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Tropical Fish
 Various Tropical Fish for sale : The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Licensed to buy and sell fish: Alan Ball License number:LI/13/0656/PETS Nationwide Delivery Available £1 ...16/12/19
 Top Stingrays UK : Top Stingrays UK are a top supplier of freshwater stingrays Currently there are many highest quality black diamond stingrays for sale. ...16/12/19
 Discus Stingrays , Golden Nugget Pleco, Over 800 Discus to choose from : CHESHIRE OAKS DISCUS- 07763207562 STOCK INCLUDES- ruby reds golden yellow dragon red eagle purple colbalts checkerboards red spo ...16/12/19
 SIMS TROPICAL FISH - BABY FLY RIVER TURTLES WITH PAPERWORK VERY FEW REMAINING : Possibly the last chance to buy a baby fly river turtle legally anywhere in Europe. We have a very limited number in stock. First come first ...16/12/19

1. Shrimp Different colours : Colour shrimp from £75p cherry shrimp 8 for £5 pound 16/12/19
2. English Tuition at Hounslow : Now a day, English tuition has become indispensable for the new generation. English tuition in Hounslow, the main purpose of our team is to improve your Engli ... 16/12/19
3. Bagarius yarrelli goonch catfish : It’s about 10inch long stunning fish eats prawns and white baite for sale or swap looking for small bass Dats Flowerhorn srd Or other Preds £110ono P ... 15/12/19
4. NOW SOLD--start bid £0.99 or buy it now £1.99-Last 8 for Ono £15 to clear---2 in ... : Here is for sale 8 Shortfin Mexican Mollys. Kept in standard w Beautiful blue eyes and pearl/gold body. They don't eat their fry. Currently kept with Dis ... 15/12/19
5. Corydoras paleatus Longfin (Pepper Cory, Catfish) : I have some Corydoras paleatus 'Longfin' (Pepper Cory, Catfish) all around 1 inch + 5 for £17.50 or 10 for £32 Collection from W5 Ealing 15/12/19
6. Trilineatus Corys : I have some Trilineatus corys all around the 1 inch + 6 Trilineatus corys for £20 Collection only Ealing W5 15/12/19
8. SIX L046 ZEBRA PLECOS HYPANCISTRUS 4CM 2 MALE 4 FEMALE COMMUNITY : Live on eBay. £500 Click the link to buy it now. 15/12/19
9. SIMS TROPICAL FISH - BABY FLY RIVER TURTLES WITH PAPERWORK VERY FEW REMAINING : Possibly the last chance to buy a baby fly river turtle legally anywhere in Europe. We have a very limited number in stock. First come first served. £1000 ea ... 15/12/19
10. L- Numbers : Looking at moving on my Pleco collection to concentrate on my predator tank. Pics on request from serious interest only. 3” Bristlenose (male) - £5 ... 15/12/19
11. Caquetaia Myseri : Rare 4-5” Basket mouth Cichlid ... I believe Male £15 need gone ASAP as fighting with my other Male! Collection Kirkby, Liverpool 15/12/19
12. Breeding pair of Australian bloodline black diamonds : Here are my bds from my understanding there are only a couple of people in the UK breeding theses Australian bloodline black diamonds Female ( second pic ) i ... 15/12/19
13. Florida spotty gars x4 Florida gar x 1£625 the lot : Hi got 5 gars for sale Florida gar around 18 inc and fat £195 Spotty gars 1 x 18 inc £185 1 x 16 inc £165 2 x 12/14 inc £135each 15/12/19
14. Super sale price £800Albion female for sale and full het female : Female Albion 6/7 inc lovely fish eating really well on pellets £800 no offers Female het 14/16 inc ready for breeding dad a full Albion mum was a het so will ... 15/12/19
15. Predatory , oddball fish : Asian redtail catfish 4 inch £30 Redtail catfish 4 inch £30 Flag tail characin 3 inch £40 each Giant gouramis 4 inch £20 Sorubim lima shovelnose 5 ... 15/12/19
