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  2 marine tanks, live rock, fish, loads of equipment - 500

Description: I have an established tank that needs a new home, I am neglecting it, it needs a good clean and some time spent looking after it, I just don't have the time and feel really guilty, so it must go. I also have a tank waiting to be set-up, either as a bigger replacement to the existing one or a 2nd system.

The established tank is a 24" cube on simple metal frame.

2 twin T8 Arcadia luminaires, one with white one with blues, all could do with replacing. Really the tank needs a hood, I planned to make a simply wooden hood to hide the lights, just never got round to it.

There are a few powerheads scattered around the tank helping the flow, one is a decent Seio unit, one large pump that is overkill for the job, plus others.

Two skimmers, one hanging on the tank attached to a small powerhead, its noisy and not ideal, but it pulls plenty of muck out.


Digital thermometer.

Wave controller, just a simple switching box you connect up to as many powerheads as you like and it alternates the flow.

Fluval 404 external cannisrer filter, was built into the system when I first got it, I wouldn't build it in if starting again but it does wonders for the flow and takes loads of muck out!

Lots of live rock mixed with a bit of 'other rock', at a guess 50kg of live.

Big piece of branching rock goes 2' across tank, lovely piece, looks great, worth a fortune!

Few rocks have mushrooms on, various blues, greens, rics, some red mushrooms, all sorts.

1 blue damsel

4 clowns (including a breeding pair) living happily together, goes against the rules but they have livid in harmony for over 2 years. They lay eggs often but the eggs get eaten, could do with a nem!

1 female scooter blenny, youngster, could do with a mate!

1 yellow Fiji angel, I love this fish, paid 70 for it, never seen another, I wanted a lemonpeel but this is nicer I reckon.

Brown brittle star, big and hungry!

1 hermit, zebra leg, swaps shells often, cleans the tank by himself!

A snail that lives in the sand and comes out once a month, strange thing.

Digital pH meter, needs new battery and caliberating, I have the solution to caliberate it with though.

Hagen test kit case, lots of tests left in there.

Various Salifert test kits.


Loads of cleaning bits, accessories and stuff, should be all you need really.

I then have a garage full of extra stuff I have collected but never used. Some of this stuff is scuffed, scratched, got bits chipped and cracked, but in theory it all works, just needs a bit of love and attention.

The second tank is 29"x29"x30" drilled with weir, drilled for return and closed loop, sump, pipes, spray bars and taps. Needs the external pipe work attaching/repairing, I have got all the bits but some were in a sorry state so was getting replacement parts, needs 1 or 2 bits and fixing together, if you are good at DIY should be an afternoons work. I even have the sealant to put them in with. The sump is 24" x18" I think, with the baffles and some media in it, though might want to replace that. I do have a big bucket of filter media I use for the external Fluval, could put a load of that in the sump, as well as the existing bio-balls and sponges.

There is a nice skimmer to go in the sump, will be more than up for the job, and the big pump being used as a powerhead in the smaller cube would more than power it, might even be too much for it!

I also have:

Various T8 starter units and tubes

2 x fluval 403 cannister filters, plus I belive their are spare impellors and seals, though i can't promise that.

Ocean runner OR3500

UV filter, might even be two of those

DD T5 luminaire, 1 bulb as other has broken

36" Aqua One overhead T8 unit (hanging, two separate switches)

Brine shrimp hatching units and big air pumps

lots of other bits and pieces, basically anything I can find you can have.

Over 2 grand spent on all this, I'm not interested in breaking it all up, even though I can get more for it that way.

You will need to pick up from Brierley Hill in the West Mids. You will need a van, a car (even a very big car) won't be big enough, a transit would be ok, anything smaller I doubt it will fit, though you can do several trips if you want! I can help with most of the stuff, I can't carry the tanks with just one person though, you will need a mate too. You can have the water, I have 6 x 5 gallon water containers (food grade, great they are) which you can have, and maybe a few more. I think I have a polystyrene box for some of the rock, though really you will need some more I think to keep it warm and moist. I have a container for the fish.

This stuff is NOT immaculate, its not a gorgeous setup, you will need to box in the stands (the smaller cube sits on a metal frame with a shelf, the larger tank on a home-made wooden frame that needs a door and some sides, both could probably do with a hood making. However to buy all this stuff new you would need to spend a couple of grand, considering there is probably approaching 500 worth of live rock, even if you got it at a bargain discount.

Email me with any questions, I haven't left my number on here as I don't want 30 calls to buy one or two bits, but I will send anyone my number if they want to give me a ring. I can be here days, evenings, weekends, and will do all I can to help. I will email a load of pics to anyone who wants them.

500 the lot.

Contact Information
Advertiser: Marc
Town: Brierley Hill
County: West Midlands

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