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1Harlequin rasboura :Harlequins 4for 527/04/17
2Serpae tetra :Serpae tetra 4for 527/04/17
3Lemmon tetras :Lemmon tetras 4for 527/04/17
4DELTEC 20w UV unit - south yorkshire :1 x Deltec 20w UV steriliser around 7 months old but only used for around 6 weeks 45. excellent uv The use of type C ultraviolet radia ...27/04/17
5Deltec SC-1455 skimmer (Rotherham) :For Sale 1 x Deltec SC-1455 skimmer. 140 collect Swinton, Rotherham S64 [email protected]27/04/17
6LIVE ROCK - Rotherham :For sale Tank emptying now (2pm 2nd April 2017) Rock transferred to container with flow and heat Around 13kg of Rock left, includin ...27/04/17
7wanted Anthias :hi. looking for a well established group of Anthias in the s yorks area, able to deliver to Rotherham if possible. cheers26/04/17
8hydra led lights :For sale 4 hydra led lights (note these are standard hydras not 52s or HDs ) . 3 are in perfect working order 2 of which have had new powe ...26/04/17
9Vinegar Eel Starter Culture ~ Live Food :The starter culture is approximately 50ml, which is taken directly from my own culture and is not watered down in any way. Therefore it wil ...26/04/17
10Pairs of Spawning Mops ~ Various sizes available :New items, available on my website www.worm-cultures.com These spawning mops are made from 100% acrylic wool. They are attached securely ...26/04/17
11Live Food ~ Banana Worms & Walter Worms & Micro Worms & White Worms & Grindal Wo ... :Emails aren't always getting through, so it may be worth emailing me direct at [email protected] Available through ebay under s ...26/04/17
12The 6th Aquatics Plus Auction ~ 25.06.17 :If you want a lot, be it for a few bags of fish, or a few boxes of fish. Please contact us and we'll give you a lot number. This also rela ...26/04/17
13Aquatics + Night Auction ~ TONIGHT 26th April 2017 @ 7pm :Our first night auction, to be held in the same venue as the popular day auctions. If you're interested in a lot, etc. Please contact us ...26/04/17
14Sheaf Valley Aquarist Society (SVAS) ~ Sheffields Fish Keepers Club :NEW VENUE! Old and new members welcome, we meet the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:30pm The Phoenix pub 7-30 pub is on Greengate Lane ...26/04/17
154ft x 2ft x 1ft and half fish tank and cabinet :im selling my large fish tank as ive put my fish in my pond it comes with everything you need to set up with either cold water fish or tropi ...26/04/17
16CAROPHYLL PINK POWDER 12gram great for colouring red discus :we have a limited stock of Carophyll pink powder just add to your beefheat mix 12gram 9.00 including delivery. if you need anymore informa ...25/04/17
17Polystyrene sheets :Polystyrene sheets Got loads of these in a bulk buy for some insulation, finished insulating so thought I would see if anybody wants any ...25/04/17
18Looking for large oddballs south Yorkshire :Looking to rehome any nice size oddball fish or catfish must not be over priced and can deliver to Doncaster South Yorkshire Hope anyone ca ...25/04/17
19Jebao return pump DCS 5000 south yorkshire :For sale, 1 x Jebao/Jecod DCs-5000, upto 5000lph return pump with controller and box around 8-9 months old - 40 with box collect ...25/04/17
20wanted 3 foot fish tank :Hi anyone got a 3 foot fish tank for sale cheap with stand thanks for looking23/04/17
21Aquatics Plus Auction Nights :Aquatics Plus Auction are holding a night auction. This April Wednesday 26th. The usual venue at Sheffield Works Department Sports & S ...21/04/17
22easy pod :used easy pod bought 2 year ago but not got round to fitting comes with media and a few fittings.also a particle filter 27520/04/17
235 Discus Fish mixed strains :. 2 Pigeon Blood at 5inches 1 Red Marlborough at 4inches 1 Blue Diamond at 4inches 1 Blue Turquoise at 3.5inches 1 Albino Plec at 6inch ...19/04/17
24Selling :Hi I've got a FRF 300litre fish tank for sale witch includes built in blue and white lights built in filter .heater .two wave makers .rock. ...19/04/17