16. L number plecs : L 24 6 inch £150 L95 pinecone 7 inch £150 L48 5 inch £90 L160 7 inch £120 L114 4 inch £80 each L14 sunshine 3 inch £100 L203 panaque schaferi ... 15/12/19
17. Limia Vittata Rare Livebearer : Limi Vittata pairs for sale £10 Collection from Reading Berkshire or next day delivery available for £12.50 15/12/19
18. Full Platinum Albino Guppies : I have for sale full platinum albino guppies. These are line bred & never been mixed with other guppies. Selling at £8 a pair Collection from Reading Berksh ... 15/12/19
19. Male pearl het stingrays : Male pearl het Ray's, carrying albino gene , choice of 3 all around 12" mark.All fully rolled and ready to go! Great condition just don't need this many and ne ... 15/12/19
20. Red long fin Bristlenose : I have many super red long fin bristlenose Pleco ring for price 07790107174 15/12/19
21. Mixed endlers : I have some mixed endlers for sale 50p each ring 07790107174 thanks 15/12/19
22. L066 and super reds for sale : Super reds size 5cm-9cm £5 for small and £20 for pairs L066 3.5cm-4cm £10each Can do deals on more then 6 Pick up from London 15/12/19
23. Hi Axelrod corydoras : Hi looking to buy 6 or more Axelrod corydoras to go with the 6 i all ready have, please message me if you have some for sale with price,cheers. 15/12/19
24. Various for sale : 2xfire eels, 1 is 24inch the other one is 20 inch £150 for both. South American lungfish 30 inch £150 Silver dollars - 2xmyleus torquatus, 1 red hook, 5 fasci ... 15/12/19
25. 26 inch Oxydoras Niger (Ripsaw catfish) : I have my ripsaw catfish for sale, nice healthy and chunky. Lovely fish in perfect condition £150 ono. 15/12/19
26. 19 inch Rare Pterodoras Granulosus (Granulated Catfish) : I have my Granulated catfish for sale, nice healthy and chunky. Lovely fish in perfect condition £150 ono. 15/12/19
27. 2x 10 inch Flagtails for sale ( Semaprochilodus Taeniurus). : Hi I have 2x 10inch flagtails for sale in perfect condition. Eats pellets and fresh. Can do the 2 for £90 or £50 each. 15/12/19
28. GOLD LASER CORYDORAS LOADS IN STOCK GOOD SIZE ONLY £12.50 EACH : We have lots of the Gold Laser Corydoras in stock. Only £12.50 each. Collection only 15/12/19
29. L144 LEMON BRISTLENOSE. JUMBO PAIR AND MALES IN STOCK : We have a jumbo pair L144 bristlenose in stock. Must be seen £100 pair. Jumbo males £50 each Collection only 15/12/19
30. WHITE FIN BENTOSI TETRA IN STOCK AT CHILTON AQUATICS. : Since we have shown these stunning fish off in our counter display tank everyone is wanting them!! Great additions to any planted or community aquarium we have ... 15/12/19
31. SEMI SHORT BODY SUPER RED AROWANA : Rare semi short body super red with spoonhead Size 15" Lost a few scales in shipping but will grow back. This will not grow full length like normal sup ... 15/12/19
33. New Christmas Arowana Stock Ready : Outstanding new shipment arrived early this week of Asian Arowana. In stock/available Banjar Red 7" High Back Red Tail Golden 6" Crossback blue base ... 15/12/19
34. 13 x Adult Orange Hyphessobrycon Pulchripinnis : Good school of orange lemon tetra, all adults. Had them around 18 months. Getting rid as want to try a new species £40 takes them all - Just over £3 per ... 15/12/19
35. loads of Predatory Fish for SALE : ' - - - - - - - WELCOME - - - - - - - [UPDATED 15/12/19!] - ADDED DEALS SECTION FOR EASY USE! - PUT ALL EXTRA INFORMATION AT THE BOTTOM! - REGARDING ... 15/12/19
36. Large giant gourami..12 inches : 12" Grey giant gourami..will need at least a 6ft tank..£25..Tel Gloucester 07789733629 15/12/19
