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1Wet Pets Solihull have yet again another fantastic offer of 20 Malawi Haps and A ... :Hi I am a fully council licensed breeder of Malawi, Tanganyikan and Victorian Cichlids. We are a home run breeder/shop with a separate build ...18/07/18
2Wet Pets Solihull Have stunning Malawi Juvies for sale some rarer ones and a goo ... :Hi all, I am a home breeder and this is a list of new fish I have ready for collection from Friday. I am an enthusiastic hobbyist breeder of ...18/07/18
3A FANTASTIC OFFER FROM A FULLY LICENSED BREEDER OF 20 BEAUTIFUL MALAWI CICHLID J ... :Hi all. I am a fully licensed breeder/seller and only sell good quality fish. We have a separate building from our house that houses over 50 ...18/07/18
4Pure black diamond stingray male :Male black diamond male stingray for sale, 8" disc and growing , healthy feeding on pellets, mussels & prawns , lovely lots of spots , barg ...18/07/18
5Longfin Brown Bristlenose pleco :Longfin brown bristlenose Just over 1 2 for 6 Collection West bromwich Please bring a tub/bag for the fish Any questions dont hes ...18/07/18
6Thousands of Discus fish for [email protected] [email protected] LARGEST STOCK AT THE CHEAPES ... :**THE CHEAPEST AND LARGEST SELECTION OF THE BEST QUALITY IN THE UK** **FREE DELIVERY** on all orders of 150 or more. *See below for del ...18/07/18
7FREE [email protected] DISCUS CURRENT STOCK LIST :Hi, Just Discus current stock list & retail price list 13th June **Top quality Discus for the lowest prices in the U.K** ( sizes ...18/07/18
8Please feel free to join our JUST DISCUS Facebook group to see the videos and pi ... :Please feel free to join our Just Discus Facebook group. There are videos, pictures and help & advice on the group.😀18/07/18
9Radian xr30 LED marine fish tank / aquarium led reef light excellent condition b ... :Amazing lights, excellent condtion, fully working as they should, excellent coral growth only used for 2.5 years selling due to tank break d ...17/07/18
10SOLD French angel 5 to 6 inch beautiful fish SOLD :Hi I'm selling a beautiful french angel around 6 inch *********SOLD************ Cheers. Maj ********SOLD********17/07/18
11Rio Tumbes Red terrors :Selling 3 of my group of Festae red terror Wild fish from COTA America the dominant female and 2 smaller red terror out group that im ...17/07/18
12Breeding ground Bristle noses :Very good 1 male 3 female thay breed all the time 3517/07/18
13Bristle nose 2 different sorts ov pleco :Bristle nose 1" to 2" Quick for1ea or 7 for 5pound17/07/18
14Super red long fin Pleco :1 1/2 inches To 215 for 2 Pleco eating well 1 6ea or 4 for 20 Bristle nose can send you pictures ov mom and dad17/07/18
15Wanted koi & any other types of pond fish for cash :Wanted koi or goldfish will pay cash on collection . Any size or type taken and will collect within 24 hours fully equipped to handle even t ...17/07/18
16Venezuelan Blue Eye Panaque :Panaque suttonorum. Venezuelan Blue Eye Panaque Sexed Pair both over 8" Caving. Only 50016/07/18
17L034 MEDUSA GROUP :L034 X 5 SEXED ADULTS @ 5" ONLY 22516/07/18
18L095 Orange Cheeks :2 x L095 adults. 12"+ only 35015/07/18
19Zaire blue Moba frontosa, gibberosa,for sale or swap 300. :I have a proven breeding group of 7 moba frontosa for sale, 6 are wild caught, 1 is f1, 2 males,5 females, from 5 inch up to around 12 inch. ...15/07/18
20Punchard Red Turks x Leopard 3 inch 15 to for 25 1 mile J 2 M5 :Bred from Punchards Red Turk x Leopard 3 inch 15 each Please bring bags or bucket15/07/18
21Juwel Lido 200 in black, will take 100 to clear this week :I am selling my black Lido 200 , tank and cabinet with internal filter and lights. Also including an external canister filter, Aquis 1050. ...15/07/18
22Gold fish for sale . Over 150 goldfish some really big at 10inch + . :Goldfish for sale comets fantails white and red red and black . Most being quite big . I can sell in bulk or collect as many as you want and ...15/07/18
23L160 spiny monster. Pseudacanthicus spinosis :Approx 5 inch plus Collection only please bromsgrove West mids 70 no offers please no swaps lower offers will be ignored in no rush to ...14/07/18
