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1Young Black Acara for sale 1.50 each (and open to offers) :About 40 young (two months old) Black Acara (Cichlasoma bimaculatum), from 10mm to 15mm long are available. The parents were imported from E ...22/07/13
2all sorts of marine equipment for sale :marine equipment for sale, i - have a bowini overhead light, assorted power heads, 2 v2refractometers salt testers and a v2 skim 1000 protei ...21/06/13
36-8 inch oddball clown loach wanting to swap for a young kel pb or dat :Want to trade this oddball clown for a kel peacock bass above 2 inches or datnoid around 3-5 inches. Let me know and will consider other of ...12/06/13
4Water Quality treatment :Hydra Enhance Improves Water Clarity ,acts as a sponge for impurities in water.It also Deepens & Enriches Koi Colour, White Background & ...10/06/13
5String Algae in Ponds :String algae a filamentous structure or thread-like structure inside marine or pond instead of floating water.Best way to deal with string ...10/06/13
6Chloramine-T for Koi KHV :Chloramine-T is a treatment against bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections specially for Koi Herpes Virus (KHV).10/06/13
7Juwel Rio 400 Discus set up, must go :Hi Guys, With big regret I have to help my Grandpa to sell his much loved Discus set up. Only because of poor health his unable to look af ...09/06/13
8Filamentous Algae in Ponds :Filamentous Algae Filamentous algae are single algae cells that form long visible chains, threads, or filaments.This algae can be removed by ...29/05/13
9Duck Weed Control in Ponds :Hydra DW-400 can be used for Duckweed Control.It is safe for Safe for fish, plants, humans, pets and wildlife.29/05/13
10Blanketweed Control in Ponds :To control blanket weed we can use hydra quartz which starves the blanket weed by chelating and absorbing nitrates and phosphates which are ...29/05/13
11ASKOLL PURE L TANK :complete with filter pump/heater/lighting. As new. Purchased on 27/4/13 for 170. Set up ready to stock then decided to go for a larger tan ...25/05/13
12Best Bid to Date Auction Site with a Twist :Dating Sites For Millionaire. Don't Sign Up on the Same Boring Dating Sites. CleverDate is the Best Bid to Date Auction Site with a Twist - ...13/05/13
13Tmc 30l nano tank :Here I have for sale my tmc nano. Comes with everything u need to start up.plus a circulation pump saleing due to my upgrade08/05/13
14Assorted Tanganyikans :I need to sell my collection of tanganyikans as my tank has a leak and I want to take the opportunity to redecorate - hence the sale. The fi ...07/05/13
15FISH TANK FOR SALE :I have a baby bio fish tank, 25 inch high and 16 inch wide, 60 litres, ideal for small fish, cost me 360 but looking for 100 for it, has t ...05/05/13
16Vaishali computer shoppe ALL IT SOLUTION UNDER ONE ROOF :Vaishali computer shoppe ALL IT SOLUTION UNDER ONE ROOF Work : Sales , Service , Repairing A.M.C., networking, assembled and brande p.c. ...04/05/13
18Breeding pair of large red-yellow melon discus :Hi, I am selling large size breeding pair of Yellow --red melon discus I bought over 3 months ago. I must write that the fishes haven' ...29/04/13
19live rock wanted and frags :wanted live rock and frags. 0772521750521/04/13
20mp40 :is there any mp40 for sale as i need two20/04/13
21wanted fluval corner tank aquarium :wanted fluval corner aquarium please contact teresa 0772521750512/04/13
22knop calcium reactor :Equipment make/model/size: knop calcium reactor Age and condition: about 2 years old Quantity for sale: 1 Reason for Sale: having a clear ...28/03/13
23Marine 4x2x2 custom Seabrey in Black :30+ kilos of live rock from an established tank 8 per kilo, deals can be done if buying large quantities. Tank will also be for sale onc ...07/03/13
24Marine Live Rock :30+ kilos of live rock from an established tank 8 per kilo, deals can be done if buying large quantities. Tank will also be for sale onc ...07/03/13
25reef beam rb50 :Used on my 160l main tank. had very good results. some specs Input Voltage: AC230V Power: 50W LED Qty: 45 (1Watt LED) Colour: White/Bl ...19/02/13
26Arowana Special Light Red/Gold Aquarium Lighting under water ELONG :Arowana Special Light Red/Gold Aquarium Lighting under water ELONG , is the most superior freshwater fish that has beautiful form with reddi ...11/02/13
