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Marine Fish & Marine Inverts
 Aquaculture Supplies from Seahorse Breeders online fish breeders shop : Our on-line shop houses a comprehensive and extensive range of Mariculture products that support and enhance the feeding and breeding of mar ...19/07/18
 Marine & Reef Equipment & Supples : Fastlight.co.uk have some great equipment and supplies especially for the marine and reef hobbyist including: Calcium Reactors Dosing P ...19/07/18
 H KUDA YELLOW SEAHORSES IN STOCK NOW : We have 100s of h kuda seahorses in stock now bred by are selfs they are a stunning cream and yellow colour. These are an ideal starter seah ...19/07/18
 MARINE - TA AQUACULTURE - Specialist Fish Foods. : Quality marine and reef fish foods. Many from small manufacturers making small batches of feed specially to our orders. Loads of repeat ord ...19/07/18
 Marine fish and inverts at A-Z Aquatics in Balterley, Crewe : Visit us to view our selection of marine fish and inverts here at A-Z Aquatics, with stocks changing often. Besides the usual marine fish, w ...19/07/18

1. Pink gorgonian coral : Pink gorgonian coral. This is a photosynthesis coral so doesn't need feeding.it is a frag 5cm tall and 2 cm tall aprox.£5 collection only. 11/03/18
2. Harlequin Shrimp for sale : Approx 1 inch. I have had it for 3 months and it has cleared up all my asterina star fish. £10 Ealing, London 07932946167 10/03/18
3. Marine Reef Livestock for sale - Fish, Shrimp, Corals, SPS, LPS : I am selling all the livestock of my marine reef tank. The system is 9 months old. All livestock is healthy and looking good. Viewings welcome. Preferable this weekend. First c ... 09/03/18
4. New finally cycled 4ft marine : Hi looking for frags in Basildon area to try and build up my tank thanks 08/03/18
5. New frags for sale, limited availability : Xenia frags sm £2.50 Xenia Med on plug £5.00 Fairy dust Zoa multiple polyps on plugs from £5.00 Whammin watermelon multiple polyps on plugs from £5.00 Finger leather coral frag ... 07/03/18
6. Yellow Tail Purple Tang : We have a Yellow Tail Purple Tang who is 10cm-12cm in length and has been with us for a couple of years and feeds well on flake food and frozen brineshrimp. He is a great specim ... 07/03/18
7. Bargain frags. SPS, LPS, zoas. Farnborough, Hants. CHEAP : Everything must go....... From Triton run healthy system with GHL lighting Montipora hirsuta, green polyp morph. 2 x 1" £6 Green pocillopora 1x 4" £10, 1 x 2" £6 Silver ... 07/03/18
8. White spotted puffer fish 8" : Stunning white spotted puffer 8" Lovely markings and eats well not really shown any aggression 06/03/18
9. Pair of black clowns : Stunning pair of black clowns Always together lovely markings 06/03/18
10. LIVE ROCK. : I have closed an aquarium down for a friend. He has a 220 ltr barrel full of live rock heater and power head to keep it live. There are also a couple of bags of rock that simpl ... 05/03/18
11. Wanted guinea fowl puffer : Wanted Guinea fowl puffer 05/03/18
12. Marine Fish & Live Rock in Aquarium and top end equipment : Regal Tang Pair of Clown fish Mandarin Gobi Blennie 2 humbugs 1 blue/yellow damsel All the fish are healthy and ready to go for 15+kg Live Rock (mix including real reef) ( ... 05/03/18
13. Tinkers butterfly : I have a tinkers butterfly for sale Had it for over a year and eats anything and everything The fish is in great condition and of good colour Reason for selling is that I want t ... 03/03/18
14. marine fish : sailfin tang about 4inch long beautifull fish also a yellow tang and a female clown about 3inch open to offers 03/03/18
