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  BRENTWOOD AQUATICS L number plecos extensive list fish for sale


26480-L 001-2 L1 Glytopteric.joselimaia.bred white-spot-glyptericht 6-8cm
26480-L 002-3 L2 Peckoltia vermiculata/TIGER 8-10cm
26480-L 014-1 L14 Scobian.aureat.GOLDY wild 4-6cm
26480-L 014-2 L14 Scobian.aureat.GOLDY wild 5-7cm
26480-L 014-3 L14 Scobian.aureat.GOLDY wild 8-11cm
26480-L 014-5 L14 Scobian.aureat.GOLDY wild 14-16cm
26480-L 014-7 L14 Scobian.aureat.GOLDY wild 20-25cm
26480-L 014-8 L14 Scobian.aureat.GOLDY wild 25-30cm
26480-L 015-1 L15 Peckoltia sp.vittata XINGU 4-6cm
26480-L 015-2 L15 Peckoltia sp.vittata XINGU 6-8cm
26480-L 015-3 L15 Peckoltia sp.vittata XINGU 8-10cm
26480-L 017-2 L17 FLATHEAD 5-7cm
26480-L 017-4 L17 FLATHEAD 10-12cm
26480-L 018-1 L18 Baryancis.sp.GOLDEN-NUGGET 4-6cm
26480-L 018-2 L18 Baryancis.sp.GOLDEN-NUGGET 6-8cm
26480-L 018-3 L18 Baryancis.sp.GOLDEN-NUGGET 8-10cm
26480-L 018-4 L18 Baryancis.sp.GOLDEN-NUGGET 10-12cm
26480-L 018-7 L18 Baryancis.sp.GOLDEN-NUGGET 20-25cm
26480-L 020-1 L20 Parancistrus sp.POLKA-DOT 4-6cm
26480-L 021-5 L21 Glyptoperichth.sp.SPOTTED 12-15cm
26480-L 025-0 L25 Pseudacanthicus sp.SCARLET 4-7cm
26480-L 025-1 L25 Pseudacanthicus sp.SCARLET 6-8cm
26480-L 025-5 L25 Pseudacanthicus sp.SCARLET 18-25cm
26480-L 025-6 L25 Pseudacanthicus sp.SCARLET 25-30cm
26480-L 026-3 L26 Baryancistrus niveatus 10-12cm
26480-L 027A-8 L27a 25-30cm
26480-L 030-2 L30 Parancistrus sp.PEPPERMINT 6-8cm
26480-L 030-3 L30 Parancistrus sp.PEPPERMINT 8-10cm
26480-L 031-2 L31 Paranc.sp.XINGU-PEPPERMINT 6-8cm
26480-L 034-1 L34 Anc.ranu.BRISTEL-BUSHMOUTH 4-6cm
26480-L 034-2 L34 Anc.ranu.BRISTEL-BUSHMOUTH 5-7cm
26480-L 034-3 L34 Anc.ranu.BRISTEL-BUSHMOUTH 6-8cm
26480-L 034-4 L34 Anc.ranu.BRISTEL-BUSHMOUTH 9-12cm
26480-L 037-2 L37 Hypostomus sp.HONEYCOMB 5-8cm
26480-L 046X-1 L46x Hypancistrus ZEBRA 4-5cm 20
26480-L 047-1 L47 Parancis.sp.MAGNUM-ORANGE 4-6cm
26480-L 047-2 L47 Parancis.sp.MAGNUM-ORANGE 6-8cm
26480-L 047-4 L47 Parancis.sp.MAGNUM-ORANGE 9-12cm
26480-L 047-5 L47 Parancis.sp.MAGNUM-ORANGE 12-15cm
26480-L 048-1 L48 4-6cm
26480-L 048-3 L48 8-10cm
26480-L 048-5 L48 12-15cm
26480-L 052-3 L52 Lithoxus sp.BUTTERFLY 7-9cm
26480-L 052-4 L52 Lithoxus sp.BUTTERFLY 9-12cm
26480-L 056-4 L56 Parancist.sp.(aurantiacus) 10-12cm
26480-L 066-1 L66 Hypancistrus sp.KING-TIGER 5-7cm
26480-L 066-3 L66 Hypancistrus sp.KING-TIGER 8-10cm
26480-L 075-1 L75 Hypostomus sp.PARA-PLECO 4-6cm
26480-L 076-1 L76 Parancistrus RED-FIN-TIGER 4-6cm
26480-L 076-3 L76 Parancistrus RED-FIN-TIGER 8-10cm
26480-L 081-0 L81 Baryancis.sp.ORANGE-SEAM 3-4cm
26480-L 081-1 L81 Baryancis.sp.ORANGE-SEAM 4-6cm
26480-L 081-2 L81 Baryancis.sp.ORANGE-SEAM 6-8cm
26480-L 081-3 L81 Baryancis.sp.ORANGE-SEAM 8-10cm
26480-L 081-4 L81 Baryancis.sp.ORANGE-SEAM 10-12cm
26480-L 081-5 L81 Baryancis.sp.ORANGE-SEAM 12-15cm
26480-L 081-6 L81 Baryancis.sp.ORANGE-SEAM 15-20cm!
