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Aquarist Classifieds Texas Cichlid

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 Aquarist Classifieds Search Results:AddedPhoto
1.Top quality Cichlids for sale 10/12/17 No
This is a list of fish I can obtain from the Largest African Cichlid breeder in Europe , Malawi /Tangynika in South Bohemia Czech Republic , All prices require 80% adding and are in £\'s . Postage for next day before noon is £20.00 to UK mainland excluding scottish highlands .MY NEXT VISIT IS 19TH ... ...
2.Freshwater Stocklist Updated (03/12/17) 10/12/17 No
Stocklist for all freshwater fish. Photos and sizes on request. **shipping available, APC overnight from £20 per box, enquire for more information** Tropical- Yellow line rasbora £3.90 6~£21.00 Giant danio £2.50 6~£13.00 Scissortail £1.90 6~£10.00 Neon dwarf rainbows £3.90 6~£21.0... ...
🐟🐠🐟🐡🐠🐟🐡🐠🐟🐡🐠 🐡🐠🐟 STOCKLIST 🐟🐠🐡 🐠🐟🐡🐠🐟🐡🐠🐟🐡🐠🐟 *MISCELLANEOUS* Many Ba... ...
4.4 inch green Texas and polleni cichlids free. 03/12/17 No
Pics on request.
5.new fish leeds leeds 14/11 28/11/17 No
15 neons £10 12 tiger barbs £10 8 platys £10 12 danios £10 3 angels £6 8 swordtails £10 texas cichlid £9 6cm flowerlorns £9 6cm 5 jade eye cichlids £10 4 houdrain red points cichlids £10 2 bristlenose £5 leeds 12 wortley
8.Green Texas Male 23/11/17 No
Hi, I got this 6" male Green Texas for sale. Selling as am moving home. Looking for £15 I couldn't upload pics here, will send through whatsapp. Cheers.
9.catfish, channa, cichlids, gg 18/11/17 No
Want to move a few fish inc apurensis cat £60 no offers. 2 striped Dora cats 4"+8". £10 9" true midas orange cichlid £40 2* 5-6" 5 star general cichlids, hemichromis elongatus £50 6-7" red tailed giant gourami £25 stays smaller than regular GG. 4-5" bright orange midevil cichlid £10 9" four... ...
10.Texas cichlid 07/10/17 No
For sale male Texas cichlid 8in £10 collection from Chesterton ST5
11.Randys tropical fish ( fully licenced pet shop ) 07463683498 07/10/17 No
We are a family run business in willenhall westmidlands we work on beating prices of all major aquatic shops by up to 60%. We send out a weekly list via text. If you would like to opt into this please text me on 07463683498. We are on face book (randys tropical fish) we also do free delivery. WE NOW... ...
12.Huge specimen Red Texas Cichlid 05/10/17 Yes
Got a very special huge 10 inch red texas cichlid for sale. Very interactive pet fish. For sale on ebay (link below). Collection only. Huge chunky fish. Peaceful fish, even with smaller fish and babies in the tank. Currently housed with some mbuna and frontosa. Ggive him fresh clean water, plen... ...
13.RARE + WILD CAUGHT/F0 CA Cichlids for sale (GTs, RDs, Festae, Carpintis) 03/10/17 Yes
Clearing out some space to make room for my breeding pairs. There\'s no rush for these guys to go though so will hold on if prices are not met or I receive no sensible offers. 2 x Wild False Green Terrors/Gold Saums (Rio Esmeraldes). One of which was sourced off Jeff Rapps from Tangled up in Cic... ...
14.Male Super red Texas 11"/12" stunning fish looking to swap or £280 27/09/17 Yes
Here I have my male 12" super red Texas stunning fish with stunning colour, very rare cichlid in this high quality. May swap for Asian arowana or jardini arowana or maybe others also depending what they are. Please text if interested.
15.Randys tropical fish upto 50% off pet shop prices 07463683498 10/09/17 No
We are a fully licensed pet shop. We send out a weekly list of fish via text we also have pictures and videos of every single fish we stock. If you would like to recive our weekly list please text me on 07463683498 thankyou FISH LIST!!!!! NEW STOCK THIS WEEK strawberry peacock £7.50 Venustus... ...
