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1Clown Trigger & Emperor Angel for sale. :Clown trigger is about 4 inches & Emperor angel is 5 inches. Clown trigger £65 Emperor angel £85 Or both for £140 Picture of the a ...23/06/17
2Young Punchard Discus Leopard x Red Turk Now 3 .5 to 4 inch £12,each bred from P ... :Plenty to choose from.New photos now starting to colour up,. Now 3.5 to 4 inch Leopard X Red Tiurk £12 each these are the best pair of ...23/06/17
3Quality Japanese Koi from £20 :Fantastic mix of varieties and all superb fish, sizes start at around 2' upto 10'. There are still a number left though they are starting to ...23/06/17
4Hirasawa Chagoi koi £20 :I have around 9 Chagoi from Hirasawa for sale, all around the 5-6 inch mark. And are £20 each. or 3 for £50, same deal as the Hi-Utsuri I ha ...23/06/17
5Hi-Utsuri Koi £20 :I have a number of very nice Hi-Utsuri koi to move on, sizes range from 3' upto around 7' and prices are from £20 or 3 for £50. All in grea ...23/06/17
6Wet Pets Solihull Have stunning Malawi Juvies for sale some rarer ones and a goo ... :Hi all, I am a home breeder and this is a list of new fish I have ready for collection from Friday. I am an enthusiastic hobbyist breeder of ...23/06/17
7A FANTASTIC OFFER FROM A FULLY LICENSED BREEDER OF 20 BEAUTIFUL MALAWI CICHLID J ... :Hi all. I am a fully licensed breeder/seller and only sell good quality fish. We have a separate building from our house that houses over 50 ...23/06/17
8Wet Pets Solihull have yet again another fantastic offer of 20 Malawi Haps and A ... :Hi I am a fully council licensed breeder of Malawi, Tanganyikan and Victorian Cichlids. We are a home run breeder/shop with a separate build ...23/06/17
9Eheim 4ft Tank For Sale. :FOR SALE.. Due to upgrading to larger tank Eheim Vivaline 240ltr in oak. Only 9 months old. Comes with Eheim 2036 Ecco Pro 300 External F ...23/06/17
10Melon Discus :Quality Melon Discus! No peppering. 50 to choose from! Collection from Solihull. Kept in Tap Water, fed on heart mix 2.5" £14 each OR ...22/06/17
11Tetra/barbs/Danika available at Sedgley Road Aquarium :Tetra Neon tetra – 1 inch – 95p each, 5 for £4.25, 10 for £8.25, 20 for £16.00 Black neon tetra – 1-2 inches – £1.25 each, 5 for £6.00 Se ...22/06/17
12SA Cichlids at Sedgley Road Aquarium :As always, we have a nice selection of south American Cichlids available at Sedgley Road Aquarium Gymnogeophagus gymnogenys ‘Maldonado’- ...22/06/17
13African lake species at Sedgley Road Aquarium :Here at Sedgley Road Aquarium we have a rising number of lake Malawi and Tangynika species available Cyrtocara moorii – 2 inch – £2.50 ea ...22/06/17
14Neolamprologus multifasciatus breeding pair young unrelated :Young proven breeding pair with a couple of fry Unrelated pair sourced from two different dealers With plenty of shells £25 collect f ...22/06/17
15Tunze comline 3162 internal filter :For sale brand new never been used internal Tunze comline filter. £50 plus £5 postage22/06/17
16SNOWBALL PLECOS + BUTTERFLY PLECO GROUPS :7 Plecos altogether 4 x Snowball Plecos 3 X Butterfly Plecos all healthy and eating anything given had a couple of years , chang ...22/06/17
17BOGWOOD LOTS OF IT FILLED 5 X 2 X 2 TANK :Bogwood cost a small fortune when brought , will accept 20 pounds no offers filled 5 foot set up ideal for pleco set up for breeding plea ...22/06/17
18Assassin snails barging :Assassin snails £1ea or 18 for £10 bet the bargain why it last can post £522/06/17
19Young Jack Dempsey Quick sale :Mum Jack Dempsey is a blue Jean dad is a gold diamond £1ea or 8 for £5 or 25 for £1022/06/17
20Nicaraguan cichlids :4cm long CLICK ON YOUTUBE LINK FOR VIDEO OF THEM... Nice and active fish. £1 each or 11 for £10 Pic of parents. Pics/video o ...21/06/17
21Predatory and oddballs for sale :Hi there I have the following fish available for sale please understand they are expensive fish cost me alot of money and won't let them go ...21/06/17
22Eco-Complete planting substrate :iv got 63kg (7 bags) of eco-complete (black)substrate to sell as packed down 7ft2ft2ft tank" really clean and ready to go! ideal planting ...21/06/17
