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Marine Fish & Marine Inverts
 june 2015 MARINE AQUARIUM SPECIALS AT FERRYBRIDGE AQUATICS YORKSHIRE WHILE STOCKS LAST : NEW CORAL ROOM NOW OP KENTMARINE 94L AQUARIUM AND CABINENT £295 we stock aqua reef range of aquarium red sea fluvial sea and l ...23/04/17
 Aquaculture Supplies from Seahorse Breeders online fish breeders shop : Our on-line shop houses a comprehensive and extensive range of Mariculture products that support and enhance the feeding and breeding of mar ...23/04/17
 H KUDA YELLOW SEAHORSES IN STOCK NOW : We have 100s of h kuda seahorses in stock now bred by are selfs they are a stunning cream and yellow colour. These are an ideal starter seah ...23/04/17
 Manaus Aquarium Products : New to the UK, Manaus Aquarium products. These medications are tailored for the aquatic hobby. Please see website for further details23/04/17
 Marine & Reef Equipment & Supples : Fastlight.co.uk have some great equipment and supplies especially for the marine and reef hobbyist including: Calcium Reactors Dosing P ...23/04/17
 LONDON UK Shipping Marine Corals Anemone Starfish & more for SALE : Hi there I have a variety of corals for sale. UK NEXT DAY Shipping is also available from ONLY £9.99 I can combine at times in 1 box seve ...23/04/17

1. Various sized Marine Cabbage Coral frags/corals : Pricing starts from £10 to £30. These frags / corals have all been taken from the mains corals in the tank. Please message me for further details. 26/03/17
2. Harlequin Shrimp Wanted : Hi, can anyone out there deliver me a Harlequin shrimp. Am in Rotherham. Overrun with asterinas and need one badly. cheers 26/03/17
3. Live rock with pulsating xenia some with green striped mushrooms : Various sized pieces of live rock with pulsating Xenia and some wit green striped mushrooms. £20 and up. Happy to send photos. 26/03/17
4. Large Marine Fish : Looking to rehome large marine fish that have out grown your tank. I have a very Large FOWLR system so I can take your coral munchers off your hands and give them the space they ne ... 25/03/17
5. Wanted Large Marine Fish : My tank is 10ft x 2.5ft x 2.5ft I currently have a 11inch starry puffer & 6 large fish / tangs between 6 & 8 inches 2 large eels 2 ft & 3ft. Looking to purchase some m ... 25/03/17
6. Free to a good home - Marine fish : We will be closing down our tank over the next few weeks. We are looking for a suitable home for all of our fish. They are as follows: 2x Yellow Tangs (not fully grown) 1x sailfi ... 25/03/17
7. Stars strips : Had him or her for 2 half years but selling as now got new hobby £150 ono allso live rock £70 for 10 10 10KILOS 24/03/17
8. Pair of lamarcks angelfish and a speckled hawkfish (Midlands) : lamarcks angelfish pair. Bought both at only 2 inches in size an had over a year. Considered reef safe angels(Or as close as you will get). Smaller one is 3 inches and one has got ... 24/03/17
9. Show piece of live rock covered in green stripe and blue spotted mushrooms : Amazing 'show piece'of live rock approx 10 inches x 5 inches with over 60 green stipe mushrooms and 6 blue spotted mushrooms of various sizes. Happy to send photos. £50. Other smal ... 23/03/17
10. Tiger pistol shrimp paired with male Randalls goby : Paired tiger pistol shrimp (~2 inches) with male Randall's goby (~3.5 inches). Been in my tank for around 3 years and both eat just about anything! Amazing to watch them, the goby ... 23/03/17
11. Orchid dottyback (Pseudochromis Fridmani) : Fully grown (~3 inches) orchid dottyback captive bred. Amazing colour and eats just about anything. Has been in my tank for over 3 years. £20. 23/03/17
12. Dry live rocks : Due to the shut down of our 5'marine tank we have a large amount of dry 'Live'rock for sale. Loads of shapes, plate, branch and other interesting sizes and shapes. £3 per kilo. ... 23/03/17
13. Pink Bubble Tip Anemone Aquarium Marine Reef Coral Live : Pink Bubble Tip Anemone in mature tank Listing is for **ONE ONLY** Size varies Buyer will need to supply own container to transport Anemone in Anemone will be taken out by sell ... 22/03/17