16.few big cichlids 06/09/17 Yes
texas 7inc £20 green terror 7inch £20 black shark 5inch £10 swop for bogwood
17.American cichlids 05/09/17 Yes
Moving to marine. Most fish for sale some will be staying in my 5ft. 2x ebjd male and female 3 synspillum 2 black belts 1 argenta 3 dwarf red Texas 2 red neck sevs 2 yellow sevs 1 rusty plec 4 yoyo loach Plus a few more. All have been kept in a 9ft tank Tank is SS... ...
18.South/Central American Cichlids FOR SALE 25/08/17 Yes
Closing down one of my tanks so following fish are for sale 3 x Jaguar Cichlid - 4" - 6" - £15 each 1 x Texas Cichlid - 7" - £15 1 x Parrot Cichlid - 4" - £5 1 x Gold Severum - 6"-7" - £10 1 x Firemouth - 4" - £5 All sizes are approx, collection from Hove in East Sussex, you will need to b... ...
19.COTA ORDER 09/07/17 No
............... NEW COTA ORDER ................ ANYONE WANTING TO ORDER INBOX ME Species Size Price Description Vieja Argentea NEW! 1\" 10.00 Beautiful F1 Rio Tzendales/Guacamayas Argentea available shortly Vieja Melanarum 2\" 10.00 Incredible Lago Peten strain available again soon 3-3.5\" 14.0... ...
20.Red texas green texas 30/06/17 Yes
For sale £30 quid each All female except the green texas All brother\'s and sister\'s imported from Thailand Collection wells next the Sea norfolk or can deliver locally if fuel covered
21.Shortbody super red texas female 22/06/17 No
For sale is my female faded super red Texas shortbody Can maybe deliver in Norfolk £50 Many others available just ask will do deals
22.Green Texas breeding pair for sale 21/05/17 Yes
4inches - 6inches Texas breeding pair for sale £40. Thanks
23.Shutting down tanks 21/05/17 No
2x6 foot tanks with cabinets 2x fx 5 filters lights 100 pounds 8 texas cichlids 20 £ 2 knife fish 20 £ Call 07814123199 01953688329
24.Green Texas for sale £15 15/05/17 Yes
4inchers -6inchers Green Texas for sale. Each £15 or 2 for £25.
Baby Green Texas Cichlids for sale. 4 left and available £15 the lot. Collection Only QUICK STATS Minimum Tank Size: 50 gallons Care Level: Moderate Temperament: Semi-aggressive Water Conditions: 75-78° F, KH 14-16, pH 6.9-7.1
26.Green Texas Cichlids 11/05/17 Yes
Baby Green Texas Cichlids for sale. 4 left and available £15 the lot. Collection Only QUICK STATS Minimum Tank Size: 50 gallons Care Level: Moderate Temperament: Semi-aggressive Water Conditions: 75-78° F, KH 14-16, pH 6.9-7.1
27.Super red texas 26/04/17 No
Super red texas for sale Collection wells next the Sea 07821426703 £60
28.Texas, Mayan and Jack Dempsey cichlids for sale Norfolk 22/04/17 No
Moving some fish on so have a pair of Texas cichlids (Herichthys Cyanoguttatus), a male Mayan cichlid (Mayaheros Urophthalmus), a female Jack Dempsey (Rocio octofasciata) and an unsexed Texas cichlids. Texas 5-6" £10 each or £15 the pair (bred several times) Mayan male 6" £10 Jack Dempsey femal... ...
29.new deals 28/3 28/03/17 No
15 neons £10 8 corys £10 3 rainbow sharks £5 10 platys £10 15 danios £10 3, 5cm tinfoil barbs £7 4inch flowerhorn £10 7inch texas £15 8 blister frozen fish foods £10 leeds 12 wortley next to asda
30.Stunning green/blue texas cichlid 6inch £40 04/03/17 No
Beautyful bluey/green texas cichlid perfect colouration any pics or info 07449985903 jay
LAST FEW DAYS TO ORDER FROM C.O.T.A CONTACT ME FOR MORE INFO Species Size Price Description Vieja Melanarum NEW! 2\" 10.00 Incredible Lago Peten strain available again soon Vieja Heterospilus NEW! 1\" 10.00 8-9\" 110.00 Awesome growouts now available Vieja Regani Rio Sar... ...
LAST FEW DAYS TO ORDER FROM C.O.T.A CONTACT ME FOR MORE INFO Species Size Price Description Vieja Melanarum NEW! 2\" 10.00 Incredible Lago Peten strain available again soon Vieja Heterospilus NEW! 1\" 10.00 8-9\" 110.00 Awesome growouts now available Vieja Regani Rio Sarabia F1 2-2.5\"... ...
