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1Regal tang :5inch regal tang for sale £30 collection only call steve 0795472570528/03/17
2Bubble Magus Curve 5 - £50 :Selling my Bubble Magus Curve 5 Skimmer as I have an upgraded tank and skimmer now. Brilliant skimmer with a small footprint and low wattage ...28/03/17
3Valentini puffer. £10 :Around 2inch. Seams reef safe. Never bothered any of my corals. Only selling because I have a smaller puffer and this one is bullying it. It ...28/03/17
4Siporax 25mm ceramic rings :Approx 3.5 - 4 kg Paid £60 for this in January, only used for about 4 weeks. Selling due to tank shut down £25 collection only28/03/17
5L134 (Peckoltia Compta) Pleco :Leopard Frog Plecs available (bred by myself). Two different bloodlines available.. both from different wild caught parents making them F1s ...28/03/17
64 x Central American cichlids :1 x Male Convict near 4" 1 x Male Rivulatus 3" 1 x Jack Dempsey about 3.5" poss female 1 x Blue Acara about 2.5" probable Male ...28/03/17
7Rotkeil Severum x 1 :Red shoulder Severum - unsexed but suspected female. A good 6" and very colourful. Thinning stocks down a bit. £2028/03/17
8Polypterus delhezi x 2 :Banded bichirs 2 identical (showing pic of 1 but they can't be told apart)! At least 10" long, great fish. Just deciding to thin stocks ...28/03/17
10A FANTASTIC OFFER FROM A FULLY LICENSED BREEDER OF 20 BEAUTIFUL MALAWI CICHLID J ... :Hi all. I am a fully licensed breeder/seller and only sell good quality fish. We have a separate building from our house that houses over 50 ...28/03/17
11Wet Pets Solihull Have stunning Malawi Juvies for sale some rarer ones and a goo ... :Hi all, I am a home breeder and this is a list of new fish I have ready for collection from Friday. I am an enthusiastic hobbyist breeder of ...28/03/17
12Wet Pets Solihull have yet again another fantastic offer of 20 Malawi Haps and A ... :Hi I am a fully council licensed breeder of Malawi, Tanganyikan and Victorian Cichlids. We are a home run breeder/shop with a separate build ...28/03/17
13King SRD flowerhorns :got a male and female srd flowerhorn"" bought as proven pair" nice colour and pearling! male has big kok £380 the pair!27/03/17
14Fire eel 12-14 inches :12-14" fire eel and eating well. Can what'sapp pictures. The site doesnt let me upload pics Eel was bitten on tail a few weeks ago. All has ...27/03/17
155" ALBINO CLOWN KNIFE FISH. ODDBALL :Hi I have a 5" albino clown knife fish. Not very common in the hobby. Can grow to over 12". Eats bloodworm, mussles. Mostly ...27/03/17
17Wanted large marine fishes tangs, angels etc :Hi looking for large marine fishes tangs, angels etc looking to fill my 8 foot tank. Let me no what you have Thanks27/03/17
18Sump tank :Wanted a 3ft sump tank. Can collect. Travel a lot so distance not a problem. Fair pice paid for clean tank. WHY? Message me. Thanks Nick27/03/17
19LT SL-A001-90 Marine Reef Aquarium LED Lighting unit :Hi Selling LT SL-A001-90 Marine Reef Aquarium LED Lighting unit excellent light great build quality and excellent colours only selling du ...27/03/17
20HYDOR ETH INLINE 300 WATT HEATERS X 2 :Hi I am selling 2 x 300 watts hydor ETH inline heaters excellent condition the most reliable heaters i have owned surplus to requirement ...27/03/17
21AQUARIUM BLACK 4FT X 3FT HIGH X 18INCH WIDE WITH 42 INCH SUMP AND PLUMBING OPTI ... :Hi Due to an upgrade selling my 1yr old opti white 12mm glass aquarium, excellent condition no scratches that I can see the black cabine ...27/03/17
22JUST DISCUS CURRENT STOCK LIST :Just Discus current stock list & retail price list 21st March. **Special Offer** You can choose either offer 1 or offer 2. **Offe ...27/03/17
23@BUY 5 GET 1 [email protected] DISCUS is the U.K s largest and best professional Discus ... :**Special Offer** You can chose either option 1 or option 2. **Option 1** Buy any 5 x 2-2.5" Discus and get the 6th one free. ( cheap ...27/03/17
24Please feel free to join our JUST DISCUS Facebook group to see the videos and pi ... :Please feel free to join our Just Discus Facebook group. There are videos, pictures and help & advice on the group.😀27/03/17