276 sided Rena Aquarium with light oak one door cabinet 270l :6 sided aquarium 55 (h) x 45 (w) x 121 (l) Comes with Rena Filstar water pump Tetratec APS300 air pump Dual bulb light fitting with meta ...08/02/13
28Mbu puffer :I'm selling my mbu puffer due to having to go out of the country for some time, it is a very happy healthy fish. He is some where between 3- ...08/02/13
294 stingrays for sale :hi guys , i just got some new fishes and my thanks are now too small for all my fishes . We like to sell out 4 of my stingrays . they are 2 ...30/01/13
306 arowana and 4 stingrays for sale :i have just bought some new arowana fishes and i do not have much space in my tanks for all . I will like to sell some of my arowana and sti ...30/01/13
31Catfish Products :We sells Catfish Products in bulks or large quantities, Any interested can contact more details. We hatch in large quantities and also br ...26/01/13
32Assasin snails :Assasion snails 5 for 3 collect from derby or 3.10 for container first class postage. environmetally friendly way of ridding your tan ...23/01/13
33discus :large blue diamond discus 60, large red turk 60, prven breeding pair of yellow crystals 150, proven breeding pair of super red velvets ...15/01/13
34Sander Ozonizer C50 :SANDER 50mg OZONIZER with wooden airblock for Marine fish tank. RRP 170, will accept 70 + 5 postage USED ON A 400LTR MIXED REEF MARINE ...10/01/13
35Fishtanks wanted 1x 2x 3x 4x foot :Hi I'm looking for fish tanks/racks, breeding setups, any size. Preferably with braces, for my fish room. Please email or text me. Cash wai ...04/01/13
36Two large healthy Koi :We have two large Koi one is a Kohaku and the other is wither a Goshiki or a Taisho Sanshoku (I am no expert) They are both 5 years old and ...17/12/12
37JUWEL RIO 180 3FT FISH TANK & FLUVAL 405 EXTERNAL FILTER 100 :Juwel Rio 180 with new upgraded twin lighting unit. The tank also come with a FLUVAL 405 external pump. All in great condition but having to ...14/12/12
38Fish Tank :Aqua one 6x2x2 aquarium and stand, with fluval fx5 external filter,2x300w heaters, electonic thermometer. the lighting in the lid is not the ...30/11/12
39Quality Frozen Fish Foods For Healthy Fish :We are suppliers of high quality frozen fish food ,Daphnia, Brine Shrimp, Bloodworm ,Plankton,Clams,Cyclops,Krill and Beef Heart mysis Fro ...30/11/12
40Marine tank shut down lotsof equipment hydor juwel aquaray :Hi I am unfortunately having to shut down my marine tank due to personal circumstances the following items are for sale. If you would like i ...18/11/12
41WANTED - 5ft/6ft/7ft Aquarium - Wiltshire area :Hello all, Am looking for a new start up after a few years of having to part with my old tank and equipment. Ideally would like with a ...18/11/12
42WANTED - 5ft/6ft/7ft Aquarium (Wiltshire area). :Hello all, Am looking for a new start up after a few years of having to part with my old tank and equipment. Ideally would like with a ...18/11/12
43Tropical Fish. Guppies and Golden Sucker Loach FREE :Willing to deliver, depending on how far the distance. Have a group of Guppies(mixed sexes and ages) i am looking to rehome bacause i want t ...13/11/12
44Fahaka / Nile Puffer for sale asap :Hi all i have 12in nile that needs a new home, currently in 300ltr tank, will need bigger, typical puffer must have no other tank mates. ...23/10/12
4512inch Fahaka Puffer for Sale - Kent :12inch Nile/Fahaka looking for a new home, eats well, typical puffer must have no other tank mates. currently in 300ltr so will need similar ...22/10/12
46Expert property selling services :Our team helps you to sell your property fast in UK.We'll make a quick offer and will close the sale in 7 days.For more inquiry call us at + ...16/10/12
47snakehead :Golden cobra snakehead for sale 14" long beautiful fish but very aggressive feeding on prawns and pellets 6007/10/12
48Participants required for online research project into fishkeeping :We are looking for fish owners to take part in a short (5 minute) online survey and follow‐up after a month. It doesn’t matter if you ow ...19/09/12
49Moon Jellyfish Wanted - Trade :Hello, I am looking to either partner with a moon jellyfish breeder or to acquire consistently large amounts of moon jellyfish. If t ...06/09/12
50discus pair :red spotted white-red white cena 300 euro.czech republik04/09/12
