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Tropical Fish
 Various Tropical Fish for sale : The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Nationwide Delivery Available 16.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery By 13.00 For Scotland please enquire ...18/12/17
 Fastlight.co.uk Aquarum Equipment & Supplies : Offering a wide selection of Aquarium equipment, including some hard to find items at low prices. We have available all types of lighting ...18/12/17
 TA AQUACULTURE - Specialist Fish Foods. : Quality fish foods. Many from small manufacturers making small batches of feed specially to our orders. Loads of repeat orders from satisfi ...18/12/17

1. Red Tail Black Shark + orange spot plec + synodontis for sale Manchester : 3-4 inch red tail black shark - 5 about 5 inch orange spot plec - 10 Also 3-4 inch synodontis decorus - 10 03/12/17
2. Serrasalmus maculatus : Serrasalmus maculatus golden piranha around 4-5 45 Ono 03/12/17
3. Lemon bns group for sale : Hi group of lemon bns for sale . These do breed have fry + 1 of the males is on eggs again. These are 2"+-4". 6 or 7 of them healthy feeding well. If ... 03/12/17
4. Zebra plecos for sale : I have 3 well looked after sub adult zebra Plecos for sale at 100 pound each 03/12/17
5. Angel fish torpedo barbs and rainbow fish for sale : Xxl large angel fish for sale x15 10 each or all for 100 Large torpedo barbs x11 12 or all for 100 Rainbow Fish bosemani red blue and parkinson mied x ... 03/12/17
6. Zebra plec : Adult male zebra plec for sale 150.collection only Leicester.unable to post picture?? 03/12/17
7. bristlenose plec : I have some black eyed albino albino bristlenose ready for sale they are at least an inch in body size I have around ten for sale four pounds each.the first pic ... 02/12/17
8. chiltherina bleheri : I have some young pairs of chiltherina bleheri australian rainbows for sale @ 5.00 a pair. For futher details ring 01207 284253 02/12/17
9. guntheri swordtails : I have pairs of guntheri swordtails for sale @ 4.00 a pair ring 01207 284253 for further details 02/12/17
10. corydoras duplicareus : I have some young coryadoras duplicareus for sale @ 4.00 each for futher details phone 01207 284253 02/12/17
11. Breeding group 12no. Corydoras duplicareus : Breeding group 12no. Corydoras duplicareus I am thinking of moving this particular group on to focus on a couple of other groups I have that are also spawning ... 02/12/17
12. Cherry shrimp x20 for also common bristle nose 1" 2 : Cherry shrimp MIX sizes 10 for 6 20 for 10 Fish will be baged for you No offers . No time wasters Pick up only farnworth BL4 02/12/17
13. 6 zebra danios . FREE in aintree liverpool : I have 6 zebra danios that I bought from pets at home 2-3 weeks ago that don't fit in with my tank , anyone who wants them can have them ,I'm in the Aintree / f ... 02/12/17
14. Rio Meta orino peacock bass : Hi up for sale is my peacock bass he's around 12-14" feeding on pellets 100 takes him.only selling as my arowana has decided she doesn't like him any more 02/12/17
15. Trio of Super Red Bristlenose : 1 Male 2 Females,(think 1 of the females is a longfin look at pic) have been breed from two groups of red longfin (will carry the longfin gene) one of the fema ... 02/12/17
16. Predicted fish for sale... Big tanks only : All fish for sale will need large aquariums with no smaller fish!! Current tank size they are in is 9ft long x 3ft wide x 2ft high Rare comms Dorado 12in ... 01/12/17
17. Group of 6 clown loaches : Group of 6 clown loaches 3-4 inch very active and eating loads On dry and frozen food Need quick sale 50 Contact me on 07564371721 Cardiff area 30/11/17
18. 3 plecs two leopard one brown : Two leopard plecs around6 inch One brown plec around 10-12 inches 10 each or all for 25 Contact me on 07564371721 Cardiff area 30/11/17
19. Lo46 quick sale need gone asap : Im selling my 2 breeding pairs of LO46 I have some smaller ones as well about 6 from the breeding pairs They all in perfect health. Please reasearch th ... 30/11/17
20. Selling my group off LO46 plecos as closing down need gone : Im selling my 2 breeding pairs of LO46 I have some smaller ones as well about 6 from the breeding pairs They all in perfect health. Please reasearch th ... 30/11/17
21. large plec tropical fiah : his 6/7 inch collection Burnley 15 30/11/17
22. large tropical catfish : very lively abd peaceful guy keeps to himself his been in a tropical malawi tank since a baby have had no problem only selling as hos gone abit to big for my ta ... 30/11/17
23. Male super red bristlenose : wanted short fin male super red bristle nose 29/11/17