14. Red sea reefer 450 : Red sea reefer 450 in white for sale due to house move. £1600 Includes everything: Cabinet great condition no marks and no scratches on glass. Maxspect razor lights with ... 22/03/17
15. Green striped mushroom coral : Amazingly coloured green striped mushroom corals. Various sizes and numbers available. £5 to £25 depending on size and number. Happy to send photos. 21/03/17
16. Live rock with over 10 green ricordia corals : Piece of live rock with over 10 various size ricordia corals on. Rock approx 8'inches by 2-3 inches. Happy to send photos. £40. Also selling individual smaller green ricordia indiv ... 21/03/17
17. live rock : Hi I have for sale about 30kg of live rock. good colour unfortunately breaking tank down. also abot 20kg of ocean rock looking for about £200 for the lot thanks 21/03/17
18. Live rock, marine fish, inverts, in Juwel trigon 190 : About 18kg of live rock there\'s a 11 fish 3 tangs 4 chromes 1 fox face 1 puffer 1 snowflake Eel and 1 clown there\'s a fire shrimp and a large Emerald crab and a few corals. Fu ... 21/03/17
19. Marine hair algae wanted please : Anyone got any marine hair algae they can send me? I need to seed my algae scrubber (a new RAIN2 from Santa Monica set up today). Many thanks. Can send you a S.A.E to post it ... 20/03/17
20. tank shutdown : hi unfortunately due to a lack of time is shutting down my marine tank. the tank is a 450litre cleair tank with stand and sump.there is about £350 of rock in the tank and a few fi ... 20/03/17
21. Pink Gorgonians for sale £5 - £10 : I need to thin out my gorgonians a little so come and snip yourself a frag or two. Price will depend on size and quantity. Cheers Alan 19/03/17
22. Marine Tomato clown pair £30 : Im currently downsizing my stock a bit so i am selling my tomato clownfish pair. The male (smaller one) is a black saddle clownfish variant which tend to be alot pricier! They ... 19/03/17
23. Zoa Frag Pack 6 frags/11 polyps £75 : 6 frag zoa pack with a total of 11 polyps for £75 1. Scarface (1 polyp) 2. Purple Hornet (1 polyp) 3. Armageddon (1 polyp) 4. LA Lakers (3 polyps) 5. Punk Rockers (2 polyps) ... 19/03/17
24. marine rock : 18kg of marine rock £4 per kg or £60 the lot. Collection only B44 Currently homed in large buckets in my kitchen with air tube. 18/03/17
25. MARINE FISH AND ALL MARINE EQUIPMENT AT CHILTON AQUATICS. FULL SEACHEM RANGE IN ... : Marine Fish Inverts and Live rock at Great prices!! We also stock all the main brands of Marine Goods and supply Marine salt at the best price in the area. We are the areas only ... 18/03/17
26. Dog faced puffer : White spotted dog faced puffer lovely peaceful temperament as this species are. Had him from 3" he's a good fat solid 6-7" and eats everything from prawns mussels etc the ... 17/03/17
27. Wanted Large Angels and Tangs : Looking to rehome a couple of large fish that have out grown their current home Large FOWLR system so can take your coral munchers off you hands Let me know what you have M ... 17/03/17
28. Live marine rock, coral sand, marine rock rubble : I have for sale approximately 50 kilos of marine live rock. I have had this stored for a few months. There are lots of different size pieces some large, it will need to be set up ... 17/03/17
29. 70 kg MARINE LIVE ROCK : I have around 70 kg of live rock for sale Selling for message me with how much you require all shapes and sizes willing to negotiate a good price 16/03/17
30. RO water and SALTED water : I HAVE RO WATER 15p A LITRE. tds 0.00 and salted £6 for 25 LITRES. pleaes bring own container. CONTACT MICHAEL LICHFIELD 07956444789 CAN DELIVER lichfield and surrounding area ... 16/03/17
31. blue-spotted stingrays : Hi we have two blue-spotted stingrays available approx 6" very healthy great feeders £85 each delivery can be arranged 16/03/17
32. Marine Fish Swap : Am having fowlr tank but am thinking to add corals, the problem is I have picasso trigger and koran angel in that tank, And as you know picasso can nip some corals so the koran ang ... 15/03/17
33. For sale sps and lps corals : I've got a nice selection of coral frags for sale . Pink hystrix £ 15 Sold Green , blue red montipora digitata , plating £10 Acropora £10 Stylophora blue £ 15 Euphylia £ 2 ... 13/03/17