33.Red Texas KKP 23/01/17 Yes
Description The bright spots with the deep red make these have to be the best looking RT i have seen in a while. Price: £150 - £220 Contact: 07400060511 Delivery all over the UK If you spend over £200 its FREE delivery if you spend £150 its £12 delivery if you spenjavascript:history.back... ...
34.Red Texas Orange Kamfa 23/01/17 Yes
Description these guys have the face of a flowerhorn but are covered in spots like a RT Price: £150 - £220 Contact: 07400060511 Delivery all over the UK When you spend over £200 its FREE delivery if you spend £150 its £12 delivery if you spenjavascript:history.back()d above £80 its £20 d... ...
35.Urban exotics full fish list Nottinghamshire 16/01/17 Yes
URBAN EXOTICS full up to date fish list 11/1/17 Over 150 tanks filled with good quality, affordable fish. Huge choice for beginners to seasoned hobbyists Follow us on Facebook by searching for 'urbanpetcentre- Live bearers- we always have a good choice of colours in all our live bear... ...
36. Mambo Aquatics Darlington New List 1/12/16 01/12/16 Yes
*** Mambo,s Aquatics 1/12/16 New List *** - Jaguar Cichlid - Jack Dempsey Cichlid - Firemouth Cichlid - Green Terror Cichlid - Texas Cichlid - Indian Gourami - Opaline Gourami - Red Tail Catfish - Albino Clown Knife Fish - African Brown Knife Fish - Assorted Peacocks - Silver Arrowa... ...
37. Mambo Aquatics Stock List 23/11/16 23/11/16 Yes
*** Mambo,s Aquatics Availablity List *** - Jaguar Cichlid - Jack Dempsey Cichlid - Firemouth Cichlid - Green Terror Cichlid - Texas Cichlid - Indian Gourami - Opaline Gourami - Red Tail Catfish - Albino Clown Knife Fish - African Brown Knife Fish - XL Piranha - Silver Arrowana - ... ...
38.Fish Order 19/11/16 No
C.O.T.A Order is delayed 1 week because i messed up and forgot its thanks giving out in the states so not much hope for this week, on the up side it means you all get 1 extra week to add to the order 50% DEPOSIT REQUIRED Species Size Price Description Vieja Melanarum NEW! 2\" 10.00 Incredible Lag... ...
39. New Fish Delivery Paddock Farm 9/11/2016 09/11/16 Yes
*** NEW FISH DELIVERY 9/11/2016 *** - Blue Diamond Angel 3.5cm - Cherry Barb - Sterbai Cory - Assorted Cory - Pangasius 10cm - Jajuar cichlid - Flag cichlid - Texas Cichlid - Deep water harp - 9 Sot Peacock Bass - Eye Bitter - Betta Falx - Glass Fish (not the catfish) - Red Dwar... ...
40.Cichlids and Tropical Fish 05/10/16 No
Selling up Large X - Ray Tetra 10 for £5 Jewel Cichlid £4 Large A breeding pair for 1 spot Jewel Cichlid £15 Livingstoni Medium £3 Blue Acara Cichlid (m) £4 Firemouth Cichlid (m) £3 Jack Dempsey Cichlid (m) £5 Kribensis Cichlid (m) £3 Synspilum Cichlid (m) £7 Texas Cichlid (m) £4 Green ... ...
41.Emporer aquatics rare Cichlids and Datnoid fish 31/08/16 No
DATNOIDS Siemese tiger fish (datnoids microlepis) (4-5cm) many barred tiger(datnoids polota) fish(4-5cm) CICHLIDS South American Peacock bass (Diamond/Azul/Golden/Monoculas/Orinocensis) (5cm) AFRICAN peacock cichlid (redneck/pink albino/purple line/demasoni/ yellow head/dragon blood/oran... ...
Pair of XL pink Parrots £65. Texas Cichlid £15. Bosemani Rainbows (2.5\") £7.50 Dwarf Neon/Red Honey Gouramis (2\") £4, 3 For £10 Geophagus (3.5\") £15 Large Plecs (10-15\") £25-35 L Tin Foils (4\") £15 XL Lionheads (5\") £25 Mini Silver Dollars (2\") £5 L264 Plec (4\") -£POA L66 Plec (... ...
