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Tropical Fish
 Flowerhorns, parrots, indo tigers, betta splendens, hybrids, rays : Ljb aquatic uk transhipper, i always have a huge amount of flowerhorns and other hybrid fish, plus monster fish and betta splendens availabl ...28/03/17
 Various Tropical Fish for sale : The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Nationwide Delivery Available 16.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery By 13.00 For Scotland please enquire ...28/03/17
 Manaus Aquarium Products : New to the UK, Manaus Aquarium products. These medications are tailored for the aquatic hobby. Please see website for further details28/03/17
 Fastlight.co.uk Aquarum Equipment & Supplies : Offering a wide selection of Aquarium equipment, including some hard to find items at low prices. We have available all types of lighting ...28/03/17

1. Cheap tropical fish 07463683498 : I have.torpedo barbs, Senegal bichir, midas,flowerhorns,Severus, peacock bass, Frontosa, yellow labs, moorii dolphins, venusus giraffe and more just message me ... 24/03/17
2. Bristlenose plecs : Adult bristlenose plecs 2 - 4inches in length and sexable 3 each or two for 5. 24/03/17
3. Vinegar Eel Starter Culture ~ Live Food : The starter culture is approximately 50ml, which is taken directly from my own culture and is not watered down in any way. Therefore it will have plenty of vin ... 24/03/17
4. Japenese Blue, Red Chested & Black Bar Endlers Mixed~ Sheffield : All the above endlers are now intermixed and are creating some stunning colours. they are 1.50 a pair Collection only from Sheffield, S10 area Can pos ... 24/03/17
5. SNAKEHEADS : Can anyone point me in the right direction of anywhere that's stocks or can get me this species please ? Many thanks 24/03/17
6. Aquatics + Night Auction ~ 26th April 2017 @ 7pm : Our first night auction, to be held in the same venue as the popular day auctions. If you're interested in a lot, etc. Please contact us either on our faceb ... 24/03/17
7. SVAS Fish Auction 26th March 2017 : To be held at:- The Rockingham Centre Sheffield Road Hoyland Common BARNSLEY S74 0PY The auctions starts at 1pm prompt. Car parking and refreshment ... 24/03/17
8. Angel fish breeding pair : Lovely adult pair of blacks.lay every 3 weeks. Only for sale as developing pleco interests 30.. collection Coventry. Could deliver at cost Birmingham area. 24/03/17
9. SNAKEHEADS : Can anyone point me in the right direction of anywhere that's stocks or can get me this species please ? Many thanks 23/03/17
10. L398 X 6 : 3 full grown adults are wild ( 2 m 1 f ) other 3 are at 3.5 inch and are F1 unrelated to the wilds ( 2 f 1 m ) 100 Pick up only Birmingham. B37 23/03/17
11. Redtail catfish : Here I have my redtail cat really really regretting putting this. Up I love the fish to bits coming on 23inch you can guess what I'm about to say! This fish wil ... 23/03/17
12. 2x ornate birchirs : One is 7" the other is at least 12" 80 for the pair or 55 for the xl one and 40 for the smaller 23/03/17
13. 5" peacock bass : I have 2 temensis peacock bass for sale 50 each and growing very fast 23/03/17
14. Xxx L27 : Up for grabs is my L27 regrettably have to sell due to work purposes The fish is a very active fish for a L number pleco of this size, it's 11" to 12&quo ... 23/03/17
15. WANTED - Ilodon xantusi - rare livebearer : I have recently bought 2 pairs of this rare livebearer but am interested in buying stock from a different source to vary the bloodline (or happy to swap one pai ... 23/03/17
16. corydoras duplicareus : I have some young coryadoras duplicareus for sale @ 4.00 each for futher details phone 01207 284253 23/03/17
17. chiltherina bleheri : I have some young pairs of chiltherina bleheri australian rainbows for sale @ 5.00 a pair. For futher details ring 01207 284253 23/03/17
18. corydoras sterbai : I have young corydoras sterbai for sale @ 2.00 each please ring 01207 284253 for futher details 23/03/17
19. rays for sale : 2 female p 13 hybrids 6 month old 300 each 07902901748 terry 23/03/17
20. WANTED - Dawkinsia assimilis (Mascara barbs) : Cash waiting for Dawkinsia assimilis (Mascara barbs) in the Derby or Burton upon Trent areas. Please text or email details, price and picture of actual fish for ... 23/03/17
21. Golden Zebra Loach, (Botia histrionica) WANTED : Cash waiting for Golden Zebra Loaches (Botia histrionica) in the Derby or Burton upon Trent areas. Please text or email details, price and picture of actual fis ... 23/03/17
22. Assorted bristlenose in Scotland : I have lots of brown,albino bristlenose for sale not tiny little fish well started 5cm 3 each.Plus lots of large males 5 each all bred by my self. Pickup onl ... 22/03/17
