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Aquarist Classifieds Neolamprologus Brichardi

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 Aquarist Classifieds Search Results:AddedPhoto
1.Tanganyikan Cichlids Community sale 20/07/17 No
6 Wild adult 3 m and 3 f Cyprichromis Microlepidotus, Blue Safari, first to UK 180.00 GBP 4 Wild Paracyprinachromis Blue Neons 60.00 All the rest are F1, 4 Brichardi breeding well,Young pair Lelupi, Trio of Neolamprologus Moori,callochromis pleurospilus male,pair of Ocellatus purple, 4 young Ocell... ...
2.NEW PICTURES--- £40 for a lot---2 Altolamprologus/1 N.brichardi/2 Placidochromis electra,Alunocara(1m/4f)-WILL SWAP FOR SOUTH AMERICANS---Leeds--MUST GO ASAP 20/07/17 Yes
Great fish for sale.Excellent eaters.Bloat/disease free.12 months old. -1 x Altolamprologus calvus 3.5 inches £10 -1 x Altolamprologus compresiceps Gold head Kantalamba 2 inches £10(F1) -2 x Placidochromis electra 3 inches £10 for both -Neolamprologus brichardi M'toto male ono £5 (F1) Alunocara... ...
3.Mikes Rifts - Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlid importer and retailer 17/07/17 Yes
***NEW Wild Tanganyika Import*** See full list below for NEW stocks and some great deals on wild caught Tropheus groups. Current Stock List Tanganyika Cichlids Altolamprologus calvus Black Pearl Congo 3cm £9.50ea T Altolamprologus compressiceps Kantalamba Gold Head F1 4-6cm £12.50ea T Al... ...
4.Malawis, Tanganyikan and Victorian Cichlids 05/07/17 Yes
The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Nationwide Delivery Available £16.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery BY 13:00 pm For Scotland please enquire. We do request that customers come and view our stock to see and select the fish of your choice. Licensed to buy and sell fish. Opening Hours Mond... ...
5.Tanganyikan Cichlids 01/07/17 No
Young breeding pair of adult Julidochromis Transcriptus £8 Young adult Neolamprologus Brichardi £3.50 All fish are healthy with nice colours and markings. Thanks.
6.Tanganyikan Cichlids, Comps, Fronts, Julies 28/06/17 No
Selection of Tanganyikan cichlids including Altolamprologus Compressiceps, Altolamprologus Calvus black pearl, Altolamprologus Compressiceps Sumbu Shell, Neolamprologus Cylindricus, Neolamprologus Brichardi, Julidochromis Regani (avid breeders with several fry), a sole 7\" Frontosa. The fish are ava... ...
7.AquaOne Eurostyle 80 185L 28/06/17 No
It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to sell my tank. I no longer have the time to dedicate to this wonderful hobby which means my tank will suffer, hence its sale. The tank with matching stand is finished in black. It is approx 185L in capacity and has built in T5 twin tubes for lighting. ... ...
8.Kent rift cichlids Rift Valley cichlids import from Germany 28/06/17 Yes
Description: Hi, We have a wide range of high grade, German import, rare malawi/tanganyikan cichlids for sale. They are all either WC,SNZ or F1.All our fish came from cichlidenstadl,Mal-ta-vi,Aquahaus and aquatreff. Delivery service available with apc. £24 per box, max 9 small fish or 6 large fis... ...
9.Neolamprologus Brevis Congo - Shell Dweller. Hertfordshire, UK FREE 27/06/17 Yes
Great shell dwellers. I think I probably have too many in my tank and rather than stress them out and fight too much I would rather pass 2 on (no idea of sex, sorry). Have 2 in a seperate tank, ready to go, healthy. Happy to pass them on for free. Great fun to watch. Ware, Hertfordshire, SG... ...
10.Neolamprologus brevis. 18/06/17 Yes
Adult male £5 collected, sorry cannot post.
11.1 x Nimbochromis livingstoni(3 inch)+SOLD 1 Alunocara Red dragon(3.5 inch)+SOLD 10 Alunocara jacobfreibergi(1.5 inch)-Leeds-£20 for them 12 fish (all rest in advert reserved) 10/06/17 Yes
After long consideration due to work commitments I have made decision to sell my collection :( Please see below: SOLD 10 x Alunocara Jacobfreiberi 1-2 inch £ 2 each or 10 for £10 RESERVED---F1 Neolamprologus brichardi M\'loto 4 inch breeding pair £20 RESERVED---Copadichromis borley red Kadango... ...