15. Marine fish and inverts at A-Z Aquatics in Balterley, Crewe : Visit us to view our selection of marine fish and inverts here at A-Z Aquatics, with stocks changing often. Besides the usual marine fish, we usually have unusual and rarer fish in ... 02/03/18
16. Koran angel 3 to 4 inch long : Koran angel 3 to 4 inch long, good healthy fish, just showing signs of changing to adult colours, lives in a full reef tank without any problems with other fish or corals, only sel ... 28/02/18
17. Triggers : Wanted Trigger fish big or small 28/02/18
18. Maroon Clown, Black Leopard, Urchin, Pink Pistol Shrimp for Sale : Shutting down my tank and remaining inhabitants need to go, these are Small Maroon Clownfish Black Leopard Wrasse Urchin Pink Pistol Shrimp The lot for £20 27/02/18
19. Pulsing Xenia frags and larger colonys : I have lots of pulsing Xenia frags for sale starting at £7 each And also larger colonyís available 27/02/18
20. French Angelfish : For sell beatiful French Angelfish . She need bigger tank. My tank is 120x60x60. She is very friendly and eating very well. She doesn't eat sps polips. Price £100 . Collection ... 26/02/18
21. Maroon Clown Fish PAIR : Beautiful fish. Very gentle. Female approx 5" - Male approx 3.5". Had for 3 years. £85 for both. Collection only. Great colours. 26/02/18
22. Montipora digi German blue frags : German blue montipora frags I have a few of these available in different sizes. £15 up to £25 depending on size. Although referred to as German blue. These look purple or blue ... 25/02/18
23. Full Marine set up : I have also put this ad in the aquarium section I am offering a complete marine set up as there is so much I am not putting together a list. The aquarium is L72"xW24"xH ... 25/02/18
24. Wanted marine fish : Looking for any marine fish, big or small Reef safe or not, what have you got? 25/02/18
25. Cabbage coral : Cabbage coral attached to shell. £5 collection only 25/02/18
26. Pink star polyp : Small piece but will soon spread. Picture not very good. £4 . Collection only. 25/02/18
27. Clown Triggerfish : Rare opportunity - Gorgeous triggerfish with great personality. Needs to be with fish of similar size. Approx 5" long. Collection only. £105 24/02/18
28. Bluelined Triggerfish : RARE OPPORTUNITY - Beautiful fish with incredible markings. Curious and intelligent. A real character and great addition to your tank. Needs to be with large, boisterous fish - can ... 24/02/18
29. corals , fish : sailfin tang in exceptional conditon arround 4.5 inch £50 pink kenya corals on real live rock £5-£10 xenia frags on real live rock £5 rare bright green kenya frags £10-£ ... 24/02/18
30. Good quality live rock : Well cycled, live rock . Good shapes and sizes . £8.00 per kilo. Also some with Kenya Trees , call for details . 23/02/18
31. Devils Hand Leather Coral for sale : Devil's Hand Leather Coral for sale. Its attached to a piece of live rock along with some pulsing xenia and some small polyps. £45 ono 23/02/18
32. Complete contents of 4x2x2 reef tank : Complete contents of reef tank to go. Will not split. You can see this is packed with live rock (approx. 50kg is more as sump is full as well). Corals include mushro ... 23/02/18
33. tanks closing down : Hi all, sadly we are closing down 2 marine tanks we have 2 pairs of common clowns, pair of bulk/wht banjais 1 yellow watchman goby offers accepted. Tanks, sumps, wave makers, light ... 22/02/18
34. Zebra ell 12" : Beautiful 12" zebra eel Stunning markings 22/02/18
35. Burgess butterfly : Burgess butterfly for sale, had him for clearing aptasia, munched through over 100 aptasia within a week. Ready to be moved on. £80.00 Collection only BN15 9RJ 20/02/18
36. Marine tangs sold sold sold : Yellow tang 4 inch £50 Regal tang 4 inch £40 Orange shoulder tang £35 17/02/18