43.The Ark Outpost New Arrivals 08/07/16 Yes
New Arrivals 8/7/2016 Large Columbia Order Expected In A Fortnight Tiger Barbs £3.50 Assorted Angelfish £4.99 Neon Tetra £1.00 Black Neon Tetra (Jumbo) £1.50 Honey Gourami £3.95 Lace Gourami £4.95 Albino Kribensis £4.95 Gold Rams £5.95 Silver Arowana £25 Stunning Guppy Strains Flam... ...
44.New Stock 16/04/16 No
Butterfly Catfish Asian Bumblebee Catfish Hopolo Catfish Spotted Talking Catfish Walking Catfish ...................................... Candy Plec Snowball Plec Blue Phantom Plec Green Phantom Plec ...................................... Filament Barb Green Spot Puffer Royal Discus Ass... ...
45.super red texas pair . flower horn. 21/03/16 No
I have a male about 6 . 8 inch female about 5.6 inch lay eggs and have fry all the time selling as want to change up but these r very hard to get a pair off contact me on 07701069509 £600 ono
46.TRUE BLUE TEXAS Cyanoguttatus 03/03/16 Yes
Hi I have for sale a 5 inch male F1 Santiago Lerma Cyanoguttatus. This Texas came in on a cota order from Lincs fish. Its a true Texas no Carpintis cyano hybrid. £20
47.Full Malawi Juwel 450 vision setup 28/02/16 Yes
Tank and equipment is less than 3 yr old. Is the latest version with t5 tubes which all work Eheim and fx5 filtration 2x E300 fluval 300w heaters Additional led lighting as well as standard. Loads of Texas holey rock 5 frontosas Dolphins Pictus cats Clown loaches Taiwan reef Blood red ... ...
48.Texas blood parrots 27/02/16 Yes
Beautiful colours Last 3 remaining Coming soon
49.flowerhorns texas oscars wanted 15/02/16 No
As above looking for pairs singles can collect must be free or cheap 07535593968
50.Red texas cichlid 09/02/16 No
Red texas female lays eggs regular selling as want to change up collection £220
51.5 yoyo loaches, 1 catfish,1 pre-faded red texas, and 1 10 inch male midas 18/11/15 No
all for £50.. pick up camberwell, south east london
52.Lovely young blue texas cichlid 03/11/15 Yes
Ranging from around 2 inches maybe 3. Lovely colour and personality. I have more pictures
53.Current Freshwater Stocklist Maidenhead Aquatics Coventry 17/10/15 No
Hi :) Here we have our current list of freshwater species available within store. We will be doing our best to keep it updated with any new deliveries. Please do not hesitate to call us for further enquiries. Feel free to like us on Facebook at Maidenhead Aquatics at Coventry. Live bearers; ... ...
54.texas cichlids for sale Stafford 07/10/15 No
Texas cichlids for sale males and females range from 2-4 inch. 7.50 each collection Stafford Would be willing to swop for other American cichlids
55.Green Texas cichlid 05/10/15 Yes
I bought 4 of these beautiful fish on the 4/10/2015 After reading more into the species I found that my landscaped tank would be destroyed over time and that these ain\'t really a communal fish. Abit upset but need to go. £15.00 for all 4 Or £5.00 each
56.Flowerhorn x Texas cichlids 11/08/15 Yes
Lovely strong colourful fish lots of pinks and reds 5" average , £10 each , littlehampton , West Sussex . 07595337749
57.pair of parrots 11/07/15 No
Pair of parrot fish £30ono. Need to be re homed as stressing other cichlids as they are about to spawn again. Will swap for ebjd or female texas or female Jd cheers
58.american 19/05/15 No
breeding pair of gold saums aka green terrors £30 breeding pair of cutteri fry every 3 weeks without fail £30 breeding trio of rainbows £20 texas 2inch £4 3 ebjd,s 2 at 2inch other one at 6inch £60
59.Texas Cichlid 02/03/15 Yes
New home wanted for fish inherited with tank 3-4\". Surrey/Hants border, Any sensible offer considered
60.flowerhorns red texas oscars wanted sale or swap 02/03/15 No
I\'m looking for some flowerhorns young or adult no silly prices please localish to Birmingham Please call with info 07535593968 Also looking for red Texas Ideally a pair of Oscars
61.predator fish , oscars , sevs ,texas, catfish 24/02/15 No
Hi all im just setting up a new monster tank Anyone got for sale any :- Predator fish texas cichlids south and or central american cichlids red tail catfish jags peacock bass Please contact me via text or phone as email doesnt always work as close to bradford as possible but may... ...
