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Marine Fish & Marine Inverts
 Aquaculture Supplies from Seahorse Breeders online fish breeders shop : Our on-line shop houses a comprehensive and extensive range of Mariculture products that support and enhance the feeding and breeding of mar ...15/08/18
 Marine & Reef Equipment & Supples : have some great equipment and supplies especially for the marine and reef hobbyist including: Calcium Reactors Dosing P ...15/08/18
 H KUDA YELLOW SEAHORSES IN STOCK NOW : We have 100s of h kuda seahorses in stock now bred by are selfs they are a stunning cream and yellow colour. These are an ideal starter seah ...15/08/18
 MARINE - TA AQUACULTURE - Specialist Fish Foods. : Quality marine and reef fish foods. Many from small manufacturers making small batches of feed specially to our orders. Loads of repeat ord ...15/08/18
 Marine fish and inverts at A-Z Aquatics in Balterley, Crewe : Visit us to view our selection of marine fish and inverts here at A-Z Aquatics, with stocks changing often. Besides the usual marine fish, w ...15/08/18

1. Large marine fish : Various large marine fish for sale 8 to 10 inch stars and stripes puffer 75 6 to 8 inch porcupine puffer 60 6 to 8 inch volitan lion fish 60 4 to 5 inch nigger trigger 40 ... 02/07/18
2. Comman clown fish pair : For sale is my orange and white (female) and black and white (male) clown fish. Good size.l. Will include remaining frozen brine and hikari marine S. Both feed great- frozen b ... 01/07/18
3. wanted : live rock : Looking for some live rock for marine set up. inbox me with details. I am based in Rotherham [email protected] 30/06/18
4. Ultra Rare Zoas & Palys : We have a wide selection of Zoas & Palys available to purchase from our website or collection by appointment only from Portsmouth. Prices range from 0.50 ... 28/06/18
5. marine fish wanted : i`m interested in buying marine fish and rank contents especially angels And moray eels 07864048047 27/06/18
6. Picasso trigger fish : Picasso trigger fish for sale 20 25/06/18
7. Dog face puffer : 6-7" puffer All offers considered If interested contact me and Ill send a pic video as I cant upload George 07765254141 22/06/18
8. Monodactylus argenteus - MONO : We have 3 perfect Mono fish for sale, All offers concidered approx 5" George 07765254141 22/06/18
9. Hexanematichthys seemanni Columbian Shark : Hexanematichthys seemanni Columbian Shark 2 x 8-10" immaculate conditioned fish for sale Call George on 07765254141 Collection from North London 22/06/18
10. Red sea reefer 350 white for sale : As seen on the picture. Used for around 8 months. Comes with all factory equipment plus Bubble Magus Curve 5 protein skimmer. Few fish and corals as extras. All the rock inclusiv ... 21/06/18
11. DRIED OUT LIVE ROCK : FOR SALE DRIED OUT LIVE ROCK If you have some live rock in your aquarium it will take 3 to 5 months for it to seed it with bacteria 100 for the lot Can text as i cant a ... 21/06/18
12. Green tip Bubble Anenome : Neon Green tip Anenome, approx 3-4" in size, 20 or 30 posted. Or pick up Wakefield 19/06/18
13. Snowflake Clowns : Snowflake clown fish, 35-45mm tank bred. 80 a pair pick up Wakefield 19/06/18
14. Anthias Wreck Fish : Orange Anthias Wreck Fish, I have 12 for sale 15 each, pick up wakefield. 19/06/18
15. Leather coral frags : Leather coral frags @ 20 each I have for sale this amazing soft coral - pickup only from Brighton. about 4' in size - 4 available 19/06/18
16. H KUDA YELLOW SEAHORSES IN STOCK NOW : We have 100s of h kuda seahorses in stock now bred by are selfs they are a stunning cream and yellow colour. These are an ideal starter seahorse and only 50 GBP each we also have ... 17/06/18
17. H FUSCUS SEAHORSES IN STOCK : H fuscus in stock stunning seahorse 50 each we also have adult pairs at 130 a pair.We have spent years sourcing healthy seahorse stock come to the experts dont wast your hard ear ... 17/06/18
