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Marine Fish & Marine Inverts
 Aquaculture Supplies from Seahorse Breeders online fish breeders shop : Our on-line shop houses a comprehensive and extensive range of Mariculture products that support and enhance the feeding and breeding of mar ...19/02/18
 Marine & Reef Equipment & Supples : Fastlight.co.uk have some great equipment and supplies especially for the marine and reef hobbyist including: Calcium Reactors Dosing P ...19/02/18
 H KUDA YELLOW SEAHORSES IN STOCK NOW : We have 100s of h kuda seahorses in stock now bred by are selfs they are a stunning cream and yellow colour. These are an ideal starter seah ...19/02/18
 MARINE - TA AQUACULTURE - Specialist Fish Foods. : Quality marine and reef fish foods. Many from small manufacturers making small batches of feed specially to our orders. Loads of repeat ord ...19/02/18
 BUY ECO-FRIENDLY LIVE ROCK- BEST ON THE MARKET : More biologically active than natural live rock Buy the best liverock on the market for the professional look in your home and commercial ...19/02/18

1. Wanted marine fish : Wanted marine fish, large fish out grown your tank Will take all sizes and all types 15/01/18
2. Marine fish tank : hi i have for sale a marine fish tank 36"x 36" x 20" built in wire box sump stand and pipe work 250 15/01/18
3. Frags for sale Cambridgeshire : Hi. I have a few frags spare. Purple stylo. Candycane. Green monti digi. Guttatus. Zoas. Purple (german blue) monti digi.ultra green scrolling monti. Different sizes available pri ... 15/01/18
4. Full reef setup : A full set up of a well matured and well established marine reef aquarium up for sale at a bargain price of 850 (ONO). Fishes, corals, rocks and lots more included in the price. ( ... 15/01/18
5. Clownfish wanted : hi, looking for some Sebae or Saddleback Clowns and able to deliver to Rotherham, s yorks. cheers 15/01/18
6. Live rock : Hi, I have 60-80kilo\'s of live rock for sale 6 per kilo. I also have mushroom corals for sale various frag sizes 2 per head. 15/01/18
7. Pest asterina starfish and brittle starfish wanted : Looking for 30-100 pest asterina starfish. If you have too much over grown in your tank and happy to post please kindly let me know. Many thanks! 07778887333 H 14/01/18
8. Pink tailed trigger : Lovely trigger approx. 7"long. Eats anything.A little bit of a diva but not aggressive. Change of tank plans so this big chunky girl is up for sale 40. Littlehampton, west s ... 14/01/18
9. WANTED BUBBLE CORALS : Hi I am after bubble corals of any description. The bigger the better. Cash waiting. I am based in Cambridgeshire but willing to travel for the right piece. Thanks Tim 0790187 ... 13/01/18
10. live rock for sale 5 a kilo : Mature live rock for sale lots of different shapes and sizes over 300 kilos to choose from comes from a mature tank lots of life 5 per kilo newhaven east sussex bn99dy . 07864048 ... 13/01/18
12. MY ENTIRE STOCK FOR LESS THAN 50% COST. FISH, CORALS, LIVE ROCK, LIVE SAND : Below prices are what everything cost me. If one person takes the lot ill be happy to take less than 50% of what it all cost me, 300! I set this little tank up as a side project ... 12/01/18
13. FREE clownfish : Closing down my Nano tank so have one clown fish free to a good home. I'm in Lincoln. Text me on 07885037953 12/01/18
14. wanted marine fish : hi im looking for some nice tangs for my marine tank vampire tamg naso tangs ect plz contact me if your selling any west or east sussex many thanks 12/01/18
15. Live rock regal tang and lots of sand : Tank breakdown due to house move live rock prob 20kg at a guess good rock with plenty of maturity and coralline on bargain 5 per kg Regal tang large a real nice fish 40 O ... 09/01/18
