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Tropical Fish
 Flowerhorns, parrots, indo tigers, betta splendens, hybrids, rays : Ljb aquatic uk transhipper, i always have a huge amount of flowerhorns and other hybrid fish, plus monster fish and betta splendens availabl ...01/07/16
 Various Tropical Fish for sale : The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Nationwide Delivery Available 16.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery By 13.00 For Scotland please enquire ...01/07/16

1. FREE ODEO PIKE 12 INCHES : The Fish Rescue and Welfare have an African pike/odeo pike approximately 12 inches for adoption in Suffolk IP3 The pike will be needing a minimum 6x2x2 tank wit ... 01/07/16
2. Killifish eggs : 12 golden gardeneri eggs for 8 collection 7 Blackburn lancs. eggs will be sent Monday to Thursday only can be paid by PayPal paypal acount [email protected] ... 01/07/16
3. L400 pleco : 1.5inch eating well 10ea 01/07/16
4. Red Cherry shrimps : Cherry shrimps various sizes male & female 33 for 15 or 50p ea 01/07/16
5. Flag tail : 7 flag tail catfish 5"4ea 01/07/16
6. AQUA GRAN HI PROTEIN COMPLETE GRANULAR FISH FOOD : **Tropical/Marine & Coldwater fish dried food** Discus Fish Sales are the Sole UK suppliers and retailers of this food This is a complete food and it ... 01/07/16
7. young L plecs for sale : i have several species of young L plecs for sale L333 1"-1.5" 10 each or 5 for 40 Peckoltia sp. rio tocantins 1"-2" 10 each or 5 for 4 ... 01/07/16
8. 16x BREEDING GROUP - Green Laser Corydoras : Taken me a long time to decide on what to do with these as I really didn't want to let them go - but due to other commitments it's time for these find a new hom ... 01/07/16
9. ALBINO DANTUME ALTUMS BACK IN STOCK. ONLY 9.95 EACH OR 5 FOR 45 : We have some of these stunning angels back in stock at 4cm size. Those who saw the adults we had in previously will know how stunning these can grow. 9.95 EA ... 01/07/16
10. Red mix shrimp : Red mix shrimp nice colour 10 for 10 collection only from eston text or ring 07712472651 for further details 01/07/16
11. Longfins bristlenose lemons : lemon longfin available 8 each around an inch then fins collection only from eston text or ring for futher details 07712472651 deals on 10 or more available 01/07/16
12. Aquarium plants : Bucket Load of Tiger Vallis 5.00 : Bucket of 'Tiger' Vallis for sale. Very attractive plant, grows particularly well in hard water. Very strong growth. Leaves are up to 5ft long in this lot I h ... 01/07/16
13. Goonch,Bagarius Yarrelli : 10"Bagarius Yarrelli catfish. This is the biggest of the goonch catfish as seen on river monsters. Very nicely marked and eats anything fleshy. Not growing too ... 01/07/16
14. Wanted L134 adult male : I am looking for an adult male L134.or small group containing mature male. I am based in Ayrshire, Scotland but may travel to collect. email: [email protected] ... 01/07/16
15. Zebra apple snails : I have for sale some beautiful snails. Around 150. They grow to around 3cm and are easily cared for. 2.00 each, collection only. 01/07/16
16. Silver Arrowana for sale : Silver Arrowana for sale 3 available to choose from 39.99 each 01/07/16
17. L397 Plecs - Manchester : Available for collection from Manchester M15 5LY. Contact me directly on 07950 397456, if interested. L397 X 6 (2.5"-3.5") - 300 (I paid much more for these ... 01/07/16
18. Rare Guppies - Breeding Groups (Manchester) : Available for collection from Manchester M15 5LY. Contact me directly on 07950 397456, if interested. Pure breeding groups of the following rare guppies: ... 01/07/16
19. Columbian tetras : I have a group of 12 Colombian tetras for sale 40 01/07/16
20. Metynnis fasciatus : Group of 8 approx 4" 100 01/07/16
21. 2 Rabbit snails to be rehomed : I have 2 young rabbit snails, one is fully grown the other nearly. I am looking for an invert enthusiast who will provide them with a planted tank with a sandy ... 01/07/16
22. 6 inch golden synodontis 15 reduced to 10 : Collection only from kingstanding b44 01/07/16
23. moscow black guppys : I have young pairs of moscow black guppys for sale@ 5.00 a pair for further details ring 01207 284253 01/07/16
24. corydoras sterbai : I have young corydoras sterbai for sale @ 2.00 each please ring 01207 284253 for futher details 01/07/16
25. L46 (Hypancistrus zebra) Pleco : F1 zebra plecs bred by myself from wild caught parents. Stunning chunky examples with striking markings. 1.5" @ 85 each Collection preferred though po ... 01/07/16