24Calophysus macropterus (vulture catfish) :10 inch plus vulture catfish changing tank priced for quick sale 70 No offers please.... messages asking what's the lowest I'd take will ...14/07/18
25KOI AND POND FISH RESCUE IN AND AROUND MIDLANDS :Looking to rehome your koi or pondfish? With 25 years experience in keeping all types of pond fish and koi you can guarantee your fish will ...14/07/18
265ft x2ft x1.5ft clear fish tank :fish tank for sale all black tank in pristene condition and cabinet also in top condition 2x 406 filters 2 x heaters original light unit wit ...13/07/18
273ft bow fish tank :85 comes with tank stand , gravel and external filter. Both lights work13/07/18
28Long fin super red PLECO :Super red bristle long fin 2 6ea picture is Dad to the young12/07/18
29Bogwood :Nice big bits of bogwood cheap 50 for all 0776235805012/07/18
30Thin Barr dollars :Lovely markings got 15 looking to sell between 2-5 25 each between 6-8 inch Birmingham b14 0776235805012/07/18
31Jardine arowana sold :14 jardine Australian arowana sold Absolutely stunning fish lovely marked nice chunky fish 150 Ono or px for peacock bass Any more p ...12/07/18
32F1 L46 Zebra pleco available :Welcome! today offering beautiful and healthy bred L046 zebra pleco L046 zebra males and females available in various sizes Very Affordabl ...12/07/18
33Ripples Waterlife, Shenstone. Plecs, Corys, and unusual species :We are based in South Staffs, just south of the city of Lichfield. We have about 170 stock tanks covering all types of tropical, temperate, ...11/07/18
34Ripples Waterlife, Shenstone. Malawi, Tanganyikan Cichlids. :West Midlands based aquatic retail centre. We have everything needed to keep freshwater fish happy and healthy, whether it be tropical or co ...11/07/18
35Albino Bristlenose Pleco :Juvenile Albino Bristlenose Pleco - 1+ bred from unrelated parents. 3 each or 4 for 10 Please research requirements for these fish bef ...11/07/18
36piranha manueli ( Green Tiger ) Wild Import (Reduced) 100 :piranha manueli - Green Tiger Fantastic looking specimen - eating well on lance fish , prawns anything you want to treat him with :-) ...10/07/18
37 SOLD Clown trigger beautiful 4 inch SOLD :****SOLD*** Hi I am selling a beautiful clown trigger 4 inch ****sold***** Cheers Maj09/07/18
382 paired clownfish and 1 damsel fish :I am dismantling my tank because I am moving away from home for university and no one is able to look after them properly. Ive got 2 pa ...08/07/18
39Pacu :I have what I am told is a pacu. He's a large fish and I am looking to rehome him.08/07/18
40UPDATED - Rare livebearers - can post :Pygmy swordtails Young male female pairs - 15 Campeche Molly F1 Trio of young fish - 1 Male and 2 females - 15 Brachyrhapis roseni ...08/07/18
41Acrylic Aquariums + Sumps, Aquarium Racking, Eheim filters, UVS, Inline heaters :Collection only Birmingham B312DE 1 X Acrylic aquarium 36" x 18" x 20" High 100 1 x Acrylic aquarium 36" x 19" x 28" High 150 1 x Acr ...07/07/18
42ANGELFISH :7x Beautiful coloured Angelfish approx 3 to 4 inches in size classed as large, 7 each, kio, marble, black lace & white.collection only05/07/18
43Various fish :Im selling up,sadly I have a number of fish to sell includes large angelfish, clown loache, various gourami, yoyo loache,albino plecs vario ...05/07/18
44Assassin snails barging :Assassin snails 1ea or 8 for 5 get a bargain why it last can post 305/07/18
45Fish Tank LARGE FULL SET UP :Very large tank 8ft Full set up Fish included 100s pounds worth of fish Including arowana, tin foul barbs, oscars, plecks, peacock ...03/07/18
46Fish Tank LARGE FULL SET UP :Very large tank 8ft Full set up Fish included 100s pounds worth of fish Including arowana, tin foul barbs, oscars, plecks, peacock ...03/07/18
47Pair of L014 Sunshines :Sexed pair @ 10"+ ONLY 25003/07/18
48L020 X 4 POLKA DOT :L020 Polka dot group ONLY 9003/07/18
49L306 JUVIES :L306 JUVIES 1.5" - 2" ONLY 20 EACH Postage available03/07/18
50Stingray pair :Unrelated mini marbles Female is Dec 2017 Male is Feb 2018 Taken to each other really well. Future project ONLY 50003/07/18
51GOLDEN NUGGETS X5 :Mixed group x 5 Possible breeding project ONLY 22503/07/18
