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1jewel cichlid for sale.... FREE :Hi I Have 20 Jewel Cichlids to give away for FREE .... FREE if any one is interested please contact me I am wanting to set up a new mari ...05/08/13
2Corals/fish/live rock :Selling the lot piece of art of the live rock that is placed in tank Over 25 acro sps coral stuck on it x 10 8 x Montipora maybe mor ...03/08/13
3Collection of marine fish, lots of corals, in white Red Sea max 650 :Hi selling Red Sea max 650 including lots of marine fish and collection of live corals. Very good condition Odd few scratch on glass ...03/08/13
4SOLD Box full of used equipment 40 Ono :Having a clear out so selling a mixture of stuff, 1x FLuval 4 plus internal filter - tested working 2x FLuval 3 plus internal filters ...02/08/13
5TMC V2 Vecton 300 UV Steriliser Filter 16W Offer :TMC V2 Vecton 300 UV Steriliser Filter 16W only 58.99 at Holiday Aquatics The features of the new TMC V2 UV steriliser unit are:-New des ...02/08/13
6Malawi Aulonocara Peacocks SOLD SSTC :Aulonocara rubin red female 3inch Aulonocara OB fire male 4inch Aulonocara OB peacock male 3inch 2 Aulonocara rubin red males 4-5 inch ...01/08/13
7large juwel bow fronted fishtank and discus fish :large 4ft bow fronted glass fishtank and discus fish forsale everything included filters pumps fish etc I may split the fish from the tank b ...31/07/13
8nano D&D HQI 28 gallon marine fishtank :nano D&D HQI 28 gallon marine fishtank I used the tank to breed discus fish but it is really a marine tank it has built in filters comes wit ...31/07/13
9Sold (pending collection) External Filter bargain 25 perfect working order :1000lph external filter, pipes, intake strainer and some media (sponges, bio balls) Perfect working order/water tight. Only selling due u ...31/07/13
10Juwel Rio 125 Litre :Juwel Rio 125, 32"x14"x19" Comes with. Juwel internal filter with media. 150watt heater. Brand new Juwel T5 lightin ...30/07/13
11Sold, Sold Bargain - 2x external filters perfect working order 50 for both. :Due to upgrading I have 2x 1000 litre per hour external filters for sale. Both perfect working order, only been taken off tank tonight. ...30/07/13
12WANTED Maylandia Lombardoi Kenyi Females :I am looking for some female kenyi cichlids, preferably adult but will consider large juveniles, please text or email with pics.29/07/13
13Big mouth bass for sale in Leeds :Last one for sale. Very hard to found in UK. It's about 9" . Eat what ever you drop in tank. Will bite the food as soon as they hit the ...27/07/13
14Africa pike for sale in Leeds :It's about 8". Eating well but my want to get space for the arowana so have to sale for it27/07/13
15Short body flower horn for sale in Leeds :Hi there is a 7 inch short body flower horn for sale. Very nice colour and the hump in head growing day by day. Only selling as he not getti ...27/07/13
16aqua one external filter brand new slight damage 1250 model :rrp around 200 damaged 1250 model new 60 ferrybridge aquatics26/07/13
173 fish safe roots :Bought from pet shop so fish safe 3 big roots put on a bin so size can be gauged paid 80 wanting 3026/07/13
18Fluval 306 filter :Fluval 306 external filter with 9 months warranty left have receipt all media and pipes included will leave water in for all benificial bact ...26/07/13
19Large Bogwood XL XXXL availble :BOGWOOD FOR SALE - HUGE FANCY PIECES small medium large Xl XXL XXXL I have some listed on ebay -feel free to make me an offer or let ...22/07/13
20new guinea tiger fish the rare one at ferrybridge aquatics :10/11 cm datnoides campbelli rare tiger fish from new guinea 10019/07/13
211 FISH Affordable tropical fish / Acara / Tetra / Platty.. Cheap Freshwater Fis ... :Good quality fish at low prices. Red Platy fully grown 1 ea / 10+ Left Yellow Platty fully grown 1 ea / 10+ Left Blue Acara Cichlid ...18/07/13
22Wanted Fluval FX5 West Yorkshire -cash waiting :As the title says, looking for a fluval fx5 in West Yorkshire. Cash waiting, message me with what you have.16/07/13
23MBU puffer for sale in Leeds :Have a 13 inch MBU puffer for sale. Cash offer or swap for other fish. Cheers16/07/13