37. Red bubbletip anemone : In good healthy condition & great colour. £20 - collection only. 17/02/18
38. Live rock : 35kg of good quality purple live rock for £125. 16/02/18
39. Live corals, inverts, fish in Marine tank Red Sea max 250 with sump £450 Ono : I\'ve decided to sell my tank. It\'s a Red Sea max 250 with sump, approx 280 litres. Two jebao power heads, eheim heater, return pump and v2 skimmer Aquaroache Rock, corals; ha ... 15/02/18
40. Marine livestock : Yellow tang, regal tang, maroon clown , black and white clown a damsel a urchin, royal grammer, fire shrimp, wreck fish, turbo snails, hermit crabs a scooter, blenny £300 Ono wonít ... 15/02/18
41. Achilles tang wanted : Looking to buy nice Achilles tang, any for sale ? 14/02/18
42. MARINE FISH @@ selling separate @@ : For sale are my marine fish,due to health reasons. I have spent thousands on equipment and my hobby over the last 5 years and Iím gutted to see them go,their in a healthy well est ... 14/02/18
43. Red Sea 170 reefer : Red Sea 170 v2 lumanire bubble Magnus skimmer ,return pump ,ozone generator sump and all stock in picture Liverpool area collection only Cabinet in white excellent condition ... 14/02/18
44. Kenya tree coral frags 4" : Kenya tree coral frags on plugs, 4" tall and have been growing very quickly being fed Reef Roids weekly. They provide great flowing movement in a reef tank Collection only ... 13/02/18
45. Marine fish : Wanted, complete marine set up,looking for livestock, marine fish, soft corals, anemone, inverts ,live rock etc or just tank set up ...anything considered ,willing to travel withi ... 13/02/18
46. Male Scribble angelfish £320. In non copper system. : About 4 inches size. Cash only. Collection only. 12/02/18
47. Achilles tang £365. In non copper system. : About 4 inches size. Eats everything, included pellets, nori, frozen. Cash only. Collection only. 12/02/18
48. Cross hatch trigger £600. In non copper system. : About 6 inches size. Cash only. Collection only. 12/02/18
49. Fuzzy dwarf lionfish : A good 3 to 4 Inc healthy and eating very well on frozen and live food£60 07973 529939 11/02/18
50. 5kgs Live Rock very mature £30 : 5kgs of live rock from a tank im braking down. Pink coraline on some. £30 located in Worthing West Sussex. Please message me to enquire. 11/02/18
51. Java Red Discosoma Mushrooms : I currently have red discosoma mushrooms for sale. Look great when colony has grown and under blues. £7 for one or two for £12. 11/02/18
52. corals , cheato , phyto : xenia frags on real live rock £5-£8 kenya frags on real live rock £5-£10 rare green kenya frags £10-£15 clove polyps frags £5-£10 cheato ( full of pods) .. £5 per bag ... 10/02/18
53. 25kg bucket tropic Marin bio actif reef salt. : For sale £70 bucket of tropic Marin bio actif...£50 buys it or spend an extra £20-£30 trying to find it elsewhere. Thanks 09/02/18
54. Coral beauty for sale : Perfectly healthy coral beauty. Bought at unknown age for Fish Alive Durham. Had for 12 months. Started eating corals so I want To find him a new home. Wonít touch leather cora ... 09/02/18
55. FREE Green bird wrasse : I have a lovely Green bird wrasse that im giving away for free iv had it about a year, it about 6\" long. Im letting it go because im changing the set up in my tank. Colletion only ... 09/02/18
56. Ecotech frag kit : Ecotech frag kit for sale in good condition open to offers For more information 07784156262 08/02/18
57. Clarion Angelfish for sale : I put out for sale this amazing and very ostentatious fish. I regret letting it go but must have to. She is in perfect health. Email if you are interested. 07/02/18