52Skiffia multipunctata :An uncommon live bearer, not often seen in the shops, I have a few youngsters available already pairing off and showing their adult features ...02/07/18
53Orange laser Corydoras :Lovely home bred youngsters, eating and growing well, a few available a stunning fish for the tropical aquarium. Priced at 6.last few avail ...02/07/18
54Sawbwa Resplendens :Beautiful home bred fish, Lovely in a species setup and a group, endangered in the wild. Also known as Asian rummynose. Read up on this gorg ...02/07/18
55Empereor snakehead :Selling my Emperor snakehead, it is a rare specie due to its amazing colours, it is a blue/ orange colour, very large 26 inches just over 2 ...01/07/18
565 Malawi peacocks and 1 orange blotch zebra :2-3 inch 5 each Collection only30/06/18
57Dainichi Rift Lake Foods :We import Dainichi foods direct from the USA. These feeds are of the highest quality. All freshly made & packaged. We carry the full range o ...28/06/18
58Pond cleaning service / replacement of liners, fiberglass ponds , concrete ponds ... :Pond cleaning & pond maintenance services around the midlans. All types of pond related work taken out . Liner's fitted. Fiberglass pond ...27/06/18
59Reef tank full set up :Sadly selling my reef as Im struggling to dedicate enough time to the system due to work and I refuse to let the tank not get my full atten ...27/06/18
60Track eel 16inch :Feeding on prawns.. 15 to 16inch 07840014312 4025/06/18
61Marble stingray 12inch 300 :Feeds on almost anything minus pellets!12inch disc female.. bought is as a marble but it could be a hybrid. Stunning looking ray.. 078400143 ...24/06/18
62Bd stingray 7inch 550 :Bd stingray. Can wtsaap video on request. Cutting down on a few just to keep maintenance down. Boughg a pair for 1200 but not into breeding ...24/06/18
63RED TIGER MOTGUENSE CICHLIDS - REDUCED :X7 red tiger motaguense cichlids. 3.5" and some just touching 4". 4 males 3 females in the group. Displaying really nice colours. Orange ...23/06/18
64Aquarium - Fish tank - Cabinet - Steel stands - Pelmets - Manufacturer - Brand n ... :We are experienced aquarium manufacturers and pride ourselves on quality over quantity. All of our aquariums are built to the best standa ...23/06/18
65Randys tropical fish upto 50% off pet shop prices 07463683498 :We are a fully licensed pet shop.we have over 50 fish tanks stocking from Flowerhorns, datanoids, bichirs, to yellow labs, strawberry peacoc ...23/06/18
66TA Aquaculture :We currently have around 250 tanks in our retail area, quarantine & breeding rooms. Large Rift Lake Cichlid section. Mainly F1 & fish bred i ...23/06/18
67Large bogwood/spiderwood wanted :Large pieces bogwood/spiderwood wanted19/06/18
68L82 F1 for sale. 75 :Hi I got few L82s ready to sell @1.5inch. Pics and more infos on request.Collection only.18/06/18
69Mini Sticks :Best quality sticks in the country. Freshly made in the USA.These mini sticks are fantastic quality. We sell kilo's in the UK & EC. These ...17/06/18
70Indian Almond Leaves :Fresh leaves imported regularly. Rich dark red/brown colour. We import these direct from the Far East where they are collected from natural ...17/06/18
71v2 luminaire nano x2 :Here I have for sale a pair of v2 luminaire nano leds 30 the pair.16/06/18
72Fish tank ornaments for sale :Fish tank ornaments for sale Tower Cube Air bubble turtle Ocean rock Coral Small piece of bogwood Small rock cave 2 each or all 10 ...15/06/18
73QUICK SALE - FLUVAL ROMA 240 aquarium & cabinet :Selling several tanks. This Fluval aquarium / cabinet stand (light oak effect) - only a 2-3 years old. Comes with hood lights that work, ma ...15/06/18
74KOI RESCUE SERVICE MIDLANDS but will travel upto 100miles . Koi,goldfish,rescue ... :Koi rescue and rehoming service in west midlands.I have over 25 years experience in keeping all kinds of pond fish. When the need to rehomin ...14/06/18
75gaint gourami :hi there im looking for a large male gourami i have a big 8ft tank for him with a 18 inch white female please call jim on 07874027772 thanks ...12/06/18
76Nice A grade asian arowana wonted :give me a message if you have a really nice arowana with paperwork and no drop eye or gill probs must be really nice and colourful size ...10/06/18
