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1REDUCED x26/28 F1 Bright Red Kalembwe Tropheus :The fish are all juveniles ranging from 2 upto 3. Already showing impressive red colours, i would like 200 for the group. Pics+vids avali ...18/03/18
2fueliborni malawi :about 15 young fueliborni only about .5 of a inch ideal growing on for pet shop 15 quid the lot need tank space and got another female with ...18/03/18
3Malawi cichlids mbuna fuelliborni :Breeding group of mbuna fuelliborni I think there are 8 not sure of ratio Ive pulled 1out as she as a real mouth full of eggs these are ver ...18/03/18
4Mini red carpet anemone :Hi I've decided to part with a few of my lovely mini red carpet anemones, i have 3 for sale very easy care level and don't seem to wonder li ...17/03/18
5F1 petrochromis trawavasae :I have about 30 F1 petrochromis trawavasae Growing on really well, in tip top condition. They are about 1 to 1.5 inch. 12 each or would a ...17/03/18
6REDUCED Eheim Pro 3 XL1200 2080 :Filter is less than one month old, have receipt and orginal box and it is crammed full of eheim media. I would like 250 for it, i paid well ...17/03/18
7 REDUCED 30 WildCaught Kasanga Red Rainbow Tropheus :I would like 450 for the group, no offers, the ratio is 12:18 female heavy, collection only, mulitple vids + pics avaliable to buyers. Plea ...17/03/18
8Trio of corydoras duplicarius :A trio of duplicarius shown in the photo, 30.00, Brighouse, near J25 M6217/03/18
9Young golden severum for sale in Leeds :They are bout 2"-3" .eating well on flakes and pellet. Nice color and growing fast. Looking for 4 each or 3 fish for 1016/03/18
10breeding group of l333 and young :Open to offers breeding trio 3 more semi adults should breed this year and then 8 young the 8 young are 4 from a different breeder and 4 of ...15/03/18
11Short body green Texas :They are about 3" now. Very nice color. Feeding well on pellet ,living in a community tank so not aggressive at all, nice chunky fish Loo ...15/03/18
125ft tank :5ft bare tank only for sale glass top . 1tf wide X 2ft high . Had specially made only about 6 months old no scratches Selling due to ta ...13/03/18
13Red Cherry Shrimps :Red Cherry Shrimps 1 each or 6 for 5 Hi I have for sale some red cherry shrimps which I have bred myself Do a great job of eating al ...11/03/18
14fish leeds :jade eyes 1 each silver dollars 10 each or 9 for 70 silver sharks 5inch 10 each 3 for 25 tinfoil barbs 10 each 4 for 30 5 mixed m ...10/03/18
15Albino Pacu for sale in Leeds :They are about 5"-7", eating well on pellet, looking for 30 each or 2 for 5508/03/18
16Yellow labs and blue dolphins :Yellow labs good 1 inch plus very good colour not washed out 4 quid each blue dolphins from 1 inch to 1and half inch 5 quid each 5 for 20.0 ...08/03/18
17100l aquarium tank with stand, also 2 axolotls :Comes with Everything,heater pump, sander, however doesnt include plants and ornaments. Just over year only lovely tank with matching stand ...07/03/18
18100l aquarium tank with stand, also 2 axolotls :Comes with Everything,heater pump, sander, however doesnt include plants and ornaments. Just over year only lovely tank with matching stand ...07/03/18
19Fluval u4 with new media :Fluval u4 filter used but working fine. upgraded to external filter. fikter comes with BRAND NEW unused filter cartridges and biomax.06/03/18
20Malawi complete setup :complete Malawi setup Lovely looking tank Think it's made by nd Aquatics which measures 4ft in length 18 inch front to back 2ft i ...04/03/18
22Fish malawi peacocks 1- 1.5 Inch - 2.50 :Malawi peacocks cichlid african. 1 -1.5 Inch 2.50 Each Sunshine peacock- red shoulder peacock- Blue peacock cichlid -Taiwan Reef - Fis ...02/03/18
23True Parrot for sale :Hoplarchus psittacus for sale 10 roughly 6 inches in length collection only from WF156LX pics can be sent through whatsapp 0793156440801/03/18
24Tank for sale :3ft tank for sale has every think with it to start up they is a clip missing but don't affect use I'm looking for 200 ono or willing to sw ...28/02/18
