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Tropical Fish
 Flowerhorns, parrots, indo tigers, betta splendens, hybrids, rays : Ljb aquatic uk transhipper, i always have a huge amount of flowerhorns and other hybrid fish, plus monster fish and betta splendens availabl ...21/07/17
 Various Tropical Fish for sale : The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Nationwide Delivery Available £16.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery By 13.00 For Scotland please enquire ...21/07/17
 Manaus Aquarium Products : New to the UK, Manaus Aquarium products. These medications are tailored for the aquatic hobby. Please see website for further details21/07/17
 Fastlight.co.uk Aquarum Equipment & Supplies : Offering a wide selection of Aquarium equipment, including some hard to find items at low prices. We have available all types of lighting ...21/07/17

1. lots of lemon tetras and danios £1 each le3 small fish : got loads of small fish £1 each , danio tetra's collection Leicester area 18/07/17
2. 11 inch plecostomus - £45 : Needs new home as has outgrown tank. I am in Morpeth, Northumberland. 18/07/17
3. Unusual catfish and more. : Shutting down fish room. Due to house move. I have some very unusual fish to move on mainly catfish. 1 leiarius pictus 18-20" £50 1 wallago lierii 15 ... 17/07/17
4. black molly baby fishes : if any one interested in please contact me i am in HA2 area in harrow middlesex 17/07/17
5. Asian Arowana for sale - Essex : Just wanted to see if anybody in the U.K. (Essex area) would be interested in a green Asian arowana? He is a beauty of a fish and is now eating a variety of ... 17/07/17
6. BD Big Spots Stingray Female Pup 8 inch SOLD : Good looking 8 inch female pure bd big spots . Eating prawns , blood worms and white bites. Price 1000£ ono. Please look on my other advert. Thank you 17/07/17
7. Stingray Black Diamond Super Hybrid Male 8inch SOLD : For sale BD Super Hybrid. Something really special. At the moment eating white bites and mealworms.pelleys trained. Price 1500£. Thanks 17/07/17
8. White seam starlight ancistrus bristlenose SOLD : L183 White seam Starlight ancistrus juveniles 3 - 5 cms. £10 each or 3 for £20. Collect Northampton area. 01604 644202 (a/phone) 17/07/17
9. Piranha for sale or swop : Red belly piranha nice size 10 inch each for sale or swop for other predatory fish 17/07/17
10. Sold sold sold Fire eel, Tyre track eel, tiger knifefish, clown knifefish + : Fire eel 11"+. Tyre track eel 8"+ Banded birchir 8"+. Clown knifefish 9". 3" deep. Tiger knifefish (rare) 6"+. Bristlenose 4" £1 ... 17/07/17
11. Super Red Female Long fin Bristlenose Pleco : This female is bred from un related parents.The photo is of the actual fish for sale, she is a young fish and still growing. Kept in treated water at 25 degr ... 17/07/17
12. Goonch Catfish + set up : due to a change in circumstances i'm having to part ways with my goonch catfish. if you do not know what these are please google before emailing me!! i h ... 17/07/17
13. Super Red Bristlenose pleco @ 1 inch. LONG FIN AND NORMAL FIN from long fin fema ... : Super Red normal fin Bristlenose juveniles @ 1 inch. £5 each or 10 for £40.00 SOLD OUT Long fin super reds £15 each. 3 x £39 5 x £50 The photo is of ... 17/07/17
14. L pleco shrimp assassin snails : Two different sort of Bristle nose 1" £1ea or 7 for £10. Or 15for £20 Assassin snail £1ea or 14 for £10 ... 17/07/17
15. albino bristle nosed catfish : albino bristle nosed catfish 1 x male and 2 x female 3inch £8 each 07792411392 wigan 16/07/17
16. Scottish Bred Corys for sale : I have the following corys for sale-C metae,panda,duplicarius,venezuelanus and sterbai,prices start from £2.50 for pandas to £4 for duplicareus.Pick up only. e ... 16/07/17
17. Longfin albino bristlenose plec : Albino longfin bristlenose plec young male £12.00 16/07/17
18. assassin snails : assassin snails £1.00 each or 6 for £5.00 16/07/17
19. Endler/ guppy : Endler/ guppy cross nice colours male and female £1.00 each fully grown 16/07/17
20. Breeding group of L397 plecs PORTSMOUTH : I have a breeding group of 8 adult L397 plecs. They bred for the first time two weeks ago and the first batch produced 27 fry. They are all adult fish in excell ... 16/07/17
21. Red a Belly Pacu : Reluctantly selling my favourite friend as I'm closing down my tank for a while. Approximately 9 - 10 inches, very healthy and alert. Eats absolutely anything ... 16/07/17
22. Super red longfin females : Looking for females for my male to mix bloodline up on my group. 16/07/17
24. Mbu puffer 9 inches : Mbu puffer looking for new home. Approx 9 inches had for 15 months out grown my tank , eats 2 /3 muscles a day very active at dinner time , currently in tank wi ... 15/07/17