58. corals for sale : sps millipora frags £8 -£15 poccilopora frags £8 -£15 forest fire digi £8 - £20 bubble gum digi £8 -20 green digi frags £8 lps large 5 head green torch £45 3 head green ... 06/02/18
59. Wanted marine fish : I am looking for any marine fish must be able to deliver in wigan area money waiting 06/02/18
60. Hippocampus Hippocampus pair : one pair of captive bred Hippocampus Hippocampus for sale. £300 without delivery, £335 with delivery. uk mainland only, payment via paypal. 04/02/18
61. Kenya colony unicorn yellow tang and some live rock : Hi for sell is a very large nice Kenya tree coral colony on a nice large bit of rock its nice gold brown colour and very bushy. My large unicorn tang is also for sale. If i get the ... 04/02/18
62. Sponge on live rock : Two pieces on live rock £30 other one lose £10 02/02/18
63. Asternia starfish : If anybody wants any Asternia starfish,great if running low for,your Harlequin shrimp.50 for £10 needs collecting though. 02/02/18
64. LIVE ROCK : 10kg of live rock rubble. Has been dry stored for 6 months. Collection only unless you live nearby. Iím in the Caterham area. Usually £12 per kg, will accept £25 31/01/18
65. Adult Goldflake angelfish £675. In non copper system. : About 6 inches size. Cash on only. Collection only. 31/01/18
66. Griffis angelfish £720. In non copper system. : About 4 inches size. Collection only. Cash only. 31/01/18
68. 200L marine tank for sale : I have for sale a 200l sumped marine tank for sale Its sumped in the back of the tank not underneath its currently running as it has rock and 1 yellow tail blue damsel in it Im ... 30/01/18
69. Clown Trigger Fish £145 : Hi I am selling my 6 inch adult clown trigger fish. It's eat really well. When you give food it's pick up from your hand. Very intelligent fish. Reasonable offer only. Serious buy ... 30/01/18
70. wanted marine live rock & equipment for new set up : wanted marine live rock /25 litre containers bucket of salt salinity meter chemicals testing kits lighting antything marine considered starting up new tank soon thanks ... 28/01/18
71. Tri colour bubbletip anemones £30 : Hi I have some bubbletip anemones for sale. Tank splits. These are nicely coloured. They don't get over 6 " and they split readily. Any questions please ask. 07901874631 Collec ... 28/01/18
72. Live rock, Live sand, in Marine fish tank : 4 foot marine fish tank for sale selling due to ill health think its a betta space tank comes with approx 50 kilos of live rock live sand but no fish these have gone already protei ... 27/01/18
73. Angelfish Adults and Juveniles : Angel Fish for sale Adult Blue Ring angel 100,00 Majestic Angel 90 Regal Angel (Maldives) 80.00 Rock Beauty Angel Adult 80.00 Blue Face Angel 90.00 Emporer Angel Juvenile 5 ... 26/01/18
74. XL Snowflake Eel : Huge Snowflake Eel for sale over 2ft and the thickness of an average persons wrist selling due to tank breakdown ive had for over a year with zero problems feeding or behaviour wit ... 26/01/18
75. Mantis : Wanted peacock mantis shrimp huddersfield area 24/01/18
76. Marine fish and corals wanted : Within 50 miles of West sussex, complete setups considered bit mainly looking for corals and smaller fish. 24/01/18
77. Blue Throat Triggers : After a pair of blue throat triggers, can collect West Midlands area tel 07757379950 23/01/18
78. Complete marine set up, everything must go : I have a 6ft 6 marine set up with queen and flame angel, 4 clowns and red shrimp. Live rock, skimmer, internal and external filter plus power heads. Moving very soon so all must go ... 21/01/18
79. Marine Aquarium Full Set Up With Coral : 60 ltr Marine Aquarium. full set up including:Stretch LEDs x2 Skimmer,Filters x2 Power head, Live Rock, Leather Corals and snails £90 ono 20/01/18
