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1FOUR TROPICAL FISH BOOKS :Four Tropical fish books Complete book of Tropical Fish with some great photo's by Keith Sagar ( this is a large book with 190 pages) ...27/03/17
2TWO MALAWI CICHLID BOOKS :Two Malawi Cichlid books First Back to nature guide to Malawi Cichlids 2nd edition by Ad Konings Next A guide to owning South America ...27/03/17
311 Molero 3-4 inch one female holding 150 or swop wot hav u :11 Molero 3-4 inch one female holding 150 or swop wot hav u no dubs or bemba26/03/17
4Large Marine Fish :Looking to rehome large marine fish that have out grown your tank. I have a very Large FOWLR system so I can take your coral munchers off yo ...25/03/17
5Wanted Large Marine Fish :My tank is 10ft x 2.5ft x 2.5ft I currently have a 11inch starry puffer & 6 large fish / tangs between 6 & 8 inches 2 large eels 2 f ...25/03/17
6Wanted tropheus nkondi :Wanted tropheus nkondi24/03/17
7Description: 11 molero 10 lkola young adults 2 murago 150 molero 120 ikola 250 f ... :Description: 11 molero 10 lkola young adults 2 murago 150 molero 120 ikola 250 for all molero have bred or swop for tropheus whu no dubs or ...24/03/17
8Wanted tropheus nkondi :Wanted tropheus nkondi23/03/17
9Izumo nankin :WANTED! Please can anyone either sell me or import for me high grade IZUMO Nankin goldfish I'm after 6 fish or more if smaller in size. ...22/03/17
10Mbuna for sale :F1 tropheops yellow yellow gallireya reef 3 pairs 2-3" 10 per pair or all for 20 Tb cyanerhabdos maingano fry/juvies 1cm to 4cm 2 e ...09/03/17
11heros severus curarae -wanted :i am looking for a female to go with the male i already have but i am looking to take more if there on offer to complete my tank ,hopefully ...05/03/17
12Bristlenose plecs and corys :Wanted bristle nose plecs and peppered corys please for my tank Thank you03/03/17
13Full pond set up :I am closing down my pond due to ill health I have a 7x7 by 3 ft deep round pond with 2 kockney koi filters and lights with a Laguna pump I ...21/02/17
14Neon tetras :I am looking for at least 30 neon tetra,any help please Paul16/02/17
15Bubble magus c7 protein skimmer :For sale bubble magus c7 protein skimmer 80 it's still running in my sump so can be seen working 500 to 700 litres it has a crack on the ...03/02/17
16Tank stand WANTED :Hi all, Thanks for taking the time to look. I have recentlyou acquired a 180l tank 100x40x45cm and am in need of a stand before I can beg ...29/01/17
17Fish house tanks + extras 80 the lot :3ft by 18" by 12" .2x2ft by 18" by 18" 4x fry tanks 5 nice pieces of bogwood heaters pumps sponge filters take the lot for 8026/01/17
18Roma 240 tank and cabinet :Roma 240 litre fluval tank , cabinet and equipment for sale. Immaculate condition and less than a year old. Am selling as am upgrading to bi ...28/12/16
19Red Sea reefer 450 full set up 1300 :Selling as a full lot due to work commitments. Red Sea reefer 450 in excellent condition no marks in white. 2x v2 illuminaires 900 2x WP2 ...07/12/16
20Wanted Neolamprologus brichardi Fairy cichlids and cyprichromis leptosoma :Wanted Neolamprologus brichardi Fairy cichlids and cyprichromis leptosoma04/12/16
214ft bow front fish tank :fluval bow fronted fish tank with sump, ehim pump heater lights uv light every thing it is a full set up with plants fish everything. it has ...26/11/16
22Aquaroche Arm 40 :Makes great addition to reef tank for attaching Corals. Very pourus so good for hosting beneficial bacterias for filtration. Various irregul ...21/11/16
23Piranhas wanted :Red belly piranha wanted in Manchester or north west area, any size but preferably wanted adult but will consider any, let me know what you ...20/11/16
24TMC V2 Bio 600F Fluidised Filter/Reactor - 15 :Hi all, I have a TMC V2 Bio Fluidised Media reactor for sale. It's never been used on any tanks so is sold as new although it has been ou ...06/11/16
25Kohoku Koi fry :Hello i have over 3000 left of this they are mainly white ones and yellow they are approx 2-3cm They are 50 for 25 ( please note that you ...03/11/16