16. Marine Fish : Marine fish for sale, lovely healthy fish. Yellow tang 35 Breading Maroon Clowns 45 Coral beauty 35 Coral - Red mushroom Various number of heads for sale Ham ... 09/01/18
17. Rose Tip Bubble Anemone. : 2" across approx. 2 available. Tank split. Buyer collects. Bring a bucket / bag. 15 each. North leicesteshire. Sileby, Loughborough LE 12 07/01/18
18. Kenya Tree. (Coral) : Kenya Tree on peace of live rock Tree is 31/2" X 3 1/2" approx. Buyer to collect. Please bring something to carry it in. 20. North Leicestershire Sileby, Loughborough. 07/01/18
19. wanted : deltec 600 skimmer and other equip 07/01/18
20. Looking for a breeding pair of clown fish : Looking for a breeding/spawning pair of clown fish in London area, Preference to black and white one 06/01/18
21. Heteractis magnifica wanted : hi, am looking for a GREEN magnifica ritteri anemone. hard to find I know. Or any colour other than purple, which I already have. cheers 06/01/18
22. Nice size Kenya tree frag : Kenya tree frag medium size opens up grows quick 10.00 pounds tel 07470846335 02/01/18
23. Pulse frags : Various size pulse frag all 5.00 each 07470846335 02/01/18
24. Bamboo cat shark : Bamboo cat shark eating well hatched 12 weeks ago eating dead food etc squid prawns selling due to closing down tank 50 pounds Ono telephone 07470846335 02/01/18
25. Caulerpa Taxifolia : Hi I'm using miracle mud method with Caulerpa Taxifolia and I'm selling cut offs for 1. 01/01/18
26. Maroon Clown PAIR : Beautiful fish. Very gentle. Female approx 5" - Male approx 3.5". Had for 3 years. 80 for both. Collection only. 01/01/18
27. Mushroom Coral on live rock : Several pieces of live rock with mushroom corals attached for sale at 15 each 31/12/17
28. flame angel : Christmas Island flame angel, amazing colour & decent size. Beautiful fish feeds well 80.00 collection only 30/12/17
29. Maroon clown Banggai cardinalfish claki clown and other fish : Maroon clown 25 really nice fish I also have other marines fish Banggai cardinalfish 12 30/12/17
30. Pair of blue throat triggers : I have for sale a pair of blue throat trigger approx 5-6 inches, eat everything, selling as want to change stock and their getting abit big, looking for 110 from hampshire, could ... 29/12/17
31. Green melon mushroom : 1 large green melon mushrooms and 5 Smaller ones attached to one shell 10. Collection only. 29/12/17
32. Marine aquarium book : The complete marine aquarium by Vincent b Hargreaves. Very good condition. Collection only 5.00 29/12/17
33. Two red mushrooms with blue spots frag gosport 10 : As title two red mushrooms with blue spots about an inch in diameter each and attached to rock rubble ready to go 29/12/17
34. 35kg ~ 40Kg of MATURE LIVE ROCK - PRICED FOR QUICK SALE : After selling all livestock in my tank, I have about 35kg ~ 40Kg of MATURE LIVE ROCK for sale. Maybe more, see picture. The rock is still in my tank which is still running as usual ... 28/12/17
35. Closing tank : Shutting down my tank. Tank not included. Getting rid of three 2kg pieces of live rock and three fish dwarf purple and yellow angel an algae blenny and a blue damsel. 50 or trade ... 27/12/17
36. Salfin tang 48 sold..... : Hi I am selling my red sea salfin tang. It's really nice and healthy colour also very friendly. Its from red sea.It's eat almost all fish foods. It's approx 5 inch plus. For more ... 27/12/17
37. Wanted marine shark and rays : Hi there I'm looking for a coral cat , epaulette , shark also blue spotted or lemon Ray ,any other breeds of Sharks or Ray you may have n thinking of selling feel free to message a ... 26/12/17
38. LARGE CORALS, FISH AND LIVE ROCK FOR SALE- TANK SHUT DOWN : ***ALL SOLD EXCEPT FOR LIVE ROCK*** I am selling the entire content of my 350 litres reef tank. All the livestock as listed below. About 20 different types of corals both LPS ... 26/12/17