18. RO water delivered and pumped directly into tank or containers : Ro water delivered to your door in south west London and surrey water is pumped in barrels or in your tank if you like delivery is free to south west london,north surrey,w ... 15/06/18
19. Heteractis magnifica wanted : hi, am looking for a GREEN magnifica ritteri anemone. hard to find I know. Or any colour other than purple, which I already have. cheers 15/06/18
20. Honeycomb Moray Eel For Sale : Selling my Honeycomb moray which I've had a for a few years now and one you don't often see for sale. He feeds very well on most frozen foods. He's approx. 18" although i ... 14/06/18
21. Aqua One 120 Litre Mini Reef : Aqua one 120 mini reef for sale lights, skimmer, Sump, return Pump, glass lid, heater, stand and booklets. 18 months old. 100 14/06/18
22. Large Picasso Trigger Fish : Downsizing tank forces sale! 40.00 Very nice and good temperament. Large tank only please! 11/06/18
23. Finger leather corals 6-20 : I have a few finger leather corals for sale. They all grew in my tank. Prices depend on size. I am in Maidenhead and local pick-up is preferred. I might be able to deliver with ... 11/06/18
24. Pulsing Xenia frags 5 : I have a few pulsing Xenia frags for sale in Maidenhead. They look better in real life then in the photos. Local pick-up is preferred, but I could deliver within a reasonable di ... 11/06/18
25. CORALS FOR SALE : Red/orange/blue Lobo - absolutely gorgeous coral and a really good size! - 130 Large purple/orange/green Acanthastrea Echinata- lovely big piece and beautiful under blues. - 7 ... 10/06/18
26. 8 inch blue spot tang marine : Absolutely beautiful marine fish Only selling as we are breaking down tank 70 [email protected] 10/06/18
27. Corals.zoas.frags. : I have some of my zoas for sale most are 10pp.i also have some purple discoma mushrooms for sale.can collect or can post for a charge of 8.95 which includes poly box heat pack ne ... 10/06/18
28. fish : 5inch regal tang pair black and white clowns one a misbar skopas tang Midas blenny coral beauty 80 must all go together no offers a bargain 10/06/18
29. wanted : Wanted bubbletip anemones red or green the larger tne better . I live in barnsley but can travel provided its not too far away. 09/06/18
30. Live stock for sale : Pair of clowns Cream angel 3 green chromis Cleaner shrimp 3 hermit crabs if csn be located lol 09/06/18
31. Triton elements : Triton elements for sale brand new 1,2,3a and 3b 35 per four bottles makes roughly ten litres of liquid I have two lots available collection only if possible please but will post ... 06/06/18
32. Erectus Seahorse Wanted : Looking for a male Erectus Seahorse for our female. Please let me know if you have one for sale or know of anyone who does. Would need to be couriered as we don't have transport. ... 06/06/18
33. Pulsing Xenia coral frag : Small clump of xenia. Grows like weed in my tank. Pick up skipton 05/06/18
34. Mature Live Rock - Reef Tank / Aquarium - Fiji Includes Branch & Plate : Decided to rearrange the rock work in my tank and as a result have approximately 40 - 50 Kg of surplus mature Fiji live rock which is aphasia & pest free (originally had 130kg)... ... 05/06/18
35. Sea Hare 10 : I have a Sea Hare available free. These eat only hair algae and do a non stop job of eating it all away, they wont eat your corals. I have 2, so time for one to find another h ... 05/06/18
36. Mature live rock 5 per kilo or 100 the lot : Good quality live rock, great shapes and loads of life. No aiptasia! Approximately 30kg, 5 per kilo or 100 the lot! 04/06/18
37. Marine inverts and fish : All stock healthy and good condition. Disease free Cleaner shrimp 10 Electric blue hermit crab 5 Red leg hermit crab 5 Trochus turbo snail x 2 5 Brittle star 5 Polyps/zo ... 04/06/18
