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Aquarist Classifieds Plakat Betta

Check out our Fishkeeping Directory pages about plakat betta:

 Aquarist Classifieds Search Results:AddedPhoto
1.🐟Current Livestock List🐟 25/05/2018 Maidenhead Aquatics @ Rutland 06/06/18 Yes
Maidenhead Aquatics @ Rutland current livestock list 25/05/2018 (We are located near Oakham, Melton Mowbray, Stamford, Corby, Leicester, and within 1 hours drive of Nottingham, Peterborough, Grantham, Kettering, Market Harborough, Bourne) We would advise customers to phone for prices, sizes of... ...
2.Maidenhead Aquatics @ Crawley (Tropical Fish Specialist) 06/06/18 Yes
Tropical Fish experts with an ever growing range of rare and unusual fish. Over many years we have built up connections world wide to source difficult to obtain species often on an exclusive basis. Snap shot of current stock 06/06/18 Hyalobagrus flavus Phoenix tetra Forktail rainbows Red fin... ...
3.UPDATED: Living World (Canterbury) Current Stock - 06/08/2017 06/08/17 Yes
Living World Canterbury Stock List: 06/08/2017 Please like our page for regular stock updates! DELIVERY AVAILABLE throughout England, Wales and Southern Scotland. *We are currently experiencing an issue with messages not coming through from this site - if we do not respond, please t... ...
4.Maidenhead [email protected] Freshwater Stocklist 02/10/2015 03/10/15 Yes
Hi, here is a our current Freshwater stock-list over here at Maidenhead Shirley. Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff with any questions that you may have. We will be doing our best to update the stock-list when we have had new fish in. Feel free to follow us on Facebook: https:/... ...
5.Betta / Siamese fighter. Male MG HMPK 13/06/15 Yes
Mustard gas halfmoon plakat male 10 Collection preferred but can post for 12.50 call or text for any more info tbanks.
6.Male Plakat Bettas x2 for sale 03/01/15 No
Hi all, I have a slight excess of male bettas thanks to these being sold very young as females. As I was new to the hobby I fell for it. :) I have a male Trad PK with little in the way of irids on his body. That layer is so thin it barely shows on his colouration normally. he looks lavender when... ...
7.HMPK Fancy Giant Male betta, large fish 11/12/14 Yes
I'm a betta breeder located in the UK. I'm able to send fish within the UK at any time of year apart from when the weather is extreme. For sale offered a half moon plakat giant male betta. Colours are red/blue/white. He is a very big fish and requires a larger tank (60L or more). Price 25, postage... ...
8.Emsworth Aquatics Availability List 09/12/14 Yes
AVAILABLITY LIST LIVEBEARERS Assorted Mollies 2.60ea Balloon Mollies 2.85ea Assorted Male Guppies 2.25ea or 4 for 8.76 Female Guppies 1.80ea or 6 for 10.20 Male Endlers 2.25ea or 4 for 8.80 Assorted Platys 2.50ea Assorted Swordtails 3.00ea CICHLIDS Gold Severum 6.95ea Red ... ...
9.Betta splendens for sale 12/07/14 Yes
I have various male betta splendens for sale. I have crowntails(7) , combtail/crowntail combo's (15) and veil tales (5). I can try and get any betta that you request and I will tell you the price such as halfmoons and plakats. I can ship to most places in the UK for 9 please PM me for info a... ...
10.for sale in Scotland,betta & killifish 17/04/14 Yes
I have some home bred fish for sale male hmpk 4 male plakat 2 crowntail 2 veil tail 2 can match up with females gardneri killifish males 3 & pairs 5 all fish are young adults,pick up from gourock please call or text as emails not getting through,thanks Gerry
11.Fish for sale 27/03/14 Yes
washington aquatics stocklist sulgrave , ne37 3bj livestock corydoras julii 3each or 4 for 10 congo tetra 3 each or 4 for 10 firemouth cichlids 3.50each kribs pairs 5 veil tail angels 7 or 2 for 12 venustus malawi (stunning) 2-3 inch 2 for 15 featherfin synodontis 2 inch 4 each ... ...
12.Betta - Crowntail, King Crowntail, Plakat, Half Moon 04/09/13 Yes