25. Live Californian Blackworm Cultures (Lumbriculus variegatus) - FREE P&P : Live blackworms rank among the best food that you can feed to your fish. Not only are they rich in protein and nutrients, but they can survive for an indefinite ... 15/07/17
26. Salvinia Floating Plants - FREE P&P : Salvinia is a free floating plant that does not attach to the soil, but instead remains floating on the surface of a body of water. Unlike other similar flo ... 15/07/17
27. blue eye panaque very very rare : blue eye panaque 8" to 9" £350 collection only Ne63 ashington selling for a friend any questions please ask no stupped offers thanks 15/07/17
28. 12 metynnis fasciatus : approx 4-5" couple smaller couple larger pretty much full grown now as ive owned them since they were tiny over two years ago i have 12 for sale,will se ... 15/07/17
29. SWAP : P 14 female stingray 10in disc year old feeds on prawn mussel pellet Will swap for nice albino redtail cat ... 15/07/17
30. L25 Pleco for sale : Hi am selling my L25 pleco i think it is a male and is approx 8" including tail. £150 collection only from the preston area. 15/07/17
31. 3-4 distichodus lussoso. pair of angels : I am selling these fish as I need to make space for stingrays Angels £10 for both D. Lussoso £20 rare fish gets big!! 15/07/17
32. sterbai cats x19 adult fish breeding group : For sale a group of19 sterbai cats adult specimens. £90 for the group. Call Andy on 07973828670 15/07/17
33. l178 red tail ancistrus : For sale 4 red tail ancistrus ,full grown. £120 for the four. Call Andy on 07973828670 15/07/17
34. FISH FOR SALE : Indo tiger fish 4-5" x1 - £40 (eats dry) Rainbow snakeheads 5" 1x normal, 2x blue - £15 each 3-£35 Fire eel 8" - £25 Bumblebee catfish 7-8&quo ... 15/07/17
35. Red tail cat 28-30 inch : Selling due to change in fish £50 Collection only from Leicestershire Must bring suitable container for transportation. Text or email only please! 07895691 ... 15/07/17
36. RARE RED WHIPTAIL CATS LORICARIA SCHOCKO GROUP IN STOCK ALSO JUMBO LANCELOTA RED ... : We have in stock a group of 8 adult schocko whiptail cats. Very hard to find at this size and would make a great breeding project. Only £9.95 each We also ... 15/07/17
37. Schoal of pacu : Schoal of pacu x5, 3 are approximately 10inchs & the 2 big ones are approximately 16 inches in length. Will need a large tank!! Cheers John (077888 34916) 15/07/17
38. CHEAP TROPICAL FISH 07463683498 : I have for sale ob peacock, nyasse peacock, snakeheads, Texas, acara, kribensis, Arowana, silver dollars, tinfoil barbs, severums, jewels, marble peacock, bumb ... 15/07/17
39. Fire Eel : Nice bright and chunky Fire Eel 12-14" long and a couple of inches deep Can grow to a metre long Can be kept with peaceful fish that are too big to eat. £50 ... 14/07/17
40. Hypancistrus Albino L333 : Rare opportunity to buy these gorgeous Abino L333. Bred from the only UK breeding groups. 1.5" plus £70 2" plus £100 Postage £25. 14/07/17
41. Albino tinfoil barb : Hi, I'm selling 2 albino tinfoil barb. They are around 4inches Eats everything frozen , pellets Selling as reducing number of my fish in tank Asking £20 f ... 14/07/17
42. Will rehome large fish all sorts : I'm looking to rehome large fish from arowanas, bass, jack dempseys green terrors etc All fish considered 14/07/17
43. Uaru around 10inches and Wide bar dollar 8inches need moving buy Sunday morning ... : Please what's app for pictures need sold buy Sunday 60 for uaru 40 for wide bar 14/07/17
44. Big silver arowana : Looking to rehome my silver arowana he is around 2ft unfortunately he does have drop eye but a great feeder will eat pellets prawns mussels. Looking for £80 Wh ... 14/07/17
45. looking to buy coloured bristle nose plecs in Scotland. : looking for any adult coloured bristle nose plecs' 14/07/17
46. ULTRA RARE FEMALE KING HENLEI STINGRAY WILD : A very rare opportunity to purchase a FEMALE WILD king Henlei female stingray. She was imported approx four years ago, so she is well settled and readily take ... 14/07/17
47. Super red Arowana for sale SOLD SOLD SOLD : Hi I have super red for sale it very high quality 7-8" long barbell big fins and tails come from 1 of the best farm in Indonesia. Fish are healthy eating well ... 14/07/17
48. 30 Hyalella Azteca - FREE P&P : Hyalella azteca is a freshwater amphipod which lives near the sediment surface, burrowing in sediment and also scavenging on the leaf litter, algae, and detritu ... 14/07/17
49. cherry shrimp for sale : cherry shrimp mixed sizes 50p each bring a container 13/07/17