23. Cory metae,scotland : I have some cory metae for sale breeding size 4 each or 3.50 for 10 nice chuncky fish also 10 dupicarius at 4.50 each or 40 for the lot some breeding size.P ... 22/03/17
24. L66 king tigers and L201 Scotland : Tank bred L66 for sale from 10 some of these fish are now around 2" great looking fish grab a bargin. also L201s avalible.pickup only. best giving me a quick ... 22/03/17
25. Super red Arowana for sale : Hi I have super red for sale it very high quality 7-8" long barbell big fins and tails come from 1 of the best farm in Indonesia. Fish are healthy eating well ... 22/03/17
26. Motoro stingray : Female motoro stingray for sale 9" disc size. Feeds on earthworms prawns Lance fish very healthy and active stingray 120 ovno. 22/03/17
27. Giant gourami about 9 inch : Fin perfect giant white gourami looking for 50 22/03/17
28. Aquatics Plus Auction Nights : Aquatics Plus Auction are holding a night auction. This April Wednesday 26th. The usual venue at Sheffield Works Department Sports & Social Club. Sheffiel ... 22/03/17
29. 15inch giraffe catfish : Stunning fish very active loves his pellets gets on with other fish 60 Peacock bass big or small Or swap for other preds Best to call or text for quick ... 22/03/17
30. Datnoid 10inch : Stunning fish great colour feeding on mainly pellets and bit prawns gets on the with other fish 160 or will swap for Large peacock bass Stingray Larg ... 22/03/17
31. Bahia gold peacock bass male and female : For sale or swap for other preds to nice looking bass little bit on the skinny side just recently got them there not getting on wid my other bass there getting ... 22/03/17
32. wanted mollies/platties/guppies/swordtails please : hi there just wondered if any1 has any spare please they are willing to get rid off any colours I don't mind just trying to get some fish back in the tank for m ... 22/03/17
33. Filament Barbs - Free : I have a group of 9 (or 10) filament barbs, mostly adult, free for rehoming. They have previously bred, I only want to rehome them as I want to return to a pla ... 22/03/17
34. WANTED PLANTS AND GRAVEL : I'm looking for a large amount of pea gravel anything considered I have 2 tanks I need this for and I'm also looking for plants anything you have please let me ... 22/03/17
35. large gar : for sale 14 inch florida gar 90 pound re-listed due to timewaster 22/03/17
36. Zebra pleco, L046. 60. ALL SOLD. : F1 Zebra pleco juveniles for sale. From my breeding group of wilds. Six months old. Approximatly 1 3/4 inches. *They are not sexable at this size yet.* Fir ... 22/03/17
37. 30 Hyalella Azteca Great Live food or substrate cleaner for Planted Tank : . Hyalella azteca is a freshwater amphipod which lives near the sediment surface, burrowing in sediment and also scavenging on the leaf litter, algae, and detr ... 22/03/17
38. Live Californian Black Worm Starter Cultures (Lumbriculus variegatus) Blackworm : Live blackworms rank among the best food that you can feed to your fish. Not only are they rich in protein and nutrients, but they can survive for an indefinite ... 22/03/17
39. Live Springtail Culture - Great live food source for surface feeding fish : Springtails are very easy to keep and can be cultured in a small plastic container without causing any inconvenience. Keep them moist and feed them a little fo ... 22/03/17
40. 2 striped Raphael Catfish and Bristlenose : I have for sale:- 2 Striped Raphael catfish, both approx 5in long 1 3-4in long Bristlenose Pleco 1 4 in long Melanochromis Auratus Malawi Cichlid Sellin ... 21/03/17
41. WANTED whiptail catfish : Male royal whiptail catfish 21/03/17
42. kelberi peacock bass Male Wonted : I'm looking for a nice gold male kelberi bass if eneyone has one they can sell" good money paid for nice bass" 21/03/17
43. Peacock bass : 12 inch mono 60 9 inch azul 40 10 inch ocellaris 50 Collection blackpool 20/03/17
44. complete contents of fish tank : for sale complete contents of fish tank,all plants ,root wood,golden rainbow fish ,red rainbow fish,bosemani rainbow fish approx 20,2 indian barbs that cost 40 ... 20/03/17
45. zebra shovelnose,flagtail,red hook : I have for sale a 10" zebra shovelnose catfish,beautiful markings looking for 160 ono also a 9-10" flagtail looking for 40 ono also a 7" red hook looking for ... 20/03/17
46. WANTED : male royal whiptail cat fish 20/03/17
47. WANTED: Large/ armoured plec and large silver dollars : Hi, We've recently set up a 5x3x2foot tank and are looking for a large or armoured plec and some large silver dollars. If you have any for sale please let me ... 20/03/17