25Pleco bristlenose :White and brown bristlenose Pleco 1" up to inch and a half £2ea or 6 for £10 can post £1026/03/17
26Red cherry shrimp :Cherry shrimp mixed size is male and female £50p ea or. £15 pounds for 40 small shrimp get the bargain why it last or 33 mixed in siz ...26/03/17
27Assassin snails :Assassin snails £1ea or 14 for £10 bet the bargain why it last can post £526/03/17
28Tropheus Polli :I have for sale a group of 8 or 9 adult wild Tropheus Polli plus a couple of young F1 offspring, not sure of the ratio but can check if inte ...26/03/17
29Tropheus Red Ndole :I have a group of 14 F1 Tropheus Ndole for sale, they are between 7 and 9cm, I am unsure of the ratio, looking for £200 for the group. Deli ...26/03/17
302x 9 inch tiger oscars :£15 each or 2 for £25 call or text Ryan on 0746368349825/03/17
31Flowerhorns :2" in size only £5 not many left call or text Ryan on 0746368349825/03/17
32Red Devils /midas :2.5" in size only £6 each call or text Ryan on 0746368349825/03/17
334ft tank for sale :4x2ft 6 x2ft 6 ot2 luminere top glasses many extras £300 0190265198325/03/17
34refractometer :refractometer good condition collection only £20 call steve 0795472570525/03/17
35Deltec FR509 Fludised Reactor :For sale Deltec FR509 Fludised Reactor.Collection only £70 Call steve on 0795472570525/03/17
36Vecton UV25w Aquarium Ultraviolet Water Steriliser :Vecton UV25 w Aquarium Ultraviolet Water Steriliser good condition collection only £20 call steve 0795472570525/03/17
37Aquarium/fish wanted :But must come with live stock like tetras and Corys or would buy just fish25/03/17
38Aquarium ornament SWAP :All in good condition £8 for all or would swap tetras or Corys25/03/17
39Barramundi :selling a Barramundi perch from Australia" size 8-9 inch £70 no offers25/03/17
40large bosh/tank water heater :got this large heater stat with temp controller on top" ideal for heating large water bosh/tanks up for water changes" £25.0025/03/17
41Outdoor koi vats :3 white koi vats for sale £50 each inc. pipework 47 inches x 39 inches x 29 inches high25/03/17
42nile perch 4 inches + :feeding on worms not live fish! looking for swaps, pair of peacock bass 6"+ kelberi/orino's only or datniods 8"+ ,tigerfish 8"+ .25/03/17
43Red cherry shrimp adult medium small :Adult cherry shrimp 14 for £10 mixed shrimp 33 for £15. Small shrimp and medium mixed 40 for £15 can post £10 next day before 1 ...25/03/17
44Jebao RW-20 Wave Maker :Jebao rw-20 wave maker flow rates from 1700 to 20000 liters per hour, I have used the item for about a year now, the wave maker was cleaned ...24/03/17
45deltec ap600 protein skimmer :deltec ap600 protein skimmer body only no pump £50 collection only Call steve on 0795472570524/03/17
46KOI RESCUE IN THE MIDLANDS 45 YEARS EXPERIENCE :I have over 45 years of experience in keeping Koi and other pond fish and I currently have a 12000 gallon professional outdoor pond and a 15 ...24/03/17
47Golden peacock bass £15 :Golden peacock bass 3"-4" Pics via whatsapp 0746368349824/03/17
48Cheap tropical fish 07463683498 :I have.torpedo barbs, Senegal bichir, midas,flowerhorns,Severus, peacock bass, Frontosa, yellow labs, moorii dolphins, venusus giraffe and m ...24/03/17
49Angel fish breeding pair :Lovely adult pair of blacks.lay every 3 weeks. Only for sale as developing pleco interests £30.. collection Coventry. Could deliver at co ...24/03/17
50L398 X 6 :3 full grown adults are wild ( 2 m 1 f ) other 3 are at 3.5 inch and are F1 unrelated to the wilds ( 2 f 1 m ) £100 Pick up only Birmingha ...23/03/17
51WANTED - Ilodon xantusi - rare livebearer :I have recently bought 2 pairs of this rare livebearer but am interested in buying stock from a different source to vary the bloodline (or h ...23/03/17
52Blue diamond x super cobalt Young discus 2.5 - 3" last 6 left :Blue diamond x super cobalt Young discus 2.5 - 3" last 6 left! ! All fish  have been wormed and had fluke treatment by me Both ...23/03/17
