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Marine Fish & Marine Inverts
 Aquaculture Supplies from Seahorse Breeders online fish breeders shop : Our on-line shop houses a comprehensive and extensive range of Mariculture products that support and enhance the feeding and breeding of mar ...21/09/17
 H KUDA YELLOW SEAHORSES IN STOCK NOW : We have 100s of h kuda seahorses in stock now bred by are selfs they are a stunning cream and yellow colour. These are an ideal starter seah ...21/09/17
 Manaus Aquarium Products : New to the UK, Manaus Aquarium products. These medications are tailored for the aquatic hobby. Please see website for further details21/09/17
 Marine & Reef Equipment & Supples : Fastlight.co.uk have some great equipment and supplies especially for the marine and reef hobbyist including: Calcium Reactors Dosing P ...21/09/17

1. Fragging candy cane coral : Hi, I have a very healthy and large candy cane coral that can be fragged if anyone is interested in some? £5 per head. 22/08/17
2. LIVE ROCK - 3 TANK CLOSE DOWN - DUE TO ILLNESS : LIVE ROCK TO GO FIRST - Live rock - £3 @ kg Dead rock - £2 @ kg To sell after ! Tank 1 - 1200mm x 400mm x 600mm in 10mm glass Tank 2 - 1200 x 300 x 300 in 6mm glass Tank ... 22/08/17
3. Aiptasia wanted : Hi looking for large quantity of Aiptasia, for Berghia project, will pay for live rock covered in Aiptasia, please send pic of rock. Will either collect in Glasgow area, or will c ... 22/08/17
4. Pair of Common clown fish (Large) : Excellent health and eating great. 21/08/17
5. Aiptasia eating file fish £25. SOLD OUT. : Collection only. 21/08/17
6. Pair of lighting maroon clown. True pair. Rare £475 : Collection only. Cash only. 21/08/17
7. RO unit water butt and pump £25 : Collection Leicester ro unit 5 micron all tubes and pump included and a water butt 20/08/17
8. Tetra marine sea salt about 19kg £25 : Tetra salt about 19kg collection Leicester 20/08/17
9. Staghorn (Bali Slimer), Green Leathers, Toxic Green Candy Cane, Fire & Ice Zoas, ... : My staghorn is threatening to take over the main tank - had to 'frag' two massive branches into my cube as it was growing out of the water! I also have really nice fluorescent gree ... 20/08/17
10. White Cap Goby and Pistol Shrimp Partner RARE FISH CUC MARINE : Very Rare goby and pistol shrimp I have a white cap goby and a marbled pistol shrimp pair These are selling for 170 plus a pair I have these for sale, only 1 pair availabl ... 19/08/17
11. Masked Swallowtail Angelfish (Genicanthus semifasciatus) : i have 2 x Masked Swallowtail Angelfish (Genicanthus semifasciatus) one is approx 3 inch and one is approx 4 inch eating frozen food pics and video are on my facebook grou ... 19/08/17
12. 48 x 30 x 24 marine tank complete set up for sale. Offers invited, : around about 40 kilos of absolutely pest free live rock. another 50 + kilos of bleached and dry dead live rock. Gauging interest in a complete marine tank set up. consists of ... 19/08/17
13. Tetra marine sea salt about 19kg : Tetra salt about 19kg collection Leicester 19/08/17
14. Marine Corals and Frags WANTED in Oxfordshire : I live in Bicester but would be happy to collect from surrounding area. Thanks Dave 19/08/17
15. Marine Aquarium chiller %00 ltre capacity. : I have for sale a hllea 500 ltre water chiller for sale . Unused and still Boxed. with full manufacturers Guarantee. £350.00.Ideal for native Marine set up or Native lobsters for s ... 19/08/17
16. Anemone : I have a lonely clown needs a Anemone would like one not smaller than about 5 inches. I live near Staines Middlesex. Within 20 miles please. 07956258948 19/08/17
17. Leeds cooperband for sale £37 large : Cooperband eating frozen and flake food £37 we have loads more fish at Leeds marine 18/08/17
18. Yellow tang : Yellow tang medium in size eating frozen and flake food we have loads of fish at Leeds marine 18/08/17
19. Leeds purple Tang £90 : Purple Tang £90 medium to large , loads of marine fish for sale at Leeds marine 18/08/17
20. WANTED - Live Rock and/or Live Sand : Hi we are setting up a small 60 litre tank and wondered if anyone was getting rid of some Live Rock (about 5/6 kg) and a couple of cups of Live Sand to seed ours. Thanks 16/08/17
21. Large Marine Aquarium & Livestock : Hi, Due to work commitmentís Iím reluctantly selling my marine aquarium and livestock. The tank has been established for nearly five years with no new livestock during the last 1 ... 16/08/17
