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Tropical Fish
 PLANET AROWANA : New shipment arriving any day now. Typical list as follows below GRADE A SUMMATRA DATS GRADE B SUMMATRA DATS FIRE EELS XANTIC FIRE EE ...15/10/18
 Various Tropical Fish for sale : The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Nationwide Delivery Available 18.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery By 13.00 For Scotland please enquire ...15/10/18
 Top Stingrays UK : Top Stingrays UK are a top supplier of freshwater stingrays. Currently there are many highest quality black diamond stingrays for sale. ...15/10/18

1. Wanted ..Black Corydoras Males .. : Black Cordoras , if you have some males please get in touch ..Could take females too.Please send message with how much you want and where to collect and if you ... 12/10/18
2. Wild Caught South American Fish, Plecos, Corydoras etc : The Fish Barn Aquatic Store NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE 18.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery By 13:00pm For Scotland please enquire. We do req ... 12/10/18
3. Various Tropical Fish for sale : The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Nationwide Delivery Available 18.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery By 13.00 For Scotland please enquire. We do request tha ... 12/10/18
4. Guppies : Guppies for sale.... Offers located in ayrshire 12/10/18
5. Australian Red Claw Crayfish Blue Lobster : I have a few juvenile Australian Red Claw Crayfish ( Cherax quadricarinatus) Prices are as follows: 10cm - 5 each collection only These are a tropical ... 12/10/18
6. Florida Spotted Gar : Nice chunky Florida Spotted Gars for sale About 7/8 inches long and growing fast These are getting harder to source due to the recent ban on some gars an ... 12/10/18
7. Last Fish Auction of The Year : Sunday December 9th, 1pm. Aquatics Plus Auction at Sheffield Work's Department Sports & Social Club Heeley Bank Road Sheffield S2 3GL Lots will be ... 12/10/18
8. 4-6 Red tail catfish for sale (sold subject collection) : As stated, between 4-6 inch in size, fed on prawn, bloodworm, cockle pellets etc.. hand feeds. Looking 20 ono Or may swap for something else, Msgs pr ... 11/10/18
9. Silver dollar : 4 beautiful silver dollar. must sell all 4 together approximately 5 inches 25 11/10/18
10. Spotted pike for sale in Leeds : They are about 10 at the moment. Feeding well on prawn and smelt . Will grow up to 14-15 when fully grown. Looking for 40 each 11/10/18
11. Albino knife fish for sale : Albino knife fish for sale at 4 size . They been pellet train so no headache on feeding them . Super white color , looking for 35 each. 11/10/18
12. Snakehead Channa Pulchra : Channa pulchra young fish around 70+mm showing good colours,feeding well on pellets and live food, text or whatsapp me for more details and pictures. can do dea ... 11/10/18
13. Spotted gar : For sale my spotted gar as he is not settled in my aquarium. He is having to compete with my asian arowana and peacock bass for food and is usually not fast en ... 11/10/18
14. Preston and District aquarist society - Monthly meeting Tuesday 2/10/18 : This weekend folks, i hope to see lots of you there! Open to the public so please encourage a few friends to come along and grab a bargain! Some of our selle ... 11/10/18
15. GIANT PLECO FOR SALE 10 : Giant Pleco for sale, over a foot in length, very chunky healthy fish, needs a big aquarium to be housed in. Please text for any further information. Thanks. 1 ... 11/10/18
16. Paroon shark 7 (10) : Paroon shark for sale due to friend closing his tank, around 7-8 inches in length, very healthy fish feeding on prawns, muscle and pellets. very rare fish to ge ... 11/10/18
17. Stingray Black Diamond Female 950 : For sale high quality black diamond Female . Size 10-11 inch . Price 950 Please join my group on Facebook Top Stingrays UK Top Stingrays UK Mo ... 11/10/18
18. 15 Sailfin Pleco and 12 inches & 10 inches Jaguar Cichlids for sale : 15 Sailfin Pleco (Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps) - 15 12 Female Jaguar Cichlid (Parachromis managuensis) - 25 10 Male Jaguar Cichlid (Parachromis mana ... 11/10/18
19. Pleco : 9 to 10 inch pleco. This big boy needs a new home as i haven't the room for him anymore 10/10/18
21. BD X stingray and Pearl, Florida gar swaps : stingrays for sale Description: Im changing the stingrays I keep so I have 2 perfect examples for sale, 1 have come from fresh water stingrays, and one fro ... 10/10/18
