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Tropical Fish
 Various Tropical Fish for sale : The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Nationwide Delivery Available £18.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery By 13.00 For Scotland please enquire ...23/07/18
 Fastlight.co.uk Aquarum Equipment & Supplies : Offering a wide selection of Aquarium equipment, including some hard to find items at low prices. We have available all types of lighting ...23/07/18
 TA AQUACULTURE - Specialist Fish Foods. : Quality fish foods. Many from small manufacturers making small batches of feed specially to our orders. Loads of repeat orders from satisfi ...23/07/18
 Tropical Fish at A-Z Aquatics in Balterley, Crewe : We have a superb selection of tropical fish here in A-Z Aquatics, with stocks changing often. Besides the usual popular tropical fish, we us ...23/07/18

1. RARE Leiritus Marmoratus Catfish RARE : Hello I have a 8Ē+ leiritus marmoratus catfish up for sale£?!£?! Heís a lovely fish healthy chunky and beautiful marking and whiskers longer than he is a true s ... 09/07/18
2. ROYAL KNIFE FISH 12inch for sale : Hello I have a royal knife Fish for sale heís about 12 inch healthy active fat sh really nice markings! £75 Ono Text or call as messages and emails throug ... 09/07/18
3. RARA TRUE PAROON SHARKS for sale : Hello I have 2 x true paroon sharks for sale! They are about 5inch lovely thick and healthy always active alway first eat lovely tempered fish donít bother anyt ... 09/07/18
4. Leiarius Pictus ~ Catfish ~ Wanted Please : Hi, I am looking for at least one catfish to join my 750lt tank system. (not at all urgent). New larger tank on order (due end July) so may be able to take m ... 09/07/18
5. L# Plecos for sale - Clearing some tanks : Collection only from Bishops Cleeve, Cheltenham, GL52 I can provide bags for transport. L018 - Golden Nugget ~6 inch - £50 L047 - Magnum Pleco - 5 inch - £ ... 08/07/18
6. Breeding Trio of lemon bristlenose 7-8cm £70 : Breeding Trio of lemon bristlenose 7-8cm 1 male, 2 fenale. Spawn every 2-3 weeks, the only reason for sale I is that I've bred these that many times I need a ne ... 08/07/18
7. electric eels WANTED : experienced keeper of 13 years. 08/07/18
8. Variety of predatory fish : Up for swaps or sale is a few of my collection as Iím quite crammed with fish at the minute, up for sale is the following 4Ē kelberi peacock bass £50 4Ē wild ... 08/07/18
9. Pacu : I have what I am told is a pacu. He's a large fish and I am looking to rehome him. 08/07/18
10. UPDATED - Rare livebearers - can post : Pygmy swordtails Young male female pairs - £15 Campeche Molly F1 Trio of young fish - 1 Male and 2 females - £15 Brachyrhapis roseni F1 £15 a Male/femal ... 08/07/18
11. Breeding ground Bristle noses : Very good 1 male 3 female thay breed all the time £30 must go this week end 08/07/18
12. Wild Caught South American Fish, Plecos, Corydoras etc : The Fish Barn Aquatic Store NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE £18.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery By 13:00pm For Scotland please enquire. We do req ... 07/07/18
13. @ CLEAROUT @ Tropical Fish Community Good Prices LONDON : HELLO, Ive had these fish for a few years now and have decided is time for a change of of set up and revert to African Cichlids. These fish are perfectly har ... 07/07/18
14. CHEAP TROPICAL COMMUNITY FISH : HELLO, Ive had these fish for a few years now and have decided is time for a change of of set up and revert to African Cichlids. These fish are perfectly har ... 07/07/18
15. Silver Dollars : Several adult Silver Dollars for sale. Excellent condition £4 each or offers accepted for the group of 12. Phone Jon on 07901864416 07/07/18
16. Silver arowana for sale 9 inches : 9" silver arowana for sale. has got a slight drop eye on left eye which he has had since I bought him.this can be seen on the photo. had the intentions of treat ... 07/07/18
17. Tropical Fish Rainbow /Ruby/Red Tail Sharks Tiger barbs : Tropical Fish Rainbow /Ruby/Red Tail Sharks Tiger barbs Please ask for pictures to be sent via email as it will not allow to load picture on here currently. ... 06/07/18
18. male hybrid £250 : leoxpearl male 3 year old proven breeder 12 inch 07902901748 terry 06/07/18
19. L177 GOLD NUGGET PLECS ONLY £35 EACH AT CHILTON AQUATICS : We have some stunning gold nuggets in stock at £35 each. COLLECTION ONLY. 06/07/18
20. Red line snake heads for sale 20 each : I have 4 red line snakehead for sale at 6inch might be a bit bigger collection liverpool also would trade for American cichlids any size 06/07/18
21. Small silver angelfish : Quality home bred silver angel fish for sale £1.50 we or 6 for £7.50, 12 for £12 collection only from bolton 06/07/18