22. Queen Angelfish (Holacanthus ciliaris) 3 inch : I have for sale a stunning queen angel fish that is eating frozen foods and seaweed Queen Angelfish (Holacanthus ciliaris) Stunning example picture is for example and look ... 16/08/17
23. Large Puffer Fish : Large puffer for sale, roughly 6-7 inches. Message me for more details. 15/08/17
24. Marine Fish For Sale : Marine fish for sale Bicolour Angle £23 Lipstick Tang Large £55 Orange Tang S £10 Copper banded Butterfly £24 Sailfin Tang M ... 14/08/17
25. Complete Marine Aquarium and livestock For Sale : Optiwhite marine aquarium 60cm (L) x 45cm (H) x 30cm (W) drilled with weir. Painted Blue on the back and left side. Sump / Refugium TMC Mini LED tile and Miracle mud Deltec M ... 14/08/17
27. Live Rock : £5 per kilo. 30kg for £120 Collection Only 13/08/17
28. Rare Purple Centre Red Goniopora : I have a small cluster of the Red Goniopora that has purple centres, coral size is a little bigger than a 2 pound coin Seen these sell for well over 120 i want 90 OVNO, ... 12/08/17
29. Marine Zoa Frag Rainbow Hornet : Here we have 1 polyp of Rainbow Hornet fragged over 4 weeks ago. I can only find one other source stocking these, so these zoas are not that easy to find!!! The picture you a ... 12/08/17
30. LIVE ROCK, FISH, CORALS, INVERTS IN FULL MARINE SETUP : 65-75 kg of live rock approx Loads of soft corals, mushrooms, Large torch, small hammer, Green bubbletip anemone, star polyps, 2 large fluorescent cabbages. Fish include, Yellow ... 12/08/17
32. Corals etc for sale OXFORD : I've almost finished closing my marine tank down so I have just a few corals etc for sale. Large Photosyntetic Gorgonian £65 30cm long x 30cm wide but will grow much larger in ... 11/08/17
33. 25kg of good live rock, including 4/5 big plates - £50 : Bargain £2 a kilo for a quick sale ! Based in Leeds 11/08/17
34. H FUSCUS SEAHORSES IN STOCK : H fuscus in stock stunning seahorse £50 each we also have adult pairs at £130 a pair.We have spent years sourcing healthy seahorse stock come to the experts dont wast your hard ear ... 11/08/17
35. H KUDA YELLOW SEAHORSES IN STOCK NOW : We have 100s of h kuda seahorses in stock now bred by are selfs they are a stunning cream and yellow colour. These are an ideal starter seahorse and only 50 GBP each we also have ... 11/08/17
38. Pair of gold nugget maroon clowns. True pair. Rare £475 : Collection only. Cash only. 08/08/17
39. Flame angel for sale £80. In non copper system. : Collection only. 08/08/17
41. white-freckled Acanthurus maculiceps - VERY RARE marine fish cuc rare : I have for sale a white speckled face tang for 100.00 OVNO ANOTHER GEM of a fish and not seen in the trade I have seen these sell for 240 each This one i have is approx 4 in ... 08/08/17
42. Live rock, Marine fish, in matured 1000L aquarium with all inclusive for sale . : Marine life beneath sea , I always admired the adventure and fascinating vibrant colours of fishes and corals, this lead me to pursuit as a hobby to have one. It has been most ama ... 07/08/17
43. Green Star polyp coral : Ultra green star polypcolony around 3-4 inches plus, on small rock ready to go. collection from Swinton Rotherham S64 £25 07/08/17
44. WANTED Neocaridina various colours local to Wirral/Merseyside : Looking for Shrimp Neocaridina Red Cherry, Blue Velvet,yellows and various. Ideally local to me Thanks in advance 07956757862 07/08/17
45. Marine coral zoa frags (4frags - 17 polyps) : FM Kryptonite = 6 polyps Valentines Day Massacre = 3 polyps Laser Lemons = 7 polyp Utter Chaos = 1 polyps The picture you are viewing is the exact Zoas you will receive ... 06/08/17
46. Marine Clarkii clown and anenome 60 pounds : Healthy clown ans anenome for sale 60 for both 05/08/17
47. Marine fish, Corals, Inverts in full marine set up : marine fish: a breeding pair of clarki clown fish (lay every fortnight without fail) a regal tang a niger trigger a indian sailfin tang a scopas tang a fox face a emperor an ... 04/08/17
49. live rock : has any one some live rock, for sale in cambridge, or near surrounding area. im disabled so cant go far, to pick it up, im looking for around at least 20kgs reasonable pri ... 02/08/17
50. Pair of australian barrier reef clownfish for sale : They are a pair, almost fully grown and full of colour. There compatibility is similar to thise of common clownfish and eat well, almost anything which can be seen upon a visit. If ... 01/08/17