53Pink Bubble Tip Anemone Aquarium Marine Reef Coral Live :Pink Bubble Tip Anemone in mature tank Listing is for **ONE ONLY** Size varies Buyer will need to supply own container to transport Anemo ...22/03/17
54Maxspect razors :3 x maxspect razors 160w 16000k 2 are working fine 1 has fault on leds which makes them more yellow and 2 of the UV leds have died otherwi ...22/03/17
55Aquaworld Ltd Mini Aquarium and Stand :30cm wide x 36cm deep x 36.5cm high (108cm high on stand). Complete with pump and fitration system for filter sponge, polyfilter, ceramic ...22/03/17
56Large marine display tank and sump :56 inches x 42 inches shop display tank with sump and pipework on a metal frame. £200 Tank is about 7 years old but the frame and the sump ...22/03/17
572-2.5 inch Discus G&R Discus UK :G&R Discus UK have been established for over 2 years, we strive for the best and we get the best we will not sell discus that are below qual ...22/03/17
58Geophgus tapajos.. :7 geophagus tapajos for sale. Between 4/2 inch. Only selling as some tank mates will become to aggressive over time. Offers welcome. 07 ...22/03/17
59Super Red Melons 5.5 inch UK bred £40 one 1 mile J2 M5 Sold :Super Red Melons £40 each used to UK water ,temp 29c ,ph 7.5 my water is hard. 40 years keeping Discus Feeding on flake,granuals,beef he ...22/03/17
60Zebra pleco, L046. £60. ALL SOLD. :F1 Zebra pleco juveniles for sale. From my breeding group of wilds. Six months old. Approximatly 1 3/4 inches. *They are not sexable at ...22/03/17
61kelberi peacock bass Male Wonted :I'm looking for a nice gold male kelberi bass if eneyone has one they can sell" good money paid for nice bass"21/03/17
62Punchards Super Red Curipeua 2.5 inch B65 area 1 mile J2 M5 :Super Red Cuipeua 2.5 inch 2 for £25 bred from Punchard Parents Kept in purpose built hatchery lI have 40 years experience keeping Di ...21/03/17
63Live rock for sale :I am selling my marine setup and have a lot of mature live rock (approx 20kg) which is aiptasia and pest free - will sell for £4 per kg C ...20/03/17
64Marine 4ft glass tank :4ft x 2ft x 2ft ND Aquatics Glass tank with cabinet and hood Comes with: Sump and pipework Auto top off Bubble Magus C6 Protein Skimme ...20/03/17
65For Sale Complete Marine Aquarium :AquaReef 400 + 50 litre sump (complete with pipe work) 2 x Radion LED Lights (XR30) with Reeflink & RMS Tank Mount system. Deltec skim ...20/03/17
66Repashy Superfoods - Soilent Green 2kg Jar :Selling a 2kg jar of the amazing Repashy Soilent Green Gel food. Anyone who knows this food will know it is the best on the market used b ...19/03/17
67marine rock :18kg of marine rock £4 per kg or £60 the lot. Collection only B44 Currently homed in large buckets in my kitchen with air tube.18/03/17
68Porcupine Puffer (Diodon holocanthus) £30 :Porcupine Puffer for sale. It’s about 5 inches, Very healthy fish, I have had it for around 2 years now. Selling due to not getting al ...17/03/17
69Fluval Aqua Vac+ and box filter pads :selling fluval aqua vac" only used once! as new and boxed with new box of filter pads" £20.0017/03/17
70Pleco wanted :Pleco fish wanted in west midlands area must be 6 inches or bigger cash waiting can collect thanks Craig 0791267798717/03/17
71Deltec Panoramic marine Aquarium :In good used condition,i will clean this before collection Has all original pipework,sump has just the glass itself,no media etc Good soli ...14/03/17
72Senegal bichir :6" in size £6 each call or text Ryan on 0746368349813/03/17
73Torpedo barbs :2" in size £5 each not many left Call or text Ryan on 0746368349813/03/17
74Tropheus Duboisi Maswa and Tropheus Bemba for sale. :Hi I have for sale Tropheus Maswa (15 adults)and Bemba (16 adults).All fishes are about 5" in size.Also I have some young fishes (Maswa and ...13/03/17
75Astaxanthin Granule :We have literally sold tons of this granulate over the years. Probably the best of it's kind you will find. We buy in regularly to keep it f ...11/03/17
76De-capsulated Brine Shrimp eggs :High quality de-capsulated brine shrimp eggs. No unteated egg shells to get stuck in young fishes throats. We sell hundreds of kilos of this ...11/03/17