22. Channa stewartii violet special : 5x rare channa stewartii, showing signs of pairing off but unfortunatly i need to shut tank down. Wont let me upload pics so if you would like some i can whatsa ... 06/07/18
23. 7x marble headstanders : 7x marble headstanders medium to large in size all healthy fish 60 pound collection Shildon 06/07/18
24. 14 inch female motoro stingray : Beautiful fish, real character growing nicely £120 Viewing recommend 06/07/18
25. 13-14" Mature Female BDxPearl Stingray for sale : Still a very young fish, stunning and healthy eats prawn, muscle and whitebait. Collection only from Doncaster. £500 05/07/18
26. Peacock bass, (Temensis and monoculus) : Hi looking to buy some peacock bass only need 2x of each temensis and monoculus please ring 07737879323 will travel if needed 05/07/18
27. Group of 10 Albino Bristlenose Plecs : Group of 10 Albino Bristlenose Plecs. Smallest is approx 2" & the largest is fully grown at 4.5", will make a nice breeding group for someone! Y ... 05/07/18
28. CARDINAL TETRA ON OFFER AT CHILTON AQUATICS. LOADS IN STOCK : We have some stunning cardinal tetra in stock at very special prices M £1.20 each 10 for £10.00 L £1.50 each 10 for £12.00 XL £2.00 each 10 for £15.0 ... 04/07/18
29. Pangasius shark 22 inches only £60 : Have for sale my one big fish (pangasius shark) healthy fish, around 22", eating everything , what you give him, not aggressive, but can't keep with small fish, ... 04/07/18
30. African Arowana : African Arowana black in size 20"-22" healthy fish, eat pellets, mussels. Not aggressive, collection from east London, for more info please call 07428746200Mick ... 04/07/18
31. L number for sale cheap : L114 (female) 14 inchís - £200 L114 6 inchís - £80 L015 4 inchís - £20 L075 6 inchís - £40 L190 5 inchís - £50 Common pleco 13inches - FREE Photos on r ... 04/07/18
32. Silver Dollars : Shoal of l2 Silver Dollar for sale 4-5 inches. Great tank filler very striking £30. 04/07/18
33. L046 Zebra pleco breeding group : Hi For sale proven breeding of 10 adult zebra pleco. Fish collected from different sources. M/F split seems 5/5 but I'm not 100% sure. Can throw in 6 tiny fr ... 04/07/18
34. Ancistrus Bristlenose L144 (Brown) for sale 4-6m Havant : Selection of approx 30 L144 Brown Bristlenose for sale. Males showing bristles. Collection from Havant, Hampshire. £1 per inch. Juvi's to adults Txt repl ... 04/07/18
35. Black diamond stingray large spot : Selling my Male thatís around 14 inch. Has great makings and is a big eater. Currently fed sprats, mussels and massivore. Can send current videos of him eating ... 04/07/18
36. Standard Fin Brown Bristlenose young (from Longfin parents) : Our trio of longfins brown bristlenose throw out a small number of standard fin young at £2 each. Although I cannot guarantee that they will carry the longfi ... 04/07/18
37. Longfin Brown Bristlenose/Ancistrus : We have a number of Longfin brown bristlenose for sale at £4.50 each. They are approximately a minimum size of 2 inches/5cm total length (see photos). C ... 04/07/18
38. Live Food ~ Paramecium Starter Culture : You will receive approximately 50ml of paramecium starter culture in a double sealed bag. Posting will be first class, in a small box to protect the parameci ... 04/07/18
39. Vinegar Eel Starter Culture ~ Live Food : The starter culture is approximately 50ml, which is taken directly from my own culture and is not watered down in any way. Therefore it will have plenty of vin ... 04/07/18
40. Mixed Endlers~ Sheffield : A mixture of different strains of endlers are now intermixed and are creating some stunning colours. they are £1.50 a pair Collection only from Sheffield, ... 04/07/18
41. Chili rasboras, hexazona barbs and tank : Due to moving I am selling my tank and contents. The fish: 13 (or so) Chili rasboras (Boraras brigtitae) + 1 Sundadanio axelrodi 6 hexazona barbs (Desmop ... 03/07/18
42. Asian Arowana BLUE BASE GOLDEN : Hi I have blue base crossback for sale it come from 1 of the top farm in Malaysia, it has 6 level scale shine blue and gold. Sumo body Size 50cm+ it has sli ... 03/07/18
43. South American Lungfish : My 3 1/2 foot SA Lungfish has unfortunately outgrown my tank and I have to move him on. Loves prawns, mussel, smelt, massivore pellets He needs a 7 ft t ... 03/07/18
44. 4 hoplosternum catfish : 4 hoplosternum catfish. all around 9 - 10 cm's in length. £5 each. 03/07/18
45. Fish for sale predator : 22inch albino giant gourami £30 10 inch X2 cigar sharks £20 for both 15 inch jardini arowana £100 16inch redtail catfish £25 18 inch tyre track eel £25 14 ... 03/07/18
46. Pair of L014 Sunshines : Sexed pair @ 10"+ ONLY £250 03/07/18