62.Red texas available flowerhorn kk srt rt 14/02/15 Yes
Hi I have some stunning red texas available Peterborough these are 10 months old eating well to well lol hit me up for quality 30£ each range from 4-6\" males only available atm
63.New shipment flowerhorn Thailand 01/02/15 Yes
I have a shipment landing on 5th of feb ffish are of what is available in thailand, they need to be payed for to secure with seller, price includes shipping from Thai to uk, import/ handling fee but not postage to your door Postage is £25 with apc next day before 12 Payment by PayPal or bank trans... ...
64.Lots of cichlids red texas kkp midas texas 26/01/15 No
I\'m closing down a lot of fish I have midas to super red texas phone me for availability red texas kkp I\'m Peterborough I can post out via apc but rather ppl picked up what\'s app me ill send pics
65.Holey Ocean Rock & slate 20/01/15 Yes
I have 70kg of holey Rock which was used for my Malawi tank but I no longer use due to upgrading to Texas holey Rock. Ideally I\'d like to swap for more Malawi cichlids if possible or make me an offer to collect. I can post but would need to get a price for this. If you are interested give me a call... ...
66.Red Texas, flowerhorn, cichlid,imports missflowerhornuk 08/01/15 Yes
I have gorgeous super red Texas for sale they are shortbody around 3\" imported from Thailand, £30 each or 2 for £50!! Collection welcome or delivery is 25 I can fit a few in one box PleAse txt 07449522152 Ty Mfuk
67.flowerhorns red texas foods sups meds 04/01/15 Yes
Hi I\'m a UK seller of flowerhorn foods sups meds got a good selection in stock free post next day delivery service check out the pics for prices check out our website http://karmacrossbreed.simdif.com
68.Flowerhorns missflowerhornuk 27/12/14 Yes
I have a few fh left for sale imported from Thailand All high grade quality Call 07449522152 or txt or email Pic 1 £130 Pic 2 £80 Video £140 Also super red monkey fry £15 each I have red Texas shortbody £30 each or 2 for £50 and other males also that are on my YouTube channel, postage £25 w... ...
69.8ft x 2ft x 2ft full tropical set up £475 26/12/14 Yes
8ft x 2ft x 2ft tropical fish tank full set up. Fluval FX5, Texas holy rock, bog wood, sand, slate, x2 lights, x2 heaters etc.
70.need to swap fish for a nice tank 17/12/14 No
My previous tank got damaged during house move so I can swap some of my fish for a nice 4ft or large 3ft..please let me know what you have and we can work out a deal...My fish are: 2-3" rotkeil severums x3 2-3" pre faded red texas x9 2" vieja sysnspilum x3 2" rose queens x3... ...
71.New stocklist 20/11/14 Yes
Washington aquatics brand new stocklist ne37 3bj free deliverys available. Community L018 Gold nugget plec £25 L400 Plec £20 Torpedo barbs 2\" £5 each Bronze corys (xlarge) £3 each Kuhli loach £1 each Moscow blue guppy £2.50 each Lyretail sailfin Molly (large) £3 each Platys (xlarge ) ... ...
72.New store open in South Shields 17/11/14 No
We are a new store in South Shields supplying freshwater fish and dry goods. Good selection dry goods including Fluval, Seachem, Ocean Nutrition, Tetra plus more Open 10 til 6 Monday to Saturday 12 til 4 Sunday Current stocklist Trops - Rainbow platy Blue neon platy Texas cichlid ... ...
73.Red texas female cichlid imported from thailand 05/11/14 Yes
Red texas female cichlid imported from thailand 5-6" Cash on collection £80 ono
74.Washington aquatics brand new stocklist 03/11/14 No
Washington aquatics brand new stocklist ne37 3bj free deliverys within 6 mile and orders over £30 within 15 mile geophagus surinamensis 10cm £15each geophagus balzini 8cm £10each salvini cichlids 14-15cm £15each cichla kelberi 4” £20each electric blue jack dempseys 1.5” £10each thorichthys ... ...
75.swan advanced cctv system security for fish house etc 26/10/14 No
I have for sale a swan home CCTV security system Perfect t for outside fish house Brand new never used sealed box Sell for £250 retails at £390 so grab a bargain May PX for cichlids Oscars Flower horns Red Texas Frontosa Adult blue dolphins Breeding pairs Birmingham area 0751... ...