12.Kent rift cichlids new arrivals from Cichlidenstadl Germany 08/06/17 Yes
Kent Rift Cichlids new arrivals Malawi Cichlids Aulonocara baenschi Benga 8-10cm £24 Aulonocara ethelwynnae 7-10cm £24 Aulonocara maleri Chidunga rocks 8-10cm £36 WC Aulonocara maylandi 8-10cm £24 nice Aulonocara spec.Eureka 9-11cm £24 Aulonocara spec. Fire fish 9-10cm £24 males Aulonoc... ...
For sale MALAWI Chilotilapia Roadesi f1 5-7cm £14each 8 for £100 Dimidiochromis compresiceps chizumulu gold f1 6-8cm £15 each. 8 for £100 Otopharynx tetrastigma 6-9cm. Sub adult pairs £35. 3 pair for £100 Oreochromis shiranus chilwa f2 2-3cm 3x£10 Aulonacara stuartgranti mdoka wil... ...
14.Fish livestock list updated 19/05/17 World of Water Crawley, West Sussex (APC delivery available) 19/05/17 Yes
XL Amazon Lungfish 'Lepidosiren paradoxa' £200.00 e LOVELY AND ACTIVE. EATS ANYTHING! L Red Hook 'Myleus rubripinnis ' £50.00 e LOVELY SHOALING CHARACIN L Blue Hook 'Metynnis schomburgki ' £50.00 e VERY RARE SHOALNIG DISC CHARACIN. M Golden Dorado ' Salminus brasiliensis £... ...
15.Julidochromis transcriptus 14/05/17 Yes
I have for sale lovely pair of julidochromis transcriptus (they had offspring). 4 neolamprologus leleupi (still not sure what I've got). 1 julidochromis reggani. All cichlids are about 3 years old and in good condition Open to offer. Cheers
16.Neolamprologus Brichardi and Leleupi 14/05/17 Yes
Brichardi and Brichardi Fairy 1-2 inch, Yellow and Orange Leleupi 2 inch. Starting from £5. Please contact 07935 60118/07713 154 980
17.Cichlids for sale 12/05/17 No
This extensive stock list is from MalawiTangynikan.cz In South Bohemia ,Czech Republic . The breeder is the largest cichlid establishment in the country who I have been visiting for the past 6 years, with trips every 6 to 8 weeks . The quality of his fish are excellent , My next visit is 25 to 28 ... ...
18.Neolamprologus Brichardi 08/05/17 No
I have 50 + Brichardi's from 1/2 inch to fully grown breeding adults. Good first Cichlid to keep and easy breeders. I want to sell them as a job lot as I am breaking down the tank they are in. Buyer collects from ME5 in Kent text 07912 567309 £60 takes the lot
19.Tanganyikan Cichlids in stock @ The Aquatic Store Bristol 22.04.17 22/04/17 Yes
We import from all over the world enabling us to offer a wide variety of these beautiful fish. European suppliers are used to ensure the highest quality true fish are obtained. Tanganyika is one of the most diverse Lakes in the world comprising of some of the smallest and largest Cichlids out there!... ...
20.Neolamprologus Brichardi 04/04/17 Yes
For sale Neolamprologus Brichardi £5.00 each collection only from Northampton Text me on 07824399190
21.Neolamprologus Brichardi Pulcher 01/04/17 Yes
For sale group of 8 neolamprologus brichardi puncher £40.00 the group collection only from Northampton Text me on 07824399190
22.SOLD Neolamprologus Buescheri 19/03/17 Yes
This boy is from the Katoto region of Lake Tanganyika, he is the only one I gave & is a real stunner. £15 Collection from Tonbridge tn10 3er.
23.Tanganyika cichlids 15/02/17 Yes
Neolamprologus brichardi fry for sale £2 each. Is around 20 of them. They are 2cm, around 3months old.
24.Neolamprologus Tretocephalus x5 13/02/17 Yes
5 adult fish just coming to breeding age and starting to pair off. £30 for the 5 Collection only (great Sutton) Contact 07545826071
25.Wild Caught Tanganyika Cichlids available to order. 08/02/17 Yes
Wild Caught Tanganyika cichlid availability list. Fish from this list can be ordered in on our next shipment. Please contact me if you have an enquiry about any of the fish below. Altolamprologus calvus black Congo Altolamprologus compressiceps goldhead Altolamprologus compressiceps Kipili ... ...
