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Tropical Fish
 Flowerhorns, parrots, indo tigers, betta splendens, hybrids, rays : Ljb aquatic uk transhipper, i always have a huge amount of flowerhorns and other hybrid fish, plus monster fish and betta splendens availabl ...23/06/17
 Various Tropical Fish for sale : The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Nationwide Delivery Available 16.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery By 13.00 For Scotland please enquire ...23/06/17
 Manaus Aquarium Products : New to the UK, Manaus Aquarium products. These medications are tailored for the aquatic hobby. Please see website for further details23/06/17
 Fastlight.co.uk Aquarum Equipment & Supplies : Offering a wide selection of Aquarium equipment, including some hard to find items at low prices. We have available all types of lighting ...23/06/17

1. fish for sale : i have the following fish for sale: pair of dwarf gouramis, very nice fish. 2 x pearl/lace gouramis 2inch. 4 x rasbora scizzertails 2inch 4 x rainbow fish ne ... 23/06/17
2. Any free fish nottingham : If anyone needs to rehome fish.im now able to do so.looking for anything LARGE I already have oscars Awawan and x2 giant gourami. So I can house your fish mus ... 23/06/17
3. Super White L236 Pleco - R.Budrovcan line - Group 2 : I have 3x L236 R.B Line available for sale - These are bigger than the last ones that I have sold. These are juvenile fish that have come from Germany - If ... 23/06/17
4. L236 - R.B Line. Pleco Plec - Group 1 : I have 4x L236 R.B Line available for sale. These are NOT the grade A super whites that sell for upwards of 4/500 each!! These are juvenile fish that have ... 23/06/17
5. Arowana : 24k crossback arowana from Singapore. Supplied by David at Planet Arowana. Fish is feeding well, good quality. Reluctant but genuine sale. Sensible off ... 23/06/17
6. Pygocentrus Caribe Piranha : 8 for sale. Wild Caught fish.Been in UK for around 3 months so well settled. Around 6-7 inches long and very thick. Eating prawns,Whitebait,Mussels,Ect. ... 23/06/17
7. Tropical fish for sale (sale due to move complete set of tank fish about 35) : Clown loach approx 6" 2x plec,6x black fin tetra, 7x harlequin 2x albino catfish 1x speckled catfish 2x zebra roach 5x neon tetra 1x Gobi. Would like all t ... 23/06/17
8. Spotted Silver Dollars, Geophagus, Blue Fin Thresher Plec, Various Rainbowfish + ... : Breaking down a tank to start a new project and need to move on some surplus fish 6x Spotted Silver Dollar's - 8 each or 40 for the group 3x Geophagus Al ... 23/06/17
9. FOR SALE or swap : P 14 FEMALE stingray 10IN DISC APROX 10 MONTH OLD FEEDS ON MOST FOODS nice spots even on belly will swap or sale 450 23/06/17
10. super red AROWANA for sale 1x 8 inch - 1x14 inch : Indonesian super red arowana for sale pls text me to arrange viewing **** email me on [email protected] *** don't ask me to send photos come an ... 23/06/17
11. Pure BD Thousand Island male 7/8 inches 1000 ONO : Pure Black diamond thousand island Leopoldi ray. Grown on abit and nearly 8", eats anything and very active. Small spotting and lining already started to ... 23/06/17
12. Pure BD Thousand Island 7/8 inches Female 1200 ONO : Pure Black diamond thousand island Leopoldi ray. Grown on abit and nearly 8", eats anything and very active. Beautiful base spotting eclipsed spots and li ... 23/06/17
13. Kribensis and bristlenose plecs for sale 2 pound each : The kribs are 3 months old the plecs are only 1 month all feeding well on flake 23/06/17
14. Albino Corydoras Sterbai for sale @ 3.50 each : Just one of the species of fish that will be offered for sale on Sunday 2nd July at the North West Cichlid Groups auction. Please see the picture for full de ... 23/06/17