25albino bristlenose pleco :Young longfin albino largest about 3 inch including fins one at 2 inch 20 quid the lot if you want the striped fish in last photo you can ha ...28/02/18
26NOW SOLD---Angel fish(P.scalare) wild type 2 proven breeding pairs in Leeds-- on ... :Hi All I'm currently selling 2 proven breeding pairs of Angel fish as I'm running out of space in my tank. Both breed already twice. Lo ...27/02/18
27Live Tropical Fish - West Yorkshire - can deliver locally. :Hi I've got a number of tropical fish for sale: 9 x Adult Denisoni (red line torpedo) Barbs - 15 each or 120 for the group (fish are al ...25/02/18
28Live Tropical Plants (Halifax, Huddersfield, Leeds, Bradford, West Yorkshire) :I have a wide range of Live plants for sale, which will add a great boost of colour and provide fish with natural cover. A few species av ...25/02/18
29Wanted bare glass tank 6x2x2 :Want a 6x2x2 bare tank plese message me with prices and pics thank u23/02/18
302x proven pairs off discus :Pair of red melons 140 .pair of mixed 120 both over 6inchs. Plus cube tanks 18inchs 20 pound .2x 36 inch tanks. 25 pound plus other stuff as ...22/02/18
3148 x 15 x 15 tank Divided in 2 :Water tight although the divider could do with a reseal drilled on both sides however these are currently blocked off and are also water ...21/02/18
32Breeding pair of kribensis (FREE) :breeding pair of Kribs they have had young many times. I need to free up some space in my tank free to who ever collects. please get in touc ...20/02/18
33Rare Helicopters catfish Wallagonia (Wallago) micropogon :The monster catfish will grow up to 3ft . Very chunky looking fish . They are about 5" to 6" at the moment . Looking for 50 each or 2 for ...19/02/18
34TRIGON 350 BLACK :FOR SALE TRIGON 350 AQUARIUM - COMES WITH LID A NEW T5 FRONT LIGHT -(T8 BACK LIGHT needs bulb) I have a Ehiem wet & dry filter that I coul ...18/02/18
35LARGE SAIL FIN PLECO :LARGE SAIL FIN PLECO - HE WILL NEED A LARGE TANK - at least 4ft 2ft but ideally bigger - he is getting bullied by my Arowana & I am want ...18/02/18
36Arowana ASIAN KEIRAN BLUE :I HAVE UPDATED MY PHONE NUMBER SORRY IF YOU PHONED BEFORE & DID NOT GET A RESPONCE I have a very nice fully crossed MG keiran blue Xb ...18/02/18
37Albino snakehead :They are about 5" - 6" . Pellet trained . Will growing up to 16" in tank . Not as aggressive as the red snakehead so can keep ...18/02/18
38High fin parnoon shark :They are 6"-7" at the moment, eating like a pig . Looking for 25 each or swap18/02/18
39Wanted Fluval Roma 240 lighting unit and flaps :Hi i am looking for someone with a lighting unit and flaps for Fluval Roma 240 or either of them seperatly. Will pay reasonable price Than ...14/02/18
40Eheim 350 uv steriliser :Eheim 350 uv steriliser, complete all fittings and instruction book under 12 months old. Collect or can post extra cost 45ono. Can whatsApp ...14/02/18
41Bare fish tank :Comes with sand and a lid that doesn't fit fully but I have just put acrylic over the top first or drip lid.. Fully water tight. 2009/02/18
42Bare fish tank :Comes with sand and a lid that doesn't fit fully but I have just put acrylic over the top first or drip lid.. Fully water tight. 2009/02/18
43Arcadia 3 Series Light Unit :Has all working bulbs. Not needed as got with a new tank and I'm staying with freshwater.09/02/18
44new deals 6/2/18 :15 neons 10 12 danios n10 8 platys 10 10 guppys 10 8 swordtails 10 8 mollys 10 jade eye cichlids 1 each red points 2 each fi ...06/02/18
45Live marine Tonga branch and marine rock :I have for sale 9kg of live tonga branch rock 50 for it all Also have live rock with some great plate rock pieces at 4 PER KG05/02/18
46WOW GREAT DEAL ON MALAWI CICHLID FOOD :Here I have a great deal on malawi cichlid food. This is a complete malawi diet all for a great 14.35 Here you are getting total of 600 ...05/02/18
