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Marine Fish & Marine Inverts
1. Live or dead rock wanted : Looking for extra rock to add to my tank ideally a few good size plate shaped pieces. Critter free a must at a realistic price in Kent area please. Anthony 07949082912 02/10/18
2. Live stock from my 8x2x2 : This is what I have left feel free to contact me Misbar clows 60 Flame hawk fish 50 Spotted hawkfish 30 Vlamingi tang 40 Urchin 10 Collection devizes sn10 3as updated 1/1 ... 02/10/18
3. Marine fish, Corals, Live rock in Full marine set up 2000 Ono : CORALS 1 neon green carpet nem 12 1 purple with green tip carpet nem 12 1 green carpet nem 6 1 green mini maxi nem 6 5 mini red carpet nem 1 hammer 2 head 1 red bla ... 01/10/18
4. 5 OFF (QDXRH2VS) : Marine world aquatics 5 off discount code QDXRH2VS 30/09/18
5. Tank contents: fish & live rock : Im shutting down my marine tank, so I have the tank contents for sale, collection only from Liverpool. Whole lot for 300, or: About 40kg live rock 150 Yellow tang (quite b ... 29/09/18
6. aquaroche centre weir live rock piece - Rotherham : I have for sale a two part aquaroche weir tower, sixe wise it covers the weir on reefer 170 and width is full width of the tank.Very nice piece . 60 collection swinton S64 29/09/18
7. Black Darwin Oscellaris Clownfish : Im selling a black'white and orange clownfish,the fish is 2.5 inches long. I have had the fish for 3 years and i have just downsized my tank, due to this reason I have to sell the ... 27/09/18
9. Wanted g.s.p : Wanted large frags of green star polyp In South yorkshire thanks 25/09/18
10. Live corals and fish in marine tank and set up for sale : Content and corals - 100kg live rock and over 1 dozen corals, maroon clown 3 inch, freckle face tang 3 inch, fox faced rabbitfish 3 inch, Watchman gobi,2 x damselfish, blue streak ... 24/09/18
11. Common Clownfish Tomini Tang and 2x Green Chromis : Shutting down my saltwater tank. Fish has to go first. 30 for all. 24/09/18
12. Wanted : Hi I am looking for a pair of clarkii clowns Manchester area 19/09/18
13. Cream Angelfish - marine - 5.5" : Beautiful cream Angelfish, great personality, eats very well and healthy 16/09/18
14. Marine Betta Fish - 5" : Beautiful fish with plenty of personality, very healthy and eating like a pig. 16/09/18
15. WANTED Tonga Branch Rock : Looking for some pieces of Tonga Branch Rock.. Please WhatsApp me photos & prices if you have any. Thanks 14/09/18
16. Marine fish angels : Having a change around so have the following for sale Emperor angel 5 juvi colours 80 Queen angel4-5 80 Majestic angel 3-4 80 Flame angel 3-4 70 Potters angel 3 70 ... 14/09/18
17. Marine Live rock for sale 250 to 300 kilo available 5 a kilo : Lots of shapes and sizes available Located in Ickenham Deals for large amounts Texts,WhatsApp & calls only Cheers 14/09/18
18. Soft coral colanies, sps, live rock and equipment for sale : Hi Looking to sell most of my rock Lots of pulsing Xenia on live rock. Branching and nice shaped pieces Some buttons and Zoas available too Green montipora digitata f ... 13/09/18
19. Large Porcupine puffer : For sale , large 6-8 inch puffer posh , feeds well but is now too big for my tank 30 12/09/18
20. Marine Live rock for sale 250 to 300 kilo available 5 a kilo : Lots of shapes and sizes available Located in Ickenham Deals for large amounts Texts,WhatsApp & calls only Cheers 11/09/18
21. Pink gorgonian coral : Pink gorgonian coral. This is a photosynthesis coral so doesn't need feeding.it is a frag 5cm tall and 2 cm tall aprox.5 collection only. 09/09/18
22. Braking down my 400 aqua one marine aquarium : Fish and corals to go Lipstick tang 6in 60 Clown tang 5in 40 Regal tang 7in a few skin blemishes hens price 35 3x blue chromis 15 Valentin I pufferfish 15 Saddleback ... 08/09/18
