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Marine Fish & Marine Inverts
 Aquaculture Supplies from Seahorse Breeders online fish breeders shop : Our on-line shop houses a comprehensive and extensive range of Mariculture products that support and enhance the feeding and breeding of mar ...14/12/17
 Marine & Reef Equipment & Supples : Fastlight.co.uk have some great equipment and supplies especially for the marine and reef hobbyist including: Calcium Reactors Dosing P ...14/12/17
 H KUDA YELLOW SEAHORSES IN STOCK NOW : We have 100s of h kuda seahorses in stock now bred by are selfs they are a stunning cream and yellow colour. These are an ideal starter seah ...14/12/17
 MARINE - TA AQUACULTURE - Specialist Fish Foods. : Quality marine and reef fish foods. Many from small manufacturers making small batches of feed specially to our orders. Loads of repeat ord ...14/12/17

1. Adult Clown Trigger sold : Rarely available Amazing fish full of character.its like having dog in your tank. Had him since baby in top condition.bargain at £130 07377 679617. Sold sold 06/09/17
2. XL Yellow tang Sold Sold : Execellent specimen in top condition eats everything.rare to see them this size priced to sell at £55..07377 679617. Sold 06/09/17
3. Live Rock : We have a lot of Live Rock for sale, £5 per kilo or a deal on large amount there is a lot! Bournemouth area 01202892101 06/09/17
4. Tank Shut Down - Reefer 350 Full Set Up - inc Fish, Inverts, Corals & Equipm ... : Selling my Reefer 350 set up due to having not enough time to look after it because of work commitments. It's a year old tank, with some amazing fish! Everything has been well look ... 05/09/17
5. Buying Tisbe Biminiensis (Copes) in UK? : Hi All, I'm looking to find somewhere to get hold of this live marine food. Anyone know where in the UK sources it? Feeds on detritus (rather than Phyto), and hardier than the u ... 05/09/17
6. Marine fish : Hi selling some live stock. Yellow tand 5icnh £70 Blond naso 5inch £60 regal tang 6inch 60 unicorn tang 6inch £60. Passor angle £60 6inch lion fish £50 eating frozen clown wrasse 6 ... 04/09/17
7. Paul : Wanted pair of large common clowns Bolton area 03/09/17
8. RODI Water £1.50 for 25L Salt Water £4 for 25L Allways 000 TDS : I can supply RO and Salt water allways at 000 TDS water goes through a 5 stage RODI unit. I use aquaforest reef salt 25L of RO £1.50 25L of salt £4 I am in northwich ... 02/09/17
9. Phytoplankton.phyto.marine.frags.coral : My high quality clean Culture phytoplankton Green Water Live phytoplankton Live can be used as a starter culture Phytoplankton are the building blocks for life in the ocean,It is i ... 02/09/17
10. Selling my full set-up tank, fish, corals, accessories etc all included : Selling my 250L Redsea Max set up. It includes the tank, stand, fish, invertebrates, corals, live rock, sand, Led lights, autofeeder and top up pump , etc 02/09/17
11. Coral frags : I have a few frags for sale collection from Basingstoke or can post £12 poly box heat pack next day before 1pm 07921030551 Reverse space monsters 10 heads on a plug £30 Reverse ... 01/09/17
12. Wanted - frags coral or inverts : hi If you are closing down your marine tank please let me know as I am looking for corals/frags. Many thanks Harry 01/09/17
13. Live Rock : Just shut down my tank and have a bin full of live rock, with a heater and powerhead in to keep the rock live. Looking for £3.50 per kg. Or will do a deal on someone taking the lot ... 01/09/17
14. 6in male crosshatch trigger bargain £750 : 6in stunning male crosshatch trigger fish Bargain £750 31/08/17
15. Large yellow fin tang : We have a large yellow fin tang for sale 8inch plus Had since small a lovely fish reducing tank down sorry about pic if you want a clearer pic then I will be happy to take another ... 29/08/17
16. 6in male crosshatch trigger bargain £750 : 6in stunning male crosshatch trigger fish Bargain £750 29/08/17
17. Pocillopora sps coral colony £30 Maidstone : About the size of tennis ball. Great value and will. And your money back fast as this is easy to frag and grows fast. 29/08/17
18. Red month plate coral frags £5 Maidstone : Several frags available 29/08/17
19. Bubble mags mini 70 reactor £40 Maidstone : Surplus to requirements 29/08/17