37. peacock bass x 2 : orino hybrids 1 x 4" and 1 x 5" both pellet trained £25 each or £45 if you take both WhatsApp for pics thanks 15/12/19
38. Red cherry shrimps and four young sterbai : Red cherry shrimps, mixed sizes, 15 for £10.00 The adult females in the photos are mums and are not for sale Young sterbai four for £10.00 Brighouse ... 15/12/19
39. Free x4 black neon tetra : Collection only Halifax best way to contact is through text 15/12/19
40. Yellow shrimp for sale : From 50p to £5 Text for more information And best way to contact is through text due to work Deals on multiples 15/12/19
41. Banjar Red Arowana 15 inch size : Hi . For sale banjar red arowana . Size 15 inch . Eating mussels , prawns and morio worms. No drop eye . Perfect condition Price 350£ 15/12/19
42. P14 stingrays Breeding pair Sold pending collection : Breeding pair of p14 Ray's, great condition, female approx 16" disc male approx 14". Eating anything, female maybe gravid now. Contact for more.. 14/12/19
43. African Arowana (African Bony-Tongue Heterotis Niloticus ) 4-5 inches £20 : I Have For Sale Rarely Available African Arowana ( X3 ) They Are Aproximately 4-5" Healthy Active And Eating Well On Bloodworms , Muscles and Prawns . £20 ... 14/12/19
44. Red Pike 13-14inches : Very healthy lovely Red Pike 13-14inches....sad to sell him but he’s taken a dislike to my snakehead...£100ono..... collection from Basingstoke Hampshire 14/12/19
45. Top Stingrays UK : Top Stingrays UK are a top supplier of freshwater stingrays Currently there are many highest quality black diamond stingrays for sale. We can also can get ... 14/12/19
46. Large 20” silver arowana : 20” silver arowana tropical fish Slight eye drop on one side but this doesn’t bother him, he’s perfectly healthy and eating everything otherwise Needs a lar ... 14/12/19
47. Wanted tropical community fish : Anybody closing their tank down and getting rid of their fish in Shoeburyness ? Looking for fish like Discus,Angels,Guppies,Plattiies,Corydoras etc. Let me kn ... 14/12/19
48. multidens wanted cash waiting : hi I am after a male multidens happy to travel to collect cash on collection or if you know where I could get one please let me know thank you 14/12/19
49. Sterbai corydoras young. : I have 4 young sterbai corydoras £10,like those shown in the photo. The female is mum and is not for sale. Brighouse, near J25 M62. I do not post fish. 14/12/19
50. Red cherry shrimps : Red cherry shrimps 15 for £10.00 still for sale. In Brighouse near J25 & J24 of the M62. If you do not receive a reply to a message within 24 hours please ... 14/12/19
51. 15 inch redtailed catfish : 15 inch redtailed catfish for sale, quite active and eats like a pig. For any info please message me Daniel 07939915673 13/12/19
52. super german red bristle nose : Red bristle nose 1 inch up wards bring money there yours can't post 13/12/19
53. for sale red shrimp : I have red shrimp for sale they are quarter of a inch in size £1 each bring something to put them in....you will not be disappointed with them.. 13/12/19
54. Spotted barramundi : I'm leaving off to work at different place, wish someone experienced can continue to take care of this lovely fish. I'm selling this fish for £499. This fish is ... 13/12/19
55. Clown Loach For Sale : Hi am reducing my no of tanks and have for sale 12 Clown Loach from around 5 inch up to 9 inch looking £450 or very near offer am Based in Swansea 13/12/19
56. wanted comunity fish : im after comunity fish diffrent types angelfish etc or cichlids 13/12/19