26.Neolamprologus hecqui fry 05/02/17 Yes
Neolamprologus hecqui fry for sale from my wc breeding pair These are shell dwellers females grow to 3.5" and males 5" fry are around 2" selling for £3 a fish
27.fromfry.co.uk. Supplier of quality, tank raised, freshwater fish, specialising in cichlids 28/01/17 No
We are a family run business, proud to supply good, healthy fish to our customers. Although we mainly breed and grow on our own fish, we do import fish to improve variety on offer and on request. All the fish we do import, we make sure are well adjusted to our water conditions here in the UK before ... ...
28.Parkers Aquatic Centre - Tropical Fish in Bristol, Full Stocklist 17/12/16 Yes
Latest Fish List - Updated 17/12/16 Current stock List: Inverts: Bamboo shrimp : few Yamoto shrimp: cherry shrimp: yellow fire shrimp: Assorted Crystal Shrimp: Large blue lobster Vampire crabs Tetra/ Characins: Black widow tetra Cardinal tetra Congo tetra Neon tetra Serpae tet... ...
29.Wanted Neolamprologus brichardi Fairy cichlids and cyprichromis leptosoma 04/12/16 No
Wanted Neolamprologus brichardi Fairy cichlids and cyprichromis leptosoma
30.Neolamprologus Multifaciatus shell dweller 23/11/16 Yes
Offering youngsters of this hard water loving shell dweller. Approx 3/4 inch in size £5 each Pick up Ramsgate
31.Neolamprologus Brichardi youngsters £3 each 23/11/16 Yes
offering Brichardi youngsters. Approx 1 inch in size. £3 each, 6 for £15 Pick up Ramsgate
32.Shell Dwellers Neolamprologus Multifacius Colony With Shells 12/11/16 Yes
For sale is my collection of multi shell dwellers great little fish breed readily they are made up of a few F1 purchased from very reputable dealer that have bred for a few years. i need to thin down the colony as its getting to big in excess of 70 fish so willing to exchange for anything interestin... ...
33.Neolamprologus Pulcher F1 (Daffodil) Breeding trio SOLD 10/11/16 Yes
Trio of adult Neolamprologus Pulcher for sale. Stunning markings, colouration and long finnage, lovely fish. They live happily in current 4ft community setup and only claim a very small area when breeding, male has produced young with both females, but as it's a community tank they all eventually... ...
34.F1 Neolamprologus sexfasciatus - £5 SOLD 10/11/16 Yes
Single F1 N. Sexfasciatus for sale, lovely strong colouration and stripes, and nice temperament, lives happily with other community fish and shelldwellers. Only selling due to changing fish groups. 4 inches total length. Collection only from Tooting SW17, south London. Contact Leon by text on... ...
35.Neolamprologus 07/11/16 Yes
Tretocephalus,Brichardi and Brichardi Fairy, Leleupi Orange and Leleupi Yellow,Please call for info 01302 354041/07713 154 980
36.Tanganyika Chiclids group sale 06/11/16 No
I am selling my mixed group they have lived in same tank happily since they were fry. 5 Tropheus Moliro 1 Tropheus Duboisi 1 Tropheus Ikola 1 Julidochromis marlieri 1 Neolamprologus Brichardi 1 Neolamprologus Leilupi 4 Cyprichromis Leptosoma (2 males, 2 juv-looking like female) All approx tw... ...
37.F1 Neolamprologus leleupi yellow female SOLD 06/10/16 Yes
Single F1 N.leleupi female for sale, lovely strong yellow colouration and nice temperament, lives happily even with small shelldwellers. Only selling due to changing fish groups. 3 inches in size - £5. Collection only from Tooting SW17, south London. Contact Leon by text on 07876235118 o... ...
38.Hi I have a breeding pair of Neolamprologus brichardi for sale. 01/10/16 Yes
Hi I have a adult breeding pair of Neolamprologus brichardi for sale. They have bred a few times now and I have fry from them to show they are a proven pair. They are stunning fish. Its collection only from B913FL Solihull. You are welcome to text or call 07930883018. Thank you for looking. They are... ...