24Metal halide light unit :Hi i have for sale my 2x150w metal halide unit. Perfect working order. Bulbs replaced 12 months ago, but not been used for last four mont ...15/07/13
25tmc v2 400 :Hi. I have for sale my tmc v2 400 protien skimmer. Comes with pump. in good working order. 60.00 ono15/07/13
2636x15x15 sumps for sale 50 each at ferrybridge aquatics :sumps for sale 36x15x15 incl glass sliders 4 for sale at moment12/07/13
27TMC V2 Auto Top up Only 34.99 :TMC V2 Auto Top-Up A safe, low-voltage top up system from TMC which can easily be installed onto any system. This Top-Up systems incor ...12/07/13
28Saki Hikari Koi Food - Free Gift- Offer :For limited time only with any 5kg of Saki Hikari you can now get a free 5KG Hikari Food container worth over 12.99 Buy 2 bags and get t ...12/07/13
29marine fish for sale :for sale -- collection only pair of tomato clowns 35 foxface 20 bi coloured angel 20 royal gramma 15 starfish 10 must be collecte ...11/07/13
31closing tank down :I am looking to close down my marine set up so selling off fish and live rock..no corals in tank the fish I have are, pair of clownfish 3 ...10/07/13
32full range of the new fluval sea aquariums in stock at ferrybridge aquatics york ... :full range of the new fluval sea aquariums in stock at ferrybridge aquatics at discount price also a range of aqua reef in stock incl 30 ...10/07/13
33datnoid cambella the rare tiger fish in stock at ferrybridge aquatics :rare cambella not often seen in stock 10/11cm 10007/07/13
36Very Rare large Nile Tilapia :This is a beautiful large Nile Tilapia very reluctant sale but i need the room must be seen eats everything prawns, mussels etc very good te ...04/07/13
38wanted sea hare :Wanted proven hair algae eating sea hare in Bradford/Leeds area03/07/13
39Large male frontosa 10 inches :Large male frontosa 10" Beautiful fish very healthy, Wanting 55 o.n.o Give me a call or text on 0796973691003/07/13
4010 moori, blue dolphins males & females for sale :Group of 10 moori ( blue dolphins) for sale very healthy ranging from 3" to around 4" There are males and females not sure about the ratio ...03/07/13
41WANTED - Female Albino Longfin Bristlenose :I am looking to add a female Albino Longfin bristlenose (red eyes) to my breeding pair of normal albinos so i can get a mix of offspring. ...03/07/13
42APS 6000lph Wavemaker Swap/Part Exchange :6000lph wavemaker a bit too powerful for my tank so looking to swap for smaller wavemaker or other equipment, cash difference either way. C ...02/07/13
43Assassin Snails (pest snail control) for sale (7 snails for only 5.00) Bradford ... :Hello there! I have a number of Assassin Snails from my breeding group looking for a new home where they can munch happily upon all those pe ...01/07/13
44Jewel vision 180 Beech wood aquarium with stand. :I am selling a used 180 litre Beech wood jewel vision aquarium. This is the bow front aquarium with matching stand. There are a few minor s ...30/06/13
46Large Adult Common Snaping Turtle :Large Adult Common Snapping Turtle Shell is bigger than an A4 Piece of paper No setup included 10028/06/13
47TMC V2 Bio React 500 Pellet Reactor Offer Price :TMC V2 Bio React 500 Pellet Reactor suitable for all types of media for Marine and Tropical aquariums now only 86.99 Unique patented des ...27/06/13
48Now sold Edge 23L (white) led model with accessories Bargain 50 may swap for e ... :As the title says, fluval edge 23l for sale, only a coue of months old, still have original box and instructions. Well over 100 spent, i ...26/06/13
49kent reef tank and fish for sale 285 :kent reef tank for sale -- 20 gallon capacity--- complete with pair of tomato clowns hosting annenome and some live rock and various clean ...23/06/13
504 foot fish tank stand :i have for sale an unused aqua medic percula stand in beech . it takes a 4 foot by 2 foot tank . i have all the bits and it got dissmanteled ...23/06/13
512 x 1998 Arcadia Pro Deluxe Pendant :I have 2 brand new Professional Deluxe Pendant metal halide light units here They were bought brand new in 1998, dry stored and never use ...22/06/13