22. Midas cichlids swap predators odd balls : I have around 50 Midas cichlids around 3-5 inch each .I want to swap for odd balls what you got. Thanks 10/10/18
23. Red giant snakeheads wanted : giant snakeheads wanted or similar no emperors tho. Cash waiting thanks 10/10/18
24. 6x Amazon Frogbit (Limnobium laevigatum) Floating Aquarium Plant : Amazon frogbit (Limnobium laevigatum) floating aquarium/fish tank plants, easy to care for and fast growing, great cover for shrimp, fry, Bettas and shy fish s ... 10/10/18
25. Red Ramshorn Snails ~ Freshwater : You will receive a 10 snails, all varying sizes. 7 for 10 delivered first class. No need to wait in, as they will be sent in a box small enough to get th ... 10/10/18
26. Mixed Endlers~ Sheffield : A mixture of different strains of endlers are now intermixed and are creating some stunning colours. they are 1.50 a pair Collection only from Sheffield, ... 10/10/18
27. Stingray female motoro marble breeder : Large female marble motoro : superspot gene 18 proven breeder This female has produced and will produce stunning pups with the right Male has previously ha ... 10/10/18
28. Stingray Black Diamond Male 450 SOLD : Hi . Fot sale Black Diamond Male pup . Size 5-6 inch . Ready to go . Price 450 Thank you Please look my other adverts or join my Facebook group To ... 10/10/18
29. Stingray Black Diamond Male 420 SOLD : Hi . For sale Black Diamond Male Size 7 inch Price 420 Thank you 10/10/18
30. Breeding L168 pleco : I am selling my breeding trio of L168 Pleco, 2m and 1f I've not seen any of these let alone breeders since I bought them 130 collection esh winning 09/10/18
31. female giant gouramis for sale : female giant gourami for sale about 20 inch ,good eater and good manners call rob on 07917608905 offers,no stupid offers please looking for a good home. 09/10/18
32. Community Fish : Kribensis 4 (NEW) Apitogramma Cacatous Double Orange 10 Pair (NEW) Nannocara Neon Electric Blue 6 (NEW) Angels, Delta Koi 4 (NEW) Angels Amazon 4 (NEW) ... 09/10/18
33. Peacock Gudgeon - Tateurndina ocellicauda : Peacock Gudgeon - Tateurndina ocellicauda for sale. About an inch long. Eating well. 4 each or 3 for 10. 09/10/18
34. Endler guppies free to good home : I have about 30 endler guppies all tank bred to go to a good home. Can go in one group or smaller groups. Minimum of 5 per lot. Collection from Walmley in S ... 08/10/18
35. adonis plecko : adonis plecko for sale 6in without tail lovely fish 45 pick up only Bromley. 08/10/18
36. fish : 2 large sail fin plecs both over 12 inches and chunky free to collector I'm in burnley call rick 07507680491 08/10/18
37. Hemibagrus wyckii (crystal eyed catfish) free to good home : Hemibagrus wyckii (devils catfish) 17 inches long, great fish, not aggressive in any way towards people or other fish Free to good home, Can send pics ... 08/10/18
38. Nerite Snails x 4 FREE : I am shutting down my small tropical tank and have 4 Nerite snails available free - useful for controlling algae. Collection only from Llandudno, North Wales. 08/10/18
39. Angel fish and synadontis catfish : 3 adult angels 2 female one male i think 25 catfish 20 08/10/18
40. Syncrossus berdmorei : Syncrossus berdmorei (Red finned Tiger Loach) I have 5 of these for sale Very healthy and feeding on a variety of foods including Krill,chopped Prawn ,Mussel, ... 08/10/18
41. Giant gourami 20 inc male : Lovely fish 20inch looking 50 our a trade for south American cichlids our silva arowana 08/10/18
42. All fish for sale.... Asian arowana, silver arowana, Dorado, azul bass, spotted ... : A Pair of Asian arowanas large one is a high back smaller is supposedly a cross back. 700ono Dorado possibly around 15inch+ 60 One eye azul 15inch+ 20 ... 07/10/18
43. Got a few oddballs for sale : Clown knife fish over 20inch 50 Thai blue silk flowerhorn about 6 inch 50 redfin giant gourami around 11 Inch 40 5 inch flagtail 20 x2 syno 30the pair abo ... 07/10/18
44. Looking to buy Bichirs (Polypterus) : Looking to buy the following: Upper jaw polypterus species mainly looking for: palmas Retropinnis buettikoferi All lower jaw species. Especially Congi ... 07/10/18
45. Betta free to loving home : My gorgeous betta boy is available for adoption. Currently tail biting and needs some TLC! Friendly, very pretty Must collect from Oxfordshire, Wantage regi ... 07/10/18
46. pleco wanted : hi im looking for adult pleco l002 l173b l104 l134 l046 l264 l129 l397 l333 l398 l236 07/10/18
47. Golden Mahseer : Up for sale is a Golden Mahseer measuring 4-5inches. Feeding on just about everything we offer him. Eventually will need a huge tank. 90 07/10/18