38. Large colony of zoas for sale 15 : I\'m selling my colony of zoas due to the addition of 2 butterfly fish. They have taken a liking to them so would like to see them go to a new home. Colour lilac and brown. 40+ ... 03/06/18
39. ex shop display aquarium with divider. 20 ono : Old shop display aquarium. 2 next to each other with tank connectors in the bottom. Needs a good clean and tidy up but ideal for a fish room!! 20 870mm x 860mm x 400mm T ... 03/06/18
40. Queen Angelfish (Adult) - 130 : Stunning Queen Angel, about 7/8 inch long, perfect specimen, eats everything, reluctant sale but now hates my Regal Angel, presently sumped and good to go to minimum 6ft tank. Coll ... 03/06/18
41. Corals. : I'm looking to purchase 3 or 4 torch coral & a Catalaphyllia(Elegance) to complete my reef. I'm located in Northampton but willing to travel for the right coral's. If anyone ha ... 02/06/18
42. SELLING LIVESTOCK, LIVE ROCK, IN FLUVAL EVO 12.5 GALLON READY TO GO REEF TANK : Selling almost brand new, ready to go Fluval evo tank. LONDON Comes with the following: 7kg live Fiji rock 2x barrel of salt water 1X Large shrimp and goby pair Chromis ... 02/06/18
43. SOLD Magnificent fox face 6 inches SOLD : Hi I am looking to sell my beautiful magnificent fox face 6 inches long and very healthy looking for 55.00 *************SOLD********* 07448356383 cheers Maj 02/06/18
44. clean live rock : well over 20kg of good clean mature live chemicals used on it..collection only 5 per kilo..collection only. 01/06/18
45. Tropicmarin Marine Salt : Marine salt I recently purchased this tropicmarin marine salt it's a 25 kilo tub it cost me 55 which is the cheapest price I could find. I've used 4 kilo I've just weighed it an ... 30/05/18
46. Green Star Polyp frags (GSP) 5-20 : I have a few Green Star Polyp frags for sale in Maidenhead. They vary in size from fairly small to pretty big. Local pick-up is preferred, but I could deliver within a reasonab ... 29/05/18
47. Monti cap and digitata : Having a clear out so white polyps green monti cap.. been using it for corals so some die off. Fair sized 7x7 inch at widest part and orange polyps digi.. grows in elk horn format ... 28/05/18
48. Australian marbled coral catshark (Atelomycterus macleayi) : Male. 60cm/2ft long - grows to 75cm/2.5ft About 2 years old. Large aquarium only, please. 500 Telephone number : 07765515356 -text only, please. 26/05/18
49. Marine fish : regal tang 5inch 30..skopas tang 20...midas blenny 10....pair black and white clowns one misbar 40...coral beauty 25....snowflake eel 10 inch (friendly) 15... 24/05/18
50. Pink tailed trigger : Lovely pink tail trigger approx 7"long Eats anything. 40 Sulphur goby and pistol shrimp 20. Littlehampton, west sussex. 24/05/18
51. Chaeto wanted : Looking for some chaeto from the Wirral or Runcorn area 24/05/18
52. MONO ANGELES : I got 2 Mono Angels Beautiful brackish water fish, 20 for both 23/05/18
53. Livestock in Amazing 90G Reef Aquarium Complete (offers over 600) - Southampton : Livestock is amazing. Including live rock and: Dozens of corals Pair of clowns Regal tang Yellow tang 3 x dominoes Koran angel Bi colour angel Coral beauty Fox face Lar ... 22/05/18
54. Tank breakdown - livestock, live rock and equipment for sale : Due to lack of time to keep on top of maintenance, I am switching my 1200l reef to FW. All livestock and live rock for sale, some equipment (including evergrow leds) Fish (all ful ... 22/05/18
55. Pair of elongatus Seahorse : Reduced. Breeding pair of elongatus seahorse (tiger snout). Also sometimes (wrongly) referred to as subelongatus. Male is smaller than the female but they are breeding every ... 17/05/18
56. Looking to rehome any large marine fish : I have a 6l x 3d x 2h marine fish tank with plenty of space for all your large fish that could do with a new home. They will be well looked after and thoroughly enjoyed. Willing to ... 14/05/18
