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Tropical Fish
 Various Tropical Fish for sale : The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Nationwide Delivery Available 18.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery By 13.00 For Scotland please enquire ...17/02/18
 Fastlight.co.uk Aquarum Equipment & Supplies : Offering a wide selection of Aquarium equipment, including some hard to find items at low prices. We have available all types of lighting ...17/02/18
 TA AQUACULTURE - Specialist Fish Foods. : Quality fish foods. Many from small manufacturers making small batches of feed specially to our orders. Loads of repeat orders from satisfi ...17/02/18

1. OASIS FISH AUCTION on tomorrow Sunday 18th February., All welcome. : Redhouse and district community association. Wiltshire/Rutherglen road, Redhouse, Sunderland, SR5 5LJ Sunday 18th February 2018 Starts 11.30 AM 50p Entry ... 17/02/18
2. WILD L201 Hyapancistrus Inspector aka Orinoco Angel Pleco @ 13.00 each for sale : L201's are just one of species of Plecs that will be for sale at the Castleford Aquarist Society night-time auction. On Wednesday February 21 at 7:30 PM - ... 17/02/18
3. WILD L201 Hyapancistrus Inspector aka Orinoco Angel Pleco @ 13.00 each for sale : Description: L201's are just one of species of Plecs that will be for sale at the Catfish Study Group auction. On Sunday February 18th at 1 PM Venue D ... 17/02/18
4. Shoal of Fasciatus Dollars For Sale : Selling my shoal of 10 Metynnis Fasciatus (Striped Silver Dollar) 4" Total length, Very healthy and in great condition. Wild fish, imported may 2017 at an ... 17/02/18
5. 2 Male Hybrid Motoro Rays For Sale : Very healthy and in good condition Approx 6" Disc. Feeding on frozen Krill, Lance fish and go nuts for chopped earthworms. Also will take a bit of Prima. ... 17/02/18
6. wanted L134 leopard frog pleco : hi I'm after L134 leopard frog pleco if any one got them close to cornwall after about 3 to 4 small to medium 17/02/18
7. Bronze Knifefish / Featherback Odd Ball monster RARE : I have for sale a 10 inch Bronze Knifefish(Notopterus Notopterus) Bought yesterday but being chased around by my Arowana... These rarely come up for sale ... 17/02/18
8. Black diamond TI, p14, stingray : I have a few rays forsale Black diamond TI male 10-11inchs 850 P14 female 8-9inches 450 Two BD hybrid pups both are female 6inches 150pounds each ... 17/02/18
9. Synodontis Clarias - 8 - Super Rare : Hi Selling my Synodontis Clarias Approx 8 Feeding on all kinds of pellets and frozen food This is by far one of the hardest species in Synodontis to get h ... 17/02/18
10. Mbu Puffer Fish, Oscars and peacock Bass : Nice 4-6 inch MBU puffer fish for sale. Beautiful patterns. Send me a whtsapp message for more information and pictures. 120 or make a reasonable offer. ... 17/02/18
11. Bdx King hen female Ray stunning 12 to13 disc Hampshire 650 ovno : Have this very nice quality female for sale she is very nice quality jet black pure white spotting very healthy eats all foods as I say lovely Ray having a chan ... 17/02/18
12. 12-13 inch Golden Cobra Snakehead (female) : Stunning Female Channa aurantimaculata, Golden cobra Snakehead 13+ inches long almost 2inches wide fin perfect a real character Please whatsapp me for pict ... 17/02/18
13. Large catfish : Celaphosilurus apurensis jelly cat 20 inch 250 Redtail x shovelnose hybrid 25 inch 100 These are all big fish , serious aquarist only , no time wasting ... 17/02/18
14. large tropical fish. : vulture cat 12 inch 100 Acanthicus Adonis 9 inch 50 Yellow tail barracuda 6 inch 60 Leporinus friderici 5inch 30 each x2 Leporinus arcus 5 inch ... 17/02/18