26Maruhiro Nisai Japanese Koi for Sale :I have 36 Japanese Koi carp for sale ranging in size, breed and price. Please be aware I have not got any Tosai for sale, these fish are all ...28/10/16
27Some beautiful fish for sale :Breeding group of otopharynyx lithobates Zimbabwe rocks, alunocara fire fish, large male dolphin 0788920951526/10/16
28Juwel trigon 350. Dark wood :Hi. I have for sale my trigon 350 in dark wood. Tank comes complete with 6 gang way air filter , heater , 2x large bog wood pieces , sub ...17/10/16
29Brand New Vortech MP40QD DRYSIDE ONLY :For sale I have a brand new Vortech MP40QD Dryside bought to upgrade mine but never got round to it so now surplus. Looking for 80 Deliv ...17/10/16
30Aquaverse 160 with cabinet :Aquaverse 160 with cabinet, filter, heater, thermometer, tap safe, filter start, gravel. Not used just a dry display. 350 can include decor ...14/10/16
31Eheim Vivaline 180 :Brand new tank, comes with heater, sand, filter and cabinet. Free delivery around Manchester. 399.9914/10/16
32Juwel Trigon 190 with equipment and cabinet :Ex display Juwel Trigon 190, it has never had water in it only a dry display. Comes with filter and media, heater, cabinet and lights. Decor ...14/10/16
33Mbuna :All for sale between 2 / 3 each Gresheki Orange blotch ( unsure what they are) Bumblebee Yellow lab And others11/10/16
342 red cap and 1 oranda large size(sold) :Hi everyone . I looking for 30 for 3of them (bought 45 each ) few months ago.thanks for looking05/10/16
36V2 iLuminaire 900 :V2 iLuminaire 900 IN PERFECT WORKING ORDER..SELLING DUE TO NO LONGER IN THE HOBBY...25003/10/16
37Discus :Anyone got any discus for sale in Rochdale area also plecs02/10/16
38Discus :Anyone got any discus for sale in Rochdale area also plecs02/10/16
395 x 2 x 2 Fish Tank :I have for sale a 5x2x2 tank with a Fluval FX5, light unit with 2 light tubes, magnetic glass cleaner, air pump, gravel cleaner, 2 nets and ...20/09/16
40Koi pond closure :Here we have a 4500 gallon complete koi pond for sale due to house move next summer fingers crossed. We have 17 very good quality koi with ...18/09/16
416FT Fish Tank aquarium with solid wood stand(cabinet) :For sale my 6ft(1800mm) by 2ft(600mm) by 2ft(600mm) fish tank with solid wood stand Tank made from 15mm blue glass Size of tank with sta ...28/08/16
42Fluval 306 external filter :Fluval 306 external filter for upto 300 litre aquarium with all bits only thing wrong is primer handle top snapped but can still be ...22/08/16
43tancho koi :A 24 inch tancho large female 24 inches with good solid round marking on head no other colour on body18/08/16
44koi pond closing down :Here we have a 4500 gallon complete koi pond for sale due to house move next summer fingers crossed. We have 17 very good quality koi with ...18/08/16
45Juwel Marine Tank & Teak Cabinet with Marine Fish 999 ono :Everything to go in one sale:Dims 1.5mtr High, 600mm width allowing for sockets (tank is 500 wide), 1.6mtr length incl. pipework. Sale pri ...12/08/16
46Juwel Rio 180 on stand with Fluval 305 External Filter 120 ONO :Juwel Rio 180 with stand in beech and complete with T8 lighting and Fluval 305. Few light scratches on glass. Rear edging is cut out to fit ...01/08/16
47Red Sea 130 Max (White) :Red Sea Max 130 White This tank is in used condition it has some slight scratches to the glass but nothing that detracts the eye from a ...27/07/16
486065 tunze powerhead :1x 6065 tunze powerhead 3525/07/16
49External heater, 200W :Hydor external heater, connects to you return tube from filter back to tank so is hidden outside the tank instead of taking up room and look ...20/07/16
50Live Rock approx 18 kg :Live rock approx 18kg still in a tank with wave maker and heater, from a very mature tank. There is slightly more than shown in picture. 50 ...20/07/16
51Wave maker Jebao RW-8 and controller :In excellent condition, like new, used on a tank for less than 2 weeks, comes in original box with controller/power adapter/magnets etc. 35 ...20/07/16
52Breeding pundamilia nyererei :Group for sale absolute stunning male. 7 Females ( extras available) 80 0788920951520/07/16
