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  Urban exotics full reptile stocklist Nottinghamshire

Urban exotics full reptile stocklist Nottinghamshire

Description: Urban exotics reptile stock list

Royals all cb15/16 unless stated 

Normal £34.99
Mojave £69.99
Genetic stripe £99.99
Fire £39.99
Het pied £45
Yellow belly spider £74.99
Butter pastel £74.99
Banana £169.99
Orange ghost £74.99

Adult males  

Calico £59.99
Wild type £39.99
Het albino £45 proven
Pastel het red axanthic £59.99


Normal £34.99
Cinnamon £59.99 
Yellow belly £79.99 300g +
Pastel £69.99 
Cb16 yellow belly £49.99
100% het clown £125 
Spider £69.99 500g +
Spider £65
Mojave £79.99 reserved
Pastel £49.99
Albino £199.99

Sub adult/Adult females

Adult female royals £49.99each. 1200-2200g. 
Fire £74.99
Fire £99.99
Spider £69.99
Pastel £69.99 
Mojave £99.99 reserved

Coloubrids all cb15 unless stated 

Lots of new adult corns and rats all great prices 

Cb16 classic corns £19.99
Cb16 Amel corns £29.99
CB16 snow corn £29.99
Cb16 snow motley corn £39.99
Cb16 reverse okeete corn £34.99
Cb16 Amel motley het lavender, 66% het
Anery caramel, Hypo £39.99
Anery tessera corn snake £69.99
Adult male classic corn £24.99
Male sub adult corn snake £19.99
Adult female Everglades cross ? Rat snake £29.99 x2 
Adult Amel corn £29.99
Adult Amel motley £39.99
Striped corn £34.99
Everglades rat hybrid £29.99
Albino Californian kingsnake £44.99 
Chocolate banana kingsnake £59.99
Female grey rat snake £19.99
Cb16 Snow Honduran milksnake £79.99
Sub adult grey banded kingsnake £89.99
Cb16 Mexican black king snake £89.99
Snow jelly kingsnake £69.99
Albino Cape house snakes £34.99
Apricot pueblan milk snake £59.99 sub adult

Burmese pythons 

Cb15 albino £119.99 female 1 left 

Other pythons/ reticulated pythons 

Cb11 SUPER DWARF RETIC kalatoa adult
Male 5-6ft. A bit bigger than an adult corn snake £199.99
6-8ft mainland retic ? £75
Albino tiger retic 9-10ft male and 8 years old. Possible dwarf line ? £299.99
Cb15 Tiger retic poss het albino male £159.99
Cb15 lavender albino tiger retic male £295
Cb15 platinum retic male £159.99
Cb15 dwarf retic het orange ghost male £250
Cb15 platinum tiger retic male £249.99
Cb15 motley het albino retic male £199.99
Cb15 lavender albino retic male £249.99
Cb15 sun fire het albino female £225
Cb15 platinum sun fire poss het albino female £295
Cb15 titanium poss het albino male £399
Cb16 albino carpet pythons £99.99
Cb16 albino jaguar carpet pythons £124.99
Cb16 coastal carpet Python £44.99
Cb16 100% het albino carpet Python £49.99
Cb16 jaguar carpet Python £69.99
Cb15 Children's pythons £79.99

Common boa 4-5ft £49.99
Guyannan red tail boa £175 
Cb16 Brazilian rainbow boas £74.99
Adult Brazilian rainbow boas. Females £195 
each. Males £175 each or £350 a pair. Several to choose from. 
Adult Paraguayan rainbow boa £75
Super Salmon boas 3-4ft £75 each. Very special, need to be seen. 
Cb15 Hogg island boas £89.99. Weird patterning going off, almost like jungle. 
CB15 striped jungles £59.99
Cb16common boas £34.99
Cb16 common boas 100% het Kahl strain albino 50% poss het Anery £34.99
Cb16 hypo het Kahl albino boa £44.99
Amazon tree boa adult £74.99
Cb17 Amazon tree boas £tba only just born