20. Small marine tank with fish and corals £90 Maidstone : Ideal tank for a beginner 2 clown fish live rock with blue green mushroom corals led lights retro fitted New heater. Skimmer Stand Has serious water damage to stand but ... 29/08/17
21. Green blue mushrooms £2.50 each maidstone : Sold separately on rock fragments 29/08/17
22. Unknown Damsel 3inches £15 Maidstone : Unknown damsel. See pick 29/08/17
23. Velvet damselfish £10 Maidstone : Marine fish about 5 inches long and needs a large 4ft or larger tank. He doesn't have the blue steaks due to its age. 29/08/17
24. Marine fish, Inverts, in Marine aquarium : yellow Tang pair of clownfish bicolour dwarf angel five pyjama Cardinal one cleaner shrimp one boxer shrimp quite a few snails and crabs sand sifting goby. Excellent condition N ... 28/08/17
25. marine carpet anemone wanted : hi, on the lookout for a Blue/Purple/Red/bright Pink carpet anemone, Haddoni or Gigantea. Able to deliver or post to Rotherham, s yorks. cheers 28/08/17
26. Lemon peel angel fish : I have a stunning lemon peel angel for sale. Full of personality very reluctant sale ... nips corals LPS & SPS so need fish only tank £40.00 25/08/17
27. Hippocampus erectus : Hi I'm looking for 6 pairs of hippocampus erectus pleaseL 22/08/17
28. Duncans ready for fragging : Hi there, healthy and large clump of Duncan's feeding well. Ready for fragging. £5 per head 22/08/17
29. Soft coral for fragging : Hi there, sorry, forgotten the name of coral but available for fragging. Large heads and very healthy! £5 per head, see photo of complete coral 22/08/17
30. Fragging candy cane coral : Hi, I have a very healthy and large candy cane coral that can be fragged if anyone is interested in some? £5 per head. 22/08/17
31. LIVE ROCK - 3 TANK CLOSE DOWN - DUE TO ILLNESS : LIVE ROCK TO GO FIRST - Live rock - £3 @ kg Dead rock - £2 @ kg To sell after ! Tank 1 - 1200mm x 400mm x 600mm in 10mm glass Tank 2 - 1200 x 300 x 300 in 6mm glass Tank ... 22/08/17
32. Aiptasia wanted : Hi looking for large quantity of Aiptasia, for Berghia project, will pay for live rock covered in Aiptasia, please send pic of rock. Will either collect in Glasgow area, or will c ... 22/08/17
33. Pair of Common clown fish (Large) : Excellent health and eating great. 21/08/17
34. RO unit water butt and pump £25 : Collection Leicester ro unit 5 micron all tubes and pump included and a water butt 20/08/17
35. Tetra marine sea salt about 19kg £25 : Tetra salt about 19kg collection Leicester 20/08/17
36. Staghorn (Bali Slimer), Green Leathers, Toxic Green Candy Cane, Fire & Ice Zoas, ... : My staghorn is threatening to take over the main tank - had to 'frag' two massive branches into my cube as it was growing out of the water! I also have really nice fluorescent gree ... 20/08/17
37. White Cap Goby and Pistol Shrimp Partner RARE FISH CUC MARINE : Very Rare goby and pistol shrimp I have a white cap goby and a marbled pistol shrimp pair These are selling for 170 plus a pair I have these for sale, only 1 pair availabl ... 19/08/17
38. Masked Swallowtail Angelfish (Genicanthus semifasciatus) : i have 2 x Masked Swallowtail Angelfish (Genicanthus semifasciatus) one is approx 3 inch and one is approx 4 inch eating frozen food pics and video are on my facebook grou ... 19/08/17
39. Tetra marine sea salt about 19kg : Tetra salt about 19kg collection Leicester 19/08/17
40. Marine Corals and Frags WANTED in Oxfordshire : I live in Bicester but would be happy to collect from surrounding area. Thanks Dave 19/08/17
41. Anemone : I have a lonely clown needs a Anemone would like one not smaller than about 5 inches. I live near Staines Middlesex. Within 20 miles please. 07956258948 19/08/17
42. Leeds cooperband for sale £37 large : Cooperband eating frozen and flake food £37 we have loads more fish at Leeds marine 18/08/17
43. Yellow tang : Yellow tang medium in size eating frozen and flake food we have loads of fish at Leeds marine 18/08/17
44. Leeds purple Tang £90 : Purple Tang £90 medium to large , loads of marine fish for sale at Leeds marine 18/08/17
45. WANTED - Live Rock and/or Live Sand : Hi we are setting up a small 60 litre tank and wondered if anyone was getting rid of some Live Rock (about 5/6 kg) and a couple of cups of Live Sand to seed ours. Thanks 16/08/17