39.I have 2 pairs of adult breeding pairs of Neolamprologus multifasciatus Shell Dwellers for sale. 21/09/16 Yes
I have 2 pairs of adult breeding Neolamprologus multifasciatus Shell Dwellers for sale. They have bred a few times now and I have fry from them to show they are a proven pairs. They are stunning fish. Its collection only from B913FL Solihull. You are welcome to text or call 07930883018. Thank you fo... ...
40.Neolamprologus Multifasciatus breeding pair for sale - £10 02/08/16 Yes
I have a breeding pair of Neolamprologus Multifasciatus for sale - lovely temperament and interesting fish to watch due to their behaviour - approx. 3-4cm in length for the male, slightly smaller female. £10 the pair. Buyer collects. Contact: Amit: [email protected] or 07940 458 472.
41.WANTED: Neolamprologus caudopunctatus 18/06/16 No
I am looking for 6 to 8 Neolamprologus caudopunctatus "Yellow" or "Orange". Can collect in Berkshire, London, Surrey & Middlesex
42.Neolamprologus Multifasciatus Breeding Colony / Tank Setup 15/05/16 No
Afternoon, Following a job change I am going to shut down my aquarium. I have a breeding colony of multis that I have successfully kept for quite a while now. Tank is always full of young, and the population is probably too much for the tank at this point. The colony has at least 30 adults,... ...
43.WANTED: Neolamprologus speciosus 09/05/16 No
I am looking for 6 to 8 Neolamprologus speciosus. Can collect in Berkshire, London, Surrey & Middlesex.
44.WANTED: Neolamprologus calliurus 09/05/16 No
I am looking for 6 to 8 Neolamprologus calliurus. Can collect in Berkshire, London, Surrey & Middlesex.
45.WANTED: Neolamprologus stappersi / meleagris 27/04/16 No
I am looking for 6 to 8 Neolamprologus stappersi / meleagris. Can collect in Berkshire, Surrey, London & Middlesex.
46.Fish to rehome Kribs Fairy Cichlids COLLECTION ONLY | E7 London 19/03/16 Yes
EDIT: All Guppies and the Loach are now booked, just the Cichlids left! After years of joy, we are saddened to be given no choice but to rehome all our fishes from 4 tanks due to moving houses (unfortunately impossible to re-set up tanks there). This means we have to say goodbye to yet anothe... ...
47.NEOLAMPROLOGUS brichardi Breeding Pair 12/03/16 Yes
Breeding pair of Lamprogolus Brichardi and around 15/20 plus fry.... £30 for all fish.... Pictures of actual fish Collection London E3
48.Tanganyikans for sale 25/01/16 No
Neolamprologus Tetracanthus(yellow fins) x8 1 wild male 1 wild female rest are F1 £56.00 May also swap for other Tanganikians Pictures available upon request Calls or text prefered Also for sale 5x synodontis decorus 5-7 inches £50.00 unsure of sexes
49.Neolamprologus multifasciatus group 18/01/16 No
I have an established group of seven multies for sale. They have bred previously but currently their tankmates keep eating their eggs. Great shell dwellers and their shells for £15. Collection only
50.Juwel Rekord 700 tank & stand + shelldwellers 02/01/16 Yes
For sale is my Juwel Rekord 700 aquarium & stand, this includes the built in light, heater and filter, there is also a small group of 5 Neolamprologus Caudopunctatus shell dwellers, will come with sand, rocks and escargot shells plus whatever else I have laying about.
Altolamprologus Calvus Black Pectoral Zaire F1 4 - 6 cm £10 each 3 for £25 or 6 for £45 Altolamprologus Calvus White F1 4 - 5 cm £10 each 5 for £40 Altolamprologus Compressiceps Goldhead Kantalamba F1 4 - 5 cm £10 each 5 for £40 Altolamprologus Compressiceps Mutondwe TB 4 - 5 cm ... ...
52.Neolamprologus brichardi - Princess cichlid - Princess of Burundi - Tanganika 13/10/15 Yes
Hi I have for sale a Group of 5 of Neolamprologus brichardi - Princess cichlid - Princess of Burundi. size around 1.5 - 2.5 inches price 25 pound for a group pick up only from west london, hanwell thanks for looking
53.Tanganyikans for sale 28/09/15 No
Altolamprologus Compressiceps Sumbo shell TB 3 cm £7.50 Last 1 for £5 Altolamprologus Compressiceps Mutondwe TB 4 - 5 cm £10 each Last 4 for £30 Altolamprologus Calvus White F1 4 - 5 cm £7.50 each 5 for £30 Altolamprologus Calvus Black Pectoral Zaire F1 4 - 6 cm £10 each 5 fo... ...