26. L134 (Peckoltia Compta) Pleco : F1 Leopard Frog Plecs bred by myself.. 2x bloodlines available.. Both from different wild caught parents!! 1.5 inch 15 each 2 inch 20 each Stunn ... 01/07/16
27. Red cherry shrimps, 10 for 10, : Young red cherry shrimps 2 each or 10 for 10, mixed sizes. The adult female in the photographs is not for sale. If you do not receive a reply to a messag ... 30/06/16
28. Stingray p14 x bd : Stingray hybrid male 10-11" disc, lovely markings, great condition ,one of the most pretty stingrays ive seen just my male doesn't like him ... 30/06/16
29. Channa Stewartii X4 : 4 Channa Stewartii for sale all approx 10-12cm Selling due to changing to marine Collection from Droitwich Worcestershire Offers please 30/06/16
30. 2 Breeding pairs of Bristle nose Plecs 25 : 2 breeding pairs of bn plecs, prolific breeders that carry the albino gene and most litters have a few albino fry in them. Both pairs are good parents and the m ... 30/06/16
31. 5 LARGE SILVER BALA SHARKS : All fish range from 10"upto 13". 20 each,or 85 for the lot.Tel 07789733629 30/06/16
32. Fire eel wanted : Large fire eel wanted must be close to Peterborough or willing to meet. The bigger the better as have other large fish 30/06/16
33. This Sunday L201 Hyapancistrus Inspector aka Orinoco Angel Pleco @ 13.00 each f ... : will be auctioned off on Sunday 3rd July 2016. Also L201 'big spot' (Contradens species) L340, L104, L200a Hi-fin, Bull-dog Plecs which are all WILD just to ... 30/06/16
34. FREE fish : 2-red fin river barbs[6"in size]2-beardless barbs[6"in size]both species are timid/shy fish.collection south shields,town centre.ring/text 07931235799 ... 30/06/16
35. Tropical Fish : Tropical Fish for sale. Starter Groups for any size tanks. Breeding pairs of Angels in various colours. Balloon and Sailfin Mollies, Platies, Swordtails, Gouram ... 30/06/16
36. 20 inch female RTG arowana : For sale female RTG 350 only eats live foods. Collection from islington London whatsapp for pics. No swaps 07930824209 30/06/16
37. German super red pleco pair : sexed pair german super reds available 30 the pair different blood lines collection only from eston text or ring 07712472651 for futher details 30/06/16
38. Southdown Aquatics, Bcuk frozen foods (3KG for 35.00 Inc postage) : Southdown Aquatics, Stockist of BCUKs high quality frozen foods. Blister (100grams) Bloodworm 1.35 Brineshrimp 1.40 Chopped ... 30/06/16
39. Altum Angels : I have 2 large Orinoco Altum Angels for sale 20 months old plus smaller one a year old open to sensible offers ring 07790107174 thanks. Pictures sent on request 30/06/16
40. Angels : I have many young Angels blue , smokey blue, blue marble for sale wanting 2.50 each ring 07790107174 thanks pictures sent on request 30/06/16
41. predators for sale : 1x temesis peacock bass 14-16 inches 70,1x golden dorado 12-13 inches 80,1x massive fire eel 32+ inches and very very thick 35,red hook 6 inches 20,2x flori ... 29/06/16
42. amazon leaf fish : 5x amazon leaf fish 2-3 inches,nice little group,have spawned in my tank on a few occasions,80 the group,please text or wattsapp me 29/06/16
43. Super RED Bristlenose plecos : I have some juvenile 1-1.5" Super red bristlenose plecos for sale. Please see link for more information. 29/06/16
44. Sold STC, 3 albino longfins, 1 albino shortfin, 1 L144 lemon bristlenose and one ... : Six fish shown in the photo, 3 albino longfins, 1 albino shortfin, 1 L144 lemon bristlenose and one sterbai, all shown in the photo. 20 Brighouse, near J25 M6 ... 29/06/16
45. FREE TO GOOD HOME -TANKBUSTERS : giant gourami - clown knife fish - gibbiceps - Tiger shovel nose - and more CALL ANGIE ON 07957915338 for details 29/06/16
46. Bristle nose plecs - breeding pair : Breeding pair of bristle nose plecs - breeding regularly (young can be seen). Male a good 4-5", female just a little smaller. Pick up from Cardiff 10 29/06/16
47. TOP QUALITY POTTED AQUARIUM PLANTS.. THESE ARE THE BEST VALUE AQUARIUM PLANTS YO ... : We have a massive stock of top Quality Plants in stock. Our suppliers have their own exclusive plant farm. Many rare varieties and all at the same price!! ... 29/06/16
48. L066, King Tiger Plecs, 10. : L066 King Tiger Plec juvies for sale. Between 3 and 4cm. All healthy and eating well. Pick up only from Birmingham, no postage. 10 each or 3 for 25. ... 29/06/16