46. Large Marine Aquarium & Livestock : Hi, Due to work commitmentís Iím reluctantly selling my marine aquarium and livestock. The tank has been established for nearly five years with no new livestock during the last 1 ... 16/08/17
47. Queen Angelfish (Holacanthus ciliaris) 3 inch : I have for sale a stunning queen angel fish that is eating frozen foods and seaweed Queen Angelfish (Holacanthus ciliaris) Stunning example picture is for example and look ... 16/08/17
48. Complete Marine Aquarium and livestock For Sale : Optiwhite marine aquarium 60cm (L) x 45cm (H) x 30cm (W) drilled with weir. Painted Blue on the back and left side. Sump / Refugium TMC Mini LED tile and Miracle mud Deltec M ... 14/08/17
50. Live Rock : £5 per kilo. 30kg for £120 Collection Only 13/08/17
51. Rare Purple Centre Red Goniopora : I have a small cluster of the Red Goniopora that has purple centres, coral size is a little bigger than a 2 pound coin Seen these sell for well over 120 i want 90 OVNO, ... 12/08/17
52. LIVE ROCK, FISH, CORALS, INVERTS IN FULL MARINE SETUP : 65-75 kg of live rock approx Loads of soft corals, mushrooms, Large torch, small hammer, Green bubbletip anemone, star polyps, 2 large fluorescent cabbages. Fish include, Yellow ... 12/08/17
54. 25kg of good live rock, including 4/5 big plates - £50 : Bargain £2 a kilo for a quick sale ! Based in Leeds 11/08/17
58. white-freckled Acanthurus maculiceps - VERY RARE marine fish cuc rare : I have for sale a white speckled face tang for 100.00 OVNO ANOTHER GEM of a fish and not seen in the trade I have seen these sell for 240 each This one i have is approx 4 in ... 08/08/17
59. Live rock, Marine fish, in matured 1000L aquarium with all inclusive for sale . : Marine life beneath sea , I always admired the adventure and fascinating vibrant colours of fishes and corals, this lead me to pursuit as a hobby to have one. It has been most ama ... 07/08/17
60. WANTED Neocaridina various colours local to Wirral/Merseyside : Looking for Shrimp Neocaridina Red Cherry, Blue Velvet,yellows and various. Ideally local to me Thanks in advance 07956757862 07/08/17
61. Marine Clarkii clown and anenome 60 pounds : Healthy clown ans anenome for sale 60 for both 05/08/17
62. Marine fish, Corals, Inverts in full marine set up : marine fish: a breeding pair of clarki clown fish (lay every fortnight without fail) a regal tang a niger trigger a indian sailfin tang a scopas tang a fox face a emperor an ... 04/08/17
64. Pair of australian barrier reef clownfish for sale : They are a pair, almost fully grown and full of colour. There compatibility is similar to thise of common clownfish and eat well, almost anything which can be seen upon a visit. If ... 01/08/17
65. Wanted Small Dejardini Tang - Scarborough : As above, small tang wanted. Delivery preferred as don't drive 01/08/17
67. ARC King Crayon Chalice : 3 inch x 1 inch good size stunning colour very rare and very expensive in us see link below. collection in Tonbridge preferred buy can ship if needed £70 collected £80 ... 31/07/17
69. Frog fish : Selling a beautiful frog fish 2-3" stunning little creature £50 Ono need gone asap Call me on 07966065457 30/07/17
70. Sea hare : Sea hare,large in size,free to good home,near sheffield,done its job in my tank,07496295323 29/07/17
71. Kessil a360we tuna blue and controller : Both in great condition and working £200 Collection only Harrogate 07784156262 29/07/17
72. Puffer fish : WANTED Cathigaster Papua Toby puffer fish (see image) 29/07/17
73. Achilles Tang wanted. : hi, anyone selling an Achilles tang and able to deliver to Rotherham, south yorks. Not looking to pay shop price. cheers 29/07/17
74. Marine Fish for sale : I have a Flame Angel and a Majestic Angel 3 inches each. Both in perfect health and feeding well. Price £130 for both or £75 each a bargain! Woodford London Text or call 079517 ... 25/07/17
75. Marine fish tank equipment redsea reefer : I'm selling all my equipment there is Mp10 vortech quite drive wireless £150 Radion xr15 gen 3 pro with mount £250 Also selling reefer nano tank £350 all less than a year old ... 25/07/17
76. Corals : Two Echinopora lamellosa frags £10 and £15 and a large piece of red montipora £20 and various sizes of green montipora collection Basingstoke 07921030551 24/07/17