26480-L 082-2 L82 Scobiancis.sp.ORANGE-SPOT 6-8cm
26480-L 082-4 L82 Scobiancis.sp.ORANGE-SPOT 10-12cm
26480-L 085-3 L85 Baryancistrus sp. 8-10cm 15 10.12 few
26480-L 085-4 L85 Baryancistrus sp. 10-12cm
26480-L 089-3 L89 Ancistrus tamboensis wild 8-10cm
26480-L 090C-1 L90c Panaque sp.PERU 4-6cm
26480-L 090C-4 L90c Panaque sp.PERU 10-12cm
26480-L 091-1 L91 Leporacanthicus triactis 4-6cm
26480-L 091-2 L91 Leporacanthicus triactis 6-8cm
26480-L 091-5 L91 Leporacanthicus triactis 12-15cm
26480-L 092-2 L92 Lasiancistrus sp. Venzuela-Ancistrus 6-8cm
26480-L 106-1 L106 Peckoltia sp.ORANGE-SEAM 5-7cm
26480-L 114-1 L114 4-6cm
26480-L 114-4 L114 7-9cm
26480-L 128-0 L128 Ancistrinae gen.sp blue phantom 3-5cm
26480-L 128-3 L128 Ancistrinae gen.sp blue phantom 7-9cm
26480-L 128-5 L128 Ancistrinae gen.sp blue phantom 12-15cm
26480-L 129-1 L129 Hypancistrus sp. 4-6cm
26480-L 134-0 L134 Peckoltia sp.VITTATA 3-4cm
26480-L 134-2 L134 Peckoltia sp.VITTATA 5-7cm
26480-L 134-3 L134 Peckoltia sp.VITTATA 7-9cm
26480-L 137-1 L137 Cochliodon cf.cochliodon violet-red-bruno 5-7cm
26480-L 137-2 L137 Cochliodon cf.cochliodon violet-red-bruno 7-9cm
26480-L 137-4 L137 Cochliodon cf.cochliodon violet-red-bruno 10-12cm
26480-L 138-2 L138 Cochliodon sp.BLUE EYE 8-10cm
26480-L 138-4 L138 Cochliodon sp.BLUE EYE 10-12cm
26480-L 141-2 L141 Ancistomus snethlagae (= L 215) 6-8cm
26480-L 144A-2 L144a An.sp.GOLD-BL.EYE 3-4cm
26480-L 147-2 L147 Peckoltia sp. 6-8cm
26480-L 147-3 L147 Peckoltia sp. 8-10cm
26480-L 152-4 L152 Pseudorinelepis sp. orange-point-tail 9-12cm
26480-L 155-10 L155 Acanthicus sp.BLACK/XINGU 40-45cm
26480-L 163-1 L163 Peckoltia sp.BIG-SPOT 4-6cm
26480-L 172A-3 L172a Leporacan.heterodon GOLD 8-10cm
26480-L 173B-1 L173b Hypancistrus sp. 4-6cm
26480-L 173B-2 L173b Hypancistrus sp. 6-8cm
26480-L 180-2 L180 Anc.sp.ROUND-MOUTH/WH.SP. 6-8cm
26480-L 180-3 L180 Anc.sp.ROUND-MOUTH/WH.SP. 8-10cm
26480-L 200A-2 L200a Ancis.gen.sp.HIGH DORSAL (sim. L200) 6-8cm
26480-L 200A-3 L200a Ancis.gen.sp.HIGH DORSAL (sim. L200) 8-10cm
26480-L 200-1 L200 Ancistrinae gen.sp. 4-6cm
26480-L 200-2 L200 Ancistrinae gen.sp. 6-8cm
26480-L 200-3 L200 Ancistrinae gen.sp. 8-10cm
26480-L 200-4 L200 Ancistrinae gen.sp. 10-12cm
26480-L 200-5 L200 Ancistrinae gen.sp. 12-15cm
26480-L 201-1 L201 Hypan.inspector BIG SPOT (sp.Orinoco) 4-6cm
26480-L 201-2 L201 Hypan.inspector BIG SPOT (sp.Orinoco) 6-8cm
26480-L 201-3 L201 Hypan.inspector BIG SPOT (sp.Orinoco) 8-10cm
26480-L 202A-2 L202a Peck.sp.variante BEAUTY 6-8cm
26480-L 204-0 L204 Panaque sp.PERU STRIPED 3-5cm
26480-L 204-1 L204 Panaque sp.PERU STRIPED 4-6cm