24. HIGH BACK RED TAIL GOLDEN AROWANA : I'm selling my 18 inch hbrtg AROWANA, perfect condition purchased from planet AROWANA comes with all paperwork very slight dropeye can't really notice at all ju ... 29/11/17
25. Mbu puffer fish for sale : Mbu puffer fish for sale There is 55cm long very strong fish and very big fish amazing color .they are very healty and eat very well Very n8ce fish for puff ... 28/11/17
26. Variety of tropical fish inc bristlenose, guppies, mollies, platy, sword tail : I am selling this bundle of fish as using the tank for turtles instead. There are a variety of fish with bright colours which are easy to keep. Can be sold ... 28/11/17
27. Wanted : Hi i am looking for a Dat of about 5"-6" that gets along with all fish(mainly bass)and eats well in good condition too. Would need it delivered as i d ... 28/11/17
28. Wanted : Bristle Nose Looking for juvenile/adult Ancistrus in the Chesterfield area Please get in touch if you can help. Thanks 28/11/17
29. Red Tail Catfish for sale Sheffield S8 : I have for sale a red tail catfish, it is a good size and growing well, it is between 12 to 14 inch and feeds well. I have had the RTC for a while now as I g ... 28/11/17
30. L200 GREEN PHANTOM PLECO 7-8 FORSELL : Selling my green phantom pleco, hes a fair sized fish! Keeps wacking my MBU out of the way so he must go Hes feeeding very well If you would like any mo ... 28/11/17
31. Baby Bristlenose Catfish Long Finned FOR SALE : Our Long finned Bristlenose catfish keep spawning and so we have a constant supply of babies. We will let them go when they are 30mm 3 each or 2 for 5 Must ... 28/11/17
32. Shrimp/Bristlenose catfish wanted Birmingham : I am after after 5-10 young male/female bristlenose catfish and 10-15 shrimp. Not too fussed about what variety of shrimp etc. If anyone has anything please mes ... 28/11/17
33. Bubble tip anemones RBTA/TRI colour : I have lots of these beautiful nems for sale 30 each Collection only SUTTON , Cambridgeshire 28/11/17
34. GOLD LASER AND RED NEON CORYDORAS IN STOCK. 12.99 EACH 4 FOR 50 : We have some stunning gold laser corydoras back in stock. BrillianT fish brilliant price!! 12.99 4 for 50. Also new red neon corys 12.95 5 for 50 Bringi ... 27/11/17
35. LARGE TROPICAL FISH WANTED : Large unwanted tropical fish for a good home wanted !! Fish that have out grown your tanks we will happily take. Small donation can be made for your unwanted fi ... 27/11/17
36. 9x Clown loach 4-6 inches : Hi, I have 9x Clown loach ranging in size from 4-6 inches in size, I'm asking 130ono Please call or text on 07557352185 Collection only as i d ... 27/11/17
37. Potamotrygon Orbignyi Male and female pair for sale : Hi! I currently have a lovely pair of Potamotrygon Orbignyi for sale. These are off breeding size and are approx 12 inch disc size. i am asking 400ono ... 27/11/17
38. Synodontis Clarias - SUPER RARE FISH : Synodontis Clarias Approx 8" Feeding very well on pellets Super rare fish for sale only a handful of people have these in the U.K Shutting down one of my ta ... 27/11/17
39. Black Diamond Female 7inch sold : For sale one of my bd female . Eating well, pellets trained. Please WhatsApp me for contact. Price 730 27/11/17
40. L018 GOLD NUGGET PLECS IN STOCK AT CHILTON AQUATICS. : We have some stunning L018 Gold Nugget Plecos in stock. 39.95 each COLLECTION ONLY 26/11/17
41. Wanted - Pitbull Plec (Parotocinclus jumbo) : Looking to buy a Pitbull Plec or two, but have not seen any. Anyone got any ? 26/11/17
42. Wanted tropical community fish : Wanted - unwanted or cheaper tropical community fish for my 280L planted tank, can travel anywhere so distance is No issue! Please text me on 07414628874! Th ... 26/11/17
43. wanted male l46 : as above adult male l46 zebra pleco 07876224504 26/11/17
44. Angelfish : 5 Angelfish, 2 black with nice markings and colours, 3 platinum All in good health. Can obviously be seen in the 250 litre tank they live in. No older than ... 26/11/17
45. Baby bristlenose plecos. Reds and browns : 3 months old, about 1 inch long. Feeding well on courgettes and peppers and pellets. Home bred by myself - Browns 4 for 5 reds 4 for 10. Collection is fr ... 26/11/17
46. Grass tail guppies : Line bred guppies, breeding true and very healthy. I have more males than females, so just selling them at 2 a fish. If anyone wants a pair, they'll have to ... 26/11/17
47. Peacock bass from 12 inches - 18 inches : Have for sale my group peacock bass size from 12"-18" , all fish healthy, eating anything what you put in your tank. Very like mussels, frozen pieces fish, praw ... 26/11/17
