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Tropical Fish
 Various Tropical Fish for sale : The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Nationwide Delivery Available £18.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery By 13.00 For Scotland please enquire ...20/04/18
 Fastlight.co.uk Aquarum Equipment & Supplies : Offering a wide selection of Aquarium equipment, including some hard to find items at low prices. We have available all types of lighting ...20/04/18
 TA AQUACULTURE - Specialist Fish Foods. : Quality fish foods. Many from small manufacturers making small batches of feed specially to our orders. Loads of repeat orders from satisfi ...20/04/18
 Tropical Fish at A-Z Aquatics in Balterley, Crewe : We have a superb selection of tropical fish here in A-Z Aquatics, with stocks changing often. Besides the usual popular tropical fish, we us ...20/04/18

1. Corydoras Sterbai - F1 Juvies / Cory / Catfish : Plenty of these for sale! They are from my adult wild caught breeding group. The group consists of 10 adults all actively breeding. This means that anyone l ... 20/04/18
2. Wanted Male Red Bristlenose Pleco : Wanted Male Red Bristlenose Pleco, preferably delivered to Oldham but can collect up to 70miles of Oldham! 20/04/18
3. Cichla Azul juvenile. 2-3 inch. Azul peacock bass : X6 cichla azul. Blue Azul peacock bass. 5 remaining 2-3" feeding really well on granules/pellets/bloodworm £25 each. 2 for £45. 3 for £65 Collection fr ... 20/04/18
4. Pure p14 pups : 7 p14 pups now ready for sale all very healthy and active all eating pellet prawns and muscles Males and females available £250 each first come first serve 20/04/18
5. Oddball and large tropical fish : 2X 4 inch brachyplatistoma capperpretum for sale. Feeding on chopped worm and Lance fish. £150 each Leporinus friderici 6 inch £20 Leporinus arcus 6 ... 20/04/18
6. dats : looking for 2 large dats if anybody selling any i can be contacted on 01685 878078 thanks 20/04/18
7. Aquatics Plus Auction : The next Aquatics + Auction will be on Friday 11th May at Sheffield Works Department Heeley Bank Road Auction starts at 7pm Expecting some nice fish ... 20/04/18
8. Australian One Gilled Eel (Opisternon Gutturale) : Very rare Australian one gilled eel (Ophisternon gutturale) 70cm long and 1.5cm wide. Two years old. Fully grown. Bigger than the books say! Lives in a 125 ... 20/04/18
9. Bd male 3 Dantoid 7 and 8 inch Ray 13 inch : Am selling 1 high grade Bd Male very healthy stunning Ray feeds on prawn and mussles and 3 6 bar Dantoids please contact for prices alm fish nice and healthy 20/04/18
10. Stingrays AAA grade White Pearl only 280£ each of pair for 480£ : Hi . I have few pairs of white pearls for sale. Size 6inch . Some of them pellets trained. To see more photos or vid please WhatsApp me or join my group on f ... 20/04/18
11. Tiger shovelnose catfish : 2x L114 PLECO 8 INCH £50 BOTH 20/04/18
12. Stingray Black Diamond Big Spots female : hi . i have for sale really special black diamond female. size 8 inch and growing quick. eating prawns and whitebates. please pm me if any questions or What ... 20/04/18
13. I have changed my set up and have two synodontis brichardi for sale they are abo ... : and fin perfect cost me 40£ each 7 month,s ago I'm looking 25 £ for both or 15£ each buyer to collect from fy7 7ph Fleetwood. phone 07444832148 thanks for lo ... 20/04/18
14. free two poly palmas both 6+7 inches : must be collected from fy7 7ph tel 07444832148 thanks for looking 20/04/18
15. Blue Angels : Smokey blue pearlscale wifi and blue pearlscale wifi about 10 months old £8 each ready to breed going fast 20 left to choose from ring 07790107174 or 077665408 ... 20/04/18
16. RED FLORIDA GAR 5” : I have 5 red Florida gar’s forsell They’re only 5” so there quite small Please give me a text if you have any questions 07479639088 20/04/18
17. FREE Siemese fighting fish and 3x neon tetra FREE : As title says Available for immediate collection Please bring your own bag 20/04/18
18. Rare peacock bass for sale may px for other bass : wild imported fish came in with some kelberi, i hand picked this bass as it looked different from the others .This is a cichla pleiozona which i have never seen ... 20/04/18
19. Mixed Endlers~ Sheffield : A mixture of different strains of endlers are now intermixed and are creating some stunning colours. they are £1.50 a pair Collection only from Sheffield, ... 20/04/18
20. SVAS Auction Sunday 22nd April + Auction List for 2018 : To book a lot contact Rob Saunders on [email protected] Terms & Conditions are attached below. Everyone who attends the Auction/s, is assumed to be aware and ... 20/04/18