34. Kenya Tree Coral Frags - Leeds, West Yorkshire : I have available 5 Kenya Tree's that range from 2-3inches, each attached to their own shell. The arms have fallen from the mother tree and I have attached them to shells underw ... 12/03/17
36. Wanted real reef rock : Wanted real reef rock or Fiji purple rock get in touch if you have any 12/03/17
37. Red dot mushroom : 1 red dot mushroom 5cm dia aprox not attached to anything £5 11/03/17
38. Corner Marine Tank complete live system for sale : fish include regal tang 6 inches powder blue tang 4 inches foxface 8 inches pair of clowns copperband butterfly 3 inch plus some other fish. Coral corner cabinet in medium oak 125 ... 10/03/17
39. Black & White Clown Fish : I have a Black and white clown fish for sale unfortunately lost the other £20.00 10/03/17
40. Large dog face puffer : 7-8 inch large dog face puffer. Lovely character and eats pretty much everything. Collection from Milton Keynes £75 09/03/17
41. Stunning pyramid butterfly : Selling my large pyramid butterfly reef safe, healthy fat and feeding on everything. It's about 5" in size had it for over a year now selling due to reducing my bio load. Read ... 09/03/17
42. live rock : 25-30 kgs of live rock for quick sale £ 75.00 collection from TW4....CALL 07769786917 06/03/17
43. RO AND SALT WATER IN CHESHIRE AREA/ RO £1.50 SALT £4 : I can supply RO and Salt water allways at 000 TDS water goes through a 6 stage RODI unit. I use aquaforest reef salt 25L of RO £1.50 25L of salt £4 I am in northwich ... 05/03/17
44. RO AND SALT WATER IN CHESHIRE AREA/ RO £1.50 SALT £4 : I can supply RO and Salt water allways at 000 TDS water goes through a 6 stage RODI unit. I use aquaforest reef salt 25L of RO £1.50 25L of salt £4 I am in northwich ... 05/03/17
46. Paired clownfish, zoas, clean up crew : Paired clownfish female 2inch and male 1.5inch. small rock with plugs and around 20 heads of zoas 1 conch 1 margarita 1 trochus 2 nassarius Take the lot for 20. Need empt ... 03/03/17
47. blue throat or sargassum trigger wanted : Prefferably a pair of blue throat triggers or a single sargassum trigger. Cash waiting will collect 07757 379950 02/03/17
48. 24kg Quality Marine Live Rock : 24kg of quality marine live rock, for sale after tank downsize. Has been in tank for 3 years so lots of life and no pests or nasties. The rock has a few corals attached mainly fing ... 02/03/17
49. Marine Live Rock LONDON UK : A GRADE Live Rock. Collection price below £6.50 for 1 kilo £5 per kilo for 2kg - 99kg £4 per kilo for 100kg in 1 purchase £3 per kilo for 200kg in 1 purchase From a ... 02/03/17
50. LONDON UK Shipping Marine Corals Anemone Starfish & more for SALE : Hi there I have a variety of corals for sale. UK NEXT DAY Shipping is also available from ONLY £9.99 I can combine at times in 1 box several corals depending on the variety of c ... 02/03/17
51. MARINE AQUARIUM CORALS, CUC, INVERTS - DIRECT TO YOUR DOOR SOME RARE : Welcome and thanks for checking out my advert I have various corals , clean up crew and invertebrates which i can deliver to most areas within the UK. Please check out my link on E ... 02/03/17
52. Corals and pair of clown fish for sale : All the corals in the pictures you can see are currently in my sump as I can't put them in my main tank these are all for sale £5/£30 each. There's also a pair of clown fish for s ... 01/03/17
53. Red Mushrooms with Blue Spots on live rock : Blue Spotted Mushrooms on live rock, easy to keep soft corals which will multiply quickly in your tank if you have good water conditions. The photos are of the mother colony w ... 01/03/17
54. Coral frags bargain : I have about 100 frags available fully grown out ready too go at bargain prices Many zoas softies star polyps Duncan's frog spawns hammers alveporas gonioporas And lots of sps ... 01/03/17
55. Corals and Live Rock Wanted Stafford/Stoke Area : Hi I am after corals and some more live rock I am from Stafford. Looking forward to hearing what people have on offer :) 28/02/17
56. Marine Aquarium - Full Setup - With corals and invertebrates : Marine Aquarium Setup. 50 litres. I am selling this after accepting a new job and being away for the next month and therefore no one being at home to provide the needed conti ... 28/02/17