48. Endlers. Proper ones. : Lots of Endlers to sell. 4 fish for 5. Collection from Houghton le Spring, or delivery possible for fuel costs. Text me on 07756567026 26/11/17
49. 16 inch hybrid female Ray 200 mature Portsmouth or px or smaller ray : I have decided to sell my large mature female Ray she is a great Ray not fussy food wise sale is due to my other female is due pups any day and my tank is 6x3x2 ... 26/11/17
50. Arowana X Back Blue : Blue base cross back Arowana for sale at 15 inches. Feeding on frozen prawn and mussel . Easy to maintain and healthy fish. The arowana is the aggressive eater. ... 25/11/17
51. Red tail catfish : I have a large red tail catfish I really dont want to get rid of him but im worried he will eat my arrowana,50 ono or would trade for a gar. Location Glouceste ... 25/11/17
52. Albino snakehead channa striatta : Albino channa striatta Very Hard to come by its about 6/7 inch and growing.very chunky with chunky pittbull shaped head. It is very aggressive! Feeds on pretty ... 25/11/17
53. ADULT BREEDING PAIR OF L144 LONGFIN LEMON BRISTLENOSE IN STOCK : At long last we have managed to get a true breeding pair of L144 Lemon Longfin Bristlenose. These are adult fish and ready to breed. Only 120pr No offers an ... 25/11/17
54. CHILTON AQUATICS GIFT VOUCHERS. THE IDEAL CHRISTMAS PRESENT FOR ANYONE. : Here at Chilton Aquatics we can provide gift vouchers in any denomination for your loved ones. If your friend or relative is a fishkeeper why not treat him or ... 25/11/17
55. Free to good Home Topical Fish : 4 x sunset platies 2 x Salfin mollies 4 x endlers 1 x plec 25/11/17
56. Cardinal Tetra x 4 : 4 x Cardinal Tetra 4 25/11/17
57. Crossback 24K Golden Arowana Fish 1000 : 16" Crossback 24K golden arowana fish ,no drop eye,may swap for L046 zebra pleco or black diamond stingray collection from west midlands only 25/11/17
58. Home Bred Super Red Bristlenose Plecs : Super Red Bristlenose for sale. Around 1" in size. 7 each. Collection only. Call or text 07847476904 25/11/17
59. 2-3 cm bristlenose young . : I have around 100 that are around 4 month old . 3-4 cm in size . 4 for 10 pound 24/11/17
60. 1 x breeding pairs of angels. - GONE : I proven pair of angels. 20 24/11/17
61. freeeee to collect -- -GONE : around 20 fish . mollys , guppys , platys . couple corys 1 x large angel fish need rid as I'm off back to Malawi 24/11/17
62. CARDINAL TETRA ON OFFER AT CHILTON AQUATICS. LOADS IN STOCK : We have some stunning cardinal tetra in stock at very special prices M 1.20 each 10 for 10.00 XL 2.00 each 10 for 15.00 We have good stocks. ... 23/11/17
63. 1 Zebra and 1 Leopard Danio - free : Sadly now unwanted, 1 Zebra and 1 Leopard Danio free to a good Home. South West London (Richmond) area. 23/11/17
64. L46 swap 2 adult males zebra plecs for females : I have 4 adult unrelated males that I've grown on from wild juveniles I bought 3 years ago. I want to swap 2 for wild females. 23/11/17
65. Synodontis Catfish to rehome : FOR FREE Looking to rehome a synodontis catfish (?). We're in Hexham, Northumberland. Please see photos attached. 23/11/17
66. Hbrtg arowana : Hbrtg arowana about 18 inch , very slight drop eye right side , all paperwork and cert,from planet arowana 300 may take discus in px 23/11/17
68. 20" Silver Arowana Stourbridge : We have for sale an approx' 20" silver arowana, lovely big healthy fish. Up for sale at 119.99 We will not ship this fish for an overnight delivery. ... 23/11/17
69. Odd ball : Fish for sale collection St Austell 1x Florida gar 11 inch. 80 Ono 1 x black ghost knife 12 inch 50 Ono 1 x flag tail 7 inch 50 Ono 2 x black bar dol ... 23/11/17
70. Albino Asian catfish : Albino Asian catfish for sale ,7" and growing , feeding on sinking pellets , grows big , rare fish ,25. 22/11/17
71. Tropical fish tank for sale : Hello I have a 100l tropical tank that I need gone ASAP come with gravel ornaments heater filter and a pelco all just needs a good clean and you will be ready ... 22/11/17
72. Pup female ray wanted swap for granite burm 4.5ft : Female granite burmese python tame 4.5ft stunning was purchased as het for albino and green but no papers so unsure Looking to swap her for a female ray pup or ... 22/11/17
73. L181 bristlenose for sale : 2X L181 male and female For sale 55.00 Details please phone 07828470085 22/11/17
74. 360l tank with sump 300 : 1205060h tank with 120l sump(custom built by nd aquatic) with diy stand and light Equipment return pump Eheim compact 2800/h 200w heater/ro unit /t 8 ligh ... 22/11/17
75. Multipunctatus : I have 2 multi punctuates for sale approx 2 - 3 inch long Wirral area 18.00 each 22/11/17

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