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  Discounted Mail Order Tropical And Marine fish

Discounted Mail Order Tropical And Marine fish

Discounted Mail Order Tropical And Marine fish

Discounted Mail Order Tropical And Marine fish

Description: Mail order Tropical and Marine fish at genuine discount prices

I am able to offer a mail order / collection service for tropical and marine fish which come direct to my fish house from breeders in Israel and the UK.

We specalise in

Tropical fish / Marine fish / Discus / Rare angelfish / Livebearers / arrowana and stingrays

Please see below for a selection livestock which I can offer

Black Ruby Barb (m) £2.00
Cherry Barb (m) £1.00
Golden Barb (m) £1.00
Odessa Barb (m) £2.00
Red Line Torpedo Barb (5-8cm) £12.00
Tic Tac Toe Barb (m) £2.00
Tiger Barb (m) £1.15
Tiger Barb – Albino (m) £1.30

Puffer – Figure of Eight £2.20

Banded Botia (m) £2.20
Pakistani Botia (m) £2.20
Red Tail Botia (m) £2.20
Red Tail Zebra Botia (6cm) £4.50
Tiger Botia (m) £2.20
Yellow Tail Botia (m) £2.20

Corydoras julii (m) £3.30
Corydoras panda (m) £4.50
Albino Corydoras (m) £1.70
Bronze Corydoras (m) £1.70
Green Brochis Catfish (l) £4.50
Peppered Corydoras (m) £1.70
Corydoras Punctatus (ml) £3.50
Corydoras Rabauti (ml) £2.20
Corydoras Schwartzi (ml) £3.50
Corydoras Sterbai (m) £7.50

Ancistrus Plec L59a (2-3cm) £4.50
Ancistrus Plec - Gold (2-3cm)£7.00
Borneo Sucker (m) 2,50
Bristlenose Plec (5-6cm) £12.00
Bulldog Plec (5cm) £10.00
Clown Plecostomus L135 (m) £10.00
Gibbiceps Plec L165 (5cm) £3.50
Gibbiceps Plec L165 (8cm) £4.50
Gold Nugget Plec L18 (6cm) £24.00
Otocinclus Algae eater (m) £2.00
Leopard dotted Plec (5cm) £4.50
Plecostomus (15cm) £2.50
Plecostomus – Albino (8-10cm)£5.00
Royal Panaque L27 (6-8cm) £29.00
Shovelnose Catfish (6cm) £13.00
Redtail Catfish - Marbled (6-8cm) £24.00
Redtail Catfish – South American (9cm) £45.00
Pimelodella Pictus (m) £5.50
Gara Rufa - Doctor Fish (m) £10.00
Threadfin Synodontis (2-3cm) £7.00
Whiptail Catfish (m) £6.00

Blue Acara Cichlid (m) £2.20
Bolivian Ram Cichlid (ml) £3.50
Convict Cichlid - Zebra (m) £2.50
Duboisi Cichlid (s) £12.50
Festae Cichlid (m) £4.50
Firemouth Cichlid (m) £2.50
Flower Horn Cichlid (m) £7.00
Frontosa Cichlid (s) £10.00
Jaguar Cichlid (sm) £3.50
Jewel Cichlid (m) £2.50
Keyhole Cichlid (sm) £2.20
Midas Cichlid (ml) £2.50
Parrot Cichlid – Ass Colours (5-6cm) £16.00
Ram Dwarf Cichlid – Blue (m) £4.00
Synspilum cichlid (m) £6.00
Yellow Black Back Cichlid (m) £4.50

Auratus Cichlid (m) £4.50
Bright Blue Zebra Cichlid (m) £4.50
Blue Moori / Lumphead Cichlid £7.20
Brichardi Cichlid (m) £4.50
Bumble Bee Cichlid (m) £4.50
Compressiceps Cichlid (m) £4.50
Carruleus Cichlid - Yellow (m) £4.50
Exasperatus Cichlid (m) £4.50
Ice Blue Zebra Cichlid (m) £4.50
Johanni Cichlid (m) £4.50
Livingstoni Cichlid (m) £4.50
Nyassae Peacock Cichlid (m) £4.50
Red Top Trawavasae Cichlid (m) £6.50
Red Zebra Cichlid (m) £4.50
Solid Yellow Carruleus Cichlid £4.50
Venustus Cichlid (m) £4.50
Zebra Malawi Cichlid (m) £4.50