23show quality Flowerhorn Pair :Got this pair of Hight quality flowerhorns" Deep red with good perling" male around 9-10 inch female around 4-5 inch Wont £260 ...21/06/17
24Zebra plecos, L46, snub nosed. £30, 4 for £100. :F1's from my breeding group of wilds. These ones are snub nosed, some only slightly, some more pronounced. Unfortunately you can get the od ...21/06/17
25JUST DISCUS CURRENT STOCK LIST :Just Discus current stock list & retail price list 1st June **Special Offer** You can choose either offer 1 or offer 2. **Offer 1 ...20/06/17
26@BUY 5 GET 1 [email protected] DISCUS is the U.K s largest and best professional Discus ... :**Special Offer** You can chose either option 1 or option 2. **Option 1** Buy any 5 x 2-2.5" Discus and get the 6th one free. ( cheap ...20/06/17
27Please feel free to join our JUST DISCUS Facebook group to see the videos and pi ... :Please feel free to join our Just Discus Facebook group. There are videos, pictures and help & advice on the group.😀20/06/17
28Crossback Golden Arowana Fish £750 :16" Crossback golden arowana fish ,no drop eye,collection from west midlands only20/06/17
2910 ft fishtank complete set up :Selling complete tank set up filters lights decorations the lot 2 x fx5 fluval filter Air pumps t8 lighting Tank for s 10ft h x 2ft ...20/06/17
30Dovii frys for sale :I have around 30/35 dovii fry's for sale , they are nearly 2" , healthy , pics are the parents with fry's I'm selling them £4. Each if t ...19/06/17
31Bristle nose 2 different sorts ov pleco :Bristle nose 1" Quick sale 15 for £2019/06/17
32Arowana :Pearl Arowana very nice , size 13in healthy fish £150 . 07875603377 sam18/06/17
33Tropheus for sale :Tropheus I have for sale at the moment. 15 Red Kalambwe (only small 2cm ones left will save till bigger if anyone wanted them). 13 F1 Po ...18/06/17
34Red Cherry shrimps :Cherry shrimps various sizes male & female 33 for £15 or £50p ea18/06/17
35F1 RIO NANAY ANGEL FISH :For sale due to my other 2 angel fish forming a pair. £20 Proper stunner!17/06/17
36Brislenose :Wanted bristlenose males and females in the West Midlands message with information 07804 444446117/06/17
37Led light unit with fans remote control £120 ovno :For sale here is a full spectrum led lighting remote control system for marine/tropical/cold water £120 All the leds can be individual ...17/06/17
38Discus pair :Discus pair for sale Birmingham water PH kept 6.8 Feeding on bloodworms, beaf heart and on flake Male is Marlboro red, female is snakeski ...15/06/17
39KOI RESCUE IN THE MIDLANDS 50 YEARS EXPERIENCE :I have over 50 years of experience in keeping Koi and other pond fish and I currently have a 18000 gallon professional outdoor pond and a 15 ...15/06/17
40L pleco shrimp assassin snails Jack Dempsey is :Two different sort of Bristle nose 1" £2ea or 6 for £10. Or 15for £20 Assassin snail £1ea or 14 for £10 ...15/06/17
412-2.5 Discus G&R Discus UK :G&R Discus UK have been established for over 2 years, we strive for the best and we get the best we will not sell discus that are below qual ...14/06/17
424ft tank for sale :4x2ft 6 x2ft 6 ot2 luminere top glasses many extras £200 0190265198314/06/17
43luminere :arcadia ot2 4xt5 csst £400 suitable marine or freshwater 4ft can be suspended over larger tanks £100 no offers14/06/17
44aquarium :48x30x30 inches top glasses home made cabinet filters heaters £10014/06/17
4548L fish tank with stand :Hi selling a 48L fish tank with a pine stand. In good condition, comes bare, so perfect chance to customise it yourself. Looking for only £3 ...13/06/17
46Cichlids for sale :Vieja Hartwegi , Vieja Regani both require large aquariums, both round about 8 inches, £20 each, 0742682828711/06/17
47Nd aqatics tank stand and equipment :Hi I have a nd aqatics tank 4x2x2 Stand is black with white doors The stand Pelmet Sump Pipework Skimmer is bubble magus c6 Tmc p ...11/06/17
48sps frags :Hi all have a fair few frags for sale from £5-£20 the list is X1 blue tip acro £10 X1 encrusted monti £15 X1 barli slimer £10 X1 neon ...11/06/17