53RED HEAD GEOPHAGUS :red head geophagus side 5-6"inch plus ,super healthy ,raise from very hight quality wild caught parent 5 each .collect only .review wellcom ...10/07/16
54Wave maker Reef Surge (Jebao RW-8 and controller) :All pond solutions Reef Surge wave maker, this is a Jebao RW-8 re-labelled it will work in sync with any Jebao. Comes with controller/power ...08/07/16
55Pike cichlid. :Hello. I Have a 16" pike cichlid. He needs a home with a big tank ASAP. He eats worms krill prawns pellets and peas. Needs to be with fish ...07/07/16
56180 litre aquarium with fish and equipment inc :For sale is my 180 litre fish tank with cabinet in good condition with fish, external filter, gravel, net, gravel cleaner, glass magnet clea ...18/06/16
57Marine fish, soft corals, anemone, inverts in Marine SetUp for Sale or Swap :The following live stock and Corals -Regal Tang -Yellow Tang -3x Humbug Damsels -Fireball Angel -Fire Shrimp -Caribbean Anemone -Cl ...10/06/16
58Marine SetUp for Sale or Swap :I am selling my marine set up due to work and other commitments. I have a 3x2x2.5 tank complete with cabinet and sump, all equipment include ...10/06/16
59Full tropical set up aquarium :Selling a full tropical set up as we are moving. 190L capacity. Comes with everything needed: Aquaray lighting x 3 plus the stock LED' ...10/06/16
60Marine SetUp for Sale or Swap :I am selling my marine set up due to work and other commitments. I have a 3x2x2.5 tank complete with cabinet and sump, all equipment include ...08/06/16
61Fluval 125 complete set up :Good condition few scratches but hardly noticeable whilst waters in complete set up external filter,heater, ornaments syphon gravel light al ...05/06/16
62Free to good home ASAP - 6in (15cm) Green Sucking Loach - Bolton :Beautiful Green Sucking Loach - alas too big for new tank set up. Lovely fish but too boisterous for the placid fish in tank. Healthy and li ...31/05/16
63Led lights :Interpet 29.5 inch twin bright white LEDs including fixing brackets in brilliant condition,15.0025/05/16
64Leds :Interpet 29 inch twin white leds in brilliant condition,20 ono24/05/16
65Aqua Medic fish trap :Bought a week ago. Used once. Like new condition. Paid 35 quid for it.18/05/16
66Sicce Wave Surfer 2 Channel Controller & 2 Sicce Voyager Powerheads 6000 l/ph :Purchased in November 2015. Selling due to breaking tank down. Sicce wave surfer 2 channel controller 2x Sicce Voyager 4 6000 l/HR wave ...18/05/16
67Red Sea Max 130d - Full marine setup :NO FISH ARE INCLUDED - FIRST FEW PICTURES SHOW WHAT THE TANK LOOKED LIKE WHEN FULLY RUNNING. I have modified the hood to take Aquaray LED ...18/05/16
68Protomelius spilonotus tanzania :F1 pair of Protomelius tanzania, male is a good 6-7 inch and in fantastic colour. Female has had 3 batches of fry so far, had both fish sinc ...17/05/16
69Placidichromis phenochilis Tanzania :I have a large group of phenos and they are all top quality. Sold to me as f1 but I don't go by that as I've not seen the parents or proof ...17/05/16
70Marine fish and corals for sale, BOLTON NORTH WEST :loads of marine fish and corals for sale, far too many to list. Feel free to come round to see for yourself.17/05/16
71Marine tank and aquarium set up and maintenance service :Rio's Reef tank maintenance and set up service . I have been maintaining and setting up several tanks for some time now and am now in a ...17/05/16
72Pond clearance :3 large Koi Lots of small goldfish Open to offers, must be able to collect and transport the fish yourself. Please call Colin on 07882 ...14/05/16
73Tropical rainbow fish :Tropical rainbow fish 17 in total. Mostly male some adult some not far off adult and some younger. Lovely colours. 60 cash on collection. N ...14/05/16
74L25 pleco 7 inch 7 pointer :7 pointer l25 pleco for sale 150. Will not accept offers. Collection only11/05/16
75cryptoheros myrnae tropical fish breading pair :For sale cryptoheros myrnae tropical fish breading pair size 5-6" approximately 2 years old For more info please call 07901952328 2011/05/16