25Serrasalmus manueli :I have for sale my S.Manueli, great looking fish and feeds well. Currently around the 7-8" Mark Not many for sale in the UK anymo ...15/04/17
26Montipora frag :hi I have 5 frags of red plating monti for sale 6 each . Please text penistone s36 .thanks for looking .15/04/17
27Platys :Platys 1 each14/04/17
28Female swords :Female swordtail 1.50 each14/04/17
29Neon tetra :Neon tetra 12 for 1014/04/17
30Albino corys :Albino corys 2-3 inch 3for 10 4each14/04/17
31Bronze corys :Bronze corys 2inch 3 for 10 or 4 each14/04/17
32clown fish wanted :Hi has any one selling a pair of clown fish doesnt matter wat colour as long as they are cheap thanks for looking and any other marine fish ...14/04/17
33Malawi Cichlids. :Yellow Labs and White Labs 5. over 20 tanks with lots of other cichlids available, prices starting from 3 each Please contact 07935 601198 ...14/04/17
34Julidochromis Dickfeldi and Ornatus :Minimum size 2 inch with good colouring Priced from 6 each. Please contact 07935 601198/07713 154 980, over 20 tanks with various cichlids ...14/04/17
35Lake Victoria Cichlids :Pundamilia, Rock Kribensis, SP44.5 each. Over 20 tanks with various cichlids, prices from 6. For more information please call 07935 601198 ...14/04/17
36Live Food ~ Paramecium Starter Culture :You will receive approximately 50ml of paramecium starter culture in a double sealed bag. Posting will be first class, in a small box to ...13/04/17
37Red Ramshorn Snails :You will receive a 10 snails, all varying sizes. 7 for 10 delivered first class. No need to wait in, as they will be sent in a box sm ...13/04/17
38Japenese Blue, Red Chested & Black Bar Endlers Mixed~ Sheffield :All the above endlers are now intermixed and are creating some stunning colours. they are 1.50 a pair Collection only from Sheffield, ...13/04/17
39Koi for sale :Sanke size 370mm 120 Sanke size 400mm 120 Showa size 400mm 170 Kowako 440mm 120 Sanke 630mm 170 damage to tail that's growing bac ...11/04/17
40AI sol led,TMC pump,Live rock ect Barnsley. :live rock for sale 10 the lot in the bucket TMC Return pump 20 TMC Aquaray led strip 15 AI Sol super blue LED with mk 2 control ...10/04/17
41Stunning grade a zoas and Ricordea and LPS Barnsley. :Hi all, I am selling up and here is the list of the stock. 2x Blue rics three/four heads on live rock. 7/8 blue Ricordea on live ro ...10/04/17
42Marine Tank :220L aqua one regency marine tank for sale. Comes with the following: Tank Stand Sump All pipework Skimmer Wave maker Return pump U ...05/04/17
43Marine tank :Custom black marine tank 3.5x2x2 Black Tank, cabinet, pipework, sump, return pump, uv steriliser, ro chamber and refugium with light ...04/04/17
44Sieve pre filter :Evolution Aqua sieve/pre-filter. Bought from new and only ran for six months. In very good condition. Cost 550.00 new. 200.00 or very n ...04/04/17
45Tilapia Mariae :Hi have tsomeTilapia mariea for sale one male about 8 inch one female about 6 half inch and two offspring around 3 inch I'm looking for 30 ...02/04/17
46Freshwater fish :Gourami from 3, Guppies, Platies, Mollies, Swordtails, Beautiful colours, 1.50 each Plecs, Albinos and Gold From 3 each. Tetra, Serpae, N ...02/04/17
47Neolamprologus Brichardi and Leleupi :Brichardi and Brichardi Fairy 1-2 inch, Yellow and Orange Leleupi 2 inch. Starting from 5. Please contact 07935 60118/07713 154 98002/04/17
48Tadpole Snails ~ Bladder Snails Live Food Or Clean Up Crew :For food for larger fish, or as a clean up crew. Posting will be first class, in a small box to protect the snails, and is small enough ...01/04/17
49Corals zoas :I have some single head zoas a gold maul a gorilla nipple and a pacman Pacman 10 Gold maul 10 Gorilla nipple 5 Also a nice piece o ...31/03/17
50marine fish or shrimps wanted :Hi has any one got any cheap marine fish or shrimp for sale in sheffied area thanks for looking31/03/17
512 x 4 inch Jack Dempsey :Pair of Stunning JD,Rocio octofasciata. Would prefer to sell as a pair. First 25 please. Any questions give me a shout.30/03/17
52Harlequin Shrimp Wanted :Hi, can anyone out there deliver me a Harlequin shrimp. Am in Rotherham. Overrun with asterinas and need one badly. cheers26/03/17
