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1New Fish Club :Aquatics+Club The first meeting will be on Tuesday 5th June at 7pm Sheffield Work's Department. Heeley Bank Road Sheffield S2 3GL ...20/05/18
2Fish Fun Day :MHAGS are hoping to raise awareness of their facility in Sheffield S6. They offer friendly, support and advice and a centre which is curr ...20/05/18
3Tortoise rehoming services :I'm a dedicated to looking after anyone unwanted tortoises through bereavement moving home lack of time etc I have a vast array of knowledg ...20/05/18
4Free Chaeto :hi, anyone wanting to collect some free chaeto algae from Rotherham get in touch. cheers19/05/18
5Heteractis magnifica wanted :hi, am looking for a GREEN magnifica ritteri anemone. hard to find I know. Or any colour other than purple, which I already have. cheers19/05/18
6Sheaf Valley Aquarist Society (SVAS) ~ Sheffields Fish Keepers Club :Old and new members welcome, we meet the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:30pm The Phoenix Pub Greengate Lane High Green Sheffield S35 ...19/05/18
7Red Ramshorn Snails :You will receive a 10 snails, all varying sizes. £7 for 10 delivered first class. No need to wait in, as they will be sent in a box sm ...19/05/18
8SVAS Auction Friday 8th June 2018 & other Auction Dates 2018 :To book a lot contact Rob Saunders on [email protected] Terms & Conditions are attached below. Everyone who attends the Auction/s, is ass ...19/05/18
9Sinking Cuttlefish ~ Suitable for all Tropical & Cold Water Tanks ~ Shrimp ~ Sna ... :We use these in all of our tanks, as we have slightly acidic water, which is not good for the shells of snails etc. Adding calcium into you ...19/05/18
10Mixed Endlers~ Sheffield :A mixture of different strains of endlers are now intermixed and are creating some stunning colours. they are £1.50 a pair Collection ...19/05/18
11Hoplo catfish 3" :Hoplo catfish 3" free for collection17/05/18
12Regal tang wanted :Wanted regal tang 4.5Ē+ canít be any smaller and also no yellow belly regals either will travel for right fish Thanks for viewing17/05/18
13Large haplochromis for sale :Available for sale large haps: Buccochromis Rhodesii male about 7 inch 30 pounds Fossochromis rostratus female6,5 inch 20 pounds Champsoc ...17/05/18
14aqua medic marine tank :520 litre (130 gallon ) white gloss tank 2 x radion xr30 gen 3 mp40 vortech wave maker small wave maker jecod 2 heaters aqua medic ...15/05/18
15WANTED TRUE BLACK TANG WANTED :Wanted true longnose black tang any size from 3Ē+ near or around Sheffield but will travel for the right fish and price Contact me on 07 ...14/05/18
16Selling off my discus :15 discus in total 15 x Assorted Discus 3inch+ (4 Red Turk, 4 Blue turk, 4 Royal Blue, 3 Red Melon) £28each or 2 for £50 or 5 for £10013/05/18
17Gold Laser Cory :Group of 6 very nice looking gold laser Cory's £15each or Il do the 6 for £80 Contact 07940270004 or [email protected]13/05/18
18Fish Rescue/ rehoming :We were the original rescue back in 2008, after a 6 year break due to a emergency move. we have now reopened with new premises which are l ...12/05/18
19Marine Aquarium, Aqua One AquaNano 55 Litre, Complete setup :Aqua One AquaNano 40 Aquarium 55 Litre, Setup for Marine use. It is setup ready to go for marine use, complete mature setup ready for add ...11/05/18
20large artificial live rock :very large approx 56cm x 40cm x 30cm..from my 160 gallon system... great shape..cannot tell from real thing..cost new £129... bargain..£5008/05/18
21marine fish for sale :house move means the following are for sale.. all in excellent condition..collection only please.. all can be seen eating prior to purchase. ...08/05/18
225ft x 2ft x 2ft aquarium & sump :due to house move i am stripping down my lovely hole in the wall marine tank.. livestock etc listed on other adverts.. this tank is 4 years ...08/05/18
23Prochilodus Flagtail and Red spot severum :2 stunning large fish for sale. A lovely prochilodus flagtail approx 10 inches in superb condition £50 A red spot severum approx 9-10 inch ...07/05/18
24Standard Fin Brown Bristlenose young (from Longfin parents) :Our trio of longfins brown bristlenose throw out a small number of standard fin young at £2 each. Although I cannot guarantee that they w ...06/05/18