80. WANTED : breeding pair of orange clownfish £100 : Wanted breeding pair orange ocellaris clowns can pay up to £100. Email photo of eggs. Can collect. 18/01/18
81. Wanted : Clown trigger, Emporer Angel, Marine rays, what you got????? 15/01/18
82. Wanted marine fish : Wanted marine fish, large fish out grown your tank Will take all sizes and all types 15/01/18
83. Marine fish tank : hi i have for sale a marine fish tank 36"x 36" x 20" built in wire box sump stand and pipe work £250 15/01/18
84. Frags for sale Cambridgeshire : Hi. I have a few frags spare. Purple stylo. Candycane. Green monti digi. Guttatus. Zoas. Purple (german blue) monti digi.ultra green scrolling monti. Different sizes available pri ... 15/01/18
85. Full reef setup : A full set up of a well matured and well established marine reef aquarium up for sale at a bargain price of £850 (ONO). Fishes, corals, rocks and lots more included in the price. ( ... 15/01/18
86. Clownfish wanted : hi, looking for some Sebae or Saddleback Clowns and able to deliver to Rotherham, s yorks. cheers 15/01/18
87. Live rock : Hi, I have 60-80kilo\'s of live rock for sale £6 per kilo. I also have mushroom corals for sale various frag sizes £2 per head. 15/01/18
88. Pest asterina starfish and brittle starfish wanted : Looking for 30-100 pest asterina starfish. If you have too much over grown in your tank and happy to post please kindly let me know. Many thanks! 07778887333 H 14/01/18
89. WANTED BUBBLE CORALS : Hi I am after bubble corals of any description. The bigger the better. Cash waiting. I am based in Cambridgeshire but willing to travel for the right piece. Thanks Tim 0790187 ... 13/01/18
90. live rock for sale £5 a kilo : Mature live rock for sale lots of different shapes and sizes over 300 kilos to choose from comes from a mature tank lots of life £5 per kilo newhaven east sussex bn99dy . 07864048 ... 13/01/18
91. FREE clownfish : Closing down my Nano tank so have one clown fish free to a good home. I'm in Lincoln. Text me on 07885037953 12/01/18
92. wanted marine fish : hi im looking for some nice tangs for my marine tank vampire tamg naso tangs ect plz contact me if your selling any west or east sussex many thanks 12/01/18
93. Live rock regal tang and lots of sand : Tank breakdown due to house move live rock prob 20kg at a guess good rock with plenty of maturity and coralline on bargain £5 per kg Regal tang large a real nice fish £40 O ... 09/01/18
94. Marine Fish : Marine fish for sale, lovely healthy fish. Yellow tang £35 Breading Maroon Clowns £45 Coral beauty £35 Coral - Red mushroom Various number of heads for sale Ham ... 09/01/18
95. Rose Tip Bubble Anemone. : 2" across approx. 2 available. Tank split. Buyer collects. Bring a bucket / bag. £15 each. North leicesteshire. Sileby, Loughborough LE 12 07/01/18
96. Kenya Tree. (Coral) : Kenya Tree on peace of live rock Tree is 31/2" X 3 1/2" approx. Buyer to collect. Please bring something to carry it in. £20. North Leicestershire Sileby, Loughborough. 07/01/18
97. Nice size Kenya tree frag : Kenya tree frag medium size opens up grows quick 10.00 pounds tel 07470846335 02/01/18
98. Pulse frags : Various size pulse frag all 5.00 each 07470846335 02/01/18
99. Bamboo cat shark : Bamboo cat shark eating well hatched 12 weeks ago eating dead food etc squid prawns selling due to closing down tank 50 pounds Ono telephone 07470846335 02/01/18
100. Maroon clown Banggai cardinalfish claki clown and other fish : Maroon clown £25 really nice fish I also have other marines fish Banggai cardinalfish £12 30/12/17

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