50. PSEUDOCANTHICUS LEOPARDUS L600 for sale or swap : Up for swaps. I have two 12"+ L600 pleco. There just not being fully appreciated with the amount of hours I work so would prefer to swap for pike cichlids/bass ... 13/07/17
51. Piraya Piranha 4 inches and Caribe 3 inches : I have for sale Piranha Piraya at 4" £82 and Caribe at 1.5" £20 each. Courier service available. Your more then welcome to view in Wiltshire. 13/07/17
52. Hemianthus micranthemoides 20 x Rooted Stems - FREE P&P : Hemianthus micranthemoides is a popular aquatic plant most commonly used in aquascaping. With use of good light, CO2 and soil rich in micro elements it has fas ... 13/07/17
53. WANTED - Male lemon bristlenose long or normal fin : I am looking for another male lemon bristlenose, dont mind if long or normal fin at least 2 inches body size and must have good colour. Photos would be appreci ... 13/07/17
54. Community fish breeding project appeal for bedford charity : Bedford based charity looking for sponsors or donations for fitting out our new fishroom! We currently have a system, but wish to upgrade to a more retail lo ... 13/07/17
55. 3 Synodontis Multipunctatus £50 : 3 Large (6" plus) Multipunctatus Selling due to haouse move. Collection only from near Boston Lincs. Sorry for poor picture. Will try and improve. 13/07/17
56. NATUREKIND AND BEEFHEART FROZEN FISH FOODS. : We are very proud to be offering in store, and to ship and sell online Naturekind advanced frozen fish foods, and Betta beefheart mix foods. We are also offerin ... 12/07/17
57. COMMUNITY FISH : I have 2 healthy gouramis and a rainbow shark which will go perfectly into a community tank. All available for just £10. Moonlight gourami Opaline gouram ... 12/07/17
58. Giant gourami wanted or any large fish considered : Large tank awaits for the right fish 12/07/17
59. Large fish wanted : Large fish wanted, huge tank awaits. Giant gourami/pacu/Paroon sharks/ cats!/ chichlids Leicestershire area 12/07/17
60. Clown knifefish For sale x2 : Hi got 2x Clown knifefish for sale, 1 is at 20cm and the other at 30cm. Both for £35. Or may swap what you got ?? 11/07/17
61. 15 inch ted tail cat : 15 inch red tail catfish great feeder best fish in my tank only selling because he's getting to big now for my tank and carnt aforde a new tank at the mo he's a ... 11/07/17
62. 12" African lung fish : 12" African lung fish Eating well very well looked after Had from a baby Swap or sell £55.00 Collection only 11/07/17
63. Stingray Black Diamond Big Spots Male 8inch : Great condition, eating blood worms and white beats .any questions please text me or WhatsApp. Price 850£. Thanks 11/07/17
64. BD Big Spots Stingray Female 7 inch : Pure bd big spots female . Size about 7inch. Eating prawns .white bites.pellets . Price 1000£ For more photos or vid please text me or WhatsApp.thanks 11/07/17
65. Cardinal Tetra, Zebra Plec, Green and Blue Phantom plec cheap : For sale I have multiple of each fish Zebra Plec L46 - 6cm - £150 Green Phantom L200 - 6cm - £15 Blue Phantom L128 - 4cm - £15 Royal Plec - 4cm - £15 Car ... 11/07/17
67. pleco : have for sale 14-15 inches Hypostomus plecostomus. £20 11/07/17
68. 1x Whiptail Catfish. : Needs to go to a new home. Lovely adult fish Clearing a few odd balls out of a few tanks so this fish needs a new home. £10 ONO 11/07/17
69. Super White L236 SPECIAL Pleco - R.Budrovcan line : 4x L236 Special R.B Line See link for details. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/L236-SPECIAL-Super-White-R-B-Line-Pleco-Plec-Breeding-Tropical-Fish-/29217260783 ... 11/07/17
70. PREDATORY FISH : NGT 5" DATANOID clarias catfish 10" Albino plec 5-6" Rapheal catfish 5-6 Spotted gar 10" 2x red hook dollars 3" Paroon shark catfish 8" Roy ... 11/07/17
71. Live Springtail Culture - FREE P&P : Springtails are very easy to keep and can be cultured in a small plastic container without causing any inconvenience. Keep them moist and feed them a little fo ... 11/07/17
72. Micranthemum Monte Carlo - FREE P&P : Micranthemum ‘Monte Carlo’ is a foreground carpeting plant with fast growing branches when the optimal requirements are met. With use of good light, CO2 and so ... 11/07/17
73. Daphnia Starter Culture - FREE P&P : These are not the bags that are sealed somewhere abroad and shipped for several days before arriving with the seller and then more days as they post them to you ... 10/07/17
75. Guppies. Home bred males and females : Approximately 20 ready to go now. Some variations on colouration, but mainly red tails. Collection from Houghton le Spring, or delivery for fuel costs. Diseas ... 09/07/17

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