47Fish auction 21 February 2018 Castleford Aquarist Society :Starts 7.30pm Albion Street WMC Albion Street Castleford WF10 1EN Ring Steve on 07833400924 for details Plenty of lots! There will ...03/02/18
482-3 inch discus 6 each :I have some discus for sale that I bred from my adult discus, they are around 2-3 inches in size with orange bodies and blue fins. The discu ...01/02/18
49HUGE RANGE OF TROPICAL FISH FOR SALE :Huge range of fish available. Selling up due to prior commitments and different projects. Apistogramma Cacutoides Mega Orange - 10 a pa ...31/01/18
50Secondhand Aquariums :1 off 120 litre Aquarium c/w Lights, no pump. In good condition and cleaned 150 or nearest. 1 off 70 litre Aquarium c/w lights, no pump. ...31/01/18
51Juwel trigon 190 :For sale is a beech juwel trigon 190 with lights heater,original internal filter also has rock affect 3d background 165 0781552914730/01/18
52L046 :Looking for l046 plecs in north . Txt on 0748825188130/01/18
53Aqua one 135 litre tank with external filter. :Aqua one 135 litre tank with aqua oneocellaris 850 external filterand aqua one heater, complete with stand and plants and fish etc. ( everyt ...29/01/18
54XL Snowflake Eel :Huge Snowflake Eel for sale over 2ft and the thickness of an average persons wrist selling due to tank breakdown ive had for over a year wit ...26/01/18
55tropical fish :15 neons 10 8 platys 10 12 danios 10 12 tiger barbs 10 corys 2 2 silver dollars 12 large angel 8 jade eyes 1 each houdrain ...20/01/18
56Aquarium Heaters :2 off Delta Therm Interpet Tropical Heating System 100W 1 off Aquael Gold 200 Aquarium Heater for 130-200ltr Aquarium. 2 off 18w Inter ...19/01/18
573 fish tanks for sale :I have 1 jewel 180 corner tank for sale 1 200 comes with heater and filter Also a fluval 180 corner tank drilled need new lights but do ...18/01/18
58Live marine Tonga branch and marine rock :I have for sale 9kg of live Tonga branch for 50 Also have live marine rock at 4 per kg. Some real nice plate rock18/01/18
59Peacock Bass(Cichla sp.) & Duckbill catfish(Sorubim lima) wanted in Leeds :Hi All I'm realy interested in above. Prefer younger fish. Let me know what you have or if you seen them anywhere. I'm based in Leeds ...17/01/18
60Crushed Coral sand :I have 2 to 3mm crushed coral sand for sale for upto 7ft tank 3517/01/18
61FREE TO GOOD HOME Corys, black neons, otos :Due to moving house I have to break down my tank I have around 10 Cory's sterbai and shultzi,around 10 black neons and two otocinclus.prefer ...15/01/18
62Tunze 9004 skimmer :For sale is my tunze 9004 protein skimmer. This skimmer has worked very well on my reef tank and only reason for selling is because I have d ...14/01/18
63Dwarf ancistrus :Jouvenile dwarf ancistrus for sale 1.50 each. Collection only from Queensbury Bradford08/01/18
64mixed fish leeds :saturday sunday fish offer 2 silver dollars 12 large angel 8 jade eyes 1 each houdrain red points 2 each fire mouths 5 rainbow ...06/01/18
65Red cherry shrimps, Now sold :Young red cherry shrimps 2 each or 10 for 10, mixed sizes. The adult female in the photographs is not for sale. If you do not receive ...02/01/18
66december deals :15 neons 10 8 swordtails 10 8 mollys 10 8 platys 10 12 tiger barbs 10 12 danios 10 5 jade eyes 10 5 houdrain red points 10 5 ...29/12/17
67Wanted Buffalohead Cichlid (Steatocranus tinanti) :Please contact me if you have any for sale.29/12/17
68Occelatus wanted :As title, cash waiting12/12/17
69Leopard bush fish wanted :Looking to buy Ctenopoma acutirostre, aka leopard bush fish, aka leaf fish. Contact me on 07501 758188 any time, cash waiting.07/12/17
70Lemon bns group for sale :Hi group of lemon bns for sale . These do breed have fry + 1 of the males is on eggs again. These are 2"+-4". 6 or 7 of them heal ...03/12/17
71new fish leeds leeds 14/11 :15 neons 10 12 tiger barbs 10 8 platys 10 12 danios 10 3 angels 6 8 swordtails 10 texas cichlid 9 6cm flowerlorns 9 6cm 5 ja ...28/11/17
72Haliea HX-6850 water pump :6600lt/ph Max Height 5m Excellent condition and can be seen working, only selling as sold up and no longer keep fish 15 Collection - H ...25/11/17