49Radion hanging kit Like new :Have my radion hanging kit for sale it's like new wires are uncut all screws ect there with instructions and boxed up would like £15 or can ...11/06/17
504/5/6ft old tank wanted :As above 4/5/6 ft tank wanted doesn't matter about condition as long as it holds water.11/06/17
51aqua medic ocean runner 6500 :aqua medic ocean runner 6500 good condition collection only £50 call steve 0795472570511/06/17
52Reverse Osmosis System :Ro man Reverse Osmosis System with TSD meter and booster pump.Two sets of new filters. £55 collection only call steve 0795472570511/06/17
53Pond plants including marginal, oxygenators, moisture lovers etc for direct UK d ... :Please visit our website for availability and to order for delivery direct to your door. We have many oxygenators, marginal, iris, lilies ...10/06/17
54Interpet triple bright white led 1150mm £ 50.00 :Very good condition purchased a month ago , 45.2 inch / 1150mm all boxed with accessories10/06/17
55Nice Gold PeacockBass :Iv got 2 Bahia Gold peacockbass" 12-14inch feeding well and on pellets" £300 super gold colour"10/06/17
56L numbers at Sedgley Road Aquarium :Here at Sedgley Road Aquarium we have a number of stunning L numbers available right now! L333 £20.00 each 2" x9 L104 Clown Plec £10.0 ...09/06/17
57Maidenhead Aquatics @ Shirley Freshwater Stocklist Oddballs, Gobies, Rainbowfish ... :Here as our current stock list over here at Maidenhead aquatics Shirley. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions 01 ...09/06/17
58Cheap tropical fish 07463683498 :I have.ped pink strawberry and ob peacock 4"malawi dolphin, Malawi giraffe,red heads, green Corys, red jewels, jags, blue acara, zebra ob, r ...09/06/17
59STILL AVAILABLE......Baby axolotls in ERDINGTON, BIRMINGHAM :Baby axolotls 3 inches long, ready for their new homes. have all limbs (dirty lucys) just like the pic. eating frozen & live blood worms ...09/06/17
60Kazuto farm Kohaku koi :I have a number of these gorgeous Kohaku to sell, sizes from 4' upto 12' and priced from £30 upto £50. They are feeding and growing fast and ...08/06/17
61large bosh/tank water heater :got this large heater stat with temp controller on top" ideal for heating large water bosh/tanks up for water changes" £20.0006/06/17
62datnoid tiger fish for sale. :Around 5inch healthy active fish. Had for about a year only selling to thin out stock. Feel free to msg any questions. Looking for £50. Ma ...05/06/17
63Assassin snails :Assassin snails £1ea or 18 for £10 bet the bargain why it last can post £505/06/17
64Hush puppy dog face puffer :We are selling our hush puppy dog face puffer, it's about 8 inches, eats really well on prawns and mussels, gets on well with other fish. £5 ...04/06/17
65Wanted 6x3x3 tank or 7x3x3 8x3x3 :Hi guys i am looking for either a 6x3x3 tank, 7x3x3 or a 8x3x3 tank. if you have one or know anyone that is looking to sell then please get ...04/06/17
66Montipora Green Coral :Lovely piece of Green Montipora Approx 5 inches in size Collection from Great Barr, Birmingham Please have a look at the other cora ...04/06/17
674inch snakehead orientalis :Channa orientalis Approx 4inch Eating pellet and frozen foods Very hardy 15£ ono04/06/17
68Four foot fish tank wanted :Does anyone have a four foot fish tank for sale please? Must be 12 inches wide and nothing smaller than 18 inches high. My turtles tank has ...03/06/17
69Fluval Roma 200 3ft aquarium fish tank with 3D background 6 months old :£250 I Have for sale a 6 month old Fluval Roma 200 3ft 200litre fish tank with no glass scratches. It has a 3D aquadecor background fitte ...03/06/17
70Labidochromis caeruleus (White Labs) Wanted :I'm looking for Labidochromis caeruleus (White Labs)Wild, f1 or as close to, Must be PURE white with no tints of blue or other colours apart ...02/06/17
71L333 :Young L333 pleco £1202/06/17
72natural wave :natural wave runs 4 pumps £2502/06/17
73Bogwood for sale. :Few bits of bogwood available msg for pics ect Birmingham area.01/06/17
74Arcadia OT2 T5 Luminaire :This is for sale due to a recent upgrade 5 foot 4 tube version in mint condition,no marks or damage at all Looking for £80 Collection fro ...31/05/17