57. RO and Salt water : I can supply RO and Salt water allways at 000 TDS water goes through a 6 stage RODI unit. I use aquaforest reef salt 25L of RO £1.50 25L of salt £4 I am in northwich ... 27/02/17
58. juvenile Emperor Angel : Juvenile emperor Angel eating well eats anything pellets ,flake, frozen, have had him for 4 months , selling due to nibbling at corals size approx 4inch asking for £40 ono Conta ... 27/02/17
59. Coral frags bargain : I have about 100 frags available fully grown out ready too go at bargain prices Many zoas softies star polyps Duncan's frog spawns hammers alveporas gonioporas And lots of sps ... 26/02/17
60. Marine algae caulerpa : Caularepa marine algae reduce nitrate and phospate price £ 10 Collection in person froh Haywards Heath 26/02/17
61. Green melon mushroom : 2 mushrooms 1.5 cm dia aprox 2 mushrooms very very small but will soon grow all attached to one shell £10 26/02/17
62. Nems : Wanted large long finger anemone 25/02/17
63. marine fish and rock and coral in 108x33x26 tank and sump : all fish and rock and coral in a 9 feet tank for sale Mp40 x2 Mp10 x2 Skimmer x2 Calcium reactor Reactors x4 £2500 25/02/17
64. Sailfin tang : Desjardini Sailfin tang approx 7/8 inches stunning example very healthy eats flake,pellets,frozen.Will need to go in a large tank due to size.£100 or willing to swap with nice cora ... 25/02/17
65. 4 striped damselfish free to a good home : We have one 4-striped damselfish available for a good home, after we have learned some lessons very quickly (we are new to marine fish keeping.) The damsel is about 1.5 inches lon ... 25/02/17
66. Hammer coral branching 5 heads : 5 head hammer coral £40 Pick up only 07449202872 Cheers rob 23/02/17
67. gold torch coral 2 heads : Gold torch coral 2 heads £50 pick up only 07449202872 cheers rob 23/02/17
68. live rock £2 per kilo & equipment for sale. : 50 kilo of mature live rock. Just closed down my 600lt marine tank. Items for sale. Deltec APH525 skimmer with DCS 600...PLUS Eheim pump...£60 Deltec FR509 reactor....plus ... 22/02/17
69. Hammer coral : Hi. I have an Aussie wall hammer for sale Skeleton is approximately 5" long - coral opens out bigger obviously. Can't upload pics for some reason but can whatsapp or email the ... 22/02/17
70. HYBRID GOLD FROGSPAWN CORAL LPS REEF MARINE TANK AQUARIUM : i have ultra rare collectors piece of gold frogspawn. it it a hybrid bi colour of true gold tips and a alien green hue base. it is absolutely stunning!! 5 large head fully exp ... 20/02/17
71. Candy Basslet : For Sale: Candy Basslet (Or trade for corals) I splurged on a Candy Basslet a few months ago, but I think I would like to move toward including more corals. So, this beautiful and ... 20/02/17
72. 25kg of base rock dead live rock : Approx 25kg of dead live rock fills a 40litre flexi tub £100 collection ash vale 20/02/17
73. Fish Tank live approx 30 kg of fiji live rock and tonga branch rock, power heads ... : Hello I have for sale approx. 30 kg of Fiji live rock & branching rock just removed from tank pluse power heads, heater marine fish food etc. In a aqua 1 fish tank and stand 2ft ... 19/02/17
74. Niger Trigger reef safe £ 35 : HI I am selling my Niger trugger.it's 5 to 6 inch.reef safe. Nice fish and healthy. Sorry to sell this fish. Tel. 07908950597 Price. £35.00 19/02/17
75. Picasso Trigger £35 : HI I am selling my .it's 4 to 5 inch. Nice fish and healthy. Very interesting when he knows come for food. Sorry to sell this fish. Tel. 07908950597 Price. £35.00 19/02/17
76. Porcupine puffer : HI I am selling my porcupine puffer.it's 4 to 5 inch. Nice fish and healthy. Very interesting when he knows come for food. Sorry to sell this fish. Tel. 07908950597 Price. £45.0 ... 19/02/17
77. Nano marine setup and fish : Full nano marine tank and setup. Fully mature system with Live sand . XL Live rock. Heater. filter .LED light system. Includes 1 clown fish (NEMO) and 2 regal damsels. NO TIME WA ... 19/02/17
78. For sale marine fish : Hi I have the following for sale 1 x file fish 1x 6 line wrasse 1x male common clown Pick up from holywell, change of tank is the reason for sale, all feed well on flake, f ... 18/02/17