39. Female blue throat trigger 20 : 5 inches, had for 1 year. 20 23/12/17
40. Live rocks for marine fish 6 : Hi I am selling my live fizi rocks. 6 pound kg.please bring your own bucket for collection. 07908950597 20/12/17
41. Wanted Large Angels : Looking to rehome a couple of large fish that have out grown their current home Large FOWLR system so can take your coral munchers off you hands Let me know what you have M ... 19/12/17
42. Bluelined Triggerfish : RARE OPPORTUNITY - Beautiful fish with incredible markings. Curious and intelligent. A real character and great addition to your tank. Needs to be with large, boisterous fish - can ... 19/12/17
43. Clown Triggerfish : Rare opportunity - Gorgeous triggerfish with great personality. Needs to be with fish of similar size. Approx 5" long. Collection only. 110 19/12/17
44. Scopas Tang : Here I have a really nice Scopas Tang 30 its about 4-5 I paid 55 about 5 months ago an I want to change back to Tropical 17/12/17
45. Clarki Clown fish : Here I have a nice large clarki clown for sale 17/12/17
46. LIVE ROCK 40-50 KILOS : 40 - 50 kilo of dry Live Rock Been out of the aquarium around a week so will need to be cured again or can use as base rock Various shapes and sizes...Some really nice pieces ... 17/12/17
47. Aiptasia eating file fish for sale - rotherham : Aiptasia eating file fish for sale, cleared aipitasia and ready to move on. collection from Swinton, Rotherham S64 12.50 15/12/17
48. Dry Live Rock Milton Keynes 2 per kg REDUCED : Around 80kgs available more than in photo. Any qs please ask... 07860271204 15/12/17
49. MONO ANGELES : I got 4 Mono Angels Beautiful brackish water fish, sell all four 32. 13/12/17
50. Tube anemone : Lovely pink tube anemone closing tank down Amazing under the lights 35 collect hampshire 11/12/17
51. Macro Algae for the Marine Tank, Seahorse Aquarium and Nano-Tank. Beautiful as s ... : Livealgae UK Premium Marine Macro Algae for Your Marine Tank Passionately collected over the last 14 years we are happy to offer you a beautiful collection of various red and ... 10/12/17
52. Chaeto, Caulerpa and many more macro algae for the marine Aquarium : Livealgae UK Premium Marine Macro Algae for Your Marine Tank Passionately collected over the last 14 years we are happy to offer you a beautiful collection of various red and ... 10/12/17
53. Live rock plus one Fake corner rock : Around 25kg of live rock. Fully matured kept wet after closing down my tank One fake corner rock included 80 09/12/17
54. live rock and clown fish wanted stoke on trent : wanted live rock around stoke on trent or near i need a min of 10kg please wanted clown fish thanks James 09/12/17
55. Corals for sale or Swap : Red Monti plate colony 20 Green Monti Plate colony 40 Purple Monti Plate colony 30 Silver Monti Digi colony 20 Green Acro Stag large frag 15 monti histuta small frag 10 08/12/17
56. Lunare wrasse - 20 : Lovely lunare wrasse for sale, roughly 6 inches long. Eating well on frozen, dry and live food. Doesnt harm corals however should be cautious with some inverts. Collection from ... 08/12/17
57. Sea urchin 20 : Sea urchin for sale 20 Body is about the size of a golf ball 08/12/17
58. Leopard Reidi Seahorses for sale : large number of captive bred Leopard Reidi Seahorses for sale from 4 months to 9 months old. Due to an unexpected success in rearing the fry of my wild caught Reidi seahorses, I no ... 06/12/17
59. Regal Tang - WANTED: Middlesbrough area : Looking for a Regal Tang 4-5 in the Middlesbrough area 06/12/17
60. Kessil a350w tuna blue : Used but in as new condition with box great powerful light can be seen working open to offers 05/12/17