51. Wanted Small Dejardini Tang - Scarborough : As above, small tang wanted. Delivery preferred as don't drive 01/08/17
52. Aqua one mini reef : Full set up, only 3 months old, I have decided to revert back to keep Malawi.. Aqua one mini reef 90 1x wave maker 1x heater, 1 x return pump,1 x protein skim, 1x Test kit .. £ ... 31/07/17
54. ARC King Crayon Chalice : 3 inch x 1 inch good size stunning colour very rare and very expensive in us see link below. collection in Tonbridge preferred buy can ship if needed £70 collected £80 ... 31/07/17
56. Frog fish : Selling a beautiful frog fish 2-3" stunning little creature £50 Ono need gone asap Call me on 07966065457 30/07/17
57. Sea hare : Sea hare,large in size,free to good home,near sheffield,done its job in my tank,07496295323 29/07/17
58. purple tipped anenome £20 : My nem has split a couple of times so have 2 (one now sold) for sale. Picture is of the original but others are a similar size, just at the back of tank so can't get a decent pic. ... 29/07/17
59. Kessil a360we tuna blue and controller : Both in great condition and working £200 Collection only Harrogate 07784156262 29/07/17
60. Puffer fish : WANTED Cathigaster Papua Toby puffer fish (see image) 29/07/17
61. Achilles Tang wanted. : hi, anyone selling an Achilles tang and able to deliver to Rotherham, south yorks. Not looking to pay shop price. cheers 29/07/17
62. Marine Fish for sale : I have a Flame Angel and a Majestic Angel 3 inches each. Both in perfect health and feeding well. Price £130 for both or £75 each a bargain! Woodford London Text or call 079517 ... 25/07/17
63. Marine fish tank equipment redsea reefer : I'm selling all my equipment there is Mp10 vortech quite drive wireless £150 Radion xr15 gen 3 pro with mount £250 Also selling reefer nano tank £350 all less than a year old ... 25/07/17
64. Corals : Two Echinopora lamellosa frags £10 and £15 and a large piece of red montipora £20 and various sizes of green montipora collection Basingstoke 07921030551 24/07/17
65. Seahorse hippocampus reidi - pair : A beautiful pair of these Seahorses for sale. Bargain price of £225 for the pair as we are looking to close the tank down and need to rehome. Available to collect at our sho ... 24/07/17
66. wanted Anthias : hi. looking for a well established group of Anthias in the s yorks area, able to deliver to Rotherham if possible. cheers 24/07/17
67. Red BTA, toodstools and Live Rock for sale : Shutting down my nano tank so have the following items for sale: 1 x 6 inch red bubble tip anemone - £20 2 x large toodstools soft corals - £15 each (will include some small fr ... 24/07/17
68. marine fish and live rock in 4ft bow front marine fish tank : marine fish and live rock in 4ft bow front fish tank. Any reasonable offer considered. Doncaster area 23/07/17
69. Various coral frags : Pulsing xenia nice size frags multiple stalks £5 Green furry mushrooms 1x head per frag £5 Large red mushroom approx nearly 1.5-2 inch across when fully open £7 Collection ... 22/07/17
70. SPS & LPS Coral : I have quite a lot of SPS & LPS coral two much to list and individually price SPS - Tenius, Montis , Acros of all sorts Approx 45 pieces total LPS - Hammers, Frogspawn , Wal ... 22/07/17
71. Marine fish, Live rock, in 4ft bow front fish tank : marine fish and live rock in 4ft bow front fish tank. Any reasonable offer considered. Doncaster area 22/07/17
72. Marine Live Rock, Fish, Invertebrates, Coral & Equipment in TMC Signature 900 : I am selling my TMC Signature 900 along with the contents as I have accepted a new job which involves a considerable amount of travelling so I no longer have any time to maintain m ... 22/07/17
73. Wanted : Hi does any one have any coral or marine fish for sale pair clowns gobies yellow tang etc I am in the Torquay area but travel to Wiltshire daily so can collect if your within these ... 22/07/17
74. 18 inches cube aquarium £100 ono : Hi selling my 18" cube aquarium with a black stand. Only selling due to a change in circumstances. Collection from Co152ez 20/07/17
75. Marine livestock in 4ft aqua one marine aquarium : Live stock includes large female blue throat triggerfish, large sailfin tang, large pair of australian barrier reef clownfish and blue streak cleaner wrasse which are all compatibl ... 20/07/17