Giant Danio (m) £1.50
Zebra Danio (m) £1.00

Red Spotted Fire Eel (15-18cm) £14.00
Red Spotted Fire Eel (25-30cm) £25.00

Dwarf Gourami – Blue (Prs) (m) £4.50
Dwarf Gourami – Red (Prs) (m) £4.50

Black Ghost Knifefish (5cm) £6.00

Clown Loach (5-6cm) £7.00
Clown Loach (3-4cm) £5.50
Doctor Garra rufa (5cm) £6.50
Pingi Pingi Algae Eater (3-4cm) £4.50

Arowana – Pearl (12cm) £55.00
Arowana – Silver (12-15cm) £45.00

Butterfly Fish (m) £3.50
Longnose Elephants (ml) £7.00
Puffer – Red Eye £7.00
Puffer – Dwarf Freshwater £2.50

Blue Rainbow (m) £3.50
Boesmani Rainbow (m) £3.50
Herbertaxelrodi Rainbow (m) £3.50
Neon Blue Dwarf Rainbow (m) £2.50
Red Rainbow (m) £3.50
Yellow Rainbow (m) £3.50

Harlequin Rasbora (m) £1.00
Scissortail Rasbora (m) £1.00
Golden / Redline Rasbora (m) £1.00
Emerald Eye Rasbora (l) £1.00
Galaxy Rasbora (m) £3.00

Black Shark (5cm) £2.50
Albino Red Fin Shark (m) £2.00
Diamond Shark (5cm) £4.00
Silver Shark (5-6cm) £2.10
Silver Shark (8-10cm) £7.00

Siamese Fighter – Assorted (l) £2.50
Siamese Fighter – Crowntail (l) £3.50
Siamese Fighter – Female (m) £1.25

Cardinal Tetra (sm) £1.25
Congo Tetra (m) £2.25
Congo Tetra (l) £7.00
Neon Tetra (l) £1.25
White Spot Tetra (m) **NEW** £1.25

Marine Stocklist

Emperor Angelfish Juvenile £60.00
Koran Angelfish Juv (s) £25.00
Regal Angelfish £60.00

Flame Dwarf Angel £70.00
Midnight Pure Black Dwarf Angel £25.00
Yellow Fiji Dwarf Angel £38.00
Coral Beauty Dwarf Angel £28.00
Rusty Dwarf Angel £22.00

Orange Female Anthias £14.00
Tuka Anthias £18.00
Square Pink Spot Anthias £35.00

Purple Gramma £17.00
Purple Backed Gramma £17.00

Arc Eye Hawkfish £25.00
Freckled Hawkfish £18.00

Brown Volitans Lionfish £30.00
Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish £20.00

Harlequin / Clown Sweetlips £32.00

Regal Tang MEDIUM £40.00
Lipstick Tang - Juvenile £24.00
Sailfin Tang £35.00
Yellow Mustard Tang £25.00

Bangaii / Emperor Cardinalfish £20.00

Percula Clownfish £8.00
Percula Clownfish LARGE £10.00
Pink Skunk Clown £15.00

Domino Damsel £5.00
Yellow Belly Damsel £5.00
Yellow Tail Blue Damsel £5.00
Blue Velvet Damsel £9.00

Purple Firefish £24.00

Yellow Coral Goby £12.00
Jewelled Rockskipper £17.00
Scooter / Scorpion Blenny £14.00

Clown Trigger TINY £65.00
Black / Redtooth Trigger £16.00
Undulatus Triggerfish £35.00
White Triggerfish £18.00

Cleaner Wrasse £14.00
Sixline / Pyjama Wrasse £14.00

Racoon Butterfly £25.00

Remora Shark Sucker £100.00

Cleaner Shrimp £18.00
Dancing Shrimp £12.00
Tiger Shrimp £14.00

Bali Eco Friendly Living Rock £10.00kg

I can also get unusual items so please let me know what you are looking for.

For a full copy of our stocklist please email me and I will put you on our mailing list which is updated weekly,

all fish are quarantined for at least one week at my home in Slough Berkshire.

Fish will be available for collection from slough, and delivery’s are made across the country (charges will apply).

Thanks for reading please email me or call me to place an order or to ask any other questions thanks you may have

Many thanks


Email: [email protected]

Tel: 07793 589601 (after 5.30pm please)

Contact Information
Advertiser: Martyn
Telephone: 07793589601
Town: slough
County: Berkshire

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