57. WANTED TRUE BLACK TANG WANTED : Wanted true longnose black tang any size from 3+ near or around Sheffield but will travel for the right fish and price Contact me on 07450603358 or email at: [email protected] ... 14/05/18
58. African flame back Angel. Plus others. : Closing down tank . 1 African flame back Angel. Pair clowns, 1 Royal Gamma , 2 Chromis Damsals. Make an offer . Location: Essex/ Hertfordshire border. Tel 07850 659734. 14/05/18
59. Corals for Sale : Leather Coral 20 Duncans Coral 35 Kenya Tree 15 Contact 07791488673 13/05/18
60. live Marine rock : I have over 10kg of live marine rock from my second tank break down looking to sell or swap for fish/large inverts etc Message me if interested If you want to buy 30 or maybe if ... 12/05/18
61. Live rock : 30kg of live rock 100 Collection from Chorley Lancashire 12/05/18
62. XXL toadstool stunning : Massive 2 foot in size very rare Bargain price to clear 70ono Collection from Hockley b18 Contact Leo on 07414007701 12/05/18
63. XXL toadstool stunning : Massive 2 foot in size very rare Bargain price to clear 70ono Collection from Hockley b18 Contact Leo on 07414007701 12/05/18
64. Marine betta fish : Beautiful colours & marking of marine betta fish feeding well 5-6 in size. Reducing my bio load in tank reason for sale Collection from b18 Hockley Contact Leo on 074 ... 12/05/18
66. Marine fish for sale : I have a job lot of marine fish for sale, due to a tank shutdown, All healthy and fat and eat everything. Fish are 1 x Yellow foxface 25 sold 3 x sergeant magor damsels 20 sol ... 09/05/18
67. Live rock wanted : Looking for liverock around 40-50kg Wirral area.. Txt only-cant access email address. 09/05/18
68. 33kg of live pukani and Fiji live rock : Only reason for sale is upgraded and used real reef. I havnt put copper or any treatment in the tank so nothing is in the rock all mature no pests 5kg or take the lot for 80 09/05/18
70. Marine Tank, House move forces sale. 600 : Aqua Marin 400,4 new T5 tubes, return pump and pipe work, 2 years old. Pair Common Clowns Niger Trigger Piccaso Trigger Snowflake Eel Lipstick Tang Scopas Tang Pulsing Xen ... 06/05/18
71. Coral Frag and Colonies for Sale : FLUORESCENT GREEN SERIATOPORA GUTTATUS PINK HYSTERIX SERIATOPORA ACROPORA RED MONTIPORA DIGITATA Frags and colonies for sale - from 6 Pick up only Shenley, Hertfordshire a ... 06/05/18
72. Marine fish corals and rock : Coral beauty 20 Pyjama wrasse 15 Orange/ black clown pair with nem 50 Fire shrimp/ cuc Live rocks with various corals Please ask more info or pics If genuinely interested on ... 06/05/18
73. coral beauty cross lemon angel : Hi i brought my coral beauty cross lemon angel a while ago, Cost me 250 from the shop, he/she is in great condition, eats like a pig, only reason im selling is it has started to ... 05/05/18
74. Clean up crew inverts : Hi I'm selling marine/reef clean up crew located in Scunthorpe At the minute ive:- TURBO SNAILS 1.25 EACH ALGAE EATING HERMITS 1.25 CERITH SNAILS 1.25 NASSARIUS SNAILS 1. ... 04/05/18
75. SPS,LPS and soft corals for sales : Mixture of corals for sale Due to growth and lack of room in tank These are not frags and are small colonies Please have a look and make an offer for each coral Kept in a stab ... 02/05/18
76. Soha tang large : Beautiful fat & healthy 6 may be more its in with 9 other tangs. I am reducing my bioload in my tank, caught & ready to go 140ono contact Leo 07414007701 01/05/18
77. Sea Weed ,Dried Green Sea Weed ,,100 ,, Sheets = 20 : Dried Green Sea Weed ,,100,, Sheets . Dimension : 210mm X 190mm = 20. 01/05/18
78. WANTED MARINE AQUARIUM : I am looking for marine aquarium any size considered would love a full reef tank with corals and fish send me a message with what you have and where you are based willing to trave ... 01/05/18
79. MARINE FISH IN COMPLETE SET UP - RED SEA 550 : 1 Yellow Tang 1 Flame Angel 1 Powder Blue Tang 1 Yellow lined Goby 1 Cleaning Wrasse 1 Algae Blenney 1 Midis Blenney Variety of cleaning shrimps & crabs ... 30/04/18
