigger the better, have very large tank. in north london. 07886347745 anytime 21/08/17
40. Looking for Thai silk flowerhorn : Hey all I'm looking for some Thai silk flowerhorn males and females. I'm willing to travel. I'm in Enfield north London cheers 21/08/17
41. LARGE CICHLIDS WANTED : 10 inch plus large hardy central american cichlids wanted in the london area. not looking for for oscars, jaguars, sevrans or parrot fish. i ... 20/08/17
42. breading pair of convicts : good breading fish,excellant parents 12 pounds the pair phone calls only 07470846335 19/08/17
43. Female Green Terror : 3.5-4" Female Green Terror cichlid. Amazing colours, very good example of this fish. Photo's dont do justice. Shes produced 2 clutches of ... 19/08/17
44. Jaguar cichlid WANTED : Looking for a pair of jaguars a male and a female 18/08/17
45. american cichlid synspilum : Very large fish about 11-12 inches long also a very wide fish. Selling due to wanting to start something new a very colourful fish if intere ... 16/08/17
47. Tiger dat : 13.5" tiger dat 120 lovely fish selling due to changing fish also have 5 between 7/9" at 50 each 12/08/17
48. Beani cichlids wanted : Hi, im looking for good size beani cichlids 3"+ will collect around north or I'll pay p&p... contact Wayne. Text 07727698044 cheers ... 12/08/17
49. Flowerhorn cichlids : For sale is my two flowerhorn cichlids. Shame to see them go. Lovely fish. One is deffo a male and not sure on the other but may well be a f ... 12/08/17
50. Breeding pair umbees : Large breeding pair of rio mag blue umbees with fry. Contact on 07900938399 for more info price pics etc. Cheers Darren 12/08/17
51. Super Red King Kong Parrot LARGE : I have 3 large super red kkp for sale 150 for 1 or all 3 for 400 If u are intrested call me on 07859293030 Many thanks 09/08/17
52. Dwarf cichlids dicrossus maculatus x 4 : I have 4 dicrossus maculatus (spade tail checkerboard cichlids) for sale . I think 2 pairs . These beautiful little dwarf cichlids are a ... 09/08/17
53. UMBEE CICHLID, MALE. : For sale beautiful male Rio mag Umbee 7inch. Now sold. 09/08/17
54. Electric Blue Acaras. South American Cichlid : approx 35mm - 40mm 3 each or 10 for 20. .. 10 for 4. Growing quickly. These make stunning fish which grow to about 4 inches. Electric B ... 09/08/17
55. oscar : Red tiger Oscar for sale 10 is around 10 inches long 09/08/17
56. JAGUAR : 2-3 inch baby jaguar, really wanted to see this grow up, but things have changed now so I have to let my fish go!! Only asking for 5 I don' ... 09/08/17
57. 4 5inch oscars : eating well selling all together,i would like 20 pounds for the group,phone calls only 07470846335 07/08/17
58. Peacock bass : Peacock bass 6 inches long easts well selling due to tank shut down.please no text messages only call if your intrested 40 pounds,074708463 ... 07/08/17
59. 2-3 inch jack Dempsey : Plan was to buy baby fish and grow them out but decided against it, really deep blue colours picture isn't the best only 5 Also have s ... 04/08/17
60. Altum Angels Wanted : Hi, I'm looking for real Altum angels. Sorry, not the Peruvian or any others, just the real Pterophyllum Altum , and will need pictures for ... 04/08/17
61. Zebra tilapia (Tilapia buttikoferi) Fry s : I have some zebra tilapia Fry's for sale around 1 inche 5 for 15 pounds 10 for 25 pounds postage can be arrange for extra cost Any questio ... 02/08/17
62. Stunning thai silk flowerhorn huge kok amazing colouration 150 : Stunning thai silk flowerhorn 5inch huge kok any questions call or message 07449985903 cheers jay 31/07/17
63. Midas Cichlids for sale : Midas Cichlid juveniles (Amphilophus citrinellus) These were breed in my own tank and are now between 5cm long. The Midas Cichlid is ... 30/07/17
64. Gulper catfish : Gulper catfish 7"+ please do your research before buying this fish. Tank mates must be loads bigger than this guy or they are on the me ... 28/07/17
65. Nandopsis tetracanthus : Nandopsis tetracanthus / Cuban cichlids I have some Cuban cichlids for sale between 3-5cm eating well 3 each 27/07/17
66. Vieja zonata : Selling my Vieja zonata. Is too agressive for my tank 20 26/07/17
67. Breeding Rainbow Cichlid trio : I have three rainbow cichlids that have successfully bread when in their own tank (now in community tank) I also have a full breeding set up ... 26/07/17
68. Parrot Fish : Good size parrot fish. The large one is orange and the smaller one is pink. The keep laying eggs but nothing happens, this may be due to bei ... 26/07/17
69. Golden severum 40 the pair : I have a breeding pair of golden severum, they have managed to hatch and raise swimmers once. The male is large @10cm+ the female is smalle ... 25/07/17