52Hong Kong Zoas, eagle eyes, fruit loops, la lakers, etc Bradford :We currently have a selection of Ultra Vietnam and Hong Kong Zoas such as Fruit loops LA Lakers Alpha & Omega Strawberry fields and m ...21/06/13
53acan, scolly, trachy, hammer, ultra corals, Bradford Yorkshire :We have a number of Ultra and A grade corals this week Green trachyphillia from 39 Red Trachyphillia from 120 Ultra Scolymia from 110 ...21/06/13
54FOR SALE tetratec ex2400 :hi have for sale a tetratec ex2400 external filter comes with blagon inline uv filter came with tank I got but going to run sump instead loo ...20/06/13
55Aquatic Plants for sale, Aquarium plants for sale, Tropical Fish Tank Plants. :Aquatic Plants Price List Aquarium Plants for sale Plants are posted nation wide For the Full Price List Visit http://www.tropicalfishbr ...20/06/13
56redtail catfish :hi im selling my redtail catfish she is 18 inch great looking and very nice selling coz need some room in my tank any reasonable offer will ...19/06/13
57Common/sailfin plec FREE :12 - 15 inch common/sailfin plec free to good home but any offers or swaps welcomed ad appreciated need rid ASAP thanks19/06/13
58Brand New, Biorb Intelligent light, 45 delivered :I have a brand new Biorb intelligent light for sale. 45 for it delivered! Any questions contact me on 0751018415319/06/13
59Brand New, Biorb Intelligent light, 45 delivered :I have a brand new Biorb intelligent light for sale. 45 for it delivered! Any questions contact me on 0751018415318/06/13
60Albino Bristle Nose Catfish :8 young Bristlenose Catfish 1 to 1-1/2 inches 10 Tingley Wakefield 0791225815017/06/13
61Prodibio Offer - lowest Price on the web :Great offer on Prodibio for Marine aquariums. Cheapest around anywhere ! Check website for details of stock we have at this great pric ...15/06/13
62EZOO 5x2x2 FISH TANK FOR SALE :For sale Gzoo 5x2x2 fish tank with cabinet and x4 35watt t3 fluorescent tubes fx5 filter plus internal filter and 300 watt water heater it h ...14/06/13
63Honduran red points :For sale 8 Honduran red points. Size 2 - 3 inch 5 each 2 for 8 All 8 for 25 Collection preferred Can deliver for a fee of 1 per ...14/06/13
64Wanted FX5 filter or similar :As the title says, looking for a fluval fx5 or similar external filter. Minimum 2000l per hour.cash waiting. Please email with what you h ...14/06/13
65Tropheus Duboisi Maswa f1 :I have some true F1 Tropheus Duboisi Maswa for sale. Picture's are of the adults and actual young for sale. 7 each Thanks for looking11/06/13
66Africa pike :It's about 8". Eating well but my want to get space for the arowana so have to sale for it10/06/13
67Pair of bigmouth bass for sale in Leeds :Not often can be found on sale in market. They are lovely fish but not getting well with my arowana so have to sale them out. Male around 7& ...10/06/13
6817" royal knifefish for sale in Leeds :Very nice fish. Great marking and very tame , can keep with small fish. Looking for sale or swap to other oddball . Please let me know what ...10/06/13
69TMC UV Clarifiers for Aquariums and Ponds at low prices :We have a great selection of TMC UV clarifiers for aquariums and ponds, now at even lower prices. So if your wanting a way of getting cry ...07/06/13
702 x Common Plecs :Hi Guys I have 2 Plecs available to a good home FREE ...Approx 10" unfortunately they are unsuitable for my tank...I was given them alo ...04/06/13
71Common Plecs x2 :Hi i have 2 common plecs approx 10 inch and free to a good home i inherited these and they are unsutable for my main tank currently residing ...04/06/13
72shrimps in stock at ferrybridge aquatics incl red crystal bee shrimp cherry ets :all our shrimps are less than 5 each 10 sp in stock03/06/13
73live and frozen food at ferrybridge aquatics coepods phto :live coepods at ferrybridge aquatics 1.50 live brine shrimp 1 frozen brine shrimp 1 kilo = 11 or 1.60 per 100 g live pyhto d ...03/06/13
74new marine fish tanks fluval be the first to see them mid june at ferrybridge aq ... :fluval are bringing out a new range of marine aquariums due instore mid june be the first to see them at ferrybridge aquatics03/06/13