15. Bristlenose Plecos - Various + (Browns 1-1.5 inches 50p each ) : For sale I have the following bristlenose plecos: 100x+ Brown shortfin - 1-1.5 inch - 50p each 15x Brown LONGFIN - 1 inch - 4 each 4x Super Red Shortfin - 1 ... 23/06/17
16. Brown bristlenose plecs : One inch head to tail bristlenose. 1 each 12 for 10. Great algae eaters/tank cleaners Pick up only DH4 postcode. 23/06/17
17. Peacock bass : I'm selling off my smaller peacock bass to make room for big ones coming there's 2 kelberis 7&8" 1 ocellaris 9" All very healthy big active fi ... 23/06/17
18. Large clown knife 1 foot free to a good home : Hi I am looking to re house my lovely clown knife around a foot long feeding in pellets and frozen foods, lovely fish dad to see him go but changing stock. ... 23/06/17
19. Short fin albino juvenile : Free swimming Christmas Day. Around 2-2.5 inches. Parents both 100% albino. 8. Buyer to collect from GRAYS ESSEX as I don't drive. For more info call or text m ... 23/06/17
20. HYDROLICUS ARMATUS Payara Vampire : Hi I have a 2 inch Armatus for sale, currently in a 100 litre grow out, feeding well on feeders Real Armatus and vary rare. 100 23/06/17
21. WANTED Synodontis brichardi : Cash waiting for good quality Synodontis brichardi in the Burton upon Trent or Derby areas. 23/06/17
22. 5 Adult Chameleon Whiptails 3 Female 2 Male : I have 2 pairs plus a spare female for sale. Originally cost me 500 last year at Pier Aquatics. Beautiful fish to keep. The colours on my lot are a li ... 23/06/17
23. Short Fin Calico Male Bristlenose Pleco. Fully Grown. Proven breeder : Gorgeous male. Proven breeder. Fully grown 4-5 inches. Very peaceful. 25 buyer to collect from GRAYS ESSEX as I don't drive. For more info call or text me on 0 ... 23/06/17
24. 5 Adult Galaxy Plecos Cardiff L007 : 5 Unsexed Galaxy Plecos. Purchased from Pier Aquatics last year. Lovely colouration on these fish. I cannot post, but can supply bags. Collection from ... 23/06/17
25. Long Fin Bristlenose Pleco babies : I have lots of long fin bristlenose pleco babies. Around an inch, maybe bit bigger. Stunning patterns n various colours. Lemons, Calico's, standard, albino's n ... 23/06/17
26. Plecos pictus cats and assassin snails. 50 for all bargain : Hi I am closing down my juwel vision 260 but first the fish must go I have 1 female bristlenose Pleco 10 2 snowball Plecs. 30 each 50 for pair. 1 chubby ple ... 23/06/17
27. Angels : Only a few left Silvers Angels good colour and shape large 9 months old ready to breed also golden Angels 5 each ring 07790107174 thanks pictures on request ... 23/06/17
28. 12" bahia kelberi peacock bass male for sale : Hi up for sale is as above! The fish is in very good condition! Is recovering a bit from a big tem I had and they never got on! Which split one of his side fins ... 22/06/17
29. Bdxp14 Stingrays : Shutting down tank got females and males all mature proven breeders lovely markings shutting down my tank ring me if intrested on 07590039991 thanks 22/06/17
30. Super Red Bristlenose pleco @ 1 inch. LONG FIN AND NORMAL FIN from long fin fema ... : Super Red normal fin Bristlenose juveniles @ 1 inch. 5 each or 10 for 40.00 SOLD OUT Long fin super reds 15 each. 3 x 39 5 x 50 The photo is ... 22/06/17
31. Fish for sale in Hemlington. Middlesbrough : Few pairs of Apistogramma Hongsloi beautiful fish 10 a pair.Also a few pairs of Killie fish Epiplaty Singa 5 a pair. COLLECTION ONLY 22/06/17
32. Large L200 Green Phantom for sale. : Wild caught fish from Columbia, arrived in the UK 19/04. In perfect health and condition. 6 inch in total length 35 Collection from Southport 22/06/17