25Longfin Brown Bristlenose/Ancistrus :We have a number of Longfin brown bristlenose for sale at £5 each. They are approximately a minimum size of 2 inches/5cm total length ( ...06/05/18
26NEW ~ Emergency Fish Pack © :Emergency Fish Pack © There is nothing worse than having purchased that expensive, or long awaited fish, either from a shop, or auction. ...06/05/18
27Live Food ~ Paramecium Starter Culture :You will receive approximately 50ml of paramecium starter culture in a double sealed bag. Posting will be first class, in a small box to ...06/05/18
28Vinegar Eel Starter Culture ~ Live Food :The starter culture is approximately 50ml, which is taken directly from my own culture and is not watered down in any way. Therefore it wil ...06/05/18
29Live Food ~ Gammarus Shrimp ~ Hyalella Azteca ~ Aquaponics ~ Starter Culture :You will receive a minimum of 25 Shrimps in the standard sized starter culture, and a minimum of 50 in the large sized starter culture. ...06/05/18
30Pairs of Spawning Mops ~ Various sizes available :New items, available on my website www.worm-cultures.com These spawning mops are made from 100% acrylic wool. They are attached securely ...06/05/18
31Live Food ~ Banana Worms & Walter Worms & Micro Worms :Emails aren't always getting through, so it may be worth emailing me direct at [email protected] Available through ebay under s ...06/05/18
33c3 skimmer wanted, :very near to sheffield unless you can post,not too expensive please,thankyou06/05/18
345x2x2 :The time has come to get rid of my 5x2x2 as I no longer have the time . The tank itself is solid with glass sliders there are quite a lo ...05/05/18
35Tropheus Bemba young :I have a number of young T.Bemba for sale. These are about an inch in size and growing well on Spirulina flake and NorthFin pellets. Thes ...05/05/18
36F1 Tropheus Bemba breeding group :I have a breeding group of around 25 F1 Adult T.Bemba for sale, they are approx. 4 inch and spawn regularly. They are well fed on Sera Flora ...05/05/18
37Community Fish :Dwarf Blue Gourami £3.50. Red Twin bar Swordtails £3 Albino Koi and Koi Blacktail swords £2.50. Pink Scarlet Endler Guppies £2 each. Rummy n ...04/05/18
38Haplochromis Thereuterion :A very pretty and quite rare hap that thrives best in a community tank. Not suited to be housed with other cichlids due to its shy peaceful ...04/05/18
39Uaru amphiacanthoides :Due moving my group of 12 Uaru for sale. They are between 6-10cm now. The cihldhood color almost gone. Nice, healthy fish. Need to sell th ...03/05/18
40Multipunctatus and Lucippinis :3 x Synodontis Multipunctatus for sale £15 Group Pair of synodontis luccipinnis £10 pair Collection only02/05/18
41Joblot of tropheus for sale. Priced to clear :Hi I am selling the last of my tropheus to make room for other Fish. I am NOT selling these as breeding groups as they are very male hea ...02/05/18
42Stendker Red Turqs. :I have some cracking young stendker red turquoise discus. Parents are from devotedly discus. Kept in HMA treated tap water 7.4ph. Fed ...02/05/18
43Black Diamond rhom piranha awesome 10 inches :Black Diamond piranha awesome rare 10" stunner.... £35001/05/18
44Juwel rio 180ltr fish tank for sale ..140.00 pounds :Fantastic tank with matching stand/unit...all good condition. Comes with Juwel internal filter/heater , juwel dual lighting system, airpump ...28/04/18
45large artificial live rock :very large approx 56cm x 40cm x 30cm..from my 160 gallon system... great shape..cannot tell from real thing..cost new £129... bargain..£5025/04/18
46clean live rock :well over 10kg of good clean mature live rock..no chemicals used on it..collection only £70.00..25/04/18
47Wanted... Fluval fresh aquarium :I am looking for a fluval fresh 60 or 90 with cabinet...full setup or empty I don't mind. I am in South Yorkshire... Please message me if yo ...22/04/18
48Breeding group of 14 F1 adult Tropheus Duboisi Maswa. Now only £100 :Very good quality fish between 10 and 12 cm in size, showing wide yellow band and blue head.There are no particular agression between them. ...21/04/18