Bettas for sale Crowntail Male- �8-�10 Halfmoon Male- �10_�12 King Crowntail Male- �18 Plakats Male- �12-�15 Females available too. For any queries kindly drop an email. I have got like 22 males and 5 females. anyone interested to take all for £200 plus £25 for P&P. They ar... ...
13.tropical & cold water fish plus mucles and shrimp etc 03/05/13 Yes
PLEASE PM US, SEE IN STORE OR CALL FOR PRICES SHRIMP & MUSCLES Scribbled Muscle 2.5cm Rili Sakura Shrimp Red Cherry fire Shrimp Red Pinokio Shrimp Red Skunk Shrimp COLDWATER White Goldfish 4cm Ghost Goldfish 4cm Red G... ...
14.Quality Bred Bettas 09/02/12 Yes
Hi, am just gauging interest really I have my 1st successful just turned 4 months old, just wondered if there would be interest in my latest planned spawns. Yellow Butterfly Halfmoons Black Orchid Halfmoons Yellow/Black Marble Halfmoons Black Doubletails Marbled Dumbo/Big Ear Halfmoon Plakats... ...
Halfmoon,crowntail,plakat,giant betta get them all here male and female Betta fish
16.Grade A Thai Halfmoon Plakat 25/04/11 Yes
this very aggressive male is a grade A halfmoon plakat straight from Thailand,he is in perfect health and is eating well. I am asking just 30 for this show class beauty. [email protected]
17.Wanted good quality Halfmoon Plakat male Betta/Giant Plakat 18/02/11 Yes
I really want to get a good quality Plakat, I like the look of Halfmoon marble Plakat so one like this or any of the pic's would be great, think you can get a good idea of the type of male i'm after. I'm in Hampshire and would like to be able to have one posted to me. If you are a breeder and c... ...
18.Bettas, Siamese fighters, FREE selection for resale. 14/12/10 No
Around 35 young and adult betta, free to a good home. Reason for free, urgent rehoming needed. Tail types, halfmoon plakat, some halfmoon females, a few crowntail females and 4 stunning female dragon halfmoon plakats. Some will need to be grown on for sale later on. Out growing tubs and food suppl... ...
19.GIANT, plakat, halfmoon, crowntail, superdelta bettas available now. 20/03/10 No
Simply follow the link to find affordable bettas from the UKs largest breeder. Nice young fish available too. Males and females.
20.Bettas/Siamese Fighters 04/08/09 No
I have a selection of bettas for sale as I'm having to give up the hobby due to ill health: A pair of copper plakats, proven breeders 15 A male blue/red plakat, proven breeder 7 A male rich blue half moon proven breeder 7 All the above are 5 months old. A selection of half moon/plakat... ...
I am looking for Betta Splendens AKA Siamese fighting fish!! I have one beautiful Halfmoon already but have caught the betta bug and would like to keep more. If you are a breeder wanting to sell some stock or you are wanting to sell your betta then please contact me. Will consider most varieties e.g... ...
22.siamese fighting fish 18/10/05 No
cutting down in number so have a few bettas for sale i have male plakats and supper deltas also some a trio of crowntails please email for pics and prices
23.bettas for sale 11/06/05 Yes
female rosetail male doubletail male doubletail halfmoon male crowntail male plakat with doubletail geno female crowntail male super delta
24.Betta Website coming soon 07/05/05 No
coming so is a betta website selling crowntails, halfmoons, plakats E.T.C...all are bred im my fish room!!!! and at super prices!!! Average price will be 6 male 5 female for top quality bettas!!!! i wil post anywhere in the UK email me if you are interested and would consider buying the... ...
26.Giant female plakat bettas 06/02/05 Yes
i have 2 giant plakat female bettas for sale,i would like 6 each for them or 10 the pair. please email me at [email protected]
27.Giant female plakat bettas 05/02/05 Yes
i have 2 giant female plakat bettas that i wanna traid for eather 2 normal females or a male and female. but i dont want veiltails. thanks
28.Very cheap bettas 01/02/05 No
Only US$ 2,00 per fish min. 100 fish (male only and mix type halfmoon,super delta,crown tail and plakat with a defferent collours)


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