77. Seahorse hippocampus reidi - pair : A beautiful pair of these Seahorses for sale. Bargain price of £225 for the pair as we are looking to close the tank down and need to rehome. Available to collect at our sho ... 24/07/17
78. wanted Anthias : hi. looking for a well established group of Anthias in the s yorks area, able to deliver to Rotherham if possible. cheers 24/07/17
79. Red BTA, toodstools and Live Rock for sale : Shutting down my nano tank so have the following items for sale: 1 x 6 inch red bubble tip anemone - £20 2 x large toodstools soft corals - £15 each (will include some small fr ... 24/07/17
80. marine fish and live rock in 4ft bow front marine fish tank : marine fish and live rock in 4ft bow front fish tank. Any reasonable offer considered. Doncaster area 23/07/17
81. Various coral frags : Pulsing xenia nice size frags multiple stalks £5 Green furry mushrooms 1x head per frag £5 Large red mushroom approx nearly 1.5-2 inch across when fully open £7 Collection ... 22/07/17
82. SPS & LPS Coral : I have quite a lot of SPS & LPS coral two much to list and individually price SPS - Tenius, Montis , Acros of all sorts Approx 45 pieces total LPS - Hammers, Frogspawn , Wal ... 22/07/17
83. Marine fish, Live rock, in 4ft bow front fish tank : marine fish and live rock in 4ft bow front fish tank. Any reasonable offer considered. Doncaster area 22/07/17
84. 18 inches cube aquarium £100 ono : Hi selling my 18" cube aquarium with a black stand. Only selling due to a change in circumstances. Collection from Co152ez 20/07/17
85. Marine livestock in 4ft aqua one marine aquarium : Live stock includes large female blue throat triggerfish, large sailfin tang, large pair of australian barrier reef clownfish and blue streak cleaner wrasse which are all compatibl ... 20/07/17
86. Contents of red sea max : I have 16kg live rock , tail spot blennie, blood shrimp. Candy cane,torch,toadstool and mushroom corals. A few crabs and snails and coral sand.water parameters all good , weekly wa ... 19/07/17
87. Turbo Snails (Turbo bruneus) : Turbo snails for sale (Turbo bruneus) £2 each or 6 for £10 collection from egham surrey thanks Dan 07900211878 19/07/17
88. marine cerith snails : marine cerith for sale £1 each collection from egham surrey thanks Dan 07900211878 19/07/17
89. marine spiny lobsters panulirus sp : absolutely stunning marine spiny lobsters rarely seen Panulirus sp please research theses lobsters 2x medium / large 3 to 4 inches £60 for the pair open to reasonably off ... 19/07/17
90. Tomato clown fish : A pair of breeding tomato clown fish fot sale £30 or swap for corals 19/07/17
91. Yellow dog faced puffer : Wanted as above. Based in sussex. 18/07/17
92. wanted scolly : scollies wanted cheers steve 07836374755 17/07/17
93. Live Corals, critters and fish in Marine tank : Live Corals, critters and fish Interpret River Reef L E D 94 litres Open to offers 16/07/17
94. pulsating xenia coral : I have various size pulsating xenia corals for sale,small frags on live rock £10,medium frags £15,large frag £20,xtra large frag £25,i have some very large colonies pending on size ... 15/07/17
95. Live rock, Marine fish, Inverts in Full marine setup for sale : approx 21kg if live rock, various different corals, pair of clowns, orchid dottyback, purple firefish, 2 chromis, 2 gold bar cardinals, 1 bangaii cardinal, algae blenny, several he ... 14/07/17
96. achilles tang wanted : achilles tang wanted in or around sheffield cash waiting must be 4" plus best to ring or text rather then email 14/07/17
97. Marine fish wanted : Marine fish wanted, anything considered. Prefer to collect within a hundred miles of Devon, good prices paid. 07952 956251 12/07/17
98. MARINE FISH, LIVE CORALS IN RED SEA MAX 130D : 2x snowflake clownfish, Banana Wrasse, + zoas, coral tree, toadstool coral Full set up included. Only been set up since February. Selling due to new baby being born. Upgrades ... 12/07/17
99. Clown Triggerfish wanted : Hi i am looking for a Clown triggerfish about 60mm Thanks Mark 11/07/17
100. 45 packs 10 sheets(450 sheets total) seaweed Marine fish food £25 : clearing out, shut down my marine tanks and fish room so will be a load of fish related stuff being listed in the coming weeks, some new boxed unused, some second hand used.....I h ... 06/07/17

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