15. Corydoras Sterbai - F1 Juvies / Cory / Catfish : Plenty of these for sale! They are from my adult wild caught breeding group. The group consists of 10 adults all actively breeding. This means that anyone l ... 17/02/18
16. BLACK DIAMOND LEOPOLDI STINGRAYS. : Matched pair Black Dimond Leopoldi's,Dutch bred, pic 1 female approx 10inch,pic 2 male approx 9inch,both feeding on pellet mix and chopped sprats.800.00 I' ... 17/02/18
17. FEMALE GALAXY X BLACK DIAMOND FEMALE STINGRAY. : Female Galaxy x Black Diamond female approx. 9inch,feeding on pellet mix and chopped sprats, 400.00. For further details ring or text me on 07780354904. I'm ... 17/02/18
18. Aquatics Plus Auction Nights : How about a fish auction on a Friday night? 7pm Friday March 2nd 2018 at Sheffield Works Department Admission and Parking is Free. 17/02/18
19. Ophisternon gutturale : Australian one gilled eel. 70cm long and 1cm wide currently lives with Australian rainbow fish and corydoras eats pretty much anything: flake, pellets, algae ... 17/02/18
20. ZIG ZAG TIRE TRACK EEL 8-9 inches : Hi Zig zag tyre track eel for sale. Feeding on chopped prawn/mussel. 25 Quite thick bodied and eating well Collection only Call or txt 07920030893 ... 17/02/18
21. Datnioides microlepis (Datnoides, Datnoid) Tiger Fish : I have three Datnioides microlepis approx 6, 8 and 10 inch (15, 20 & 25cm). Have recently moved to a smaller place and decided I am going back to a fully plante ... 17/02/18
22. leoxpearl pair : adult pair for sale male 12 inch female 14 inch 750 terry 07902901748 17/02/18
23. Large Indo tiger fish : large Indo Tiger Fish 16 to 17 inch , 350, nice and stable in last owner tank and currently my tank. Eats massivore, prawn, squid, muscle. Collection only 17/02/18
24. Wanted Albino Adonis plec : Hi. Im looking for albino Adonis plecs any size. 17/02/18
25. Wanted Albino/Platinum alligator & Florida Spotted gar : Hi. Im looking for Albino/platinum alligator & Florida spotted gars any size. 17/02/18
26. Live Food ~ Paramecium Starter Culture : You will receive approximately 50ml of paramecium starter culture in a double sealed bag. Posting will be first class, in a small box to protect the parameci ... 17/02/18
27. Japenese Blue, Red Chested & Black Bar Endlers Mixed~ Sheffield : All the above endlers are now intermixed and are creating some stunning colours. they are 1.50 a pair Collection only from Sheffield, S10 area Can pos ... 17/02/18
28. SVAS Auction List for 2018 ~ Next Auction Friday 16th March : To book a lot contact Rob Saunders on [email protected] Night Auction @ The Phoenix Pub, Greengate Lane, High Green, Sheffield, S35 3GS Friday 16th March ~ ... 17/02/18
29. SVAS Presents an Evening with Mark Breeze 12.03.18 : All details regarding the talk can be found on the attached poster. Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. 17/02/18
30. Tropical fish ( sword tail , Platy , guppy ) 2 : I have about 30 Tropical fish for sale A mixture of Platy , sword tail , and guppy , 2 each or all for 30. Only selling as I am Changing to convicts so if ... 17/02/18
31. Hydrocynus Vittatus, Piranha Ternetzi, Peacock bass : I have for sale all the following. All in good health and feeding well. Images below are of actual fish. 22 X 3"-4" Pygo Ternetzi Piranha.First time import i ... 17/02/18
32. blue base x back Asian arowana for sale : 17-18"BBXB FOR SALE can send pics via whatsapp 550 no offers 17/02/18
33. Arowana, Azul Bass, Tiger Shovelnose, in tropical pond : 2 16 inch azul bass 100 each 2 foot tiger shovel nose 90 2 foot silver Arowana 90 10 inch flag tail 70. Tropical pond plastic tub with viewing window and p ... 17/02/18
34. Stingray Black Diamond Big Spots Female 8-9inch SOLD : Hi . I have for sale that top quality female black diamond size 8-9inch. Healthy and excellent looking fish . Please WhatsApp me if any questions. You can joi ... 17/02/18