62. custom tank almost new : price is firm 150 ide rather let it sit if not sold ,,right tank is 3ft long 20"tall 24" deep with 20" swimming the rear 4" of tank is sump i had this made couple of months ago to ... 03/12/17
63. Mature live rock - approximately 50kg - will consider offers : Mature live rock for sale - 4 per kg - Ono for large amounts, Also have mature sand available once all the rock has gone approximately 50kg 03/12/17
64. Nassarius Snails - CUC : Nassarius Snails are an excellent addiction to your clean up crew. These little guys will clean up your sandbed and continue to keep it looking pristine. 2.00 each. Deals can ... 02/12/17
65. Red Sea very fine live sand 20kg : For sale Red Sea very fine live sand 20kg. Comes from an established aquarium, no medication used. 25 02/12/17
66. approx. 40kg live rock : I have approximately 40kg of mature live rock for sale, has been in my tank for 12 years. Is still in running tank. 5.00 per kilo or 170.00 for job lot. Buyer to collect from Hav ... 02/12/17
67. Marine fish for sale : Hi all Very reluctantly selling as house move forces!! For sale is Regal tang 3-4 50 Rabbit fish 3-4 30 Epaulette shark 18 230 Sohal tang 3 80 Emporer angel 2-3 ju ... 01/12/17
68. Marine Zoa Hyper Jubilee 1 Head 70 : I have for sale a zoa collectors piece The Hyper Jubilee stunning & rare These normally sell for around 100 to 150 I also have many more available please ask for det ... 01/12/17
69. Frags and mini red anemone : Pocillopora frag 4 pounds.2 purple stylo frags 12 pounds and 10. And red anemone 10 pounds stays small have never got bigger than 50 pence piece in my tank.collection northampton 28/11/17
70. AQUA ROUCHE ROCK : New ( never been in tank)aqua rouche rock for sale.cost 450 new. 3 large pieces as well as plating rock to attach one another. Only selling as I decided to go down a different ro ... 26/11/17
71. ROCK : I HAVE 60 KG OF DRIED OUT LIVE ROCK MAKE ME A REASONABLE OFFER WILL SALE SEPARATELY could you Tex me as i cant always get to the phone. 25/11/17
72. Small seahorse set up wanted please : Hi, I am looking to set up my first sea horse tank, I have been keeping marine fish for over 20 years so I would say I no the basics now. A complete set up would be nice with lives ... 24/11/17
73. Red Montipora Digitata Frags : Hi, I have 6 red Montipora Digitata frags,all 2in, nice healthy frags email:[email protected] 21/11/17
74. Purple tang - large approx 6 inches - 80 : Large purple tang for sale, very fat and eating regularly. Selling more fish and corals plus equipment 21/11/17
75. Dry Live Rock Milton Keynes 4 per kg : For sale per kg 21/11/17
76. Various sized live rocks : Two large live rocks Approx 14inch triangle shapped with roughly 20 green mushrooms and 10 pink leathers.100 each Smaller live rocks 5-15 plus 5 per head of coral 19/11/17
77. Kenya tree coral from 3 : Hi I have quite a few Kenya trees for sale ranging from 3-5. Collection only 17/11/17
78. H KUDA YELLOW SEAHORSES IN STOCK NOW : We have 100s of h kuda seahorses in stock now bred by are selfs they are a stunning cream and yellow colour. These are an ideal starter seahorse and only 50 GBP each we also have ... 13/11/17
79. H FUSCUS SEAHORSES IN STOCK : H fuscus in stock stunning seahorse 50 each we also have adult pairs at 130 a pair.We have spent years sourcing healthy seahorse stock come to the experts dont wast your hard ear ... 13/11/17
80. Black-Spined sea urchin (approx 10-15cm) free to good home. : 2 year old black-spined sea urchin free to good home (approx 10-15cm across). Outgrown current 4ft tank and has developed a taste for polyps. A real character though and sad to see ... 13/11/17
81. Reef livestock in EaReef 900 Marine Setup : Pair of Half Moon Crater Clownfish (Each about 1.5 inches) - 90 Yellow Eye Kole Tang (2.5/3 inches) - 45 SOLD Scopas Tang (2.5 inches) - 25 Yellow Coris Wrasse - 20 Sta ... 12/11/17