77Brine Shrimp Eggs - Premium 95% :Special offer on 100g sealed in tubs Brine Shrimp eggs. Premium grade quality hatching rated at 95%. Offer price only £15 for 100g while st ...11/03/17
78Wanted Adult pair of Oscars wanted :Adult pair of Oscars wanted, or single fish. Please get in touch.11/03/17
793ft clearseal cube 200 very nice tank :my clearseal cube selling as I am upgrading tank dimensions are L36 H27 W30 it comes with the sump stand pelmet plumbing and a return pump t ...11/03/17
80Angelfish :Hi I'm looking for angelfish for sale in the Birmingham area email me thanks10/03/17
814 tropical fish tank FULL SETUP :*** Complete set up ready to go *** **FISH INCLUDED** Boyu 4' tank bought new 6 months ago. Holds 350ltrs. LED lights (2 rows of LED' ...10/03/17
82BRAND NEW 5ft Tall Acrylic Cylinder £500 ono :Acrylic Cylinder Colomn aquarium with brushed steel base and hood made by All Pond Solutions. This is brand new still in packing it's base t ...09/03/17
83Aquamedic Chromis £150 :Cube aquarium approximately 50 gallons with skimmer/filter, led blue light.Tank is in good condition no scratches setup with cabinet in silv ...09/03/17
84Piranhas Wanted In Birmingham Area Only :Red Belly Piranhas Wanted In The Birmingham Area to Be re homed. Small Donation can be given.09/03/17
85Large Tinfoil Barbs Wanted Birmingham Area Only :Large Tinfoil Barbs wanted for rehoming. small donation can be given09/03/17
86Large Arrowana Wanted Birmingham Area Only :Large Arrowanas Wanted for Re homing. Small donation can be given09/03/17
87Stunning pyramid butterfly :Selling my large pyramid butterfly reef safe, healthy fat and feeding on everything. It's about 5" in size had it for over a year now s ...09/03/17
88Juwel Rio 180 :Juwel Rio 180 for sale with working light unit, some water damage to stand but make great growout/QT tank. Collection only DY4 £50 Contac ...08/03/17
898x2x2 clearseal custom built aquarium for sale :Due to new baby I am selling my custom built 8x2x2 aquarium. Stunning fish tank only a couple of years old, tank and cabinet only for sale £ ...06/03/17
904 Foot tank, stand, tons of accessories £125 :I am looking to sell my 4 foot tank (200 litre) set up. It measures 48x15x18. Is in excellent condition, only one small scratch can be seen ...06/03/17
91Fossochromis :I have a group of 9 Fossochromis Rostratus for sale Between 6 and 9",1 Dominant male,1 sub dominant male and at least 5 females Are showin ...04/03/17
92700 litre tank, cabinet and sump :Beautiful tank 120cm long 65 cm wide, 75cm high. The oak cabinet is 73cm high. Comes with all pipe work and has removable sides for easy ac ...03/03/17
93blue throat or sargassum trigger wanted :Prefferably a pair of blue throat triggers or a single sargassum trigger. Cash waiting will collect 07757 37995002/03/17
94Bristol shubunkins :Bristol shoes high quality goldfish 18 months old available late spring photos of fish that will be for sale contact Tony Roberts on 0753899 ...01/03/17
95White labs,zebra oblique,blue lip Williamsi :1" long white labs £5 ea Zebras an blue lips £2.50each £10 for 5 Plz text only01/03/17
96FRONTOSA Burundi :Have 10 young Burundi frontosa left at 1" size £5 each pics of fry an dad28/02/17
97Guppies Wanted :Guppies wanted - If you have any spare that you would like re homing please call me on 07814989948. We are setting up a guppy only tank and ...28/02/17
98King Srd flowerhorn pair :iv got a pair of really nice king srd flowerhorns for sale" Nice pearling and kok on males head" female is nice red also" looking f ...28/02/17
99TA AQUACULTURE - Specialist Fish Foods. :Quality fish foods. Many from small manufacturers making small batches of feed specially to our orders. Loads of repeat orders from satisfi ...27/02/17
100Tanks for Sale :Selection of used tanks for sale. Collection only from Quinton, Birmingham. Please e-mail for details [email protected] 4 - 48 x 2 ...27/02/17
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