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Description: New stock just in last week....

auloncara firefish (red)
aulunocara eureka
auloncara steveni hongi
lab hongi srt
nimbochromis venustus
Nimbochromis livingstoni

williamsi blue lips
scienochromis fryeri
p.s flavus
gold kawanga
oto lithobates
Oto black orange dorsal
Aluoncara bicolour
Aluoncara Ob red peacock
Scienachromis fryeri blue white

hi all im a local breeder based in harlow essex below is a current stock list of what i have available for sale. I'm a hobbyist and am looking to clear out a lot of the below stock as I'm running out of space so can offer gret deals of people where interested in buying a few at a time. prices range from £1 to £20 please give me a call or send a text if you want to come over and take a look.

these fish are kept to the highest standard running hma sand buffers with fully purified water.

please see below and give me a call if your interested in anything i have. 07729347436

Fish I have at presen

Current fish.

Top left .... Growing on 2" plus.

Ps. Turseops mgunga 10
Afra kingsizi
Crabro (bumblebees)
Elongatus mpanga
labidochromis sp.Mbamba
metriaclima Grasheki
Afra white top
Aluoncara Blood dragon x 3
Chilumba mpanga
cyrtocara moori dolphins
pseudotropheus Socolofi
Lemon jakes
Blue orchid
Hongi Sweden
aulonocara Stuagrundi
Pundamillia nyererei
Yellow labs

Middle tank…. peacocks

Protomelas Steveni 1 male 5" 3f 4"
Ob blue peacock 1m 4" 4f 31/2"
Auloncara bacho benga 1m 5" 1m 5"
Auloncara venustus male 7" 2 female 6"

Bottom tank….left peacocks

Lemon jake male 1* 4" female 3" *3
Auloncara venustus 21/2
electric blue ahli 2m 5" f *4 4"
Orange fire fish male 4" f x2 3"
Lethrinops rainbow 1m 1f

Bottom right

Red Rubin m 3" f x2 3"

Left hand bays.....

Top left... Left wild caught

Demasoni male 4 21/2" female 4 2"
Socolofi male 2 21/2 female 4 3"
Aurora 2 2"
Hongi srt 4 2"
Jalo reef 2m 4f 21/2"
Flavus 4 1/12"

Top left...... Right

Victorian sp44 3m 4" 8f 3"
flavus 3’ plus

Right hand bay bottom left… mbuna

Ndumbi red top male 4" x 2
Wc Long pelvic mdoka 3 male 4"
Afra white top male 4" male 3"
Elongatus mphanga 4" male x2
Ob Mbuna 4"
Crabo bumblebees 1m 1f 4"
Victorian burtoni male 4"
Treweveae male 31/2 female 3/12
W.c Kawanga male 41/2 f 3"
Mbamba male 3"
Greyshaki male 4" x3 female 3 x3"
Afra kingsizi 2 3"

Right hand bay top right.. mbuna

Long pelvic mdoka male 6" f1
Red zebra orange x2 male 5"
Red zebra cream male 5"
Trewevesae thumbi west male & female 6"
Yellow labs 3 males 5"
Chalky yellow male 4"
Black margin 5" plus
A few left to find names off above.

Right hand bay bottom right …… mbuna

Wc Jalo reef wc male 4" female x2 3"
Wc Hajomaylandi wc male 4" female x2 3"
Yellow tail acai group x 10
Ps neon spot x 8
Pundamillia nyererei 2 male 6 female
Yellow labs x10

Main house stock. ………………..peacocks

Copadichromis borleyi kandango red fin 1m 7f

Aulonocara fire fish 2m

Protomelas sp. "Steveni Taiwan" 1m 1f f1

Protomelas steveni imperial thumbi point 2m 4f w.c

Placidochromis black face 1m 1f f1

Ob calico 2

Auloncara stuargranti hongi island 1m 1f f1

Auloncara mamelela 1m 1f

1 scieanochromis ahli 5" male

1 scieanochromis freyi 4" male

4 scieanochromis ahli £15 female

Trio of benchi benga 4"

trio of auloncara red flush 4"

Lemon jake 1m 2f

Small lemon jake 1 m

Dragon blood 1m

Auloncara livinstoni 2f 1m

Auloncara venustus 2m 2f

Otopharynx lithobate 2m 1f f1

Ob peacock 2m

Contact Information
Advertiser: owen gray
Telephone: 07729347436
Town: harlow
County: Essex

Advert stats: [Added or updated:25/04/15 Views: 2994]

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