48. Selection of fish and/orTank : 3 clown loach 3 zebra loach 5full size Rainbows 5full size torpedos 3coridorus 1large bristle nose catfish offers invited Tank also needs to go size 120cmw 40 ... 07/10/18
49. 13" male marble motoro : 13inch male, beautiful pattern, healthy,feeding on pellets, prawns, mussels, whitebait, offers welcome 300, 06/10/18
50. Emperor Snakehead (Channa Marulioides) : 8mc old , exchange or sell for 70.bought from planet arowana, caught wild 06/10/18
51. Group of tropical fish for adoption united kingdom : The fish Rescue and Welfare have a group of large fish available for adoption in Bedfordshire SG15. 1 Birchir approximate size 20 inches 1 Gibbicep pleco ap ... 06/10/18
52. Giant Gourami needing a new home : CODE RED RESCUE DUE TO LEAKING TANK. WE ARE LOOKING FOR A VERY URGENT TEMPORARY FOSTER HOME OR FULL ADOPTION The Fish Rescue and Welfare have a roughly ... 06/10/18
53. Guppies and Platys : Wagtail platy, red platy, neon platy, black platy 1.25 each. Male and female guppies 1.50 each, Tipton area 06/10/18
54. African Arowana : African Arowana black in size 20"-22" healthy fish, eat pellets, mussels. Not aggressive, collection from east London, for more info please call 07428746200Mick ... 06/10/18
55. Golden Dorado 15 : Hi! Have golden dorado, healthy fish, eat mussels, prawns, pellets. 100, collection from east London For more information please call 07428746200 Mykola 06/10/18
56. Peacock bass 15 : Peacock bass eating everything, healthy fish, reason for sale, want change fishes in my tank. 100,collection from east London 07428746200 Mykola 06/10/18
57. British Livebearer Association : The BLA would like to thank Shirley Aquatics (Birmingham) for donating prizes for the raffle. Livebearer fans may to know that Shirley aquatics have nezahualco ... 06/10/18
58. 20 inches Brass arowana.... : 20" Brass arowana. Ideal Xmas pressie for any aro fanatic. This is a heavy ornament at 4kg and not a tinny thin thing. 75+p&p or collect from northwest.. 06/10/18
59. Adult Spotted Plec and other Adult tropicals for Sale : Due to upcoming kitchen / dining room redesign later this year , I am selling the remaining fish before I can sell the main tank. 1x Spotted Plec (11) 2 ... 06/10/18
60. Swordtails and Mollies for sale - Havant. : Guppies, Long finned Swordtails and Mollies for sale - 1 - 2 each. Collection for Havant, Hants. Please text or phone. Bungy 05/10/18
61. Pair of Black Diamond rays 1 male and 1 female around 14 inches : Hi im selling my beloved black diamond rays as im changingvdirection and keeping different fish. These were bought from a top UK seller one most people into thi ... 05/10/18
62. Wanted big Alligator Gars : I want big Alligator gars Im after big Alis to go with mine need to be big 15 plus big tank ready !! 07764514024 05/10/18
63. Big silver dollars and Bala sharks : Due to moving home Im having to shut down my 1000 litre tank.the following are for sale or will consider swaps for l-Plecos 4 xl silver sharks 7 each 1 lge ... 05/10/18
64. Various Angel Fish : Angels various sizes and colours. Small angels 3 extra large angels 10 05/10/18
66. Red tailed catfish for sale. : Rtc for sale around 6-7inches nice big head eats prawns , and mussels but. Would take most things as hes greedy. Whats app me for a pic regards Daniel 07922 ... 05/10/18
67. Vulture Cat : Fully grown Vulture around 22" maybe bigger Perfect health 100 ono 05/10/18
68. Pure bred red king cobra guppies : Hello. I am getting a little overrun with my guppy offspring! A few for free to the first to reply. Ony pickup from Lancaster area must bring your own containe ... 05/10/18
69. Stingray Black Diamond Female 1250 SOLD . pending collection : Hi . For sale one of the top stingrays , 12 inch black diamond female . High quality , spots pure white . Price 1250 Please WhatsApp me if any questions ... 05/10/18
70. Lemon bristlenose longfin and shortfin 15-20 GONE to good home : I have 15 to 20 lemon bristlenose free to good home as closing tabk down asap 3-5 longfins Chunky female Will not split .... person to take the LOT ... 05/10/18
71. VERY RARE L255 spotted medusa : Extremely Rare L255 spotted medusa 3" Trio available 600 And a group of 4 800 04/10/18
72. L306 JUVIES : L306 JUVIES 13 Left 2" ONLY 20 EACH Postage available 23 04/10/18
73. Stingray pair : Pair Mini Marbles 7" unrelated Eating well on Prawns & Pellets ONLY 500 04/10/18
74. L114/L600 8-10 inch Pseudacanthicus cf. leopardus : 100 ONO Leopard Cactus Need gone this weekend to make room for a new fish 04/10/18
75. Albino Pacu 20 : 10" pacu eating em out of house and home by 04/10/18

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