53Wanted RTC :Baby red tail catfish wanted,south Yorkshire. Cash waiting26/03/17
54Neetropus nematoplus /hypsophrys nematopus wanted :After some of these for a breeding project if anyone has any to sell.thanks25/03/17
55Aquamax 1500 external pond pump :Aquamax 1500 external pond pump in good working order, 1500 litres per min. 40.00 collection only from Doncaster. 01302-88062623/03/17
56Pond Pro air pump :Pond Pro 100 Litres per min air pump. In good working order. 40.00 collect only from Doncaster. 01302-88062623/03/17
57200gpd ro unit plus large halea piston air pump :hi large halea air pump piston type new in box 40 will run approx 20 tanks please ring for more info 07543400082/07732312322 lynn SHE ...23/03/17
58Premium Range of Tropical Fish :3 Blue Lips (rare 4 inch) 1 Livingstone 1 Venustus 1 Blotch 1 Fire fish 1 Female Boyi 1 Male Fusco 1 Female Fusco 1 Female Blotch 3 ...22/03/17
59WANTED whiptail catfish :Male royal whiptail catfish21/03/17
60WANTED :male royal whiptail cat fish20/03/17
61L002 :I have 4 or 5 adults for sale not sure on sex as they stay well hidden. 10 each Collection from DN419/03/17
62Royal exclusiv 1-10v control unit 75 open to offers :Hi. I'm selling my unused 1-10v controller for royal exclusiv dc controllable pumps. Allowing you to use and program your RE pumps via apex/ ...18/03/17
63Led flood light :hi led flood light 10000k 20w . Some salt damage light works very well would suit fish room I have 3 in total very cheap text for a price .p ...18/03/17
64malawi cichlids wanted :Malawi cichlids wanted able to collect13/03/17
65WANTED 8ft x 2.5ft x 2.5ft aquarium :After an 8ft x 2.5ft x 2.5ft or near abouts that size if not those size preferably bigger but will consider Tel: 07450603358 Email: con ...12/03/17
66Pond air pump :EA 130 pond air pump. 130 L per minute. Item only used from new for six months prior to closing down my pond. In good working order. Cost ne ...11/03/17
67Pond sieve :EA pond sieve/ pre-filter, in good condition. Only used for six months, prior to closing down my pond. Paid 550.00 new. 260.00 or very ...11/03/17
68Fluval 205, JBL Easy2 co2, Eheim Jager 150w :Fluval 205 - Full working order with bio media and sponges - 30 JBL Easystart 2 Co2 System - Bottle is empty (non refill) full working o ...10/03/17
69Adult Aulonocara Firefish female. Doncaster :Free to good home.Nice pinky orange female around 10 cm in size. Collection from DN2. For more info call Vic on 07411413635.10/03/17
70Wild caught Tropheus Ikola group for sale :Very nice group consisting 2 males,4 females 10-12 cm in size plus one juvenile. One of the females holding at the moment. They have been br ...10/03/17
71Puffer Fish For Sale :I have 2 of my puffer fish for sale. I have a small Cutcutia puffer (sometimes called Emerald or Oscillated puffer), asking 15. The other ...08/03/17
72CONGO/MIURUS PUFFER WANTED :Looking for a Congo puffer If anyone has one for sale, or know of a shop that is selling them, please let me know. I am in the South ...08/03/17
73Aquatics Plus Auction :The next Aquatics Plus Auction will be held at Sheffield Works Department on Sunday June 25th. Auction starts at 1pm. To book a ...08/03/17
74Original Tropical Flourescent Lamps with starter units :I have the following selection of tropical flourescent tubes which all have starter units included:- Two - Double 24" 18 Watt tubes with ...07/03/17
75Gold nugget pleco and breeding bristlenose trio for sale. :Beautifull Gold nugget pleco healthy and feeding well on enything. 12 cm in size plus one male and two females bristlenose plecos regularly ...05/03/17
766 Large geophagus abalios and a pair of koi angelfish :Im planning sell my 5 foot tank, but firstly must sell my all big fish. I have 6 wild geophagus abalios, a paior of koi angel fish. They a ...04/03/17
77clown loach wanted :hi,does anyone have any clown loach for sale.?.2-5" inches in sizes let me know what you've got and how much your after.. im in s75 close ...03/03/17
786ftx2ftx2ft aquarium stand hood :Hi all I'm selling my 6ftx2ftx2ft aquarium stand hood terry 07876796906 27026/02/17