57. BARGAIN PRICE 4 x 10-12 inches Cross River Bichir (Polypterus teugelsi) RARE : BARGAIN BARGAIN BARGAIN REDUCED TO £100 - RIDICULOUS PRICE FOR 4 GROWN ON CROSS RIVER BICHIR! ——————————— For sale, 4 nicely grown on Cross River Bichir ... 13/12/19
58. PRICE REDUCED 2 x 4 inches Sunshine / Goldy Pleco L014 (Scobinancistrus aureatus ... : PRICE REDUCED - NOW £100 FOR THE 2! —————————————————- For sale, 2 x nice chunky sunshine plecos gown on from a shipment from Brazil last year. Feeding ... 13/12/19
59. Tropical fish bristlenose plecos £3 each : 3 inch fish. Males and females available. 13/12/19
60. 5-6 inch silver dollars x2 £10 : Beautiful pair of fish. £10 each. Southend Essex. 13/12/19
61. AROWANA FOR SALE : 12 inches long. Beautiful fish. Collection Southend Essex. Other fish available 13/12/19
62. RTG arowana 12-13inches for sale : All paper work here. Eats well mainly on bugs meal worms and crickets sometimes accepts chopped prawn.had from 8inches or so. Colouring up nicely. No defects ey ... 13/12/19
63. 5 Bosemani Rainbowfish : 5 Young healthy fish starting to colour up lovely, will need a decent sized aquarium as these are active fish. £30 collection Middlesbrough 07722599540 13/12/19
64. F1 marble motors and marblexbd hybrids : Here I have for sale a selection of rays that have been bred by myself down here on the sunny south coast in Southampton. They are all eating well on a variety ... 13/12/19
65. Cory sterbai : I have a number of young sterbai at 1in growing well £2.50 each or 5 for £10 pick up only Fishburn TS21 4DW 13/12/19
66. Nile Puffer : Stunning freshwater puffer fish approx 6 inches lives with striped pimm cat fish approx 7 inches they are best of friends Must be sold as the pair , Great eat ... 13/12/19
67. L046 breeding group for sale : Group is 8 adults which I have bred from. [8 now remaining] £1200 for the group Or £350 per pair Collection only - Near Cheltenham GL52 13/12/19
68. Contraden / L004 / L201 Pleco Breeding groups for sale : Breeding groups: L004 - Angelicus Pleco - 3F 2M - £150 Hypancistrus contradens - 5M 2F - £250 Young of the following also avaliable at 2.5-4cm sizes: L0 ... 13/12/19
69. corydoras Gossie and gold lasers for sale £6 each : i have a few own bred cories for sale i have C gossie and gold lasers at £6 and long finned white peppered at £4 each these are pick up from doncaster or i may ... 13/12/19
70. HARLEQUIN LANCER CATFISH (BAGROIDES MELAPTERUS) : A uniquely patterned catfish species originating in freshwater streams and rivers of Indonesia, the Harlequin Lancer is an active, aggressive fish which will do ... 13/12/19
71. LARGE CLOWN LOACH IN STOCK : We have 5 large clown loach in stock this week. Only £35 each. 5 for £150 Collection only. 13/12/19
72. CHILTON AQUATICS GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE. IN STORE OR BY TELEPHONE. : Looking for an ideal Birthday or special gift then why not give your loved ones or friends a Chilton Aquatics Gift voucher. You decide how much and it can be u ... 13/12/19
73. Vittatus tiger fish : African tiger fish Approximately 6inch Feeding well on frozen foods Looking for £100 Contact me via text 07443495721 12/12/19
74. Male stingray for sale 400 Ono : Hi all have stingrays for sale , he’s abt 13” disc , eat anything. Healthy in comm tank atm wit tiger fish n arowana .Pick up in Plymouth tks 12/12/19
75. L200 green phantom pleco : I have a lovely L200 green phantom around 4 inch. Nice and healthy. £50 collection from se12 07933886148 12/12/19

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