79. Pencil Urchin : Dark red colour and about 3 inch in size. It eats lots of algae and great member of clean up crew. £10 07932946167 London W5 18/02/17
80. Marine tank breakdown : Haven't had it long selling due to upgrading to a bigger tank... tank is still running now. Tank is a jewel lido 125 litre with stand comes with original filter with loads of d ... 18/02/17
81. Tank breakdown SPS coral for sale consider any offer : I will breakdown marine tank for sale over 50 acropora corals Frags and colony. Acropora valida 3" £30 Acropora millepora 3" £30 Acropora formosa few different sizes £15-30 Ac ... 16/02/17
82. Red bubbletip anemones £30 : Hi I have some red bubbletip anemones for sale. Tank splits. These are nicely coloured. They don't get over 6 " and they split readily. Any questions please ask. 07901874631 Co ... 16/02/17
83. Rose tip anenomes : I need to re home about 4 or 5 anonomes they are spreading llike mad very healthy and all about 4" £30 each is a really fair price I think give us a call 07830388100 I'm in mitcham ... 15/02/17
84. Live Rock : Closing tank down 30 klgof live rock a few Kenya tres a toadstool offers around £ 4 .00 per kg or the right price for the lot 14/02/17
85. Large fish : Large fish required for a 240 gallon tank all species considered 14/02/17
86. Stunning female Picasso clownfish : Beautiful female Picasso clown fish needs a new home as I'm having to close down my tank. She is very tame and active - constantly swims around the tank. I can send pictures thro ... 14/02/17
87. Trigger : 3/4inch underlate trigger free 13/02/17
88. Full marine tank and livestock for sale : Full marine setup and livestock for sale. List as follows! •5x2x2 tank and 4ft sump filter £350 •Led light unit £120 •Jebao adjustable wavemaker £40(very powerfull) •Tunze ca ... 12/02/17
89. marine fish lot for sale : yellow tang 3-4inch mustard jewel tang 2-3inch marine betta 5-6inch gold tail angel all for sale in group for £150 12/02/17
90. Phytoplankton 2 Litre for £10. : Phytoplankton 2 Litre for £10. The only food you need for your corals Collection from Gateshead. 12/02/17
91. Corals and pair of clown fish for sale : All the corals in the pictures you can see are currently in my sump as I can't put them in my main tank these are all for sale £5/£30 each. There's also a pair of clown fish for s ... 12/02/17
92. Live rock and some corals : Everything in this pic bar fish. Include live rock some lovely pieces plate and others. Zoas mushrooms chalice trachy favia red monti plate green monti digi. Live sand if wanted. £ ... 12/02/17
93. Tank shutdown - fish for sale. Stunning Naso Tang : Unfortunately having to shutdown my tank. All fish fat/healthy and never had disease. Naso Tang 5" £45 (must go to a minimum 4ft tank) Magnificent foxface 5" £45 Mc ... 12/02/17
94. 15kg of Mature Live Rock £50 : For Sale 15kg of live rock. 10 years old mature live rock from my tank. It's going to be kept in the marine water until the sale. Plus 15 kg of used live pink Red Sea sand as a bon ... 12/02/17
95. Pink Bubble Tip Anenome Small : My Bubble Tip Anenome has split so selling new Anenome tank water very stable only have one so be quick £25 07773678809 11/02/17
96. Live rock £5.50 per kg : I have around 80kg of live rock for sale at £5.50 per kg 11/02/17
97. 3 marine predatory fish : Blue trigger 3inch £20 Arc eye hawkfish 2inch £20 Fuzzy dwarf lion fish 1.5 inch £20 ALL 3 for £55 Loughton Essex collection 11/02/17
98. Reef Breakdown - Clownfish, Pistol Shrimp, Xenia : I am in the process of breaking down my reef tank and have the follow up for offer: 1 x Percular Clown - female (unfortunately the male died). She is at the very least 8 years o ... 11/02/17
99. Marine fish, Live rock in 4x2x2 : Picasso trigger Koran Angel Caribbean blue tang ( pretty much mature colours) Sailfin tang, Wimplefish, Clown. Pretty sure its a betta life space, (had it a long time) full ... 10/02/17
100. clownfish : x2 clownfish one black and white female one orange and white male collection from nr5 £20 07/02/17

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