776ft+ fish tank light :Hi all, I have a Rena light from the 6.6ft Rena tank. Comes with 8 tubes all working (about 30 per tube). upgraded my lighting so no longer ...08/06/18
78Red Cherry shrimps :Cherry shrimps various sizes male & female 30for 15 or 75p ea06/06/18
79Mature Live Rock - Reef Tank / Aquarium - Fiji Includes Branch & Plate :Decided to rearrange the rock work in my tank and as a result have approximately 40 - 50 Kg of surplus mature Fiji live rock which is aphasi ...05/06/18
80Astaxanthin Granule :We have literally sold tons of this granulate over the years. Probably the best of it's kind you will find. We buy in regularly to keep it f ...05/06/18
81Australian Freeze Dried Blackworm :We are importers of Australian Blackworm. Stocks include Cubed Original, loose original & cubed Bio (colour enhancer). Discus breeders we su ...04/06/18
82Brine Shrimp Eggs :We stock eggs from Siberia & the USA. Available as hatching, decap dry & decap in suspension..04/06/18
83Ziss Breeding Boxes :Extremely well thought out & constructed with high quality materials. Available in 4 different designs..04/06/18
844ft tank light :Hi all I have a boxed, Juwel 4ft fish tank light, in very good condition, comes with tubes and reflectors. 60.03/06/18
85Picasso Trigger :Hi I am selling my Picasso trigger 4 to 5 inch fat and healthy a beautiful example sumped and ready to go Looking for 30.00 0796 ...02/06/18
86SOLD Magnificent fox face 6 inches SOLD :Hi I am looking to sell my beautiful magnificent fox face 6 inches long and very healthy looking for 55.00 *************SOLD***** ...02/06/18
87Crenicichla Atabapo 1 :I have a group of 5 of the above between 8 and 12" Getting on well in my 7 foot tank These were wild caught from Pier Aquatics in Wigan ...30/05/18
88RED TIGER MOTAGUENSE BREEDING PAIR 80 :Hi Selling my red tiger MOTAGUENSE proven breeding pair. Was selling their fry on here not too long ago and I still have some advertised ...26/05/18
892-3 inches Melon Discus. 15 each or 5 or 50. :2-3 Inch Discus, Healthy & Clean fish for serious hobbyists. Watch Video. UK Bred, Kept in Tap Water Feeding on Heart Mix. Collect ...24/05/18
902-3 inches Brown Discus, 10 each or 6 for 50 :2-3 Inch Brown Discus. UK Bred, Kept in Tap water, Healthy and Clean fish. Collection only.24/05/18
91Complete tropical set up :Compete set up ready to go. 5 x 2 x 2 tank with white cabinet 2. Fx6 filters and media 500 watt water heater 2 Hydro 3rd generation 50 ...24/05/18
92Fluval Roma 125 tank and cabinet in black 50 ONO Local delivery available please ... :For sale is my used Fluval Roma 125 black fish tank and cabinet. This comes with the fluval heater and heater and the sand substrate. The li ...24/05/18
93Melbicks - Maidenhead Aquatics Birmingham NEW MALAWI :MALAWI Rhodessi Cichlid Fenustratus Cichlid Assorted Peacocks Yellow Labidochromis Red Esterae Cichlid Snow Cichlid Venustus Cichli ...23/05/18
94F1 Breeding pair Uaru :XXL F1 Breeding pair of Uaru amphiacanthoides Prolific spawners always get free swimming fry, I have fry in grow out tanks, 200 or neares ...21/05/18
95Datnoid :7 inch male Datnoid for sale eats prawn mussels squid worms hikari pellets etc. 80. 20 juvenile mbuna cichlids 25. Text phone. 078076 ...20/05/18
96Red Sea max nano :Almost new redsea max nano tank comes with everything it would new Ai prime hd light Protein skimmer Auto topup I will also include ...20/05/18
97Tropheus for sale :I have a couple of near adult groups for sale if anyone is interested? Approx 10 Bright Red Kalambwe not sure of the ratio but have had a ...15/05/18
98Jecod dcs12000 :As above used for around a month in freshwater In A1 condition with all accessories Looking for 80 Collection only from Dudley14/05/18
99XXL toadstool stunning :Massive 2 foot in size very rare Bargain price to clear 70ono Collection from Hockley b18 Contact Leo on 0741400770112/05/18
100XXL toadstool stunning :Massive 2 foot in size very rare Bargain price to clear 70ono Collection from Hockley b18 Contact Leo on 0741400770112/05/18
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