80. Stunning complete marine tank for sale 999 : Hi there, for sale my complete setup, including all fish, corals and equipment. Selling due to house extension to start soon - but in no rush, so no silly offers please. Lookin ... 27/04/18
81. MUSHROOM COLONIES AND FRAGS FOR SALE : Mushroom rocks 5.00 to 15.00 Mainly green left Please text Paul on 07487 681660 Collection only from Chesterfield 1 mile from jct 29 M1 , Derbyshire 27/04/18
82. RO water and SALTED water : I HAVE RO WATER 15p A LITRE. tds 0.00 and salted 6 for 25 LITRES. pleaes bring own container. CONTACT MICHAEL LICHFIELD 07956444789 CAN DELIVER lichfield and surrounding area ... 24/04/18
83. Bubble Magnus curve 7 : For sale bubble Magnus curve 7 700-900 litters in excellent condition 7 months old only selling as I have upgraded to a c66 130 pick up Oldham ol1 07711166607 24/04/18
84. Wanted live rock : Hi all I'm after a couple of kgs of live rock in the alvaston Derby area, only need a few bits just to seed my dry rock 24/04/18
85. Marine fish & Inverts in Complete Marine aquarium : 1 Zebra Goby, 2 Common Clowns, 4 Blue Chromis, 2 Panama Cardinals, 1 Midnight goby, 1 Midas Blenny, 1 Yellow Tang, 1 Six Line Wrasse, 2 Chalk Bob\'s. 2 Blue Legged Hermit Crabs, 1 ... 23/04/18
86. fish and live rock : regal tang pair black and white clowns skopas tang Midas blenny coral beauty snowflake eel live rock with few zoas etc deep live sand bed odd snails and water if wanted. 140.00 22/04/18
87. Corals : We have amazing selection of corals in stock! 19/04/18
88. Deltec Pump HLP 8070S . 320 : Deltec HLP Pumps are extremely quiet in operation. All Deltec HLP Pumps are protected by a thermic motor switch. Oxyd ceramic shafts and bearings run in water (hydrostatic bearings ... 18/04/18
89. Red Dragon Pump 12 m3. 600. : Red dragon pumps are widely regarded as THE BEST aquarium pump due to reliability,silent,energy efficient,long lasting and they can be used for salt water marine aquarium INTERNALL ... 18/04/18
90. Deltec 2960 protein skimmer : Deltec 2060 protein skimmer exellent condition suitable for 1400 litres heavily stocked 1700 litres lightly stocked 250 ono 18/04/18
91. Blue stylophora : For sell very large blue stylophora. The colour is very deep blue.the coral is grown to the rock. (Rock1.5kg) Stylophora have around 35-40 fingers. Price 200 . 16/04/18
92. Black and White Clown Fish : Black and White Clown Fish, selling due to being bullied by my Clarki Clowns, hes in good health in a qt tank. Needs a new home ! 15 16/04/18
93. Rose Bubble Tip Anenome : Rose Bubble Tip Anenome, 20, collection from Waddington, Lincoln 16/04/18
94. Breaking down tank : Hi All, Am breaking down tank due to work committments. Regal Tang 20 Green Coral Gobies 5 ea (2 off) Lemonpeel Dwarf Angel 20 Common clownfish 8 ea (2 off) Porcelain Cra ... 14/04/18
95. Queen trigger wanted : Queen trigger wanted, any size considered. 13/04/18
96. 10kg of live rock : 10kg of live rock, come out of tank today,looking for 25. Collect b36 area of Birmingham. See my other add for 50kg of base rock 13/04/18
97. 25-30kg base rock : I have 25-30kg of base rock, large pieces, collection from B36 area of Birmingham. going quickly, 2kg 13/04/18
98. Marine Livestock in Reef tank and all equipment included fully stocked. : Live rocks, corals, mushroom, anemone and 6 others. Eight fish - 2 snowflake clowns, sand sifting goby, Royal gramma, dwarf flame Angel, 3 anthiadinae, 1 cleaner shrimp, I fire shr ... 11/04/18
99. Blue stylophora SOLD : For sell beatiful very deep blue stylophora. The coral is 10cm high and 10cm wide. Price 50 . 10/04/18
100. Marine fish or seahorses : For sale absolutely lovely marine fish aquarium perfect for seahorses Complete with stand and lid with t5 lights live sand heater and filter if you want Measure 80cm width 50cm ... 10/04/18

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