54.Rift Lake Cichlids in Bristol - Parkers Aquatics Stocklist 20th September 20/09/15 Yes
Mbuna: Pseudotropheus hajomaylandi 'chismulu' Abactochromis labrosus "Chismulu" F1 - Extremely rare Cynotilapia Zebroides 'Jalo Reef' F1 - 2 Left Labidochromis hongi Labidochromis sp. yellow Melanochromis auratus albino Melanochromis johanni "red" Melanochromis maingano Pseudtropheus crabr... ...
55.NOW SOLD---15 x 2 cm for £20--- NEOLAMPROLOGUS TETRACANTHUS --Leeds 16/08/15 No
Great opportunity to get yourself a young group of Neolamprologus tetracanthus. Great parents, very protective.these are omnivores I used to kept them with Tropheus so they used to green diet. Stunning fish . every scale has it\'s own indigo spot when adult. Looking £20 for them. Due t... ...
56.NOW SOLD-WILL SWAP FOR XENOTILAPIA / OPTHALMOTILAPIA -NOW WITH YOU TUBE VIDEO LINK---Flamebacks, Tropheus, Neolamprologus,Labeotropheus for sale in Leeds 16/08/15 No
I have idea of a new project so im selling most of fish from my display tank . It\'s a great collection of a tanyganikan, malawi and victorian fish I\'m moving to sand shifters and feather fins which is reason why below lot is for sale. They all are pick up only or can deliver within 10 miles radiu... ...
57.Wanted: neolamprologus brichardii or neolamprologus pulcher 10/08/15 No
Hi, If anyone has young or adult fish for sale in East Yorkshire please let me know. Thanks
58.Small Tanganyikan Cichlids 05/08/15 No
Julidochromis Transcriptus young 30-40mm in length £3.50 each (2 available) Neolamprologus Brevis young adult £3.50 (1 only) Neolamprologus Brichardi young 30mm long £2.50 (1 only) Thanks.
59.Kent rift cichlids. Importing African Rift Valley cichlids from Germany. 29/07/15 Yes
Description: Hi, We have a wide range of high grade, German import, rare malawi/tanganyikan cichlids for sale. They are all either WC,SNZ or F1.All our fish came from cichlidenstadl,Mal-ta-vi,Aquahaus and aquatreff. Delivery service available with apc. Mbuna Cyno. Afra nkhata bay 7-8cm WC ... ...
60.Neolamprologus Gracilis shell dwellers Family of ten Breeding 25/05/15 No
Neolamprologus Gracilis shell dwellers Family of ten Breeding with some fry 50.00 or part ex for Tropheus Moorii
61.Breeding group of 5 Neolamprologus multifasciatus 14/05/15 Yes
FOR SALE 1 male and 4 females, proven breeding group. Have produced many fry in the past and still going. No postage, collection preferred or can deliver in local. £30 Ono
62.Various Rocky Cichlids from Lake Tanyganika-Leeds-Pick up 24/04/15 No
Currently for sale: 4-5 inch Neolamprologus tetracanthus (2f/1m) approx £40 2-2.5 inch Lamprologus multifasciatus male £5 2-2.5 inch Neolamprologus hecqui £10 pair Pictures on request. Can't upload them. Pick up from LS16 or £1 up to 15 miles within radius of my house. Will consider sw... ...
63.Neolamprologus Buescheri Kamakomde (zaire gold) 09/04/15 Yes
We have 3 neolamprologus buescheri kamakonde ( Zaire gold ) for sale. These are stunning fish and a very good size. The picture is one of the actual fish for sale. £20 each or all three for £50.
64.Wanted: Neolamprologus brevis - must be able to post 06/04/15 No
Description: Dear all , I am after any Neolamprologus brevis fry/sub adult/ adult fish that are in around Gloucestershire/Herefordshire/ Worcestershire or if you can post to me. Looking for Reasonable prices as I would like 10-15 fish in total. Many thanks Alex 07784124583 01531 82... ...