51vintage/antique aquariums and pet equipment :Wanted to purchase: any old/antique aquariums, terrariums,air pumps, heaters, old fish food tins or any other vintage pet shop/ aquarium ite ...19/08/12
52Red Sea Max130,Jewel Trigon 190 :Red Sea Max 130 Aquariums,1 Silver 1 Black ex display very good condition also Jewel Trigon 190 Beech.Any sensible offer for all or individ ...18/08/12
53WANTED Arulius Filament Blackspot Barbs + Silver Sharks :I am after some Longfin or Arulius barbs, and Filament or Blackspot barbs. The arulius + filament barbs must be mature. Also a pair of Silve ...15/08/12
54FOR SALE - 2 RARE Hard-Lipped Barbs Osteochilus hasseltii :I have for sale from Wincanton in Somerset 2 Hard-lipped barbs approximately 6" long. I want 15 each or 20 the pair.15/08/12
555 ft by 2ft marine tank opti white glass NEEDS TO GO , :5 ft marine tank for sale! Marine set up! Opti white glass has sump filter lights etc! NEEDS TO GO!!! 330 open to offers14/08/12
56full marine set up :Full marine set up! Its a bow fronted tank! 30+ live rock, Live sand, corals and live stock! Spend well over 1000 on this! 600 ono! Beautif ...14/08/12
57juwel rio 400 marine :juwel rio 400 in beech with stand only 6 mths old complete with marine equitment inc a 5ft aqua one triple halide a eheim 2260 external filt ...12/08/12
58Selling 450L fish tank and equipment and goldfish REDUCED PRICE 500 :Hi there, I'm selling my fishtank and all equipment as am leaving the country. For sale is a 450L 48" by 24" by 24" ND aquatics f ...10/08/12
59190 litre corner tank with stand and kit :Trigon 190 litre corner tank for sale with matching pine stand. Will sell with heater, filter, filter media, pump, lights, built in backgrou ...07/08/12
61red tail cat fish :for sale is my red tail cat fish.he is about 8 inchs long and growing.I paid 35 for him and am asking 60.he is in very good shape and jus ...31/07/12
62FREE BREADING PAIR OF ANGELS :I'm closing down my aquarium. I have 4 large adult Angels with one breading pair. Male Koi and Plate female. Spawning every 4-6 months, They ...29/07/12
63Breading pair of Angels FREE or BEER :I'm closing down my aquarium. I have 4 large adult Angels with one breading pair. Male Koi and Plate female. Spawning every 4-6 months, They ...28/07/12
64Perrys Aquatic Centre :Perrys Aquatic Centre is Lincolnshires premier marine fish keeping destination store for Clean Marine, Totally Tropical & Cool Coldwate ...23/07/12
65Mated or paired mature clownfish :Wanted, Wanted, Wanted... I'm trying to get hold of mated/paired clownfish as I want to try breeding them, I'm in the Bristol area. Pleas ...18/07/12
66live rock for sale :I am selling up i have about 300 worth of very healthy and very purple live rock i need rid of so i can sell my tank i dont no how much eac ...05/07/12
67Boyu tl 550 marine fish tank 128 litres :I dont know to much about fish or tanks, had tank given to me and was working fine all parts in quite good condition not sure what each part ...03/07/12
68Wanted Blood shrimp :Hi urgently wanted blood shrimp a grade quality at a reasonable price.. Please to deliver only please txt me only as working. Thanks26/06/12
69D and D chiller. DC750. 300.00 :As above D and D chiller DC750. Sale due to wrong size. Not big enough for my tank but fine for the rated 300- 700 litre. Only 7 days old s ...24/06/12
70wanted: hood :Recently purchased second hand tropiquarium 88. Three foot, but hood lights don't work and can't fix it. Looking for a hood we can replace w ...03/06/12
713FT AQUARIUM WITH CABINET :3ft tank full set up inc beech cabinet,fish,decor,gravel, internal and Eheim external filters. Fish inc are; fire eel, 7 plecs,corys,glass f ...05/05/12
72CUSTOM MADE TANK 30" x 15" x 15" :Tank for sale custom made ex display with glass sliding lids light can be easily fitted 40.please call 0114 2422837 (Sheffield)05/05/12
73marine complete setup :hi i have for sale my 4 x 2 x 2 marine aqurium complete set with sump miricle mud x2 vecton uvs 3500 return pump 25 kg live rock fiji an ...04/05/12
744ft Akva Stabil effect line 325 for sale. :4ft Akva Stabil effect line 325 for sale. A Nice large 4ft+ Aquarium with a volume of 325L. 130cm x 50cm x 50cm Tank itself is perf ...04/05/12
75Corals lights, tropical fish lights, led aquarium lights :Item Type: LED Aquarium Light Light Power: 200W LED amount: 60PCS LED Power: 3W LED brand: Epistar Beam Angle: 6090120 degree ...03/05/12