Other snake

Male axanthic western hognose £175
Male western hognose £69.99
Adult Male western hognose 100% het albino £69.99
Cb15 female western hognose £59.99
Cb15 female western hognose possible het toffee £59.99
Cb15 male western hognose possible het toffee £59.99
Cb15 male western hognose het axanthic £49.99
Cb15 albino male hognose possible het snow £85

Male red bar and blue bar panther chameleons  £299.99 each sub adult 
Veiled chameleons £69.99


Leopard gecko 
Adult female hypo £49.99
Adult female normal (regeneration tail) £44.99
Juvenile patternless £39.99
Juvenile hybino £39.99

Other geckos 
Adult crested geckos £69.99 male/£79.99 female.
Tokay geckos £19.99 or 2 for £35
Pictus gecko £45
Gargoyle gecko £79.99 female
Wahlberg velvet geckos £44.99 sold
Peacock day geckos £59.99

Monitor lizards

Roughneck monitors £249.99
Ackie monitors £149.99
Bosc monitor £59.99

Other lizards 

Cb16 Baby bearded dragons back in stock £44.99
Occelated uromastyx £149.99 each only 1 left
Blue iguana £175
Malagasy collared lizards £39.99
Blue tongue skink  £149.99
Green basilisk £49.99
Green iguana £99.99 approx 2.5ft female
Cb16 frilled dragons £174.99

Redfoot tortoise £99.99 each 
Ukcb Redfoot tortoises £125 each 6-8 inch 
Ukcb tiny baby redfoots £99.99
Horsfield tortoises £84.99 sold
Horsfield tortoises 4-5 inch £99.99
Herman's tortoises £119.99
Adult male horsfield tortoise £100
Leopard tortoise £120 
Sulcata tortoise £145
Sulcata tortoise 12 inch + £450
Sulcata tortoise 15 inch + £450
Baby musk turtles £29.99 
Sub adult musk turtles £29.99
Reeves turtles £29.99


Now offering custom built glass tanks for all your invert needs including Terrestrial, arboreal and coffin style. Pop in the shop to discuss your requirements. 48-96 hour turnaround 

Salmon pink bird eater £19.99 4cm  
Togo starburst baboon £24.99 4-5cm
Chile rose £24.99
Mexican red rump £25
Flame rump tree spider £35
Borneo black £35
Northern gold £29.99
Orange baboon £19.99
Thai black £28.99
Rusty red baboon £19.99 or £29.99
Indian ornamental £30
Mexican red knee £44.99
Mexican red legged  £34.99
Costa rican orange mouth £20
Brazilian black and white £14.99
Costa rican zebra £34.99
King baboon £44.99
Green bottle blue £44.99
Fort hall baboon  £12
Togo starburst £4.99
Venezuelan red slate pink toe  £24.99
Venezuelan Suntiger £34.99

Curly hair £4.99
Mexican red rump £5
Red chile rose £9.99
Fort hall baboon £12
Venezuelan sun tiger £9.99
Zimbabwe grey baboon £5
Indian violet £12
Stout leg baboon £5
Trinidad chevron £4
Asian fawn £6.99
Orange baboon tarantula £5

Desert hairy scorpion £29.99
Devil scorpion £17.50
Flat rock scorpion £14.99
Tailless whip scorpion £14.99

Praying mantis
Ghost mantis £9.95
African lined mantis £9.95

Other inverts
Giant Malaysian leaf Insects  £5.99/ 2 for £10
Indian stick insects £1 each 
Giant African millipedes  £14.99
Tiger land snails £19.99
Hermit crabs x2 with set up £29.99

Giant suriname marine toad £145
Horned frog £34.99
Red eye tree frogs £49.99 
Golden tree frogs £14.99
Fire salamanders £34.99
Axolotls £14.95/ 2 for £25

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Urban exotics
1-5 urban rd
Kirkby in Ashfield
01623 721121

Courier available

Open 7 days a week

Contact Information
Advertiser: Daniel
Telephone: 01623 721121
Town: Kirkby in Ashfield
County: Nottinghamshire

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