75Dimidiochromis compressiceps :D.compressiceps female. Approx 15cm TL 10.00 Location: Bradford, West Yorkshire02/06/13
76corydora sterbai :Hi I have a group of about 30 corydora sterbai bread by myself they are a mixture of yong and adult and are breeding just about every month ...01/06/13
77Huge Prodibio Price Reductions :We have reduced our prices even further on our Prodibio Marine Range. Cheapest prices anywhere guaranteed ! Check website for details ...31/05/13
7817" Royal knife fish for sale in Leeds :Very nice fish. Great marking and very tame , can keep with small fish. Looking for sale or swap to other oddball . Please let me know what ...31/05/13
79ferrybridge aquatics new in stock :lots of new stock this week incl, green eel blenny, crinoids, blue spot puffer, yellow sailfin tang, pistol shrimps, blue star, red star, st ...30/05/13
80aqua medic turbo 1000lts skimmer :hi 4 sale is a aqua medic turbo 1000lts skimmer in gr8 working order 125ono 0787199746530/05/13
81live rock just 5 a kg :hi i have got 50kg of live rock for sale 5 a kg30/05/13
825 discus for sale in Leeds (sold) :Great color. 2 large one are breeding pair 8" plus. Also have 3 small discus in this group. Need tank space so have to sale them all. Viewin ...30/05/13
83Jardini arowana for sale in Leeds( sold) :It's 6" at the moment . Nice color and eating well in mealworms . Looking for 6030/05/13
84Black Rhom looking for swap in Leeds( sold) :It's about 4" at the moment. Can only keep on it's own. Have been try put in my large tank but kill my 14" arowana. Please make sure you h ...30/05/13
85breeding pair of stendker Marlboro discus 110 :For sale a breeding pair of stendker Marlboro discus fish bought 6 months ago with young on them and breed every week but the eggs turn whit ...28/05/13
863ft and 4ft and 5ft tanks, just tanks wanted :3 4 5 ft tanks wanted My cars off the road so would like delivery to bd15 allerton bradford Many thanks brendan Please email Merriva ...28/05/13
87Wanted :wanted a breeding pair of red pandas (Discus)27/05/13
88giant black line barbs :Neolissochilus stracheyi. Said to be the first time imported when purchased six years ago. Currently about 18 cms and growing about 1cm a ye ...23/05/13
89breeding pair of stendker Marlboro discus :For sale leeds Yorkshire a breeding pair of stendker Marlboro discus fish i bought them about 6 months ago with young but failed to hatch th ...23/05/13
90Beautiful Marble Angel Fish :Beautiful Marble Angel Fish about an inch in size, all healthy, eating well and growing fast. last few remaining so be quick and grab yours ...23/05/13
91red spotted cichlids group of 5 = 150 at ferrybridge aquatics :red spotted severums 10/11 cm 150 the group23/05/13
92geophagus brazilinsis male 10/12 in at ferrybridge aquatics :one off 45.0023/05/13
93mbu puffers in stock at ferrybridge aquatics june 2013 :mbu puffers in stock at ferrrybridge aquatics !00 each23/05/13
94moto stingrays 10 in male and female ferrybridge aquatics :moto stingrays 10 in 120 each23/05/13
95Large Cichlid for sale 10inch :For sale as too big for my tank. Needs more space. Pick up wakefield. text me 1022/05/13
96Aquarium Chillers :Aquarium chillers now available at Holiday Aquatics. Don't let you Marine aquarium suffer this summer or lose any of those expensive corals, ...21/05/13
97Honduran Red Point :Honduran red points for sale - from about 1cm to over an inch - around 12 in total including 2 white - 4 for all - photo of grown male20/05/13
98Wanted Super Red arowana in Leeds :Hi I am looking for a Nice super red arowana . Cash waiting. Please send me the pictures and Price. I will get back to you as soon as possib ...20/05/13
9914" Male BD x LEO for sale in Leeds :He is a very nice marking fish . Eatting well and very active . Want some space for the tank. Offer welcome .19/05/13
1002 x hujeta gar, 7 peppered cory cats :for sale are my 2 hujeta gar, they are about 2 years old and approx 5"long. i also have 7 peppered cory cats that are 1 year old, all r ...18/05/13
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