33. Fire Eel : Nice bright and chunky Fire Eel 12-14" long and a couple of inches deep Can grow to a metre long Can be kept with peaceful fish that are too big to eat. 50 ... 22/06/17
34. SNOWBALL PLECOS + BUTTERFLY PLECO GROUPS : 7 Plecos altogether 4 x Snowball Plecos 3 X Butterfly Plecos all healthy and eating anything given had a couple of years , change of circumstances f ... 22/06/17
35. Cichla : Hi guys, I am after come cichla kelbri or intermedia really but will consider and cichla about 5-6 inch. Also after a hystrix sting ray. Cash waiting ... 22/06/17
36. Blue Marbled Angelfish - 12 Each : newly arrived stunners 22/06/17
37. Tropical Fish Job Lots : I have a few job lots of tropical fish for sale, collection Fenham NE5 area, call or txt please 25 lot 4 Angelfish 2 Kissing Gourami 2 Blue Gourami 15 Bua ... 22/06/17
38. GOLDEN STRIPE YELLOW SUKURA SHRIMP FOR SALE : Hi all. I have lots of GOLDEN STRIPE YELLOW SAKURA SHRIMP FOR SALE. If interested drop me a message.3 each. males and females available . 22/06/17
39. Assassin snails barging : Assassin snails 1ea or 18 for 10 bet the bargain why it last can post 5 22/06/17
40. Predatory and oddballs for sale : Hi there I have the following fish available for sale please understand they are expensive fish cost me alot of money and won't let them go for peanuts 10 ... 21/06/17
41. PLATINUM ANGEL FISH : Hi I am selling young platinum angels Stunning healthy fish Parents in pics 2.50 each 21/06/17
42. Cherry Shrimps : Cherry Shrimps 1 each 6 for 5 12 for 10 Please contact 07731658387 21/06/17
43. 2 x Pictus Catfish - 10cm approx - 5 each : Hi Unfortunately I was mis-sold 2 x Pictus Catfish as being suitable for my tank (180L), but it turns out they need something bigger. Therefore I would like ... 21/06/17
44. Shrimp : shrimp jade green 20.00 for ten black Sakura hybrids 20.00 for 10 not many left these can b any colour red blue green yellow new email [email protected] o ... 21/06/17
45. Corydorus wanted : Hi looking for some corydorus to go with my discus Will collect within 20 miles of Bolton Lancs. Tel. 07771580710. Tony. Thanks 21/06/17
46. Upside Down Catfish : I have 2 very healthy Upside Down Catfish about 6 years old. Kept in clean tank but now wanting to rehome due to a change in stock. Feeding well and very active ... 21/06/17
47. WANTED GLASS / GHOST SHRIMP : Hi, I am looking for some glass shrimp to help with cleanup of my tropical aquarium. The tank is planted and fully cycled. Will pay a pound each for them and co ... 21/06/17
48. Aquatics Plus Auction : The next Aquatics Plus Auction will be held at Sheffield Works Department on Sunday June 25th. Auction starts at 1pm. To book a stall/lot or for mor ... 21/06/17
49. WANTED - L046 Zebra Plecos : Looking for some L046 zebras, ideally 2"+ Willing to travel for the right fish, I'm GL52 located. Groups or singles considered. 21/06/17
50. super red bns : i have lots of super red bns for sale from about an inch body to some sexable prices from 4 also i have a few longfins ready soon pick up from Doncaster 21/06/17
51. L200 green phantoms : hi i have 5 green phantoms for sale about 3 inch in size @ 20 each pick up from Doncaster also some super red bns for sale too 21/06/17
52. Zebra plecos, L46, snub nosed. 30, 4 for 100. : F1's from my breeding group of wilds. These ones are snub nosed, some only slightly, some more pronounced. Unfortunately you can get the odd snub nose in a spa ... 21/06/17
53. Mbu puffer : Mbu puffer around 10 inch eating well great fish he is currently in a community tank 175 ono 21/06/17