23. Fish for sale : Sailfin tang - 8 inches - 60 Picasso trigger - 5 inches - 35 Welcome to view 07/09/18
24. Wanted : Hi I am looking for a pair of clarkii clowns. I live in Bolton Manchester 07/09/18
25. Marine Set up : A regrettable sale. Aquamarine 900, 175 litres full set up. A good number of fair sized leather/soft corals + 2 sea urchins, a very well behaved green brittle star, large arrow ... 05/09/18
26. Midnight angel fish for sale or swap : Midnight angel fish approx 4 20 or swap 04/09/18
27. Rose bubble tip anemone 30 each : Beautiful Rose bubble tip anemone with green base. Tank bred from my own stock, eating well and very healthy 30 Only serious buyers, please! In cant upload pics for some ... 02/09/18
28. Stunning 5" Marina Betta for sale 50 Telford : Stunning 5" Marina Betta for sale 50 Telford 27/08/18
29. Dericks Candy Basslets Up for sale : Derick\'s Candy Bassets Up for sale.Serious buyers only!! little or no time wasted ...Prices are moderate.Shipping available for them.Contact for photos and details.Email will be m ... 27/08/18
30. Aquaroche : Aquaroche lots of pieces Please message me if you interested as I can't add photos don't know why 07837277874 300 26/08/18
31. Bubble magus Nac skimmer in perfect condition : Bubble magus Nac 6 skimmer in perfect condition Please message me if you interested for photos as I can't add photos don't know 07837277874 120 26/08/18
32. Juwel 4ft bow fronted with sump led lights salinity meter live sand : Juwel 4ft bow fronted with sump led lights salinity meter live sand in very good condition Please message me if you interested as can't add photos don't know why 07837277874 ... 26/08/18
33. Flame angel : Nice healthy flame angel for sale 70 or swaps for coral or equipment 26/08/18
34. TANGS WANTED : HI, wanting several different tangs except Hippo and Yellow .Must be able to deliver to Rotherham. thanks 26/08/18
35. Largest collection of corals in Cambridgeshire : 2NDGENCORALS sawtry has the biggest selection of Marine corals in Cambridgeshire Reasonable prices starting from 5 -75 being the most expensive We also do R/O plain 3 an ... 25/08/18
36. REDUCED to 35 Marine tank - live rock for Sale 9kg : We are breaking our marine tank down. It has been running for just over a year and all live stock have almost gone. We have 9kg of a mixture of Fiji rock and branching rock. The br ... 23/08/18
37. Moray eel,(leopard) and tank break down : Hi I have a very nice very beautiful leopard moray he/she is about 15 to 17 inches long and very ravenous when feeding also there is a 40 inch long by 12 by 15 inch high tank and c ... 23/08/18
38. CHEAP MARINE FISH COLLECTION ASAP : fish Emperor Angelfish Juvenile 5-6 inch XL 40 Common CLOWN FISH xl 20 Gold BAnd rare Clown fish Xl 5inch 25 blue star polyp on flat large stone approximately 15cm ... 23/08/18
39. Kenya tree coral frags 4 inches , Ultra green Zoas, pulsing Xenia available : Kenya tree coral frags on plugs, 4" tall and have been growing very quickly being fed Reef Roids weekly. They provide great flowing movement in a reef tank Also have Zoas and p ... 23/08/18
40. 30kg of Live Rock : Approximately 30kg of mature quality live rock with NO NASTIES. I am breaking down my tank, all fish and inverts have bn sold so just the rock and water left in the tank. Asking 9 ... 22/08/18
41. Aiptasia eating filefish and tank shutdown leics : Aiptasia eating filefish which has cleared a previous tank of a bad outbreak. I am also shutting down my newer Red Sea nano so have live rock and a few softies to go as well as I ... 21/08/18
42. 2 x black Ribbon eel (Rhinomuraena quaesita) 80 : Hi since i've shut down the tank i have 2 x black Ribbon eel (Rhinomuraena quaesita) for sale These went through full QT Christmas time and then into my 2200ltr system which t ... 21/08/18