49different community fish :Blue dwarf gouramies £2.50 each Red dwarf gouramies £2.50 each Female dwarf gouramies £1.50 each Male and female guppys £1.25 each Congo ...12/04/18
50Malawi and Victoria Cichlids :Crabro, Clown Labs, Demasoni, kenyi, Fuelleborni, Rusty, Yellow labs, Compressiceps 10 for £35, Blue Dolphin £4 and £6, Scolofi £4. Peacocks ...11/04/18
51BLUE EYE PANAQUE PLECO VERY RARE STUNNING 12 inches :I have for sale one 12" blue eye panaque pleco for sale the most desirable of all the plecos very hard to obtain blue eyes of this size. ...11/04/18
52Only 16 - 20 Topheus Moliro babies left. Adult fish sold. :Stunning group of 8 wild Tropheus Moliro. Bautiful truely red fish. Also have some babies between 3cm and 6cm in size for sale. I'm selli ...08/04/18
53Wanted marine fish :Looking for chromis or other smaller size fish or all others considerd also shrimp or snails or crabs thanks for looking sorry mi phone ...08/04/18
55F1 Tropheus babies. :I have some f1 Tropheus Bulu Point, f1 Tropheus Moliro and f2 Duboisi Maswa babies for sale. They are around 1 inch in size, all healthy and ...04/04/18
56Wanted Albino Adonis plec :Hi. Im looking for albino Adonis plecs any size.02/04/18
57Wanted Albino/Platinum alligator & Florida Spotted gar :Hi. Im looking for Albino/platinum alligator & Florida spotted garís any size.02/04/18
58Wanted Albino common plecs :Hi. Im looking for albino Common plecoís any size.02/04/18
59CAROPHYLL PINK POWDER 12gram great for colouring red discus :we have a limited stock of Carophyll pink powder just add to your beefheat mix 12gram £9.00 including delivery. if you need anymore informa ...29/03/18
60Liverock and corals forsale :I have over 10kg of live rock forsale with lots of corals on it about 8 pieces some very big Coverd in zoas..green mushrooms ..polyps...st ...19/03/18
61Rotkiel Cichild (red shoulder) :A beautiful rotkeil for sale.8inch long.lovely colours. £10. Collection only.sheffield Phone gaz after 7pm 0771770811818/03/18
62Elitech Temperature controller :Elitech E1000 temp controller. Wired up and enclosed with two heating and two cooling sockets. Possibly swap for Zoas/ LPS coral Co ...17/03/18
63wanted : purple hornet zoa rotherham :Looking for true purple hornet zoa frag / polyp(s) collection close to south Yorkshire. Email [email protected]17/03/18
64Red Sea Max C250 :Marine Aquarium, very good condition. All original equipment included plus extras £295 ONO Please call mobile 0753539701714/03/18
65SUPERBEAD FILTER for 8,000 Gallons :Complete with media and pipe connectors. Additional pipework also available if required. This filter is in excellent condition and the best ...13/03/18
66Synodontis Petricola :I have five adult Pericola catfish for sale bought from Ferrybridge Aquatics £10 each.10/03/18
67Juwel Rekord 800 Aquarium with Stand £170 OVNO :Hi, I stopped the hobby and I am selling all my tanks. This lovely used tank with the custom built stand was used to breed many different ...08/03/18
68Protein skimmer V2 400 with return pump :Used but in good working condition With return pump £3506/03/18
69New hydra30 filter system still in box :Brand New for marine and freshwater for tanks up to 200 ltr £3506/03/18
70Refractometer :Used but in good working condition £2506/03/18
71Hard coral frag wanted :I am wanting a branching hard coral frag near Barnsley or north Sheffield .thanks03/03/18
72Live rotifers :I have rotifers excellent for feeding clown fry and corals on .text for a price03/03/18
73Ceramic structures towers :Ceramic structures towers for marine tank can be used for sticking corals to tallest one 16"" double one cost £75 asking £50 for both03/03/18
74Koran angel 3 to 4 inch long :Koran angel 3 to 4 inch long, good healthy fish, just showing signs of changing to adult colours, lives in a full reef tank without any prob ...28/02/18
75Juwel Rio 180 Full setup including fish :I am selling my fish tank due to a change around at home. It is a full setup including fish. What you get: Juwel Rio 180 fish tank and stan ...28/02/18
76Mbu puffer fish 4inch long :For sale my beautiful mbu puffer fish she is about 4inch long with lovely markings and has a great personality. She gets on well with my 2 c ...24/02/18