54. FOR SALE I have a pair of Wild Peppermint Bristlenose : FOR SALE I have a pair of Wild Peppermint Bristlenose 6cm & 9cm 30 pick up Hartlepool email me for photos 21/06/17
55. tin foil barbs : 3x 6inch tin foil barbs, very healthy and active fish 21/06/17
56. BD Big Spots Stingray Female 8inch : Pure bd big spots female . Size about 8inch. Eating prawns and white bites.price 900 For more photos or vid please text me or WhatsApp. Thanks 21/06/17
57. Freshwater fish : Gourami from 3, Guppies, Platies, Mollies, Swordtails, Beautiful colours, 1.50 each Plecs, Albinos and Gold From 3 each. Tetra, Serpae, Neons and Red-eye, 10 ... 20/06/17
58. BLUE VELVET AND BUMBLE BEE FRESHWATER SHRIMP : HELLO blue velvet and bumble bee well grown with colour 5 for 10 or 12 for 20 crescent woodlands doncaster more info please call 07713154980 20/06/17
59. Rare blue whale catfish for sale in Leeds : This is the fish will keep swimming in your tank and never stop. They will only growing up to 12" but not suitable keeping with small fish as they will kil ... 20/06/17
60. TOA BARBATUS CATFish : They are between 4" -5" , very nice body shape . Eating well on bloodworms. Will growing up to 28" in wild so will need a large tank in the futu ... 20/06/17
61. Red tail payara : HYDROLYCUS SCOMBEROIDES is Now available They are 6"-7" . Feeding well on fish fillet They will growing up to 3.8ft in wild , with very massi ... 20/06/17
62. Peacock bass : For sale 2 large peacock bass around a foot long Not to sure which ones they are. Looking for 225 pair Ono Also large plec 30 20/06/17
63. Angels Black, Blonde and Marbled (Bolton) : I have a selection of angels for sale 4" to 5" - 5 each or will swap for some decent sized Torpedo Barbs (Puntius Denisonii). 20/06/17
64. lemon plecos : Lemon female places about 2.5 to 3 inches long 2 of 10 pound each both have breed only selling as time for a change of fish 20/06/17
65. Free to collect - variety of tropical fish : 3x swordtails 1x angel fish 2x pleco 2x silver sharks 9x Dalmatian molly 3x honey gourami 5x sunset platty 1x guppy 4x black and white platty Need ... 20/06/17
66. Crossback Golden Arowana Fish 750 : 16" Crossback golden arowana fish ,no drop eye,collection from west midlands only 20/06/17
67. 4 x6-8 inches Bala sharks for sale : Hi I have 4 Bala sharks for sale, they have outgrown tank, nice fish 6-8 " long 25 Tel jerry on 07946519182 Herts area u will need a tank at least 5 ft long 19/06/17
68. Red tailed barracuda swap or sell : 2 red tailed barracuda both feeding well on frozen fish, don't really want to part with them but not getting on with vittatus tiger fish so these and the Tiger ... 19/06/17
69. Vittatus tiger fish, sale or swap : Approx 7" feeds great just doesn't like my barracudas, may swap, large fire eel, arrowanna, or W. H. Y 19/06/17
70. Bristle nose 2 different sorts ov pleco : Bristle nose 1" Quick sale 15 for 20 19/06/17
71. COMMUNITY FISH : I have 4 healthy gouramis and a rainbow shark which will go perfectly into a community tank. All available for just 10. Moonlight gourami Opaline gouram ... 19/06/17
73. Wanted L128 Female Blue Phantom. : I'm looking for a female adult L128 (Hemiancistrus sp) must be 5-6 inches (12-15cms) SL (length without tail), I'm in Stafford and willing to travel a reasonab ... 19/06/17
74. Fish for sale or swap : 4 stripe pim catfish 5 each x2 4-5" in size eating anything Thanks for looking Will swap Please no time wasters more pictures on request Pick up only A ... 19/06/17
75. Young L144 lemon bristlenose male : I have a spare young L144 lemon longfin male shown in the photo, Brighouse, near J25 M62 18/06/17

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