65.Tanganyikan Cichlids for sale 03/04/15 Yes
SOLD £80 ONO IF GONE THIS WEEK Triglachromis Otostigma ( WILD ) Trio 9cm Julidochromis Ornatus Yellow 5 4-5cm Chalinochromis sp. Ndobhoi 4 4-7cm Neolamprologus Caudopunctatus Orange Fin 5 3-5 cm £100 for full group £80 ONO IF GONE THIS WEEK
TANGANYIKAN SPECIEALS Callochromis Macrops Ndole Red TB 8 - 10 cm £30 a trio Now £25 the trio Chalinochromis Ndobhoi TB 5 - 7 cm £8 each Last 6 for £40 Cyathanopharnyx Foai Kabogo Green TB 5 - 6 cm £10 each 10 for £80 Julidochromis Transcriptus Gombi TB 5 - 6 cm £7.50 each 5... ...
67.Snail shells for multies 01/03/15 Yes
Have built up a colony of Neolamprologus Multifasciatus (multies) and now have some spare shells. Have 15 in total prepared to sell on lots of 5 or whole lot! Offers invitedL Collection only Bedford
68.job lot of stunning tanganyikans 05/02/15 Yes
Hi I'm reluctantly selling up as I fancy a go with marine, all fish are stunning and in very food health, looking for sensible offers, collection only from Newark notts, List is Ophthalmotilapia boops (Nkondwe) pair. Sydontis petricola x3. 1 wild 2 f1. Compressiceps muzi gold head x 2 3/4" st... ...
69.job lot of tanganyikans 05/02/15 No
Ophthalmotilapia boops (Nkondwe) pair. Sydontis petricola x3. 1 wild 2 f1. Compressiceps muzi gold head x 2 3/4" stunning. †Compressiceps chaitika Orange x 5 3 x 3/4". 2 x 2" Black pearl calvus 3"† Ink fin calvus 4" Brichardi †3 adult 5 juvi Caudopunctatus x2 pair K... ...
70.Tanganyikans for sale 03/02/15 No
TANGANYIKAN SPECIALS AT DANDY CICHLIDS Cyathanopharnyx Foai Kabogo Green TB 5 - 6 cm £10 each Cyprichromis Leptosoma Jumbo Siwesa TB 4 - 5 cm £8 each Enantiopus Melanogenys Kilesa TB 5 - 6 cm £12 each Julidochromis Marlieri TB 5 - 6 cm £7.50 each Last 6 for £35 Julidochromis Transcriptus Go... ...
71.Tanganyikans For Sale In Scotland 17/01/15 No
cyprichromis microlepidotus 1.75" £6 each opthalmotilapia nasuta chimba 2" £5 each opthalmotilapia ventralis mpimbwe 1.5"£5 each cyprichromis leptosoma jumbo 1.75" £5 each julidichromis regani kipili 1.5" £3.50 each neolamprologus leleupi orange 2" £3.50 each enantiopus melanogenus utinta 1.... ...
72.Emsworth Aquatics Availability List 09/12/14 Yes
AVAILABLITY LIST LIVEBEARERS Assorted Mollies £2.60ea Balloon Mollies £2.85ea Assorted Male Guppies £2.25ea or 4 for £8.76 Female Guppies £1.80ea or 6 for £10.20 Male Endlers £2.25ea or 4 for £8.80 Assorted Platys £2.50ea Assorted Swordtails £3.00ea CICHLIDS Gold Severum £6.95ea Red ... ...
73.Tanganyikan For Sale Peterlee SR8 5ND 24/11/14 No
Tanganyikan For Sale Peterlee SR8 5ND Altolamprologus Calvus Black F1 3 - 5 cm £8 each 6 for £40, 12 for £70 Altolamprologus Calvus Sumbo Shell F1 4 cm £10 each 7 for £50 Altolamprologus Calvus White F1 4 - 5 cm £10 each 3 for £25 Altolamprologus Calvus Yellow TB 3 - 4 cm £6 each 5 for £2... ...
74.Ripples Waterlife, Shenstone. Malawi, Tanganyikan Cichlids. 22/11/14 Yes
West Midlands based aquatic retail centre. We have everything needed to keep 'freshwater' fish happy and healthy, whether it be tropical or coldwater, big or small fish, aquarium or pond, we have all the necessary equipment needed to get you started, or keep you going. We have a great range of lives... ...
75.Maidenhead [email protected] Current Malawi Stock list (16/8/14) 14/11/14 Yes
Malawi cichlids currently for sale at Maidenhead Aquatics @ Shirley. For more information please visit and like our Facebook page. Check back often for stock updates and new deliveries. For Prices and sizes please phone the shop to ensure the fish that you are after are still available. Pictur... ...