79fish rfun fish tank with cabinet full set up :fish r fun fish tank with heater air pump air stone gravel ehiem internal filter, gravel, 10 mixed malawi small fis. approx 90 litres measur ...24/02/17
8020 malawi for sale :20 mixed malawi for sale will sell separtley are all together 5.00 pounds each or 65.00 for the lot.24/02/17
81Trio of f1 zebra gold kwanga :Trio of zebra gold kwanga these are nearly fully grown 1male2female 30 pounds willing to swap for hongi juvies can sent pics for some reason ...23/02/17
82Tmc aqua habitat 30L :No pump or skimmer with it and outlet hole drilled to suit bigger pipe but otherwise very good condition. 70.21/02/17
83Plec :L80 x3 20 L333 x 10 200 L260 30 each L263 25 each From Sheffield15/02/17
844 foot breeding tank for sale :4 foot fish tank used for breeding up for sale with 13 cichlids 2 heaters 2 filters plenty of rock led light all fish fed on quality food ve ...15/02/17
85Live Rock :Closing tank down 30 klgof live rock a few Kenya tres a toadstool offers around 4 .00 per kg or the right price for the lot14/02/17
86Martin Ng Discus available at Corban Discus :Martin Ng TOP QUALITY DISCUS AVAILABLE AT CORBAN DISCUS. We are over the moon to announce that we are now able to bring top quality Discus ...14/02/17
87Award Winning Corban Discus :Martin Ng TOP QUALITY DISCUS AVAILABLE AT CORBAN DISCUS. We are over the moon to announce that we are now able to bring top quality Discus ...14/02/17
88Wild L305 wormline and L007 Leprocanthicus Plecs :For sale a group of 5 L305 plecs 2m 3f I believe. Had no fry but have had eggs 5" plus 175 for group Also group of 5 L007 Leprocant ...12/02/17
893 X Common Plecos 12 - 16in, free to good home :Hi, I've inherited a 4ft x 1ft fish tank from my Grandad. Tank has 3 common plecos which are far too big for the tank. The biggest is 15/16 ...11/02/17
90Pair of Bala sharks approx 5-7inch :Hope to rehome these pair of Bala's in need of a long and much bigger tank than I have. We adopted them but the tank they came to us in they ...11/02/17
91Caramel Apple Snails For Sale or Swap... :Just to give members a heads up..... Any aquarist or fish keeper interested in keeping a few Caramel Apple snails then look no further. ...08/02/17
92Rehoming Tropical Fish... Rehome due to move, illness or split etc... :I live locally between Rotherham and Doncaster and have a fluval 80 tropical tank, and a Juwel Rekord 80 setup. It as a few guppy in at t ...08/02/17
93Red Cherry Shrimp for Sale 1.00 each :Red Cherry Shrimp available at 1.00 each. Alot are female and egg laden. Buy 20 and get 5 free. Pick up at S63 of Dearne Valley Ar ...08/02/17
94South American fish for sale :4x guinacara jatapu 3-4 inch 10 each 2x geo. Altifons wild pair 5-6 inch 2x geo.deamoni 3 inch 2x geo.jurapari 3 inch 2x geo.megasema ...08/02/17
95Large 8x2x2 fish tank 8 x 2 x 2 :Hi. I am closing down my 8ft tank. Comes with: wooden stand, external filter, gravel, ornaments. Everything you need! External fil ...07/02/17
96Very Large Fish Tank For Sale :I have a very large fish tank up for sale. I no longer need it. It's 52" long, 22" wide and 16" deep. As you can see from the photo, the ...06/02/17
97Seashell aquarium for sale 48x18x15 plus cupboard. :Very slight marks on glass which you would need to look for.Been used for malawis and looks stunning when set up.All questions will be answe ...03/02/17
98Seashell aquarium for sale 48x18x15 plus cupboard. :Very slight marks on glass which you would need to look for.Been used for malawis and looks stunning when set up.All questions will be answe ...28/01/17
99fromfry.co.uk. Supplier of quality, tank raised, freshwater fish, specialising i ... :We are a family run business, proud to supply good, healthy fish to our customers. Although we mainly breed and grow on our own fish, we do ...28/01/17
100Wanted golden cobra snakeheads channa aurantimaculata :I'm looking for 6 to 8 young if anyone knows where I may be able to get these from thanks in advance18/01/17
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