43. Live Rock : Box full of live rock Includes real reef rock Heater and pump keeping everything good 4.50 per kg 20/08/18
44. Wanted lionfish and triggers : Hi Anyone got any lion fish or triggers that have out grown or too aggressive they want to get rid off let me know thanks 19/08/18
45. Blonde naso (lipstick) Tang : Just over six inches,stunning male fish streamers growing nicely.only reason im selling ,Already have three other tangs purple yellow and Achilles.and want to free up some space as ... 19/08/18
46. maroon clown fish and sand shiftingstar fish : Hi, as the title says i have a maroon clown 2-3 inches and a sand shifting star fish for sale Need sold ASAP and open to offers. Thanks, V 17/08/18
47. Live corals, Inverts, Live rock, in Complete Marine Tank : Selling a complete Marine aquarium. This is my pride and joy very mature Marine Fluval 190L black corner aquarium. Selling only because of present unforeseen circumstances and very ... 16/08/18
48. Wanted various : I'm after the following in South yorkshire if possible Frog fish and species Dwarf lion Smaller spined urchins Fox face 16/08/18
49. SPS,LPS,Mushroom for sale Barnsley. : Hi all, For sale are some of my frags that I have had for a few months now,only selling as I need more room in my tank,here is the list. Bright green Trumpet 1x 5 headed ... 15/08/18
50. Frags : I have an assortment of frags for sale. Green plating monti Green button polyps Only 5 -15 per frag Collection only Thanks 14/08/18
51. Free cheato Barnsley : Hi all, I am getting rid of my cheato because I am gone down the zeovit route. Collection from Barnsley. 14/08/18
52. Bubble magus Nac 6 : Bubble magus Nac 6Skimmer in perfect condition Please message me if you interested as can't add photos 07837277874 13/08/18
53. Stunning aquarium : Absolutely stunning aquarium complete with stand and lid with lights heater full bucket of live sand heater and filter salinity meter wave maker and skimmer I can't add photos do ... 13/08/18
54. Tank clearance 150.00 ono : Selling the last contents of my marine. Must go has moveing there is 3kg rock with Zoas on pink zipper sunny d dragon eyes orange and white pulse also xl cabbage coral and small ca ... 13/08/18
55. Aquaroche ceramic rock tower : Taken out of tank saturday in a tmc vat heated,circulated so still live.18 inches tall 13 inches wide plus several other pieces of live rock the lot 50 collected pics on request w ... 12/08/18
56. Harlequin bass for sale 30 : Harlequin bass around 2 long, Very healthy stunning fish. Selling as its not suited in my tank. The fish is ready to go fish bags and net waiting. 30 12/08/18
57. Lunar Rass for sale : Beautiful lunar Rass appropriately 5 inches lovely markings on fish . Bagshot Surrey. Buyer collects 25 08/08/18
58. Sps clear out. Stylo. Monti.Hystrix.Pavona.Pocillipora Cambs : Hi. I am clearing out my tanks and have some sps for sale. Purple stylo 3 x large bits from 3" up to 6" piece - 20 - 35 Green monti digi colony size 25 Pink pocillipora nice si ... 08/08/18
59. Green Bubbletip Anenome : Green bubbletip anenome for sale.10. Local collection from Pontefract only. any questions please just ask. 07/08/18
60. LAST CHANCE Quick Sale Marine Tank Setup : Dorset : QUICK SALE : Aqua Oak + sump Marine Tank 18 months old. Royal Gramma, 2x Clown Goby, Yellow Goby, 2x Cardinals, Flame Firefish, HiFin Goby & Pistol Shrimp, Yellow Wrasse, Bicolour ... 07/08/18
61. Live rock : 100 worth of live rock. Will sell for 70. I and hitting down a marine tank after separating from my husband. Grab a bargain! Please as for pictures if required. 07/08/18