76. Contents of red sea max : I have 16kg live rock , tail spot blennie, blood shrimp. Candy cane,torch,toadstool and mushroom corals. A few crabs and snails and coral sand.water parameters all good , weekly wa ... 19/07/17
77. Turbo Snails (Turbo bruneus) : Turbo snails for sale (Turbo bruneus) £2 each or 6 for £10 collection from egham surrey thanks Dan 07900211878 19/07/17
78. marine cerith snails : marine cerith for sale £1 each collection from egham surrey thanks Dan 07900211878 19/07/17
79. marine spiny lobsters panulirus sp : absolutely stunning marine spiny lobsters rarely seen Panulirus sp please research theses lobsters 2x medium / large 3 to 4 inches £60 for the pair open to reasonably off ... 19/07/17
80. Tomato clown fish : A pair of breeding tomato clown fish fot sale £30 or swap for corals 19/07/17
81. Yellow dog faced puffer : Wanted as above. Based in sussex. 18/07/17
82. wanted scolly : scollies wanted cheers steve 07836374755 17/07/17
83. Live Corals, critters and fish in Marine tank : Live Corals, critters and fish Interpret River Reef L E D 94 litres Open to offers 16/07/17
84. pulsating xenia coral : I have various size pulsating xenia corals for sale,small frags on live rock £10,medium frags £15,large frag £20,xtra large frag £25,i have some very large colonies pending on size ... 15/07/17
85. Marine aquarium book : The complete marine aquarium by Vincent b Hargreaves. Very good condition. Collection only £5.00 15/07/17
86. Live rock, Marine fish, Inverts in Full marine setup for sale : approx 21kg if live rock, various different corals, pair of clowns, orchid dottyback, purple firefish, 2 chromis, 2 gold bar cardinals, 1 bangaii cardinal, algae blenny, several he ... 14/07/17
87. achilles tang wanted : achilles tang wanted in or around sheffield cash waiting must be 4" plus best to ring or text rather then email 14/07/17
88. Marine fish wanted : Marine fish wanted, anything considered. Prefer to collect within a hundred miles of Devon, good prices paid. 07952 956251 12/07/17
89. MARINE FISH, LIVE CORALS IN RED SEA MAX 130D : 2x snowflake clownfish, Banana Wrasse, + zoas, coral tree, toadstool coral Full set up included. Only been set up since February. Selling due to new baby being born. Upgrades ... 12/07/17
90. Clown Triggerfish wanted : Hi i am looking for a Clown triggerfish about 60mm Thanks Mark 11/07/17
91. Selection of SPS Frags for Sale... : We have a large Selection of Sps frags for Sale... All have come from corals we've grown on from our 900lt fully Stocked Sps tank... We have.... Green Montipora £5.00 each ... 10/07/17
92. Job lot. Marine fish tank close down : The prices are prices what I paid for the fish to give an idea of what you'll get. Magnificent fox face 65 Yellow tang(bubbles) 45 Regal tang (dory) ... 09/07/17
93. Complete Optiwhite Marine Reef Aquarium Fish Tank 5 x 2.5 x 2 foot : The tank has been well looked after. You get everything to run a marine tank. All high quality equipment. Tank is still running - if youre serious please arrange a viewing with ... 08/07/17
94. 45 packs 10 sheets(450 sheets total) seaweed Marine fish food £25 : clearing out, shut down my marine tanks and fish room so will be a load of fish related stuff being listed in the coming weeks, some new boxed unused, some second hand used.....I h ... 06/07/17
95. Zoas : Zoas for sale. Pictures on request. 20+ wongas £80 3p Tyree orange rainbow £45 1p red PE £10 2p green PE £15 4p pink playboy bunnies £60 8p of AAV £60 8p of scrambled eggs ... 06/07/17
96. Zoas : Zoas for sale. Pictures on request. 20+ wongas £80 3p Tyree orange rainbow £45 1p red PE £10 2p green PE £15 4p pink playboy bunnies £60 8p of AAV £60 8p of scrambled eggs ... 06/07/17
97. marine betta : large marine betta beautiful fish £70 06/07/17
98. Tongan live branching rock and live rock. : Hi, Marine system closure, Tongan Branch Rock, many pieces various shapes and sizes.....£5 per Kg Live Rock, many pieces......£3 per Kg All from a well established aquarium ru ... 05/07/17
99. Corals, live rock, fish for sale Derbyshire : I have all my corals, fish for sale. Collection chapel en le frith near buxton Anemone - approx 10" when fully open £40 Ricordea Yuma £10 Yellow watchman £10 Royal gramma £15 ... 05/07/17
100. utter chaos for sale : Utter chaos for sale. £20 x 1, £30 x 2 and £40 for 3. Kirkby Liverpool 04/07/17

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