76.Rena-Aqualife-Cube-100-fish-tank-and-stand-with-breeding-group-of-she 09/11/14 Yes
For sale my stunning cube aquarium and stand with a breeding group of 9/10 shell dwellers (Neolamprologus multifasciatus) with approx 40 fry. the tank comes complete with 2 working t8 light tubes, heater, 2 filters one built in to the back of the tank and one added internal EHEIM biopower 200 filter... ...
77.Neolamprologus Brichardis 17/10/14 No
5 Neolamprologus Brichardi for sale netween 1.5"-3" in size £15 for all
78.Julidochromis Regani Kipili - breeding group for sale 21/06/14 No
For Sale. Trio of nicely marked Julidochromis Regani Kipili - 2 males 1 female - happy breeding group. Make me an offer! Or Swap for Neolamprologus Caudopunctatus
79.Neolamprologus Multifasciatus - breeding group for sale 21/06/14 No
Breeding group of multis for sale - 5 pairs and fry. Make me an offer! Or Swap for Neolamprologus Caudopunctatus
80.DANDY CICHLIDS UPDATED STOCK LIST 07/06/2014 07/06/14 Yes
Dandy Cichlids is now stocking tropical community fish Check out our facebook group for other fish and dry goods DANDY CICHLIDS IS A FULLY LICENSED AND REGISTERED AQUATIC BUSINESS for all stock lists fish and dry goods www.dandycichlids.co.uk Fish Stock List MALAWI / MB... ...
81.Cichlids & other for Sale 31/05/14 No
Looking to sale my cichlids as closing down aquarium. Will consider any reasonable/low offer as mostly interested that they move into a caring new home. Tropheus Duboisi - Yellow/Black - 2,5 inch Ice Blue Zebra Cichlid - Metriaclima Greshakei - 4 inch Metriaclima Zebra Mbuna - 4,5 inch Aulono... ...
82.Tanganyikans for Sale 28/05/14 Yes
Lake Tanganyika - Neolamprologus Leleupi Karilani Island (F1) £15 - Neolamprologus brevis (F1) £6 - Cyphotilapia Frontosa Kalolo (F1) £34 Cheers, Chris, Dean and all at Calder Valley Aquatics Tel: 01422 836616 Website: http://www.caldervalleyaquatics.co.uk/
TANGANYIKAN SPECIALS Altolamprologus Calvus Black TB 3 - 4 cm £6 each 5 for £25 Callochromis Melanostigma TB 5 cm £10 each 5 for £45 Cyphotilapia Frontosa Kavala TB 4 - 6 cm £10 each last 6 for £50 Cyphotilapia Frontosa Burundi TB 4 cm £10 each last 4 for £30 Cyphotilapia Frontosa Zaire Blu... ...
84.Wanted 3-4 Female Neolamprologus brevis 25/05/14 No
Looking for 3-4 female Neolamprologus brevis.
85.Breeding Pair of Brichardi 10/05/14 Yes
For sale I have a breeding pair of F1 Brichardi Cichlids (Neolamprologus brichardi) aka Fairy Cichlids. Due to the fact they are spawning they have become very aggressive and have killed some of my fish. As I have no interest in breeding them they have to go. £12 ono for the pair. Picture is for ill... ...
86.aquarium-fish stock list 07/05/14 No
Welcome friends and visitors, we have a new stock list for you to browse through: Pseudotropheus Wiliamsi 4-5cm £9 hongi sweden 4-5cm £8 membe deep £8.5 3-4 cm Protomelas Steveni 3-5cm £7 Lethrinops red cap utungi SOLD Pseudotropheus Saulosi 4-5 cm SOLD Melanochromis Johani 3-4cm £5 ... ...
87.Tanganyikans 24/04/14 No
I am selling the following. These were originally from Mikes Rifts 3 x Cyprichromis leptosoma Utinta 4 x Altolamprologus sp.'sumbu' 5 x Neolamprologus caudopunctatus Yellow Top (breeding) 5 x Neolamprologus similis (Breeding) These were ordered in by Maidenhead Aquatics 2 x Eretmodus cyano... ...