62. Kenya tree / pussy coral large 20 Gosport : Large piece of what I believe to be Kenya tree or pussy coral a good 5-6 inches easy to keep and adds nice moment with in the tank need to cut mine back now collection Gosport 06/08/18
63. Kenya tree / pussy coral large 20 Gosport : Large piece of what I believe to be Kenya tree or pussy coral a good 5-6 inches easy to keep and adds nice moment with in the tank need to cut mine back now collection Gosport 06/08/18
64. Anemone : Two XL Bubble tip anemone For sale due to anemone splitting from the one original into multiple anemones, both sold together along with XL live rock due to not being able to get th ... 05/08/18
65. Free Chaeto : hi, anyone wanting to collect some free chaeto algae from Rotherham get in touch. cheers 04/08/18
66. Live rock for sale. Collection Eastbourne. : I have for sale approx 32 kilos of dried out live rock, a mixture of small and large pieces. I also have a selection of Arka rock, one tower is approx 21 inches high a smaller towe ... 04/08/18
67. Full Tank Contents : For Sale are the contents of my marine tank (excluding equipment)that has been running for 2 years. Regrettable sale due to recent house move and renovation of new place. LiveR ... 04/08/18
68. Large Selection of Marine fish and corals for sale Rainham Kent : I have over 200 corals and over 60 various Marine fish up for grabs between 5 and 60 each. Come and have a look any evening. Rainham Kent. No commitment to buy required. 02/08/18
69. Aquaroche : Aquaroche 3towers of aquaroche and cave Please message me if you interested as I can't add photos 07837277874 01/08/18
70. Live rock : Unusual shape of live rock with some zoas and sponge on them I am open for sensible offers if you interested as need to sell it asap as I don't have enough space to keep it Still ... 01/08/18
71. Wanted green chromis : I a man looking for some green chromis must be in Wigan area thanks 01/08/18
72. Picasso Trigger reduced (Bargain) 25.00 : Hi I am selling my Picasso trigger 4 to 5 inch fat and healthy a beautiful example sumped and ready to go. reduced Looking for 25.00 now bargain 07966226347 cheers ... 30/07/18
73. Marine tank & full setup for sale 500 ono : Aqua one 300 litre tank with sump, LED lighting & UV filter and all the fish,big red hermit crab & 2 bubble tip anemones. The fish 2 breeding clowns,1 yellow tang,1 powder blue tan ... 30/07/18
74. Custom Made Marine tank - 4ft : Selling my custom made 4ft marine tank. It is 4x1x1, has a blue acrylic corner weir. comes with heater and return pump. Tank used for sump also included but needs new div ... 30/07/18
75. Wanted xl anemone not carpet : Wanted xl anemone not carpet. North West Lancashire. Please email me at [email protected] 29/07/18
76. Wanted Marine deresa , maxima clam Wanted : Hi looking for a marine clam Bigger the better Anything considered Would prefer collection will travel if price and example are worth it Based Eastbourne East Susse ... 28/07/18
77. Tank break down : Marine tank break down Trio of allards clown fish 50 Snowflake eel 20 Aptasia eating file fish 10 Live rock 4 per kg 6 head branching hammer 25 5 head torch 25 Ritt ... 28/07/18
78. Cheap live rock. Need gone ASAP : Shutting my marine tank down as i want to go back to tropical fish. Ive got loads of live rock available and need it gone asap as im gettin plastering done and need to empty the ta ... 28/07/18
79. Corals wanted : Looking for sps and lps corals bear s63 07860944155 Cheers 28/07/18
80. Marine fish and equipment : 2 clowns 1 black 1 orange with bubble tip nem few frags cuc live rock leather coral Aquanano 40 6 months old Heater tmc dc return pump Rw4 pump heater etc 250.00 KESSIL A80 wi ... 28/07/18