35. King Tiger Plec (Hypancistrus sp.L066) WANTED : Cash waiting for good quality King Tiger Plec (Hypancistrus sp.L066)in the Burton upon Trent or Derby areas. Please send pictures, price and area for collection ... 17/02/18
36. WANTED L014 Sunshine Pleco, Goldie Pleco, (Scobinancistrus aureatus) : Cash waiting for good quality L014, Sunshine Pleco, Goldie Pleco, (Scobinancistrus aureatus) in the Burton upon Trent or Derby areas. Please send pictures, pric ... 17/02/18
37. Blue Phantom Plec Hemiancistrus sp.(L128) WANTED : Cash waiting for good quality Blue Phantom Plec Hemiancistrus sp.(L128)in the Burton upon Trent or Derby areas. Please send pictures, price and area for collec ... 17/02/18
38. BD x P14 Stingray male pup 7 inch : Great looking male bdxp14 . Loots of spots and they look like they will stay solid. Pellets trained. Please WhatsApp me if any questions. 350 More photo ... 17/02/18
39. Stingray Black Diamond Big Spots Female 9-10 inch : Hi . For sale that high quality black diamond female. Size near 10inch and growing quick . Please WhatsApp me if any questions. Join my group on Facebo ... 17/02/18
40. Tiger shovel noes 12inch for sale : Hi i got 2 tiger shovel noes catfish both around 12inch 30 pounds ea 16/02/18
41. L260 & L339 Plecos : L260 & L339 for sale - fish are a minimum of 1" and bigger ones are 1.5" L260 - 1 for 15 or 4 for 50 or 5 L339 for 40 Only selling this cheap to clear some ... 16/02/18
42. Group of Black Diamond stingrays male sold now : Black Diamond (Bd) Stingray breeding group for sale, Top quality, 1 Male 3 females and a Hybrid bd x Castexi female. all around 20" disc. Prefer to sell as grou ... 16/02/18
43. Wanted: Adult near adult Zebra Plec L046 : Looking to purchase a Adult or near adult zebra plec 16/02/18
44. JMC Frozen Fish foods : Due to request from customers I will be restocking JMC frozen foods, will be back in stock from Thursday 15th February Prices will be 1.85 each or 10 for 15 ... 16/02/18
45. OASIS FISH AUCTION : OASIS FISH AUCTION 1st fish auction of the year Redhouse and district community association. Wiltshire/Rutherglen road, Redhouse, Sunderland, SR5 ... 16/02/18
46. DANDY CICHLIDS SOON TO BE STOCKING NORTHFIN FOODS : Northfin UK preorder price list with introductory offer of 10% discount prices include free UK delivery (Northfin will be in stock from 25th February 2018) PRO ... 16/02/18
47. Platys & Fighter Fish : Platys 2 each or 15 for 20 Crown Tail Male Fighters 8 each collection only fenham ne5 16/02/18
48. Wild Caught South American Fish, Plecos, Corydoras etc : The Fish Barn Aquatic Store NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE 18.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery By 13:00pm For Scotland please enquire. we do req ... 16/02/18
49. Various Tropical Fish for sale : The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Nationwide Delivery Available 18.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery By 13.00 For Scotland please enquire. We do request tha ... 16/02/18
50. Blue Angels : Smokey blue pearlscale wifi and blue pearlscale wifi about 8 months old 8 each going fast 24 left to choose from ring 07790107174 or 07766540817 these are sor ... 16/02/18
52. 3 Silver Dollar (Myleus schomburgkii wide bar) 60 ono : 3 Myleus schomburgkii wide bar with blue fin. 2 approx 5 inch. 1 approx 6 inch They will require a large aquarium. One does have damaged upper lip. No r ... 16/02/18
53. Stingray pair bd/pearl : Parents pearl mum bd:Leo dad Hybrid female 8 ish 325 Parents bd mum pearl Dad Hybrid male 6l. 300 Would make a brilliant future breed ... 16/02/18