26480-L 204-4 L204 Panaque sp.PERU STRIPED 10-12cm
26480-L 213-2 L213 Ancistrus sp.SMALL SPOT. 5-7cm
26480-L 213-3 L213 Ancistrus sp.SMALL SPOT. 7-9cm
26480-L 226-2 L226 Panaqolus changae 6-8cm
26480-L 234-6 L234 Megalancistrus parananus 20-25cm
26480-L 235-1 L235 Pseudolithoxus anthrax flyer-cat 4-6cm
26480-L 239-3 L239 Ancistrinae gen.sp.BLUE blue fin panaque 7-10cm
26480-L 240-4 L240 Leporacan.sp.aff.GALAXIAS sailfin toothnose 10-12cm
26480-L 240-5 L240 Leporacan.sp.aff.GALAXIAS sailfin toothnose 12-15cm
26480-L 243-1 L243 Ancistrinae gen.sp. yellow-black-peckolti 4-6cm
26480-L 249-3 L249 Ancistrus sp.WHITE SPOT similar L 71/L 181 6-8cm
26480-L 259-4 L259 Guyanancistrus sp. yellow seam 9-12cm
26480-L 260-1 L260 Hypan.sp.QUEEN ARABESQUE 4-6cm!
26480-L 260-2 L260 Hypan.sp.QUEEN ARABESQUE 6-8cm!
26480-L 262-1 L262 Hypancis.sp.SMALL SPOTTED 4-6cm
26480-L 262-2 L262 Hypancis.sp.SMALL SPOTTED 6-8cm
26480-L 263-4 L263 10-12cm
26480-L 264-1 L264 Leporacanthicus sp./GREY 4-6cm
26480-L 264-4 L264 Leporacanthicus sp./GREY 10-12cm
26480-L 264-5 L264 Leporacanthicus sp./GREY 12-15cm
26480-L 270X-3 L270x Hypancist.sp.ZEBRA 7-9cm
26480-L 270-2 L270 Hypancistrus sp.ZEBRA 6-8cm
26480-L 271-1 L271 Panaque sp.TAPAJOS-TIGER 4-6cm
26480-L 273-1 L273 Pseudacanthic.sp.TITANIC 5-7cm
26480-L 273-2 L273 Pseudacanthic.sp.TITANIC 7-9cm
26480-L 273-3 L273 Pseudacanthic.sp.TITANIC 9-12cm
26480-L 273-4 L273 Pseudacanthic.sp.TITANIC 12-15cm
26480-L 288-2 L288 Peckoltia sp. 6-8cm
26480-L 300-1 L300 Parancistrus sp. 4-6cm
26480-L 320-4 L320 Pseudacanthic.sp.RIO JARI 14-18cm
-L 330-9 L330 Panaque sp.SPOTTED 25-30cm
26480-L 333-2 L333 Hypancistrus sp.XINGU 6-8cm
26480-L 333-3 L333 Hypancistrus sp.XINGU 8-10cm
26480-L 339-2 L339 Hypa.inspector SMALL SPOT 6-8cm
26480-L 368-3 L368 Scobiancistrus sp. 7-9cm
26480-L 368-5 L368 Scobiancistrus sp. 12-15cm
26480-L 400-2 L400 Hypan.sp.BELO MONTE wild 6-8cm
26480-LDA 001-2 LDA1 Peckoltia (Panaque?) sp. gold-peckoltia 4-6cm
26480-LDA 007-6 LDA7 Pseudacanthic.sp.LEOPARD 14-18cm
26480-LDA 016-1 LDA16 Ancistrus sp.BROWN 4-6cm
26480-LDA 031-3 LDA31 Pan.albo.RED SPOTS/L204a 7-9cm
26480-LDA 032-4 LDA32 Pseudancistr.sp.RED SEAM 9-10cm
26480-LDA 033-1 LDA33 Baryancistr.sp.SNOWFLAKE 4-6cm
26480-LDA 033-2 LDA33 Baryancistr.sp.SNOWFLAKE 6-8cm
26480-LDA 045-2 LDA45 Ancis.sp.WHITE SPOT.HEAD 6-8cm
26480-LDA 074-2 LDA74 An.sp.aff.ranunc.WH.SPOT 6-8cm

Contact Information
Advertiser: jamie henderson
Telephone: 01277375976
County: Essex

Advert stats: [Added or updated:06/08/08 Views: 6972]

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