73eheim jager 150w & 200w heaters :eheim jager 150w heater eheim jager 200w heater both on good working order only selling as no longer keep fish 7.50 each both for 10 ...25/11/17
742-3 cm bristlenose young . :I have around 100 that are around 4 month old . 3-4 cm in size . 4 for 10 pound24/11/17
751 x breeding pairs of angels. - GONE :I proven pair of angels. 2024/11/17
76freeeee to collect -- -GONE :around 20 fish . mollys , guppys , platys . couple corys 1 x large angel fish need rid as I'm off back to Malawi24/11/17
78Kenya tree coral from 3 :Hi I have quite a few Kenya trees for sale ranging from 3-5. Collection only17/11/17
79Free - rehoming fish and equipment - West Yorkshire :I'm taking a break from keeping tropicals and have a few fish remaining in need of a good home [7 Corys - mixed / 1 Bristlenose male / 1 Rus ...16/11/17
80WANTED L340 Mega clown :Hi, I am looking for some L340 Mega clowns. I'm located in Halifax West Yorkshire and willing to travel a reasonable distance. Please ...14/11/17
81leeds leeds fish deals :new deals 31/10 8 platys 10 12 danios 10 3 angels 6 8 swordtails 10 5 jade eye cichlids 10 4 houdrain red points cichlids 10 2 ...14/11/17
82Live rock for sale 5 per kg :Excellent quality live rock Lots of life. Mushrooms, polyps, brittle stars 30-40kg 5 per kg Collection from Morley, leeds11/11/17
83F1 group of julidiochrimis plus young :Proven breeding group plus young, roughly about 20 in the group 4011/11/17
845ft Led light units x2 :2x Led light units 5ft with extending legs, paid 250 last year will take 70 for the pair11/11/17
85Group of 7 wild synodontis petricola :As above for sale roughly 2 years old the groupp 6011/11/17
86Bradford Show and Auction November 12th 2017 :Auction of fish, plants,tanks and equipment. Open show with 37 classes to Yaas rules anybody can show. To be held at Bradford Academy, lis ...10/11/17
87silver arowana for sale :6/7in silver arowana for sale at ferrybridge aquatics09/11/17
88Angel fish :Angel fish Platinums 5 Marble angels from 209/11/17
89Java moss :Growing in my own tropical tank Snail free Ideal for fish to spawn, shrimp to thrive Best anchored to something else 50 grams 4 L ...05/11/17
90David Lai discus :Red discus 4"+ 3505/11/17
91Fluval roma 240 :Includes heater, led light, original light bar, coral sand, eheim external filter but no stand. Will need a good clean 9004/11/17
924ft fish tank :4ft aquarium 280 litre (roughly) drilled on the right hand side. tank has being painted white 6003/11/17
93New Neptune apex marine aquarium control system :Brand new Neptune Apex Marine Aquarium control system Purchased a few months ago but never used so brand new. No box Includes B ...01/11/17
94leeds fish deals :neons 15 for 10 platys 8 for 10 danios 12 for 10 tiger barbs 12 for 10 houdrain red points 3 for 10 2 bristlenoses 5 leeds 12 wo ...30/10/17
95Leaving the hobby, loads of freshwater and marine equipment for sale :I have loads of equipment for sale as I am leaving the hobby: Various fish tanks from glass only tanks right through to tanks with hoods ...29/10/17
96Assassin snails 10 for 10 :Young assassin snails for sale, 10 for 10. Brighouse, near J25 M6228/10/17
97Fishmania Complete fish food sample packs, Tropical fish, Cichlids :Here at fishmania we stock great value fish food for all fish from coldwater to marine. We offer some great flake, treats, pellets,granular ...25/10/17
98Fishmania Fish Food from 99p including free delivery :Have you tried our Fishmania fish food yet. If not why not come give us a try for as little as 99p including delivery on just about all our ...25/10/17
993 x 3-4 inch Pike Cichlid (Crenicichla sveni), 1 x 4 inch Synodontis catfish, 2 ... :Fish tank clearance. Fish to go. Great eaters. 3 x 3-4 inches Pike Cichlid(CRENICICHLA SVENI) 8 each for all 3 for 20 Synodontis ...23/10/17
100Group of bristlenose :Roughly 6-7 including an albino longfin about 3" 3522/10/17
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