77PIRAYA PIRANHA AWESOME RARE FISH LARGE 10 inches :I have one very rare and sort after piranha for sale One 10" piraya Piranha get huge,and can be get together. Unlike black piranha. Pick ...19/02/18
78Phytoplankton :Phyto is a natural Food for your tank good for feeding feather dusters clams soft corals .pods and rotifers l make my own and have spare £5 ...18/02/18
79Ehiem professional 4 350t :For sale ehiem professional 4 350t in excellent condition comes with pipes and media but the media has been used for a very short time £22 ...16/02/18
80Ehiem professional 4 350 :For sale ehiem professional 4 350 external filter in excellent condition comes with media but has been used for a very short time £170 ope ...16/02/18
81Marine tank with sump and stand :For sale marine tank with sump and stand in great condition Total capacity with sump is 330 litres Dimensions 3ft x 2ft x 2.5ft Ope ...16/02/18
82Wanted ea reef 1200 or similar in white :Hi , Iím looking for a ea reef 1200/1500 in white as close to rotherham as possible Cheers15/02/18
83Dendrobate tinctorious "citronella" froglets :I have citronella (Dendrobates tinctorious "citronella") dart frogs available. These are captive bred individuals. They are 3+ mon ...14/02/18
84Original Tropical Flourescent Lamps with starter units :A variety of different size and wattage Tropical Flourescent Lamps, varying from 24" - 48" and 18 to 40 Watts, each with starter unit and al ...09/02/18
85parrot cichlids for sale :Hi. I have two parrot Cichlids for sale 5inch size. Great health and shape 30 pounds or swap for malawi cichlids or african catfish06/02/18
86ALR algae light reactor with pump :ALR 1 Algae Light Reactor with return pump and pipe work 4 months old £170 Running in sump at moment which cheato in but can be cleaned b ...02/02/18
87Red sea E170 with sump and equipment for sale - £500 ono :Red sea E170 with sump (15 months old) AI light unit not included Deltec 1351 Protein skimmer for sale (6 months old) Ehiem UV350 with pum ...28/01/18
88Asian albino red tail catfish :Albino Asian red tail cat fish around 6" very healthy and feeding well £5024/01/18
89Tadpole Snails ~ Bladder Snails Live Food Or Clean Up Crew :For food for larger fish, or as a clean up crew. Posting will be first class, in a small box to protect the snails, and is small enough ...22/01/18
90Cichlids for sale :Hi i want to evetuay close my tank down. Trying to get rid of fish first. I have Yellow lab Acei Frontosa Albino cichlid Julidochromis ...20/01/18
91Shell Dwellers Wanted Please - Any type :Hi I have a tank ready to home a pair or group of shell dwellers. I am looking for any type. I am also looking for more Escargot shells ...20/01/18
92Clownfish wanted :hi, looking for some Sebae or Saddleback Clowns and able to deliver to Rotherham, s yorks. cheers15/01/18
93LED light bar. Fluval 2.0 fresh and plant. 4 extendable to 5ft WiFi control :4ft light bar with extendable brackets up to 5ft. I used this on a 6ft tank and it illuminated it great. It can be controlled and timer pro ...14/01/18
94Evolution aqua nexus 320 pond filter OFFER :For sale is a brand new Evolution aqua nexus 320 pond filter comes complete with 100ltr k1 media for outer chamber and inner chamber is full ...14/01/18
95cetus seive :Nexus cetus sieve for sale £200.00 Doncaster area buyer collects12/01/18
96blue acara for sale/swop male. s8 sheffield :this guy is a big acara, he had a mate but due to unforeseen circumstances she managed to jump out of the tank one night, and since then he ...09/01/18
97dwarf Snakehead for sale, sheffield s8 7gd :I have my snakehead for sale, I bought him from brook garden centre back in October and has been part of a tank with other fish in. these ...09/01/18
98panda platys bumble bee platys :lots of community fish from fry fish farm doncaster dn67rp 07713154980 call for info31/12/17
99Velda pond viewing dome :Large velda vewig dome good condition please note covered in frost at time of photo collection only due to size £8029/12/17
100Ghost koi :I have around 15 Ghost koi measuring around 8" in length.Looking for £10 - £15 each for them.Will discount if taking a few.Tel 07551972272.S ...28/12/17
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