762012 New LED aquarium lights :2012 High Power LED aquarium light Panel 90w/120w/150w/200w/250w LED Aquarium Light 1. CE AND RoHS 2. Competitive price And Highest qua ...03/05/12
772012 New LED aquarium lights better for your SPS, LPS etc. :2012 new latest design110W High Power LED aquarium light Panel LED Aquarium Light 1. CE AND RoHS 2. Competitive price And Highest qual ...03/05/12
78OPAL SPOT PLEC( cigar plec) for sale :Rare opal.spot plec for sale, approx 6" great fish,fine with other fish,good home wanted for him only please,u don't see these plecs ve ...14/04/12
79marine gear still for sale :I shut down my reef tank last year and have been having a clearout of the garage and now have the following for sale; Will consider offers ...19/03/12
80Tornado mk 1 koi pond protein skimmer :As per the title. Item is used but in good condition comes with media rrp is 249.99 bargin at 115. Collection from Trowbridge, Wilts ...19/03/12
81Red Sea Max 130 :I have a red sea max 130 for sale, the tank is in perfect working order, and comes fully equipped. With pumps, skimmer, heater and stand whi ...14/03/12
82i am intrested for frontosa blue zair :hello from greece..i am intrested for frontosa blue zaire...is anybody there to sell (6-7)2-3in frontosas and send here in greece-athens?tha ...27/02/12
83DIY LED lamp :DIY led lamp for sale 35cm x 35cm for nano tank display lamp with all 3 watt cree LEDs in white and royal blue aluminium case with fan ...24/02/12
84t5 Hagen GLO 2x54w new with new actinic and 15000k power glo :new twin ballst hagen glo 2x54w new glo actinic blue new 15000k power glo 90& ono...24/02/12
85JEWEL :40 BY 20 WITH ALL KIT 60 QUID CALL WATFORD 01923 63021922/02/12
86Blue Ribbon Eel :After a hard decision we have decided to sell our beautiful blue ribbon eel, Robin. We have had this guy for about a year now and currently ...16/02/12
88Catfish and oddballs 150ono for the lot :Hi im puting my muched love monsters up for sale asim converting me 10ft tank in to comunity fish. I have the following up for grabs red tai ...13/02/12
89marine fish and tank :Have for sale a boyu tank 135ltr working lights built in filter heater air pump around 3lbs of live rock also coral sand a porcupine puffer ...04/02/12
901/2 tiger oscar wanted :Wanted tiger oscar as close to bideford as possible though will consider travelling if the fish has good markings, email or text details ...30/01/12
91For Sale L90 Papa Panaque :For sale i have L90 Papa Panaque 12" long with 7" tail extensions 100. A stunning fish Collection only Please contact for more in ...22/01/12
92uv sterilizer wanted :hello i an after a uv sterilizer for my marine tank if anyone has one for sale near bath or are willing to post i will pay the postage email ...05/01/12
93uv sterilizer wanted :hello i an after a uv sterilizer for my marine tank if anyone has one for sale near bath or are willing to post i will pay the postage email ...05/01/12
94aqautic nitrifying bacteria :The BIOZYM is pleased to be able to offer you mulit-nitrification probiotics capsules which can get the equilibrum of "forces" in an aquariu ...02/01/12
95Free Guppies & Platys - Assassin Snails (2 each) :We have the following to go free to a good home. The aquarium needs to be a cycled well established environment, guppies dont do well in new ...04/12/11
96RED Sea Max 130D Silver 250 :Here for sale is my RSM 130D In Fantastic condition with no watermarks or scratches on the plastics and wood. The glass has no noticeable ma ...04/12/11
97TDS Meter :The HM Digital TDS handheld TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) water quality testers enable you to determine just how good or bad your water reall ...29/11/11
98Biorb Life Tank Wanted :Hello! I am looking for a used Biorb Life 60 Litre tank in Piano Black, in good condition. I am hoping to find a kind soul who is willing to ...07/11/11
994-Striped Humbug Damsel - Free to collector :Have no desire to risk putting into my main tank. Has been kept on his own for 6 months.30/10/11
100Parrot Fish & Common Plec - Free to good Home :They are old, and heading towards their twilight years. However, I've run down the tank, and wanting to get these rehomed. If interested, l ...30/10/11
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