81. Large carpet anemone : Large haddons carpet anemone approx 4 inches in diameter, very healthy and thriving..only selling as she needs a bigger tank now. Text me for pictures thanks 25/07/18
82. Rare and stunning marine fish job lot for sale : For sale I have a bundle of rare and unusual marine fish for sale the following are : x1 regal tang 3 inches x1 Moorish idol angelfish 4 inches x1 Majestic angelfish 3 inches x ... 24/07/18
83. Red mini maxi anemone & orange mushrooms forsale : On good sized rock 30 pounds and 4 orange knobbly mushrooms on rock 30 pounds or both for 50.northampton collection only. 22/07/18
84. Achilles Tang 3 inches For sale make me an offer or swap for other marine fish : For sale or swap I have a 3inch achilles tang very desirable fish and eating well, message me an offer or what you got fish wise text me- 07954094573 whatsapp number -07986704280 ... 22/07/18
85. Corals : Hi I'm looking for some coral colonies for my tanks. In and around the Merseyside area. The larger the better.Will consider larger frags dependent on type. Cash waiting. Thanks ... 20/07/18
86. Lots of SPS Coral for sale ( frags and colonys ) Burgess Hill RH15 : Very large ultra green montipora hirsuta colony 40 Coral garden mixed zoas mushrooms , red and green montipora rock 15 Loads of big green branching montipora frags, branching a ... 19/07/18
87. Closing down tank 125 This is now sold : I have a marine coral tank with stock, I want it to go ASAP as I am to shut tank down. The corals I have are.: 1 Doubled Headed Torch. 1 Rock of Zoas. 2 Rocks of Mushrooms. ... 18/07/18
88. Marine fish, inverts, live rock, in 5 foot Marine fish tank : Complete set up including at least 50 kg of live rock (as seen in pictures) 3 different leather corals, lots of pulsing zenia and live sand. Includes the following fish Regal tang ... 18/07/18
89. SOLD French angel 5 to 6 inch beautiful fish SOLD : Hi I'm selling a beautiful french angel around 6 inch *********SOLD************ Cheers. Maj ********SOLD******** 17/07/18
90. Red Sea 525 shut down contents : I am shutting my tank down have the following for sale Corals Big rock with zoa garden sunny d pink zipper dragon eye p purple colour and orange 60 Red gonipora 80 Lar ... 12/07/18
91. Zoas : 10 wwc twizzlers 30 3 pink zippers 20 10 plus jonny pumpkin seeds 25 3 purple bees 30 4 asterina pink 10 will shit the lot for 100 or shipping 10 on top of individ ... 12/07/18
92. Honey Monster Bounce : 1cm frag of this beeauty 110 shipped - or collected form tonbridge 12/07/18
93. Anemone : Wanted large anemones.Not carpet nems. North West area 11/07/18
94. Wanted anemones : Wanted large nems not carpet nems. Email only 11/07/18
95. marine tank break down corals : marine tank break down corals first green and red trachy 30 large toadstool 30 frogspawn 4 heads 30 duncan 15+ heads 35 large gps rock with a few rastas 40 large gr ... 10/07/18
96. Pulsing Xenia : Pulsing Xenia for sale, 5 to 20 tell me how much you want! Delivery arranged within 5 miles of Holywell! 50p a mile thereafter!! 09/07/18
97. SOLD Clown trigger beautiful 4 inch SOLD : ****SOLD*** Hi I am selling a beautiful clown trigger 4 inch ****sold***** Cheers Maj 09/07/18
98. Corals & For Sale : Reluctantly Selling My Corals As Taking Break From Hobby. Various Corals & Fish For Sale. Metalic Green Purple Branching Hammer Coral 3 Heads - 20 Frogspawn Coral 4 ... 08/07/18
99. Live rock : I have around 30 kilos of live rock left over from my downsizing. Make me an offer, there are a few mushroom colonies dotted around too. 08/07/18
100. 2 paired clownfish and 1 damsel fish : I am dismantling my tank because I am moving away from home for university and no one is able to look after them properly. Ive got 2 paired clownfish and 1 black and white dam ... 08/07/18

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