88.Tropheus, Petrochromis, Frontosa, Ophthalmotilapia, 15/03/14 Yes
Wild and F1 Tanganyikian Cichlids for sale. All picture's are of my fish and what I keep. Can post through APC overnight Ophthalmotilapia Orange Cap 1/2 WILD £27.50 each(Breeding) 3/5 Ratio Tropheus Duboisi Maswa True F1 5-8cm £8.50 Tropheus Katonga Wild £26.00 2/7... ...
89.Wanted - Neolamprologus Caudopunctatus 08/03/14 No
My female Caudopunctatus has recently lost her partner of 3+ years and is looking a bit lonely. Please can you let me know if any eligible males are available to put the smile back on her face. Thanks very much.
TROPICAL FRESHWATER FISH FOR SALE MALE GUPPIES £1.50 EACH, OR 5 FOR £6.50, OR 10 FOR £12.00 FEMALE GUPPIES £1.25 EACH, OR 5 FOR FOR £5.50, OR 10 FOR £10.00 RED SWORDTAILS £2 EACH, OR 5 FOR £8.00, OR 10 FOR £15.00 ASST Mollies £2 EACH, OR 5 FOR £8.00, OR 10 FOR 15.00 Fairy Cichlids (Neolam... ...
92.Wild malawi and tangs /f1/ German bred tangs 03/02/14 Yes
Due to a new job and moving my collection of fish is up for sale various breeding groups and pairs ect Malawi - wild Labeotropheus trewavasae Higga reef- ob fem 2m 4f- £120 Labeotropheus fuelleborni mbenji ob fem. 1m 2f- £45 Metriaclima zebra chiofu. ... ...
93.Tanganyikan Cichlids - Cyprichromis & Various for Sale 31/01/14 Yes
Hi Cryprichromis for sale! Most Fish purchased from mikes rifts so you can expect what sort of quality these are. **The pictures are off the internet because photos I have taken do not give these fish justice they are stunning once settled in a new home ** Cyprichromis Jumbo Livua x 9 - ... ...
94.Various tanganyikan fish neolamprologus, frontosa and many more need to be gone this weekend 25/01/14 Yes
Tank being sold due to moving into marine So I have following for sale, 1x 4" frontosa looking like a male 1x 3.5" sexfasciatus gold 2x male multis 4x juli transcriptis at least one breeding pair 2x tanganyikan catfish Please make offers as these need to go!! thanks
95.Tanganyikans For Sale In Scotland 19/01/14 No
enantiopus kilesa 2" £7.50 each neolamprologus leleupi orange 1.75" £3.50 each xenotilapia sima isanga 1.5" £5 each neolamprologus multifasiatus 1.25"£4 each cyprichromis microlepidotus 1.75 £6 each opthalmotilapia nasuta chimba 2" £5 each cyathanopharnyx foai kabogo green 1.75" £5 each ... ...
96.Neolamprologus buescheri, group for sale. 16/12/13 Yes
A rather rare Tang cichlid in the UK just now. Neolamprologus buescheri, this is a group of 5 fish (all pictures are of the dominant individual) and would make an interesting breeding project for some one. Group of 5 fish - £40.00 Collection only from Biddulph (just to the north of Stoke on Tr... ...
97.Wild and F1 Tanganyikan Cichlids for sale 05/12/13 Yes
Wild and F1 Tanganyikian Cichlids for sale. All picture's are of my fish and what I keep. Ophthalmotilapia Ventralis Orange Cap 1/2 WILD £28.50 each Ophthalmotilapia Nasuta Gold 1/2 WILD £28.50 each Ophthalmotilapia Boops Nkondwe 1/2 WILD £28.50 each Tropheus Musang... ...
98.Neolamprologus Sexfasciatus Gold f1 5-7 cm Loughborough 25/11/13 Yes
hi I have for sale last 16 Neolamprologus Sexfasciatus Gold f1 5-7 collection only thanks
99.Neolamprologus Brevis - Young - ALL SOLD NOW 03/11/13 Yes
Tanganyikan Shelldwelling Cichlids. A few months old and approx 1 inch in length. Actual parents shown in photo. £2.50 each.
100.Hobbyist/breeder of wild caught Malawi and tanganyikan cichlids 15/10/13 Yes
Hello, We have a fish house consisting of 36 tanks and 3 raised ponds with glass viewing panels , dedicated to breeding the finest quality wild Malawi and tanganyikan cichlids. Our list is ever growing in the species that we breed and raise , and have had to build a second facility in order to r... ...


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