758ft x 2ft x 1ft high Fish tank for sale :Hi, i am selling my 8ft x 2ft x 1ft high Fish tank, there is no leak (1 small chip on bottom however the tank does not leak). £220 for quick ...30/05/17
768ft x 2ft x 2ft Fish Tank :Hi, selling my 8ft x 2ft x 2ft (10mm profile) Fish Tank, no longer required. The tank does have few chips on the bottom edges however does ...30/05/17
77zoa-frags :X1 scrambled egg zoa £10 X1 lunar eclipse zoa £1029/05/17
78Freeze Dried Blackworm :We supply many Discus breeders. Grown in spring fed pristine waters in Australia. Processing is done on the farm to keep the worms as fresh ...29/05/17
79Freeze Dried Blackworm :Freeze dried Blackworm. Grown in spring fed pristine waters in Australia. Processing is done on the farm to keep the worms as fresh as possi ...29/05/17
80Promin :Made in the UK we now stock this high protein food. Tropical in Baby, Small, Medium & Coarse, Catfish & Goldfish. Please see website for mo ...29/05/17
81fit filtration 4ft tank plus sump plus cabinet :fit filtration 4ft tank plus sump plus cabinet.Built by one if not the best aquarium builder in the country Dimensions of the tank are 48w ...28/05/17
82Corydoras, green and black :Home bred black corydoras, these are beautiful fish of a good size now, lovely healthy fish, ..£5 each, also a few green laser corys availa ...28/05/17
83Pump for sale :brand new eveloution Aqua 12000 pump This is the new style ea pump withajustable wet end for easy connection to existing pipe work Never b ...27/05/17
84Various pipe fittings :90 degree fittings £4.00 for 8 various sizes 45 degree fittings £2.50 for 6 various sizes T pieces £2 for 7 all 1/2" fittings24/05/17
85Tunze Doc Skimmer 9011 Marine Aquarium Fish Tank Coral Reef :TUNZE COMLINE DOC Skimmer 9011 £100 skimmer extension set included for in-sump applications This is working in perfect condition and has ...23/05/17
86Enchinophyllia Chalice Coral LPS Marine Aquarium Reef Fish Tank :Stunning example Chalice Stable water parameters are essential part of caring for these and supplemental feeding may be given to incre ...23/05/17
87Interpet T5 light tubes :4 pin T5 tubes £4.99 each 16" 36W daylight blue 21" 55W tropical or marine tri colour 21" 55W tropical or marine blue moon 21" 55W ...23/05/17
88Pleco bristlenose :White and brown bristlenose Pleco 1" up to inch and a half £2ea or 6 for £10 can post21/05/17
89Deltec FR509 :For sale Deltec FR509 Fludised Reactor plus powerhead .Collection only £50 Call steve on 0795472570520/05/17
90tropical community tank fish :I have a tank that I want to change aroung so have the following for sale 2x 3.5" Pakistani loach 4x 2.5" bronze corys (breedin ...18/05/17
91FRONTOSA Burundi :young Burundi frontosa at 1"+ body size some 2" with tail £5 each pics of young an dad plz text me18/05/17
92250L Custom Aquarium + Cabinet :Approx 250 litre custom made open-topped tank (L100cm x D60cm x W40cm) with 12mm glass Complete with Juwel Rio 180 cabinet in black All ...17/05/17
938x2x2 custom built aquarium for sale £575 :Due to new baby I am selling my custom built 8x2x2 aquarium. Stunning fish tank only a couple of years old, tank and cabinet only for sale £ ...17/05/17
95Birmingham Charity Fish Auction :We are holding another charity auction on 4th June 2017 at the Royal British Legion Club, Worlds End Lane, Quinton, Birmingham, B32 2RX. Pro ...16/05/17
961-2" koi carp pond fish kohaku :1-2" koi carp Lots available Collection only14/05/17
97RED TAIL CATFISH :2.5 " in size only £18 selling fast. Lots of other fish for sale call text or whatsapp for photo and videos 0746368349813/05/17
98200 MICRON 4 inches RING, 15 inches LONG NYLON MESH FILTER SOCK £4 each or 3 for ... :Made from high quality nylon mesh material on a plastic ring For use in marine saltwater and freshwater aquarium This filter sock can ...12/05/17
99Jebo 36W UV sterilizer :Item is fully working, comes with brand new 36W bulb. Features • Permanent control over algae blooms • Eliminates harmful microorgani ...12/05/17
100Moba frontosa :10" male mobo frontosa nice fish £4011/05/17
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