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Description: Stock list fish house

Hi I have juvie and adult Malawi for sale here is the list..

Rack stand....
Left to right...

Elongatus mpanga 7cm x 14
Crabro 7cm x 8
F1 labs 6cm good quality x 20
Saulosi 7cm x 12
Aulonocara Lemon jake x 10 6cm
Aurifron nkanga bay juvie x 7

£5e 3 for £10

Cyno jalo reef 5cm x 3
Moori dolphins 6cm x 6
Hongi Sweden 6cm x 9
Trewvese thumbi west. 7cm x 15
Demasoni 7cm x 6
Hongi 7cm x 5
Srt hongi 8cm x 4

£8e 3 for £20

Auloncara Steveni hongi f1. 8cm x 8
Scienochromis fryeri 8cm x 10
Venustus 1 poss female 3"

£9e 3 for £20

F1 Placidochromis black face 9cm pair
F1 Scienachromis fryeri 11cm male
Orange firefish 10cm trio
Vc10 9cm pair
Alunocara mamela 8cm pair
Ob calico 7cm pair
Oto lithobate 8cm female only
Alunocara maylandi 8cm
Protemlas imperial thumbi females only x 2 wild. 9cm
Aluncara lemon jake 8cm pair
Protomelas Taiwan reef female only 7cm female only
Scienachromis ahli 11cm pair
Fire fish trio 1 m 2 f 5"
Wild Redfin borlyi f1 group 1 m 5f 12cm


Crabro bumblebee pair 9cm
Hongi srt breeding group 8 10cm
Salousi 10cm males only
Ob Greyshaki 9cm male
Albino Greyshaki 9cm 2 pairs
Blue socolofi 2 pairs 9cm
Red zebra pair 9cm
Elongatus mpanga female 9cm
Chewere pair 1m 1 f 11cm

3 for £20

Back racking ...

Top left...

Kenyi trio 8cm
Elongatus mpanga 5 pairs 8cm
Maingano pair 9cm
Pulpican trio 8cm
Cyno hara pair 9cm
Aurifron nkhata bay x 6
4 x Ob estrae 6cm blotch
1 male1 female tank dominant chizmulu 9cm Wild

Top right....

Demasoni x 8 5cm
Dragon blood firefish x 4 5cm
Ps flavus x 15 5cm
Polit x 8 5cm
pundamillia nyererei x 5 5cm
Aurora x 10 5cm
Williamsi blue lips 5cm 1 left



Red fin borlyi kandago 14cm trio
Blue neon 12cm pair
Placidichromis Electra 11cm pair
Scienachromis fryeri 12cm males x 3
Nimbochromis fusco male f1 12cm
Moorii dolphin 12cm pair
Buccohromis unknown female 15cm
Venustus 12cm male 8cm female


Breeding Groups sold as groups only..

Breeding group f1 hajomaylandi 2 m 4f 9cm

1 pair wild hayjomaylandi pombo rocks

Auloncara cape McLear 8cm 1 male 5 females breeding group

Breeding group of Trewvese thumbi point trio 1 mcat 4 female

Breeding group of 10 pollit 4males 6 females 3-1/2

Breeding group of salousi 5 males 10 females 3-1/2

Breeding group of 8 adult hongi srt

Breeding group of afra coube 2 m 6 f 8cm

Breeding group of demasoni 2 male 6 females 7cm

Breeding group of aurifron nkhata bay. 2 m 4 f plus 30 juvies

Breeding group of f1 hongi 1m 4f 8cm

Hayjomaylandi pombo Rock pair

Breeding group wild hajomaylandi 2 male 2 female wilds

Breeding group masoni reef 2 male 4 female wilds

Breeding group Kawanga 1 male 2 ob f 2 f normal wilds

Bottom feeders....

4 juvi synodontis
1 adult 6" upside down catfish
2 9" common plecs
2 6" sailfin plecs
1 12" large comon plec
1 6" humbug croaking catfish

Big haps...

spilonotus tanzania male 9" sold
Nimbichromis Fuscotaeniatus 8" male
Scienachromis fryeri males 7" x 3
Scienachromis ahli male 6"
Venustus male 8" female 4"
Group of wild livingstoni 1 male 9" 3 females 6" 2 f1 females 4"
Placidochromis black face cape mccear. 1 male 1 female 7"
Red fin boreryi kandago trio male 9" females 6"
Protomelas red empress male 9"

Fry growing on atm..

Trewvese thumbi west 10 plus
Salousi 50 plus
Socolofi 10 plus
Red fin borlyi 50 plus
Demasoni 10 plus
Aurifron nkhata bay 30 plus
Ob blotch 20 plus
Yellow labs 10 plus
Mpanga 20 plus

Tanganyikan stock...................

Neolamptalogus brichadi breeding group 1 m 5 f

Cyprochromis leptosoma breeding group 5 m 10 f

Wild Tropheus ikola breeding group 6 m 10f

Almost all of these fish are German supplied other than the wilds and some I have bred..

Contact Information
Advertiser: owen gray
Telephone: 07729347436
Town: harlow
County: Essex

Advert stats: [Added or updated:25/04/15 Views: 1345]

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