77l97 pleco fish 8 inch :Chunky healthy pleco fish. Looks amazing. Absolute bargain 60 no offers. Selling as just going down to 1 pleco now.08/05/16
78Freelance writer & Fish keeper? Opportunity just here... :I'm looking to hire a freelance writer that has a passion for aquariums. You will be writing blog posts on a variety of fish keeping rel ...07/05/16
79for sale tilapia approx 2-3 inch :for sale tilapia cichlid approx 2-3 inch 15 collection only Irlam Manchester04/05/16
80Mbuna - male chipokae and female aratus for sale :male chipokae and female aratus for sale 20 collection only Irlam Manchester04/05/16
81Juwel rio 180 with cabinet and fluval 306 + big wood + air pump + lots more :Juwel rio 180 with cabinet and fluval 306 also includes ornaments . bog wood. Plants . Gravel . Bubble wall . Air pump 2 new bulbs and 2 spa ...04/05/16
82Python Syphon/Gravel Cleaner :Attaches to sink to drain and fill, saves you lugging buckets! 50 foot hose. Hard to find in UK. RRP over 50. Comes with all connections ...03/05/16
83Elite 4 x 2.5 x 1.5ft Aquarium/Stand/Hood and comes with Fluval FX Filter. LED L ... :Offers on this beauty. Tank from elite tanks. Major major tank builder in their day. Made of acrylic, which is pretty rare. Lovely and stron ...02/05/16
84Arcadia Eco-Aqua LED Marine White 14000k :I have a Arcadia ECO-AQUA LED 30watt Marine White kit complete with a extra 60 degree lens. The fitted lens is 40 degrees. It is not 12 moth ...30/04/16
85Eheim Wet/Dry Thermofilter 2329 (lower Price) :I am selling this filter as it will not work in the marine tank I have set up. It has been running on my tank for the last 2-3 years and ke ...30/04/16
86ECO-AQUA LED Marine White :I have a Arcadia ECO-AQUA LED 30watt Marine White kit complete with a extra 60 degree lens. The fitted lens is 40 degrees. It is not 12 moth ...30/04/16
87Tropheus Wanted :Tropheus Chipimbie 5 inch adults breeding family with aprox 10 2 -3 inch young and 12 2 inch kipili excellant and healthy will sell 250 or p ...30/04/16
88Large Malawi cichlids huge group 35-40 breeding pairs :I have around 35-40 malawi in my tank Fully grown and healthy Can sell them separate but if bought all it will a cheaper price I ...29/04/16
89Tropheus Chipimbie 5 breeding adults 5 inch 12 2inch aprox Kipili :Thinking of havin a change Tropheus Chipimbie 5 breeding adults 5 inch 12 2inch aprox Kipili Plus 10 approx Chipimbie young about 2 inch plu ...29/04/16
90Juwel rio 180 with cabinet and fluval 306 :Juwel rio 180 come with matching cabinet No longer need as got a new tank Comes with heater . Fluval 306 . Tank ornaments .sand and 2 br ...27/04/16
91Fish & corals :Looking for hardy marine fish & corals to add to my new setup, ideal for beginner's. DARREN 0794429733621/04/16
92Angelfish pair :Hi, I have for sale a beautiful pair if angelfish. These are big fish and will require a tank at least 15" tall. Female: gold pearscale ...20/04/16
93Platinum angelfish breeding pair :Breeding pair of full platinum angelfish, very nice looking platinums Brilliant at parent raising with huge fry count and frequent spawns. ...20/04/16
94POND EQUIPMENT :Just inherited 12' x 6' pond in my new house. Equipment for sale which includes two large filters and pipework. Can message pictures if ...20/04/16
95Fluval 200 :Fluval 200 litre tank,40x18x16 inch tank comes with cabinet and hood,lights need a new starter 4019/04/16
96Tropheus Bemba Wanted :Hi Tropheus Bemba Wanted Young Adults or WHY15/04/16
97evergrow LED light unit :Looking for a LED light unit Evergrow or similar, suitable for a 4ft marine tank14/04/16
98Fish & corals :Looking for fish & corals to add to my tank, ideal for beginner's. Tank been setup for about 6 weeks. Any advice welcome. DARREN14/04/16
99Tropical fish in desperate need of a new home :Hi, One of our tropical fish (a pelco) has outgrown our fish tank (64L). He is not as energetic as he used to and therefore think he will ...12/04/16
100Tropheus Wanted W H Y swop for External Filter :Hi Tropheus Wanted WHY Swop for external filter Jebao Professional 20 watt 1300FA 5 X filtration or will sell11/04/16
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