48. snakehead : 12 inch black and gold snakehead great looking fish if interested please ring me on 07935259945 this is one hell of a fish for 85 20/03/17
49. Albino cat fish : Albino cat rtc around 18 ,20 inches hard to come across very rare stunning looking looking around 900 or deals on Ray's thanks 20/03/17
50. Blue Albino Guppies - Manchester Collection : Breeding group of 10 rare Platinum Blue Albino Guppies - 20. - 6 young adults (3 pairs / about 2.5cm) - 4 younger fish (about 2 cm) Some have a little orang ... 20/03/17
51. 9 silver dollars 80 : I've got 9 silver dollars for sale 5"-6" in size won't 80 for the lot or swap for some severums I'm in Mansfield ng20 20/03/17
52. Tiger Shovel nose wanted , big preds wanted odd balls : Tiger shovelnose catfish wanted 1ft plus Pacu , Giant snakeheads ,golden dorados , big predators welcome ! Long term home given , Contact 07764514024 ANY B ... 20/03/17
53. Dorado wanted : Golden Dorado wanted 12" plus bigger the better , 07764514024 20/03/17
54. Cherry Shrimp : Cherry shrimp, breaking down tank. 30 odd shrimp counted so you'll get a few more. 15 Collection only; Huddersfield area. 19/03/17
55. L155 (Adonis) & L114 for sale : The L155 is approx 8 inches (9 with tail extensions) and the L114 is approx 3 inches. Both are in excellent healthy condition. Collection only please from SN11 ... 19/03/17
56. L002 : I have 4 or 5 adults for sale not sure on sex as they stay well hidden. 10 each Collection from DN4 19/03/17
57. 1ft+ dorado may swap : Looking to sell my community dorado. Has been living with a mix of fish but unfortunately does not like bass! This is the only reason why I'm selling. Eats pell ... 19/03/17
58. Bristlenose Plecs (Ancistrus) : Small ancistrus for sale. 2 inch 1.50 each. Deals on multiples. Collection only from LE4 19/03/17
59. WOLFFISH : wolfish for sale not sure of the sex, ive never had it in with anything else so couldnt tell you what it be like with others. 9 to 10 inches 40 no offers . buy ... 19/03/17
60. Homebred Baby Golden Bristlenose Pleco : Home Bred Bristlenose Plecos that are now 2-3 months old, and ready to go to their new homes. Plenty available at different sizes ranging from 3-6cm. Price is ... 19/03/17
61. blood worm gammarus : 10g of each. 19/03/17
62. Blue Marbled Angelfish - 12 Each : newly arrived stunners 19/03/17
63. Corys / corydoras wanted : Looking for some of the rarer Strains of Corys. Not albino,bronze, peppered or pandas or any of the really common ones. please get in touch if you have any for ... 19/03/17
64. L046 Zebra Plecs + set up Portsmouth : I am selling my zebra plec L046 group and set up. There are seven adult zebs and they will go with the complete set up . They are currently in a custom built ta ... 19/03/17
65. African Arowana : African Arowana black in size 20"-22" healthy fish, eat pellets, mussels. Not aggressive, collection from east London, for more info please call 07428746200Mick ... 18/03/17
66. Bristlenose plecs : Various sized bristlenose plecs. 75p to 2 depending on size. Bring your own bags and collect from HA8 Edgware. 18/03/17
67. Cherry shrimp : 1 each collection only corby plenty avaliable Would prefer that you text or email me. 18/03/17
68. Looking for ocean rock : Looking for ocean rock for a new set up. Closer to Penzance the better. Let me know what you have thanks 😀 18/03/17
69. super reds : i have a number of german super red plecs for sale about 3in ish good colour not washed out good few males and some that are still making their mind up would l ... 18/03/17
70. Guppy tropical fish cherry shrimp 10 for 6 : All sizes and colours Pick up Farnworth bl4 Shrimp 10 for 6 Guppy fry 15 for 10 18/03/17
71. P14 Stingrays x2 Females Wanted : Hi folks, im after 2x female P14s , happy to pay good money for the right rays, younger the better . Please text me with details, Thanks in advance . 17/03/17
72. L191 Broken Line Royal Panaque Pleco : We have just received in stock some STUNNING specimen L191 Broken Line Royal Panaque Plecostomus. Photo is one that is now in stock. Contact us for more infor ... 17/03/17
73. Silver arowana fish and Stingrays : We are currently on promotion sale and we have the following Arowana fishes available in stock: 24k Golden arowana, Super Red, Red Asian Arowana, Blood Red arow ... 17/03/17
74. BD Stingray Male 5 inch really nice SOLD : For sale 5 inch BD male. Eating prawns , mealworms ,pellets trained. Nice big spots. Price 750 ono 17/03/17
75. Pleco wanted : Pleco fish wanted in west midlands area must be 6 inches or bigger cash waiting can collect thanks Craig 07912677987 17/03/17

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