21. SVAS Presents an Evening with Carl Stewart 14.05.18 : During SVAS's meeting on Monday, 14th May, Carl Stewart will be joining us to give a talk on breeding, keeping, and showing Guppies. Everyone is welcome, the ... 20/04/18
22. Green laser Corydoras : I have available a few green laser corys, beautiful home bred fish that are colouring up nicely, it is collection only from Kinver and they are £10 each...text ... 20/04/18
23. Orange laser Corydoras : Lovely home bred youngsters, eating and growing well, a few available a stunning fish for the tropical aquarium. Priced at £6. Text on 07983239290...collection ... 20/04/18
24. Skiffia multipunctata : An uncommon live bearer, not often seen in the shops, I have a few youngsters available already pairing off and showing their adult features. Trios available @ ... 20/04/18
25. Platinum red tail cat : SOLD SOLD DANNY CAN U RING LOST NUMBER Shuting down tank 20/04/18
26. Asian Arowana : Hi I have blue base crossback for sale it come from 1 of the top farm in Malaysia, it has 6 level scale shine blue and gold. Size 50cm+ it has slightly have ... 19/04/18
28. 5 piranhas : 5 medium red bellied piranhas 50 pound these are 6 months old feeding on sprats and mussel beautiful fish 19/04/18
29. Assassin snails £15 for 10 : Groups of Assassin snails for sale. Perfect for removing pest species. 19/04/18
30. Baby Silver Angelfish : Quality home bred silver angelfish 20 p size £2 ea or £7.50 for 6. Absolute bargin pictures on request can supply pics of parents too. Collection from bolton, ... 19/04/18
31. Bd stingrays : Pure Bd male (nipped tail) 12" £600 BdxP14 female 13-14" £600 Mantila hybrid female 6" £275 Will accept £1000 the 3 for quick sale The bds wi ... 19/04/18
32. Pair Black stingray : Pair stingray male 12” female 10” 75/ bd 25 / p14 19/04/18
33. 10 inches Male Motoro Stingray for sale : Hi there, Due to a sale that fell through, my 10" Motoro ray is for sale again! He's 10 inches across the disc and fully rolled. He's a lovely ray, only rea ... 19/04/18
34. Fish tank wanted / with or without fish and equipment : Wanted fish tank any size or shape will do.with or without fish and equipment.i can collect anywhere within 30 miles of Midlands . Please call or text . Regar ... 19/04/18
35. Male An female bd stingray pair : Male bd stunning markings 20” open to offers? No time wasters. Text only.... 19/04/18
36. male hybrid £250 : leoxpearl male 3 year old proven breeder 12 inch 07902901748 terry 19/04/18
37. MONSTER FISH WANTED PAROON FISH MIDDLESEX : Wanted any giant fish.. paroon shark etc.... large empty tank waiting. Please contact me with your price and picture 19/04/18
38. Shoal of Fasciatus Dollars For Sale : Selling my shoal of 8 Metynnis Fasciatus (Striped Silver Dollar) 4" Total length, Very healthy and in great condition. Wild fish, imported may 2017 at an ... 19/04/18
39. Rare Plecos and geophagus : blue eyed panaque for sale very hard to obtain in the smaller more affordable size. It’s is a very sad sale but closing down tank due to house move. He is origi ... 19/04/18
40. Beautiful 18” RTG Highback : Looking to sell my 18" RTG highback. Beautiful very healthy fish, feeds on mario worms, muscles, locusts and massivore. Cites certificate. First £400 takes him ... 19/04/18
41. Fahaka Puffer full set up : Apparently I have 1 too many tanks so this one has to go :-( 374L bullet tank, Fluval heater, APS 1000 filter. Modified hood with LED strip lights. 6-8" ... 19/04/18
42. WHITE FIN BENTOSI TETRA IN STOCK AT CHILTON AQUATICS. : Since we have shown these stunning fish off in our counter display tank everyone is wanting them!! Great additions to any planted or community aquarium we have ... 19/04/18
43. Closing Fish house Stingrays + Equipment : Breeding groups of Stingrays BDs,True Hystrix and Pearls for sale plus lots of equipment. 19/04/18
44. Bd Stingray pups : Bd rays pups 4" disc eating anything frozen and pellet. Just starting to whiten the spots, lovely condition.1 male 2 females available ...contact from more 19/04/18
45. Bristle nose 2 different sorts ov pleco : Bristle nose 1" to 2" Quick for£1ea or 7 for £5pound 18/04/18
46. Red Cherry shrimps : Cherry shrimps various sizes male & female 30for £15 or £75p ea 18/04/18
47. wanted : male red spotted severum 5 inch or there abouts mine died today and female is moping about 18/04/18
48. Stingray Black Diamond high quality Female : Hi . For sale my black diamond female. Size 7 inch Eating prawns and whitebates. 07738764941.thanks . Please join my group on fb, more stingrays there. ... 18/04/18
49. Stingray Black Diamond Ti male 7 inch 650£ : hi . for sale black diamond male stingray . size 7 inch . Eating prawns and whitebates. please text me or WhatsApp if you have a question. price 650£ thank ... 18/04/18
50. L160 pleco £25 : pleco 8 inch, collection only fovant Wiltshire 18/04/18