47. L020 X 4 POLKA DOT : L020 Polka dot group ONLY £90 03/07/18
48. L306 JUVIES : L306 JUVIES 1.5" - 2" ONLY £20 EACH Postage available 03/07/18
49. Stingray pair : Unrelated mini marbles Female is Dec 2017 Male is Feb 2018 Taken to each other really well. Future project ONLY £500 03/07/18
50. GOLDEN NUGGETS X5 : Mixed group x 5 Possible breeding project ONLY £225 03/07/18
51. Wanted : Hi i am looking for Corydoras CW 111 Cheers Alan 03/07/18
52. Bristle nose catfish : I have for sale pairs of bristle nose 2-3" £4Pick up only these are breeding pairs young can be seen. please phone 01744451660..... 03/07/18
53. Guppies : FREE guppies and platies pick up only please phone 01744451660. 03/07/18
54. Rehome large fish in the Merseyside area : Can rehome eny large fish have everything to transport them large tanks waiting can collect eny were in the Merseyside area 03/07/18
55. Adult L333s wanted : Im after a group of L333 in/close to hull or willing to post to hull 02/07/18
56. Skiffia multipunctata : An uncommon live bearer, not often seen in the shops, I have a few youngsters available already pairing off and showing their adult features. Trios available @ ... 02/07/18
57. Orange laser Corydoras : Lovely home bred youngsters, eating and growing well, a few available a stunning fish for the tropical aquarium. Priced at £6.last few available Text on 079832 ... 02/07/18
58. Sawbwa Resplendens : Beautiful home bred fish, Lovely in a species setup and a group, endangered in the wild. Also known as Asian rummynose. Read up on this gorgeous species so as t ... 02/07/18
59. Angelfidh and discus wanted : Looking for around 15-20 angels and 10-15 discus. Must be nice and colourful. Iím In South Shields. Please no ridiculous prices. Message me. Cheers 02/07/18
60. Empereor snakehead : Selling my Emperor snakehead, it is a rare specie due to itís amazing colours, it is a blue/ orange colour, very large 26 inches just over 2 foot, currently eat ... 01/07/18
61. Clown Loach : Clown loach for sale all around 2.5 inch and nice and chunky £4 each or 10 for £35 collection only fenham ne5 call or txt please 01/07/18
62. Red Line Torpedo Barbs : 6 Red Line Torpedo Barbs all a good 3 inch £7 each or 6 for £35 Collection only Fenham NE5. 01/07/18
63. Wanted alligator gar and ARAPAIMA Gigas : Willing to pay top money for alligator gar and ARAPAIMA GIGAS. Thanks 01/07/18
64. Albino snakehead channa striatta : Albino channa striatta Very Hard to come by its about 9 inch and growing.very chunky with chunky pittbull shaped head. Feeds on pretty much anything including ... 01/07/18
65. WANTED peacock bass : Wanted peacock bass 8inch and above can travel call or txt 07716315088 thanks 01/07/18
66. F1 good quality L46 Zebra pleco : Welcome! today offering beautiful and healthy bred L046 zebra pleco L046 zebra males and females available in various sizes Very Affordable promotional prices ... 01/07/18
67. plecostamus : roughly 8inches long needs a new home as my tank leaked and last fish to find a home free to collect in coventry 07825198606 or 07876141570 unfortunatley unl ... 01/07/18
68. ADULT GREEN MAP ANGELS. LOADS IN STOCK. £10 EACH . PAIRS £25.00. : We have a large quantity of Green map angelfish at adult size. These are very strong fish grown on by ourselves and are breeding size. Only £10 each. Pairs £2 ... 30/06/18
69. tiger barbs : Tiger barbs for sale:- 5 for £5 12 for £10 16 for £13 Thank you 30/06/18
70. Assorted Rainbows and Bristlenose cats : Hi all selling the surplus youngsters from earlier spawnings. Have The following Rainbows, Blues, Bosemani (few), Westerns (few) and Brown Bristlenose cats for ... 30/06/18
71. wanted High fin pangasius : looking for a small High fin silver pangasius for my 7 x 3 x 2 tank want to grow one on 30/06/18
72. Clown loach group £300 or best offer : Group of 9 clown loach 5 @ 6-7 inches, 2 @ 4 inches and 2 @ about 2 inches, all in great, healthy condition, as you can see in pics nice chunky fish, had the la ... 30/06/18
73. Blue Cray Fish for Sale x1 : I have x1 large tropical freshwater blue cray fish left for sale around 6 inches in length excluding tentacles £20.00 pound. First to see will buy. Based in cha ... 30/06/18
74. WHITE FIN BENTOSI TETRA IN STOCK AT CHILTON AQUATICS. : Since we have shown these stunning fish off in our counter display tank everyone is wanting them!! Great additions to any planted or community aquarium we have ... 29/06/18
75. Predatory fish : Two peacock bass about 10 inches £100 each A black gold and silver arowana about 12:14 in £150 Two white giant gourami one about 14 inches long the other 18 i ... 29/06/18

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