49. Clown knife Fish 20 : Hi.. For sale clown knife Fish 30cm long, need big tank 5ft+, healthy beautyfull Fish. For more info plz text me on 07795196180, collection ls11 ( leeds, west y ... 29/06/16
50. Tropical fish, elephant nose, gourami,platy, anglefish, shark, butterfly sucker, ... : Tropical fish for sale 4x rainbow platy (1 male 3 female) (2) 2x pantazona barb (3) Red finned shark (5) Large marble angelfish (10) Borneo butterfly ... 29/06/16
51. L134 - Leopard Frog Pleco - Breeding Group : 9x L134 - Breeding Group 300 - Ono Postage available at the Buyers risk! 29/06/16
52. 36 inch Red Tailed Catfish free to good home. : We have a a 3 foot RTC, must got to a large aquarium or tropical pond. All enquiries call: 01323 847868. Or email: [email protected] 29/06/16
53. Very large Otorongo Stingray. Free to good home. : We have a Very Large otorongo stringray available. Male. 36" long with tail, 24" disk. Free to sensible home. Must go to substantial tank or tropical po ... 29/06/16
54. Misisipi Map Turtle male 10inch : For sale my misisipi map turtle 10 inch long about 3 years old . Eat same stuff what eat my fish. 30 29/06/16
55. Albino white Axolotl -two for sale. : Hi. Two albino or white Axolotl for sale.Both about 6 inches long. No tank. Need to go to good home.10 for both. Will only sell both together. Thanks. Tel. 075 ... 29/06/16
56. Cherry shrimp : Big offer 100 shrimp for 40 pound or 50p ea 29/06/16
57. Baby Royal Sturisoma wanted : I'm starting out again in freshwater and I'd like to get some small Royal Sturisoma with a view to getting a breeding pair. I know people used to sell babies of ... 28/06/16
58. plecostomos catfish : plecos for sale young from 1.5---2inch from 2.00 07792411392 wigan eating well 28/06/16
59. Crystal Red bee shrimp : WANTED good quality Crystal Red bee shrimp gateshead area 28/06/16
60. Selling serrasalmus piranhas : Selling two of my serrasalmus species. 1st is a elongatus around 6" 50. 2nd is a diamond rhom around 5" 40. 28/06/16
61. wanted 50 neons or cardinals : wanted 50 neons or cardinal close to langley mill notts or will pay fuel costs thanks for reading 28/06/16
62. Silver sharks : 2 x large 12" silver sharks for sale. Both in good health, both indexed. Collection only. 20 for both. 28/06/16
63. 7 inch high grade p14 male : This male p14 is highly spotted and still has more coming, pellet feeder only selling as I'm looking for a male bd ray around the same size .I'm looking for ... 28/06/16
64. Asian arowana for sale : Hi i have pahang goldenhead 24k and bluebase crossback sumo body for sale they all very healthy, fish are 16-17 inches, the pahang are full cross and solid gold ... 27/06/16
65. Royal Knife fish : Royal knife fish 7-8inches 45 27/06/16
66. bullseye snakehead or great snakehead (Channa marulius) : Bullseye snakehead for sale, 7-8" approx. feeds well on frozen foods. Reluctant sale due to my tank not being big enough and no space for a new tank :( Col ... 27/06/16
67. Torpedo barbs : 6 red line torpedo barbs for sale good size at 9cm long 70 27/06/16
68. Gold lazer Corys wanted : Looking to buy some gold lazer Corys. Any size. Can collect, cash waiting. Cheers. 07745051744 27/06/16
69. 12 inch Female Motoro x Henlei : Hi, I've got a 12" Female Henlei X Motoro Hybrid for sale! Based in Northolt, west London please Email or call/text for more pictures and price. ... 27/06/16
70. 11 inch Male Orb Stingray : Hi, I've got a 11" Male Pure P.Orbijini for sale! Based in Northolt, west London please Email or call/text for more pictures and price. Thanks ... 27/06/16
71. Henlei x BD 11 inches Male : Hi, I've got a 11" Male Henlei x BD Hybrid for sale! Based in Northolt, west London This is not a pup, he's getting close to breeding age and he does ... 27/06/16
72. Channa andrao dwarf snakehead 15 : I love this fish but we have just upgraded to a five foot and have decided that its time to go over to the dark side and build a community tank. So reluctant s ... 27/06/16
73. contents of 500l tank : Shutting down my 500 liter tank. All fish,plants and bogwood to go. 10 bristlenose(breeding pair & Maybe more), 3 pearl gourami,neons,shoal of banded barb ... 27/06/16
74. L206 : Group of 8 wild caught L206 for sale 80 pick up only from Crawley West Sussex 27/06/16
75. Wild L397s : I have 7 wild caught L397s for sale 60 each pick up from Crawley West Sussex only pics of actual fish for sale 27/06/16

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