82. Live rock for sale 5 per kg : Excellent quality live rock Lots of life. Mushrooms, polyps, brittle stars 30-40kg 5 per kg Collection from Morley, leeds 11/11/17
83. Wanted : Hi I am looking for a pair of clowns or other marine fish/cuc also coral or a host for clowns in paington area or Swindon areas as I am presently working in wiltshire I am experien ... 11/11/17
84. Various Zoa Frags For Sale : I have various Zoa Frags avaiable for sale from my home tank. All well rested, need to clear some space. Prices dependant on polyp and frag count. Text or whatsapp me on 07860 5983 ... 11/11/17
85. Wanted marine fish and coral : Hi all Ive just started up a marine tank and will buy any unwanted fish or corals. Cash waiting 10/11/17
86. Rare marine fish for sale : Mystery wrasse - 2.5 inches long - 150 Multicolour dwarf angel - 2.5 inches long - 125 Both fish are in fantastic condition 09/11/17
87. Green Hystrix Frags : Hi, I have 5 Green Hystrix sps frags (Seriatopora Guttatus) for sale, all 2 in, nice frags, fast growing email:[email protected] if interested 09/11/17
88. Green Montipora Plate : Hi, 4 large pieces of green Montipora Plate, all 5-6 in, 1 with red mushrooms on 20 each Collection only, ps bring you own buckets/containers please email:[email protected] ... 09/11/17
89. Marine aquarium full set up including ecotech radion lights corals , rock : For sale is my 4 foot marine aquarium including sump all contents around 70kg of live rock and all corals loads of equipment including 2 ecotech r15 gen 3 pro led lights and ecotec ... 06/11/17
90. Marine tank x 2 and accesories : Marine tank 90 ltr Kent marine built in light , filter , skimmer , complete set up 2 wave makers , and live rock for both tanks , second tank is mi tank acrylic built in led lights ... 06/11/17
91. Live rock : Live rock for sale some nice pieces one large piece some pieces have mushrooms on looking for 5 per kg 06/11/17
92. 40KG Fiji Live rock, sand & chaeto. Tadworth/Epsom, Surrey : I\'m closing down my mature (10+ years) 48\" reef tank so have the following available for sale. - Approx 40kg live rock - mostly Fijian. - Loads of ocean/base rock. - Live sa ... 05/11/17
93. Complete setup for sale 500 : Fish stock is, Yellow tang, Arabian dottyback, file fish, hence no aptasia, Midas Benny, 4x blue damsel, wrasse, royal grammar. The corals are a nice of easy sps and lps, and Japan ... 05/11/17
94. Live corals, rock, fish, in Full Marine Setup 850 : Approx 40kg of established live rock, loads of life in it. XL torch colony, XL Duncan Colony, various hammers, zoas, palys, mushrooms. 3 x rose bubble tip anemones, various lps fr ... 04/11/17
95. for sale up and running marine tank 500 : Selling due to move. Bespoke complete Marine tank. Includes 40kg living rock 10 bubble topped anenomie Power heads Heater LED light system Fox face Yellow tang Dwa ... 04/11/17
96. Pair of adult Common Clownfish (Amphiprion occilaris) : Adult pair of common clowns, been with me for around 6 years. Sorry for the rubbish photos, they are in a hiding tank at the moment. 25 collection from Kendal, Cumbria or could po ... 02/11/17
97. Asterina : Hi, has anybody got any asterina starfish that they dont want? Will pay postage. Please call or text on 07712816628 02/11/17
98. XL Toadstool Coral (sarcophyton) : Large Toadstool coral approx 14" across. Stubby stem and gorgeous long polyps. 60. Will consider trade for lps/sps. Collection from Kendal, Cumbria or can arrange a meet ... 31/10/17
99. Wanted Blonde Naso Tang : Wanted Blonde Naso Tang , London Area 31/10/17
100. Various corals for sale : Hi I have a variety of frags for sale please inbox me for a list , collection welcomed from rugeley or can post at buyers cost 30/10/17

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