51. Mbu puffer 20inch : Stunning fish eatting anything offerd great with other fish very active only bad point he was attacked before I have him and he has a badly damaged top lip that ... 18/04/18
52. Cardinals or Neons Wanted (Large shoal) : Large shoal of either cardinals or neons wanted cheers 18/04/18
53. Adult group standard f1 l236 2 male 2 female : Adult group standard f1 l236 2 male 2 female I reluctantly have for sale my group of 236, I am closing down one of my tanks hence the sale They are in exc ... 18/04/18
54. Bichir : Polypterus endlicherii / Saddled Bichir 10-12cm £30 each Polyterus delhezi / Armoured Bichir 15cm £25 each Rochester 18/04/18
55. Orinoco peacock bass : Orinoco peacock bass 5cm £12 each Collection Rochester or delivery can be arranged 18/04/18
56. Looking for gars : Hi if u have any gars for sale please contact me cash waiting thanks 18/04/18
57. Various Tropical Fish for sale : The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Nationwide Delivery Available £18.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery By 13.00 For Scotland please enquire. We do request tha ... 18/04/18
58. 8 9 inch pacu : This is a health red belly pacu looking for a 10er or swaps for apsolutly anything Collection only Message me for pics and anything else u want to know 18/04/18
59. Pirhana fish : Solitary pirhana fish .wild caught serralmus geryi /violet line line .excellent condition feeding regularly on raw prawn and white bait nice specimen. 18/04/18
60. Sting rays for sale : White base Pearl male 7" £400 paid £500 few months back Pure Bd male (nipped tail) 12" £600 Bd x, p14 female approx 13-14" £600 Female mantilla hybrid 8-9" £ ... 17/04/18
61. Large leporinis and 3 silver sharks for sale : 8 inch leporinus £15 ono 3 small to medium silver sharks £15 for all 3 ono Any questions please message me 17/04/18
62. Breeding pair of Angels, Gourami, Torpedo Barb. : Female peruvian altum - 15 cm long. Male koi - 10 cm long. They spawn regularly every 2 weeks. From healthy tank. Kept in tap water. £30. Also got blue Gouram ... 17/04/18
63. 20 and 21 inch paroon shark swaps : These are collection and may meet half way or deliver for a fee 17/04/18
64. Gulper catfish : I have a 8inch gulper cat for sale open to offers 17/04/18
65. 5 x comet tinfoil Bards : 5 comet tinfoil barbs 4 are about 8+ inches 1 is 6 inch. All Very healthy shoaling together, only selling because i have a red tail cat growing fast. No immed ... 17/04/18
66. Various Preds Bass African Tiger Fish Piranha Wolf Fish : Various Preds for sale. Please text or email for more details. Collection Wiltshire 3 x 5" Hydrocynus Goliath Africn Tiger Fish £85 each 8 x 4" Hydrocynu ... 17/04/18
67. Rare Plecos and geophagus : blue eyed panaque for sale very hard to obtain in the smaller more affordable size. It’s is a very sad sale but closing down tank due to house move. He is origi ... 17/04/18
68. Adult & Juvie L134 Leopard Frogs For Sale : Adult & Juvie L134 Leopard Frogs For Sale Adults - Over 3 Inches Group 1 - 3 Males & 1 Female = £175 Group 2 - 2 Males & 1 Female = £130 Juvies - Over 2 ... 17/04/18
69. Wanted: looking to rehome any Guppies, Mollies, Swordtails, Platties etc : Im after rehoming any unwanted small tropical fish such as Guppies, Mollies, Platties, Swordtails etc. I have a 4ft tank consisting of 3 female gouramies 2 fema ... 17/04/18
70. Panaqolus L397 for sale : Proven breeding pair of L397 [can be seen with young]for sale.sensible offers please--buyer to pick up.Cannot post. 17/04/18
71. American cichlids, catfish, plecos, oddball predators : For sale are the following: x5 ornatum cichlids 4-5 inches £200 for the group x1 silver arowana (no dropeye)12-13 inches £100.00 each x1 African spotted lun ... 16/04/18
72. MYSTERY SNAILS PURPLE/PINK/PEPPERMINT AND YELLOW YOUNG UK : I have quite a lot of young healthy mystery snails that I am looking to sell. I'm looking for around £4 a snail but i can do deals on larger bundles and of c ... 16/04/18
73. Albino cayfish, afer knife fish, cichlids, barbs, birchir VIDEO IN ADD : *Albino catfish hemibagrus 9 inch X2 £30 *Red isletas Midas cichlid male. 10" £40 Small endler birchir £15 4* 3" lemon fin barbs, £20 *Arowana kni ... 16/04/18
74. WANTED L014 Sunshine Pleco, Goldie Pleco, (Scobinancistrus aureatus) : Cash waiting for good quality L014, Sunshine Pleco, Goldie Pleco, (Scobinancistrus aureatus) in the Burton upon Trent or Derby areas. Please send pictures, pric ... 16/04/18
75. Pseudomugil furcatus Forktail Blue-eye Rainbow Fish WANTED : Cash waiting for good quality Forktail Blue-eye Rainbow Fish (Pseudomugil furcatus)in the Derby and Burton upon Trent area. Please reply showing pictures of act ... 16/04/18

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