54. Stingray male female hybrids : Parents pearl mum bd:Leo dad Hybrid female 8 ish 325 Parents bd mum pearl Dad Hybrid male 6l. 300 Would make a brilliant future breed ... 16/02/18
55. Looking to buy alligator or spotted or florida gars : as title, looking to buy alligator or spotted gar's if you have any for sale please contact me on 07905007786 15/02/18
56. Looking too buy arapaima gigas,arapaima,arowana : as title looking to buy arapaima gigas, arapaima, arowana please message if you have a beast for sale many thanks Hesketh 15/02/18
57. Large carignal tetra : Beautiful fish. Almost fully grown adults with lots of colour. Much nicer than the babies you see most of the time. 10 for 20 I have 20 to sell Pics ... 15/02/18
58. Odoe pike : 12 inch Odoe pike lovely fish healthy eating anything just closing down tank. Wont let me add pics if you are interested txt me and Ill send some 15/02/18
59. Albino irredecent shark : Excellent condition eats pretty much anything. Very pretty fish 10 wont let me add pics if you interested txt me and Ill send pics. 15/02/18
60. Breeding group of Blue dolphins : 4 females 1 male cut down on tank size in my shed so need to go to a bigger tank young ones to prove all about 4 inch male probably 5 inch these breed like rab ... 15/02/18
61. Various bogwood and ornaments : 4 largish pieces of dogwood. One ship ornament. Quite good. 1 house ornament. Thrown in for good measure. 40.00 the lot. Prefer buyer to collect ... 15/02/18
62. Calophysus Macropterus : Hi Looking for a calophysus cat. Had one many many years ago and have never seen one for sale since. Scoured the net but cannot find any. Does anyone know wh ... 15/02/18
63. Stingray P14 Female 7 inch : Hi . For sale 7 inch female p14 . Pellets trained. Price 350 Please join my group on Facebook Top Stingrays UK More stingrays there. Thanks 15/02/18
64. Assassin snails 60p each. : Assassin snails. Will eat your pest snails! Collection only from Sutton Coldfield in Birmingham. Decent sized ones being sold, not the babies. Plenty availa ... 15/02/18
65. Wanted Mexican Swordtails ( Xiphophorus montezumae ), Blackpool area : I'm looking to obtain some Mexican Swordtails, iderly from within the Fylde cost / Blackpool area. I've looked online and can't find any can anyone help? Pl ... 15/02/18
66. Teminsis peacock bass 20 inches : Hi ! Have for sale nice teminsis peacock bass, very nice and healthy fish, eating everything, what you will put in tank, this moment live with my all fish, whic ... 15/02/18
67. African Arowana : African Arowana black in size 20"-22" healthy fish, eat pellets, mussels. Not aggressive, collection from east London, for more info please call 07428746200Mick ... 15/02/18
68. PAIR NOTHOBRANCHIUS GUENTHERI ZANZIBAR : Offering a pair (male and female) of NOTHOBRANCHIUS GUENTHERI ZANZIBAR Pair 10 More info jborowc ... 15/02/18
69. Bristle nose 2 different sorts ov pleco : Bristle nose 1" to 2" Quick for1ea or 6 for 5pound 15/02/18
70. Assassin snails barging : Assassin snails 1ea or 8 for 5 get a bargain why it last can post 5 15/02/18
71. Red Cherry shrimps : Cherry shrimps various sizes male & female 30for 15 or 75p ea 15/02/18
72. Corydoras Sterbai F1 : I have a number of these for sale. Available at 10 for 30. 14/02/18
73. Datnoid : 80.This fish is now available at Aqua design aquatics in skegness.Message me or aqua design aquatics for more information. Hi there I have a 10/11 inch indo da ... 14/02/18
74. Giant Snakhead (channa micropeltes) 13-14 inches : 30 pounds ONO collection from SE5 14/02/18
75. Channa Asiatica : I have tank bred Channa Asiatica available which are showing beautiful colours and they are all around 4"-5" and 6"-7" in size. They reach ... 14/02/18

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