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Description: Any offer over 1000 will be considered so please dont hesitate to make me a offer.

Complete marine tank setup inc fish, corals & inverts all listed below, this tank as been setup for approx 11 months with no problems to date.

48"(L) X 18"(W) X 24(D), Tank is Painted & drilled and plumbed with 1 x 40mm drain with weir & 2 x 21.5mm returns. The tank had 2 hoods 1 custom and 1 original

24"(L) X 12.1/2"(W) X 13"(D) Setup with a mirracle mud system containing about 3 tubs of miracle mud.

Is a beech finish with 2 doors on front.

Arcadia 3 Series Pendants (
110cm x 38cm complete with Inbuilt timers & Separate timers for fluorescent and HQI finished in silver

There is approx 40kg of grade A fiji live rock all different shapes & sizes & approx 10kg of branch live rock.

2 x Clarkii Clown - Amphiprion clarkii
1 x Mustard (Guttatus) Tang - Acanthurus guttatus
1 x Yellow Tang (Hawaii) - Zebrasoma flavescens
1 x Common Cleaner Wrasse - Labroides dimidiatus
1 x Four Line Cleaner Wrasse - Larabicus quadrilineatus
1 x common clown False Ocellaris Clown - Amphiprion ocellaris
2 x Royal Gramma - Gramma loreto
1 x Yellowtail Damsel - Chrysiptera hemicyanea

2 x Feather Duster (Hawaiian) - Sabella species
1 x Purple & Orange Lobster - Enoplomentopus debelius
approx 20 Blue & Red Leg Hermit Crabs & a couple of other crabs
approx 20 snails, ranging from Astraea Snail - Astraea tecta, Bumble Bee Snail Tiny - Pusiostoma mendicaria, and others
4 x Cleaner Shrimp - Lysmata amboinensis
3 x Fire Shrimp - Lysmata debelius
1 x Orange Linkia Starfish - Linckia species
1 x Brittle Sea Star (Assorted) - Ophiothrix purpurea

Button Polyp Green - Epizoanthus species
Ricordia Green Mushroom - Ricordea Floridia
Tree/Stick Polyps - Acrozoanthus species
Green Metallic Mushrooms - Actinodiscus species
Pumping Xenia, Cultured Polyps - Xenia elongata
Alveopora (Branch) Coral - Alveopora species
Sea Stalk Briareum Gorgonia - Briareum species
Toadstool Coral (Leather) - Sarcophyton species
Sun Coral (Orange) - Tubastrea aurea
1 LRG Xmas Tree Worm Rock - Spirobranchus species

2 X M620 Seio Pumps
1 x Ocean Runner OR1200
1 x Ocean Runner PH3000
1 x Weipro 6000
1 x Heater
1 x CPR Skimmer (Highly Rated)

Thermomiter, hydrometer, magfloat, test kits, Nets, Empty Buckets, Empty Water Containers, aquarium silicone,

I also have 1 nearly Full bucket of Tropic Marine Salt, a bag of additives and a bottle of Garlic Xtreme

VISIT THE FOLLOWING LINKS TO VIEW PICS (copy and paste link into browser)

This setup cost me approx 2500 which is well over the asking price, so I am open to sensible offers around the 1250 mark.
Please do not hesitate to email me at if you have any questions.

Contact Information
Advertiser: Shaun Jones
Telephone: 01384342666
Town: Cradley Heath
County: West Midlands

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