76.Rose queen cichlid juveniles ( flowerhorn red texas kk kamfa skkp kkp bp) 22/10/14 Yes
Rose queen juveniles for sale bred by myself parents r midas X bp mother bp is a A grade high quality bp dad is a young red variety pure midas not midevil or red devil I'm located in Peterborough I can post these by apc at 25£ a box I've posted many fish in my time very good success rate they r 2&... ...
77.New stock list. Malawi tangs community oddballs. Predators 07/10/14 No
Washington aquatics new stocklist red frontosa 2” £8.99each haplochromis borleyi 3.5-4” £8each haplochromis ahli “hormone” 3.5-4” £8each albino yellow labs 4” £8each super vc-10 haps 4” £8each aulonocara nyassae “ob” 4” £10each (10 available ) aulonocara nyassae pink peacocks 3” £10 green ... ...
78.New Specialist Fish Store Redruth, Cornwall 07/09/14 Yes
Our NEW store is NOW OPEN! 8-10 Green Lane Redruth Cornwall TR15 1JU Current stock list: Community fish: Silver Dollars XL £10 each or 5 for £40 Giant Indian Gouramis £4.50 each Assorted Gouramis XL £7.99 each Assorted Gouramis M £5.99 each Moonlight Gouramis L £7.99 Red Finne... ...
79.WTD - Big cichlids+Catfish 03/09/14 No
Hi I have a big practically empty 7'x2'x30" tank and im looking for the following fish, as local to telford as possible All fish need to be 5"+ Jaguar Cichlid Red Festae Cichlid Green Terror Cichlid Peacock Bass Texas Cichlid Jack Dempsey Cichlid Midas Cichlid Aligator Gar ... ...
80.juwel rio 400 with stand in black 07/08/14 Yes
Juwel rio 400 in black with stand,fluval fx5 and eheim professional 3 external filters,300w heater,eheim powerball,2 large pieces of bogwood,pebbles,slate and black gravel...the fish are..1x breeding pair of green sevs,2× large rainbow fish,10×large silver dollars,5xcongo tetras,1× large male geopha... ...
Our stock list and prices of what we have in at the moment are as followed.. Special orders can be made, as long as deposit is paid. Tropical Fish: JUST IN: 2 large Male Frontosa (Around 7inches and 9inches) - £60.00 each or £100.00 the pair. Topaz Puffer Fish (Around 5inches) - BACK IN ST... ...
82.Lots of tropical fish for sale 09/06/14 Yes
nw stock list READY WEDNESDAY NE37 3BJ kobalt blue discus £20ea chocolate lyretail killifish £4ea peaccock gobys £4ea or 10 for £35 cardinal tetra 10 for £8 geophagus brasiliensis red (pearl cichlid) £8ea german blue rams (german bred) £3ea mixed malawi £4ea dwarf flag cichlid £3ea albino a... ...
83.5 Year old Texas chiclid going for £5 only to a good home 08/06/14 No
I have a 5 year old adult texas chiclid in amazing condition. Has been well looked after but sadly as I now want to only keep mbuna it must go. It is a bargain for £5 but I only will let it go if I know it will go to a good home. Buyer must show tank it will be going in. 07588932532 Windsor berkshir... ...
84.Cichlids for sale 04/06/14 Yes
Female Jag cichlid, 8" £10 Texas cichlid 4" £5 2 x Jack Dempseys 6" £10 each Green severum 7" £10 2 x acaras 6" £15 for both 2 x bocourti cichlids 7" £10 each 5 x Congo tetras £10
85.Flowerhorn Cichlid Oddball Odd Ball Puffer Bass Tiger Fish Datnoid Veja Severum Oscar ALL SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD 27/05/14 No
All for sale located in Harlow Essex individual fish prices as follows. Peacock Bass Cichla Pleiozona 8"+ £50 MBU Puffer 9" £80 Tiger Fish indo Datnoid 7" £45 Tiger Fish NTT Datnoid 4.5" £50 Veja Pair £30 Jack Dempsey £10 Large spotted Severum x 3 £15 each or 3 for £30 Scatts Pair £20 Large... ...