70. geophagus brasiliensis for sale smaller variety, pearl Cichlid : I have a breeding pair that have spawned 3 times in 6 months, I am looking for outlets/shops that would buy in bulk. would be cheap prices a ... 25/07/17
71. Large fish for sale - Leicester : LARGE FISH FOR SALE. Wide selection of fish to choose from. All fishes have vibrant colours. They are all eating well and healthy. All F ... 25/07/17
72. Orange/Gold Saums - Andinoacara rivulatus sp. Rio Esmeraldas - F1 : I have 6 F1 Andinoacara rivulatus sp. Rio Esmeraldas available, these are rarely seen in the hobby, they are much nicer than the farmed fish ... 25/07/17
73. FLUVAL FX5 : For sale a fluval fx5 filter, complete with all pipe work and full of filter media. 85 24/07/17
74. Pair of wild caught santanoperca lilith : Stunning brought from wharf in febuary for 110...male around 7-8 inch female around 6-7.. Very hard to find..grab a bargain will take 70 o ... 23/07/17
75. Red sewerum 5 - 6inch : For sale two of my red severums. One slightly deformed. Price 20 for both. Have to go together. 21/07/17
76. Parrot fish 6 inch : For sale my parrot fish . About 6inch . Pricec 25 21/07/17
77. Jade eye cichlids : Home bred Jade eye cichlids for sale, between 2 & 4 cm 3 each. 21/07/17
78. Xl tilapia and fontosa : Stunning stripe tilapia x3 1 at 10in the other 2 at 8in 50 all 3 Xl fontosa 9/10in 30 20/07/17
79. Angel fish Silver Marble : Young healthy angel fish , parents can be seen Silver marble beautiful fish 5 months old. 2 each. could deliver locally within 5 miles ... 20/07/17
80. Wild Caught - Andinoacara rivulatus sp. Rio Esmeraldas x4 : I have 4 WC Andinoacara rivulatus sp. Rio Esmeraldas available, these are rarely seen in the hobby. You might know them as Green terrors, ... 20/07/17
81. Free oscars . : 2. 3inch oscars. Free. Eat pellets Frozen prawns.in good health. Can send pictures by tex. 20/07/17
82. BLOOD RED PARROTS : Hello, I would like to sell my Parrots. Fishes are helthly and looking great in the tank. Both fishes are in similar sizes approx 13cm. ... 19/07/17
83. Wanted Thorichthys Maculippinnis/Ellioti Female : I'm in need a an adult or sub adult female maculippinis/Ellioti cichlid. To go with my recently acquired large male 19/07/17
84. WANTED geophagus megasema WANTED : wanted geophagus megasema near or around sheffield cash waiting or could part ex for some red head tapajos i have a group of six but now wan ... 18/07/17
85. Looking for Krobia Xinguensis : Looking for a pair of Krobia Xinguensis. 17/07/17
86. WANTED Blue gene jack dempseys : WANTED. Blue gene jack dempseys in Hampshire /Dorset areas Please contact 07712638917 16/07/17
87. green terror female : hi got female green terrorfor sale 3-4" lovely fish 5, tel jerry on 07946519182, herts area 16/07/17
88. WANTED - Big American Cichlids : I'm looking for big American Cichlids in Ayrshire and surrounding area Willing to travel, let me know what you have, cost etc 13/07/17
89. Large fish for sale : LARGE FISH FOR SALE. Wide selection of fish to choose from. All fishes have vibrant colours. They are all eating well and All Fish 10 e ... 13/07/17
90. Malawi cichlids in their natural habitat, Ad Konings 4th edition 20 : Ad Konings 4th edition 20 Collection only Dy4 Please contact via mobile only as I don't check messages through the site 13/07/17
91. Jaguar cichlids pair : Hello due to moving back to my place need sale my jaguars. Got them since 1" now male is about 10" and female over 6" fish in ... 11/07/17
92. Flowerhorn juveniles : Is anyone or does anyone know of any flowerhorn juveniles for sale in Scotland? Or even down south that can courier? 10/07/17
93. Wanted Flowerhorn : Im looking for a single flowerhorn, under 7 inches to go into a 30 gallon grow-out tank. Preferably a red dragon under 100. I could colle ... 09/07/17
94. Uaru : Uaru amphiacanthoides for sale. aprox 1.5 to 2 inch juveniles parents can be seen txt on 07599445341 for any info collection from Livers ... 06/07/17
95. Beani pair : Beani pair, male around 8 inches female around 4-5 inches 04/07/17
96. F1 Uaru fernandezyepezi ( The Panda Uaru ) 3 inch : Probably the the first time these have been bred in uk water, These pandas are as strong as the regular uaru with not a single loss out of o ... 04/07/17
97. 6 inch female dovii total stunner : Imported from USA priced to sell 40 03/07/17
98. Geophagus : 6x geophagus for sale approx 4-6 inches 50 or near offer 30/06/17
99. Red texas green texas : For sale 30 quid each All female except the green texas All brother's and sister's imported from Thailand Collection wells next ... 30/06/17
100. Red Back Angelfish and gold redcaps : Red Back Guyana Angelfish and gold redcap hybrids 4 - 5 inches adults 6 each or 2 for 10. Pairs available Pick up only DH4 postcode. I do ... 30/06/17

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