86.Texas cichlid 26/04/14 Yes
Ive got for sale texas cichlid. Healthy fish. size 15cm if you have any questions please as 07516769079 10 pounds
87.cichlids and tropical fish 24/04/14 Yes
forsale or swap far malawi 1 red oscar 7 8 inch 2 tiger oscars 5 6 inch 2 green terrors 4 and 7 inch 1 texas convict 7 inch 1 jack dempsey 6 7 inch 1 yellow sev 7 inch 1 blue lobster 5 6 inch PRESTON AREA £ 100 ono or good swap far malawis contact 07513630011 ryan gormley
88.texas 14/04/14 Yes
male texas lovely fish 6inch £10 pickup hull
89.Rena 4ft Aqualife Aquarium - full fish tank set up with cichlids for sale 17/03/14 Yes
Rena Aqualife 4ft aquarium. These are the Rolls Royce of the aquarium world and this is finished with a light beech cabinet which is less less common. Included is a large amount of texas holey rock, coral sand, 2 external filters and 2 heaters. There must be over 50 cichlid mbuna fish which are ... ...
90.6.5 foot South American setup completes with everything 07/03/14 Yes
Very large 6.5 foot tank with x2 filters, x2 heaters, x2 lights, x4 very large pieces of bog wood, 18 fish included are x1 arrowan X1 humbug cat, x1 myan,x1 Texas, x2 very large plecs x2 quartz, x2 nigerraguns x2 oscars x2 male jags 1 normal 1 yellow jacket x4 jack dempsies I think that's it any qu... ...
91.Texas Cichlid 04/03/14 No
Texas Cichlid for sale 4 to 5 inch long £4
in the london area or near by. trimacs, synpliums, texas ect. bigger the better. thank you 07886347745
93.Thai Silk Flowerhorns - For Sale/Swap - London 09/02/14 Yes
2x 3.5-4 Inch Thai Silk - £100 ,2 for £150 1x 6-7 Inch Thai Silk - £180 or swap for 4-7 large Texas Offers welcome. Collection Only, Abbey Wood SE2. Email: [email protected] Call or Text: 07908958919 Contact For More Details! Thanks for looking.
94.American Cichlids For Sale (London) 09/02/14 Yes
Hi I Have The Following For Sale. Red Texas(Fully Faded) - 7inch - £40 Midas - 2.5-3.5Inch - £10, 4 for £30 Synspilum X Festae - 7Inch - £45 Green Red Spot Severum - 4.5Inch - £35 Also a selection of flowerhorns. Contact for info, Collection from London, Abbey Wood SE2. Email: cichlidcro... ...
95.K7624 - 1984 jlg 8 ton crane 800bt; 8 ton boom truck 30/01/14 Yes
1984 JLG 8 TON CRANE MODEL 800BT • 65' TOTAL HOOK HEIGHT; • 3 SECTION HYDRAULIC BOOM; • SINGLE SPEED WINCH; • OVER HAUL BALL; • 4 OUTRIGGERS. STOCK # K7624 VIN # 408300467 * HOURS UNKNOWN * ~~~~~~~~~ Opdyke Inc. Specialized Trucks & Equipment Sales Providing quality used trucks... ...
96.2 texas cichlids for sale 6 inches long 14/12/13 Yes
2 Male Texas Cichlids for sale 6 inches long £25 for the pair Macclesfield please contact rachel on 07462 877 252 or [email protected]
97.New fish in @ AT Aquatics 11/12/13 Yes
Cichlids / oddballs and catfish list; Pink tail chalceus - £6.50 3" Jack Dempsey - £2.99 2" blue gene Jack Dempsey - £20.00 6" 2 males available Jaguar cichlid - £3.49 2" Texas cichlid - £3.99 2" Tiger oscar - £7.99 2" Tiger oscar - £18.99 6-7" Tiger oscar - £40.00 12" male part of a bre... ...
98.central american cichlids for sale 09/09/13 Yes
Cichlasoma labiatum (red devil) 9-10 inch £20 cichlasoma friedrichsthalii (freddie) 7-8 inch £20 Cichlasoma managuense (jaguar) 6 inch £15 Cichlasoma cyanoguttatum (texas) 7 inch £15 £60 FOR ALL FOUR! Tollesbury essex Phil 07540129210
as the title says, in the london area or close by. must be 6inches or more. no to oscars, jags and sevs. ideally i would like large trimacs, texas, redheaded cichlids. thanks guys 07886347745
100.Texas Cichlids and Angel fish 26/08/13 No
I have 6 Texas Cichlids and a pair of Angel fish for sale please call or text 07881368428


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